The Return of God of War Chapter 511-520

The Return of God of War Chapter 511

Park Cheon-shin was coming down to North Hampton.

At Noblesse Villa in South City.

This was the residence of Park Cheon-shin.

Presently, he was watching, as several men carefully unloaded his injured son from a car.

He was absolutely incensed!

His precious son was crippled and two of his best bodyguards were barely clinging on to life.

This was a huge slap in the face for Triple Group!

Not even Scott Yates had dared to do this!

In fact, the leaders of South City would not have dared to do so either!

Yet a puny little city had had the audacity to go up against the might of Triple Group?

How outrageous!

However, upon looking at the condition that the Lee brothers were in now, he knew that the opposition was no weakling. It was likely they had more power than Scott Yates.

The only way to resolve this matter was if his own men were even more powerful.

“Dad, you have to avenge me! North Hampton has some psychopath protecting it!” Hae-jin shouted.

Cheon-shin pondered his next course of action carefully before calling the Keerea headquarters of Triple Group. He quickly explained the situation, ending with, “Please send Master Lee Jae-shik to Erudia to oversee this matter!”

Since he was in charge of making sure that Triple Group had dominated the extremely profitable Quebec market, he would do whatever it took to accomplish his mission. Certain sacrifices would have to be made if he had wanted to have the chief coach of Keerea’s help; sacrifices that he was more than happy to make, as he did not want to give up just yet.

“Yes, okay. As long as Mr. Lee agrees, he can come immediately. I’ll arrange for everything.”

On a small island somewhere in Keerea.

An elderly man with snowy hair was fishing.

Sitting incredibly still, he exuded a calm aura, almost unnaturally so.

As if he had some sort of power, the waters beneath his fishing rod were teeming with fish. The swarm only seemed to grow larger, as time passed, and more and more gathered around.

It was a strange and unexplainable phenomenon.

Right then, hurried footsteps sounded from behind him.

“Master, something bad has happened! Misters Lee Da-yong and Lee Da-jong were beaten up by someone in Erudia! They’re badly injured and whether they’ll survive is unknown!”

A man reported in a panicked tone before he kneeled on the ground in front of the old man.


The old man suddenly yanked on his fishing rod and a loud rumbling sound could be heard. The waters began to spin rapidly, forming into a huge vortex.

Several seconds later, massive waves reaching tens of meters high rose up.

Thousands of fish flopped on the beach, tossed out by the churning waves.

Everybody present was stunned at the majestic sight, wondering if the old man had some sort of superpower.

“Mr. Park Cheon-shin is hoping that you will head to Erudia to aid him. Firstly, to assist in Triple Group’s expansion into the country, and secondly, to get revenge for Misters Lee Da-jong and Lee Da-yong!” the man kneeling on the floor continued pleadingly.

Behind him, more than a hundred men got down on their knees as well, shouting, “Triple Group wishes to call upon Master Lee Jae-shik to assist it in dealing with some matters! Please come out of retirement, Master!”

Their voices merged into a cacophonous roar, echoing up into the skies.

It had been many years since Jae-shik had retired from the Keerea military and he had originally planned on never involving himself with the outside world again.

However… A gleam entered his eyes and he spoke up, “Fine. I would like to see the hometown of the God of War anyway!”

As he said this, a tiny bit of fear curled up inside him.

He was well aware of how terrifying the God of War of Erudia was!

There was a loud roar of approval from the men, as they took his words as agreement.

After ten years of hiding himself from the world, Keerea’s number one Taekwondo master was finally coming out of retirement. He was heading for Erudia to aid Triple Group in taking over Quebec.

Cheon-shin was ecstatic when he heard the news and came close to dancing in glee.

With someone as powerful as Jae-shik on their side, taking over Quebec would be child’s play.

After that, they would move on to the surrounding cities.

The Return of God of War Chapter 512

Levi had just gotten off from work when an unexpected visitor came for him.

It was one of Scott’s old subordinates, Theo.

Since he was not directly involved in the incident last time, Levi had not killed him.

Curious at the other man’s sudden appearance, Levi asked, “You were looking for me?”

“I’ll be frank with you, Mr. Garrison. I’m sure that you know that my boss has accumulated hundreds of billions in wealth in the past decade or so. He is also an avid collector of priceless artifacts. Amongst his collection, three are unique and incredibly rare pieces. You could say that they represent the very culture of Erudia itself!”

At this point, realization dawned upon Levi as he blurted out, “Don’t tell me that Triple Group has stolen them?”

“Thankfully, no. When my boss had retired, he deliberately entrusted ten of his most precious artifacts to the North Hampton Chrisler Foundation. Now that Mr. Yates is gone, the foundation is actually claiming the artifacts for themselves! What’s even more infuriating is that they are going to have an auction for these treasures! I have heard rumors that Triple Group is intent on bidding for those items. These are practically the national treasures of Erudia and I don’t want them to land into the hands of some other country, a sentiment that I’m certain that Mr. Yates would agree with! Please help me, Mr. Garrison! Mr. Yates went through a lot of trouble to buy back those three artifacts from an auction at another country.”

Theo crashed to the floor on his knees as he begged Levi for his help.

Even though Scott and his ilk had used to bully anyone that they could, as they had gone around committing many horrible crimes, they were still extremely loyal to their country

Chuckling grimly, Levi replied, “I’m quite certain that the auction is merely a front. Triple Group and the Chrisler Foundation have probably already come to an agreement that these artifacts are to be theirs. They’re just putting on a show for everyone else so that it would appear as though Triple Group had obtained the artifacts through legal means.”

Theo blinked in surprise before exclaiming, “T-that’s right! Since those artifacts are national treasures, Triple Group would not be able to take them that easily. Thus, they had probably conspired with the Chrisler Foundation to have this auction. Triple Group is truly shameless! Not only did they steal hundreds of billions from Mr. Yates, now, they even want to snatch away his most precious treasures! How despicable!”

“Alright. Tell me the location and the time. I’ll deal with it!” Levi assured with a dark look on his face.

Is there any end to Triple Group’s greed?

“Eight o’clock tomorrow night at Lakeside Villa!”

Color was slowly returning to Theo’s pale face.

Now that he had passed this matter off for Levi to handle, he could finally relax.

Jae-shik had insisted that the news of his coming to Erudia should be kept secret.

Anyone who had fought in a war knew that Erudia was basically off-limits because the God of War himself protected it.

Who had dared to attack Erudia with such a legendary figure guarding it?

Even Jae-shik, who had retired from the military for ten years, was still wary of outrightly invading the country.

It was a bone-deep sort of fear that could never truly be forgotten.

In the past five years, the God of War had single-handedly defeated the eighteen nations.

Hence, Jae-shik wanted his arrival to happen with as little fanfare as possible. He did not want the God of War to find out about it, or that would spell great trouble for him.

After successfully entering Erudia, he threw all caution to the winds.

From now on, nobody would be able to stop him from doing what he wanted.

As long as I stay away from the God of War, I should be free to do as I wish.

At the airport in Quebec, South City.

Cheon-shin had arranged for half the airport to be sealed off to welcome Jae-shik.

More than a dozen black cars were parked on the tarmac, with hundreds of men in black clothing standing there, waiting in neat lines.

Upon exiting the plane, Jae-shik was taken aback at the sight before him.

How extravagant!

This was practically announcing to the world his arrival!

“Welcome to Erudia, Master!” hundreds of voices chorused.

In the eyes of these men, Lee Jae-shik was like a god!

His Taekwondo skills were undefeatable!

Who would dare to challenge him?

The Return of God of War Chapter 513

Park Cheon-shin was already fantasizing about taking over the seven southern regions, with the assistance of this powerful figure.

Lee Jae-shik patted Park Cheon-shin on the shoulder and gave him a piece of advice, saying, “Don’t do anything so extreme again in the future. Come straight to me if you’re facing any problems and I’ll help you in dealing with them!”

“I… I understand…” Park Cheon-shin’s voice trembled slightly.

“By the way, Master, I’d heard that you like to collect antiques! There will be an auction tomorrow night and I’m planning to bid for an original piece of Erudian artwork, an ancient Erudian porcelain vase, and also Quebec’s Legendary Pearls. I’ll be sure to gift them to you!” Park Cheon-shin offered earnestly, trying to curry favor with him.

“Oh? What a delight.”

Indeed, Lee Jae-shik enjoyed collecting antique artwork.

He had a collection of antiques from every country in the world.

All except for Erudia.

This was one of his greatest regrets!

Now that an opportunity had arisen, he, a Taekwondo master of his generation, could barely contain his excitement.

“Very well! As long as you bring me those things that you’ve just mentioned, I’ll get rid of all the obstacles that you might face in Erudia!” Lee Jae-shik vowed.

“Yes, master! I won’t let you down!”

This was exactly what Park Cheon-shin had been waiting to hear.

With Lee Jae-shik backing him up, all his worries would be erased.

He could probably even do as he had pleased, without fearing the repercussions.

After the auction, no one will be able to stop me from avenging my son!

“Come. Let’s go see how those two students of mine are faring.”

As usual, Lee Jae-shik was devoted to his students.

The next day.

After getting off from work, Levi met up with Zoey.

“Honey, there’s somewhere that I want to take you to!” Levi announced with a bright grin.

Zoey eyed him suspiciously and asked, “You wouldn’t be thinking of causing trouble again, would you?”

“What the hell! Am I really just a troublemaker in your eyes?” Levi retorted accusingly.


Zoey nodded solemnly.

Half an hour later, Levi’s car pulled up at Lakeside Villa.

“It seems like there’s an auction here. Are you participating in it?” Zoey asked.

“Yeah. I’m thinking of buying a few antiques, as gifts for both Mom and Dad!” Levi grinned.

Zoey pinched him on the shoulder and chided him, “Stop joking around! The items being auctioned off tonight are worth more than a few hundred thousand. They can easily go up to millions! But here you are, joking about wanting to give them to Mom and Dad?”

Meanwhile, in Lakeside Villa.

Horace held his phone to his ear, listening to Park Cheon-shin’s instructions.

“Remember, Horace. This is your last chance! All of Scott Yates’ ten artifacts must be delivered to me as well! I’m sure that you’re aware of the consequences that will befall you if you fail!”

Horace was so fearful, to the point where he had broken out in cold sweat.

If he failed, death was the consequence!

“Don’t worry, boss. I have made all the necessary arrangements at the auction! All the bidders have been briefed. They’ll raise the bid a couple of times each round, just for formalities sake!”

“I’ll assure you that tonight, no one would dare to bid against us!” Horace spoke with conviction.

He had spread the word just a while ago, informing everyone that Triple Group was determined to get all of the artifacts put up for auction, meaning that no one should stand in their way.

Triple Group would consider those who had done as such to be their sworn enemies!

Horace had also invited many media reporters to display a live broadcast of the auction.

They wanted to let the whole of South City and Erudia know that these priceless artifacts were obtained by Triple Group through proper means; not by robbing!

Triple Group was dealt a good hand, and they would win if they had played it well.

All they needed to do was be patient!

The best part was that they didn’t need to spend a single penny to acquire the ten artifacts.

After Levi presented his entry ticket, he entered the auction event with Zoey, without any mishaps.

Their seats were at the far back.

To put it bluntly, they were merely here as extras for the sake of livening the atmosphere.

After all, the auction tonight was rigged.

Before the auction began, Horace ran through everything, one final time, with the person in charge of the Chrisler Foundation.

The Return of God of War Chapter 514

“Don’t worry, Mr. Waller. Everything is ready!” Kenneth West, the person in charge of Chrisler Foundation, reassured him.

“Good. If all goes well, you and your foundation will be richer, by 3 billion,” Horace guaranteed.

“That’s great news!”

Kenneth could barely contain his joy.

All the guests were seated in the auction room.

Horace’s seat was in the center of the first row.

Before taking his seat, he swept his gaze over the crowd, the warning in his sharp and menacing eyes apparent for all to see.

He was warning everyone that all the artifacts tonight belonged to Triple Group. Not a single one of them was allowed to touch them!

The crowd immediately received his silent message and became too afraid to even think about bidding.

Soon, the auction officially began.

“The first item for tonight’s auction is an ancient manuscript, known as Lantingji Xu! The starting bid is ten million and each bid must be increased by at least one million!” the host announced excitedly.

“The bidding starts now!”

“Hold on!” Horace abruptly stopped the host.

“Mr. Waller, is there a problem?” the host questioned curiously.

Horace glanced at the crowd and announced, “All of North Hampton’s elites have gathered here for this auction! Everyone’s time is precious! I think that it’s better to put all the auction items out at once!”


The host hesitated upon hearing Horace’s suggestion and looked at Kenneth who was amongst the audience.

The latter made an ‘okay’ sign with his fingers.

“Very well. We will present all of the auction items at once!” the host declared.

Horace addressed the crowd this time, “Does anyone object to this?”

“We’ll go with your suggestion, Mr. Waller!”

“Yes! May the highest bidder win!”

Everyone echoed their agreements.

Who would dare to go against Triple Group?

“I agree!”

Levi also raised his hands in full support.

An all-at-once auction? Count me in!

It’s definitely more time-saving, compared to bidding for each item one by one.

Zoey rolled her eyes at him. “Why are you so excited? This auction is clearly rigged! Triple Group is going to bid for the artifacts all at once! What are you applauding for?”

“Then I can bid for all the artifacts all at once too!”

The edges of Levi’s mouth lifted upwards.

“All ten items have been presented now. These are antiques collected by Scott Yates throughout his entire lifetime! This is an original piece of Erudian artwork by a well-known figure during ancient times! This is an ancient porcelain vase, and this here is Quebec’s Legendary Pearls. These three artifacts are Erudia’s national treasures and the pride of the nation!”

“The starting bid for all ten items is five hundred million, with an increase in the bid of no less than ten million!”

“The bidding starts now!” the host shouted.

“Five hundred and ten million!”

“Five hundred and twenty million!”

The paid bidders arranged by Triple Group began to bid.

The bid increase was very slight, each time.

“I bid…”

North Hampton’s real estate tycoon, Jaxon Franklin raised his bid paddle.


Horace whipped around to glare at him.

“Forget it! I’m out!”

Jaxon was frightened by the threat in Horace’s gaze, instantly forfeiting his bid.

The other tycoons who had the ability to bid gradually gave up as well.

These antique treasures were tempting, but they couldn’t afford to get on Triple Group’s bad side!

Everyone was all aware of Triple Group’s ruthless methods.

They were truly merciless people, who would cut down anyone and everyone who stood in their way!

“Mm. Good,” Horace muttered under his breath.

A satisfied smile appeared on Horace’s face when he saw that everyone giving up.

Only death awaited those who had challenged Triple Group!

When the bidding price had reached a certain amount, Horace raised his paddle and shouted, “Six hundred million by Triple Group!”

When he revealed his identity, the scene quietened, as everyone held their breaths.

No one dared to bid anymore.

The paid bidders also withdrew, one after another, since they had already fulfilled their purpose.

The Return of God of War Chapter 515

All the media reporters were watching Horace closely.

Faced only with utter silence at the scene, Horace and Kenneth exchanged glances and wore matching victorious grins on their faces.

The host cast his glance at the audience. “Six hundred million going once!”

“Going twice!”

Horace was already grinning from ear to ear.

It’s a mission success!

And my position as the general manager in Erudia is still secure!

“One billion!” Right before the third and final call, a loud voice suddenly rang out.

The host immediately swallowed back the words at the tip of his tongue.

Kenneth and Horace were both stunned, and so was everyone else.

Everyone looked behind them simultaneously.

Zoey timidly tugged on Levi’s arm because he was the one who had raised the bid!

“What? It’s them?”

Horace recognized Levi and Zoey with only a single glance.

This was something that he had never expected to happen.

He had given strict orders to Kenneth, instructing him to control the guestlist for tonight’s auction event. Hence, he never thought that these two people would be allowed in.

Horace panicked slightly and countered, “Isn’t this a little too inappropriate? I’d obviously bid six hundred million first!”

“Pfft! Haven’t you been at an auction before? The final call hasn’t been made yet!” Levi spat in return.


His words instantly caused Horace to silence himself.

“Does anyone want to bid higher than one billion?” Levi asked.

The host reluctantly repeated Levi’s question as well.

“1.1 billion!” Horace forced the words through his lips.

“1.5 billion!” Levi yelled, determined to be the last bidder.


Horace’s anger skyrocketed.

This guy is obviously here for me!

“1.6 billion!” Horace reluctantly raised the bid.

He had to complete the mission given to him by Park Cheon-shin.

“2 billion!”

Levi raised his paddle once again.

Gasps filled the room as everyone drew in sharp breaths.

The crowd gaped at Levi in disbelief.

This is absolute madness!

Is he going to fight Triple Group to the death?

He must be crazy!

He’s blatantly disrespecting Triple Group!

“You… You…”

Horace was going mad with fury.

Originally, he could have gotten the artifacts with a budget of six hundred million, but Levi had raised the bid up to 2 billion.

He had to top it by at least a few million if he had wanted to win.

“F*** it! 2.5 billion!” he stammered out.

Horace was giving it his all, to complete his mission.

“3 billion!” Levi shouted, with a disdainful look on his face.


Horace’s blood pressure spiked.

3 billion exceeded his budget by 2.4 billion in total!

He had to cough up the money, out of his own pocket if he had wanted to outbid Levi!

Moreover, Levi had arrived fully prepared, so he would continue to raise the bid.

“I withdraw…” Horace stated in defeat.

However, he shot Kenneth a look and the latter discreetly gave him an ‘okay’ gesture in response.

Levi couldn’t be allowed to get his hands on those artifacts!

Even if they had to kill him to make sure that he didn’t get them, they would commit as such.

This was Park Cheon-shin’s orders.

Otherwise, it would be the end for Horace.

“3 billion, sold!”

“These ten items now belong to Levi Garrison!”

“Mr. Garrison and Ms. Lopez, please come backstage to settle the payment!”

The staff led Levi and Zoey to the backstage.

However, before leaving, Levi discreetly brought with him a copy of the auction’s catalog.

“Congratulations, Mr. Garrison for becoming the owner of these ten priceless artifacts. You’ll have to pay a total of 20 billion! How would you like to make the payment?” Kenneth smiled politely.


Levi frowned and asked, “Shouldn’t it be 3 billion? Why has it become 20 billion?”

“Sir, I think that you’re unaware that all the items tonight aren’t auctioned off in the local currency! So, after converting and including the handling fees, the 3 billion you’d bid would come to a total of 20 billion!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 516

Kenneth explained it with a straight face.


Zoey was beyond stunned.

This is clearly a scam!

After the auction has commenced, they’re suddenly saying that it’s not in the local currency?

I’ve seen swindlers, but never ones that are as shameless as these people.

This is an act of fraudulence!

There’s really no limit to how far Triple Group is willing to go, to get what they want!

Realization dawned upon Zoey once again.

On the contrary, Levi remained unfazed.

He had already guessed that things wouldn’t progress smoothly.

“Not in the local currency? Who said that?” Levi challenged.

“Me, of course! As you know, the organizer has the final say!” Kenneth sneered.

He had promised to assist Horace in acquiring all of these ancient treasures. Hence, he deliberately changed the currency, so as to force Levi into withdrawing.

“Is everyone else aware of that?” Levi continued asking.

“Of course! If you don’t believe me, follow me and I’ll show you!”

When they returned to the auction room, Kenneth asked the crowd of people, “Was everyone aware that tonight’s auction wasn’t in the local currency?”

“Yes, of course! That’s why no one dared to raise the bid! Triple Group’s bid of six hundred million would be two billion after conversion! Who would dare to bid against that?”

“Yeah! Everyone knew about the foreign currency!”

These people who claimed to be aware of the currency conversion were all pre-arranged by Triple Group.

Levi also noticed that they had taken away everyone’s auction catalog.

The catalog was given to each person upon entry. It stated all the details regarding tonight’s auction, including the price of each auction item.

Just then, Horace walked over with a smile and queried, “What’s wrong Mr. West?”

“Mr. Waller, I’d appreciate it if you could help me out. Is tonight’s auction in a local or foreign currency?” Kenneth asked.

“Foreign, of course. That’s why I’d given up because 3 billion would be equivalent to 20 billion!”

Horace and Kenneth sang the same tune.

“What? Don’t tell me that Mr. Garrison and Ms. Lopez weren’t aware of this?” Horace feigned surprise.

“That’s right. The moment these two realized that it came to 20 billion after conversion, they refused to pay up!” Kenneth complained.

Horace’s smile deepened as he replied, “I suggest that the two of you give up! Paying 20 billion for these antiques is really not worth it!”

Zoey lightly elbowed Levi, implying that he should back down.

They would only end up getting their a**es handed to them, by competing against Triple Group.

Horace couldn’t stop smiling upon seeing this.

It seems like the issue has been resolved.

“If it’s 20 billion, then 20 billion it is. No problem at all!” Levi broke out into a smile of his own.

“What? You’re alright with paying 20 billion?”

Horace and Kenneth were so shocked that their eyes had almost popped out of their sockets.

They had planned to scare Levi away with this 20 billion.

To their utter shock, he had agreed to pay such an amount.

“I can pay 20 billion. The question is whether you’ll be able to spend it all!” Levi smiled mysteriously.

“Let’s settle the payment now.”


Kenneth and Horace were completely caught off guard.

He’s really going to pay?

All of them went backstage.

Levi took out his black card and directly transferred 20 billion.

Kenneth and Horace felt as though they were trapped in a daze, rejecting the possibility that this could be real.

“Done. Send all the artifacts to my home; all ten of them!” Levi demanded.

Before leaving, Levi smiled and muttered, “I hope that you’ll be able to finish spending it as soon as possible!”

Kenneth didn’t understand what Levi had meant by that and could only watch as Levi left.

On their way back.

Zoey stared at him agape. “Honey, I know that you participated in the auction tonight for Morris Group’s big boss, but that 20 billion was obviously a scam! Why did you agree to it?”

“Haha! Don’t worry, honey. They won’t be able to spend that money!” Levi snickered.

Everything had been in the palm of his hands since the very beginning.

The Return of God of War Chapter 517

At Lakeside Villa.

Horace and Kenneth finally arrived at their senses after a long while.

“He had really transferred 20 billion?” Horace was skeptical.

“Yes! It has already been transferred into the account!” Kenneth confirmed.

“You must transfer all 20 billion to me now so that I can at least offer Mr. Park an explanation!” Horace urged him.

Kenneth immediately instructed his staff to make the transfer.

“Mr. West, something’s wrong! The 20 billion has been frozen! It says here that a fraudulent transfer was detected, and thus, our bank account has been frozen!” the staff exclaimed in horror.

“What are you waiting for? Call the bank now!”

Suddenly, Levi’s earlier words rang in Kenneth’s mind.

He told them to spend the money as soon as possible.

“Mr. West, the bank has said that the Bank Regulatory Bureau intervened and that they were the ones who had frozen the account!”

Horace and Kenneth’s expressions morphed drastically upon hearing this.

“What? The Bank Regulatory Bureau did this?”

Beep beep beep…

All of a sudden, ear-splitting police sirens could be heard, coming from outside the villa.

Several police cars came to a stop at the entrance.

There were also cars from the Ministry of Commerce, the Bank Regulatory Bureau, as well as the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“Good evening, we are a joint law enforcement team, comprised of four major departments. We received a report just a moment ago regarding the suspicious activity at the auction organized by Chrisler Foundation!”

“Firstly, you are suspected of consumer fraud, for demanding 20 billion when 3 billion was the agreed price!”

“Secondly, you are suspected of violating the law by engaging in acts, such as unfair competition!”

“Most importantly, all the items put up for auction belong to Mr. Scott Yates, and thus, they should be handled by the successor appointed by Mr. Scott Yates. You had no right to auction them off!”

Kenneth was already panicking, by the time the third offense was being stated.

They knew that they had brought this disaster upon themselves when they had switched the currency all just to dispel Levi.

Just then, Xavier Fields scoffed derisively as he held a copy of the auction catalog in his hand. “It’s clearly stated here that the bidding would be done in local currency, so how did 3 billion suddenly become 20 billion?”

“Ah?” Kenneth paled instantly.

Didn’t we settle the matter regarding the catalogs?

How did they get their hands on one?

Never in a million years did he expect Levi to be a step ahead of them, handing a copy over to Xavier.

“We’ve conducted an investigation and have discovered that the successor appointed by Scott Yates before his death was his butler, Mr. Theo Kirby, who had agreed to give all of the artifacts to Mr. Garrison, without any conditions! Hence, you shall immediately return the 20 billion to Mr. Garrison!”

“From this moment onwards, Kenneth and all who were involved are suspected of fraud, along with the previously listed crimes. All of you will be arrested and brought in for investigation! Chrisler Foundation will also be shut down temporarily for a thorough inspection!”

“Additionally, Triple Group will receive a fine of ten million for suspected market share violations, and the person in charge will be suspended under further notice!” Xavier declared sternly.


Horace and Kenneth almost passed out from everything that was going on.

Upon realizing that these artifacts were being given to Levi for free and that Chrisler Foundation was implicated as well, Horace began to fume.

He could not accept how things had turned out!

Since most of the reporters were still present at the scene, word of this spread like wildfire.

North Hampton and even the whole of Quebec had heard about it.

Park Cheon-shin was no exception either.

Triple Group has once again been humiliated in North Hampton?

Being slapped a fine is a small matter, but our image will be utterly ruined because of it!

Park Cheon-shin immediately contacted Horace.

“Horace, look what you’ve done! I gave you one last chance, didn’t I? It was such a simple task, but you couldn’t even do a proper job!” Park Cheon-shin was infuriated.

“Mr. Park, I…”

Horace was on the verge of tears.

“Come to South City to receive your death sentence! If you don’t, your wife and daughter will take your place!” Park Cheon-shin growled into the phone.

“What’s wrong? What’s gotten you so worked up, Mr. Park?”

Lee Jae-shik, who happened to be beside him, questioned him, with a smile.

“Master, the antique artifacts that I’d planned to give you were robbed from us. This is the same person who had injured your disciple, along with my son!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 518

“Master, I specially arranged for those artifacts to be ours, but someone just had to get in my way! He didn’t just rob us of those ten artifacts, rather, he had even humiliated Triple Group and had us fined!”

Park Cheon-shin’s breathing had turned erratic due to anger.

Lee Jae-shik’s expression changed subtly as he asked, “Is he difficult to deal with? It seems like this isn’t the first time he’s caused you trouble!”

“Well, yes. He’s a rather slippery fellow. But if we want to execute Triple Group’s plan, North Hampton must be tackled! This is the key to moving forward! So, I hope that you can help us in dealing with this issue, master!” Park Cheon-shin explained with a cold glint in his eyes.

Lee Jae-shik conducted a brief analysis before replying, “So, at the end of the day, Morris Group is the one pulling the strings?”

“Yes! I’ve received news that has confirmed that even the Rogers family from North Hampton is under Morris Group’s control! The owner of Morris Group is very mysterious and has powerful forces behind him! It was he who had taken down, Scott Yates, the former ruler of Quebec!”

Just speaking about it made fear creep up along Park Cheon-shin’s insides.

“Alright. Then send out an invitation to Morris Group in the name of Triple Group and request for a negotiation! A buy-over or a collaboration; it doesn’t matter. If they refuse, I will use force to get rid of all the obstacles. So you do what you have to do!” Lee Jae-shik affirmed coldly.

Park Cheon-shin’s eyes lit up.

“Thank you, master! I was just thinking of a way to cause a stir in Morris Group that would give us a chance to eliminate them. Negotiation is the perfect solution!”

If the negotiation were a success, Morris Group would concede defeat.

If the negotiation failed, he would have an excuse to get rid of Morris Group.

With the top Taekwondo master on his side, he feared no one.

“When it comes to negotiations, kindness and severity go hand-in-hand. Choi Hong-man, follow him to the negotiation!”

Lee Jae-shik gave his orders to the man standing next to him, who was close to two meters in height, bearing a weight of more than two hundred pounds.

“Yes, Master!” Choi Hong-man nodded.

He was the champion of Keerea’s free fighting competition, and not once did he lose, in all the years he had participated.

More than half the opponents he defeated had lost their lives, while the rest were either crippled or had spiraled into depression.

He was known as the ‘human-sized weapon’.

Later on, his already impressive fighting skills improved when Lee Jae-shik took him under his wing.

Since then, Choi Hong-man was practically invincible.

Lee Da-yong and Lee Da-jong combined were not even a match for him!

He was also rumored to be bulletproof.

Park Cheon-shin was overjoyed. “Okay. No problem! I’ll send my most capable subordinate to lead the negotiation. Over the years, she has never failed when discussing a collaboration! With Choi Hong-man backing her, this matter can be resolved, without the need for you to personally step in.”

The next day, the general manager of Triple Group in Erudia was switched out for someone else.

A woman took over Horace’s position.

No one knew about Horace’s whereabouts.

The woman was from a rather unique background. Firstly, she was an Erudian.

Secondly, she was Park Cheon-shin’s nephew, Lee Jung-jin’s fiancée, and the two of them would be marrying in five days.

According to the rules and regulations set by Triple Group headquarters, it was compulsory, for the general manager to be an Erudian.

Park Cheon-shin planned to control all the assets under Triple Group through this arrangement.

As of recent, Triple Group had been thrown into the center of public scrutiny, with the people possessing contradicting opinions about them. Nonetheless, their reputation suffered a great hit and they were currently being torn apart by various markets in North Hampton.

Under the oppression from many parties, Triple Group was losing its footing in North Hampton.

At Morris Group.

“Ms. Anabelle, just a while ago Triple Group had sent someone over, to invite us to a negotiation. It will be held in a conference room in Dynasty Hotel this afternoon! They had wanted to discuss the future development in North Hampton!”

Iris’ assistant relayed the message to her.

“What is Triple Group up to this time?”

Displeasure lined Iris’ features.

Triple Group had been doing many shady things recently.

They had even sent headhunters to target Morris Group’s executives, to convince them to jump ships.

Besides that, they had also been causing small disturbances to the distribution channels and merchants, disrupting Morris Group’s normal operations.

Although it did not harm the company’s substantive interests, their little ploys were getting increasingly unbearable, day by day.

Many employees at the company were beginning to complain, with all of them sending in requests for Iris to settle the matter.

The Return of God of War Chapter 519

“I think that Triple Group wants to solve the problem once and for all! If we don’t attend the negotiation, I’m afraid that those shameless bs will resort to playing dirty!”

“I think that we should go too! Allowing them to continue harassing us like this just won’t do!”

“Yeah, it’s fine even if they propose a collaboration! We can all make money and work together in North Hampton’s development!”

Iris contacted Neil after receiving everyone’s opinions on the matter.

Kirin replied that the big boss had also agreed to negotiate.

“But this time, we are the ones who have the upper hand, so we have to take the high road for it to stay that way. I don’t think that the executives should go. Send Levi instead!” Iris had a pensive look on her face.

If we’d agreed to negotiate, still sending them an insignificant person to do it, it shows that we don’t fear them.

This would no doubt put pressure on Triple Group!

Even if we end up collaborating, Morris Group will still benefit from it.

“Huh? You want to send Levi?”

“We know where you’re coming from, but sending him would only make things worse, don’t you think so?”

Everyone was confused.

“No, no. You don’t understand. Levi is an expert when it comes to these things! So, it’s settled then!” Iris stated.

In truth, she had personal motives.

She had wanted to promote Levi, but convincing the others was a real headache.

The only way was to help him improve on his performance.

She believed that letting him attend the negotiation with Triple Group would do the trick.

“What? Me?” Levi was stunned as much as the others.

“I’ll write down the points to be put forward during the negotiation, so all you have to do is follow them!”

Iris even made all the necessary preparations for Levi.

She was doing everything in her power to give Levi that promotion!

Little did she know that Levi was the boss of Morris Group.

“Mm, fine. Just get Seth to send me there.” Levi seemed slightly irked.

As for the negotiation details Iris had written down, Levi did not even spare it a glance.

Does Triple Group want to negotiate?

Fat chance!

Even getting down on their knees wouldn’t suffice!

Levi was curious to know just what Triple Group was up to.

At three in the afternoon.

In a conference room at Dynasty Hotel.

The representatives of Triple Group were already present.

A sophisticated and career-driven woman, who was clad in professional attire was surrounded by a group of people.

The moment she arrived, the other women present were overshadowed by her, paling in comparison.

Her aura was too powerful!

She was the newly appointed general manager of Triple Group, Lauren Fletcher.

Lauren was a capable woman who had successfully made it into South Hampton University and thereafter, went abroad to further her studies.

After working for several years, she worked for a headhunting company under Triple Group.

Her expertise was scouting talents from other companies for Triple Group.

In the past five years, Lauren had broken the record by personally recruiting more than 370 talented individuals for Triple Group.

Especially during times when Triple Group had implemented their corporate strategies on other companies, they would first release their headhunters to recruit those companies’ talented and experienced individuals.

Headhunting companies sounded fancy, but in the industry, they were considered to be insidious and loathsome occupations.

All they did was steal employees from other companies.

Besides being an expert headhunter, Lauren was an even better negotiator.

As long as she was the one who was leading the negotiation, the deal would be closed.

Park Cheon-shin had complete trust in her and since she was also a local in North Hampton, he decided to offer her the position as general manager in Triple Group.

He had also arranged for the marriage between his nephew and her.

Lauren trailed behind Choi Hong-man’s gigantic figure. Everyone that he had passed shook in fear upon seeing him.

Seth drove Levi to the meeting location and they arrived shortly after.

“Levi Garrison? What are you doing here?”

Lauren’s face showed surprise when she saw Levi.

The Return of God of War Chapter 520

“Lauren Fletcher?”

Levi immediately recognized her as well.

He had been matchmade with this woman, even before his high school years.

It was because when they were both children, his adoptive parents had arranged for her to be his betrothed.

Lauren’s father, Isaac Fletcher, was good friends with Levi’s adoptive father.

The Fletchers were considered to be a prominent family, but they weren’t up to the Garrison family’s level.

Not long after they had adopted Levi, Lauren was born. Hence, Isaac had put forth the idea of a childhood betrothal, with the intention of sinking his claws into the Garrison family.

Although Levi’s adoptive parents didn’t quite approve of the Fletchers’ status, they agreed to it anyway, since Levi was adopted.

When Levi prospered, the Fletcher family was over the moon.

After all, if Levi became a force to be reckoned with, it would prove that the Fletchers had bet on the right horse.

Lauren had become infatuated with Levi, following him everywhere like a lovesick puppy.

Ultimately, the Fletcher family had only agreed to sever all ties, upon seeing that Levi and Zoey had gotten together. Thereafter, they had cancelled the betrothal, spitting out threats that Levi would come to regret his decision.

Since then, Lauren wasn’t mentioned again and he had only heard that she had gone to study abroad.

On the day of Levi’s imprisonment, Isaac had even visited him to add insult to his injury.

Lauren was also thrilled to know that Levi had been imprisoned, taking great pleasure in his misfortune.

This was especially apparent when she found out that Zoey had been living a widow’s life. Her heart had almost burst with elation.

She had always held Zoey responsible for taking away what should have been hers.

The title of lady boss of Levi Group should have been hers!

“Hehe! You can still recognize me? Consider me impressed!” Lauren smiled sweetly.

Immediately after, the smile fell from her lips. “What? You can’t possibly be the one whom Morris Group has sent to negotiate on their behalf, right?”

“I am! And you’re representing Triple Group?” Levi threw back a question at her.

“I’m guessing that you still don’t know who I really am,” Lauren smirked, while announcing in a mocking manner.

“Enlighten me.” Levi raised his brows.

“Listen up. Standing before you is the general manager of Triple Group!” someone beside her immediately introduced.

The man continued asking, “And who might you be? How dare Morris Group send you to negotiate?”

Before Levi had the chance to speak, Lauren’s assistant came over with a tablet stating, “Ms. Fletcher, Levi Garrison is a technical consultant at Morris Group. In fact, he doesn’t have a proper position; it’s merely an empty title! Besides, it was the supervisor of the technical department, Isaiah Wade, who had brought him in!”

“In short, Levi Garrison was hired through connections!”

Lauren’s smile grew upon hearing this.

The headhunting company was the best at digging up information.

They had already found out about Levi and his involvement with Morris Group, including those who had hated him. She knew everything that she had needed to know.

According to the information that they had retrieved, most of the people at Morris Group were very dissatisfied about Levi getting hired through connections.

He had been fired before, but later on, he had entered once again, through the backdoor.

Morris Group had conducted a questionnaire with ‘most hated employee’ as one of its questions.

Eighty percent of the employees wrote down Levi’s name because all of them relied on their own abilities to earn a place in the company.

Levi was the only one who got in, through the easy way!

“Levi, I thought that after you were released from prison, you would return to your former glory. I didn’t expect you to be finished for good! I see that you’re fooling around every day! How did you become this way?” Lauren asked with a smile laced with venom.

When she heard that Levi had come on behalf of Morris Group, her first thought was that he was the boss of Morris Group.

After she read the detailed information on him, her heart finally eased.

It turned out that Levi’s imprisonment had taken a toll on him and that he was now completely useless.

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