The Return of God of War Chapter 581-590

The Return of God of War Chapter 581

Logan sighed and said, “Grandma, during this period of time, my father, grandfather, and I have used all the connections we can find and asked them to persuade the Caesar family to let the matter go. However, they are unyielding in their stand, and it didn’t matter who went.

They are determined to deal with the Black family! Russell’s slap had made Richard very angry, and he vowed to use all the resources of the Caesar family to deal with us!” Logan explained.


“The Black family will then cease to exist!”

Everyone in the Black family panicked.

“Grandma, there is no other solution. The Caesar Family has set their hearts to be ruthless this time! Their target is not only the Black Family but the entire South City!” Logan pointed out the facts.

The Black family was just a sacrifice.

“I can’t accept this!” Meredith cried out, on the verge of tears.

“Grandma, there is only one way now…” Logan said.

“What is it?” Everyone in the Black family looked over to him.

“Surrender to the Caesar family and give up everything to them!” Logan then glanced at them and whispered, “In addition to that, hand over Russell, Levi, and Zoey to them!”

“Only by compromising in this way will the Caesar family let us go! Otherwise, we will end up exterminated!” Logan’s proposal resonated among the members of the Black family.

Bailey and the others agreed one after another, “Yes, that’s right. Where there’s life, there’s hope. We can always rise again!”

Meredith and Robert exchanged glances, and they said helplessly, “Well, it can only be so.”

“Grandpa, Grandma, don’t be stressed out! First of all, Russell is just an adopted son. Secondly, Aunt Caitlyn’s family was already expelled from the Black family. So, these people are not essential. It’s okay to give them up.” Logan said.

Everyone looked at each other.

What he said was true.

They were not the direct bloodline of the Black family.

Hence, it would make more sense to give these people up to preserve the Black family’s direct lineage.

“Okay, let’s do it!” Meredith gritted her teeth and decided.

Although Zoey and her family were a distance away from them and could not hear what everyone was discussing, they were all smart enough to understand what was going on.

“Looks like Grandpa and Grandma are going to abandon us…” Zoey said.

Caitlyn was already sobbing uncontrollably, and Aaron was visibly stressed.

Zoey understood through this incident that the Black family still didn’t accept them.

At that moment, all she could feel were grievances and grief.

Darling, where are you?

Zoey missed Levi very much.

Later on, a few days passed by quickly.

Yet, Levi still did not appear.

In a blink of an eye, the day where the Black family and the Caesar family were due for a battle had finally arrived.

“Haha, are you still waiting foolishly? He already ran away!” Logan sneered.

Zoey stubbornly shook her head, “No! My husband will show up!”

Caitlyn and Aaron roared with anger, “You still believe him at this time? It’s over for us! Why don’t you ask him to show up now?”

“I…” Zoey muttered under her breath worriedly.

Where’s Levi?

“The biggest regret in my life is marrying my daughter to this scumbag!” Aaron shouted and threw a fist at the wall violently.

Caitlyn added helplessly, “Me too! The worst thing that happened in my life was meeting Levi.”

In their opinion, this incident happened all because of Levi.

On the other hand, both Abigail and Russell said in unison, “Don’t worry. He will show up!”

Soon afterward, there was a noise outside the Black family’s manor.

The Caesar family was here…

The Return of God of War Chapter 582

It was a shocking scene outside the manor.

The guards of the Black family were so scared that they almost knelt on the ground.

Cars arrived one after another.

Soon after that, more than two hundred black sedans surrounded the entire manor.




The doors of the cars opened one by one, and burly men dressed in white alighted from them.

Everyone had the word “Caesar” embroidered in front of their chests on their white clothes.

The men stood neatly in formation around the manor, completely locking down the area.

The Caesar family was serious about this.

They even dispatched their family’s skilled experts!

There must be at least seven to eight hundred skilled experts present!

This was the consequence for whoever dared to provoke Richard or slap him.

There were several cars surrounding a Lincoln limousine.

The door of the Lincoln opened, and Richard Caesar alighted from the car.

He glanced at the Black family’s manor and sneered, “I shall see how the Black family escapes from my clutches!”

Beside him, Thomas Caesar, the top expert in charge of the Caesar family’s security, sneered and said, “Master, today, our eight hundred men will flatten the Black family and take down South City!”

Hearing his words, the Caesar family’s eight hundred white-robed men shouted together, “Today, eight hundred men of the Caesar family will flatten this place!”

The impact of the sound and the great momentum sounded like thunder in the sky, terrifying everyone in the manor.

“Gosh, how many of them are here?”

Meredith and Robert hugged each other as they and the rest of the Black family trembled in fear.

“This is bad! We’re all surrounded!”

Right at that moment, their guard ran in in a panic, staggering to the ground in fright.

“Yes, they are everywhere! They are dressed in white clothes with the word “Caesar” written on them. The guards outside said that there were at least eight hundred of them. They have surrounded us!”

Having heard that, the color drained out of Meredith’s face.

We’re doomed.

The Caesar family is too terrifying.

They were serious about this!

“What should we do?” Robert panicked.

“Is Logan not here yet?” Meredith asked.

At that moment, Logan became her only support.

“I can’t reach him. I called Jennie too, but she didn’t pick up either.” Keane and Quintus replied.

Meredith just clenched her fists and said, “I’m afraid that Logan’s method will not work now. The Caesar family has prepared too large of a scale for the battle!”

“It seems that Logan won’t be coming. We can solve it ourselves.” Although they were currently in a bad situation, Russell looked relaxed as he said that.

Everyone couldn’t refute Russell’s words.

They knew very well that Logan had run away since he surely wouldn’t let the Zachs family be implicated.

“It’s only right for Logan to protect himself and not come. After all, he contributed much to the Black family!” Meredith said, then she looked at Zoey and her parents with a sneer and added, “What about her husband, Levi? He caused the trouble, yet he ran away and couldn’t be contacted…”

When Abigail and Russell heard that, they really wanted to curse.

However, Meredith was their grandmother, so they could do nothing about their frustration over her words.

Meredith glanced at Robert and said softly, “You may lose a lot today, so please be mentally prepared!”

“I am! I just hope the young ones will be safe!” Robert looked at Quintus and the rest with a conflicted expression.

He was ready to sacrifice himself.


Right at that moment, the door of the Black family’s manor was blasted open with a kick, and it fell to the ground with a loud thud.

The Return of God of War Chapter 583

The Caesar family launched their first attack by sending eight hundred men from their White Army.

They swarmed and completely overwhelmed the few dozen guards from the Black family as they continued their onslaught.

After that, they quickly arrived at the main hall and surrounded it completely.

At that moment, the Black family was scared out of their wits by the sudden incursion.

This never happened before!

Even Meredith and Robert gaped in shock as it was a sight that could only be seen in the military.

Only then, Zoey and her family came to realize how powerful the Caesar family was when they saw the formidable regiment.

No wonder they all say that they are unmatched in Quebec!

They really are the most powerful family in South Hampton!

To think Levi got himself into so much trouble!

Zoey gaped in shock while Caitlyn was on the verge of tears.

“Levi, you good-for-nothing scoundrel! You got all of us in trouble, but you ran away first! I will skin you alive!” Caitlyn yelled.

Aaron took a deep breath and deduced, “He must’ve escaped because he saw how powerful the Caesar family is!”

Very quickly, the Black family was forced to a corner as they awaited the Caesar family’s punishment.

Thump! Thump!

The chaotic sound of footsteps boomed through the entire room, and everyone knew that signified the arrival of the head of the family.

The White Army automatically made way for a group of people, and the person leading the posse was Richard.

A few dozen men, including Timothy, followed behind him, and they were the Caesar family’s experts in combat.

The moment he stepped into the room, he started to look for Levi, and he breathed a sigh of relief when he realized Levi wasn’t there.

Our intelligence is reliable – Levi really did run away.

Now that he’s gone, nothing can scare me anymore!

As long as the powerful people in the South City don’t interfere in this, we, the Caesars, can do as we please.

After all, who can even match us in strength?

Definitely not the puny Black family!

Richard walked to the middle of the room and scoffed, “What happened? Didn’t you ask for reinforcements? Don’t tell me that the Black family didn’t even try to find a single ally? How dare you disrespect the Caesar family like this?”

The Black family was petrified when they heard that.

“You must be mistaken! We have a lot of respect for your family!”

Meredith and Robert almost kneeled down.

“Hmph. If that’s so, why did one of your youngins slap me?”

Ignoring Meredith and Robert’s pleas, he chuckled. “Since you challenged us to battle, don’t blame us if we go all out!
Let me introduce my companions to you.

These four are former Navies; these three are commanders from the army; these seven are some of the best from King Cobra Assassin Organization. Besides that, these ten are bodyguards that we hired from all over the globe, and they all served under the rulers of their country before.

Meanwhile, this is Black Panther from South Hampton’s underworld. We also alerted all our allies about this war.

If for some reason we cannot handle this ourselves, we can summon the powerful figures in South Hampton with just one call! Don’t blame us for going full force.

After all, you started it first!”

The Black family gaped in shock when they heard Richard listing out all his connections.

How do we even stand a chance against them?

I bet even the most powerful families in the South City aren’t their match as well!

Even if the eight hundred members of the White Army weren’t involved, the few dozen experts around Richard could plow through us with no trouble!

The Return of God of War Chapter 584

“By the way, where’s the person who slapped my father?” Patrick Caesar, Richard’s son, asked in a cold voice.

When he and his siblings heard that their father was slapped in the face, they almost launched their attack that very day.

After all, this was something completely unacceptable to the Caesar family.

This is absolutely preposterous!

How dare someone slap the Richard Caesar?

Simply unbelievable.

“I did it!”

Russell stepped forward and stared at Patrick bravely.

“Hah! Very well then! An insolent fool like you dares to slap my father?!” Patrick bellowed.

“Indeed, I was the one who slapped him! He asked someone to slap me, so I slapped him back to return the favor! An eye for an eye.”

Russell stared at Patrick fearlessly.

Russell’s words enraged the entire Caesar family as the eight hundred White Army soldiers glared at him menacingly.

This was a matter of honor, so slapping Richard was akin to showing the Caesar family the utmost disrespect.

They definitely wouldn’t take that lying down.

All they needed was a command for them to rip Russell into pieces.

This time, Russell really messed up by stepping over the Caesar family’s bottom line.

Patrick laughed maniacally. “I heard that the Black family’s younger generation are all boastful little brats, and I got to see that for myself today! By the way, where’s that girl, Abigail? Who does she think she is to reject my son?”

He bragged before that no lady in Quebec would ever reject his son’s advances, so imagine the irony he felt when Abigail rejected Timothy!

That was why the entire Caesar family was curious to see how Abigail was like.

Upon hearing that, the Black family panicked.

It’s fine if Russell gets into trouble, but Abigail mustn’t get involved in all this!

After all, she’s a direct descendant of the Black family!

Despite their concerns, Abigail stepped towards Patrick fearlessly and smiled. “I’m Abigail. I’m sorry, but I’m really not interested in your son!”

Patrick scrutinized her before saying, “Not bad! However, you’re not worthy of my son. Brilliant ladies are hard to find, but pretty ladies are littered all over the city. My son can get a pretty lady any time he wants, so of course, there’s no way you’re fit for him!”

“That’s right! Does she even look in the mirror? How dare she reject him?”

“Apart from her pretty face, does she even have anything else?”

The Caesar family lambasted her at that instant.

Abigail’s expression turned into a contemptuous one as she snorted, “You’re right! I am not worthy of Timothy, so why are you are looking for me now?”

“What I heard was true then – Youngsters from the Black family really are cocky!” Patrick sneered.

“Oh, there’s also that person… the one that challenged us, Caesars, to battle! Where is he?” Patrick changed the subject.

In an instant, the hall fell silent as everyone exchanged glances of apprehension because they didn’t know how to answer his question.

Patrick was stunned for a moment before he burst into a chuckle. “Don’t tell me he’s not even here?”

Everyone lowered their heads in shame when they heard that.

However, at that moment, Zoey stepped forward.

“I am Levi Garrison’s wife! I will take responsibility for my husband’s actions!” she declared.

At that, Caitlyn, Aaron, and the entire Black family froze in shock because they never expected Zoey to make such a declaration.

Meanwhile, Abigail stared at Zoey in admiration.

Originally, Abigail thought that Zoey didn’t like Levi that much, but now she realized they both respected and adored each other.

“Hahaha…” Patrick chortled.

“What a joke this is! A man actually ditched his wife and forced her to bear the brunt of his actions!”

“Who said I ditched her?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 585

At that moment, a resonant voice echoed across the hall.



“Is that Levi Garrison?”

Abigail, Zoey, and Russell immediately squealed in joy when they heard the familiar voice.

At the same time, the Black family looked in the direction of the voice as well and saw an unmistakable figure.

Levi had an imposing aura that commanded attention, and everyone’s gazes were drawn to him as he strode towards the center of the hall.

Timothy’s heart sank to a bottomless pit when he made eye contact with Levi, and his right eye inexplicably started to twitch.

He had a very bad feeling about it.

Meanwhile, Richard’s temper flared when he saw how Levi was as smug as usual.

The person that slapped me was Russell, but Levi was the mastermind behind all this!

Besides that, he was the one who challenged us to battle as well!

“Honey, what’s wrong? Why the tears?”

Levi pulled Zoey into his arms and wiped her tears away with a piece of tissue while everyone was watching.

“You’re here at last! I waited for you for seven whole days! Where did you go? They all said that you ran away and left me behind…” Zoey sobbed uncontrollably.

“I told you that I will handle this, so of course, I will come back here. I just went to take care of some other issue over the past few days.”

After Levi calmed the unrest in the South City, he donated tens of billions of charity funds to help everyone in need.

Not only that, but he also established the Morris Group in the South City’s market ahead of schedule.

By doing that, he managed to expand the Morris Group’s operations to serve the general public better.

On the other hand, Abigail and Russell were getting emotional as well. “Levi, we waited for you for so long! A lot of terrible things happened while you were gone…”

“Don’t worry. As long as I’m still here, I will make sure that no one dares to trespass into our territory!” Levi announced coldly.

At that, the Black family was utterly shocked.

Are you kidding me, Levi? Why are you so freakin’ cocky?

Meanwhile, while they spoke, they completely ignored the Caesar family.

It was as if the Caesar family was invisible to them.

When the Caesar family realized that, they were infuriated.


Patrick kicked the door violently, and the loud bang shocked everyone.

Zoey, who was in Levi’s arms, was visibly startled as well.

Meanwhile, Levi’s expression contorted into a menacing one as he turned around slowly and glared at Patrick.

“How dare you startle my wife. You will face the consequences of that!”

While he said that, he had remembered every single mole and feature that Patrick had. Patrick’s face was strongly imprinted in Levi’s mind.

I’ll make sure he pays the price for his actions!

Patrick sneered, “Really? That is such a joke! Didn’t you say you’d admit defeat if you can withstand our attack regardless of how many reinforcements we call for?”

Levi nodded in acknowledgment. “Yeah, I did say that. You can call all the reinforcements you want! I’ll admit our loss if you defeat us!”


At that, everyone in the Caesar family chortled.

What a foolishly cocky man he is!

Patrick smiled and asked, “Are you gonna ask for reinforcements too? Are you thinking about going into battle without any reinforcements?”

“Well, that’s not really the case. After all, you’re not powerful enough to warrant my involvement!” Levi pronounced.

But even if Levi really did want to get into battle, Kirin and Azure Dragon wouldn’t let him.

Patrick bellowed furiously. “Where are your reinforcements then? Ask them to hurry up, or we’ll launch our attack first!”

The Black family trembled in fear when they heard that.

The Caesar family is getting serious this time!

What should we do now?

Damn it, Levi!

Did you really think that you can oppose the Caesar family?

Meanwhile, Levi took out his phone and called someone. “You can all come now!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 586


The Caesar family burst into laughter when they saw Levi making a call because they thought that it was an act of pure stupidity.

Just imagine the Black family’s embarrassment right now!

We know Levi way too well!

So what if he calls every single powerful figure in North Hampton?

The Caesar family can crush them with just a flick of the finger.

Besides, Levi isn’t powerful enough to do any of that!

On the other hand, Abigail breathed a sigh of relief because Levi finally retaliated.

Meanwhile, Russell felt excited at the prospect of battle.

Richard sat on the chair and mocked, “I am curious to see what kind of reinforcements you called!”

Following that, Patrick commanded, “Tell our brothers outside to let everyone in no matter who they are.”

In a matter of a few minutes, numerous luxury vehicles filled the streets.

The few Black family’s guards who were apprehended were shocked when they saw that.

“Did they all come?”

They watched as swathes of men entered the manor.

“Have they arrived?”

The Caesar family was excited when they heard the commotion outside.

“Who’s there? Announce who you are!” Patrick demanded.

The Black family was dumbfounded when they saw the guests because they were all powerful figures from the South City.

“I’m the head of the Goldson family, Hunter Goldson.”

However, Patrick wagged his finger and said, “Nope, you don’t make the cut. Next!”

“I’m the head of the Johnson family, Tommy Johnson.”


After a few rounds, Patrick replied while smirking, “None of you make the cut! Gosh, no one here interests me at all!”

The ten families that arrived were some of the most powerful families in the South City, yet they were still miles behind the Caesar family.

“I’m the head of the Cayman family, Hein Cayman.”

Everyone, including Richard and Patrick, was stunned when that name was uttered.

The Caesar family was a quasi-royal clan, but one of the four most powerful families in the South City, the Cayman family, showed up, and they had the power to threaten the Caesar family.

“I’m the head of the Herman family, Draco Herman.”

That name reverberated through the entire hall like a sonic boom.

“I’m the head of the Oliver family, Stanley Oliver.”

Like an atomic bomb, that name blew everyone’s minds!

Three out of the four noble families in South City had arrived!

The Caesar family started to panic at the prospect of facing them and the other ten powerful families.

“Is that enough for you? Am I, Alexander Stark, invited to the party?”

A middle-aged man wielding a staff appeared at that moment.

“Are you the Master of South City’s underworld?” Patrick’s voice started to tremble.

The Caesar family was now officially panicking because they knew how powerful they were!

“Can I join too? The Stone Buddha – Brock Green, reporting for duty!” an orotund voice spoke.

Brock Green had arrived with a hundred experts from the underground boxing scene, some of which were like caged beasts waiting to wreak havoc.

Upon their arrival, the Caesar family’s White Army sensed danger in the air.

“Is… the Stone Buddha here too?”

Richard and Patrick were absolutely dumbstruck.

They knew that they couldn’t possibly afford to cross Brock because he might be even more powerful than Scott Yates.

That was why the Caesar family was determined to avoid Brock at all costs when they came to the South City to assert their dominance.

He really is here!

This spells nothing but disaster to us!

“Let me introduce three more friends to you!”

With a clap of the hands, three figures appeared behind Brock.

“This is the Beast of Death, who scored 99 victories the Eastern Deathmatches!”


Everyone drew in a sharp breath.

The Return of God of War Chapter 587

All of Richard’s troops’ expressions darkened instantly when they heard that, so it was obvious that they heard about the vicious reputation of the Beast of Death before.

“Next up, we have the Wolf King, who had 100 consecutive victories in the Eastern Deathmatches!”

The Wolf King emitted a dangerous aura that made a chill run down everyone’s spines.

“I know who he is! He came too?” The bodyguards beside Richard were scared out of their wits.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the Beast of Death and the Wolf King could deal with a few dozen of them at once.

“Finally, we have Hades, who broke the record of the Eastern Deathmatches by having a total of 188 consecutive deathmatches undefeated.”

When Brock said that, the hall went deathly silent.

The Caesar family had been searching for powerful fighters on the local and international scale over the past few years, so they were familiar with internationally famous combatants like Hades.

They received some news a few days ago saying that Hades was hired by someone else with an astronomical price, but they never expected that Brock was the one who hired him.

Hades emanated a cold and murderous aura honed through countless battles when he stepped into the hall.

In his presence, everyone felt their extremities tingling from the cold as a chill permeated their entire body.

Just his presence was enough to intimidate everyone there!

However, it was not unexpected as he was the strongest fighter from the Eastern Deathmatches.

“It… really is him…” Richard’s men started to tremble in fear as they gave Hades a cautious look.

They say that he kills without even blinking his eye!

Even with the help from the eight hundred people from the White Army, he’ll cut through all of us like butter!

It was evident now that the Caesar family didn’t have the home advantage in the South City.

Hades gave Levi a courteous bow before scanning through the Caesar family menacingly.

“Those who want to challenge the Black family must get through me first!”

The Caesar family was shocked when they heard that, and they fell silent afterward.

We really can’t afford to cross him!

The Caesar family was between a rock and a hard place now because they couldn’t attack or retreat.

Even though Richard seemed like he was sitting down calmly on the chair, his fingers were trembling anxiously.

This was the biggest obstacle the Caesar family had ever faced.

Meanwhile, the Black family stared at Levi in disbelief.

How did he even do that?

Even the Zachs family isn’t able to ask all the powerful figures in the South City for help!

But now, the all-mighty Brock and Alexander are both here.

And not to mention Hades! Goodness, gracious! That guy intimidated the entire Caesar family with just his presence!

Bailey, Pamela, Meredith, and Robert were all dumbfounded.

Just who the heck is this Levi?

How is he able to ask so many powerful figures for help?

Meanwhile, Abigail and Russell felt an overwhelming sense of pride.

On the other hand, Caitlyn and Aaron could feel the nuances in the atmosphere because the Caesar family seemed more subdued now.

What is Levi’s identity actually?

Zoey was, too, curious as she wondered how her husband managed to pull it off.

Does he have a secret identity of some sorts?

The Return of God of War Chapter 588

The piece of news was just like a bolt from the blue to the Caesar family.

Is someone else coming?

Is this just the start of a nightmare?

Timothy’s pupils suddenly constricted as he realized something.

He almost fainted at that realization.

Coming to the South City was a very bad decision!

That person is no ordinary man!

The Black family was taken aback as well.

Is someone else coming?

A few more cars arrived shortly, and their license plates indicated that they were powerful figures from the South City.

After that, a group of people dressed in suits rushed towards the main hall of the manor.

Even the White Army standing guard outside the manor was frightened when they saw those people. The guards could tell that from their auras that their power was overwhelming.

Tap tap tap…

Both the Caesar family and the Black family was shocked when they heard the sound of footsteps.

Someone else is here!

When Meredith and Robert saw those people, they almost fainted.

“What? Oh my God!”

The rest of the Black family were astonished beyond belief as well.

The most powerful figures in the South City are all here!

Levi actually managed to accomplish something that Logan and his entire family couldn’t?

That’s insane!

Richard didn’t recognize those people, but he could tell that they weren’t the usual next-door neighbors.

Meanwhile, Timothy was absolutely terrified when he saw Stephen, Tim, and the rest.

It’s them again? Weren’t they at The Abyss that night?

Timothy’s body trembled violently out of fear.

We’re screwed!

Regardless of how powerful the Caesar family is, we still are no match for them!

“I am Tim Cronan from Quebec. I heard that someone was causing trouble to the Black family, so I decided to see for myself what’s happening.”

Richard and Patrick almost passed out when Tim revealed who he was.

He’s the governor of Quebec!

If he’s here, that means that the people behind him are…

“I am the South City’s mayor, Stephen McKay. Who are you? Why are there so many people outside?”

“I’m the Deputy Leader of Quebec, Woodie Emil.”

“I’m the head of the Police Department, Wright Hector.”

“I’m the Deputy Leader of the South City, Korey Madisen.”

They all introduced themselves one by one and made the Caesar family tremble in fear.

Richard panted heavily as if he was out of breath, and Patrick’s face turned paper white.

Meanwhile, Timothy’s legs gave way as he lost balance and stumbled.

He really asked all of the most powerful figures in the South City for help!

How is it possible for the Caesar family to even match that?

It’s impossible!

The Caesar family was stuck in a very difficult position right now, and they didn’t know what to do anymore.

They couldn’t afford to cross anyone present in the hall.

Hades is powerful enough to take on our entire army, and Tim has more authority than all of us combined!

We have no leverage at all!

We are so screwed now.

On the other hand, Abigail and Russell gave Levi a gaze of admiration.

They knew that this was only a small taste of Levi’s abilities because he was powerful enough to rule the entire world if he got serious.

Similarly, Zoey was very proud too because her husband turned the tables and saved the Black family.

In the meantime, Aaron stood up straight and Caitlyn wiped away her tears as their expressions seemed to say – “As expected of our son-in-law!”

However, Levi wasn’t finished yet. He asked, “Are you already afraid now? Don’t worry. We still have more to come!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 589

The implications of his words were visible in the shocked expressions of the Caesar family.


Someone else is coming?

Is this not the end yet?

Oh my God!

How can we even handle this?


Timothy seemed to have realized something at that moment. In just a split second, his vision blurred as he fainted and fell to the ground.

However, the other members of the Caesar family were busy worrying about their own safety, so they didn’t even pay any attention to him.

Meanwhile, outside the Black family’s manor.

There were about four hundred of the Caesar family’s men standing on guard here to prevent anyone from the Black family from leaving.

Thud! Thud!

Suddenly, the rhythmic pulsing of a marching army was heard amongst the crowd.

The earth trembled between their feet and made everyone dizzy as dust clouds formed in the air.

“Is there an earthquake?”

Everyone’s first thought was that an earthquake was happening.

“No, it’s not an earthquake. I can hear the sound of footsteps!”

“It’s coming closer by the minute!”

As the stomping grew louder, everyone started to panic.


“Oh my God!”

Someone screamed and directed everyone’s attention outside.

They saw squads of fully armed soldiers running towards them from all directions.

There were four columns for each squad from every direction – north, south, east, and west.


The White Army was scared senseless.

They thought that they would reign victorious in their onslaught today, but that was before the arrival of that platoon!

Everyone noticed that there was something unusual about the uniforms the platoon was wearing; there were some special symbols and certain words on them that were uncommon.

At that moment, their flag-bearer raised a flag that was adorned with a dragon, and everyone was struck with a realization.

“I… I see it now! This is the Dragon Legion from the Iron Brigade under the God of War’s rule!”

“That’s right! I saw them on the news before! They managed to overcome an enemy a few times their size!”

“Oh my God! Is that really the Iron Brigade?”

They watched as the Iron Brigade closed in on them while gaping in shock. It was as if a tsunami was threatening to swallow them whole.



Everyone kneeled to the ground as they were drenched in cold sweat because of fear.

Once the Dragon Legion got into their formation, Alfie appeared from behind the platoon.


As soon as his command was given, the Dragon Legion marched onwards from all directions.

The few hundred members of the White Army were caught off guard as they saw nimble figures climbing across the walls.

Before they could react to the sudden attack, they were all subdued in an instant.

It took less than twenty seconds to defeat the few hundred men, and when everyone realized that, they peed their pants out of fear.

What the f*ck is this?

If we had known that the Black family would ask the Iron Brigade for help, we wouldn’t have dared to come here!

Meanwhile, the people in the main hall remained blissfully ignorant of the commotion outside because the onslaught happened too quickly.

They couldn’t even hear any signs of the few hundred men outside being subdued by the foreign army.

Levi smiled as he counted down with his fingers. “Three, two, one…”

As soon as the countdown ended, a loud rumbling could be heard from outside.

Thump! Thump!

The footsteps of a thousand men made it seem like the earth was a drum as the bass vibrated in everyone’s chest.

In the next moment, Alfie barged inside with his soldiers.

When Richard saw that, he grunted in shock and fainted right away.

Right then, the Caesar family had officially suffered an overwhelming defeat.

The Return of God of War Chapter 590

Patrick kneeled on the ground.



At the same time, the few hundred members of the Caesar family kneeled down as well.

Even the military is here!

We’re screwed!

Wait, no!

They are the Iron Brigade, for f*ck’s sake!

To the people of Erudia, the Iron Brigade was even more powerful, and their responsibilities were even more sacred than that of the military.

They are the true guardians of our country!

How unlucky can we get…

Meanwhile, Meredith and Robert exchanged a glance and broke into a huge grin because they were overjoyed.

They recognized that from this point onwards, the Black family’s standing in the South City was secured, and no one would dare to hurt them anymore.

“Captain Steele, you’re here! The Black family extends our heartfelt thanks to you.”

“I thank you, on behalf of the entire Black family!”

Meredith and Robert cried tears of joy as they almost kneeled in gratitude.

“Haha, no worries! We were marching in the wilderness when we heard that the Black family is in trouble, so we decided to come and check it out.” Alfie smiled and said.

Hearing that, the Caesar family almost lost their minds.

Who are you kidding?

Who even marches when they’re fully armed?

It’s so obvious that they have their targets on us!

At that moment, Russell stepped forward and saluted Alfie. “Captain Steele!”

Alfie patted Russell’s shoulders and chuckled. “I heard about what you did, and I must say that I’m impressed. You defied the Caesar family just to stand up for yourself!”

Russell smiled awkwardly and replied, “I can’t really offer any help, so I need to thank you for lending a helping hand to the Black family!”

Russell then saluted him once again.

The Black family thought that Alfie was just being polite, but later on, they realized that Alfie genuinely admired Russell.

That means Alfie helped us out of respect to Russell!

Maybe they really were just marching, but Russell must’ve been their driving force to come here nonetheless.

Meredith immediately explained, “Captain Steele, we have misunderstood Russell! We thought that he was just being reckless when he slapped the head of the Caesar family in a fit of rage. But we realize now that he’s a very sensible and thoughtful person. Of course, he wasn’t scared of the Caesar family because he has the support from a well-respected man like you!”

Robert chimed in. “That’s right! Russell, we misunderstood you. You were right all along. The Caesar family can’t oppress us just because they’re more powerful than us! We need to stand up for ourselves!”

Meredith bowed down. “Russell, I apologize for slapping you for no legitimate reason!”

“Grandma, um…”

Russell had an awkward expression.

That incident has nothing to do with this, right?

Alfie was dumbfounded as well.

That incident isn’t even related to Russell!

What are you even talking about?

Meredith suddenly thought of something.

Russel is now the Deputy Chief, so does that mean that Tim, Stephen, and the rest came just for him?

“Mr. Cronan, Mr. McKay, thank you for helping out the Black family! Please take care of Russell too!” Meredith smiled and said.

Robert grinned too. “Mr. Cronan, Mr. McKay, you must’ve come here for Russell’s sake, and it seems like you value him a lot. We will teach him well and make sure he doesn’t disappoint you!”

Bailey was on the verge of tears as well. “Russell really is the hope of the Black family! All the powerful figures in the South City came just for him!”

“Russell really is amazing! All the leaders came just for his sake!”

“Russell is so cool! No wonder he slapped the head of the Caesar family, yet he still seemed unfazed; who knew that he had it all planned out!”

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