The Return of God of War Chapter 491-500

The Return of God of War Chapter 491

“Don’t push your luck, Garrison!” Maurice roared.

Levi merely raised his voice. “Go. Slap him in the face!”

Zane broodingly walked toward Maurice.

Maurice was filled with rage.

How am I going to hold my head up high after being slapped by a security guard!?

Shawn and Steve held onto Maurice while giving him glances, signaling him not to move.

“Hit him!” Levi ordered.

With that, Zane violently slapped Maurice across the face.

In an instant, Maurice’s head spun as his vision blurred, and half of his face turned numb.

The sensation was quickly followed by pain. It felt as though he was being pricked by needles continuously.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The huge celebrity, Maurice Lorraine, had just been struck by a security guard.

Maurice glared at Zane and Levi ferociously, as though he wanted to eat them alive.

What a disgrace.

This is way too humiliating!

Levi asked coldly, “Do you accept what just happened?”

“I-I do. I hit him with my money and he slapped me in the face. It’s a fair trade!” Maurice replied while clenching his teeth.

“Alright, so what do you guys want?” Levi asked. “Haven’t you quit already? Why are you here again?”

Shawn quickly explained, “We have something important to discuss with Ms. Lopez, Mr. Garrison. Please let us in!”

“And what is it about?”

“We’ll talk about it when we see Ms. Lopez,” Shawn answered with a smile. “It’s something that will benefit the company!”

Levi returned a smile. “I’m sure you know how busy Ms. Lopez is. Not any Tom, Dick and Harry gets to meet her. You should leave.”

“What are you talking about, Garrison? I just got slapped and you’re chasing us away now? Who the hell do you think you are?”

Maurice just about had it.

“He’s right, Mr. Garrison. Be reasonable!” Shawn chimed in. “We stopped picking on the security guards out of respect for you. Shouldn’t you show us some respect too?”

In other words, they had apologized not because they knew they were wrong; they only did it to make Levi happy.

Levi was furious. “Who the hell do you think you are? Why should I show you any respect?”

Maurice had lost all his patience. “And who the hell do you think you are, Garrison? You’re just a nobody if you weren’t Ms. Lopez’s husband.”


Levi sent two of Maurice’s teeth flying with just one slap across the face.

A bright red handprint immediately appeared on the latter’s cheek.

Maurice was completely taken aback.

Just one slap was almost enough to kill him.

“You dare hit me, Levi Garrison?”

Maurice was so livid that he could kill someone.

“What’s wrong with that? A foul mouth deserves a slap, no?” Levi asked.

“I dare you to hit me again!” Maurice roared.

Levi was amused.

“Guys, have you ever seen someone ask to be hit?”


The security guards burst into laughter.

Levi instantly delivered another slap across Maurice’s face.

The left side of Maurice’s face instantly swelled up and the slap marks looked especially distinct.

The man was utterly floored.

Everyone else couldn’t believe their eyes.

“You’re the one who told me to hit you,” Levi said with a grin. “I was just granting your wish.”

“Maurice Lorraine is being attacked! Come and watch!”

“Hurry over and witness this! Someone’s attacking the superstar, Maurice Lorraine!”

“Isn’t there anyone here who stands with justice!?”

Trisha Sullivan and Wilford Boyd suddenly began to cry out.

Passersby swarmed over upon hearing it was Maurice Lorraine and glared at Levi.

“How dare you attack my idol? Someone call the cops!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 492

Over a hundred people showed up in a blink of an eye.

Everyone immediately assumed Maurice was the victim after seeing the piteous state he was in.

They began to confront Levi.

At this very moment, Zoey walked outside.

“What’s going on?”

“We wanted to talk to you, Ms. Lopez, but your husband kept stopping us and he even attacked Maurice! Your security guard also slapped Maurice in the face.”

Shifting the blame onto the innocent now, huh?

Zoey smiled. “And?”

“You know what could happen, Ms. Lopez,” said Shawn. “Your husband’s going to be in a world of trouble if word gets out. He had struck a celebrity, for God’s sake! He might even end up in jail!”

“What should I do then?” Zoey asked.

“To be completely honest with you, Ms. Lopez, we’ve been tricked into signing a slave contract with Triple Group. We want to leave, but there’s a huge penalty to pay…”

Shawn trailed off.

Zoey chuckled. “So you’re saying you want me to pay for the penalty and buy you guys over?”

The entire group nodded fervently. “That’s right, Ms. Lopez! We did some calculations. All the penalties add up to exactly two billion. It’s actually not a lot! Think about it; wouldn’t it be a breeze to gain back the two billion if you had such a great team like us and a brilliant actor like Maurice?”

“He’s right! I believe we’ll be able to earn you two billion in just a year!”

They were full of confidence thanks to the two films that had been released.

Maurice walked over to Zoey while covering his face. “The company is now in chaos after we left, isn’t it, Ms. Lopez?” he said with a smile. “Without us, it’d be tough for you to form a new team so quickly. I’m presenting you with an opportunity right now; we’ll come back if you agree to pay for our penalties. With us back, we’ll bring your company profits beyond your imagination! Not only that, but I’ll also even let go of the fact that your husband attacked me.”

Maurice was full of conceit.

They had originally come over to beg Zoey for help, but now he made it seem like Zoey was the one having to do the pleading.

Trisha and Wilford chimed in, “It’s a win-win situation. We’re giving you a chance. The only question now is, are you going to take it?”

Gerry Wade and the others wanted to throw up upon hearing that.

You’re the ones who’d racked your brains trying to find a way to come back, but now you’re talking about giving Ms. Lopez a chance?

Could you all be any more shameless?

Everyone’s eyes were on Zoey, waiting for her answer.

To Maurice and the group, Zoey would definitely agree to their proposal.

It wasn’t just because Oriental Star Group couldn’t do without them.

She also had to say yes for Levi’s sake.

“I refuse! You’re no longer part of my firm, so your problems have nothing to do with me. Besides, we have a rule of not working with traitors. Have a good day!”

With that, Zoey turned and walked away.

Job well done!

Levi nodded in approval.

Zoey had changed rather drastically throughout this period.

She was now much firmer in terms of her work and personality.

“What? Did she just turned us down?”

Maurice and the rest of them were flabbergasted.

Shawn was filled with disbelief.

“Do you not care if your husband’s fate, Zoey Lopez!?” Maurice yelled. “Just you wait and see how I’m going to make your husband suffer!”

Shawn and Steve quickly stopped him. “Don’t do anything rash, Maurice! Remember what we’re here for!”

“Yeah! We should behave ourselves. We’re here to ask for Ms. Lopez’s help, not to threaten her!” said the others.

The Return of God of War Chapter 493

Maurice glanced at Levi, who was standing nearby, and said, “Then we’ll give it another try. If she turns us down again, I’m going to send Levi Garrison behind bars!”

Levi calmly took out his phone and dialed a number. “It’s about time to destroy Maurice Lorraine.”


The people next to Maurice burst into laughter when they heard Levi’s words.

Is he an idiot?

Does he really think he can ruin a celebrity with just a phone call?

Who’s he trying to kid?

Maurice glared at Levi coldly and smirked. “I’d like to see how you plan to do that.”

Very quickly, all the major media outlets fought to report the following news: Famous celeb Maurice Lorrain’s private life exposed, spotted sharing hotel room with two women.

Horace Waller had arranged for someone to secretly follow Maurice that very night.

Pictures and videos of the incident immediately surfaced.

Netizens were in complete shock.

Maurice’s dark past surfaced as quickly as he shot to fame.

Another heavyweight news article made headlines: Maurice Lorraine dumped girlfriend of seven years, was abusive and made her sign an agreement to keep relationship secret.

More scandals began to surface, such as news of Maurice fooling around with multiple women at nightclubs.

The media outlets also released articles clarifying that Maurice was once taken in by Oriental Star Group while job hunting; the company had offered him a contract worth five hundred thousand.

Everyone now understood Maurice’s true character.

“So he betrayed Oriental after everything they’ve done for him? Despicable.”

“What an ingrate. He dumped his girlfriend after becoming famous and bit the hand that fed him!”

“I wondered why this guy kept trying to make Oriental look bad. Now I get it.”

The Internet was now filled with comments antagonizing Maurice.

The man’s reputation as a celebrity instantly hit rock bottom.

It’s over.

It’s all over.

Maurice was completely dumbstruck once he found out what just happened.

“How could this happen!?” he looked up and yelled at the top of his lungs.

His phone rang at the same time. It was the banks calling to tell him that all of his accounts had been frozen.

This was also Horace Waller’s doing.

Maurice Lorraine was completely finished.

The only choice he had left now was to serve Triple Group as a slave for the rest of his life.

Levi walked over with a smile. “It’s as easy to tear you down as it is to raise you up.”


Maurice flopped to the ground and stared at Levi in disbelief.

He really did it with one phone call.

For the very first time, Shawn and the others realized how frightening Levi was.

This is too much.

“We’re sorry, Mr. Garrison.”

Shawn, Steve and the rest of the group knelt on the ground.

“We promise to serve Oriental Star Group for the rest of our lives if you and Ms. Lopez redeem us, Mr. Garrison.”

They bowed with their heads directly touching the floor.

Levi scoffed. “Didn’t you hear what my wife said? She never works with traitors.”


Levi’s response struck them like lightning.

Their lives were over.

Taking care of Maurice indirectly restored Oriental Star Group to its glory.

Levi returned to Morris Group.

“Where have you been, Mr. Garrison? You’ve been away for so long!” Seth Wilson and the other security guards greeted him with a smile.

Iris Annabelle happened to spot Levi at the same time. “Where’d you disappear to? You didn’t even ask for a leave of absence.”

Iris looked rather upset, as though something had happened.

Levi asked immediately, “Is something wrong?”

Iris hesitated for a moment before nodding. “Yeah.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 494

“What happened?” Levi asked.

Iris rubbed her temples. “Didn’t the big boss tell us to organize a one billion charity program recently? We built the Hope Elementary School, Old Folk’s Home and Orphanage. We funded many poor students too. Yet, after pumping in our money and doing all this, someone else ended up taking all the credit.”

Levi was stunned.

How could such a thing happen?

Someone actually made an issue out of charity money?

He frowned. “Who did it? They sure have some nerve.”

“It was Triple Group! They organized that one billion charity gala two nights ago and not a single cent came out of their own pockets. They took the money we contributed for the charity program and made it theirs. All the charity certificates, documents and processes ended up becoming theirs!”

Iris was utterly furious.

And so was Levi. “So we paid for the charity event but they get all the credit!? And now everyone thinks that Triple Group is the one being charitable and that it has nothing to do with us?”

“Exactly! Triple Group is getting so much positive feedback from it. All the students and old people we’ve helped are sending them appreciation banners. The school, orphanage and old folks’ home are now hanging posters on the wall, thanking Triple Group for their kindness. Nobody knows that we’re the ones who actually came up with the money! Most importantly, we asked the Charity Association why this was happening, but they refused to acknowledge our contributions. They said everything about the charity program was done by Triple!”

The woman fumed in anger.


Levi landed a fist on the wall.

Iris jumped in fright.

“This is unacceptable! They’re even trying to interfere with a charity program. How shameless can they be?” Levi raged.

The fact that Triple Group could do all this had to be because everything was agreed upon with the Charity Association.

“That’s not all. I know that Triple’s general manager’s been involved with a few 14-year-old girls! Urgh! How I want that scumbag gone!” Iris added.

A cold look flashed in Levi’s eyes. “Now that he’s pissed me off, I’m going to make him pay.”

Iris glanced at the man’s stance.

Does he think he’s some boss?

“I’m about to personally head over to the Charity Association and find out what’s going on.”

The more she thought about this, the more exasperated she felt.

“Okay. I’ll come with you,” Levi responded.

They soon arrived at the North Hampton Charity Association building.

“Hello, do you have an appointment?”

“Yes. It’s under Iris Anabelle of Morris Group.”

Aware of Iris’ status, the Charity Association assigned a high-ranking director, Jon Harvey, to attend to her.

“Hello, Ms. Anabelle. How may I help you?” Jon asked with a smile.

Iris got straight to the point. “I’m here for just one thing today, and that is to look into the donations made by Morris Group for the charity program!”

“Oh? Has Morris Group contributed to the program recently?” Jon asked, perplexed.

Levi chuckled.

They’re all playing dumb.

Iris suppressed her anger and remarked coldly, “Morris Group has made a one-billion contribution to your association eight days ago. How could you, as a director, not know about this?”

Jon Harvey merely smiled. “Sorry about that, Ms. Anabelle. I’ve been abroad for a while so I really have no idea about this. Give me a moment to look into this matter.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 495

After making a phone call, Jon turned to them. “Have you perhaps been mistaken, Ms. Anabelle?” he asked with a smile on his face. “The only one-billion donation we’ve received is from Triple Group. There are no records of any contributions made by your company.”

“What the—what on earth are you talking about? That one billion came from Morris Group, but you wrote it off as Triple’s? What the hell is going on?”

Iris was so livid that she nearly cussed.

“Please calm down, Ms. Anabelle. We really have no records of any donation you’ve made.” Jon replied with a pretentious smile.

“Then tell me what this is!”

Iris slammed some documents of the donation made in front of Jon, along with the company’s proof of having set up the charity program.

Jon went through the documents and said in confusion. “This can’t be. How could these records be exactly the same as Triple Group’s? Even the charity program is completely identical! You wrote your own company’s name over Triple’s, didn’t you, Ms. Anabelle?”

Iris was about to go insane.

How shameless can they be?

Now they’re making it seem like we’re the guilty ones.

“Besides, Triple Group really did host the charity gala recently and donated one billion during the conference. It was their money; what does it have to do with Morris Group? Even I’m starting to wonder if you’re harboring any ill intentions, Ms. Anabelle.”

Jon appeared confident that the money belonged to Triple Group.

“Hah! Well then, since we have all the bank transaction records, how about we use them to find out who donated the money?” Iris suggested with a smirk. “Let’s head to the bank right away, Mr. Harvey. Then we can make some comparisons with your finance department.”

Jon’s expression took a turn at the mention of the bank.

He began to ask, “Before that, may I ask why you donated the money in the first place, Ms. Anabelle?”

“To help people in need, of course,” Iris answered.

“That’s right. The purpose of the Charity Association is to help others, and since we’ve achieved this goal, does it really matter who was the one who helped?”

The man proceeded to poison the well in an attempt to make Iris look bad. “Don’t people show acts of kindness in anonymity nowadays? Are you donating money just for the fame, or for an award or certificate? I’m really starting to question your motives now, Ms. Anabelle! Since it’s all about charity, does anything else matter as long as our goals are met? So what if the money came from Morris Group? If you insist on taking the credit that much, fine! I’ll send you a pile of certificates.”


Iris felt rage flowed through her like lava.

Yes, the goals have been met.

We don’t care about the fame either.

But there’s no way I’d allow Triple Group to take the credit!

Clap, clap, clap.

Levi couldn’t help but clap his hands.

“You sure have a way with words! Claiming the moral high ground now, are you?” Levi said, smirking.

Jon scoffed, “What do you mean by claiming the moral high ground? This is how charity has always been; if everyone only contributes for the fame, they’re better off not contributing at all. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter who donated!”

Levi raised his voice. “Does that mean you can write someone else’s donation off as Triple Group’s? Who gave you the right to do that?”


Jon wanted to say more, but Levi cut him off. “If the credit doesn’t matter, why does Triple Group need it then? They announced the news everywhere and even hosted a charity gala.”

“That’s not the same. Triple Group needs the credit!” Jon replied with a smile.

The Return of God of War Chapter 496

“So Morris Group doesn’t need it, but Triple Group does? Such double standards,” Levi scoffed.


Levi cut Jon off again. “I want to know who gave you the right to write Morris Group’s contribution off as Triple Group’s. That’s some serious power right there, changing a one-billion project just like that.”

Levi arrived at the root of the problem with his sharp words.

Jon was overwhelmed.

“Who is this man, Ms. Anabelle? Are you both here just to stir up some ruckus? So you want to look into the internal affairs of the Charity Association that badly?” he raged.

“Sure. Why don’t we investigate?” Levi replied coldly.

“Get them out of here!”

Jon wasn’t having it anymore and immediately ordered someone to take them away.

But Levi persisted. “No! I have to find out exactly what’s going on! How did Morris’ charity program end up becoming Triple’s?”

Jon was beyond livid. “So what if I don’t admit it was Morris’? What can you do about that, even if I say it’s been written off as Triple’s?”

Levi’s lips curled into a profound smile. “Fine. Don’t regret it then!”

“Me? Regret? Hah! I’m going to say this one more time. Triple Group’s the one who donated the money and it has nothing to do with you! Send them out!”

Iris and Levi left the building. “You see that? I can’t believe that’s how the Charity Association behaves!” Iris lamented with a wave of her hand. “I have to go back and ask Mr. Atkinson what to do. We can’t just leave things this way.”

The two returned to Morris Group.

Levi headed to his own office and contacted his secretary, Aurora Newt.

“Aurora, who’s the person in charge of the North Hampton Charity Association?” he asked.

“The president is Mr. Sanford Collins, Sir.”

“Alright. Tell him to come over. I have something to discuss with him.”

Levi sounded as cold as frost.

It didn’t take long for Sanford Collins to arrive at Morris Group with several other high-ranking associates.

The five of them stood inside the office with their heads lowered and covered in cold sweat.

They didn’t even dare to wipe at their foreheads.

The man sitting before them was way too intimidating.

He’s not just the deputy of North Hampton, he’s the God of War!

How did Scott Yates die?

It was thanks to this man!

And why has Triple Group suddenly appeared out of nowhere to do whatever they please in Quebec?

It’s mainly because Scott Yates, the man who had been keeping a tight rein on Triple Group, is no more.

This is the man who had single-handedly gotten rid of Scott Yates!

“Do you know why I’ve called you over?” asked Levi.

Sanford Collins and his men exchanged glances before shaking their heads. “No we don’t, Mr. Garrison.”

“You don’t? Then do you know where you are right now?”

Levi tapped his desk with his knuckles.

“We’re inside Morris Group. Ah! Is this perhaps about Morris Group’s charity program?”

Being the smart man that he was, Sanford quickly grasped the situation.

“So, you do know why you’re here,” Levi said coldly.

“Tell me what’s going on,” he said with a smirk. “How did the money Morris Group donated for the program end up as Triple Group’s?”

Suddenly, his expression took a sharp turn. “I was just at the Charity Association to ask about this, but they insisted the money came from Triple and even chased me out of the building!”


Levi’s words struck them like lightning, instantly petrifying them.


Sanford lost his balance and staggered to the floor.


This man got kicked out of the Charity Association?

Who had such nerve to do that?

The Return of God of War Chapter 497

This is blasphemy!

It’s over.

The shit’s about to hit the fan now.

Sanford breathed deeply and said, “We had no idea such a thing happened, Mr. Garrison.”

Levi tapped on his desk again. “That’s the second issue. Let’s talk about the first. If I don’t get a good answer from you, I’m going to start looking into it on my own!”

The men nearly coughed blood out of fear.

Look into it on his own?

Jesse Nielsen’s going to ruin us before that happens.

“I’ll talk! I’ll tell you everything!”

Sanford jumped in and explained himself clearly.

“It was the general manager of Triple Group from Erudia, Horace Waller, who came looking for me. He told me to put Morris Group’s one-billion donation under Triple Group for the charity program! I did it only because he promised to donate two billion to North Hampton in the future!”

Levi smirked. “He promised to donate two billion? Did you sign an agreement with him?”

“No. It was a verbal agreement,” Sanford answered. “But he’s the general manager of Triple Group, so I believe he’s a man of his word.”


Levi slammed his hand onto the desk.

Sanford and his team nearly wet themselves.

“So you’d believe whatever people tell you? Are you a f*cking elementary school student!?” he roared.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Garrison. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have believed him!”

Sanford immediately got down on his knees.

“Let’s go! We’re going to check the Charity Association’s records!” Levi demanded.

Sanford immediately agreed. “Understood, Sir. We’ll head over at once!”

Iris saw Levi bringing a group of men over to her just as she hung up a call with Kirin.

Sanford said to her, “Hello, Ms. Anabelle. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Sanford Collins, president of the Charity Association. I’m here to apologize and request you to come with us to the Association to settle some matters.”

Iris was dumbfounded.

I just called Mr. Atkinson half an hour ago to ask for help, and the president of the Charity Association is here apologizing to me already?

Just how powerful is this mysterious boss?


Iris admired this unknown man so much that she was now thinking of him as a lover.

Everyone quickly headed toward the Charity Association once again.

“Get Jon Harvey to attend to me!” Levi ordered the front desk receptionist.

It didn’t take long for Jon to angrily show up with a group of bodyguards.

“What? Must you insist on causing trouble, Morris Group? I kicked you out just a while ago!” Jon raged.

Levi scoffed. “What’s this? Is this how you attend to a guest?”

“Who the f*ck do you think you are that I have to attend to you? You wanna die?” Jon bellowed at him.

“What’s your problem? Why are you acting like such a tyrant?” Iris argued. “Am I not allowed to check your accounts? My company gave you a one-billion donation, for crying out loud!”

“No!” Jon turned her down right away. “From now on, no one from Morris Group gets to step into this building. We won’t accept your donations either!”

“What a bold statement. You must think you’re so formidable,” Iris remarked.

“That’s right,” the other directors began to speak out. “We’re the ones who have the final say in North Hampton’s charity industry! If you have a problem with that, that’s too bad!”

Levi shook his head in frustration as he glanced at these men.

So this is how the Charity Association normally behaves.

And it looks like these directors really gain a lot from their work.

With one glance, Levi easily noticed that quite a few of these men wore luxury watches that was worth millions.

“How dare you!”

An explosive roar erupted in the lobby.

It was Sanford Collins, president of the Charity Association.

The Return of God of War Chapter 498

“You f*cking—it’s you, Mr. Collins?”

Jon immediately paled in fright as he gazed at the group of men in disbelief.

“Mr. Jung? Mr. Yeager? What are you all doing here?”

Jon and the other directors were beyond horrified.

“Hmph! The company would’ve been shut down if I weren’t here!” Sanford said with fury.

“Huh? That can’t be, Mr. Collins. Why would the Charity Association be shut down?”

Jon smiled sheepishly, not realizing that the man standing right in front of him was capable of tearing the entire company down if he wanted to.

You’re all fired. You’d better prepare for all the investigations you’ll all be going through!” Sanford said coldly.



Jon and the other directors felt as though they had just been struck by lightning.

Sanford then turned to the four vice presidents behind him. “When this is all over, we’ll have to resign and go through the investigations too.”

“We understand!” the vice presidents immediately agreed.

This was the best way for them to save themselves.

Jon and his team were even more astounded.

Who on earth is behind Morris Group that our president is voluntarily resigning?

“Alright, let’s go check the records! Stop dilly-dallying,” said Levi.

“Yes, Chief!”

Sanford and his men immediately lead the way.

Iris stared intensely at Levi.

He’s actually acting all tough.

The only reason why he got to put on such a show was because of Mr. Atkinson.

And they’re calling him Chief?

What a pretentious guy you are, Levi!

The truth unveiled itself not long after everyone arrived at the Charity Association.

The one billion donation was indeed from Morris Group. It had nothing to do with Triple Group at all.

“I believe I don’t have to tell you what to do next,” Levi remarked.

“Not at all, Chief! I’ll take care of everything!”

Sanford instantly arranged for an announcement to be made, confirming that it was Morris Group that had donated the money.

Then, he contacted all the publishers and large media outlets to report Morris Group’s acts of charity.

He also presented Morris its rightful award and certificate.

“I don’t actually need these things, but you’ll have to prepare them. They’re all part of the legal process.”

Levi glared at Sanford, causing the latter to tremble in fear.

“By the way, let the world know that Triple Group never donated a single cent during the charity gala,” the man instructed.

Triple Group’s thinking of gaining without even doing anything?

Like that’ll happen.


Sanford hesitated for a moment.

After all, Triple Group was a powerful foreign corporation.

This was certainly a tough matter to deal with.

“Hmm?” Levi hummed coldly.

“I’ll take care of it right away!”

Triple Group was nothing compared to this man, after all.

Very quickly, all the large media outlets began to ask the following: When will Triple Group donate to the charity program?

Is it really for charity, or are they doing it just for clout?

Even the Charity Association confirmed what was going on.

Hence, the news quickly spread across North Hampton.

“So Triple Group is nothing but a scam? Didn’t they donate a billion during the charity gala?”

“The guys from Triple Group are nothing but leeches! It was Morris Group’s money and it ended up becoming theirs!”

“How shameless! They even slandered Oriental Star Group that night. What a bunch of dogs.”

The tide quickly turned. Triple Group was now in crisis after having its reputation destroyed.

Meanwhile, inside the office of Triple Group in North Hampton.

Horace Waller was smoking on a cigar while looking extremely grim.

“Something’s fishy. I discussed everything with Sanford Collins and bought over a few of his vice presidents and directors. Why is this happening?”

Horace was puzzled.

At this very moment, someone from the Charity Association asked to meet him.

The Return of God of War Chapter 499

“Hello, Mr. Waller. We won’t force you to pay the one-billion donation, but you’ve already made your decision that night at the charity gala, so I think it’s best if you don’t go back on your words. It’d be bad publicity for Triple Group otherwise.”

Horace gritted his teeth and paid up.

He was fuming with anger.

Triple Group never had any intention of paying such an amount. This was simply a loss resulting from not carrying out his tasks well.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Horae hit his desk in fury.

“Damn you, Morris Group!”

At that very moment, he received a phone call.

The person on the line proceeded to chastise him.

With a gloomy face, Horace silently listened to everything that was being said to him.

“Mr. Park Hae-Jin will arrive in North Hampton soon. You’ll be in charge of welcoming him! Leave all of North Hampton’s matters to Mr. Park from now on. All you need to do is assist him.”

Horace’s expression instantly took a turn upon the mention of the name.

Park Hae-Jin was the son of Park Cheon-shin, the regional manager of Triple Group in Erudia.

They were the direct descendants of the family that ruled Keerea’s Triple Group, and had control over all affairs in Erudia.

It was this father-and-son duo who caused Scott Yates to lose all his affiliations.

Park Cheon-shin was someone who could go up against Scott Yates.

His son was even more terrifying.

Horace knew what Park Hae-Jin was coming to North Hampton for.

That man was a complete deviant!

At four o ‘clock in the afternoon.

Horace waited at a highway intersection with a large group.

A row of cars arrived shortly after.

The second vehicle was a LaFerrari worth forty million.

The door opened and out came a young man in a suit. He had blue hair and his ears were pierced.

A corner of his lips curled slightly as he stood in front of Horace.

“Welcome to North Hampton, Mr. Park!” Horace bowed and said with a smile.

Yet, the Keerean man suddenly grabbed Horace by the hair, pulling him forward.

Horace cried out in pain.


Hae-Jin punched Horace in the face, blood immediately spurted everywhere.



He continued his vicious assault on Horace.

The poor man now looked like a complete mess.


Finally, Hae-Jin kicked Horace in the stomach, sending him flying eight meters backwards.

The latter clutched his stomach and writhed in pain.

This was exactly why Horace was afraid of Park Hae-Jin.

Fortunately, he was the general manager in Erudia, and thus still of value to Triple Group.

Otherwise, Hae-Jin would have already sent him to meet with his maker!

“Trash! You’re all trash!” Hae-Jin raged.

“What’s the point of looking after trash like you? We lost one billion just like that, not to mention Triple’s reputation was tarnished!”

The man was so livid that he brought a few of Horace’s men forward and proceeded to beat them up.

“It’s all my fault, Mr. Park Hae-Jin! I swear I’ll gain back what we’ve lost!” Horace promised while kneeling in front of Hae-Jin.

Then, he continued, “I’ve also prepared a few lovely ladies for you, Mr. Park. They’re all actresses who have recently made it big, such as Trisha Sullivan and Hazel Levine. Please enjoy your time with them!”

This was the only way to protect his own life.

Park Hae-Jin’s temper died down slightly. “Now that’s what I’m talking about!”

Perhaps, not even Trisha Sullivan would have expected something like this to happen to her after betraying Oriental Star Group.

Hae-Jin suddenly remembered something. “I heard that the most popular actress right now is Helena Engler. Her boss is a real beauty too.”

“Uhh… I don’t think I can do anything about that, Mr. Park…”

Horace began to tremble.

Hae-Jin scoffed. “Then forget it. I’ll take care of it myself! Remember this. North Hampton is at the mercy of Triple Group. That’s exactly why I’m here!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 500

Park Hae-Jin was extremely full of himself.

However, Horace didn’t question him at all.

Because he knew what Triple Group was capable of.

What Park Cheon-shin and his son were capable of.

In fact, Park Cheon-shin and his son indistinctively held more power than Scott Yates did.

But why did they never confront each other head on?

The main reason was that the losses were too huge, even if they would have won.

It would be akin to killing a thousand of Scott’s men but losing eight hundred of their own.

Now that Scott’s faction had collapsed, Triple Group stood alone and firm in Quebec.

They could now do whatever they pleased!

Triple Group had no issues taking over South City and ten other areas.

The toughest nut to crack was North Hampton.

Park Cheon-shin had immediately sent his son over after Horace’s screw-up.

That night, Trisha Sullivan and the other women who had signed Triple Group’s slave contracts were given hell.

The next day, they were carried straight into the hospital.

Horace shuddered at the news.

Park Hae-Jin was an absolute pervert who treated women like playthings.

Many of them died.

Those who didn’t either ended up with depression or remained in the hospital…

Maurice was petrified too.

Hae-Jin walked out and bumped into him.

“I heard you made it pretty big, but you’re nothing but a street rat now. How are you even going to make me money?” Hae-Jin asked coldly.

“I can act,” Maurice answered while trembling. “I can shoot lots of movies!”

Slap, slap.

Hae-Jin patted the man’s cheeks. “Do you think anyone’s going to watch your movies?”


Maurice froze on the spot.


Hae-Jin spat on the ground.

“Lick it up. I’m a guy who spits wherever I like. From now on, your job is to lick up all of my spit,” he said with a laugh.

“No… No…”

Maurice instantly paled.

How could a celebrity like him do such a thing?


Hae-Jin kicked Maurice to the ground.

Maurice had no choice but to lick it clean.

Hae-Jin ended up spitting on the floor all day.


Endless despair!

Maurice would have remained a trending celebrity had he stuck with Oriental Star Group.

His future would have been full of riches, glory and splendor.

Sadly, he could only go through such suffering now.

At Bayview Garden.

Iris picked Levi up for work in her Porsche.

Zoey smiled helplessly.

Her snobbish best friend was actually driving Levi to work.

It must be because he’s that charming.

Zoey smiled.

While driving, she suddenly spotted a Ferrari speeding recklessly on the left lane, disregarding all traffic rules.

All the surrounding vehicles tried to evade it.

Those who didn’t make it in time ended up crashing into other cars or the guard rails.


Zoey’s eyes widened in disbelief.

The Ferrari suddenly turned to the right lane and began zooming toward her.

Zoey wasn’t driving slowly, but it was already too late to switch lanes.


The two cars violently collided.

The airbag was instantly deployed, protecting Zoey.

No one was injured.

However, the vehicles were a different story. The Ferrari’s head had completely caved in, and Zoey’s Audi RS7 was severely damaged too.


The owner of the Ferrari got down. He looked extremely menacing with his blue hair and pierced ears.

Behind the Ferrari were several other vehicles. Dozens of men in black began to exit and walk over.

“How the hell do you even drive!?”

Park Hae-Jin’s attendant, Park Chang-wook, ferociously gave Zoey’s Audi a few kicks.

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