The Return of God of War Chapter 681-690

The Return of the God of War Chapter 681

Naturally, Zoey wanted to know what happened.
Levi told her everything, excluding the part where the Jones family plotted to turn him into a scapegoat.
“That’s right! How dare they! Where were they before?” Zoey was furious.
She hugged Levi tightly and said, “Darling, no matter what you choose, I’ll always be by your side.”
“You’re all I need. I’ve never treated them as family before!” Levi stated.
Julian waved his hand. “Follow him and see where he lives. We’ll kidnap him at night!”
Levi knew he was being shadowed when he and Zoey had dinner. However, he didn’t care.
After sending Zoey back to the Black family, Levi returned to the Warzone compound as usual.
Julian, together with several men, surrounded the Warzone compound soon after.
“He’s telling me that he doesn’t care about becoming a young master of the Jones family when he’s living in such a shabby place? What a farce,” Julian exclaimed in a satirical manner.
The Warzone compound was in a dilapidated state. Its walls were peeling off and the main door was demolished by the Gates family two days ago.
It appeared horrendous.
“Move out. Leave as soon as you capture him,” Julian instructed.
Four men jumped into the compound nimbly and headed to where Levi was.
Ten seconds later.

The four men flew out of the compound.
A shirtless man came walking out. He sneered, “What? Are you trying to steal something?”
The shirtless man spotted the van parked in front of the compound. With a thrust of his fist, the entire front of the car was crushed.
Julian and his men were dumbfounded.
How was there an expert in such a place?
Before they were able to react, the car door was ripped apart by force.
Julian and his men were forcibly dragged out.
“Stealing? Or kidnapping?” Alfie questioned.
He was just about to do some physical training when he was interrupted by four brats.
This infuriated Alfie.
With the blaring of police sirens, Russell arrived swiftly with the special police force.
Julian and his men were taken into custody…
In the Edburg Manor of South Hampton.
“What? Julian was arrested? How incompetent can he be? He’s making more problems instead of solving them!” Michael roared.
The butler added, “Yes, that’s right! Julian invited Levi twice but was rejected both times. He wanted to kidnap him in desperation but was met with this!”
“What an idiot!” Michael was enraged.
He can’t even bring one person back. Doesn’t that make him an incompetent idiot?
“However, it seems Levi has stated that he wouldn’t come even if you begged,” the butler continued speaking.
“I understand. This kid is blaming me for not inviting him personally. Haha! Tell Daniel to invite him personally. Try to invite him over as politely as possible. After all, he’s a valuable asset to us.”
Michael sent his eldest son to extend an invitation to Levi.
Daniel Jones arrived in South City that night. The first thing he did was bail Julian out of prison.
On the second day, Daniel got up early in the morning and personally waited at the company.
As soon as Levi turned up, Daniel immediately stepped forward to greet him.
“Another member of the Jones family?”
With a glance, Levi instantly recognized Julian and his men standing behind.
“Levi, my poor nephew. Your uncle is finally able to meet you!”
With tears in his eyes, Daniel tried to rush forward and give Levi a bear hug.
Levi dodged it quickly.
“Levi, I’m your uncle! Your mother, Emma’s eldest brother, Daniel Jones!”
Levi stared at him blankly.
The word mother moved him slightly.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 682

I’m still her son, whether I admit it or not.
I can never erase this identity of mine.
He felt moved when he heard the endearment.
So her name is Emma Jones.
Despite feeling repulsed, her name was etched into Levi’s memory instinctively.
“Levi, it’s all our fault that you’ve been orphaned for years. Supposedly, grandpa should come and bring you home personally, but he’s unwell now. That’s why uncle is here to take you home. Don’t worry, Levi. I’ve prepared a grand reception to welcome you back. Twenty Rolls-Royce and ten limousines are waiting outside to pick you up.”
“Other than that, I’ll make you the boss of a large conglomerate and transfer ten billion to your bank card. You’ll be staying in a luxurious villa in South Hampton. In order to make amends to you, we’ll make you the head and heir of the Jones family as well, and you’ll have the final say in all our family affairs,” Daniel babbled on.
He was trying to sweet-talk Levi into returning to the Jones family by offering him the best of everything that the Jones family had, even the entire Jones family.
I would have been so touched if I hadn’t known what happened to the Jones family recently.
Daniel seems to yearn for my return wholeheartedly by making these offers.
How touching that he’s willing to give the entire Jones family away!
Nevertheless, making me the heir of the Jones family is in fact a trap.
They want me to take the blame and go to jail in place of the Jones family.
Daniel’s promises left Julian dumbfounded.
The Jones family put in so much effort into getting Levi to return home.
When Daniel saw Levi’s expression soften, his lips curled up in a smile, and he was on the verge of laughing out loud.
He’s only an innocent child, after all.
I can easily lure him into saying yes with wealth and power.
No one can resist this kind of temptation.
After that, Daniel cast a look of disdain at Julian.
Look, I’ve settled this matter with only a few words. You’re a useless piece of junk.
In the next second, Levi’s voice came to them. “I’m sorry, Mr. Jones. I’m not interested in the Jones family at all. And we’re unrelated, so please don’t address yourself as my uncle.”
Hearing Levi’s rejection, Daniel gawked at him with mouth agape.
How could he reject my offer?
Is he really not into the Jones family?
“Seth, escort our guests out,” Levi commanded.
Immediately, Seth sent Daniel and his men out the door.
Standing outside, Julian said helplessly to Daniel, “He’s really stubborn. He refuses to come home even when you come personally to pick him up.”
Daniel was fuming with rage.
He was second only to Michael Jones in terms of influence and status in the Jones family.
How dare Levi reject me!
He has no respect for me at all.
“How shameless of him! He’s only a tool to the Jones family,” Daniel yelled angrily.
“Maybe he wants Sir to come personally to bring him back?” Julian analyzed the situation and said.
“How insolent! As an unwanted orphan, he doesn’t deserve to have my father to come over and pick him up. He’s pushing his luck!” Daniel replied in anger.
“What else can we do since he refuses to go back? We can’t be taking him back home by force.”
I tried this approach once, and it didn’t end well.
This is the most extreme method we can use.
Suddenly, Daniel seemed to have thought about something. “Hah! We’ll get it done using the hard way then. He’s so wrong to think that I can’t deal with him. I’ll make sure that he’ll kneel and beg me to take him home.”
Daniel’s face was grim as a conspiracy gradually formed in his mind.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 683

Levi knew that this was not the end, as the Jones family was desperate to make him take the fall.
Hence, they definitely had some alternative plans.
But Levi couldn’t care less about it.
So what if the Jones family is royalty?
Why should I care?
Even the Warlord Elijah, whom the Jones family fear, almost died at my hands.
If I wanted to, I can wipe the Jones family out without breaking a sweat.
In the tower opposite the Morris Group.
Daniel asked coldly with a stern face, “Is everything ready?”
“Yes, everything is ready.”
In the afternoon, Zoey went out for a business appointment together with Sylas.
At that time, Hades was away for medical treatment.
But they had no rival against them now, as the entire South City was under Levi’s control.
The two pulled over in front of their business partner’s office tower.
Just when Zoey was about to get out of the car, Sylas discerned that something was wrong.
There was a light reflected from the top of a building faraway, which was likely the reflection from a sniper scope.
“Get down!”
Sylas promptly pushed Zoey down in her seat.
In the blink of an eye, their car was under attack.
The front right tire was punctured, and the whole car jerked violently.
The sudden blow startled Sylas.
Is someone trying to kill Zoey?
“Head to the office now!”
Sylas took cover while bringing Zoey into the office tower.
When they stepped in, a man in a sweater and a ski mask was walking toward them, and his eyes glinted with malice.
He took out a dagger and lunged at Zoey.
Sylas hurriedly shoved her away while tossing her phone in front of them to block the stab. Her phone was smashed into pieces at once.
After a failed attempt to kill Zoey, the man retreated and disappeared in no time.
With a face as pale as a sheet, Zoey broke out in a cold sweat, while Sylas was terrified.
It’s not safe here!
Immediately, Sylas took Zoey’s hand and ran to the basement carpark.
Then she skillfully stole a car and drove Zoey away.
While she was driving, she saw a few men sprinting toward them through the rearview mirror.
This frightened Sylas, and she was drenched in sweat.
She promptly stepped on the gas and sped away.
After driving some distance away, the two heaved a sigh of relief.
But the next moment, Sylas’ expression changed, as a car came out of nowhere right in front of them.
The two cars collided head-on, then Sylas and Zoey passed out on the spot.
When the two regained their consciousness, Levi and Seth were already here.
Fortunately, both Sylas and Zoey were uninjured but petrified.
Looking at the two women, Levi’s face turned frigid as a man’s face popped into his mind.
Then Sylas reported to Levi, ”Mr. Garrison, something just doesn’t sit right with me. We went through four attacks, and it felt as if someone was controlling it behind the scenes.”
“During the first attack, for some reason, the sniper missed us and shot the car tire instead. This makes no sense.”
“After that, the man with a dagger could have tried stabbing Zoey again after the first failed attempt.”
“At the basement carpark, some people waited in ambush before we arrived. They could have attacked us earlier, but they only did it when we drove away.”
“In the accident, it seemed like the driver only wanted to bang our car. He had no intention to kill us.”
“I feel that the person behind the scene is trying to intimidate us instead of killing us,” Sylas said conclusively.
Levi remained silent with a sullen face.
The Jones family did this to warn me.
When Levi went back to his office, he bumped into Daniel at the entrance.
Daniel sneered, “How was it, Levi? Is your wife alright? How lucky.”
Then his tone turned aggressive as he added, “But she may not be as lucky next time.”
This is a threat.
He’s threatening me so blatantly!

The Return of the God of War Chapter 684

He’s here to hint at me that he has directed those attacks, and he can kill Zoey anytime he wants.
In other words, Zoey’s life is in his hands!
Levi sniggered at his words.
Who does he think he is to threaten me?
He’s messing with the wrong man.
Daniel continued saying, “Next time, the bullet and the knife won’t miss their target. Oh, there’ll be a deadly ambush and car accident as well.”
“How fragile human life is. Sometimes, you’re bound to lose your loved ones no matter how well you protect them.”
Daniel’s tone was threatening.
He’s saying that Sylas won’t be able to protect Zoey.
And Zoey will probably lose her life the next time he attacks her again.
“I wonder if she has offended anyone that she has been attacked four times in such a short time. I’m sure no one will dare touch her if she’s a part of the Jones family.”
While talking, Daniel handed Levi a note with a contact number on it.
His message was very clear.
Zoey would be safe as long as Levi returned to the Jones family.
Daniel was having fun threatening Levi.
If Levi truly cares about Zoey, he will beg me to take him back to the Jones family.
After Daniel went back home, he laughed out loud. “I’ve won. He can’t stand against me this time.”
“Mr. Jones, now we shall wait for Levi to come and beg us to take him back.”
Everyone else let out a menacing laugh.
Meanwhile, with a grim expression, Levi was giving off a vicious vibe.
How dare he harm Zoey!
He had crossed the line.
I won’t tolerate Zoey getting frightened, let alone getting hurt.
The four attacks in a row had traumatized Zoey, and she was now on the brink of losing her mind.
As a result, Levi was smoldering with fury.
The Jones family were getting on his last nerve!
Now he was about to make a move against the Jones family.
Levi had never admitted the kinship between him and the Joneses.
Besides, even if his so-called grandpa came to bring him back, he was only a scapegoat in their eyes.
So what if I lay a hand on the Jones family?
To me, they’re only outsiders.
In the meantime, Zoey felt much better after coming back to the office.
As smart as she was, she already figured out that the Jones family was behind those attacks.
“Levi, if there’s no other choice, would you like to go home and take a look?” Zoey asked.
“No way, I’ll never go back! I’ll make them pay for this,” Levi said with a scowl on his face.
Standing outside the office, Sylas said apologetically, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t keep Ms. Lopez safe.”
“No worries, Sylas. You’ve done your best. Just leave it to me from now on.”
On the other hand, Daniel and his people were waiting for his phone to ring.
Julian asked, “What’s going on? Why hasn’t he called us after so long?”
The others followed and said, “Yes, he should be here by now.”
Daniel felt puzzled too. “Maybe I didn’t scare them enough. I should’ve let that woman get injured.”
“I think so. Perhaps he thinks that we dare not hurt them because he’s Emma’s son,” Julian told of his assumption.
Daniel let out a loud snort. “Damn it! As the heir of the Jones family, I personally went to him to bring him back, but he brushed me aside. Who does he think he is? He’s just a son of a bitch! Well, since he’s not afraid of me, I’ll chop his wife’s limbs off. Then he’ll come and beg me for mercy. Ask all the assassins to strike them now. This time, there’ll be bloodshed!”
On Daniel’s command, a dozen of assassins who attacked Zoey this morning went after her again simultaneously.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 685

Lurking in the dark where Zoey might show up, the assassins were ready to pounce on her. These assassins were highly skilled that any of them could take Zoey’s life effortlessly.
However, Daniel had only instructed them to injure her.
At the office’s basement carpark, a figure appeared. Within a few seconds, he had pried open Zoey’s car door and secretly gotten in the car.
The moment Zoey comes in, I’ll be able to hurt her in a split second.
Just as the assassin was feeling smug, he suddenly realized that there was a man in the front seat who was gradually turning his head around to look at him.
And it almost scared the daylights out of him.
Before he could escape, the man got hold of him with one hand.
The man slapped him with another hand, and blood spurted all over the car.
“Who’s next?”
Levi wiped his hand and lit a cigarette before walking away.
Subsequently, the other assassins who were hiding inside the office and around the building were taken down one after another.
Soon after, all the assassins had been annihilated.
“What’s going on? It’s already noon, but none of the assassins are back yet.”
After waiting for a few hours, Daniel became restless.
None of the assassins came back, and there’s no news from them as well.
Something must’ve happened.
“This doesn’t make sense to me. Can’t those top assassins take down an ordinary woman?” Julian said in bewilderment.
“Contact the assassins now and find out what they’re doing.”
Daniel paced up and down in distress.
Julian tried to call each of the assassins, but not one of them picked up his call.
“Has something gone wrong? But what can happen to all our top assassins?”
Daniel did not believe that there was anyone capable enough to deal with so many assassins single-handedly.
Just then, there was a knock on the door.
“Sir, here is your parcel.”
A delivery man came in and handed Julian a box.
“A parcel?” Julian asked with a quizzical look.
Then he suddenly caught a whiff of a weird smell.
“What? Why is there a parcel? Does anyone else know that I’m in South City?” Daniel asked in astonishment.
“Open it and see what’s in it.”
When the box was opened, everyone gasped in shock.
There were fingers soaked in blood inside the box.
Immediately, Daniel’s face turned ghastly pale, while the others looked equally terrified.
“Are these… Are these the assassins’ fingers?” Daniel asked in a trembling voice.
Suddenly, the door was kicked open, and a large group of people marched in.
“Hit them!” the leader commanded, then the group of fighters darted toward them.
Although Daniel had bodyguards with him, these fighters pounced on his bodyguards aggressively and took them down in no time.
Only Daniel and Julian were left untouched.
“Who are you people? Do you know who we are?” Daniel shouted hurriedly.
“How dare you cause trouble in my territory in South City without asking me? You’ve gone overboard!” the leader snickered at them.
It suddenly dawned on Daniel that these people were members of the South City underworld.
It’s true that we should’ve greeted and informed them before doing anything in their territory.
This is an unspoken rule.
After all, we are from South Hampton.
But do I need to follow this rule?
I don’t think so, because I’m the eldest son of the Jones family in South Hampton.
Why should I be afraid of these people?
“Hah! Do you know who I am? I’m Daniel from the Jones family in South Hampton. Do you still think that you deserve my greetings?” Daniel was all puffed up while sneering.
In his eyes, the people from South City were of a lower class than him, as he was superior and royal.
However, these people had no regard for his identity. “Beat him to death!”
“Hey, didn’t you hear me? I’m from the Jones family in South Hampton!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 686

Daniel shrieked furiously.
Usually, no one would dare lay a finger on him after knowing his identity.
Back then, the Caesar family alone was enough to oppress everyone in South City when they were only a quasi-royal clan.
But the Jones family was the true royalty.
Anyone who dared mess with the eldest son of the Jones family was only digging his or her own grave.
“I don’t care who you are. Anyone who breaks the rules has to be punished. Go get him!”
Yet, these people couldn’t care less and darted forward to beat him recklessly.
In the end, they broke all his limbs, and Daniel sprawled on the floor like a dog with an appalled expression.
Did I just get beaten up by a bunch of gangsters?
This is outrageous!
“This is only a warning from us. Bear in mind that there’s no place for any monkey business for an outsider like you in South City. If you ever repeat it, you’ll be dead.”
After reprimanding him, the group of people left.
In fact, they came here on someone’s command.
They had quite a few powerful individuals backing them up, so the Jones family was nothing in their eyes.
In fact, Levi was the one who orchestrated this.
He had handed over the South City underworld to the head of the Southern Union, Grover.
As a result, those gangsters no longer committed any heinous crimes, but all of them had proper jobs now.
As soon as Levi gave his order, Grover sent his people over.
Breaking Daniel’s limbs was only a minor punishment.
Otherwise, he would not make it out of South City alive.
The next morning at the manor in South Hampton.
Daniel, Julian and a dozen of the Joneses were laid in an orderly manner in front of the door.
All of them were paralyzed, groaning in agony.
When Michael and his people came out and saw this scene, they were completely dumbfounded.
“Who did this? Who broke my son’s hands and legs?” consumed by rage, Michael bellowed with a surly face.
The others were filled with anger too.
It wasn’t only about their people getting beaten up, but it was also about the Jones family’s reputation.
They could not believe that this happened in the seemingly insignificant South City.
How embarrassing for the Jones family!
And they might lose their foothold in South Hampton.
“Someone… Someone from the South City did this to us…” Daniel stuttered with his head facing the floor and dared not look at anyone.
Tears of agony escaped Daniel’s eyes as he felt overwhelmed with humiliation and sorrow.
How embarrassing! I can’t face my family anymore.
Getting my limbs broken in the small city is a shame that I’ll bear for the rest of my life.
“The gangsters from the South City underworld crippled us because we broke the rule and messed around in their territory,” Julian whined.
“What? A group of gangsters beat you up?” Michael said in disbelief.
I’ll be so embarrassed if this news gets about.
The people in South Hampton will probably look down our family as well.
“Why didn’t you tell them your identity?” Michael asked in frustration.
These Joneses are worthless pieces of junk!
“We did, and that’s why they broke our limbs!” Daniel said indignantly and started weeping.
“What? This is ridiculous!” Michael shouted.
How dare these gangsters from South City challenge the Jones family! Do they have a death wish?
“Father, it’s all Levi’s fault! He’s so haughty. He disrespects me and insists on having you go to him and bring him back yourself.”
Though Daniel didn’t know that Levi was the mastermind behind this incident, he still put all the blame on Levi.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 687

“What? He wants me to pick him up myself? Who the hell does he think he is?” Michael yelled at the top of his lungs.
The others were enraged. “How dare a nobody like him behave as if he’s a big shot?”
“You’re right. In fact, not a single person in Quebec is qualified for grandpa to bring him back himself.”
“I guess Levi is as useless as his parents!”
Despite feeling furious, the butler said, “Anyway, we still have to bear with him. We still need him, don’t we?”
“Let’s just abduct him back here. I really can’t stand his arrogance!”
“Grandpa, please hurry up. It’s only five days away from the deadline Elijah set for us.”
“We must get it done as soon as possible, lest Elijah demand for more from us.”
Everyone voiced out their opinions one by one.
Then Michael’s eyes glinted with malice as he said, “Alright, let’s abduct Levi, and I want everyone from the South City underworld dead!”
Suddenly, the brightest man in the third generation of the Jones family, Tyler said, “Grandpa, could Levi be the one who sent the gangsters to cripple uncle? Perhaps he did this as a counterattack since uncle hired assassins to attack his wife.”
It was obvious to him that Levi did this.
His words shed light on the matter and make everyone ponder this possibility.
This can’t be a coincidence.
“Does he have any hidden capability and background connections?”
Even Michael became suspicious.
“Maybe he has some backup? Is that why he ignored our offer?” one of the Joneses asked.
“It’ll be frightening if he indeed has some hidden capabilities.”
Just then, Michael’s phone rang.
It was a call from Grover, the head of Southern Union.
“Good day, Mr. Cooke. How may I assist you?”
Michael’s attitude became courteous immediately.
Even though The Jones family was royalty, they were not as powerful as Grover, who held a major influence in the South.
“I heard that your son caused trouble on my turf and got his limbs broken.” Grover asked.
“What? Is South City your territory?”
Michael was baffled by his words.
“You’re right, I’m now in charge of South City. Your son hired assassins and caused trouble on my turf without my permission. He broke the rule, so I broke his limbs. Do you have any objections?” Grover asked with a dignified expression.
“No, no objection. Mr. Cooke, I apologize to you on behalf of my son,” Michael hurriedly said.
On the other hand, Michael actually felt slightly thrilled in his heart.
Now I’m certain that Daniel’s injury has nothing to do with Levi.
So Levi is still an ordinary man, as shown in his biography.
And that makes me feel relieved.
“Alright, let’s drop this subject. You’re a royal family. How could you not know about this rule? You didn’t even know that South City is my territory,” Grover rebuked him.
“I’m sorry, Mr. Cooke. It’s all our fault.”
After a brief pause, Michael added, “By the way, Mr. Cooke, we have something to attend to in South City. I hope you will allow us.”
“What else do the Joneses want to do in South City?” Grover asked.
He didn’t know about the history between Levi and the Jones family, because he dared not ask Levi about it.
Michael chuckled. “It’s kind of embarrassing. I have an unfilial grandson in South City, and I’m going to abduct him back home.”
“What’s his name?” Grover asked.
“His name is Levi Garrison,” Michael answered honestly.
“How dare you!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 688

Grover’s sudden roar startled Michael that he jolted and almost flung the phone away.
What’s wrong?
Why does Mr. Cooke react this way when I mention Levi’s name?
Is Levi some kind of taboo to him?
Meanwhile, anger was stirring within Grover.
Last night, Levi instructed me to send my people to beat someone up, so I did.
I only realize today that the person is Daniel Jones.
Though the Southern Union is more superior compared to the Jones family, I still have to confront them about this matter.
Now I discover that Michael is actually Levi’s grandpa…
“Mr. Cooke, what… what’s wrong?” Michael asked in a shaky voice.
“Okay, it’s up to you what you want to do in South City. But I have to warn you, it’s better that you avoid coming to South City now. You’ll probably lose your life here.”
Grover dared not get involved in this matter.
No matter how their relationship is, they are family, and I shouldn’t meddle in their family affairs.
Michael was perplexed.
What’s so scary about South City that I’ll probably lose my life there?
Why did Mr. Cooke get so edgy just now?
“Father, what’s going on?”
“What happened, grandpa?” Everyone turned to look at Michael.
“I’ve found out the truth. Daniel’s injury has nothing to do with Levi. The Southern Union did it because South City is their turf,” Michael explained.
“Oh, I see. No wonder the gangsters are not afraid of the Jones family.”
“So Levi is only a loser.”
Everyone felt relieved.
Then Michael urged them, “I’ve asked for Grover’s permission, so we can do whatever we want in South City. But he advises me not to go to South City too. Maybe there’s someone important over there. Therefore, we’ll have to keep a low profile when we go to South City.”
“Yes, we got it.”
After that, Michael gathered his people and headed to South City.
The deadline was approaching, so they had no time to spare.
“Oh, bring Mia along too. After dealing with Levi, we’ll send him to the Oriental together with Mia,” Michael commanded.
Soon, an adorable girl in a long dress came into sight.
She was Mia Jones, who was a direct descendant of the Jones family. She had been selected to be presented to Elijah.
Mia’s parents were sobbing uncontrollably because they know that Mia would be tortured once she was sent to the Oriental, if not dead.
They wished to stop this, but they had no power or influence, so they could only watch her go.
Mia was the most brilliant one among the girls in the Jones family. She was an all-rounder who had mastered seventeen languages and held six master’s degrees.
At the same time, she was quiet, gentle and docile.
During the selection, all the other girls in the Jones family conspired among themselves and voted Mia, so that none of them would have to go through such torment.
Yet, Mia still appeared calm and fearless.
She glanced at her parents and said, “Dad, Mom, I’m willing to go for our family’s sake.”
In the meantime, Levi took Zoey to the hospital for a medical checkup.
After being counselled by a psychologist, Zoey had recovered completely.
“I’m fine, so don’t worry.”
Zoey gave Levi a comforting smile.
“Levi, maybe you should go back. After all, he’s your grandpa. I believe your grandma, uncles and aunts miss you very much and want you to go home as well.”
Zoey tried to persuade him using familial love.
Then Levi laughed all of a sudden.
I’ve seen the Joneses’ true colors.
There’s no way that I’m going back!
“Levi, why are you laughing? Let me ask you, what will you do if one day, your parents show up and stand in front of you?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 689

Levi was rendered speechless by Zoey’s question.
He could hardly imagine how it felt to have his own parents.
Even his adoptive parents treated him like an outsider and had never shown him love.
Nonetheless, he felt moved on the inside when he heard about his parents, although he refused to admit it.
“I… I don’t know…” Levi answered.
“Just listen to me and go home. They’re your family, after all,” Zoey said with a smile.
“Maybe they’ll come to me before I go home.”
Levi knew that the deadline given by Elijah was only days away.
The Jones family must be extremely anxious about it, so they would surely come looking for him.
But Zoey misunderstood him and said in surprise, “Is your grandpa coming to pick you up himself? He’s so good to you. The head of such a prominent family is coming to bring you back home himself. He must be sincere then.”
I guess Michael truly loves Levi, and that’s why he’s coming to take Levi home himself.
I feel envious.
In the afternoon, Michael and his people arrived in South City.
Thinking of Grover’s advice, Michael kept a low profile and discreetly checked in to the Sapphire Villa in South City.
“Well, I’m here in South City already. Bring him to the hotel to see me. As the head of a royal family, I’ll never go to him myself!” Michael made a fuss and tried to lord it over Levi.
Suddenly, someone shouted, “Oh no, Mia ran away!”
“What? Mia ran away? Why didn’t you watch over her? Hurry, find her now!” Michael yelled angrily.
I’ll be in trouble if she goes missing.
Who am I going to present to Elijah if both Mia and Levi are gone?
The Joneses started looking around for Mia.
Meanwhile, in Levi’s office.
“Mr. Garrison, someone is here to meet you,” Seth said over the phone.
“Is it an old man?”
“No, it’s a girl, She’s as beautiful as Ms. Lopez.”
Seth’s words made Levi felt curious.
Why does the girl want to see me?
When Levi came to the hall, he saw an unfamiliar face.
The girl seemed quiet and sweet, and she carried a vibe like that of a girl from a respectable family.
“Are you looking for me?” Levi asked.
“Are you Levi?” Mia asked him with a surprised look.
“Yes, it’s me. Who are you?”
“I’m your cousin, Mia Jones. Levi, hurry and run away now! Grandpa and uncle want to take you back to our family, only to make you take the fall and go to jail on their behalf. And you’ll probably die in there,” Mia said anxiously.
Levi was stunned at her words.
Why would someone from the Jones family come to warn me that I’m in danger?
A warm and fuzzy feelings overflowed in Levi’s heart.
Other than his military partners and Zoey, no one had ever cared about him.
Then Mia went on to tell Levi every detail about the Joneses’ scheme.
“Levi, run now, or else it’ll be too late,” Mia urged him.
She’s kind-hearted, and she couldn’t bear to see Levi become a scapegoat, so she came to warn him.
“Are you the other one?” Levi asked.
“Yes,” Mia lowered her head.
“Alright. I’m here now, so no one can send you to jail,” Levi declared.
I’ll save this girl since she came all the way to warn me.
“What? Stop kidding, Levi. I’ve been chosen, so I have no choice.”
Just then, a large group of men ran over to them.
“Mia, what are you doing? Why did you look for Levi? Did you tell him everything?”
The man leading the group raised his hand, wanting to slap Mia’s face.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 690

Mia shut her eyes in fear, but the slap never landed on her face.
It turned out that Levi had held the man’s wrist.
“Let go! Let go of me now!” Wales demanded furiously.
He yanked his hand forcefully to break free, but Levi clutched his wrist tightly in a vice-like grip.
“Are you trying to hit her?” Levi asked.
“I’m only disciplining my own family members. What does that have to do with you?” Wales scolded him.
“Ouch…” in the next second, Wales shrieked in agony.
The pain in his wrist made him slowly collapse on the floor.
Everyone present could hear the sound of bones cracking.
Mia couldn’t stand it and hurriedly said, “Levi, please forgive him.”
Then Levi let go of Wales, who then bent down and gasped for breath.
Shortly after, a bunch of the Joneses came over and surrounded them.
Mia bowed her head and kept silent, looking like a child who was caught red-handed.
“Mia, you’re a traitor to our family!”
“How could you tell him about it?”
“You’ve brought shame upon the Jones family!.”
The Joneses reprimanded her out of rage.
Levi had already refused to come back before. Now that he knows about our plan, surely he will never come back.
All the Joneses wished they could choke Mia to death.
While they hurled insults at Mia, she broke down and started weeping softly.
“Come here! Why are you standing beside an outsider?” Wales shouted.
Mia instinctively walked over, but Levi stopped her in her tracks.
“You’ve called me your cousin, so you’re my family now. No one can bully you!” Levi said coldly.
“You? What can you do to us? Hahaha!”
Wales and the others let out a few sarcastic laughs.
What can a loser who has been homeless for about thirty years due to the royal Jones family?
He has totally overestimated himself.
“Mia, just to let you know, you’ve made a huge mistake! Are you still on his side? Do you want to betray your own family?”
Mia flinched at every rebuke with tears streaming down her cheeks. “No, I didn’t… I didn’t betray my family… No…”
Since birth, Mia had been taught to put her family first, and her family’s reputation was more important than her own life.
That was why she became agitated the moment she was called a traitor to the Jones family.
“Then why haven’t you come to our side?” Wales shouted at her in an icy tone.
Mia darted a pleading glance at Levi before running across the hall to the Joneses.
Staring straight at the Joneses, Levi declared coldly, “From now on, I, Levi Garrison, will protect my sister, Mia Jones. Anyone who lay a finger on her shall die!”
Immediately, a gust of ice-cold air came out of nowhere and sent shivers up everyone’s spine.
What an intimidating gaze.
As everyone looked at Levi, a sense of crippling fear overwhelmed them.
After a while, Wales mustered up the courage to ask Levi, “Who do you think you are? Mia belongs to the Jones family, and our family affairs are none of your business!”
“Yes, it’s none of your concern!”
“By the way, let me tell you this since you already know the truth. A man like you is not worthy of being a part of the Jones family. We want you back only to make you a scapegoat!”
Levi sneered. “You’re such shameless jerks!”
“Don’t even try to run away. You won’t be able to escape being sent to the Oriental and get tormented by the Warlord.”
“Hahaha! What makes you think that grandpa will come and bring you home himself? You’re so full of yourself!”
Levi gave them a half-smile. “I won’t run, and I’ll be waiting for you to seize me.”
“How impudent! Just you wait!”
After saying that, the Joneses stomped away in fury.

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