The Return of God of War Chapter 571-580

The Return of God of War Chapter 571


Russell then remembered the confidentiality agreement and stopped abruptly.

“What? Say it!” Meredith urged.

“In short, I believe in Levi. Since he dared to declare a battle, he must have had confidence!” Russell stated with tightly clenched fists.

His face was contorted, and his veins bulged as he decided to endure the grievance.

I have to endure!

I must!

A few days later, everyone will find out what is going on.

“Hah, how naive!” Meredith scoffed.

“Russell, we are so disappointed in you!”

As everyone looked at him with a downcast expression, he couldn’t help but feel upset about it.

“Sooner or later, you will know the truth!” Russell bit his lip fiercely.

Soon, it was three days later.

In the Jagged Club, more than two dozen forces were gathered.

The strongest of them were the Cayman family, the Herman family, and the Oliver family.

These three, plus the Lopez family, were the giants in South City.

The Lopez family was not involved in the battle because they were still recovering from their previous loss.

Therefore, these three families became fearless in South City. They robbed wherever and whatever they went.

After all, the ones who held them down before had fallen.

In addition to the three families, there were seven or eight big clans.

Of course, there were also several big names from the underworld.

Apart from Scott Yates and Sebastian Lopez, the Grandmaster was in control of the underworld of South City.

Once a follower of Scott, he later formed his own clan and grew his clan in secret over the years.

Many experts came under his following, and he was invincible in South City.

After Scott and Sebastian fell, he stepped forward and took over everything.

Of course, there was another formidable character, who was the owner of the Jagged Club – the Stone Buddha, Brock Green.

He owned the largest underground boxing arena in South City and had more boxing experts than those ranked in the East.

Everyone was afraid of him!

That night, Jagged Club was fully prepared.

In the huge banquet hall, there sat more than twenty big bosses from South City.

Just then, Brock announced, “I have arranged 100 boxing experts in my underground boxing ring. We’re just waiting for them to come.”

“Haha, that’s really great. Morris Group will not be able to set a foot out once they step in!” Exclamations came from the crowd. Everyone was ecstatic upon hearing that.

They knew that Brock had the strongest underground boxers in the city.

“Stone Buddha, can you tell us what experts are there?” Someone asked.

“They include the Beast of Death, the Wolf King, and Hades, who were undefeated in the Eastern Deathmatches for a consecutive of ninety-nine, a hundred, and one hundred and eighty-eight matches, respectively,” Brock answered, and everyone trembled in fear.

“What? These three are here?” The crowd exclaimed.

The Beast of Death was from W City and was undefeated in ninety-nine consecutive deathmatches.

Meanwhile, The Wolf King was from the grasslands, and he was undefeated in a hundred consecutive deathmatches.

Lastly, the identity of Hades was unknown, and his record was the most terrifying. He broke the record of the Eastern Deathmatches – a total of a hundred and eighty-eight consecutive deathmatches undefeated.

There were rumors in South City that these powerful men under Brock could easily crush and kill the Four Mighty Generals under Scott.

Everyone was aware that Brock was, in fact, the most mysterious figure in South City.

Hence, when Scott’s faction fell, Brock immediately invited dozens of Eastern fighters to South City.

His motive was clear – to take over South City.

“Hades is here too?” Hein Cayman, the head of the Cayman family, gulped nervously and asked.

Hades was also known as “the Thousand Slayer” because he once slaughtered thousands of pirates alone, shocking the East…

The Return of God of War Chapter 572

Everyone was surprised and ecstatic.

They had originally heard that Brock had dozens of underground boxing experts who could top the ranks in the east.

Little did they know that these three legends were here!

With that, everyone broke out in cold sweat.

If there was anyone who wanted to have a go at Brock, they didn’t dare to now.

Without mentioning anything else, Brock could sweep everything in South City with only these three people.

They looked at Brock in astonishment and drew in their breaths.

He must have spent much money even to invite Hades.

Brock nodded his head and said, “Yes, he’s here too.”

The crowd let out a collective gasp.

“Then things are set in stone today!” The crowd chattered excitedly.

They all had the same target today – they must chase out Morris Group.

In addition, they made a mental note that Brock Green was not to be provoked.

Who would have thought that he would invite these three masters!

“We are also prepared. We have gathered thousands of combat experts. No matter the motive of Morris Group, leaving is not one of their options!” The Grandmaster said gleefully.

Brock took a sip of his tea and said, “Well, it’s up to us on how to deal with our problems within South City. It’s not appropriate for an outsider to intervene!”

“That’s right!” The crowd voiced their agreement one by one.

The Grandmaster smiled and asked, “Stone Buddha, I’m very curious. What is Hades’s background?”

“Yes, we’re all very curious. Perhaps you could enlighten us?” Questions came from the crowd, and everyone looked expectantly at Brock.

They had heard the legend of Hades many times.

He was the strongest fighter in the East in the past two years, and anyone who challenged him ended up dead.

Yet, they had no clue about his background at all.

Brock smiled and said, “Do you know how much I spent by inviting him?”

Everyone shook their heads.

“One billion for a year!” Brock answered.

Everyone took a deep breath.

Big bosses like them would usually hire some combat experts to be their bodyguards, so they had a good idea of the market price.

Generally, those costing over five million a year were the pros in their league.

They did not expect that Hades cost him a billion for a year.

It was crazy.

“He’s definitely worth the price!” Brock said firmly.

“Hades was actually a guard…”

As Brock said that, everyone was shocked.

“However, he was not simply just a guard. He was once the most powerful God of War in L Nation and was invincible on the battlefield. He was known as Hades, the God of Military.” Brock finished.

“Oh? He’s the God of War of a country? Aside from the fact that L Nation is a small country, his identity is then equivalent to that of Erudia’s God of War!” the Grandmaster exclaimed.

Brock nodded, “Yes, that’s right. Otherwise, how could he be so scary?”

“Stone Buddha, there’s something I can’t figure out. Why would a God of War come to participate in the battle?” Hein Cayman voiced his doubts.

Everyone also turned their gaze to Brock with curiosity.

“The reason is simple. Erudia’s God of War destroyed L Nation, and he had kept a low profile since. In order to survive, it’s normal for him to do so.” Brock replied.

The crowd exchanged gazes and inhaled sharply. “Still, Erudia’s God of War is more terrifying!”

“There are so many things you all don’t know. Back then, Erudia’s God of War only sent his subordinate – the White Tiger, along with the Cavalry Regiment and in total nineteen of them to destroy a country!” Brock recounted emotionally, as though he had been part of it.

“Haha, with Hades, Morris Group can give up on leaving this place!” The crowd became excited as they looked forward to it.

Who could defeat Hades?

The Return of God of War Chapter 573

Brock glanced at the vacant chair and said coldly, “Someone move this chair away!”

“If Neil is eating with us, he has to stand! This is South City. This is the rule!”

“Yes!” Everyone clapped their hands in agreement with Brock’s decision.

The chair was moved away soon after.

Shortly after, Levi and his party arrived at the Jagged Club.

White Tiger smiled and said, “I hope there are skilled experts today…”

“They will certainly not disappoint you,” Levi said with a smile as he lit a cigarette.

Several waitresses came out to the entrance of the Jagged Club and led his party into the banquet hall.

As they entered the banquet hall, everyone in the room looked shocked upon seeing Levi and the young faces in his party.

Everyone was surprised.

They wondered if everyone from the Morris Group were as young as them.

“You’re here with only four people?” Someone sneered from the crowd.

“Why not? Unless this is a trap?” Levi answered with a smile.

“It is a trap. Anyone with a working brain knows that. Is that Neil Atkinson?” Hein asked with a sneer.

Kirin replied with a grin, “It’s me. But the one in charge today is my boss, not me.” He finished and looked at Levi.

Everyone was shocked again.

They had expected the second-in-command, Neil, to come that day, but they never expected that the mysterious boss of Morris Group would come in person.

Everyone in South City knew that the boss of Morris Group was mysterious and powerful, and even Scott Yates and Triple Group had suffered losses in his hands.

Due to the mysterious force he had behind North Hampton, North Hampton was now a forbidden place, and no one dared to covet the area.

Almost everyone in Quebec was speculating the identity of the boss behind Morris Group.

No one had ever expected him to come that day.

They scrutinized Levi with doubtful gazes as they had never seen him before.

Before this, some people suspected that he might be a member of the South Hampton Prince Gang.

However, they dispelled this doubt after seeing him in person.

He was not one of them.

Levi scanned the room and immediately understood that these guys did not leave a seat for him.

“What’s wrong? Are there any doubts?”

The Grandmaster held a folding fan in his hands and asked leisurely with a smile.

Levi asked in a cold tone, “Where is my seat?”

Everyone laughed at his words.

“Seat? Do you have a right to sit?” Hein Cayman argued.

The Grandmaster laughed and added, “No, you should say, would you like to risk your life sitting?”

Brock stated, “In South City, you only deserve to stand!”

Levi took a puff of his cigarette, then he smiled and said, “But I insist on sitting today!”

“How arrogant! This is South City and not North Hampton! Your words don’t count, so just bear with it!” Next to Levi, Draco Herman – a member of the Herman family, said angrily.

Hearing that, Levi’s gaze slowly fell on Draco Herman.

Draco raised his head and looked at him proudly. “What are you going to do? Straighten up!”


Draco was sent flying with a kick by Azure Dragon in a flash.

Everyone was stunned.

Kirin then moved Draco’s chair behind Levi, and Levi took a seat.

Everyone present was shocked and looked at Levi in shock.

They did not expect that Levi would make a move so easily in such an aggressive and domineering manner.

Everyone was flabbergasted with their mouths gaping wide open.

Draco got up from the floor and roared, “How dare you touch me? You’re seeking death!”

“What’s with the noise? I’m trying to have a meal here.” Levi frowned.

The Return of God of War Chapter 574

Kirin stepped forward, pulled Draco in front of him, and slapped him.

“You…” Draco was just about to speak, when Kirin gave him a slap again.


Slap! Slap! Slap!

Draco’s mouth and cheeks were swollen after several consecutive slaps, and he could not speak another word.

Of course, he dared not speak anymore even if he was given a chance.

He would only be asking for trouble.

“Boss, it’s quiet now. He can’t talk anymore.” Kirin came forward to Levi and said.

Levi nodded in response, picked up his fork, and tasted the food.

Everyone present was dumbfounded.

He had slapped Draco in front of all the big bosses from South City.

In short, it was equivalent to slapping all of them!

He did not have any respect for them at all.

Morris Group really was as domineering as the rumors had said!

“You guys are courting death!” Someone in the crowd couldn’t bear it any longer and got up to say.

“Quiet! What’s all of this noise over a meal?” Brock immediately stopped the commotion, and everyone calmed down.

However, he glared at Levi angrily. This man was eating the dishes nonchalantly and enjoyably, as though he really came for a banquet.

The Grandmaster also said, “Let’s eat peacefully!”

With that, everyone picked up their forks.

However, no one was in the mood for food except for Levi.

He looked as though he really came for the food, and everyone stared at him, getting angrier as he ate.

All this while, no one had ever dared to disregard them!

Only after an hour did Levi finish eating. After he wiped the corners of his mouth, he looked at everyone and smiled, “Why didn’t you all eat?”

“This is the last meal. Who would dare to eat?” Someone sneered from the crowd.

He was implying the fate of Levi.

Brock smiled and said, “Your invitation can’t be as simple as inviting us to a meal, right?”

Levi explained directly, “Okay, then I will explain why I came to South City. My purpose is straightforward. I want to quell the unrest! You are all on my list, so listen. If it’s not your territory, don’t snatch it. If it’s not your money, don’t take it!”

Everyone inhaled sharply.

How domineering!

He came to quell the unrest in South City?

No one had this right in the whole of Quebec.

Besides, he asked us to listen?

Hah! He’s delusional!

“You guys are too much!”


Hein couldn’t help but slam the table.

Meanwhile, the others glared at Levi with anger.

How dare he come to our turf and be this domineering!

He’s asking for death!

Brock slammed the table too and raised his head to look at Levi. “How dare you speak in that kind of tone! And you want all of us to listen to you?”

Levi nodded and said, “Yes. You have no choice!”

Upon hearing that, Brock laughed, and everyone joined in the laughter.

Is he out of his mind?

Saying something like that in front of all the big bosses from South City!

The Grandmaster released his folding fan in a swift move and said with a smile, “What is your trump card? How are you so sure that we will listen to you?”

Levi smiled, and behind him, his three men also smiled.

Immediately, everyone understood.

The three men behind him were his trump card.

How ridiculously arrogant of him – to dare to come and make demands with only three men!

Just when everyone was in a state of shock, White Tiger said, “I’m sorry, but three’s a crowd. I can take on everyone alone!”

In addition to being shocked, everyone was stunned.

“Three’s a crowd”?

“I can take on everyone alone”?

This is madness! This guy is as delusional as his boss!

Levi added, “That’s right. My friend here is enough to deal with you mere people!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 575

Even Brock Green, who had the nickname of Stone Buddha, felt that they were going overboard with their bullying.

“I am aware of all your actions these days. Many innocent people have been implicated, and many people have died because of all of you. Do you all enjoy lives built on their misery?” Levi turned to question them.

However, he did not get any reaction from them at all.

Perhaps, it was more fitting to say that they were all numbed to the deaths of innocent people.

Therefore, his words could not trigger them at all.

Moreover, during that period of time, they were snatching territories in South City, and as a result, there were many casualties.

Many people lost their jobs and homes.

However, these big bosses were indifferent to their predicament.

“Does it have anything to do with you? Besides, so what if people died? So what if people are injured? What a f*cking busybody! If you dare stop what we are doing, then be prepared to face our wraths!” Everyone was totally unmoved and scoffed at Levi.

They were dumbfounded that he was even bringing such a matter up to them.

“This is the reason I came today. You lot are not going to cause turmoil in South City anymore! Period!” Levi said harshly.

“In that case, you have to show us your true capability!” Brock exclaimed and smashed his cup on the ground.



In an instant, all six doors of the banquet hall opened simultaneously, and a large group of people poured in from the outside.

All of them were armed with weapons and were all skilled experts.

At least three hundred men filled the originally spacious banquet room to the maximum capacity.

Not only that but the corridors outside were also crowded with people.

Thousands of fighters had surrounded this place.

All of them were awaiting just one order, and they would chop Levi into pieces.

The big bosses from South City smiled and straightened their backs with newfound arrogance.

They have revealed their trump card now and believed that Levi could no longer remain arrogant.

“Now, what else do you wanna say?” Hein asked triumphantly.

Levi smiled brightly and replied, “I’ll still say the same thing – Listen!”

“Hahaha, are you blind? Can’t you see the masses? Are you still in a daydream?” Someone from the crowd scoffed.

The Grandmaster showed little but contempt as he said, “Young man, it’s fine to be a little arrogant. Now we will give you a chance. As long as you kneel and kowtow three times, we will consider letting you go!”

In the eyes of the Grandmaster, Levi had no chance of escape.

Even if Levi’s men were very skilled and defeated the thousands of combat experts present, there were still more than a hundred skilled fighters in Brock’s underground boxing arena.

Not to mention the three legends, one of whom was the L Nation’s Hades!

They stood absolutely no chance against them.

Levi didn’t speak.

Instead, White Tiger smiled – he was excited.

“Well… Are there anymore?”

White Tiger licked the corner of his mouth eagerly.


Everyone was taken aback at his bold statement.

Was he complaining that there were too few opponents?

Even in this dire situation, he is that arrogant?

Is he daft? Or crazy?

“Since you want us to listen to you, then we should play by the rules!” Brock said.

“Go on, please enlighten me!” Levi said in response.

Brock explained, “We will only listen to you once you defeated us. Otherwise, you shall listen to us and turn Morris Group over to us!”

Brock Green was a wily old fox.

He would never give up the chance to turn the situation into something favorable to him.

Immediately, Levi nodded and agreed, “Okay!”

“We will send out only one person from our side…”

Levi pointed at White Tiger.

Then he dropped the shocking remark, “As for yours, it doesn’t really matter how many you send over…”

Having heard that, the big bosses glared at Levi and his party angrily.

The Return of God of War Chapter 576

Excuse me! This is South City, for Pete’s sake – our territory! How dare he humiliate us in OUR city!

“Okay. I hope you get to keep your arrogance later!” Brock said coldly.

He added, “Let’s change a venue!”

Soon after that, they moved to the underground boxing arena, where it could hold the thousands of people, and all of them surrounded the arena.

The big bosses had all flashed their trump cards.

The Grandmaster looked at Levi with a sneer and said, “You said it yourself that you are sending out only one person, so don’t blame us for the one-man fight!”

With that, the Grandmaster gave an order, and immediately hundreds of experts rushed towards White Tiger.

The long swords in their hands dazzled chillingly, overflowing with murderous intent.

Looking at his attackers, White Tiger’s smile gradually became cheekier.


He punched the first striker head-on and sent him flying several tens of meters away.

Then he landed on the ground and remained still instantly.



Bang! Crash!

Hundreds of people attacked simultaneously, and it was an awestruck scene.

Even if White Tiger could fight all of them, the onlookers were sure that the never-ending attacks would tire him out.

Looking on as hundreds of people drown out White Tiger, smiles burst out from the corners of everyone’s lips.

White Tiger is sure to lose!

But after only a few seconds, everyone’s faces changed.

More and more of their men were sent out flying by White Tiger…

A minute later, everyone’s faces became solemn.

Three minutes later, everyone’s faces were full of disbelief.

Five minutes later, everyone’s eyeballs were about to fall out of their sockets from the sight.

They were all shocked to the core from seeing hundreds of people falling to the ground and screaming in pain.

Meanwhile, on the boxing arena, only White Tiger remained standing.

He was too good of a fighter!

He only used five minutes to defeat four to five hundred people with his bare hands!

Everyone exchanged glances as they gradually realized why Levi only sent out White Tiger.

He was strong enough to defeat them all!

“Is that all? Send everyone out! I will beat all of them!” White Tiger couldn’t get enough of it.

“Atrocious!” Brock said angrily.

There was no room for outsiders to act brazenly on his turf.

Very quickly, he gave an order, and hundreds of boxing experts under him appeared one by one.

Of course, the three strongest players have not yet appeared.

He didn’t think it was necessary for them to appear.

“Attack! Attack him one by one! I don’t believe he will keep it up!” Brock roared.

Hundreds of top-ranked boxing experts rushed up to challenge White Tiger one by one.







White Tiger became more spirited as he fought, and he did not look tired at all, much less exhausted.

The boxing experts from South City were knocked down by him one after another.

In the end, Brock’s face darkened.

The talents of his underground boxing arena were all completely defeated.

White Tiger was too good of a fighter…

He was not even defeated after being challenged by hundreds of combat experts!

“This is thrilling, but there is no real master at all! Don’t you have anyone stronger?” White Tiger shouted.

The big bosses looked at each other.

How arrogant!

How could they tolerate such arrogance in South City, much less on Brock’s territory?

“Stone Buddha, you must show your last card! This b*stard is too strong!” Everyone pleaded with him one after another.

Brock squinted his eyes with a glint and said coldly, “Let the Beast of Death and Wolf King out!”

Soon, the Beast of Death and the Wolf King appeared.

Immediately, the two emitted extremely dangerous auras, which filled the place.

The atmosphere became so tense that everyone felt a numbing sensation on their scalps, and their blood seemed to have coagulated.

The Return of God of War Chapter 577

Originating from W City was the Beast of Death. He was only about five-foot-six, but his skin was a golden bronze, like cast metal, giving people a sense of strength.

He studied and practiced ancient Thai boxing for thirty years and took down each of his opponents in ninety-nine deathmatches within thirty seconds previously.

As for the Wolf King, dense hair covered his face, and his eyes glowed, resembling a real wolf.

When he was a child, the Wolf King grew up with a pack of wolves. His fighting skills blended with that of the wolves and were so strong that they were unimaginable to a normal person.

As soon as the two appeared, they threatened the onlookers with their imposing auras, making it difficult for them to breathe.

The most powerful fighters always brought the threat of death at first sight.

“Whatever you do, just don’t kill him!” Brock gave the order.

The Wolf King stood aside and didn’t move. Meanwhile, the Beast of Death nodded and stepped forward.

He wanted a one-on-one with White Tiger.

However, White Tiger beckoned with his finger and said, “Come at me together and save me some time!”

The Beast of Death and the Wolf King exchanged glances, and their eyes were filled with disbelief.

They seemed to be surprised by White Tiger’s stupidly cocky behavior.

“Since he said so, then you should both go!” Brock shouted. His eyes were filled with murderous intent.

The Beast of Death and the Wolf King exchanged looks again, and the Beast of Death made his move first.

With every step he took, the floor formed cracks.



After he took three steps forward, the underground boxing arena blew apart.

That scene was simply shocking.

Everyone knew that the underground boxing arena was made of special materials. Yet, he crushed it with only a few steps.

Just how much power did he possess to be able to do that?

Soon after, the Beast of Death was in front of White Tiger, and he charged towards with his knee up.

That move was definitely comparable to being rammed by a car, and the impact was absolutely not less than that of a sports car speeding at a few hundred yards and crashing into a train…

Almost at the same instant, the Wolf King also made his move.


He possessed the agility and speed of a wild wolf. When he leaped forward, he swept towards White Tiger with a swift attack at a distance of tens of meters.

It didn’t matter if it were the Beast of Death or the Wolf King, any one of them would definitely split White Tiger into pieces with their killer moves.

Over the years, they had long become killing machines.

They would dedicate their time every day in their lives to find out ways to kill more effectively.

What they had been doing was just terrifying!

White Tiger smiled as he felt Wolf King and the Beast of Death close at hand.


He struck his left fist towards the knee of the Beast of Death and his right first towards the claws of Wolf King.

“He is courting death!”

“Isn’t this a futile endeavor?”

The onlookers exclaimed. All of them thought that White Tiger was over-confident in himself.


His left fist landed on the knees of the Beast of Death.


The Beast of Death’s knee, which was as hard as diamonds, cracked open at once, and he was sent flying out from the impact.


White Tiger smashed and distorted the Wolf King’s entire arm with a fist, and the Wolf King fell on his knees directly in front of him.

At that instant, everyone was sent into a state of shock, and they looked on with their eyes wide open.

The two legendary fighters, who were undefeated in ninety-nine and a hundred deathmatches respectively, were beaten even though they had teamed up?

The Beast of Death and the Wolf King let out cries of agony, and their cries brought everyone back to reality.

Both of them were defeated by White Tiger.

At that moment, Brock could no longer sit still, so he stood up.

He was more formidable than anyone expected.

On the other hand, Levi had a smile on his face.

With his buddies around, there was no need for him to make a move.

Oh, how lonely it is for me to be invincible.

“However many of you are left, go up all at once! Stop wasting time!” Levi called out.

Hearing Levi’s words, Brock was completely riled up with anger.

He roared, “Call out Hades!”

Hein, the Grandmaster, and the rest were beyond excited.

Finally, the strongest fighter is coming!

Suddenly, a black shadow was cast on the arena, and an oppressive aura gradually filled the place.

The Return of God of War Chapter 578

Hades was here.

He was not only the record holder of the deathmatches, but he was also L Nation’s God of War.

The former details were not that important.

However, the latter, his identity as a nation’s God of War, certainly was.

In ancient times, he would be an invincible God of War.

In the past, everyone only regarded him as a fighting machine. However, after realizing his identity as L Nation’s God of War, everyone’s impression of him had changed.

In the secular world, he was a god-like existence among ordinary people.

The God of War wore a simple black sweater and a hat. What was terrifying was that he wore half of a wolf mask.

As soon as he appeared, the focus of the whole audience was on him.

Hades came to the middle of the arena step by step, and the temperature dropped sharply.

An overwhelming murderous aura engulfed the place.

As soon as those ordinary onlookers felt his suffocating aura, it became difficult for them to breathe. Their faces turned pale, and they looked as if they were at death’s door.

This was a true imposing aura!

Since he was the God of War, Hades must have at least slaughtered a thousand people.

His murderous aura was honed out on the battlefield and was not something an ordinary fighter could compare to.

Brock and the others immediately got excited when they saw Hades appear.

Even if the White Tiger could fight very well, they presumed that he was not Hades’s opponent.

“Kill him, and I will reward you ten billion!” Brock shouted.

“I’d add another billion!”

“And I, three billion!”

Everyone started to add motivation, and the reward rose gradually.

As long as Hades killed the White Tiger, he would be rewarded twenty billion!

It was an amount that many people dreamt of, and Hades was no exception.

His eyes lit up fiercely.

For that amount of money, he would kill anyone in his way.

“Where is the person?” Hades asked in a low voice.

Everyone pointed to White Tiger.

Then, he walked towards White Tiger step by step as he exuded a dangerous air around him.

It was as if the actual Hades himself was reborn from hell.

If he unleashed his wrath, there was no doubt that there would be at least a million corpses with blood flowing into a river…

It was absolutely terrifying!

Hades stood in front of White Tiger and looked up at him.

When their eyes met, Hades’s face changed drastically.

It’s him!

This can’t be!


His lips twitched, but he could not say a word for a long time as he watched White Tiger.

He could never forget this person!

Hades could never forget the night, where a total of nineteen people destroyed tens of thousands of his men in L nation head-on! It was him and the Cavalry Regiment!

Subsequently, nineteen of them killed their way into L Nation. They were invincible and wiped out the nation right then.

In just one night, L Nation was utterly destroyed.

As L Nation’s God of War, he was also defeated, and he could only watch as they annihilated the country.

By far, Erudia’s God of War was the most terrifying existence he had ever seen.

His men were brave and good at fighting, and they were invincible in the world.

This person in front of him, especially, brought him the trauma of a lifetime.

It was the lingering nightmare that would haunt him all his life!

Every night, he was haunted by the recurring dream of L Nation’s destruction, and every time, White Tiger’s ruthless face appeared in the dream.

And every time, he was always jolted awake from the nightmare without fail.

That person is simply too strong!

He would never forget how he broke into the camp of ten thousand people and killed his way back and forth.

Today, he actually saw it again here.

He realized that Erudia’s God of War and his faction were too strong.

Even if he had a hundred years to prepare, he wouldn’t be able to take revenge.

Now he could only continue to participate in fighting competitions to vent his emotions and grind away the trauma that Erudia’s God of War had brought unto him.

Never in his wildest dreams did he think that he would meet White Tiger again.

Suddenly, he recalled that Erudia’s Five Great Wars Regiment were almost inseparable from Erudia’s God of War.

If White Tiger is here, that means that Erudia’s God of War should also be here…

The Return of God of War Chapter 579

Sweeping his eyes across the place, he saw Levi sitting at the back.

Suddenly, Hades became dizzy and almost passed out.

Meeting Levi’s gaze, he felt as if he was suffocating.

In an instant, his whole body was drenched in a cold sweat, and he couldn’t stop trembling.

His legs had a mind of their own as he knelt in front of White Tiger with a loud thud.

The sound was loud enough for everyone to hear, giving everyone a huge shock.

No one had expected it.

Even Levi was shocked.

He wondered what was the matter with Hades.

He was supposed to fight White Tiger, but he knelt in front of him as soon as they met.

Brock and the others also couldn’t understand it.

What’s with Hades? Is this all a joke?

Why is he kneeling in front of the enemy?

Everyone rubbed their eyes, wondering if they were mistaken with what they saw.

This was the strongest fighter in the Eastern Deathmatches, who was undefeated in one hundred and eighty-eight consecutive matches!

He was invincible!

Why did he kneel as soon as he sees White Tiger?

They didn’t understand, but White Tiger gradually gained realization.

Even though Hades was wearing half a wolf mask, but White Tiger still recognized him from his eyes and his aura.

“You… Are you L Nation’s God of War – Hades?” White Tiger asked tentatively.

Hades nodded and shouted, “The defeated warrior of L Nation pays his respects to Erudia’s God of War and White Tiger!”

Everyone inhaled sharply upon hearing his address.

Erudia’s God of War?

White Tiger?

What was that all about?

Everyone couldn’t react to the turn of events for a while.

After hearing the address from Hades, Levi rubbed his temples helplessly.

He had planned not to reveal his identity on this trip to South City, so he resorted to using force to solve the mess.

But lo and behold, he did not expect to encounter the defeated warrior of L Nation.

Wouldn’t my cover be blown?

Levi smiled helplessly.

“Hades! What are you doing? Quickly kill him for me!” Brock shouted anxiously.

“Yeah, why are you kneeling to him?” Everyone couldn’t understand it and looked on in disbelief.

Hades did not speak. He looked at the crowd and slowly took off his mask.

Now, everyone could clearly see what the other half of his face looks like.

There were multiple crisscrossed scars, and his face looked extremely terrifying.

Hades then said in a low voice, “Do you know who left these scars on me?”

Brock and the rest looked at him with puzzled faces.

“It’s White Tiger, who left them to me during the destruction of L Nation!” He finished.

“What? In the destruction of L Nation?”

“Could it be that Erudia’s God of War…”

Everyone’s faces changed drastically.

Then, they returned to their senses one by one.

Hades had addressed Erudia’s God of War and White Tiger earlier.

“You guys are so bold to dare to make a move on just about anyone!”

Hades suddenly raised his tone as he continued, “Listen! Standing in front of me is the White Tiger – one of the Five Great Wars Regiments of Erudia! Back then, he destroyed my L Nation single-handedly!”

Then, he turned to look at Levi, who was sitting not far away from him.

“And he is the world’s most invincible, the nightmare of all countries, the greatest devil in the eyes of all guards – Erudia’s God of War!” Hades said with jealousy.

As soon as his words settled, pin-drop silence fell.

The Return of God of War Chapter 580

That moment was too shocking for Brock and the others.

They couldn’t believe that the person they were going to deal with turned out to be Erudia’s God of War.

Now they understood why Scott’s faction fell, why Triple Group withdrew from Erudia, and why Morris Group was invincible.

All of that was due to Erudia’s God of War!

Otherwise, who else could move the two forces?

Besides, South City authorities were more than eager to offer various preferential policies to Triple Group. Thus, it was impossible that the city’s authorities would chase them out of the city.

Judging by how Erudia’s God of War returned to North Hampton just a few days ago, the timing was right.

In an instant, they all understood.



Everyone knelt down one after another.

No wonder they dared to take on thousands of them with just one person.

It was White Tiger, the King of War, who destroyed a country with only nineteen people in his troop!

Sure enough, they had no choice but to obey.

“We were wrong! Please spare our lives!” Brock cried out loud.

Everyone kowtowed their foreheads on the ground.

Levi stood up, walked to the front of Hades and said, “You will follow me from now on!”

“Understood,” Hades answered with a nod of his head.

Levi then looked at Brock and the rest.

“Why would I want your lives? Now, what you all should be doing is to listen to what I’ve been saying! You can’t take things that are not your own. I don’t care who has your back. If you are not satisfied, you can take me on.” When Levi said that, everyone was almost frightened to death.

Who would be so courageous to take on Erudia’s God of War?

No one would dare to even if we have nine lives!

“God of War, we dare not!” Brock and the others said in embarrassment.

“Also, do not spread the news. I would like to see who dares to covet South City.” Levi said coldly.

When Levi said that, Brock and the rest broke out in a cold sweat.

Erudia’s God of War was going to take the opportunity to attack whoever was coming for South City.

At that instant, they immediately thought of a person – Richard Caesar.

A few days later, he would be attacking the Black family and even more forcefully into South City.

“In addition to that, make compensations to those whom you have hurt! Make sure everyone is taken care of, and I will send someone to keep tabs!” Levi said.

“Understood, God of War!” Everyone answered and nodded their heads fervently.

“God of War, I am willing to spend two billion for charity!” Brock offered.

Others also spoke, “I would like to devote one billion to charity!”

Soon, tens of billions of charity funds were being offered.

The leaders of South City were all stunned.

As expected of Erudia’s God of War, he solved the turmoil in South City easily with his intervention.

He even raised tens of billions of charity funds in a flash.

“Sure enough, ruthless people need to be treated with ruthlessness, huh?” Levi lamented.

Everyone laughed.

Another day passed.

Levi never appeared and was still out of contact.

To be honest, Zoey was a little anxious.

She wasn’t worried about Levi running away. In fact, she was mainly afraid that something bad had happened to him.

Just then, Logan arrived at the Black family where they were still at a loss over the situation.

“Logan, how is it?” Meredith asked agitatedly.

“Grandma, I have disappointed you. I tried my best!” Logan said helplessly, his head drooping.


The news was tantamount to a huge blow to the Black family.

Logan was their only hope!

“What happened, Logan?” Meredith asked nervously as her body trembled.

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