The Return of God of War Chapter 51-60

The Return of God of War Chapter 51
Trey could not help but ask after listening to Nueve’s words. “Is Zoey the boss of that project, Lord Nueve?”

“You’re right. There is someone named Zoey there. What’s the matter?”

Trey was astounded after receiving Nueve’s confirmation. Nueve is in deep shit now.

He warned Nueve cautiously. “I am telling you as a friend, Lord Nueve. Do not meddle in this matter.”

Nueve was bewildered. “Oh? Why is that? Is there something wrong?”

“That woman should not be provoked. Let’s not participate in this matter anymore, Lord Nueve.” Trey said.

Nueve replied mockingly. “Haha. Are you telling me that there is a woman who I cannot provoke? That’s interesting!”

Trey muttered. “How should I explain this? She’s a unique woman. Anyone who dares to provoke her will face certain death. I’m afraid you’ll not be an exception as well, Lord Nueve.”

“Who are you to say that, Trey? How dare you belittle Lord Nueve?”

“That’s right. You’re spouting nonsense!”

Nueve was angered as well. “Fine. In that case, why don’t you enlighten me about her background? Who’s supporting her?”

“She… Never mind. I hope you will heed my advice and stay out of this matter.”

Trey did not reveal Levi’s identity after he pondered about it. If I tell anyone about this, I will certainly die a painful death.

“Hmph! Are you looking down on me, Trey? Very well, get lost then!” Nueve roared.

“You will regret it if you do not listen to me!” Trey yelled before he was tossed out of the venue by a few men.

Meanwhile, Zoey returned to Bayview Garden in despair. If this drags on, I will not be able to afford the rent without this project.

“What’s going on? Did something happen?” Levi asked.

Zoey explained everything to him.

He asked her after she was done. “Are you sure they will be there again tomorrow night?”

“Yes. I don’t know who’s the person orchestrating this. But their final goal is to stop me from proceeding with the project.”

“Okay. Leave this matter to me. I will go to the construction site tomorrow.”

Levi went to the balcony and made a phone call after Zoey slept. “I need some men tomorrow night, Azure Dragon.”

“You should contact Kirin for this, Sir. He’s got plenty of subordinates.”

Kirin contacted Levi shortly after. “I am the right person you’re looking for, Sir. I’ve been training a special squad in North Hampton since I have too much leisure time here. Their abilities are as good as the men we have in the base after receiving my training. I have a total of two hundred men ready to move out at a moment’s notice.”

“Okay. Bring that squad over here tomorrow night. There’s a mission for them to accomplish.” Levi answered in a low voice with a sullen look.

“Understood, Sir! This is the perfect opportunity to test out their actual combat skills.” Kirin’s excitement was as clear as day.

The five generals working under Levi were granted similar titles, but they had different responsibilities.

Azure Dragon was a war tactician and commander, while Kirin was a demon-like instructor tasked with training special squads for combat purposes.

Kirin had been training a new squad in North Hampton in the last two weeks. He shortlisted two hundred men out of ten thousand candidates.

The next day, Zoey took Levi’s suggestion and proceeded with their construction as usual.

Nueve was made aware of the happenings at the construction site. He said angrily, “What? They have the guts to continue with the construction? How dare they disregard me? Bring more men tonight, and make sure to teach them a lesson, Chopper! Feel free to disable a few of them as long as you do not kill them.”

Chopper nodded with a menacing smile.

The Return of God of War Chapter 52
Levi requested Zoey to bring the construction workers away in the evening.

He remained at the construction site with Kirin as they smoked continuously while waiting for Nueve’s arrival.

Soon, a huge crowd arrived.

Chopper brought over a hundred skilled fighters with him this time. There were no villagers in sight as they were not needed anymore.

“Oh? It seems like they’re missing. What a bunch of cowards.” Chopper jeered.

“They are fearful of you, Chopper.” The other thugs bootlicked Chopper.

“Well, since there’s no one around, we shall level this place!”

Levi and Kirin showed themselves right after Chopper gave the order.

“Aha! There are still people here. Are the two of you workers in this place?” Chopper teased them.

“Yes. We are here to guard this site tonight.” Levi took a puff of his cigarette.

Chopper sized up the two men. Then he chuckled. “Judging from your physiques and attires, I’m guessing you guys were from the army?”


“Isn’t Zoey looking down on us? Does she think two ex-soldiers will be sufficient to handle us? You over there, do you think you can scare us with that walkie-talkie?”

Chopper looked at Levi and Kirin disdainfully. The men that I’ve brought with me tonight are equipped with combat skills comparable to ex-militants. ”Beat them up, but don’t kill them.” Chopper commanded without bothering to do anything himself.

Kirin held the walkie-talkie to his mouth and spoke just as Chopper’s men moved in their direction. “It’s time to rumble.”


A flare shot up into the sky all of a sudden.


Chopper and the others looked at the flare in a daze because they had never experienced something like this.

In the next moment, hurried footsteps were heard in every direction.

Anxiety crept into Chopper’s heart suddenly.

Everyone’s minds went blank as armored and armed soldiers surrounded them within a few seconds.


Crack! Crack!

One soldier rushed toward Chopper before he could react and broke his wrists. The knives in his hands fell onto the ground.




The thugs were nothing compared to the soldiers despite their experiences of having killed another person.

Their wrists were broken by the soldiers before they could even raise the weapon in their hands. Then they were shoved onto the ground.

In just a blink of an eye, Chopper and the hundred over thugs were left sprawled on the ground as they howled miserably.

One of the soldiers came to a halt in front of Kirin and saluted. “King of War! We, the Kirin’s special squad, have successfully subdued all the enemies.”

Kirin looked at the stopwatch in his hand. He said with a smile, “59 seconds. You’ve barely passed the test.”

Upon hearing that, Chopper and the other thugs lying on the ground were scared out of their wits.

“What? Kirin’s special squad? King of War?”

“Are we in deep shit now?”

“Why is the special squad here to confront us? We’re just some ordinary thugs.”

Chopper’s scalp tingled as the acknowledgment nearly caused him to pass out due to the fear. We are the leading gang in the circle. But I did not expect some special squad to be targeting us.

Everyone understood the situation when they saw the lasers aimed at their bodies.

“Come out, snipers.” Kirin ordered.

A team of snipers appeared out of nowhere.

Chopper was in utter disbelief. They even prepared snipers?

“Question their identities.” Levi continued to smoke.

The Return of God of War Chapter 53
Chopper looked at Levi incredulously. He’s the King of War. Yet he’s so polite to this man puffing on a cigarette. Who the hell is he?

Kirin grabbed Chopper by the neck and lifted him up, suspending him in mid-air.

“I’ll talk. I’ll tell you everything! Nueve sent us here.” Chopper blurted everything out as he was scared to death.

“Ask Nueve to meet me in thirty minutes. Do not make me go to him.” Kirin smiled eerily.

“Okay, okay, alright. I will make the call now!” Chopper complied.

Nueve was having the time of his life at that moment inside a bar. “Any update? Have you settled the matter? The people from the Lopez Family questioned our progress earlier.” Nueve asked casually after the call connected.

“Something terrible happened, Lord Nueve!” Chopper’s panicky voice was heard.

“What happened?”

“Please come here right now, Lord Nueve. We are being detained at the moment!”

The call was hung up before Chopper could elaborate further.

Nueve roared after being informed of the situation. “Gather all the men and follow me!”

Multiple vans arrived at the construction site half an hour later.

Hundreds of thugs rushed towards the scene, with Nueve leading the way.

They saw Levi and Kirin standing alone at the site while Chopper and the others lay on the ground.

“Who are you? Do you dare to tell me your name?” Nueve asked coldly.

Nueve was under the impression that he was the most formidable man in North Hampton, despite sensing something was amiss with the bizarre turn of events.

“So you’re Nueve? Who gave you the orders to do this?” Levi asked.

“Who do you think you are? How dare you question me?” Nueve scorned.


Nueve did not expect Kirin to take out a gun and aimed at his forehead. Moreover, the gun was loaded.

Everyone was stunned. Even Nueve’s body was trembling. No one had the guts to point a gun at me before…

Nueve raised his arms in surrender as his legs wobbled. “Let’s talk nicely. That gun of yours is quite uncommon. I’m guessing it’s for military use?”

Nueve had his share of experience in society. He could distinguish that Levi and Kirin’s decisive and imposing manners are traits seen only in military men.

Nueve had once seen the gun model in Kirin’s hand. That gun is specially designed for soldiers in the Special Operations Regiment.

Kirin did not say a word. But his uniform was exposed when the wind blew open the trench coat he had donned.

There’s a star label on his shoulders! He’s a war king!


Nueve was mind-blown as he gained revelation. What terrible luck do I have to stumble into them!

The lasers pointed at their faces did not help with the ominous atmosphere.

An unprecedented terror filled their hearts.




The lights on the construction site were switched on the next second. The venue was suddenly as bright as day.

Everyone finally knew the source of the lasers pointed at their faces. They saw the snipers aiming at them with their sniper rifles from afar.

They were armed to the teeth with a few grenades hanging on their shoulder’s vests…

“Kneel immediately, Lord Nueve. They are from the Special Operations Regiment!” Chopper yelled.




Nueve and his men kneeled on the floor swiftly.

They threw all their weapons aside.

Trey’s warning reverberated beside Nueve’s ears at that moment. She is indeed someone I should not provoke. More importantly, Trey knew he could not inform me about these people’s identity.

The Return of God of War Chapter 54
“This is a mistake on my part. I will tell you everything. Lopez family’s son-in-law, Samuel, contacted me! I have the chat history and receipt of the transaction. Here, take my phone!” Nueve knew that it was the information Levi wanted to know. So he informed Levi of the truth about Lopez family’s request.

Kirin handed the phone to Levi.

Levi’s face contorted with rage after he scanned through the content. The Lopez family must have got tired of living!

“We were only told to carry out the orders, Chief! Please show mercy and forgive us.” Nueve groveled on the floor fearfully.

“I heard you all destroyed plenty of buildings here last night. So it is your responsibility to restore the constructs. I want all of you to work here starting tomorrow onwards! Moreover, you are going to compensate for the psychological trauma you inflicted on those workers. Fifty million should be sufficient.” Levi said firmly.

“Okay, okay, okay. I agree with all your requests. We do not mind slaving here!” Nueve did not have the guts to reject Levi. He considered himself lucky to escape death.

Kirin, the King of War picked up Nueve’s knife and crumpled the piece of sharp metal into scrap effortlessly.

Nueve’s underlings were horrified by that sight. Our difference in status aside, this man can easily defeat hundreds of us without breaking a sweat.

“Let’s not wait until tomorrow. You will start working here tonight. I hope to see some results tomorrow morning. Also, the sewage system is not installed. I assume you will handle that task?” Levi added.


Everyone knew what he was implying. He’s clearly telling us to scoop up others’ wastes.

But Nueve did not dare to oppose Levi’s suggestion.

“May I know your relationship with Ms. Zoey, Sir?” Nueve summoned his courage to ask that question in his mind.

“Oh. She’s my wife.” Levi answered.

Everyone gasped as clarity washed over them.

Samuel contacted Nueve after Levi and the others left. “How’s the progress, Lord Nueve? I’m waiting to pay you the rest of the amount.”

Nueve exploded with rage as he listened to Samuel.

“F*** you, Samuel Robertson! My brothers are crippled and I almost died because of you. Mark my words, you’ll face the repercussion. I will not forgive you, just you wait!” Nueve hung up the phone afterward.

Samuel was frightened.

Harry asked. “What’s going on?”

“Nueve said his men were crippled, and he nearly died. He also mentioned that he would not forgive us!” Samuel explained helplessly.

The entire Lopez family almost wet their pants, listening to his explanation.

“This must be Levi Garrison’s doing! He’s going to get us all killed.”

“That family is evil! They are deliberately harming us. Sooner or later, we are going to meet our downfall because of them!” Harry Lopez slammed the table furiously.

“What should we do now?” Fabian asked anxiously.

“What else can we do? We are going to ask them to apologize!” Harry screamed angrily.

The next day, Zoey, Aaron, and the other workers were dumbfounded after they arrived at the construction site because there were already people working tirelessly at the site.

Many constructs that were destroyed the night before were restored.

More importantly, the people moving the bricks were covered with tattoos.

“Aren’t these people the thugs from the other night?”

Zoey recognized the men to be the thugs that caused them trouble the other night. This is unbelievable. They may not be good at building things, but these men are great labourers.

“What’s happening?” Zoey and the others were confounded.

A middle-aged man dressed in all black hurried over in their direction with a bunch of subordinates following behind him at that moment.

Zoey and the others were terrified by that group of men closing in on them.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Aaron took out his truncheon.

The Return of God of War Chapter 55
Zoey was afraid that the men were there to stir up a ruckus.

Unexpectedly, Nueve explained cheerfully. “Nice to meet you, Ms. Zoey and Mr. Aaron. You can call me Nueve. I am deeply sorry for causing this mess in the last two days. So I worked through the night to restore the constructs we destroyed the other day. Moreover, you can freely utilize my subordinates until the completion of this project. I have around two hundred men with me, and please leave the sewage system to us. Also, we will not accept any payment for doing all these!”

Two hundred gang members to volunteer at our construction site? No one could fathom the situation. But Zoey had no other choice but to accept the arrangements.

Zoey asked Levi about that matter when she arrived home that night.

“I stayed in the same prison as Nueve previously. We were close to each other, so he did me a favor.” Levi explained.

Zoey investigated Nueve’s background earlier in the day. So she could verify Levi’s statement.

“You should not mingle with that lot from now on. The connections you have with those inmates are not desirable. Did you borrow the five million from those people as well?” Zoey quickly deduced the source of the money.

Levi nodded. “That’s right.”

“Alright. Let’s return this five million once I receive the payment.” Zoey said with determination.

At the Garrison family estate.

Joseph gathered every member of the Garrison family for a meeting.

Bryan informed everyone agitatedly. “I’ve investigated Levi’s background thoroughly. The man supporting him is Nueve. He was imprisoned previously because he killed someone and was placed in the same prison as Levi. Nueve was released from jail one year ago, and coincidentally, even Trey has to obey Nueve’s every order!”

“Did you know, Nueve’s subordinates are helping Zoey out at the construction site.”

Joseph said with a smile. “Now we know who’s the man supporting Levi. So it’s Nueve!”

Melanie asked apprehensively. “Is this Nueve a formidable man, grandpa?”

“He is indeed a formidable man. It is said that no one can match his cruelty and bloodlust.”

“But Nueve is not the most impressive man. That title belongs to Jack Smith, also known as the King of North Hampton. He is in charge of the whole North Hampton with hundreds of men working under him, including the Invincible-13.” Joseph clarified.

“Then should we be fearful of Nueve, grandpa?” Melanie asked again.

Ben sneered. “Nueve is nothing! It is as easy as ABC for us to kill him. However, we should be afraid of Jack Smith.”

Malicious intent glinted in Joseph’s eyes. “Alright. The one-month period Levi given us is around the corner. Let’s establish all our connections before I invite Mr. Smith over. It is time to face your doom, Levi!”

“Hahaha. That’s a brilliant move, grandpa! Nueve will have no other choice but to kneel when Jack Smith is here.”

“I can already imagine Levi’s dumbfounded expression in my mind. Hahaha…”

Everyone laughed out loud.

They thought Nueve was the person supporting Levi. So they wanted to invite the most formidable man in the underworld, Jack Smith, to intimidate him. But little did they know about Levi’s identity…

The next day, the Lopez family’s representatives, Shaun and Samuel, went to meet up with Zoey.

Zoey did not know the reason behind their visit. “What’s the matter? Do you need something?”

“Are you aware of your mistakes? Levi beat up Nueve’s subordinates and infuriated him. What’s wrong with both of you?” Samuel jeered. “You should hurry up and apologize to him. Otherwise, there will be no end to this matter!”

Zoey curled her lips into a sneer. “I see. I suppose you were the one to hire them in the first place?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 56
“That’s not true. How can you say that? They informed us because Levi hurt them. You need to apologize to him right away. Otherwise, they will blame us for his fault. You should take responsibility for your mess!” Samuel said aggressively.

“Hah.” Zoey laughed dryly. It is so obvious that the Lopez family is behind all these, yet they want me to apologize?

“Handle your own mess!” Zoey turned to leave after she said her piece.

But Samuel and Shaun swiftly blocked her path to prevent her from going anywhere.

At that moment, a group of workers wearing safety helmets hurried over in their direction. The man leading the group was Nueve.

“What’s happening here, Ms. Zoey?” Nueve asked.

“Stay out of this. You’re just a lowly worker.” Samuel shoved Nueve away.

But Samuel and Shaun were flabbergasted to see Nueve’s face after he took off his helmet. “Lord… lord Nueve… what are you doing here?” They were in utter disbelief.

“Beat them up.” Nueve barked an order and countless men rushed to Nueve’s side to give Samuel and Shaun a good beating.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Zoey. I will handle the security in the construction site from now on. No one will dare to step one toe out of line in this place.”

After that, The Lopez family guessed there was a friendly connection between Nueve and Levi since they stayed in the same prison.

On the other hand, Levi decided to look past that matter temporarily for Zoey’s sake.

Soon it was the 7th, the last day of a long holiday.

Chloe contacted Levi to remind him to attend the high school reunion.

“I am going to attend a high school reunion now. So I might return home a little late tonight.”

Levi and Zoey were not in the same class during high school. Moreover, Zoey was busy, so she did not have the time to attend the gathering.

“Alright. Go ahead then. Are you sure you want to wear that outfit?” Zoey had to ask after she saw the casual clothes on Levi.

Levi shrugged. “It’s fine.”

Levi saw Chloe exited the sales center after he walked out of the neighborhood.

Chloe drove her car in Levi’s direction after he waved at her.

She’s driving a Porsche Panamera. Her future husband will be a remarkable man, judging from this expensive car she bought for herself at this young age. At the very least, her future husband must be an executive from a large company or multinational corporation because an Average Joe will not satisfy someone like her. Levi thought to himself.

Chloe got out of the car and asked with a smile. “I thought you would bring Zoey to the reunion?”

“She’s busy, and it’s not her class anyway. So there’s no need for her to tag along.” Levi explained.

“Why don’t we go together?” Chloe sounded Levi out.

“Sure.” Levi had originally wanted to call Azure Dragon to send the car over after he exited the neighborhood. But he changed his mind after seeing Chloe.

Chloe thought Levi did not want to drive because of the inconvenience. I will not be surprised even if he drives a car that’s worth a billion. He did spend fifty million so casually, after all. Actually, he’s handsome even if he takes a cab. That’s the way wealthy people try to experience a commoner’s life. There will always be an explanation to justify Levi’s actions because he’s a billionaire.

“Were you released from prison a long time ago?” Chloe asked curiously.

Levi was a little surprised. She’s the first person to raise suspicion about my early release.

“You’re right.” Levi answered.

“What kind of business have you been doing all these years?” Chloe fixated her gaze on Levi despite her duty as the driver.

“I’ve been dealing with firearms…” Levi said. Firearms are the most common things within my reach in the last few years. It’s not a bad idea to use it as a cover up since I’m familiar with the topic.

“Oh! No wonder!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 57
The high school reunion was hosted at the Royal Hotel. Although the place was not as extravagant as the revolving restaurant, a table reservation cost at least ten to twenty thousand. So the Royal Hotel was considered a lavish diner.

For someone receiving an average amount of salary, a meal there would cost three to four months of their monthly earnings. Not everyone in their class was so lucky in life. Some were doing good, while some were barely holding their life together.

A few men clad in suits were welcoming newcomers near the hotel entrance.

They crowded around Chloe’s Porsche Panamera upon her arrival.

“Oh? Isn’t this the prettiest girl in our class? I heard you’re earning a few million a year. I guess that’s true since you’re driving a Porsche!” A few male classmates began to bootlick.

Chloe flashed a shy smile upon hearing the compliments.

But the smile on everyone’s faces froze when they saw Levi getting out of the passenger’s seat.

They did not expect Levi to attend the reunion, not to mention coming to the venue alongside Chloe.

“Oh, it’s Levi, the influential figure back in the day.” A well-dressed man broke the awkward silence. He was the class monitor, Jed Barrett.

Even though he was the class monitor, Levi had always outshone him in the past. So Jed spent his younger days chasing behind Levi, trying to match up with Levi’s accomplishments.

Jed successfully entered one of the top universities and is currently working in a multinational corporation after graduation. He was rumored to be earning a few million a year as well.

Jed’s car was a pricey Range Rover. He was one of the high achievers in the class.

Levi greeted him with a smile.

“We thought you wouldn’t come, Levi.” A few other classmates asked shockingly.

Jed rolled his eyes at the person who asked the question. “Levi is not a narrow-minded person. He’s not someone to be bothered by his current situation.”

Everyone discussed Levi’s matter in the private room earlier. They shared a similar opinion that Levi would not attend the reunion because he would be too ashamed to face everyone else due to his recent imprisonment. But who would have thought Levi showed up in the end.

“You’re right. Levi is a tough guy. We will never be able to reach his standard.” The other classmates laughed.

They were implying Levi’s presence as a show of his shamelessness.

Jed strode past Levi and came to a halt in front of Chloe. “You’re finally here, Chloe. Come, follow me into the room now. Everyone is waiting for you.”

Jed was interested in Chloe. He knew Chloe was still single, so he deliberately organized the gathering since he had the ability and qualification to pursue her.

Everyone crowded around Chloe and disregarded Levi.

“Shall we?” Chloe stopped to address Levi before he followed them into the hotel.

Many people had already arrived on the third floor of the Royal Hotel.

Some of them even brought along their partners. So the venue was much livelier than Levi expected.

Everyone stood up to welcome Chloe, especially the men.

Chloe was a beauty, a successful beauty, nonetheless. So she was shining brighter than ever in everyone’s eyes.

Levi looked for a random seat and sat down.

“Are my eyes deceiving me? Isn’t that Levi?” One of the men, Wayne Warren, exclaimed. “It’s really him. Levi is here!”

Everyone turned to look at Levi all of a sudden.

Levi was once the most affluent among his peers, the dark horse in the city’s business world right after he graduated from university. He was a man with a net worth of over a billion, admired by women and envied by the men.

But after his downfall at the Garrison family’s hand, Levi became the most despicable person in everyone’s mind. They rebuked and insulted him as much as they looked up to him in the past.

The Return of God of War Chapter 58
“Didn’t I told you all that Levi will certainly cause trouble? but none of you believed me!”

“That’s right. Levi is a beast. He took advantage of his sister-in-law and almost murdered his parents!”

“His nature was clear as day from the arrogance he displayed in university!”

These were the words that were exchanged in the private room before Levi’s arrival.

Wayne and a few of his classmates were jealous of Levi’s accomplishments in the past, so they never liked him. But they did not have the opportunity to vent their resentment then. It wasn’t until now that the gathering provided them with the perfect opportunity.

“What are you doing hiding among the girls, Levi? Join us at our table and tell us everything that happened to you in prison.”


Everyone burst into laughter as they eyed Levi disdainfully.

“I heard you were jobless and stayed with your mother-in-law after you were released from prison.” Someone sneered.

“I heard every large corporation in North Hampton has blacklisted Levi, so it’s not surprising for him to be jobless even with his capabilities.” A girl added in a diminished tone.

It was at that moment did Levi found out that the companies in North Hampton had blacklisted him.

Wayne laughed. “Let me offer you a job. My company is hiring for security guard’s position. The pay is four thousand with accommodation and meals provided. You should qualify for that job with your physique!”

Chloe could no longer stand listening to their mockeries. “Stop teasing him. He’s got his own career now.”

“Career? Don’t tell me that you’re his sugar mummy now, Chloe? Both of you arrived together, after all.” Wayne spoke without filtering his thoughts.

But he quickly fell silent when he caught Jed’s eye.

“Let’s all move on to other topics of conversation.” Chloe insisted.

Everyone took their seat afterward. Levi was rooted in his seat while Chloe sat beside him.

Wayne whispered beside Jed’s ear. “Chloe is infatuated with Levi. She’s sticking up to him even in his current condition. You should try harder, Jed.”

Jed sneered. “Don’t worry. I’ll never lose to a criminal like him.”

Levi was surrounded by pretty girls. On his other side was Lina, whose beauty was second only to Chloe in their class.

Lina was a beautiful and rich girl from a wealthy family with assets over a billion. On top of her good looks, Lina was good in her studies as well.

She had always been fond of Levi and sympathized with his tragedy.

“Levi, why don’t you join my father’s company as a Technical Advisor? The basic salary is eight thousand with additional bonuses. There are plenty of opportunities to receive a promotion too.” Lina handed a name card to Levi.

“Okay. Thanks.” Levi accepted the name card because Lina offered him the position out of goodwill.

Chloe smirked beside Levi. Based on his current net worth, He should have more than enough money to purchase the company owned by Lina’s father.

The other girls on the other hand, were not as kind towards Levi as Chloe and Lina.

“We thought you would bring Zoey along with you. Where is she?”

“That’s impossible. Now that Levi’s been reduced to a sorry state, Zoey won’t tag along with him. She will not want to embarrass herself.”

“You’re absolutely right! Even I’m feeling ashamed to be referred to as Levi’s ex-classmates.”

The Levi now had become the perfect example of a man who should be avoided by all girls.

“Why aren’t we starting? Is there anyone else who’s coming?” Chloe hurriedly distracted others’ attention.

“The star for tonight’s reunion has yet to arrive!”

A thought popped into Chloe’s mind. “Don’t tell me Stephan is coming?”

“That’s right! Stephan is attending too!”

Levi remembered Stephan Simmons. His father was the director of a department in the district council. Even the headmaster had to condone Stephan’s behavior. He managed to enter one of the top universities, albeit having failed most of his examinations.

The Return of God of War Chapter 59
“You might not know this, but Stephan’s father received a promotion. He’s now the Chief of the district council. So everyone must wait for him to arrive.”

“Jed’s achievements and Lina’s family background are nothing compared to Stephan’s influence.”

The statement sounded like an exaggeration, but that was the truth.

Everyone was not familiar with the concept of societal hierarchy during their university years. But now, after a few years of working in the society, they were made aware of the authority a high-ranking officer in governmental departments held, especially the Chief of a district.

The status of being the son of a district council’s chief toppled all other personal achievements in the room combined because power will always be more coveted than money.

Soon, everyone stood up when they heard voices from the hallway.

Jed was especially passionate as he was the first person to welcome Stephan.

Stephan was dressed lavishly in Armani clothes, Gucci belt, Versace shirt, Patek Philippe wristwatch… The items on his person added up to millions.

A gorgeous lady with a slender figure like that of a model followed by his side.

Her voluptuous figure and long legs that were wrapped in black stockings stunned everyone inside the room.

“You’re finally here, Stephan!” Jed welcomed Stephan with a bear hug in excitement.

“I see you’re doing well, Jed. You’re already wearing an Omega watch.” Stephan said with a smile after he saw Jed’s wristwatch.

Jed glanced at the gorgeous girl next to Stephan. “Aren’t you going to introduce the pretty lady to us, Stephan?”

“She’s just a random girl.” Stephan said nonchalantly.

Stephan did not care to establish a proper relationship as he would change partner regularly.

Wayne’s eyes gleamed. “She’s a model! I saw her on television before.”

The woman acted more arrogantly after Wayne acknowledged her fame.

Others merely looked at Stephan in envy. He can easily lay his hands on a model that we can only see on television.

Wayne shuffled forward eagerly. “Do you remember me, Stephan? I’m Wayne. I used to fight for your sake in the past…”

“Of course. You’re Wayne.” Stephan nodded.

Stephan’s affirmation made Wayne excited. He raised his voice to the others inside the room. “Stephan remembers me! Did all of you hear that?”

“Stephan, my company is currently developing a new project, requiring approval from the district council. I hope you will assist me to speed up the process.” Wayne seized the opportunity to ask for a favor.

“Sure. Consider it done.”

“Do you need a chauffeur or bodyguard, Stephan?” Wayne’s best friend, Robin, asked immediately.

Stephan joked. “I do need a watchdog.”

“No problem. I’m the right person for the job. Woof woof…” Robin mimicked the sound of a dog shamelessly. It was his lifelong dream to become Stephan’s pet.

Chloe was disgusted by the brazen demeanor of her classmates to butter up Stephan.

Stephan scanned the surroundings after he entered the room. “By the way, where is the criminal who took advantage of his sister-in-law, the pride of our class? Is he here?”

“Hahaha. Of course he’s here! He’s been blacklisted by every company in the city. He must be desperate to look for your help, Stephan.” Wayne suggested hastily.

Jed looked at Levi. “Are you looking down on Stephan? Aren’t you going to greet Stephan now that he’s here?”

Stephan said mockingly. “Oh, please don’t do that. Levi’s a famous person in the city back in the day. I am not qualified to be greeted by him. My father even mentioned him a few times and asked me to learn from him. Perhaps he could teach me a few tricks about taking advantage of helpless girls. Hahaha…”

Everyone laughed out loud as well.

Wayne glared at Levi. “What are you doing? Did you not hear what Stephan said? You should build a good rapport with Stephan, so he could help you to look for a job that pays well and tick your name off from the blacklist.”

But Levi merely sat in his chair without moving a muscle.

The Return of God of War Chapter 60
Lina and Chloe were already in an upright position.

Chloe signaled Levi relentlessly with her eyes. I know Levi is very wealthy and has connections. But he’s facing Stephan Simmons now, the son of the district council’s chief. I do not think Levi has the capability to stand against that kind of authority. North Hampton is a commercial zone, so the district’s chief has an unimaginable influence in this area.

“What are you doing just sitting there, Levi? Get up immediately!”

“Do you expect Stephan to greet you instead?”

Wayne and Robin gave Levi an earful for the way he was behaving. They even had the urge to drag Levi off his seat.

Jed grimaced as well. “You should show some proper manners, Levi.”

Levi merely lit a cigarette and took a puff while disregarding the farce occurring before his eyes.

Fury glinted in Stephan’s eyes as he looked at Levi.

His rage intensified upon noticing the pretty ladies sitting on Levi’s sides. I’ve always wanted to sleep with Lina and Chloe. But my plans got ruined by Levi back in the day.

Everyone knew the situation was turning South upon sensing Stephan’s wrath.

Jed panicked. Levi is courting death.

Stephan’s girlfriend, Crystal, said coquettishly, “Hubby, this person is so arrogant. He’s not taking you seriously at all.”

Stephan’s expression turned grim. Everyone has always treated me with respect wherever I go all these years.

“Get up! That’s not where you’re supposed to sit.” Stephan jeered at Levi.

A dreadful silence filled the air inside the room as everyone held their breaths unwittingly. He’s done it now, nothing good ever comes from infuriating Stephan Simmons.

But Levi merely sat motionless and ignored Stephan’s existence.

“I’ll repeat myself. Get up and get lost!” Stephan ordered harshly. I was not afraid of Levi when he was at his peak six years ago, much less now that he’s fresh out of prison! My status is my biggest asset to back me up.

Levi puffed on his cigarette without saying a word while looking at Stephan and Crystal.

Menace flashed across Crystal’s face as she grabbed a glass of water and poured the content on Levi. “Are you incapable of comprehending human language? It’s time for you to get lost! Are you deaf?” Crystal shrieked.

Everyone did not expect things to progress to that stage.

Jed hurriedly tried to smooth the situation over. “Hurry up and apologize to Stephan, Levi. Then we’ll look past this incident.”

Wayne added. “That’s right. Kneel on the floor and ask sincerely for Stephan’s forgiveness. I’m sure he will show you mercy.”

Everyone condemned Levi as they sided with Stephan.

Chloe and Lina looked at the crowd incredulously. Stephan and his girlfriend are at fault here. She even poured water on Levi, yet they want Levi to kneel and apologize? This is unreasonable and unacceptable! But Stephan always assumed he was in the right because of his unique status.

Levi put out the cigarette he was smoking. Then he met with Stephan’s eyes and said casually. “Ask your father to apologize to me in person. Otherwise, I will not let you off.”

“What? You want Stephan’s father to apologize to you?”

Everyone was completely dumbfounded by Levi’s request. They were dazed for some time before slowly regaining their senses.

“Are you crazy, Levi? Do you know who Stephan’s father is? Do you think you are qualified to receive his apology?”

“That’s right! Who do you think you are? Why is there a need for the district council’s chief to apologize to you?”

“You’re just a lowly criminal recently released from prison. Know your place!”

Wayne, Robin, and the others were going all out to insult Levi at that point.

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