The Return of God of War Chapter 651-660

The Return of the God of War Chapter 651

The moment Macfay spoke, everyone was stunned.

Is that a challenge?

Is he challenging us not to barge in?

Who can resist such a challenge?

“Break down that door!” Landyn couldn’t resist the taunt.




Upon his orders, a few warriors approached and tore down the giant metal gate by force.

“How dare you tear down the door! Do you know what this place is?” Macfay bellowed in rage.

Woof! Woof! Woof!

The military dogs barked ferociously as they tried to lunge forward but were held back by their restraints.

Fred’s expression darkened as he barked, “Men, breach and secure Levi! Kill whoever that gets in your way.”

Thud! Thud! Thud!

At that moment, the Dragon Guards tried to barge in.

“Stop! How dare you!” Macfay bellowed.

The other captains also warned the Dragon Guards to back off.

“Why don’t I dare? Charge!” Fred ignored their warnings.

“Do you even know what this place is?”

Macfay roared, “This is the Warzone compound and is considered a restricted military area. You are all trespassing and have violated the forbidden zones!”

Upon hearing Macfay’s words, the attacking Dragon Guards stopped in their tracks and stared at him in shock. In fact, they seemed to even be a little fearful.


The news was so shocking that Fred and his men thought they were hit by lightning.

“I think I understand what’s going on…”

Fred and his men suddenly understood one thing.

From the beginning, they could feel Macfay and his men were different but couldn’t quite put their fingers on the reason.

Given that they were wearing army green tank tops, it became clear who they were.

They are all soldiers!

Even the dogs looks different.

Those are f***ing military dogs!

At that moment, Fred and Landyn panicked.

If this really were a restricted military zone, they would be in very big trouble.

It would be worse if all these men were also soldiers.

What should we do?

Should we charge in or leave?

But leaving is impossible as the Gates family cannot be humiliated again!

Fred sneered, “Do you think just because you claim this is a military zone makes it so? Are you trying to scare us away?”

“I’ll repeat myself. Get Levi out here to kneel before me. Or else, I will tear this place down and kill everyone!” Fred declared furiously.

Meanwhile, the Dragon Guards were all ready for action. Upon receiving their orders, they would tear into the building.

“This is your last warning!” Macfay declared.

“Men, charge in and capture Levi!” Fred wasn’t the least bit appreciative of the offer.

His words infuriated Macfay and all the other captains.

“Damn you b*stard, how dare you cause trouble within my territory!”

Whipping out his phone, Macfay quickly dialed a number. “Hello, it’s Macfay! Pass down my orders. Gather the troops in full battle gear and come to the Guardian Mansion at the outskirts of the city. We have to protect the God of War!”

After that, Macdonald barked into his phone. “Hello, it’s Macdonald. Assemble the men and have them head to the Guardian Mansion armed to the teeth. We are to defend the God of War!”

Lastly, Mackenzie ordered, “Hello, it’s Mackenzie. Get the team to head for the Guardian Mansion now! We have an important battle to fight!”

This continued on with the other captains.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 652

One by one, the captains ordered their respective teams to head for Guardian Mansion.

At a single moment, thirty regiments were mobilized which was an impressive display of strength.

Meanwhile, the Gates family and their strong army of six hundred were all stunned.

One by one, they could be heard gasping.

Even Landyn and Fred were stupefied while Kurt couldn’t stop coughing.

Regardless of whether they were lying or not, Macfay and his men definitely made it look intimidating.

Are all sixty men army captains?

In that case, is this place really a restricted military area?

Who is the person inside?

How highly positioned is he to have more than sixty officers protecting him?

The Gates family were stumped.

The Dragon Guards, who were at the vanguard, started to tremble and grew weak in their knees.

What if what they claim is true?

They knew what the consequences would be.

In that situation, ten Gates family combined wouldn’t even stand a chance, let alone one.

If it came to that, the Gates family would be in an extremely precarious situation.

Should we attack?

But we don’t dare to.

Should we not attack?

But the Gates family will be humiliated.

At that moment, Levi, Azure Dragon, and a few others emerged.


At the sight of Levi, the Gates family stared daggers at him.

After all, he was the man who brought their family their greatest humiliation.

Meanwhile, Landyn couldn’t help but have the urge to kill Levi because Levi had snatched his fiancée away in front of everyone in South City.

His hatred for Levi was simply overwhelming.

As for Fred and Kurt, they were equally incensed.

At the sight of Levi, their animosity towards him grew exponentially.

We must kill him!

Just when Fred was about to give the order, he hesitated when his gaze fell upon Macfay and the other captains.

But what if their calls were real? If so, the Gates family will be done for!

Levi smiled at the Gates family when he saw them. “I heard you are looking for me?”

“Levi, you…” Landyn almost exploded in anger.

“Well, I’m standing right here now. Come on then!” Levi smirked at the Gates family.

When they saw Levi’s mocking expression, both father and son almost burst a vessel.

“Come on? What’s wrong? Are you afraid? Isn’t the Gates family fearsome? Aren’t you the law wherever you go? What is it now? You don’t even have the guts to enter this door?”

In the face of Levi’s taunts, the Gates family was outraged.

However, all of them were breathing rapidly as they tried to keep their anger in check.

Even the machetes in their hands were raised.

Fred was struggling with himself.

To attack or not to attack. What a dilemma!

Everyone else felt the same.

If Macfay was a real army officer, they would be in big trouble.

When he noticed that the Gates family was hesitating, Levi sneered, “What are you afraid of? Isn’t the Gates family the law itself? Don’t you also rule over this piece of land?”

“Doesn’t your authority override that of Erudia’s? What’s wrong now? Why don’t you dare set foot in here?”

“Come on, don’t disappoint me, you wimps!”

In the face of Levi’s provocations, Fred breathe heavily and was drenched in cold sweat. As his whole body trembled, his eyes almost popped out of their sockets, especially when he saw Levi’s haughty expression.

He couldn’t resist the urge and finally exploded.

“Men, attack! Levi must be captured alive!” Fred roared with all his might.


The Dragon Guards no longer held back as all of them dashed forward.

“Let them come!” Macfay got into his fighting stance and prepared for battle.


At that moment, the sound of a loud engine rumbled across the sky.

It was so loud that it caused the ground to tremble.

There was a combat helicopter circling in the air.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 653

Just that scene alone caused everyone to stop what they were doing and looked into the sky, dumbfounded.

As it was already nightfall, the helicopter shone a spotlight on the Gates family’s men.

All of the Dragon Guards surrounding the mansion were caught in the light.

As the light was extremely bright, everyone had to shield their eyes from being blinded.

The Gates family were all stunned.

“This is a restricted military area, who are you?”

“We are the South Warzone’s airborne unit. What are you planning to do?”

A voice from the helicopter blared out through its speakers which shocked the Gates family.

So it’s true!

They were telling the truth!

These men are really army officers.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

In the next moment, the Gates family could hear the rumble of footsteps marching behind them.


It wasn’t just footsteps, there was also the sound of vehicles and a lot of other noises all mixed together.

It sounded as if an entire army itself was approaching.

“One, two, three, four!”

Along with the commands being shouted out, groups and groups of soldiers emerged behind the Dragon Guards.

The Gates family was shocked to their core while the Dragon Guards were struck with fear.

It’s really true!

They really mobilized thirty regiments.

What are we going to do? This really is a restricted military zone.

We’re doomed!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Despite their fame and the two billion spent on them, the Dragon Guards dropped to their knees one by one with their hands over their heads.

The only ones left standing were Fred and a few others.

However, it was more because Fred’s mind drew a blank. His face was all pale and cold sweat broke out profusely.

“Dad, I can’t stand any longer.” Landyn’s knees buckled and he too dropped to the ground.

Finally, Fred also did the same as he lost all strength in his body and could hardly move.

Trembling violently, he couldn’t even say a word.

When Levi saw how they looked, he sneered, “What’s wrong? Have you given up? Isn’t the Gates family above the law? Why are you on your knees?”

“Y-Y-You…” Fred stammered in a frantic voice and didn’t dare continue.

Cough! Hack! Cough!

In the midst of his hacking cough, Kurt barely forced out a question. “You… who are you really?”

Prior to this, when Hades led three thousand men to protect him, it didn’t pique their curiosity as to who Levi was.

However, there were thirty regiments of soldiers from the South Warzone protecting him now.

It indicated that Levi was someone a lot more important than they had imagined.

“To be honest, the Gates family have no right to know my identity.”

Levi shot them a cold glare.

“Men, capture all of them. Since no one dares to touch the Gates family, I’ll be the one to do it!”

“I want to see for myself how capable is a prominent family that declared themselves to be the law of the land,” Levi bellowed.


Kurt and his men closed their eyes in despair.

The Gates family are finished!

Meanwhile, back at the Black family manor.

“Grandpa, Grandma, I have bad news. The Gates family have brought five hundred Dragon Guards to South City,” Logan reported while being out of breath.

“What? So soon?”

Meredith and the others’ expressions changed as they were struck by fear.

“This really means trouble!”

“Do you know where they’re headed?” Meredith asked.

“They are looking for Levi as of now. I heard they want to kill him and wipe out South City’s underworld,” Logan replied.

Meredith began to pray. “I hope when Levi is killed, the Gates family would be appeased.”

“Grandma, what are you saying?” Zoey fumed.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 654

Meredith and everyone else stared at her. “Zoey, don’t tell me you really believe Levi can deal with this issue?”

“The Gates family are going to kill him. Even the three thousand men who protected you will die tragically,” Logan explained the reality of the situation.


At that moment, Zoey finally understood the gravity of the matter.

“Oh? Is that so? Then why am I still alive?”

At that moment, a voice emanated through the room, causing Logan to drop to his knees in horror.

“It’s a ghost!”

“What f***king ghost are you talking about? I’m still alive and well,” Levi grunted in exasperation.

“Are you really alright?”

Meredith and the others stood up and looked towards Levi.

“What can happen to me?”

“What about the Gates family? Weren’t they looking for you?” Meredith inquired in disbelief.

“Oh, I destroyed them. They no longer exist,” Levi replied casually.

“What? How is that possible?”

Meredith and the other looked at him doubtfully.

At the same time, Logan quickly checked on the latest news with his contacts.

After that, his expression changed drastically.

“It’s true… the Gates family has disappeared from South City and no one knows where they have gone. I-I-Its…” Logan was so bewildered that he was stumped for words.

“So it’s true?”

Meredith, Robert, and everyone else looked on in disbelief.

At that moment, Russell let out a relaxed smile.

For the Gates family to challenge Levi, isn’t it the same as having a death wish?

Zoey grabbed Levi’s hand and murmured, “Was it the mysterious boss of the Morris Group that did it again?”

Levi was stunned for a second before nodding.

As he was the boss of the Morris Group, what Zoey said wasn’t wrong.

“We owe him yet another debt of gratitude. By now, I don’t even know how we’re going to repay it,” Zoey remarked with a smile.

Grinning, Levi replied, “Worse comes to worst, I’ll sell myself to them.”

“That’s unacceptable! Anything else but that.”

Zoey shook her head as her love for Levi was now rooted deep in her bones.

All this while, her expectation of a husband was that he would be a respectable, mature man with a heart of gold.

But as of now, no matter what Levi was doing, she would love him for it because she knew that he had always been protecting her.

“Grandpa, Grandma, and everyone else. Today, I declare that I will be the one who’ll have the final word on my marriage. I will still marry Levi and will wait for him to organize the perfect wedding for us.”

In front of both the Black and Lopez families, Zoey made her stand clear.

Hearing her declaration, Levi was touched. All he cared for was Zoey’s trust in him.

Both families sighed in response.

Why can’t we escape from Levi! Karma is a b****!

In the end, Meredith had no choice but to give up her plans.

After being taught a harsh lesson, she had enough.

South Hampton.

It was Erudia’s economic capital, hence was also known as the Devil’s Capital.

South Hampton was at an even higher level than the first-tier cities of North Hampton and South City.

The reason being a few royal families had established themselves there and their economic power was immense.

However, South Hampton’s high society was shaken today because Kurt Gates, president of the South Hampton chamber of commerce had been decimated, along with the entire Gates family.

Although the Gates family was not as powerful as the royal families, they still controlled a significant portion of South Hampton’s economy.

For them to disappear without a trace struck fear into many.

What’s going on?

Wasn’t the Gates family supposed to have a wedding in South City? How can they disappear just like that?

Within a short period of time, the citizens of South Hampton began to grow anxious.

Meanwhile, within the deep forests outside South Hampton, there was a luxurious villa.

Outside the villa, there were hundreds of men kneeling at the door.

“Master, please avenge Jacky for us!”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 655

As hundreds of men were shouting, they were all slamming their heads onto the ground, to the extent that blood was oozing out of their foreheads.

What made it more shocking was that they had been kneeling there for three whole days.

Ever since the news of Jacky Lawson’s death spread, the men began to gather in front of the villa.

They were all Jacky’s fellow disciples of the same master.

Their master does have the intention to head for South City, but it just wasn’t the right time yet as he was still in the midst of his solitary meditation.

But now that Jacky was dead, his fellow disciples could wait no longer.

Hence, they were pleading with their master to end his mediation earlier.


Suddenly a loud sigh was heard from within the villa.

The hundreds of disciples who heard it began to feel excited.

Their faces which were previously pale with despair were now glowing brilliantly.


In the next moment, the villa’s door slowly opened.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Suddenly, two rows of bodyguards dressed in red marched out.

Upon their clothes, the word “Heimler” was embroidered onto it.

After that, an old man surrounded by a group of six bodyguards emerged.

All six of them were wearing masks and were dressed exactly like the two men Jacky had brought with him.

The old man was wearing a white robe and did not look any different from any other men of his age. His eyes were cloudy and he had an unsteady gait, as if the wind could cause him to fall anytime.

“All hail the master!”

The hundreds of disciples chanted.

All of their faces were filled with respect and admiration.

“Is Jacky really done for?” The old man asked in a trembling voice.

“Master, Jacky will be staying in South City forever and is never coming back,” his disciples answered.

Upon hearing the news, the old man looked up and heaved a long sigh.

Throughout his life, his disciples numbered in the hundreds if not the thousands.

Even for many of his current students, he didn’t even remember their names.

However, amongst all of them, Jacky was his favorite.

In fact, he was training Jacky to be his heir given that he had no sons.

Or else, he wouldn’t have sent Jacky on such an important assignment such as taking over South City.

Two days ago, he had just spoken to Jacky who reassured him that everything was going well and that South City’s underworld had been wiped out.

However, not long after that, he received the news of Jacky’s death.

“Who killed him?” The old man demanded.

“Master, it was the current leader of South City’s underworld, Hades. He is the current champion and record holder of the Deathmatch championships.”

“Therefore, we have not taken any action yet and have been waiting for you to finish your meditation,” the students replied.

“I can’t believe that South City has such a formidable warrior. Jacky has died in vain indeed!” the old man lamented.

“Master, don’t worry, once we combine all our strength, we can seek revenge for Jacky.”

“Yeah! we shall not rest until we have avenge Jacky!” the hundreds of disciples chanted in unison.

“Where is his body?” The old man looked toward the crowd.

At that, the crowd fell silent as no one showed any concern as to what befell the body after his death, to the extent it was likely still left in South City.

Witnessing their silence, the old man was infuriated.

“You keep harping on about revenge and yet you didn’t even bother to bring his body back!”

The old man’s voice thundered through the crowd and was a big contrast to his feeble demeanor.

The next moment, the hundreds of disciples trembled in fear and bowed their heads on the ground.

They were so terrified that every one of them was drenched in cold sweat.

Their master was furious. They knew what would follow will be earth-shattering due to his terrifying identity.

Once his identity was revealed, the whole of southern Erudia would be quaking in their boots.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 656

The old and seemingly feeble man was none other than the leader of the Southern Union, Grover Cooke.

Most of the Southern Union’s branches were based along the coast where the economy thrived with many different industries.

There were innumerable martial art experts within the Southern Union. In fact, all of the experts in the south itself originated from the Southern Union.

They were so powerful that the underworlds of all major cities would tremble at the mere mention of the Southern Union.

Even Scott Yates came from the Southern Union but hardly anyone knew about it.

Every year, he had to pay a tribute of five billion to the Southern Union.

No one really knew why he had to live the life of a recluse for thirty years.

The real reason was that his influence had expanded too quickly and clashed with that of the Southern Union.

Hence, if he continued to expand any further, the Southern Union would have to take him down.

Therefore, Scott had no choice but to shun the world to prevent the Southern Union from taking action against him.

Ever since then, the tribute Scott had to pay the Southern Union increased to ten billion.

Only then could he ensure his own safety.

Furthermore, even the Triple Group had to pay billions in tribute to the Southern Union.

The fact that an international conglomerate such as the Triple Group had to bow down to its knees to the Southern Union demonstrated how domineering they were.

In summary, anyone with any sort of influence in the south had to pay their respects to the Southern Union.

Nevertheless, the Southern Union was not obligated to help them out in return.

This showed just how powerful the Southern Union was.

In fact, all the underworlds within southern Erudia were controlled by the Southern Union.

As long as they gave the word, any of the groups could be wiped out.

However, things happened differently in South City.

Firstly, Scott’s faction was destroyed, followed by the collapse of the Triple Group.

When the tributes from both groups stopped, the Southern Union realized something had happened in South City.

Hence, Jacky was sent to resolve the matter.

As South City formed a huge part of their business, the head of the Southern Union, Grover, had to personally deal with it.

Every single disciple of Grover’s was an elite within their own industry.

Anyone who was weak would not even qualify to be one.

Over the last few decades, Grover, who loved receiving students only accepted seven to eight hundred of them.

Therefore, it was safe to say that every single one of them was a genius in their own right.

Not only did he have a lot of students, but he also had an army of subordinates and a massive network of contacts.

In fact, just a word from Grover and the whole of south Erudia would acknowledge it.

That was how powerful the head of the Southern Union was.

“Master, it is our fault! We should have brought Jacky’s body back immediately.”

“Master, please give us a chance. We will definitely reclaim Jacky’s body.”

One by one, his disciples pleaded.

Meanwhile, Grover shot a quick glance around and exclaimed, “You have disappointed me enough! I will avenge my disciple myself!”

“Johnny Lawrence?” Grover called out.

“Master, Johnny at your service,” A middle-aged man stepped forward and said.

“I order you to head over to South City. Before the Southern Union army arrives, you must reclaim Jacky’s body,” Grover instructed.

“Yes, Master!”

With that, Johnny left.

Johnny was an integral member of the Southern Union as he was among the Southern Union’s best warriors. Of the Four Kings and Eight Slaves, he was one of the Four Kings.

Other than the head of the Southern Union, the Four Kings were next in line in terms of the chain of command.

The Four Kings of the Southern Union were so strong that they could easily defeat Scott Yates.

“Jacky died a tragic death. Prior to this, I was even planning to declare him as my heir at the upcoming Union conference.”

As he spoke, Tears rolled down Grover’s eyes.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 657

“Johnny is on his way to South City. Once Jacky’s body is brought back, I want to hold a funeral for him there,” Grover declared.

“Yes, Master. We will definitely give Jacky a grand funeral.”

Turning towards the crowd, Grover ordered, “Next, you will need to investigate and find out who was involved in Jacky’s death. After that, we will bury all of them alive together with Jacky!”

At that moment, Grover’s whole being exuded an icy cold aura, overwhelming the surroundings with a chilly pressure.

Everyone suddenly shivered as the cold spell engulfed them, it felt as if they had fallen into an icy lake.

They could feel the surrounding temperature drop by seven to eight degrees.

It was real and wasn’t an exaggeration at all.

Grover was an elite martial artist who practiced the Ancient Arts of Qi.

The reason he was in solitary meditation was to further enhance the power of his Qi.

“Understood, Master. We will proceed to investigate and leave no stone unturned,” his disciples answered.

All of them trembled at the idea that Grover was going to bury alive a bunch of men together with Jacky.

It was such a terrifying notion to them.

However, that was the consequence of offending the head of the Southern Union.

Meanwhile, in South City, Levi and Zoey had no inkling of the looming crisis.

In fact, Levi had even forgotten about Jacky, let alone expected someone seeking to avenge him.

The last thing he was interested in was to find out who Jacky really was.

In recent days, the Davies family felt a sense of dread.

Leslie and his son didn’t eat nor sleep well as they were constantly worried.

The reason being they knew Jacky Lawson was part of the Southern Union and was the Union leader’s disciple.

Therefore, ever since Jacky had died, they grew increasingly anxious as they knew the Southern Union would not rest until Jacky was avenged.

In fact, they expected themselves to be dragged into the matter.

Left with no choice, they could only wait. It wasn’t until one afternoon that a group of men finally arrived.

It was one of the Southern Union’s Four Kings, Johnny, and his men.

As Leslie’s eyes brightened, he approached them quickly. “We have been expecting you, dear sirs.”

“We, the Davies family, are of no use at all. We weren’t able to protect Jacky,” Leslie confessed.

“There’s no need for that, I know you’re not to blame,” Johnny remarked impatiently.

“Tell me, where is Jacky’s body?” Johnny asked.


Stunned for a moment, Leslie quickly replied, “Sir, Jacky’s body was taken away by Hades’ men and I don’t know where they threw it.”

“What? Threw?” Johnny exclaimed in anger, blasting an intimidating pressure across the room.

It left Leslie and the others breathless.

Both Leslie and Derek were shocked when they realized Johnny was more powerful than the Slaves that Jacky had brought with him.

Who is he really?

“That’s right, sir. They said they wanted to throw Jacky’s body into the garbage dump.”

“I reckon his body must have rotted off away at a dump somewhere.”

Upon hearing Leslie’s words, Johnny was utterly furious.


He slammed his fist on one of the walls in frustration, causing the wall to collapse into rubble.

“Damn it!”

“If I can’t find Jacky’s body, I will make sure the whole of South City will be buried together with him,” Johnny declared with a terrifying expression on his face.

At the same time, Leslie and Derek could feel an immense pressure that forced them to their knees.

Such strength!

Such immense power!

He is stronger than anyone we’ve seen before.

“You will take me to see Hades!” Johnny ordered in a frosty tone.

In a short while, a group of men appeared at the entrance of the Jagged Club.

Leslie felt more confident this time around because he knew Johnny was one of the powerful Four Kings.

The Return of the God of War Chapter 658

“What do you want?” The moment the guard at the entrance asked, two lightning-fast slashes made quick work of him.

After that, Johnny and his men entered the club.

Inside, the club was as lively as usual.

Johnny went straight to the club’s DJ booth, turned down the music, and switched on all the lights.

Every corner of the club was illuminated as if it was broad daylight.

At that moment, the hundreds of patrons in the club stopped dancing and turned to stare at the DJ booth.

The atmosphere became boisterous as the club’s staff rushed towards the booth.

Picking up the mic, Johnny instructed, “Silence! I have something to say.”

Upon his orders, everyone kept quiet and gave him their attention.

“Let me introduce myself. I am Johnny Lawrence.”

“Huh? Johnny Lawrence? That name sounds familiar.”

“That’s right, where did I hear it before?”

Everyone in the club felt the name sounded familiar.

Johnny continued, “I am from the Southern Union and a subordinate of Grover Cooke.”


When Johnny revealed his identity, everyone went ballistic and looked at him in disbelief.

“My God! It’s one of the Four Kings of the Southern Union.”

“It’s really Johnny of the Southern Union. This is unbelievable!”

“Johnny is really here in South City! Something big must have happened!”

The club was in an uproar. When everyone heard that it was the Southern Union, they were filled with excitement.

As gangsters in the underworld, their dream was to join the legendary Southern Union.

To them, it was as good as their religion and was an achievement that would bring honor to the family.

In short, they considered it their Holy Land.

At the same time, it was also the most frightening of places.

Anyone who offended the Southern Union would be hunted down and killed.

There would be no escape even if one fled to the ends of the earth.

For the gangsters, it was an unbelievable sight that one of the legendary Four Kings of the Southern Union, Johnny, was standing before them as many of them worshipped him.

In fact, some even had his face tattooed on their bodies.

As Johnny was courageous and battle-hardened, there was an air of invincibility around him.

“Today, I’m here to look for the body of my master’s disciple, Jacky Lawson.”

The moment Johnny changed the topic, everyone was stunned.

Johnny’s master?

Isn’t that Grover Cooke of the Southern Union?

Grover’s disciple’s body?

Suddenly, everyone thought of the same haughty person, Jacky, from a few days ago.

He’s actually one of the Southern Union’s disciples?

This means big trouble as it now involves the Southern Union.

No matter how strong Hades is, it’s not going to be of much help.

“Johnny, this has nothing to do with us, it’s all Hades’ doing!”

“That’s right, we were not involved at all.”

At that moment, everyone present disavowed their involvement while only a few were hesitating.

They were former followers of Brock Green who had switched their allegiance to Hades.

As the rest of the crowd moved aside, they were left standing in the center.

Johnny instantly understood what was going on.

He asked them, “Were you the ones that took Jacky’s body?”

His tone was calm but so domineering that it felt suffocating.

“Yes, so what if we were?” one of them replied.

“Where is the body now?” Johnny demanded word by word.

At the moment, an immense pressure filled the club and everyone felt their hearts racing.

“We threw it away at a garbage dump,” the man replied.

“Well done! All of you will have to die!” Johnny roared.

“Who are you? How dare you cause trouble in my territory?”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 659

Just then, a voice boomed from behind.

A man with a mask covering half his face appeared.

It was Hades.

As Levi was with Zoey today, Hades didn’t need to watch over her and therefore came back early.

What he didn’t expect was to find a ruckus in his club.

“Who are you?” Johnny bellowed.

“Johnny, he’s Hades! He is the one who killed Jacky and the two Slaves. I saw it with my own eyes!” Leslie reported.

“That’s right, he killed them!” Derek and the others chimed in.

When Johnny realized that the man was his enemy, Hades, he felt especially invigorated and his eyes gleamed with murderous intent.

“Seize him!” Johnny ordered.

More than ten of his men scrambled down from the DJ booth and charged towards Hades.

All of them were formidable warriors who used all kinds of weapons.

Some used chain whips and spears while others wielded giant cleavers.

The group of fighters were extremely well-coordinated and were able to put Hades on the defensive.

It was a sight that shocked many as everyone knew how formidable Hades was as a fighter.

Hades is being beaten back!

The Southern Union does live up to its reputation!

Every member of the Union is indeed an elite warrior.


However, in the next moment, Hades exploded in rage as he hurled his invincible fists forward.




One by one, the Southern Union warriors were sent flying back.

Johnny’s eyes narrowed as he felt a chill down his spine.

No wonder he was able to kill Master’s Slaves. What a formidable warrior indeed!

Perhaps I should wait for Master to arrive before deciding on the next step. My mission today is just to locate Jacky’s body.

As for Hades and his men, Johnny decided not to take them down as he remembered Grover wanted to bury them alive with Jacky.

“Stop!” At the wave of his hand, all his warriors stopped their attacks.

“You must be Hades. I will let you off today! So tell me, where have you thrown Jacky’s body?” Johnny asked.

“It’s at Far East Road, you can look for him there,” someone shouted.

“Very well, I look forward to our next encounter, Hades!” Johnny sneered.

“Haha, fine. I’ll be waiting for you.” Hades burst into laughter.

If it were the old days, he would have been worried.

But now with Levi backing him, there was nothing for him to be afraid of.

With that, Johnny left.

His followers were left puzzled, “Johnny, why didn’t you allow us to kill him?”

“He’s really strong and you’re no match for him. Even for me, we might just be evenly matched. If he has further support, we will be at a disadvantage. Therefore, it’s better to wait for Master’s arrival before we decide on our next course of action,” Johnny explained his concerns.

“We understand now,” Johnny’s followers replied.

Arriving at Far East Road, they searched around the whole night.

Finally, they managed to locate Jacky’s body in the garbage dump. It was surrounded by flies and had long since decomposed.

Enduring the stench, Johnny brought Jacky’s body back.

At the same time, Leslie ordered a crystal coffin so that Jacky’s body can be frozen inside.

After Grover heard what happened, he was absolutely livid.

“I will personally deal with them!” he thundered.

Back in South City, Hades related what happened to Levi.

“The Southern Union? I know of them,” Levi remarked.

“The overseas branches of the Southern Union are even more terrifying as they are packed with formidable warriors. Many countries have suffered under their hands.”

Levi’s eyes sparkled with excitement. “This is really interesting. White Tiger, you have an opportunity to go all out now.”

The Return of the God of War Chapter 660

White Tiger squinted his eyes and smiled, “I have also heard that the Southern Union is filled with capable warriors. I had the honor of fighting some of them overseas and they have proved themselves to be very skilled. I hope I will meet someone who I can fight without any reservations.”

Azure Dragon sighed, “Isn’t there a saying? All the best warriors originate from the Southern Union.”

Kirin’s eyes glistened, “Unfortunately, they have offended the wrong people. The audacity of them to act with such impunity in front of us is just pure insolence!”

However, Levi smiled to himself deviously as he had a different plan.


“He was killed just because he courted a lady?” Johnny asked curiously.

“That’s correct. Jacky had repeatedly tried to ask a lady out but was rejected every time. Finally, he was killed instead,” Leslie related.

“Who is she?” Johnny’s expression darkened immensely.

“Her name is Zoey Lopez, she’s the boss of Oriental Star Group. She has the support of the Morris Group.”

Johnny sneered coldly, “Damn that Morris Group! We will annihilate them this time!”

Once Master arrives in South City, Morris Group will be eliminated regardless of who they are and who their boss is.

The next day, Grover personally led the other three Kings and other six Slaves to South City.

They were not alone as a massive number of Southern Union members accompanied them.

With a wave of his hand, Grover was able to gather tens of thousands of Union members easily.

That was the influence the Master of the Southern Union wielded.

The Davies family residence was to become their base.

Both Derek and his son had never in their wildest dreams expected to meet the legendary Master of the Southern Union in person.

“Where’s Jacky?”

The moment Grover arrived at the Davies residence, he made a beeline towards Jacky’s corpse.

“Master, please follow me.” Johnny quickly led the way.

When Grover saw Jacky inside the crystal coffin, he could no longer contain his emotions.

Jacky was his favorite student whom he treated like a son.

After brooding in front of the coffin for a long time, he called out to his men.

“Master, your orders?” the Four Kings and Six Slaves answered.

“In three days’ time, we will hold a funeral of the highest honor for Jacky based on the Southern Union’s ceremonial rites. The leaders of every Southern Union branch must attend,” Grover ordered.

“Understood!” the men replied in acknowledgment.

“As for all those who were involved in Jacky’s death, capture them so that I can bury all of them together with him,” Grover roared.

“Master, from our investigations, we have narrowed down the main suspects to eleven people. The four main figures are Hades, Levi Garrison, Zoey Lopez, and Sylas Whitfield.”

At that, Grover released his aura of intense pressure that seemed to be able to move mountains.

“As for the rest, they include both the father and son of the Davies family.”

The man gave Derek and Leslie a cold stare.

The father and son duo fainted in shock upon realizing that they still had to be buried alive in the end.

“Very well, before the funeral begins, those responsible must all stand before me,” Grover insisted angrily.

“Yes, Master!” the Four Kings shouted in unison.

“I heard that Jacky died because of a woman?” Grover asked.

The crowd hesitated but nodded in the end. “Yes, that’s right.”

“Master, the lady is a daughter of the Lopez family which is one of South City’s four noble families,” someone explained.

“Very well. In that case, the funeral will be held at the Lopez family residence. Their whole family will be held accountable for the actions of their young,” Grover said coldly.

Johnny requested, “Master, I volunteer to be the vanguard to take down the Lopez family.”

The other three Kings followed and requested the same.

“As you wish, now let’s head out!”

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