The Return of God of War Chapter 591-600

The Return of God of War Chapter 591

However, the South City’s leaders’ expressions darkened when they heard that.

Tim, Stephen, and the other leaders were rendered speechless.

What’s happening here?

Didn’t we come because the God of War asked us to?

What does that have to do with that Russell guy?

We don’t even know him, so naturally, we wouldn’t offer him any help!

What is the Black family even thinking?

They must’ve misunderstood something.

As the Black family expressed their gratitude, Tim and the rest looked embarrassed.

They stared at Levi, and he just nodded understandingly.

At that, Tim declared, “That’s right! I admire Russell a lot, and the Black family represents excellence in the South City by contributing to society tirelessly. I definitely felt the need to step up when you are in trouble!”

Stephen chimed in. “Well said. Russell really is an amazing young man! We like him a lot!”

After they sung their praises, Russell blushed furiously out of embarrassment.

I didn’t even do anything, but my family keeps thinking otherwise!

He snuck a look at Levi and saw that Levi didn’t seem to be angry, so he breathed a sigh of relief.

On the other hand, the Black family was excited beyond belief.

Firstly, the Caesar family’s onslaught is successfully thwarted.

Secondly, all the powerful figures are praising our boy, Russell!

This is such a blessing to the Black family!

“Long live the Black family! With Russell here, the Black family will stand tall for years to come! I now formally declare Russell as the next head of the family!”

Right then and there, Meredith appointed Russell as the new head of the Black family in front of everyone without any regard for Bailey and the rest.

Even so, Bailey and the rest didn’t complain about it.

With Russell’s capabilities, he will bring the Black family to greater heights, and we’ll all benefit from that.

“Mr. Cronan, what do you think about that?” Meredith asked.

Tim smiled and replied, “That works! He’s competent enough to take on that role!”

The Black family cheered excitedly, but Caitlyn and Aaron couldn’t bring themselves to feel happy about it.

They only managed to stand up for themselves when Hades and Tim arrived, both of whom had intimidated the Caesar family.

Naturally, they thought that Levi was the one who planned this, so a sense of pride overwhelmed them as they wanted to brag about their son-in-law to everyone.

However, in the end, Levi had nothing to do with it, and instead, Russell was the one who took the credit.

It was only natural they couldn’t accept that “fact”.

Levi came in and turned the tide of battle, but in the end, it had nothing to do with him!

I-I don’t know what to say about this…

Zoey felt the same way as them.

She thought that Levi led them all to victory, but the credit was forcefully snatched away from him.

Meanwhile, Abigail couldn’t take it anymore.

Levi was the mastermind behind this! Russell had nothing to do with it!

“Grandma, Levi was the one who called them. Undeniably, Russell deserves some credit, but Levi should be the one recognized for it,” Abigail said to everyone in a huff and shocked everyone.

It did seem like Levi was the one calling the shots back then.

In hindsight, Russell had nothing to do with it…

Bailey retorted out of displeasure, “Abigail, what are you talking about? Mr. Cronan and Mr. McKay admitted that they came for Russell’s sake, so what does it have to do with Levi?”

Abigail snickered. “Uncle, tell me then, why did Levi make the call earlier?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 592

Bailey smiled and said, “The answer is simple! Since Russell is unwilling to show off, I attributed everything to Levi’s efforts. Can’t you tell?”

“Yes, that’s right! Given how Russell normally keeps a low profile, he’ll definitely not be interested in something so showy. Leaving to Levi was only natural.”

Meredith and Robert nodded in agreement before responding with, “That’s right, Abigail. Russell is normally quite circumspect, so he just let Levi have the limelight this time.”

Everyone else murmured in agreement.

“You guys!” exclaimed Abigail in exasperation. She was pissed off as this was obviously Levi’s doing.

However, not only did the Black family refuse all good intentions, but they also even insisted that Russell did this while deliberately letting Levi take the limelight.

“Do you have any idea…” retorted Abigail, but before she could complete her sentence, she was interrupted by Levi. “Abigail, let it go. It doesn’t matter who did it,” he said before continuing. “The Black family crisis has been averted, and we should now focus on the Caesar family.”

Hearing Levi’s reminder, everyone bristled. The Caesar family was their main concern, after all.

“What?” stammered Patrick. Now that all eyes were on him, he was afraid.

“You may set foot in South City, but don’t think of getting away so easily,” responded Levi with a smile.

“Yes, that’s right,” piped Alfie. “Nobody will let you!”

“I… I… I’m leaving it all up to you!” stammered Patrick once more. He lay on the ground and dared not lift his head.

“I’ve heard that the Caesar family wishes to contribute to the development of South City? How about this then – give us half of your family fortune to be invested in the city’s growth!”

“What?” There was a collective roar of disbelief from the Caesar family the moment Levi uttered those words. They looked at him like he was crazy.

Half of the family fortune? Were they trying to ruin the Caesar family?

“Don’t worry. I’m not done yet. I did say it was easy to come here but hard to leave, no? If you want to leave, we want ten million each in payment. Surely this is reasonable?” Levi smirked as he uttered this.

“What? One million per person?” Patrick balked at the figure, feeling like his eyes were about to pop.

There were nine hundred people in total, which added up to ten million each. It was a whopping nine billion!

Yet, Levi was far from done. “Wait, there’s even more! The Black family had suffered a lot of mental distress. Let’s put that to about one billion then!”

Patrick huffed, feeling his blood boil.

Ten billion and half of the family fortune, they might as well ask for our lives!

“By the way, couldn’t you at least bring some gifts to South City for charity? I hear that some projects could use your help, so why don’t you take up some of those?”

Levi smiled again, after saying his piece.

Patrick felt like his soul was about to leave his body out of anger. This is preposterous!

A few of Tim Cronan’s associates responded immediately, saying, “That’s right! There are seven of such projects, and they’re short of about seven hundred million!”

Smiling still, Levi said, “This amount shouldn’t be of any trouble to you, right?”

“N-no, it’s no problem,” replied Patrick, stuttering. Right now, he truly wished to die.

In this dispute, the Black family emerged victorious, while the Caesar family suffered a crushing defeat.

This was a massive blow to the Caesar family.

“My word, look at your son-in-law in action! It’s like he’s truly in charge here,” came Pamela’s disdainful remark, directed at Caitlyn.

“Yes, this was clearly Russell’s decision, so why is Levi showing off here?”

“Isn’t it so? He’s here pushing his luck, so I’m really not used to seeing this!”

“He has his uses, I guess. If Russell had solved it, he probably wouldn’t have even raised the issue of mental distress and that hefty sum. Only Levi would be that shameless!”

The Black family ridiculed him, one after the other. However, since Levi did have his merits, they did not give him that much flack.

After everyone left, Meredith and Robert embraced Russell. “Oh Russell,” they cried, “you truly are the greatest pride of the Black family!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 593

The two cried with joy, and shed tears of happiness.

“Our family is so lucky to have someone like Russell!”

Everyone looked at Russell with adoration and admiration.

From today onwards, Russell became the most important member of the Black family. He would be the cornerstone of the Black family’s development in the future.

Meredith directed her gaze at Levi and remarked, “Well, you deserve some credit as well since you were at the forefront with Russell.”

Of course, some credit had to be given to Russell’s upstanding character. He was approachable and treated everyone in the family justly. Even though we saw you as just average, Levi, Russell convinced us to treat you well and value your presence, she thought.

“In the future, Levi, you should learn more from Russell. He was very optimistic about having you around. Follow him, and you’ll turn out fine.”

While she was obviously praising some of Levi’s merits, it became mostly praise for Russell as well.

Meanwhile, Russell felt embarrassed and lowered his head. He had not dared to look at Levi.

His fists were tightly clenched, and he secretly wished the ground would swallow him whole.

Even Abigail felt slightly ashamed.

Russell was being praised to high heaven, but only if they knew he had nothing to do with it.

Meredith then turned to address both Caitlyn and Aaron. “I know you have been wronged in the last few days,” she said, “but Russell values the both of you. You can always call on the Black family if you need us in the future.”

“Thank you, Mom and Dad!” replied Caitlyn and Aaron.

“If you want to thank someone, thank Russell,” said Meredith haughtily.

With that, Aaron and Caitlyn made their way to Russell, thanking their nephew profusely.

“Aunt, Uncle, really, there’s no need,” said Russell, putting a stop to the display immediately.

If he made Levi angry, there would be hell to pay.

Just then, a car drove into the compound.

Logan and Jennie had arrived.

Earlier, when the Black family was facing trouble, they disappeared without a trace. But when the problem had been resolved, they appeared out of nowhere.

“Remember that issue involving Grandpa and Grandma? I summoned all those important people! My father and the rest had to plead with them so hard before they relented!” said Logan, without any shame.

“Huh? That was you?” Meredith was stunned.

“Wasn’t it Russell?” Murmurs came from everyone in the room.

Russell immediately jumped in and clarified, saying, “That really had nothing to do with me!”

“You heard him!” replied Logan smugly.

Meredith tried to recall the earlier scene. True enough, when she brought up Russell to Cronan and the others, something was odd about the way they looked.

How embarrassing!

Come to think of it, it was not because of Russell.

Except for the Zachs family, who had a political background, nobody could have convinced these other bigwigs to act.

“Oh Logan, you truly were a savior at our most dire moments!” exclaimed Meredith as she hugged Logan.

The others also thanked Logan, eyeing him enviously.

Oh, to have had such power!

Logan felt a little embarrassed. “Actually, the credit doesn’t belong to me alone,” he said. “Russell also had a hand in this, from bringing in Captain Steele and everyone else. That’s all his doing!”

Russell was about to protest, but seeing the look in Levi’s eyes, he could only hold his tongue.

However, he and Abigail looked at Logan, feeling upset.

When the Black family was in distress, he kept his distance. Now that the danger had passed, he came to steal the credit.

What the f*ck did this have to do with him at all?

But this was a world where people like these existed. They ignored those in hardship but only showed up to receive the credit when work was done, though obviously not by them.

“Well then, you and Russell are the biggest heroes of the Black family!” said Meridith as she laughed gaily.

The Return of God of War Chapter 594

Logan was enjoying the moment, but Russell was embarrassed.

There was a sharp contrast between the two men.

Suddenly, Logan spotted Levi and could not help but smile. “Levi, you have to have some credit as well!” said Logan. “Were it not for you fighting against the Caesar family, we would not be able to have this show of strength!”

“Yes, if it weren’t for you picking a fight, how would Grandma and Grandpa know that my Logan was so great?” tittered Jennie unabashedly. She decided to capitalize on this as well.

Abigail, on the other hand, could no longer take this.

“I’m not here to rain on anyone’s parade, but what does this have to do with either of you, Jennie and Logan?” questioned Abigail.

If credit were being given to Russell, she could tolerate it. But seeing how Jennie and Russell came to steal all the credit was beyond her capacity to tolerate.

Logan looked unhappy. “Abigail, what is the meaning of this? How is this not related to me?” asked Logan. “Did I not bring in Mr. Cronan and Mr. McKay? Without them, how would this crisis be resolved?”

Jennie also sneered at her, “What do you mean, Abigail?”

“What do I mean? You know exactly what I mean,” Abigail snickered and continued, “Where were you earlier? Are you only here now that the matter is resolved to steal all the credit?”

Abigail had always had a sharp tongue, so she would say whatever needed to be said.

“Abigail, are you implying that the leaders we invited had nothing to do with us?” roared Logan, raising his voice at her.

“Yes, you can’t just make blatant accusations like that, Abigail!” yelled Jennie. “What do you mean by us stealing all the credit?”

The corners of Abigail’s lips were raised in a mocking smile. “Didn’t you say that you invited all the leaders? In that case, why don’t we call them to verify this?”

“Well…” Both Jennie and Logan were taken aback. They both swallowed audibly and had a nervous expression on their faces.

“Alright, Abigail, think about it for a moment. Russell may have been amazing, but Mr. Cronan needn’t have shown up in person. Logan’s father and grandfather fought on the front lines with him, so it must have been no easy feat to ask!”

Meredith’s timely intervention made Jennie and Logan breathe a sigh of relief.

If Abigail had insisted on making that call, they would have been exposed.

But thank goodness Meredith was here.

“Grandma and Grandpa, I’ve booked us a table at the Wonder Hotel to celebrate this victory. Why don’t we all go and make merry?” asked Logan.

Meredith nodded and replied, “Splendid, I was just thinking about it! Who knew you had this arranged already! I’m so pleased that to have both of you in the family – Logan and Jennie. All of you youngsters, learn from this!”

“Yes, especially your son-in-law, Caitlyn. See to it that he learns to be less harsh!”

Abigail snorted coldly.

Meanwhile, Caitlyn and Aaron looked at each other, their expressions dark.

As always, their status in the Black family was still low. They could no longer rely on Levi.

It was up to Zoey now.

In the evening, the Black family arrived at the Wonder Hotel.

At the dinner table, Caitlyn and Aaron practically did not exist.

The two wanted so badly to be acknowledged by the old couple.

Finally, Meredith’s gaze fell on Zoey.

“How have you been doing lately?” asked Meredith gently.

Caitlyn knew the opportunity had arrived and was prepared to seize it. “Mother, don’t you know how well she’s doing? She’s the director of the Oriental Star Group. The market value of the company is worth almost five billion! Have you seen the two very popular movies recently? The ones starring Helena?”

“Yes, I know the ones by Helena. Zoey’s company produced those movies?”

“Zoey, I love Helena! Can you please help me get an autographed photo?”

Everyone showered envious praise on Zoey.

The Return of God of War Chapter 595

“What? A market value of five billion?” Meredith and Robert were even more surprised.

The Blacks were considered a large family, but their portfolios only added up to about ten billion altogether.

Is Zoey’s net worth going to surpass the Blacks?

“That’s not all, Zoey’s company is also trying to penetrate the electronics market!” Aaron carried on joyfully. “What the upper echelons of North Hampton actually intend is for Morris and Oriental Star to make up for the need in the electronics market. Since the departure of Triple Group, that is. Zoey’s future is potentially limitless!”

She could finally hold her head up high in the Black family.

“That’s great!” remarked Meredith and the others, their eyes fiercely lit.

She immediately gave Zoey recognition. After all, she was also a member of the Black family.

Russell’s foresight was correct after all – it was necessary to treat Zoey’s family a little better.

“Zoey, if you need anything, just let us know! The Black family is your strongest backing!” promised Meredith.

Zoey smiled and said, “Grandpa and Grandma, the company is going to take its business to South City. When that happens, I might have to call in a few favors.”

The distribution of the Morris Group in North Hampton had been completed. Thus, the next step was to enter South City.

Oriental Star Group was the vanguard of this operation!

“Really? That’s wonderful!” Robert and Meredith looked at each other in awe.

If Zoey owned such a large company that was interested in penetrating South City’s market, it would really benefit the Black family.

Unlike the Lopez family, they were not trying to claim Zoey for themselves. What they wanted was a mutually beneficial relationship.

The Black family could support Zoey, and Zoey could support the Black family in return.

“Don’t worry, Zoey! Rest assured, when you come to South City, we will pave the way for you. Russell will be able to quell other troubles in your path as well. Since Logan is with the Ministry of Commerce, he will be able to help you. Your sister is also the vice president of the New Alliance Bank. Many problems can be resolved with ease,” promised Meredith.

“Thank you very much, everyone.”

Initially, Zoey was worried about how the subject matter should be broached.

But now, it was much better since Meredith took the initiative to propose.

“Come on, let me propose a toast to our double happiness – The Black family is no longer in distress, and Zoey will be expanding to South City! “

Robert raised his glass.

After finishing a glass, Levi turned to Zoey and said, “You’re coming here to grow, so who would dare stop you? I doubt you need anyone’s help.”

Levi desperately wanted to protect Zoey, so he felt that they didn’t need anyone else.

Bailey, who happened to overhear this, sneered, “What’s this? Dismissing the Black family’s help?”

“What’s going on?” inquired Meredith.

“Mom and Dad, Levi just said he didn’t need our help,” remarked Bailey as he gave Levi a cold stare.

Aaron and Caitlyn’s expressions shifted immediately. It was not easy to get the Black family to help Zoey.

Was this supposed to be bad? On what grounds did he have to refuse their help?

Meredith and Robert looked at Levi unhappily. “You said that?”

“Yes, I did. My wife does not need any help because she is perfectly capable. If you need help from Zoey, just say so. But we don’t need your assistance,” answered Levi in all seriousness.

As he said this, Caitlyn and Robert huffed. They were seething with anger.

Meredith and Robert’s expressions had turned dark.

What is the meaning of this? Are you looking down on us? Are you implying that we, the Black family, need to curry favor with Zoey instead?

There was a loud bang. It was Meredith who slammed her fist on the table, shocking everyone.

The Return of God of War Chapter 596

Meredith hissed. Immediately, silence befell the room.

Everyone was frightened and dared not even breathe.

Right then, Meredith did not stop the barrage of questions she had for Levi.

“What does Zoey’s company have to do with you? Are you in any position to decide for her? You really think you’re all that, don’t you?”

Others had also chimed in angrily, “Yes, she owns the company. How does that concern you? What charade are you trying to pull here?”

“You’re obviously underqualified here, so shut the hell up. At best, you’re a kept man!”

Levi’s words had drawn the Black family’s ire.

Zoey, hearing the commotion, tried to pour oil over troubled waters. “Alright, Grandma and Grandpa. Don’t mind him,” she soothed. “He meant well and just did not wish to trouble you, that’s all.”

Meredith stopped but retorted sarcastically, “Well, I’m sure he thinks that way!”

Logan then looked at Levi and smirked, “Have you ever considered how unworthy you are of Zoey?”

Jennie echoed her husband’s words immediately, “That’s right! Zoey’s company has a market value of five billion and is backed by the Morris Group! What do you have?”

“Yeah, it’s obvious! In the Black family, the both of you are not equal in status!”

The dinner was very unpleasant, with Meredith looking sour the entire time.

“Zoey, stay for a moment, alone. I have something to ask you,” said Meredith.

After the event, Zoey went up to Meredith alone, nervously. “What’s wrong, grandma?”

“Zoey, I have a personal question to ask,” said Meredith, as she gently stroked Zoey’s hair.

“Oh? What is it?” replied Zoey, puzzled.

“All this time, have you not planned to have kids with Levi?” queried Meredith.

Upon hearing the question, a hint of bashfulness flitted across Zoey’s features. “Not yet, grandma. For now, we’re focusing on our careers.”

“No, I think you’ve misunderstood. I’m asking you in all honesty – have you slept with Levi yet?” asked Meredith again, more directly this time.

“W-what?” stammered Zoey. She was stunned, and her face was a deep shade of red.

Out of everyone, she did not expect her grandmother to ask such questions.

“Be honest. What is the situation like between the both of you?” questioned Meredith.

Zoey felt her breath quicken.

“Grandma, he hasn’t touched me yet,” came Zoey’s truthful answer.

“Alright, I understand,” nodded Meredith.

After Zoey left, Meredith summoned Robert, Bailey, and some of the others.

“I just found out Zoey and Levi are only man and wife in name but are neither in reality,” said Meredith.

“Mom, you can’t possibly mean that…” Bailey trailed off. Everyone understood what she meant.

“Yes, that’s right! I want them to divorce and for Zoey to remarry!” exclaimed Meredith truthfully.

Bailey, Pamela, and everyone else present raised their hands in agreement. “They should have divorced ages ago. Levi is obviously unworthy of Zoey! What a joke!”

“Yeah, we don’t like Levi. He’s incompetent and has a fiery temper!”

Meredith nodded and continued, “Well, I don’t like him either. Before this, I couldn’t interfere because she wasn’t a member of the family. But things are different now. She’s an important part of the Black family, and I can’t let this slide. She needs to divorce him, and I will find her suitable in-laws!”

“Yes, Zoey is growing as a person, and Levi will only hold her back,” echoed Robert.

“How about this? To prove that Zoey is still untouched, you will need to take her to the hospital for a comprehensive check-up tomorrow. I won’t be at ease until I see the report!” ordered Meredith.

The Return of God of War Chapter 597

Meredith was still a bit anxious over what Zoey said.

She needs to go for an examination, only then will I be relieved.

Later on, she could arrange a suitor for Zoey after the report proved her virginity.

That way, the groom’s family would not have any concern in regards to this.

“Mom, Dad, there might be a problem,” said Pamela hesitantly.

“What would that be?” asked Meredith, looking over at her.

“If you get a divorce, will Levi agree to it?” Pamela asked.

Everyone immediately spoke up, echoing the sentiment. “Levi will definitely not agree! Why would he give her up?”

Robert snickered and retorted, “Who said we need his consent for the divorce? Just hand in the cert after it’s done! This matter needn’t involve him at all!”

Everyone laughed.

With the reach of the Black family, quietly arranging a divorce was a walk in the park.

Until then, Levi would only realize he was divorced when he received his divorce certificate.

“Mom, shouldn’t we inform Caitlyn and Aaron about this?” asked Jeremy worriedly.

“You can go ahead and bring them here.”

Soon, Aaron and his wife arrived at a complete loss.

Then Meredith filled them in on the details.

When Meredith finished, the couple looked at each other, dumbfounded.

“I’d suggest you listen to me regarding this matter. Soon, Zoey’s net worth will be tens of billions, and Levi will become her weakness. All unsavory incidents like going to prison or bullying her sister-in-law will be exposed. This will destroy Zoey!”

After hearing what Meredith had to say, the couple sighed. They had never considered this problem.

With Zoey’s personal development becoming better and better, her momentum was strong, impeccably so.

Levi, on the other hand, was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. The one who would be hurt the most was Zoey.

Furthermore, Levi was far from worthy of Zoey.

“Just listen to me,” urged Meredith. “I’ll tell you the truth. Their divorce will be good for Zoey and the Black family. To prove our sincerity, if they divorce, we will immediately invest two billion in Zoey!” said Meredith sincerely.

The couple looked at each other again before deciding. “Alright, mom and dad. We’ll listen to you.”

They could not see the harm in this. Receiving the approval of the Black family and helping Zoey be rid of Levi was something they dared not even think about.

“As for Levi, I will give him a settlement sum,” said Meredith decisively.

The next day, the Black family collectively went to the hospital for Zoey’s examination. Levi attended as well.

By the afternoon, the results were out.

Meredith looked at Zoey’s report with joy.

“The girl was right – Levi had not touched her at all! This is splendid!” she exclaimed with excitement.

“Bailey, arrange for their divorce at once!” urged Meredith.

“I’ve already made the necessary arrangements, Mom and Dad. The Civil Affairs Bureau did not even require the marriage certificate or household registration,” said Bailey gleefully.


An hour later, Bailey produced the two divorce certificates.

“Haha, this is wonderful!” Robert and Meredith smiled.

Everyone in the Black family was happy. After all, this was very beneficial to them.

“This matter is finally resolved!” said Caitlyn and Aaron as they collectively breathed a sigh of relief.

But the pair did feel sorry for Levi since he did not perform too badly throughout this period.

After that, Meredith gathered everyone around her.

“Go and bring Levi to me. I have something to announce. But keep Zoey away for now!” ordered Meredith.

She would not announce this in front of Zoey.

The Return of God of War Chapter 598

When Levi arrived at the Black family’s foyer, he noticed that something felt off.

“Did you ask for me?” queried Levi.

Meredith and Robert shared a look before announcing, “Yes, to tell you something. You and Zoey are now divorced!”

As soon as the news came out, Levi was stunned.

Abigail and Russell, who did not know of the plot, were also shocked.

What? Divorced? When did this happen?

Levi quickly regained his composure. “I divorced Zoey? That’s funny, but how was I unaware of this?” he asked as a matter-of-factly.

With that, Bailey tossed the divorce certificate at Levi.

Levi picked it up and had a look.

There was no doubting the authenticity of the certificate as it was also stamped with an official seal.

This is hilarious. How can the couple involved not know about this?

“It’s clear now, right? You and Zoey are divorced, so stop pestering her in the future. She no longer has anything to do with you,” said Meridith smugly.

After a while, Levi burst into peal after peal of wild laughter.

Meredith and the others were surprised. What was he laughing at?

Levi held the certificate and snickered, “I have a question to ask. Shouldn’t a divorce only occur with the consent of both parties? When was my marriage controlled by other people?

As he said this, a violent, domineering aura filled the space.

Suddenly, the hall was filled with the sounds of people gasping for air, as if an immense pressure had entered the room.

The air was heavy, in fact, suffocating.

Levi was furious.

Fortunately, he had restraint.

But with his murderous aura, no one in the room would remain unscathed!

Meredith and Robert were both shocked as they were rooted to the ground like corpses, unable to move.

At this moment, they felt like they were in a trance.

For some reason, it was as if they were on the battlefield.

Standing in front of them was an invincible, unchallenged, and furious God of War.

He had the aura of someone who felled thousands of enemy troops alone.

Who dares challenge me? I am the God of War!

“What? Why can’t we decide? You are unworthy of Zoey, so naturally, we had to take charge!” retorted Bailey, squaring up to Levi.

Meredith and Robert eventually came to their senses and responded as well.

“We are Zoey’s elders,” said Meredith. “Who’s to say that we can’t decide for her?”

“Of course, we knew you wouldn’t divorce her, Levi. You wouldn’t leave even if it meant death, so we had to pull a few strings!”

“Divorce or not, we want you gone!”

Pamela and the others also joined in.

In this marriage, Levi was only a tool to be manipulated, with no decision-making power to be held.

“What’s more, Zoey’s parents are here. They consented to this too. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and ask them!”

At the mention of them, Aaron and Caitlyn shifted uncomfortably. After all, what they did was wrong.

Hence, they felt guilty towards Levi.

Upon hearing this, Levi looked at the two of them and sneered, “Mom, Dad, did you both agree to it then?”

The couple looked uneasy and did not dare look Levi in the eye.

However, they did nod and reply, “Yes, we did.”

“Alright then, I know now,” said Levi.

Meredith snickered, “I told you – everyone agrees that you’re both divorced!”

“Yes, you are not good enough for her! Get a divorce now!” echoed the junior members of the Black family.

Abigail and Russell, however, took Levi’s side. “No, we do not agree to this!”

Levi waved a hand and said, “I don’t care for your opinions. The question is, did Zoey agree to this?”

Saying that, Levi surveyed the room and asked, “Where is Zoey?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 599

Meredith shook her head and said, “Let me tell you, Zoey did agree to this! She merely didn’t have the heart to tell you. That’s why she isn’t here right now!

“Yes, she agreed! How could you get the certificate otherwise?” echoed everyone else.

“No, I refuse to believe this! Tell Zoey to tell me this in person!” yelled Levi, his eyes turning red.

“LEVI GARRISON!” roared Logan. “Don’t think for a second that we’re unaware of your schemes! You’re unwilling to divorce, and you want to beg for her back!”

“Don’t even bother coming here to see Zoey!” said Logan firmly.

“Yes, that’s right! With us here, don’t even think about seeing her!” sneered Meredith.

“Now that the divorce certificate has been issued, and you’re fully aware of the situation, leave! And stop being delusional, but Zoey is out of your league!” said Robert mercilessly.

Meredith shot a look, and Pamela stepped forward to present Levi with a check.

“The Black family will not let you divorce in vain, of course. Here is your compensation of ten million!”

Again, Levi was stunned.

Damn, I thought the Lopez family was heartless enough, but the Black family is even worse!

Ten million to buy back his marriage to Zoey? This is complete bullsh*t!

Seeing Levi’s expression, Pamela thought he was faking it. “Stop pretending and take it!” she urged. “Ten million is enough to last you a lifetime!”

Abruptly, Pamela stuffed the check into Levi’s hand.

The onlookers laughed, seeing how Levi accepted the check.

He was a plebeian, for sure. Ten million was enough to win him over.

“I told you he wasn’t worthy of Zoey!” sneered Logan.

Abigail and Russell watched the scene unfurling in front of them, completely dumbfounded.

What was the Black family thinking, letting Levi divorce Zoey?

Did they not know what they’ve missed? Did they also have no brains?

Levi, who did so much for them, and yet they did not notice anything at all?

Without him, the Black family could’ve been destroyed!

Why were they all so confused?

Abigail and Russell were both so anxious they could cry.

They’re all idiots!

“Hurry up and leave already! Don’t even think of setting foot beyond these doors!” urged Logan.

Levi snickered and replied, “Very well.”

With that, he turned around and left.

“Wait, Levi! Don’t go!” Abigail and Russell tried to chase after him, but they were stopped.

“Don’t you dare!”

Pamela and Jennie laughed. “Here I was, thinking that this kid had something in him! I didn’t expect him to just take the check and leave!”

“Indeed. I was expecting him to tear up the check,” said Logan scornfully. “Who knew he would be that spineless!”

“Can you blame him? It’s ten million! How could he possibly give up that sum?”

Laughter was heard coming from the Black family.

Their impression of Levi had truly hit rock bottom.

Unbeknownst to them, however, Levi threw the check into a nearby bin after he left the residence.

Did they think he would be swayed by money?

This scene was discovered by a servant of the family, who quietly ran forward and fished out the check from the bin.

In the foyer, Abigail was questioning Meredith. “Grandma, Grandpa, does Zoey know about all this?”

Meredith smiled and replied, “It wouldn’t matter even if she did. Levi had already taken his copy of the certificate.”

“You have to ask for Zoey’s consent at least,” cried Abigail, close to tears.

“By the way, Abigail, you are forbidden from telling Zoey about this for now. I’ll tell her later!” asserted Meredith.

In the meantime, Russell was already sneaking away.

“No, Zoey must know about this,” he muttered and ran off to tell Zoey.

The Return of God of War Chapter 600

At this time, Zoey had already started working.

She was making preparations for Oriental Star’s entry into South City.

Little did she know that all these happened in that short amount of time.

Now, the Black family would have everything sorted out for her. She would never be allowed to leave, let alone see Levi.

There were ten people guarding the door.

The moment they saw Russell heading towards them, they held him back.

“Get out of my way. I want to see Zoey!” said Russell coldly.

Having noticed that is was Russell Black, they had no choice but to let him in.

“Russell, why are you here?”

Zoey looked up and saw Russell standing there. She could not help but be surprised.

“Zoey, something terrible happened!” said Russell urgently. “Grandpa and Grandma went through divorce proceedings for you and Levi!”

Russell recounted all that happened in her absence.

The news struck Zoey like a bolt from the blue.

“What? I divorced Levi? How did I not know of this?”

Zoey slumped to the ground.

She then understood why Meredith had asked her such personal questions and even asked her to go for an examination at the hospital.

“Now they have notified Levi and driven him away,” announced Russell.

Zoey shook her head, “Impossible! As long as I don’t consent, there is no divorce!”

“Zoey, while it is true that this is your marriage, but after you’re married, your families become a part of the deal,” said Russell helplessly. “Their opinions hold equal weight, unfortunately. Plus, I think Levi is very upset.”

Zoey burst into tears as she could only think about how sad Levi would be right now.

“No! I wanna find Levi!” cried Zoey.

“Okay, I’ll take you!”

With that, Russell successfully whisked her away.

Zoey managed to reach Levi on his phone. Upon seeing him, she rushed into his arms, crying bitterly.

“Why did you agree? This is between the both of us. What does it have to do with them?” asked Zoey, choking back tears.

Levi stroked her hair in silence.

“I’m sorry! My family keeps hurting you again and again. I’m truly sorry!”

Zoey was even apologizing to him.

Levi smiled and replied, “It’s alright. Knowing that you care about me is enough!”

“Then why did you agree to a divorce and even took the certificate with you? We’ll remarry right away! I’ll get rid of this right now,” said Zoey, ripping the certificate apart.

Levi smiled meaningfully, “Do you remember when I said I wanted to reorganize a wedding ceremony for you?”

“Of course, I remember. I never forgot!” said Zoey tearfully.

“Well, it just so happen that now, I can court you again. And then we can get married again!” replied Levi with a grin.

Immediately, Zoey understood why he left.

He wanted to marry her all over again, to follow through on that promise he made her.

Zoey wiped away her tears. “Well, you can court me again, but promise me you won’t go after other women!”

Zoey loved Levi very much. She already loved him then, but it would only grow deeper now.

Even if Levi could not bear the brunt of her love, she had made her choice.

What she chose was for a lifetime, and nobody could stop them!

“I promise! That wedding will tell everyone that you are the most beautiful woman in the world!” exclaimed Levi, hugging her.

Seeing this scene, Russell smiled. The Black family could still be salvaged.

Just then, the sound of screeching tires was heard as cars stopped in front of them, one by one.

“LEVI GARRISON! What are you doing, still pestering Zoey?” roared Logan.

In mere seconds, the Black family members rushed out of the cars in rapid succession.

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