The Return of God of War Chapter 531-540

The Return of God of War Chapter 531

Her face fell, the moment she saw the necklace onscreen.

I wish it belonged to me…

I’ll be the prettiest bride on Earth if I wore that to my wedding!

“Whatever. I won’t be the one who is getting that necklace,” she uttered, sighing dejectedly.

Before breaktime, Lauren gave Levi a call to remind him about the wedding.

“Don’t worry, I won’t forget about it!” he assured her. “I’ve even gotten a gift for you!”

“Gift?” Lauren scoffed. What gift can you even afford?

“You’ll see tomorrow!” Levi proclaimed with a grin.

The next day…

The wedding of Lauren and Lee Jung-jin was in full swing, and Bayfront Manor was filled with excited guests.

Luxury car after luxury car pulled up in front of the entrance as hordes of guests alighted from them, carrying mountains of gifts in their arms.

“The Yalemans of North Hampton wishes the bride and groom all the best for their future endeavors!”

“We are the Jeffersons of North Hampton…”

“Greetings! I am Dylan Hunt, CEO of Skyward Group…”

To the Fletchers’ surprise, none of their own contacts showed up at the wedding.

“Hahaha! It looks like we’re finally getting noticed by the nobility!” Jenson announced, with a wide grin.

“Glenn Rogers, master of the Rogers family!”

“Eric Robinson, master of the Robinson family!”

“Wallace Henderson, master of the Henderson family!”

The Fletchers stared in shock, as more guests arrived at the manor.

All of them were the masters of the most prominent families of North Hampton!

They represented the cream of the crop in North Hampton.

In particular, the Fletchers rejoiced, when Glenn Rogers had appeared at the entrance of the manor.

Glenn was the richest man in North Hampton, and the Fletchers had not expected him to show up at Lauren and Lee Jung-jin’s wedding.

“Haha! Since when did we become so popular?” Jenson queried, his breath quickening.

The Fletchers looked on, with their hearts thumping against their chests.

Isaac grinned. “Calm down, everyone! I’m sure that they’re here because of Triple Group!”

“That’s right! I bet Triple Group had invited them!”

Everyone relaxed upon hearing Isaac’s words.

As time went on, more prominent figures of North Hampton joined the party, making the grin on Lauren’s face grow wider.

I would never have guessed that my wedding would be such an important occasion to these North Hampton tycoons!

“Do you see that, Levi Garrison?” Lauren muttered to herself gleefully. “This is how my wedding looks like! Even people like Winston Gonzales and Glenn Rogers are here. You will never be good enough for me!”

She searched the crowd for him, but unfortunately, it was to no avail.

However, the Garrison family had already arrived.

“Hahaha! Look who’s here? The once-glorious Garrison family!” Isaac sneered.

The crowd turned around to face the Garrisons.

“Why are they so shameless? Weren’t they the ones who had voided the marriage agreement between Levi Garrison and Lauren Fletcher?”

“Oh, how the tables have turned! How embarrassing!”

“I wouldn’t have dared to come if I had been one of them!”

Joseph pretended not to hear the various insults hurled their way.

“Congratulations, Ms. Fletcher! I hope that you have no regrets about this,” Joseph uttered, with a smile.

“What do you mean ‘no regrets about this’? Are you trying to say that she’ll regret not marrying Levi? How ridiculous!” the crowd scoffed.

“Don’t worry. I won’t regret this,” Lauren affirmed with a grin, before changing the subject. “By the way, where is Levi?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 532

Ben smiled. “He’ll be here soon.”

He’s the VIP of this wedding, after all!

“You should get ready for what’s going to happen next. I don’t want you to faint on the altar,” Winnie added.

“Not just you, Ms. Fletcher. Tell your family to prepare themselves too,” Joseph proclaimed. “Especially you, Mr. Jensen Fletcher! I hope that your heart can handle it!”

The Fletchers flew into a rage almost immediately.

“What the hell do you mean, Joseph Garrison? Are you cursing my dad?” Isaac yelled, jabbing his finger into Joseph’s face. “We aren’t the same as we were before! My son-in-law is a shareholder of Triple Group, and my daughter is in charge of the Erudian branch of Triple Group! What about you? You’re nothing but a bunch of dogs!”

“What makes you think that Levi is better than Lauren? Ridiculous!”

The Fletchers jeered at the Garrisons relentlessly.

Lauren scoffed. “Thank you for your well wishes. In fact, I think that Levi should be the one preparing himself for the shock he’s about to receive. My husband is a million times better than him, so shouldn’t he be the one who’s regretting everything?”

Ben burst into laughter. “Oh, trust me! You’re going to be the one who will regret everything,” he murmured flippantly. “Besides, our sole fate depends on Levi. He can make us the richest family of Quebec if he’d wanted to, let alone North Hampton!”

The Garrisons looked at the Fletchers smugly.

Despite everything Levi had claimed, the Garrisons still regarded him as one of them.

They were proud of him!


The crowd burst into raucous laughter.

“What’s wrong with them? What makes them think that we don’t know how Levi Garrison’s doing?”

“He’s just a useless scumbag that goes around beating up security guards!”

The jeering continued, as Lauren crossed her arms across her chest and stared at the Garrisons, mockingly.

Levi is nothing when compared to me!

“What’s wrong, darling?” Lee Jung-jin asked, walking over to join her.

Dressed smartly in a suit, he outshone every other man in the manor, the moment he had stepped in.

“Wow! He’s so handsome! Isn’t he a shareholder of Triple Group and a descendent of Triple Group’s founder?”

“I’m so envious of Lauren!”

The crowd buzzed in excitement and surprise, and it began to further inflate Lauren’s ego.

Do you see that?

Everyone admires my husband!

You’ll never compare to him, Levi Garrison!

Several tycoons of North Hampton, some of them no less affluent than Joseph Garrison at his peak, crowded around Lee Jung-jin, in an attempt to offer him their name cards.

Lee Jung-jin caught everyone’s attention, the moment he had appeared.

“Lauren Fletcher is so lucky! How did she manage to find someone like him, after getting dumped by Levi Garrison?”

“I bet Joseph Garrison regrets voiding the agreement all those years ago!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 533

“Look at how the Garrisons are doing now! How shameless of them!”

The crowd smirked at them.

“They said that I’ll regret everything once I had seen Levi!” Lauren whispered to Lee Jung-jin, who soon burst into laughter.

“You’re so funny! Even the son of the richest man in North Hampton won’t compare to me, let alone someone as insignificant as Levi Garrison!” he announced, glancing at the Garrisons. “Just ignore them, darling. Those pieces of trash aren’t worth your attention!”

He did not even regard the Garrisons as people, as he believed that they were nothing, compared to Triple Group, even while at their peak.

Lauren looked at the Garrisons smugly, although their stony expressions had succeeded in causing her annoyance.

Wait… something feels amiss.

Shouldn’t they be wallowing in sorrow, now that they’ve witnessed everything?

Why aren’t they saying anything?

The Fletchers were confused as well.

Meanwhile, a motorcade was journeying on its way, from South City to North Hampton, carrying the VIPs of the wedding- Park Cheon-shin and Lee Jae-shik.

They were headed for the wedding, but their ultimate goal was to claim the entire North Hampton market as their own.

However, their convoy was stopped, the moment they had entered North Hampton.

Seth Wilson approached their car warily.

“What’s going on?” Park Cheon-shin asked, with a displeased expression upon his face.

They had a bad feeling about this.

“May I ask who is the leader of Triple Group?” Seth queried.

“It’s me. What’s wrong?” Park Cheon-shin asked, as he alighted from his car.

“Did you receive the warnings issued during the negotiations?” Seth asked.

“Yes, I did,” Park Cheon-shin answered, as he stared straight into Seth’s eyes.

“So? What is the decision? Are you here to apologize?” Seth questioned with a smile.

“Shut up!” Park Cheon-shin yelled. “I refuse to be intimidated by your fearmongering!”

“That’s right! No one has ever dared to threaten us!” the others added angrily.

Seth shook his head, appearing exasperated. “It looks as though you’re not going to apologize… I’m pretty sure that my boss has made it very clear that this is the last chance that you’re going to get before he kicks you out of the country!”

“Hahaha!” the party from Triple Group laughed.

They stared at Seth as though he was a lunatic.

He’s telling us to get out of Erudia?

That simply won’t happen!

“Hahaha! Tell your boss to watch out for us! There’s no way he’ll be able to kick us out of Erudia!” Park Cheon-shin scoffed.

What’s there to fear, with Lee Jae-shik around?

I’ll get rid of Morris Group once and for all!

When the motorcade finally arrived at Bayfront Manor, the crowd erupted in a loud applause.

That’s the Chief Manager of the Triple Group Erudia Branch!

The net worth of Triple Group in South City was around a hundred billion, which was more than any corporation in South City.

Factoring in the extra hundred billion from the Yates, Triple Group was worth around two hundred billion in total.

In layman terms, Park Cheon-shin was the richest man in Quebec.

The Fletcher family held him in great respects, and was proud of the fact that he was going to become Lauren’s uncle-in-law.

We’re going to be rich!

Everyone’s going to respect us!

“May we welcome Mr. Lee Jae-shik, Master of Taekwondo and the chief instructor of the Keerean army!” someone shouted, as Lee Jae-shik stepped into the manor.

The excitement in the manor was at its peak, and tears were streaming down Lauren’s face, out of pure happiness.

Even someone as well-respected as Lee Jae-shik is here to attend my wedding…

You don’t deserve me, Levi Garrison!

The Return of God of War Chapter 534

Even the noble ones like Glenn Rogers and Winston Gonzales stood up, to welcome Lee Jae-shik to the venue.

Someone like him was superior to all of them, even if he was not an Erudian.

They had to be as polite as possible.

Even the Garrisons started to grow worried.

If Levi had not been the God of War, people might actually trample over him to get to Lee Jae-shik.

The Fletchers have certainly found themselves a powerful ally!

Meanwhile, the Fletchers were elated to witness the standing ovation that was made for Lee Jae-shik.

In particular, Lauren was feeling proud of herself.

How much better could a wedding get?

I’m the luckiest woman in the world!

“You’re going to become part of the Triple Group family from today onwards, Lauren!” Lee Jae-shik praised. “Remember your status and try not to entangle yourself in trivial matters!”

His words were a confirmation of Lauren’s new title.

He had meant to remind her that as part of the nobility, she was not to interact with people from the lower ranks, as they were not worthy of her attention.

“As for the Fletchers, we’ll be more than happy to provide you with any assistance that you may require in the future!” Lee Jae-shik announced, turning over to the Fletchers.


It was as though a meteorite made out of pure luck and prosperity had descended upon the Fletchers, almost making them pass out in happiness.

Jenson turned to Joseph and yelled, “Didn’t you say that we’ll never be worthy of your attention? Look at us now! Look at how much we’ve changed since then!”

The Fletchers finally received the sweet revenge that they had craved.

Who knew that we would be able to rise above you one day?

“Thank you for ditching me, Levi! If not for you, I wouldn’t have been able to find myself such an amazing husband to spend the rest of my life with!” Lauren cried, happy tears streaming down her face.

She turned to the Garrisons and continued, “Thank you too, for voiding the agreement and for setting me free of that nonsense! Thank you so much!”

The Garrisons glared at her.

‘Thank you’?

You’re merely insulting us!

“Where’s Levi?” Lauren asked.

She had long imagined him kneeling on the ground and begging for her to change her mind, while bawling his eyes out.

Soon, it was time for the wedding ceremony, and the guests took their seats to watch.

The Garrisons picked a corner and settled down, but the Fletchers forcibly pushed them to the front to humiliate them.

To make matters worse, Park Cheon-shin and Lee Jae-shik were right next to them.

“Five more minutes! Please stand by, Mr. Lee and Ms. Fletcher!” the emcee announced.

Lauren peered off into the distance, hoping to catch a glimpse of Levi, when he was to arrive.

He has to be here!

I must humiliate him!

He can’t just skip the wedding!

Suddenly, the butler ran over and proclaimed, “Ms. Fletcher, someone has arrived with a gift for you!”

“Huh? Just accept it then. Why are you panicking?” she asked, frowning.

“The person insists that you head over to receive it in person,” the butler replied.

“Alright then. Tell them to come in,” she agreed.

Soon, a private helicopter appeared in the skies above the lawn, attracting the attention of every guest.

Lauren’s jaw dropped open, out of shock.

What kind of gift requires a helicopter to deliver it?

The Return of God of War Chapter 535

The six men in suits got off the helicopter; one of them was holding an exquisite gift box.

The others cautiously surrounded him as if they were afraid the box would fall.

Looking at how careful they were with the gift box, it seemed like it contained something priceless.

The crowd was puzzled.

What gift is it?

Everyone’s eyes zeroed in on these men.

“I know them! They’re from the internationally renowned Skywolf Security Company, which only escorts items worth hundreds of millions. They even escorted this item via helicopter. Looks like it’s at least five hundred million!” exclaimed Park Cheon-shin in shock when he noticed the wolf logo on the men’s clothes.


Everyone gasped when they heard him.

A five hundred-million gift?

What kind of treasure is this?

Lauren was exhilarated yet nervous.

I’m not so influential that my friends and classmates would give me something so expensive, right?

The most expensive gift I received today is only a million.

Soon, the six men escorting the gift box approached Lauren.

“Ms. Fletcher, please open this!”

The man holding the gift box presented it to Lauren.

“Open it and see what’s inside,” urged the crowd.

With trembling hands, Lauren carefully lifted the top of the exquisitely designed box.


Everyone was dumbfounded.

Holding their breath, they all fixed their eyes on the box.

There was a necklace lying in the box, with a huge dazzling sapphire encrusting it.

It sparkled so brightly that everyone could barely open their eyes.


“My goodness!”

After taking a closer look at the necklace, her eyes bulged. Lauren was so shocked; she felt like she had been electrocuted.

The reason was that the gift was the famed Love of the World, which had recently been auctioned off overseas for eight hundred million.

The necklace, made ten centuries ago, symbolized the purity of love.

It was the greatest testimony of love!

“Ms. Fletcher, let me introduce to you: This is the legendary treasure——Love of the World. It was bought for eight hundred million by an esteemed guest during the auction. It is definitely authentic! Here are the certifications of authenticity from various international organizations.”

As he spoke, someone passed her a huge pile of certifications.

Lauren was so excited that tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Who is it?” asked Lauren emotionally.

“He doesn’t want to reveal his name. However, he’ll be coming to the wedding ceremony later. Here, he wishes in advance that you, Ms. Fletcher, will be blessed with love. This necklace represents his well-wishes for you.”

After passing her the gift, the men left instantly.

“Who could it be?”

This was the question lingering in everyone’s mind.

Lauren was even more curious.

Amongst her friends and family, who would give her such an expensive gift?

After thinking about it, she still could not identify anyone that fit the criterion.

Forget it.

Isn’t he going to appear later?

I’ll just wait for him.

The Fletchers were overjoyed for the ultra-luxurious gift that Lauren received.

“Looks like the rise of the Fletcher family is unstoppable, huh?”

“Never in my dreams would I expect someone to give an eight hundred-million gift at my daughter’s wedding.”

The Fletchers were all smiles.

“But who is this person? Is it someone with a crush on my daughter?” mumbled Isaac to himself.

“Perhaps. I can’t figure out who it is, either.”

Despite racking their brains, no one could figure out who had sent the gift.

At that moment, the Garrison family exchanged glances with one another and laughed.

“What are you laughing about? You look like you know the mystery sender!” grumbled Isaac furiously.

“Yeah, we know who sent it!” admitted Joseph.

The Return of God of War Chapter 536

Before Isaac could say something, Jenson scoffed coldly, “Cut the crap! If the Garrisons know such a person, why would you fall to such a miserable state?”

The Fletchers decided to ignore the Garrisons.

To them, the Garrisons were like clowns.

We only invited the Garrison family to the wedding to humiliate them. They wouldn’t be here if not for that reason.

Naturally, they don’t have the right to speak here.

Everyone eagerly anticipated the arrival of the person who gave the Love of the World, especially the Fletchers.

Next, it was time for the guests to give their cash gifts for the wedding.

After the Fletcher family’s status rose, many of the cash gifts they received amounted to tens or hundreds of thousands.

An example was Glenn Rogers, who gifted a hundred thousand.

Park Cheon-shin even gave a cash gift of ten million, causing Jenson and the rest to laugh in delight.

They earned twenty to thirty million just by organizing a wedding.

Not to forget, there was even the eight hundred-million necklace, too.

They profited so much from today!

After everyone finished giving their gifts, Hailey, the supervisor of the North Hampton Bank headquarters, walked over.

“Ms. Stinson, why are you here?”

Many people present recognized Hailey.

The Fletcher family greeted her respectfully as they would be interacting a lot with the headquarters in the future.

“Are you here to attend my daughter’s wedding, too, Ms. Stinson?” asked Isaac with a smile.

Hailey shook her head. “Hello, Ms. Lauren. I’m here to pass a guest’s wedding gift to you. As it’s very expensive, I came here myself.”


Lauren was shocked yet delighted.

How expensive must the gift be that warranted such a high-ranking supervisor from the headquarters to make an in-person visit?

“You’ve received the Love of the World, right?” asked Hailey with a smile.

“Huh? Yes, I’ve received it…”

Lauren was astounded, not expecting the person who gave her the necklace to give a cash gift, too.

“He already sent me a gift. Is he still giving me a cash gift?”

Lauren felt a little embarrassed.

“Of course. They’re separate matters, anyway.”

Hailey took out a cheque and read, “The person will be giving you a cash gift of 888888888!”

When Lauren saw the long string of numbers on the cheque, she almost fainted from the shock.

The cash gift is more than eight hundred eighty million?

What a grand spectacle!

What kind of person is he?

“Here’s the cheque. My task is complete!”

Hailey and a fellow bank staff then left.

Lauren held the cheque with trembling hands, confirming over and over again that there were nine “8”s written on it.

Hailey had delivered the cheque to her personally, so it was definitely not forged!

Oh my!

Who is it?

He gave me an eight hundred-million necklace and a cash gift of an even greater amount.

The Fletchers were over the moon.

With such a friend, they felt extremely proud of themselves.

The Fletcher family would be the most powerful family in North Hampton in the future!

This time, even Park Cheon-shin and Lee Jae-shik were stunned.

This person is so extravagant, having spent nearly two billion in one go.

His gifts indicate that he must be extremely wealthy.

Wait, something’s not right!

Park Cheon-shin frowned.

He had investigated the Fletchers’ background thoroughly. They were not associated with anyone so powerful!

He had even investigated their distant relatives, but no such person popped out.

Who is it?

Lauren felt that everything was like a dream.

Do I have a friend like that, who would give such grand gifts at my wedding?

She urgently wanted to know the identity of that mysterious person.

“Ma’am, it’s time for the wedding. Do we start now?” asked the host.

“Wait for a while! He hasn’t arrived yet,” replied Lauren.

Although she did not know who it was, the wedding could only begin after he arrived.

Oh, right.

Why hasn’t Levi come?

The Return of God of War Chapter 537

“Does Levi still dare to come here and cause a ruckus? He probably returned after being intimidated by the many luxurious cars parked at the entrance.”

“That’s right! Levi is a smart guy. He knows that if he attends the wedding, he’ll definitely be humiliated. How would he still dare to come?”

“What a pity! I cannot witness the scene of Levi bawling his eyes out in regret.”

Isaac and the rest shook their heads helplessly.

This was a pity to Lauren, too.

Why isn’t Levi coming?

I want to show him the necklace and the cheque.

Then, I’ll tell him personally that this is my wedding!

When Ben heard them, he scoffed coldly, “Don’t worry, Levi will come. He’ll definitely not miss this wedding! However, you should mentally prepare yourselves. I’m afraid that you won’t be able to bear the shock!”

“Shut up! Don’t say anything.”

When Isaac heard his words, he became furious and wanted to beat Ben up.

At that moment, a few ordinary cars arrived at the entrance of the villa.

The receptionist at the entrance saw the cars and laughed coldly. “How could someone with a car like this dare to attend such a grand wedding?”

However, his expression froze upon seeing the people getting off the car.

It was a group of extremely prestigious people—the leaders of North Hampton.

When they arrived at the wedding, a huge commotion erupted amongst the crowd.

Other than Park Cheon-shin and a few others who did not know what was going on, everyone else stood up.

“Mr. Nielsen, why are you here?”

“Even the three deputy captains are here, too. Secretary Davies, Captain Fields, Director Evans…”

Jenson almost staggered to the floor after seeing the arrival of Jesse Nielsen and the major leaders of North Hampton.

Do such prominent people attend weddings, too?

Isaac and the others widened their eyes in disbelief.

“Congratulations on your nuptials, Ms. Fletcher! We’re here today on personal account. You don’t have to be nervous,” explained Jesse with a smile.

Lauren had to pinch her cheeks to confirm that she was not dreaming.

Even the leaders of North Hampton came to attend my wedding?

What a huge honor!

Jesse Nielsen and the rest greeted Lee Jung-jin and congratulated the groom.

“We’ve heard of you, Mr. Park…”

Jesse and the rest then greeted Park Cheon-shin.

The Fletchers exchanged glances; they now understood what was happening.

Jesse and the others came for the wedding because of the Triple Group.

With this new understanding, Lauren instantly wondered if the person who gave her the necklace was also related to the Triple Group.

Did the Triple Group send him here?

And why hasn’t Levi arrived yet?

He’s missing out on so much.

When Lauren thought of him, she called Levi instantly.

“Are you here yet?” asked Lauren.

“I’m reaching. There’s a traffic jam on the roads. I’m reaching soon!” explained Levi.

“It’s great that you’re coming!” said Lauren with a grin.

“I’ll definitely make a grand entrance at your wedding and treat it with utmost importance!”

Levi really treated her like a younger sister. After all, she always stuck to him when they were children.

After being reminded by Zoey, Levi treated this wedding with great importance.

Soon, a few tanks stopped at the entrance of the villa.

Two rows of soldiers dashed into the wedding venue, lining the two sides of the red carpet.

This sudden scene shocked everyone. Lauren also stared at the entrance in surprise.

After that, some people wearing military uniforms appeared at the entrance.

A towering figure appeared, surrounded by a few people.

He was wearing a green military uniform, with five golden stars embroidered on his shoulder!

The Return of God of War Chapter 538

When the two rows of soldiers entered the venue, everyone held their breath and stared in silence.

Even Lee Jae-shik and Park Cheon-shin’s expressions froze, their eyes widened in shock.

Why did soldiers suddenly barge into the wedding venue?

Everyone, including Jesse and the rest, stood up and focused their attention on the entrance.

They knew who the person was.

The gloomy expressions on the Garrisons’ faces had disappeared; they were now grinning brightly.

“He’s finally here!”

One after another, men in military uniforms appeared. All had stars embroidered on their shoulder pads.

Other than Percy who had two stars, there were five men with one star on their shoulders. The Kings of War!

This was an extremely shocking sight.

Lee Jae-shik understood what this meant.

“Are they here to congratulate my daughter for her wedding?” exclaimed Isaac in surprise, so overjoyed that his eyes were almost popping out of their sockets.

This was the first thought in the Fletchers’ minds, too.

Everyone thought that the person who gave Lauren then Love of the World and the eight hundred and eighty million cash gift finally appeared.

“Wow, I never expected the person to be a high-ranking military officer!”

“This is the most honorable moment of the Fletcher family!” yelled Isaac, so delighted that he burst into tears.

The most prominent people in the military, government, and business had all gathered at Lauren’s wedding.

As the Fletchers were all wiping their tears away emotionally… a question surfaced. Who was the one who sent the gifts?

Lauren stood there in a daze, still unable to figure it out. After all, she had no connections with the military…

Lee Jae-shik kept trembling as cold sweat formed on his palms.

He feared meeting Erudia soldiers the most…

He never thought he would be confronted by the five Kings of War!

Park Cheon-shin and Lee Jung-jin were stunned.

A mere Fletcher family managed to mobilize the top leaders of North Hampton. And now, even a few Kings of War have arrived.

Are they really the Fletchers?

They had investigated the Fletchers thoroughly. However, the Fletchers they knew had a clean history with no powerful forces backing them.

This made the Fletchers easier to control.

However, it now seemed like they were the most powerful family in the city!

Jesse, Xavier, and the rest walked towards the newly arrived guests instantly.

Taking a deep breath, Jenson wiped his tears away and hurriedly rushed towards them. Meanwhile, the Fletcher family followed behind him.

Even Lauren was extremely excited and nervous.

“Oh, right. Isn’t Levi coming? He mustn’t come at this juncture! If he offends these people, he’ll be doomed.”

While Lauren followed the rest, she made a call quickly.

Although the call went through, no one picked up!

“Pick it up quickly! What are you doing, Levi?” muttered Lauren anxiously.

What made her even more nervous was that a ringing tone sounded somewhere in front of her.

“It can’t be that coincidental, can it? Did he really arrive at this moment?”

Lauren was almost frozen to the spot.

“Levi, pick it up quickly!”

She was so anxious that she could barely think straight.

Lauren soon arrived in front of everyone else and could clearly see the faces of Percy, Azure Dragon, and the rest.

It was really the five Kings of War!

Lee Jae-shik took a deep breath, wishing for nothing more than to hide in a hole.

At that moment, someone strode in, accompanied by a ringing tone on his phone.

Lauren closed her eyes in despair…

Why did Levi come at this moment?

Damn it!

“Oh right! I should turn off my phone quickly!”

Lauren responded in time and hung up the call instantly.

However, when she raised her head, she saw an extremely familiar face.

Levi has come!

The Return of God of War Chapter 539


The Fletchers and everyone else saw Levi, too. However, when they were about to call him, they realized that something was amiss.

The Kings of War all parted and formed a path for Levi.

The scariest part was that Levi was not wearing a suit!



He’s wearing military uniform?

When Lauren and the rest saw Levi in military uniform, their jaws dropped in shock.

They widened their eyes to take a closer look, repeatedly trying to confirm that they were not dreaming.

Levi was really wearing a military uniform.

Then, the hundreds of people present turned their attention to Levi’s shoulder pads to check out his military rank.







Five stars?

Five whole stars?

A five-star God of War?

There’s only one five-star God of War in the entire Erudia—the protector of the nation!


Is Levi the God of War of Erudia?

This… This…

By the time everyone figured out what all this meant, their expressions changed drastically and they stood stupefied on the spot.

Lee Jae-shik glanced at Levi, then at Kirin and the rest.

The God of War was always accompanied by his Kings of War, who were brigadier generals in their own right.

There was no doubt that Levi was the God of War!

He was the God of War who defeated the Eighteen-Nation Alliance with his unparalleled wit and power. He was the one feared by all nations in the world!

The God of War, the nightmare of mercenaries all over the world, the most terrifying presence known to foreign countries—and the very person Lee Jae-shik feared the most!

Oh my, how could I meet the God of War here?


When Lee Jae-shik met Levi’s gaze, he could not hold himself back anymore and dropped to his knees.

He looked nothing like the most powerful Taekwondo fighter.

Even Park Cheon-shin was utterly terrified.

Levi is actually the God of War?

The only five-star God of War in Erudia?

I understand now!

I understand everything!

The Morris Group had the God of War backing them all along!

Otherwise, why couldn’t I find out the backer’s identity?

That also explains how the Morris Group could conquer the entire North Hampton in such a short time…

…and why Scott failed so terribly?

It’s all because of the God of War…

No wonder he dares to threaten the Triple Group like that!

We’re doomed.

This is the end of us.

Park Cheon-shin’s legs weakened and he fell to his knees with a loud thump.

His entire body was drenched in cold sweat.

Everyone was flabbergasted.

What’s going on?

Why are the two prominent members of Triple group kneeling in fear?

Jesse and the rest walked towards Levi and addressed him simultaneously, “Greetings, God of War, Sir!”

This was a blatant announcement to everyone that he was really the God of War!

“God of War? Seriously?”

“I actually met the God of War in my lifetime?”

A huge commotion erupted amongst the crowd with everyone staring at Levi in utter admiration.

He’s Erudia’s God of War!

He’s everyone’s faith!

The Garrison family felt extremely proud when they saw this scene.

No matter what, Levi was still from the Garrison family, and was once part of the Garrisons!

Joseph and the rest glanced at the Fletchers.

As if they had been struck by lightning, the Fletchers stood there paralyzed. They were lost in their thoughts and their minds became a complete blank.

Tap, tap, tap…

With his military boots, Levi walked slowly towards Lauren and Lee Jung-jin.

He said with a smile, “Congratulations on your wedding, Lauren! I hope you’ll be blissful forever. You’re like a little sister to me.”

Lauren raised her head slowly and met Levi’s gaze; her mind was still blank.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she was unable to hold back her emotions anymore.

The Return of God of War Chapter 540

Levi then glanced at Lee Jung-jin and said, “Since she has chosen you, you must treat her nicely!”

“I… I…”

Lee Jung-jin was still traumatized that his body quivered and his teeth chattered.

What should I say?

With Levi standing in front of me, I feel extremely intimidated.

Lee Jung-jin could barely breathe from the pressure.

In fact, he wanted so badly to kneel in front of Levi.

On the other hand, Lauren had already burst into tears.

The venue was so quiet that everyone could even hear a pin drop.

Only Lauren’s sobs echoed across the hall, sounding extremely miserable and pitiful.

The more one listened to it, the more chills one would feel running down the spine.

“Mr. Fletcher, Mrs. Fletcher. Long time no see!”

With a grin, Levi greeted everyone in the Fletcher family.



When Jenson took a closer look at Levi’s face, he screamed. But before he could finish his sentence he had already fainted.

Isaac, Sam, and the rest could barely walk anymore. Their legs were trembling.

Sweat started to form on their foreheads as they were consumed by astonishment.

How could this be?

How is this even possible?

How can Levi be the God of War?

Didn’t he go to jail?

How did he become the unparalleled God of War?

This news was too much of a shock for them and they could barely accept the fact for the time being.

They were on the verge of a mental breakdown.

If they could not bear it anymore, they might even die of heart attack!

Now, they finally understood why the Garrison family said that they would regret it…

They already knew Levi’s identity!

Hence, they had warned the Fletchers to not feel any regret and be mentally prepared.

The old Mr. Fletcher was too overwhelmed by the revelation that he fainted.

In the eyes of the Garrison family, the Fletchers had been acting like clowns!

Immense regret engulfed each and every one of the Fletchers.

The Fletchers now felt empty inside, as if they had lost something terribly important.

This mistake would be an eternal pity for them.

The Garrisons were right.

Levi had no regrets. The only ones feeling that way would be the Fletchers!

In the face of the God of War, Lee Jung-jin was a nobody.

So what if he’s from the Triple Group?

How deserving is he?

He’s not even worthy enough to stand beside Levi!

The Fletchers collapsed onto the ground one by one. As if all their strength had been sapped from their body, they could barely even raise their arms.

This is just too alarming!

Today will forever be a tormenting and unforgettable event to us.

On the other hand, Joseph and the rest thrust their chests out proudly.

To them, Levi was the pride of the Garrison family!

By then, Lauren had been sobbing for a long time.

The person I like is already a mighty general, the legend of the entire nation.

The person I like is the most powerful person in the world, unparalleled in all fields.

My judgment was never wrong. The person I like is a hero!

Zoey, whom I always despised, is actually the happiest woman on Earth.

Oh! How I regret it!

Lauren wailed loudly as tears streamed down her cheeks.

She knew what she had missed out on.

She also understood that she would never be worthy of this man.

No matter how much effort she spent or how accomplished she became, she would never be on par with him, let alone cause him to regret!

That would be something she would never achieve in her lifetime.

“You received the gift, right? I’m happy that you can find love.”

Levi smiled, taking out a handkerchief and wiping Lauren’s tears away.

Naturally, the gift he was referring to was the Love of the Century.

“When I was younger, I did not handle that incident well! I’m sorry for that. However, now that you’re married, I’m really relieved.”

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