The Return of God of War Chapter 521-530

The Return of God of War Chapter 521

“I must say, I’m quite disappointed in you, Levi! You used to be a dark horse! Now, you’ve resorted to relying on your connections!”

“Logically speaking, Morris Group should be yours. How did you end up as a small-time technical consultant?” Lauren let out a derisive laugh.

She was in a particularly good mood now.

She was initially prepared to fight a hard battle.

But in the end, it was her ex-fiancé from during her childhood, Levi Garrison, who had turned up!

Not to mention, a completely ruined version of him.

She was ecstatic and felt fully confident about the negotiation that was about to begin.

“Wait, Ms. Fletcher! Something’s wrong. If Morris Group sent a useless person like him here, it means that they’re not taking this negotiation seriously at all!” her assistant exclaimed.

The smug smile on Lauren’s face immediately vanished.

She had actually thought about this too.

Did Morris Group deliberately send a useless person here?

Doesn’t that directly reflect their thoughts about this negotiation?

Even if they’re the ones who have the upper hand, they’re blatantly disrespecting Triple Group!

“What is Morris Group trying to do? Did they send a piece of trash over, to humiliate us?” Lauren threw the question to her assistant.

She purposely raised her voice so that Levi could hear her.

Her assistant replied, “Ms. Fletcher, I’ve just received the confirmation! Levi Garrison is the person they had sent to negotiate on the company’s behalf! He is authorized to make any decision!”

“In that case, let’s begin!” Lauren ordered in a cold tone.

While everyone was setting up the venue, Lauren approached Levi with a sneer. “Levi, I really never expected us to meet again like this! I had never believed the statement that people had said, stating that everything in life is temporary until I had seen you once again. Oh, how things have changed!”

Levi nodded. “Yeah! You’ve grown so much since the last time I saw you.”

“I know, right?” You’ve changed even more though! The Garrisons were clearly billionaires who had successfully listed their company. What happened in less than a month to make them fall so low? Now, all of the Garrisons are barely scraping by! They’re all just a pathetic bunch!

They used to be so high and mighty. Even though your father and mine were good friends, I knew that your father looked down on my family and saw us as peasants!

“But now, my family has a market value of two billion! I’m also the general manager of Triple Group in Erudia! We are the ones looking down on your family now! Including you! All of you are merely fit to lick the dirt from our boots!”

Lauren abruptly changed the topic. “Of course, you’re not doing too bad. At least you can still fulfill your basic needs, but you’re still considered a low-life!”

Levi who remained silent the entire time sighed softly when she was done.

Reality is simply too cruel.

A pure and kind little girl had turned into this kind of person…

One side of Lauren’s mouth lifted. “You can sigh all you want, but the reality is a b****! Don’t look down on others, because you’ll never know when they would rise and walk all over you! That’s what we Fletchers are doing right now; walking all over the Garrisons!”

Levi wasn’t angered by her words, but Seth on the other hand, couldn’t continue listening to her insults anymore.

When Lauren noticed that, she announced with a smile, “Alright, enough talk about this. My wedding is in five days! I’m marrying Lee Jung-jin, the nephew of Triple Group’s regional general manager, Park Cheon-shin! You must come, yes? Here’s the invitation!”

Levi accepted the invitation from her hand, with surprise sprawled across his face. “A Keerean?”

“Yeah! He’s a greatly valued executive of Triple Group and owns company shares too! Even the old you can’t compare to him!” Lauren flaunted arrogantly.

Levi smiled in response. “Sure. I’ll be there.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 522

When Levi ignored her jab at him, Lauren immediately softened her tone, changing tactics. “Oh well, no matter what, we grew up together Levi. I’m like a sister to you, am I not? You’ll come for my wedding no matter what, right?”

Lauren had wanted Levi to attend her wedding so that he would realize that choosing Zoey over her was the biggest mistake of his life!

“Mm, alright. I’ll definitely attend your wedding!”

Although he felt nauseated by the current Lauren, she was still his childhood betrothed, and he had regarded her as a younger sister.

Since she was going to get married, he would attend her wedding just for the sake of it.

Lauren nodded in satisfaction. “Don’t forget to dress up nicely too!”

“Mm. I wish you happiness!” Levi offered her a bland smile.

“I…” Lauren hesitated for a brief moment.

Truth be told, she didn’t have any feelings for Lee Jung-jin.

Nonetheless, because of his status as Park Cheon-shin’s nephew, as well as his competency, Lauren had agreed to marry him.

She wanted to gain more power for herself, as well as for her family so that they could become a noble family.

Park Cheon-shin suggested a marriage between her and his nephew because he saw her potential.

Once Lauren became his daughter-in-law, all of Triple Group’s assets would be his to control.

In fact, he had wanted to kick Horace out of Triple Group a long time ago.

However, the higher-ups from the headquarters did not allow that, because the position could only be occupied by a capable Erudian.

Coincidentally, Horace had been showing poor work performance as of recently. Thus, Park Cheon-shin successfully had him sacked and allowed Lauren to replace him.

Lauren was currently so excited that she had immediately called her father, Isaac. “Dad, guess what? I ran into Levi Garrison! He has promised to attend my wedding!”

“Hahaha! Really? That’s wonderful! We’ll show him exactly who the Fletchers are, along with how outstanding my daughter is! He’s the one who isn’t worthy of you! Damn that piece of trash!”

Isaac shared his daughter’s excitement.

He wanted Levi to witness Lauren’s monumental wedding and regret his choice back then!

“Ms. Fletcher, everything is ready! Please, have a seat,” informed her assistant.

At the same time, Levi moved to take his seat, across from hers.

Lauren glanced at Levi with disdain gleaming in her eyes and proclaimed, “The negotiation has officially begun! I’m sure that you know the current situation. I want to hear your take on it…”

“Sure. Then, I’ll go ahead first!”

With that, Levi got down to business. “Firstly, Triple Group must pay back the 80 billion that they’ve stolen from Scott Yates’ faction. This huge sum of money is supposed to be for the development of Quebec! Triple Group isn’t allowed to do anything until the money has been paid.”

Before anyone could react, he continued, “Secondly, make a public apology and confess to all the crimes that Triple Group has committed over these past few years.”

“Thirdly, Triple Group must either get lost from Erudia, or follow its laws.”

“These three points are what I want to bring across.”

After Levi was done saying his piece, silence blanketed the room.

Lauren was dumbfounded.

Everyone had varying expressions on their faces.

Even Seth was wearing a look of utter disbelief on his face.

Aren’t you going a little overboard, Mr. Garrison?

Everyone knows that Quebec is dominated by Triple Group now.

Nonetheless, he spoke such arrogant words!

Did he just tell Triple Group to get lost?

Has he gone mad?

Who in Quebec has the balls to do what he has just done?

It took Lauren a whole minute to return to her senses.

“Levi, what nonsense are you spouting? When did Triple Group steal 80 billion from Scott Yates? Where did you hear that rumor?” Lauren angrily rebuked.

She was, in fact, shocked on the inside.

How did he know?

“Rumor? Hahaha…” Levi burst out laughing.

Has Lauren become as shameless as Triple Group too?

“The truth will always come to light. Triple Group shouldn’t assume that their shady dealings will remain hidden forever! That money was specially gathered to support the construction and development of Quebec! Unfortunately, Triple Group had the guts to take that money. How preposterous!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 523

The moment he proclaimed as such, even Lauren was taken aback.

Her anxiety spiked because Triple Group was actually still losing sleep over that money.

Firstly, the amount involved was simply too enormous.

Secondly, that sum of money was specially funded by South City.

Hence, they had tried their best to do charity, in order to clear their guilty conscience.

Mentioning that sum of money was a direct hit on Triple Group’s weakness.

Levi repeated in a chilly tone, “Today’s negotiation will revolve around the three points that I had stated. Number one, return the money; number two, make a public apology; number three, either get lost or obey the law!”

His words were simply too cool!

Seth was so awestruck that he had almost cried!

Mr. Garrison is a real man!

Lauren was beyond stunned.

The negotiation wasn’t supposed to go like this…

Even so, what the hell is this?

“Didn’t you say that you were getting married? Triple Group has five days! Don’t blame me for being merciless if you fail!”

Levi gave them a deadline.

“Levi, the points I was going to bring up today were-”

Lauren was cut off mid-sentence.

“I’m sorry to say this, but you have no right to do so! Since you’ve asked for a negotiation, everything is up to me!” Levi left no room for discussion.

“Fine. So, you mean that everything you say is equivalent to Morris Group’s decision?” Lauren scoffed.

“Of course! Since I’m here, it means that I represent the entire Morris Group!” Levi nodded.

“Are you sure that this is how you want today’s negotiation to go?”


Lauren’s lips curled in disdain. “Then, can you bear the consequences?”

“Bear the consequences? I think that I should be the one asking Triple Group this question. I’m only giving you five days! If you don’t do what I have asked, I will personally take everything back and drive Triple Group out of Erudia!”

Levi sounded impassive as though he was talking about the weather.


Everyone, including Lauren, erupted into fits of laughter.

Drive Triple Group out of Erudia?

He must be crazy to be able to say something like this, right?

Even the leaders of South City have turned a blind eye to this matter.

Who in Quebec would dare to go head to head with Triple Group?

A measly company like Morris Group?

They’re indeed a tough nut to crack, but they’re still nothing, compared to Triple Group.

“Levi, do you really think that you possess authority just because they had sent you here to negotiate? They clearly did that as a mere formality, but you’ve seriously thought that you were some kind of important person?” Lauren snickered.

“Oh and what about you? Stop dwelling over unimportant matters and just relay my message to your superior!” Levi retorted.

“Who dares to speak so arrogantly?”

Just then, a voice sounded, as a voice sounded out, speaking in imperfect English.

Lee Jung-jin appeared in a suit.

“Honey, this is the guy who I was betrothed to when I was a child! Now, he’s just a piece of trash!” Lauren whispered.

Lee Jung-jin glanced at Levi, with a surprise filling his eyes before sneering. “My dear, he isn’t worthy of you!”

“So, you’re the one who wants to drive Triple Group out of Erudia?”

Lee Jung-jin sized Levi up with a contemptuous look.

Boom, boom, boom.

The sound of thunderous footsteps shook the ground as Choi Hong-man, who was two meters tall, bearing a weight of more than two hundred pounds, appeared.

He resembled a God, as he looked down his nose at Levi and Seth.

Seth could feel the dangerous aura that Choi Hong-man was emanating, immediately explaining, “Don’t get the wrong idea. We have only come to relay the message! This is our boss’ decision!”

Seth didn’t want to cause a conflict.

He felt that Levi was no match for Choi Hong-man, so he chose to retreat for now.

“Yes. I was the one who had said that! So why don’t you try and see what would happen if you failed to deliver, on the three points I’ve just stated, within five days?”

Levi stared straight at Lee Jung-jin, answering his question.

Oh no!

Seth gave himself a mental slap.

Levi was stepping forth, full throttle.

Choi Hong-man took a menacing stride forward as he announced in a frosty tone, “Try and see?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 524

Choi Hong-man’s gigantic body resembled that of a beast’s.

His booming voice sounded like thunder, and he gave off an extremely intimidating aura.

Everyone retreated out of fear, including Lauren, leaving Levi and Choi Hong-man in the middle.

Choi Hong-man glared at Levi, as though he were a predator, with Levi being his sole prey.

Seth looked on anxiously, knowing full well that he would be beaten to a pulp if he had faced off against Choi Hong-man.

He’s an amazing fighter!

Levi’s in deep trouble this time…

“You’ll know the consequences in five days!” Levi declared with a smug grin. “Let’s go!”

Levi turned around to leave, with Seth following him closely.


Without warning, Choi Hong-man dragged Seth over and pinned him down, against a chair.

Seth froze up, his reflexes as an ex-military scout failing to kick in.

He could only stare at Choi Hong-man in shock as he was held hostage, in a tight grip against the chair.

Seth was utterly shocked.

He’s too powerful!

He’s stronger than I had thought!

Levi won’t stand a chance against him!

We’re done for…

“Who has given you permission to leave? The negotiations are not over yet!” Choi Hong-man bellowed, making the ground shake.

Lauren and her party roared in excitement.

Levi’s manipulative tactics had made them hesitant to put forward their terms, and Choi Hong-man had proved that violence was the only way to get them out of this sticky situation.

“That’s right!” Lauren jeered. “We haven’t even put forward our terms yet! Why are you leaving?”

Lee Jung-jin scoffed. “That’s really rude of you. Do you really think that we’re going to back down so easily?”

“Yeah! You shouldn’t be walking out just like that!”

The party from Triple Group started to grow cocky.

Choi Hong-man pointed at Levi and yelled in broken English, “You! Come! Sit!”

Levi grinned. “Can’t you just let me leave?”


Lee Jung-jin and Lauren exchanged looks and burst into laughter.

They glanced at Choi Hong-man to put across a signal to Levi that he would have to get past Choi Hong-man first before he could leave.

Lauren left the room after that.

Park Cheon-shin had given her two schemes for the negotiations and had instructed her to let Choi Hong-man threaten the Morris Group party if things went south.

In fact, the second scheme was to mobilize Choi Hong-man.

What was to follow after that was none of her business.

“Be gentle, Mr. Choi…” she had announced earlier on with a grin. “I need him to show up at my wedding.”

Lee Jung-jin left after shooting Levi a look.

It was time for Choi Hong-man to shine.

The party from Triple Group filed out of the room and closed the door behind them.

“Did you hear me?” Choi Hong-man bellowed, glaring at Levi.

Levi merely stared at him. “Let that person go. This is not your country, and you have no right to act like you own the place!”

Levi’s voice was calm yet authoritative, as though he was leading an army of a million men.

It could make anyone who was listening to him cower in fear.

Even Choi Hong-man was startled for a second, but he soon regained his footing quickly. “Hmph! I do not let people go easily! You too!”

He charged forward upon uttering those words.

Despite possessing a burly body, he moved at what seemed to be lightning speed. Before anyone could react, he had already grabbed Levi by the shoulders, ready to throw him onto a chair.

Levi was close to two meters tall, but that was nothing compared to the two-hundred-pound wall of muscle before him.

Seth and his allies closed their eyes in defeat.

The Return of God of War Chapter 525

However, to Choi Hong-man’s horror, Levi did not even move a single inch.

He was shocked…very shocked.

He could throw an elephant into the air with ease, yet Levi stood rooted to the ground, no matter how hard he had tried to lift him.

“Get out!” Levi shouted all of a sudden, his booming voice echoing across the room.


To everyone’s shock, Choi Hong-man staggered backward, due to the sheer force of Levi’s voice, only stopping after crashing into the table in the middle of the room.

His eyes were filled with fear, yet, he refused to back down.

“You’re asking for trouble!” Choi Hong-man hollered like a feral beast before charging forward once again.


He leaped into the air like a cannonball before crashing down onto the tables and chairs explosively.

Everyone staggered backwards from the shockwave that he had created, its searing heat almost burning through their skins.


The tables and chairs crumbled into a pile of debris under his weight.

Choi Hong-man had gone all out!

Seth hissed in fear.

He’s simply too strong!

A single kick from Choi Hong-man could break a stone apart!

Choi Hong-man howled, as the veins on his legs popped.


Levi’s bangs fluttered in the air, as the vibrations that Choi Hong-man was creating had soon shaken the room, around them.

Choi Hong-man focused all his energy on his right leg, ready to deal a fatal strike.

He was confident that he could shatter the thickest walls in the world with one kick, let alone a scrawny man like Levi Garrison!

Levi has become dead meat…

Seth had lost all hope.

He’s too strong!

Simply too strong!

He’s a one-man army!

No wonder he’s the best fighter in Keerea! He’s like a battle-weathered sword!

No wonder everyone calls him a ‘human-sized weapon’!

Levi stood rooted to the ground, as though he was frightened out of his wits as well.

However, just seconds before Choi Hong-man’s leg made contact with his head, his fist flew out like a released spring.

He punched Choi Hong-man squarely in the leg, creating a deafening boom that had almost caused everyone’s eardrums to burst.

It’s over…

There’s no way that Levi has survived that…

However, much to everyone’s surprise, Choi Hong-man was launched into the air, as though he had been rammed into, by a car. His right leg was bent at a weird angle.




Choi Hong-man’s body reduced a dozen tables into dust and shattered the glass door, yet his momentum did not diminish by a single bit.

He flew outwards for another few seconds and crashed through the railings of the second floor, hurtling towards the first floor.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Lee Jung-jin walked in, side-by-side towards the first-floor lobby.

“What do you think Choi Hong-man is planning to do to Levi, honey?” Lauren asked with a wide smile.

Lee Jung-jin scoffed. “That man is a beast! There is simply no way that Levi Garrison could survive all of that!”

“That’s great!” Lauren chirped happily.

Levi’s arrogant attitude had angered her immensely, and she was more than willing when it came to witnessing Levi getting himself crushed by Choi Hong-man.

“Alright! I think it’s about time we head back.”

The two of them returned to the meeting room, only to be greeted by a loud crash.

“W-what’s that?” Lee Jung-jin exclaimed in terror.

A huge figure plummeted down from the second floor…

The Return of God of War Chapter 526

Lauren froze in her tracks and Lee Jung-jin started to tremble in fear.


The figure landed heavily, with a thud, making the ground shake as though an earthquake had just occurred.

Choi Hong-man’s body spasmed, as he frothed at the mouth, spewing out a mixture of blood and teeth all over his face.

“W-what in the world is going on?” Lauren stammered.

“Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Did a person just fly out?” Lee Jung-jin asked perplexedly, seeming as though he had been utterly confused.

“Let’s go in and take a look!” Lauren exclaimed, setting off into a run.

“Yeah! Maybe it’s Levi!” Lee Jung-jin added.

Soon, they arrived at the spot where the person had landed, only to see Choi Hong-man having a seizure on the ground.

“What?” they exclaimed in unison. “Choi…Hong-man? Why are you here? Where is Levi Garrison?”

The two of them stared at Choi Hong-man, dumbfounded.

This is outrageous!

After a while, Choi Hong-man stopped moving completely. It was almost as though his soul had left his body.

Why would a champion fighter get thrown out of his arena so easily?

How did he end up on the first floor?

How is this even possible?

“T-T-This…” Lee Jung-jin was at a loss for words.

He would never be able to forget the scene that he had just witnessed.

As a Keerean, he knew just how strong Choi Hong-man was.

To Keereans, Choi Hong-man was an undefeatable force, with rumors stating that his body was immune to all types of weapons.

Once, he had managed to wipe out an entire cult, despite being shot in the chest seven times.

The bullets had merely pierced through his skin, leaving both his organs and bones unharmed.

His body was impenetrable!

What in the world happened just now?

This is unbelievable!

“What are you waiting for? Send him to the hospital!” Lee Jung-jin screeched.

“I’m going to find Levi Garrison!” Lauren yelled back, as she bounded up the stairs.

To her horror, there was no one in the meeting room.

Levi was long gone!

“I’m certain that someone from Morris Group had swooped in to save him!” Lauren muttered to herself in anguish. “Who could be stronger than Choi Hong-man?”

Meanwhile, in South City, Park Cheon-shin received a call from his nephew Lee Jung-jin.

“Huh? What happened?” Park Cheon-shin exclaimed, dumbfounded.

“Levi Garrison beat Choi Hong-man up… He’s in the hospital now, and we don’t know if he’ll survive…” Lee Jung-jin stammered nervously.

Park Cheon-shin’s phone fell to the ground with a loud thud, as he stared off into the distance, with a shocked look upon his face.

“What’s wrong? Were you actually convinced that Choi Hong-man was undefeatable?” Lee Jae-shik asked calmly as he sipped on his tea.

Park Cheon-shin glanced at him in disbelief. “Did you see this coming, Master?”

“Of course I did!” Lee Jae-shik answered. “Even a random security guard from Morris Group can defeat Lee Da-yong and Lee Da-jong. What makes you think that Choi Hong-man is any stronger?”

“Are you sure, Master?” Park Cheon-shin asked.

“Haha! Only strong ones are worthy of my attention! It’ll be pretty disappointing if Choi Hong-man had wiped him out with one strike,” Lee Jae-shik announced, smiling.

Park Cheon-shin grinned as well. “I should ask them about the negotiations!”

Taking out his phone, he soon began to dial a string of numbers.

The Return of God of War Chapter 527

“What? You’re only giving us five days’ time?” Park Cheon-shin yelled, with his fists clenched.

After hanging up, he relayed Levi’s three warnings to Lee Jae-shik.


Lee Jae-shik slammed his palm against the table. “How dare they threaten to kick us out of Erudia? It’s simply ridiculous!”

“Master, please calm down!” Park Cheon-shin pleaded. “We need your help!”

“Of course I’ll help you!” Lee Jae-shik exclaimed, his eyes alight with a furious flame.

All three of his disciples had been beaten up, becoming utterly humiliated, and he could no longer tolerate it.

“Master, my nephew’s wedding is in five days’ time,” Park Cheon-shin reminded him. “Can we settle this after his wedding?”


“I would also like to invite you to his wedding, Master. I’m sure that it’ll make the wedding unforgettable for everyone there!” Park Cheon-shin pleaded.

“Of course! We’ll head straight to North Hampton after the wedding to settle the score with Morris Group!”

Lee Jung-jin relayed the message to Lauren immediately after he had received it.

“What? Master Lee is going to attend our wedding?” Lauren exclaimed excitedly, her gloominess from earlier completely gone.

“My uncle told me to focus on the wedding and to ignore Morris Group for the time being!” Lee Jung-jin relayed. “We need to get the media’s attention too!”

The wedding was not just a wedding- It was a publicity stunt by Triple Group.

Soon, news of their wedding spread to every corner of North Hampton, with headlines such as, ‘The General Manager of Triple Group Erudia Branch, Lauren Fletcher, To Get Married To The Nephew of The Chief Manager of Triple Group Erudia Branch, At Bayfront Manor In Five Days’ Time’, taking over the front page of every local newspaper.

In addition to that, the residents of North Hampton were shocked to find out that the renowned master of Taekwondo, Lee Jae-shik, also known as the chief instructor of the Keerean Army, was going to be one of the witnesses at the wedding.

The news shook everyone in North Hampton, along with the entire Quebec region to its core.

The public had been eyeing the wedding for a long time, but they had not expected someone as well-known as Lee Jae-shik to grace the wedding with his presence.

The sheer publicity the wedding was getting was unbelievable.

Everyone looked forward to the day of the wedding with much excitement.

Meanwhile, in the Fletcher family mansion…

“That’s amazing! We should thank the Gods for this!” Isaac Fletcher exclaimed in high spirits.

Lauren’s grandfather Jenson hobbled over on his walking stick, trembling in excitement. “What? Master Lee is going to attend the wedding as well?”

“That’s right, Dad!” Isaac announced, his voice trembling. “His presence is worth more than any other celebrity! Only someone like Benny Quinton will be able to compare to him!”

He respected a foreigner more than his own countrymen.

“Hahaha! We truly have been blessed by God!” Jenson exclaimed, with a hearty laugh as he gazed at Lauren lovingly.

“That’s right!” Sam affirmed as happy tears rolled down her face. “My daughter has become a general manager and is now getting married to a Keerean. Furthermore, a well-respected Master is attending her wedding too! I’m so happy for you, Lauren!”

“Wow, imagine what would have happened if she had chosen to marry Levi instead…” Isaac sighed.

“That would be terrible! That scumbag doesn’t deserve my granddaughter!” Jenson growled out loud.

When Levi chose to marry Zoey all those years back, Jenson had taken it upon himself to beg, in front of Joseph Garrison, only to be humiliated by the entire Garrison family.

He would never forget the shame that he had felt that day.

The Return of God of War Chapter 528

“Before I forget, please ensure that you have invited Joseph Garrison to the wedding! I need him to know what my granddaughter deserves!” Jenson added.

I need to get my revenge!

“Of course! I’ll pay a visit to the Garrison family right now!” Isaac agreed, as he got into his car and made his way to the Garrison family’s home.

The Garrison family had lost all of their assets to Levi, all except the house they had stayed in.

They were basically a bunch of forgotten souls.

The luxury cars that had used to line their yard were all gone, now replaced by motorcycles and a Mercedes Benz.

Isaac felt thoroughly refreshed, looking at such a gloomy sight.

Oh, how the tables have turned!

Don’t you remember how you had used to humiliate us as though we were your slaves?

Everything is different now!

You’ve fallen from grace, while the Fletchers have risen up to the top!

Isaac laughed at the thought of that.

Doesn’t it sound ridiculous?

“Hm? Isaac? Why are you here?” a voice ran out.

Isaac looked up to see Levi’s adoptive parents, Ben and Winnie, walking towards him with confused expressions on their faces.

They approached him with much trepidation.

“Where’s Joseph Garrison?” Isaac scoffed, with his hands in his pockets.

He could not bear to look at Joseph in the eyes for the longest time, but everything was different now.

He no longer saw Joseph Garrison as a threat.

Soon, the entire Garrison family gathered themselves in the yard.

“What’s wrong, Mr. Fletcher?” Joseph asked apprehensively.

Ever since their reputation had gone down the drain, the Garrison family’s self-confidence had spiraled downhill.

Joseph kept his head down as much as possible, as a result.

“I’m here to announce that my daughter’s wedding is in five days’ time! All of you must ensure that you are present on that day!” Isaac ordered.

“Congratulations! We’ll definitely be there! Thank you for the invite,” Joseph thanked with a smile.

Isaac’s grin grew wider. “Do you know how capable my daughter is? Her year-end bonuses, as the general manager of the Erudia Branch of Triple Group, could be as high as two hundred million! Her fiancé is a member of the Lee family, the founders of Triple Group! He holds at least ten billion worth of shares! Even you couldn’t compare to them at your peak!”

“That’s amazing!” Joseph exclaimed. “Ms. Lauren is a genius!”

“Glad to see that you’ve acknowledged it!” Isaac proclaimed smugly as he glanced at the other members of the Garrison family. “Don’t you remember how arrogant you had looked when we had begged you not to void the marriage agreement?”

Joseph could feel his cheeks heating up in shame.

He’s striking back…

“Oh, by the way, didn’t you say that Levi deserves better than my daughter? Look what has happened since then! Hahaha!” Isaac continued forth with a laugh.

However, his smile melted off his face swiftly, as he had yet to receive an answer from the Garrisons.

They had been replying enthusiastically to his every statement, yet they fell silent the moment he had mentioned Levi.

Their faces began to darken as they glared at Isaac.

Isaac began to get annoyed. “What? Are you still skeptical of my daughter?”

Ben and Winnie exchanged looks and nodded. “That’s right! Levi deserves better!” they cried out in unison.

The others remained silent, but their stand was clear.

Lauren Fletcher is no match for Levi!

He’s the God of War, for goodness’ sake!

Your daughter doesn’t deserve a man like him!

The Return of God of War Chapter 529


Isaac flew into a rage the moment he had heard those words.

“What makes you think that Levi is better than my daughter?” he demanded, jabbing his finger into Ben’s face. “So what if he had used to be a tycoon in the city? My daughter leads the Triple Group! Don’t you know how powerful Triple Group is? Don’t you know who my daughter is getting married to? Levi Garrison is nothing compared to my daughter, and that’s a hard fact!”

“Hahaha!” Ben jeered. “Oh, Isaac, why are you so proud of the fact that your daughter is getting married to a foreigner, and is sucking up to foreign executives? Is it really something to boast about? Besides, it doesn’t matter what position she holds in her company. She’ll never be good enough for my son,” he added with a cold grin.

“That’s right! What’s there to be proud of, about working for a Keerean company? Dream on!”

The crowd buzzed around Isaac, as they continued to hurl insults at him.

Despite all the despicable things that they had done, along with the questionable morals that some of the members had, the Garrisons were die-hard patriots.

They did not see marrying a Keerean as something to be proud of.

Isaac, on the other hand, stomped his foot in anger.

“How dare you! Things are different now! Stop being so arrogant!” he hollered.

“Isaac, we’re more than happy to be able to attend your daughter’s wedding,” Ben announced. “However, Levi can’t be there. You’ll regret it if he shows up.”

“That’s right!” Winnie agreed. “You’ll be the one who will come to regret your actions, rather than him!”

“He’ll outshine everyone at the wedding! He’ll make your entire family regret everything!” Joseph added.

However, Isaac refused to believe them.

“I don’t care! He’d better show up at the wedding!” he yelled. “Just how is he going to outshine my future son-in-law?”

He did not believe in superstitions or prophecies.

After he had departed, Ben sighed and muttered, “What an idiot! He’s making the same mistakes as we had!”

That night, at Bayview Garden…

“Levi, look! The girl that you had gotten set up with is getting married to that handsome Keerean boy!” Zoey exclaimed with a smile.

“I know that. Everyone’s talking about it,” Levi announced, with a slight hint of annoyance in his voice.

“Are you regretting everything now? Lauren’s so pretty and talented!” Zoey asked, staring into his eyes.

“Since when did you learn how to get on my nerves?” Levi quipped as he reached out to tickle her.

Zoey evaded his tickle attacks and pleaded for mercy. “I’m sorry, darling! By the way, did you get an invite to her wedding?”

“That’s right. I’ve already confirmed our attendance,” he answered.

Zoey clenched her fists. “We need to take this seriously. I’ll buy you a set of clothes tomorrow.”

“There’s no need for that!” Levi uttered with a smile. “I already have the perfect outfit for the occasion.”

He had decided to show up at Lauren’s wedding, donning his God of War attire.

The Return of God of War Chapter 530

“That’s great!” Zoey exclaimed, nodding profusely. “I think that I’ll decide to stay out of this. The Fletchers aren’t particularly fond of me.”

“Haha!” Levi laughed. “She’s like a sister to me. She’s not someone whom I’ll marry.”

Zoey grinned. “Oh, darling, you’re so ignorant! She doesn’t see you as a big brother! Why don’t you make it up to her with a gift? Here, take this!”

She handed him a credit card, earning her a few affectionate head rubs from Levi.

Only Zoey could be this kind…

Any other woman would have barred me from attending any wedding, let alone the wedding of someone whom my parents had set me up with, all those years ago!

I won’t even receive an allowance to buy gifts with!

Levi smiled. “Why didn’t I think of that? Thanks for the money! I’ll make sure to buy the best gift that I can find.”

Afterward, he told Azure Dragon to prepare a gift for Lauren at the wedding.

Meanwhile, Triple Group began to infiltrate every sector of the North Hampton economy, prior to the wedding so as to wriggle their way back into the market.

The wedding was nothing more than a tool to establish their footing in North Hampton.

Everything that they had been doing was nothing more than the prelude to absolute control!

On the other hand, Levi told his forces to hold still and leave them alone.

Four days passed in a blink, and it was soon the day before Lauren and Lee Jung-jin’s wedding.

The Fletcher family was ready for the wedding, and Bayfront Manor was transformed into a wedding venue.

“I bet that no one would want to miss out on my daughter’s wedding!” Isaac joked, with a proud laugh. “Take a seat, everyone!”

“You’ll officially belong to the Lee family tomorrow, Lauren,” Jenson congratulated her happily. “You’re making us proud!”

The Fletchers beamed at one another.

Meanwhile, Lauren stood before the mirror, trying out gown after gown as she tried to pick one that would bring out her beauty the most.

I’ll be the star of the show tomorrow!

I’ll show them how irreplaceable I truly am!

I’ll make them regret every insult that they’ve uttered!

“Who would you like to see the most tomorrow, Lauren?” Sam asked.

“Levi Garrison!” Lauren answered, a cold glint flashing across her eyes.

The Fletchers knew how hurt Lauren had been when Levi had chosen Zoey over her, hence, her love for him had turned into hatred, as time went by.

She despised him.

She told herself that she would work hard to outshine everyone, in order to prove herself worthy.

She had been waiting for the day where she would rise above Zoey and Levi and be able to look down upon them.

I’ll make him regret everything!

I’ll walk down the aisle with a man a hundred times better than you right before your eyes!

You don’t deserve to be my husband!

Just you wait!

Lauren wished that time could pass faster.

She longed to see the looks of remorse on Levi’s and his family members’ faces.

The Fletchers continued their lighthearted banter as Jenson turned on the TV.

“According to an overseas sources, a necklace named the ‘Love of the World’ was sold at an auction for eight hundred million. The buyer was rumored to be an Erudian, as the necklace is currently being shipped towards Erudia.”

“I heard that the necklace is used as a wedding gift! It’s represented pure and innocent love for centuries. I wonder which lucky Erudian bride it’s going to?”

The news piqued the interest of the Fletchers, particularly Lauren.

Lee Jung-jin had prepared a limited edition necklace, as a token of love, which had cost him millions.

All her friends had been awestruck by its beauty.

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