The Return of God of War Chapter 461-470

The Return of God of War Chapter 461

Since Levi isn’t that easy to sabotage, I’ll let Fernand do the dirty work for me.

Fernand’s eyes sparkled when he saw the pictures.

“How is she so beautiful? It’s the first time I’ve seen someone as pretty as her!” Fernand exclaimed in surprised.

Zachary grinned. “Mr. Yates, I guarantee that she’s even prettier in real life!”

“Alright! I’ll leave this to you! Bring Helena and her to me!”

Lust started to overwhelm Fernand’s senses.

Sebastian joined their conversation. “Mr. Yates, I’ll recommend someone to you as well. The vice president of the Morris Group, Iris Annabelle, is a beauty as well! She might not be as pretty as Zoey Lopez, but I assure you that she’s a looker!”

“Hahaha… I don’t care if this Iris is pretty or not! I only want her just because she’s the vice president of the Morris Group!” A crazed expression appeared on Fernand’s face.

Zachary hesitated a little before saying awkwardly, “Mr. Yates, I can bring Helena Engler here, but I don’t dare to do the same to Zoey Lopez and Iris Annabelle because something bad has happened to me before!”

“What a loser! Bones, go with him!”

Fernand waved his hands.

“Alright, I promise to bring them to you!” Zachary guaranteed as a smug smile appeared on his face.

Helena was the talk of the town lately; she had amassed a following of a few million fans.

Despite that, she still stayed humble and honed her craft every night.


Suddenly, the door was opened, and an extremely skinny, deathly pale man appeared.

Helena trembled in fright. “W-What do you want?”

“Come with me. Someone wants to have a drink with you!”

Right as he said that he appeared in front of her, and she lost consciousness.

“Zoey Lopez and Iris Annabelle are next! They’re neighbors!” Zachary chuckled

In no time, they appeared at Bayview Garden.

Iris had just finished her bath and was reading through some finance news with a tablet.

At that moment, a gust of wind blew from the balcony, lifting the curtains.

“Didn’t I close the window…”

Iris stood up and went to close the window when a pair of emaciated, pale hands suddenly appeared from behind the curtain.

“Ah!” She shrieked in terror.

Soon after, Zachary and his colleagues appeared.

“Nice to meet you, Ms. Annabelle. Mr. Yates extends an invitation to you!” Bones said coldly.

“Who’s Mr. Yates? I don’t even know him! Besides, you’re trespassing in my property, and that’s illegal!” Iris bellowed furiously.

“I guess we have to do it the hard way!” Bones approached Iris in an instant and knocked her out cold.

“Zoey Lopez is next!” A maniacal smile rose from Zachary’s lips.

As compared to the Morris Group, his biggest enemies right now were Levi and Zoey.

Zoey needs to be captured, and Levi needs to be killed!

This is the best opportunity I have!

I’ll have Bones kill Levi for me to avenge my brother!

“Mr. Bones, things might be a little dangerous from now on,” Zachary said suddenly with a tinge of fear in his voice.

Bones was puzzled. “Dangerous?”

“You might not know this, but Zoey Lopez’s husband, Levi Garrison is someone skilled in combat! The Suarez family has suffered a huge loss because of him. I’m scared to come in contact with him!” Zachary trembled as he spoke.

“Hmph! What a piece of garbage! You can’t even handle a small fry!” Bones scoffed.

He then walked towards Levi’s house.

Zachary flashed a bright smile.

Got him!

Levi, be prepared to face your death!

He then caught up to Bones quickly.

The Return of God of War Chapter 462

When they entered Levi’s house, they realized that no one was there.

“Huh? Is she not here?”

Zachary took a look around and he couldn’t spot anyone.

“Where did she go? Go and look for her!” Zachary commanded his subordinates.

Bones waved his hand and said, “No need for that. We’ll send the two people back because Mr. Yates is waiting!”

“Alright. I’ll bring Zoey with me once I find out where she is!”

Afterwards, Helena and Iris were sent to the Rogers family’s house.

Fernand’s eyes sparkled with ecstasy when he saw how pretty they were. He thought they were worth his wait.

However, he had already come because he couldn’t help himself just now.

That was why he needed to wait a while longer to be able to rape the two ladies.

“Mr. Yates, should we go look for Zoey Lopez now?” Zachary asked.

Fernand replied, “Go quickly. We still have time!”

Incidentally, Levi and Zoey had gone to their parents’ place tonight and returned to their house afterwards.

“Huh? Why did Iris sleep so early tonight?” Zoey exclaimed when she saw that the lights in Iris’ room were turned off.

Iris would usually keep her lights on until one or two in the morning because she was a workaholic.

“Something’s amiss!” Levi had a bad feeling because he had received news from Nueve that Fernand Yates had come to North Hampton.

Originally, he didn’t dwell on the matter. However, he sensed something was wrong with Iris, so he immediately recalled this piece of information.

“Honey, go home first. I have something I need to do!”

After Levi asked Zoey to head back, he arranged for someone to protect her.

Azure Dragon immediately drove to pick them up when they stepped out from the Bayview Garden.

“God of War, Ms. Anabelle has been abducted along with Helena Engler! Fernand Yates is in the Rogers family’s mansion right now, and he is committing all kinds of brutalities!” Azure Dragon said.

“Is he powerful?” Levi asked.

“Fernand’s father, Scott Yates, is the top figure in Quebec, and The Four Mighty Generals under his command can wipe out a whole army by themselves!”

Levi listened in amusement and instructed, “Alright. Ask White Tiger to come here. Tell him he’s about to square off against powerful opponents! The Black and White Guards were too weak for him, and he’s been complaining about that ever since!”

“Alright. Got it!”

In the Rogers family’s manor.

Everyone in the Rogers family was kneeling on the ground while Fernand was patiently waiting as the three Mighty Generals stood by his side.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Helena and Iris had woken up, and they stared around in horror.

“Haha! Let me introduce myself. I am Fernand Yates from South City! I invited both of you to have a drink with me!” Fernand chuckled.

Helena was afraid, so she hid behind and Iris.

Iris, on the other hand, was poised. “I don’t even know you. Why should I drink with you?”

“You know me now, don’t you? Besides that, Morris Group is about to be ruined, so isn’t being with me a better choice now?” Fernand grinned.

“What? The Morris Group is about to be ruined?”

Iris knew there was bad blood between South City and the Morris Group, so she immediately realized they were seeking revenge on them.

“Is this the Rogers family’s manor?” Iris exclaimed in surprise when she saw the people kneeling.

How strong can this guy be to bring the entire Rogers family down?

“You’re Iris Annabelle, aren’t you? Let me tell you something…”

Iris was dumbstruck when Sebastian told her what had happened to the Rogers family.

This Fernand guy is terrible!

How dare he humiliate the Rogers family like this!

When Fernand saw how shy Helena was and how coy Iris was, he became excited again.

He waved his hands to chase everyone out.

“No… what are you doing?” Iris had a sudden realization as she stepped back instinctively.

The Return of God of War Chapter 463


Fernand threw Helena and Iris on the bed.

He was skilled in martial arts; the ladies couldn’t fight back.

Helplessness flashed in the Rogers family’s eyes as they watched the scene unfold.

What an impudent person!

Is he really gonna do the deed when so many people are around?

I feel so miserable for the two ladies targeted by Fernand!



At that moment, the manor’s door collapsed, and all the windows shattered.

The loud noise startled everyone. It caused them to stop in their tracks.

Even Fernand, who was about to pounce on the ladies, stopped as he stared at the door.

Four people stood by the entrance.

Kirin and White Tiger stood beside Levi, who was smoking a cigar.

“Huh? Levi? From the Morris Group?”

“Are you Neil Atkinson?”

Zachary and Sebastian Lopez exclaimed with an expression of horror.

“Huh? What? Someone from the Morris Group?” Fernand put on his bathrobe and approached them eagerly.

At the same time, Bones, Titan, and Golem were excited as well.

“Haha, you really are digging your own grave!” Fernand chuckled.

Zachary and Sebastian were agitated as well. The people from the Morris Group finally arrived, but the only fate that awaited them was death.

We can finally avenge the Suarez family and the Lopez family!

“Levi, be prepared to die!” Zachary guffawed.

“Kill them!”

Fernand waved his hands, and the three Mighty Generals stepped forward, glaring at Levi and his posse menacingly.

White Tiger took a step forwards and beckoned them to come over by waggling his finger.

“Come at me, all at once!”

White Tiger’s smugness shocked everyone.

How dare he act so boastfully when facing Fernand and the three Mighty Generals!


Titan had the hottest temper out of the bunch, so he roared and pounced on White Tiger like a ferocious beast first.

He was skilled in martial arts, and he had enough strength to kill a tiger with just one punch.


His punch made a very jarring noise.

Titan could kill someone with a punch, but White Tiger responded with a punch of his own instead of dodging it.

White Tiger’s punch seemed weak, but maniacal murderous intent and immense power were infused in it.

When the punch reached Titan, his expression changed drastically.

It’s so powerful!


Their fists crashed into each other and made a dull noise.


Blood spurted out of Titan’s mouth as his right arm exploded from the impact.


Besides that, he was sent flying by the punch. When he landed on the ground, blood gushed out from his orifices, and he died on the spot.

Killed with just one punch!

Everyone was dumbfounded.

“I’ll kill you!”

Bones was the next one who pounced on White Tiger.

He moved as fast as lightning, and one’s eyes could barely make out his silhouette from the speed he was travelling at.


However, White Tiger was even faster. He grabbed Bones’ wrist.


White Tiger twisted his hand gently and snapped Bones’ wrist.

“Ugh!” Bones shrieked.


Afterwards, White Tiger shattered Bones’ arms, ankles, and legs. He left Bones lying limply on the ground like a skeleton.

Bones looked absolutely miserable.


In the next moment, Golem’s bulky stature loomed over White Dragon as he came crashing down.


White Tiger gripped Golem’s head and smashed it onto the ground.




After eight consecutive punches, Golem’s head was a bloody mess, and a huge dent was imprinted on it.


Golem’s colossal body fell on the ground with a resounding Thud.

White Tiger had defeated Fernand Yate’s three out of Four Mighty Generals all by himself!

The Return of God of War Chapter 464

After White Tiger defeated the three people, he took out a clean handkerchief and wiped his hands.

He chuckled. “The last guy was pretty sturdy. It took me eight whole punches to kill him!”

Everyone held their breaths and fell silent because this wasn’t what anyone was expecting!

After all, those were the infamous killing machines from Quebec!

They were even feared by The Black and White Guards, but they had been defeated by a single man!

Sebastian finally realized he was mistaken.

He originally thought The Black and White Guards had a drawn-out battle against White Tiger, but now he realized they hadn’t even stood a chance against him.

On the other hand, Zachary was so terrified he almost peed his pants.

Fernand trembled in fear as he stared at White Tiger.

“No! This is impossible!”

To Fernand, the Four Mighty Generals were the strongest fighters around; they could never be defeated.

However, they had been defeated in an instant by one man!

Fernand’s assumptions were completely destroyed.

“You’re Fernand Yates, aren’t you? Since you came to North Hampton, stay here forever!”

White Tiger suddenly kicked Fernand’s chest.


Fernand flew a very long distance and slammed against the wall forcefully.

A wide streak of blood formed on the wall, signifying Fernand’s demise.


Everyone was driven insane when they saw the numerous cracks on the wall.

Is he even human?

This is madness!

Total madness!

White Tiger smiled, and it seemed like he was pleased by his opponents tonight.

“He has a stepfather, doesn’t he? I hope he’s stronger than this!” White Tiger had an expectant expression.

Everyone in the Rogers family was stunned.

He’s so powerful!

Kirin stared at Sebastian and Zachary and asked, “Didn’t we tell you that since you came to North Hampton, you should stay forever?”

Kirin’s question was a death sentence for Sebastian and Zachary.

No one expected Scott’s stepson and the three Mighty Generals to only enjoy their stay here for half a day.

They were all dead except for Bones; even he was on the verge of demise because a few dozen of his bones had been broken!

In the end, Bones couldn’t make it to South City alive because he couldn’t bear the pain anymore.

This was the worst defeat Scott had faced in ten years.

On the other hand, Levi brought Helena and Iris along with him.

Helena stared at Levi with an expression of gratitude because he turned her from jobless to a superstar.

Besides that, not only did he change her life, but he had also saved her today too.

Because of that, the way Helena looked at Levi was a little different now…

“How did you know I was here?” Iris asked.

This was the second time Levi had saved her, even though he didn’t necessarily do the dirty work.

“Zoey saw that the lights in your room were turned off, so I thought something bad happened to you,” Levi explained.

Iris said somewhat shyly, “Thank you for saving me again.”

She now blushed furiously whenever she saw him.

“If you want to thank someone, thank Zoey instead!”

After that, Levi sent Helena home first. When she got out of the car, she said shyly to Levi, “Levi, I’ll repay you soon for saving me today!”

Meanwhile, in the Rose Gold Manor, South City.

Scott was making some tea while Typhoon sat opposite him and remained silent.

“A monk gave me this packet of tea. I’m reluctant to drink it!” Scott grinned.

However, not only did Typhoon not talk, but his expression also remained stoic as well because nothing could ever faze him anymore.

“Master, we’re in trouble! Something really bad has happened!” An uproar could be heard from outside at that moment.

Scott was displeased. “Why the hell are you making so much noise!”

On the other hand, Typhoon still sat motionless despite the uproar.

“Master, something bad has happened!” Theo, one of Scott’s old butlers, exclaimed in shock.

The Return of God of War Chapter 465

He had served under Scott for fifty years, so he resembled Scott in demeanor and personality.

Theo was never this anxious before, which meant that they were in very big trouble!

Scott stood up and asked, “Theo, what happened?”

“Master, just take a look for yourself… I-I don’t know how to say this…”

Theo wiped his tears away.

Scott soon realized something terrible must’ve happened, so he rushed out the door.

A lot of South City’s powerful figures crowded in the opening in the middle of the manor.

Corpses were placed in the opening, and they were covered with white cloths.

“What happened?”

Everyone automatically made way for Scott when he arrived.

“Sir, please be strong!” The head of the Suarez family and the Lopez family said while they sobbed uncontrollably.

Scott shut his eyes helplessly when he heard that.

His body trembled, and his outstretched hands hovered around the cloth, reluctant to uncover it.

Typhoon, who stood behind him, stepped forwards and uncovered all seven corpses.

The corpses of Fernand, the three Mighty Generals, Sebastian, and Zachary were revealed.

The Suarez family and the Lopez family had already wept for quite some time, but that wasn’t the case for Scott.


Scott felt as if his head were about to explode when he saw the body of his stepson’s and his subordinates.

He broke down completely at that moment.

That was the saddest day in the fifty years of his life.

He hadn’t killed anyone for thirty years already, but now a pang of bloodlust struck him.

When Typhoon saw his three partners’ bodies, he squinted and exuded an overwhelming menacing aura.

Everyone could feel the temperature dropping sharply, and they unwittingly shuddered.

Everyone knew something terrible was about to happen!

From this day onwards, peace will not visit Quebec again.

Even God can’t save the people who did this to Scott!

Scott never expected that the three Mighty Generals, along with his beloved stepson, to die.

Scott didn’t have any children, and his best friend had died to save Fernand, so Scott had always treated Fernand like his own son.

His heart ached now that Fernand was dead.

“My brother, I couldn’t protect your son! It’s all my fault!” Scott screamed to the heavens.

“Master, what should we do now? You need to take charge. If not, the Morris Group will rule over Quebec!”

Scott bellowed in rage, “Theo, tell this to everyone. Prepare the funerals in three days because I want to send my son and my brothers off with honor! I want everyone in Quebec to know about this funeral!”

“Understood, Master!”

“Secondly, gather all our former subordinates and reinstate them in three days! Thirdly, inform my twenty-four disciples to come to South City with all their men!”

Everyone shuddered when they heard Scott’s commands.

There were thirteen cities in Quebec, and all except North Hampton were under Scott’s rule.

The remaining twelve cities were ruled by Scott’s former subordinates or disciples, but they had gone on their own ways since his retirement thirty years ago.

Despite that, Scott commanded them to gather within three days to head towards North Hampton and ravage the Morris Group.

No one could imagine what kind of chaos would unfold, but they knew Morris Group was doomed for sure!

The Return of God of War Chapter 466

As soon as the news broke, everyone in Quebec went into a frenzy.

Everyone from the upper class society to the underworld were shocked!

Mr. Yates is already causing great commotion the moment he came out of retirement after thirty years.

Gathering his former troops and his disciples?

The guy must be out of his mind!

Something big happened at Quebec!

Mr. Yates had been angered!

Everyone from the underworld from all thirteen cities in Quebec gathered up their men and headed towards South City as soon as the news broke.

It was a terrifying scene to see busloads of men being sent to South City.

Not only that, but Scott’s disciples also were scattered throughout the thirteen cities, and were engaged in various types of occupations.

They gathered their forces to prepare for the funeral in three days.

Someone estimated that they would be able to gather at least tens of thousands of people in three days!

Once again, everyone was shocked!

Scott Yates is the real king of Quebec!

Even after retiring for thirty years, he barely had to lift a finger to gather an army!

Everyone in Quebec was aware of his actions.

Even if South City turned a blind eye, it would be hard to deal with Mr. Yates if he is provoked.

As long as they don’t cause any civil unrest, they were free to organize the funeral however they want.

At Mount Amethyst.

Scott and Typhoon sat opposite of each other.

Typhoon looked calm and collected as usual, as if he had ceased to concern himself with worldly affairs.

As for Scott, his hair turned white overnight, making him look old and aged.

“Master, people from all thirteen cities in Quebec have gathered. We have eleven thousand people thus far. Not only that, your disciples from several provinces nearby are also on their way. I estimate we will have thirteen thousand people in all,” Theo reported.

Scott nodded in acknowledgement.

His gaze landed on Typhoon and said, “In the past, I’ve always tried to quell your bloodthirstiness because I didn’t want you to be inhumane and ended up like a beast!”

Typhoon kept quiet. His bloodthirstiness had indeed toned down over the past thirty years.

“But now, someone is forcing our hand. Typhoon, it’s time to pick up your sword again. I want you to start killing! As many as possible!” Scott said viciously.

Theo, who was at the side shuddered at his tone.

This was the first time Scott had asked Typhoon to go on a killing spree.

In the past, he was worried that Typhoon would kill too many people. However, he was asking Typhoon to kill as many as he could now.

This was enough indication to show Scott’s fury.

The death of Fernand and the others had struck a nerve within him.

Typhoon lifted his eyes and said hoarsely, “I will make everyone in North Hampton join them! Boom!”

Theo was scared out of his wits that he started to break out in cold sweat.

No one could stop Typhoon if he were to go all out.

This time round, the city streets would surely be bathed in blood!

The number one mass murderer of Quebec will stop at nothing.

God knows how many people would perish by his hands this time round.

Meanwhile, Levi who was in North Hampton flashed a thin smile when he received the news. “Hah, someone dares to gather an army right under my nose? Are they trying to die?”

Azure Dragon and Kirin gave each other a look and exclaimed, “God of War, it didn’t occur to us that Scott would be so powerful. He managed to gather so many people in three days, and the numbers are still growing!”

“He certainly is Quebec’s number one. Compared to him, Jack and Liam seemed too weak! This is what a real boss looked like!” Levi smiled and said.

On the flip side, White Tiger was looking forward to it. He smiled and said, “I heard there’ll be a lot of professionals coming! I can’t wait!”

Others would think that White Tiger was out of his mind if they heard him.

The Return of God of War Chapter 467

However, everyone who knew him well enough knew that he was a total psycho, not to mention a killing machine.

It’s not like he had never faced tens of thousands of people by himself before.

At that moment, Glenn hastily rushed over.

“Mr. Garrison, this will be tricky. No matter how powerful you are, things will still be dangerous if these people unleash their madness. Tens of thousands of people coming right at us all at once, it feels scary just to think about it.”

Glenn shivered at the thought.

Nonetheless, Levi said in a relaxed manner, “Glenn, prepare a coffin to be sent to the funeral.”

“Huh? What do you mean, Mr. Garrison?”

Glenn was confused.

Wouldn’t sending a coffin to Scott be provoking him?

“What is it? Are you questioning me?” Levi said.

“I wouldn’t dare. I will arrange for it immediately!”

Cold sweat broke out on Glenn’s forehead.

After Glenn left, Levi asked, “Where is the Cavalry Regiment?”

“They’re currently located at the Northwest Great Desert, sir!” Phoenix said.

“I hereby summon the Cavalry Regiment to come to North Hampton tomorrow!” Levi said coldly.

It was at that moment, Azure Dragon and Kirin knew Levi was serious about it this time.

Everyone knew that Levi’s personal army is the invincible Iron Brigade.

However, few were aware that Levi had personally built several small troops which were invincible as well.

For example, the Cavalry Regiment was formed of 18 powerful professionals.

They were the embodiment of destruction.

Once, Levi led the Cavalry Regiment to war. They annihilated twenty thousand people in one night and destroyed a small country with a mere troop of nineteen people.

These eighteen psychos were like a steel knife stabbing right into their enemy’s heart.

It was a taboo to even mention the names of these soldiers in the battlefield.

Because one will not even be aware when their entire barracks got destroyed…

“Also, tell Alfie to start moving! He must be out of shape now after having rested for so long in the South Warzone,” Levi said.

The Dragon Legion and Iron Brigade troops stationed at the South Warzone got really excited as soon as news broke.

They could finally let off steam after holding it in for two or three months!

Alfie quickly gathered everyone.

“Listen up! We have an important mission in three days! Moreover, we will be fighting alongside the God of War!” Alfie shouted.


Upon hearing that they would be fighting alongside the supreme God of War, everyone went into a frenzy of excitement.

They were so excited that every single one of them teared up.

This is such a rare opportunity!

“Please don’t embarrass me on the battlefield. I hope we will be able to settle everything without having the God of War and his guards lift a finger!” Alfie yelled at the top of his voice.

“Can you promise me that?”

“Yes!” everyone shouted at the top of their lungs.

“Can we do it?”

“Yes, we can!”

“Let’s all do well in this mission! Show them the Dragon Legion’s wrath! We must let the God of War know we can still be at our best even when we’re out of our element!” Alfie shouted enthusiastically, so much that his voice turned hoarse.

“The Dragon Legion is invincible!”

“The Dragon Legion is invincible!”

The outcry of these soldiers shook the heavens and earth!

Everyone in the South Warzone were stunned!

Their ruthlessness is terrifying!

Is something going on since they have been assigned a mission?

Everyone in the South Warzone were trying to find out what was happening.

The Iron Brigade were supposed to be on break. It must be something big since they’re being mobilized!

The Return of God of War Chapter 468

Inside South Warzone’s commander-in-chief’s office.

The commander-in-chief, vice commanders-in-chief, and a few higher-ups each sat on their seats with their brows tightened.

“Commander-in-chief has no idea what is going on. There’re no battles in Quebec or in the nearby provinces.”

“Yeah. I’ve tried asking Alfie but he said it’s top secret, and instructed personally by the God of War!”

“I wonder what the commotion is about…”

A few of them reported.

South Warzone’s commander-in-chief, Mike Pence, sighed, “I’m just worried that the problem is within our territory. I wouldn’t want the God of War to settle it for us when we’re not even aware of it.”

“Report, sir, I think I’ve figured it out!” Captain Mortimer said.

“Well, what is it?”

“Scott Yates from South City has been the talk of the town lately. He has been gathering his old troops and his disciples. I heard that he is planning to invade North Hampton!” said Mortimer.

“Oh, I got it. Scott’s godson and the Mighty Generals have stationed themselves at North Hampton. Now that I think about it, who else in North Hampton can stand against Scott aside from the God of War?” one of the vice commander-in-chief jumped in.

“Do you mean that Scott is going to fight the God of War head on?” Mike asked in surprise.

“Exactly! Scott has gathered his old troops and disciples for the sole reason of having his revenge!”

“I bet he doesn’t know that he will be facing the God of War!” someone else chimed in.

“How presumptuous! How dare he disrespect the God of War?”

“Mortimer, bring your troops to destroy Scott Yates!” The hot-tempered Mike said angrily.

“You must not do that, commander-in-chief! The Dragon Legion are already in the midst of preparation. This means that the God of War wants to deal with Scott personally. We must not overstep our boundaries!” someone else advised.

“That makes sense, but keep an eye out on the situation. Resolve the matter immediately if anything unusual occurs! First division, eighty-ninth division, and the rest of the legions should be prepared for what is to come!” Mike commanded.

“Yes, sir!”

There was only one day left before the funeral.

Approximately eight thousand people had gathered at Mount Amethyst, and the numbers were still growing.

Meanwhile, at the meeting hall stood a group of people.

This group of people consisted of the thirteen leaders from Scott’s former troops and about ten of his disciples.

One of them was a guy wearing a gold-rimmed glasses called Garfield Perkins. Not only was he very highly regarded by Scott, but he was also the strongest among Scott’s disciples, the leader of Quebec’s third city, Edge City, and the leader of the underworld.

Moreover, he had been doing business for the past couple of years, increasing his net worth to tens of billions.

“Don’t worry teacher. I will make them pay with their life regardless of their backgrounds or their capabilities!” Garfield said angrily.

“It’s payback time!”

A thousand people shouted at the top of their lungs.

Upon seeing that, Scott nodded, pleased.

“Theo, relay my orders. Tell all twenty eight members of the senior management from Morris Group to attend the funeral at Mount Amethyst tomorrow. They are to act as pallbearers, carry out the burial, and kneel at the cemetery for three days and three nights to repent for their sins! Kill anyone who is absent!” Scott instructed.

News soon traveled to Morris Group.

Iris and the rest of the higher-ups were shocked, especially those who had heard the rumor that they were about to be invaded by ten thousand people.

All of a sudden, everyone in Morris Group flew into a panic.

They had gone through many life-threatening situations through years of doing business, but this was the first time someone had threatened them so arrogantly.

The Return of God of War Chapter 469

“Focus on your work, guys. This has nothing to do with all of you,” Levi couldn’t help but said angrily.

“You’re right. Let’s all just focus on our work!”

Iris immediately felt reassured at the thought of the impressive individual who had rescued her that night.

The next day.

Mount Amethyst was decorated in black and white as rows of flower wreaths were placed by the wall.

The funeral of the century had attracted a lot of attention, where even the sky was gloomy and the atmosphere was tense.

Two man stood in front of the mourning hall.

One of them was Typhoon, looking cold and indifferent.

The other man was Scott, with his bent back and grayish-white hair that made him looked older.

Nevertheless, his eyes shone bright.

He had been in retirement for thirty years now, he was like a ferocious lion who had fallen into a deep slumber.

However, today shall be the day that said ferocious lion awakens.

A lot of people will perish as a consequence of the lion’s awakening.

Inside Mount Amethyst’s vast space stood South City’s elites who came to pay their respect with thirteen thousand people gathered behind them.

Everyone was dressed in a black suit with a white flower pinned to their lapel, and a white headband.

It was a majestic sight.

No one else in the entire of Quebec could gather a crowd this big.

To gather thirteen thousand people in three days.

That was the power of Scott Yates.

Everyone in Quebec called him ‘sir’.

Angering him was equivalent to angering the heavens.

All the powerful families in South City were afraid of him.

A lot of people thought that Scott had lost his touch during his retirement period.

Some even thought he could be replaced by Sebastian Lopez.

But now, it looked like the joke’s on them.

For who could stand against the omnipotent Scott Yates now?

And who could replace him?

Scott straightened the white flower on his lapel and said, “Heh, I didn’t think I’d be meeting all of you in such an occasion. I’d like to thank everyone who came to send my three brothers and my godson off! Thank you!”

Scott bowed.

Seeing their leader bow down agitated all thirteen thousand people as anger rose in their hearts.

“Sir…Sir…” everyone shouted emotionally.

“I’m supposed to be retired, but some outsiders provoked Quebec repeatedly, took over our territory and our property, and even massacred our people. They’re robbing our lives!”

“Today, I, Scott Yates, hereby declare that I will strike down Morris Group with everything I have!” Scott exclaimed in a loud voice.

“Strike them down! Strike them down!”

“An eye for an eye! An eye for an eye!”

The battle cries of these people shook the heavens.

Surely this was enough to make everyone in Quebec tremble in fear!

He was too strong!

Anyone who stood in Scott Yates’ way shall be eliminated!

“Sir, we have ten more minutes before the funeral starts, all that’s left now is Morris Group.” Theo reminded.

Scott nodded.

“Teacher, what shall we do if the people from Morris Group is absent?” Garfield asked.

A gleam flashed through Scott’s eyes as he replied, “Then we will mow Morris Group to the ground and drag the whole of North Hampton down to hell!”

“Understood, teacher. I’d be willing to join the vanguard forces!” Garfield took the initiative to volunteer.

“Excellent!” Scott was pleased. He loved this side of Garfield.

“The people from Morris Group has arrived!”

At this moment, a loud voice sounded.


Everyone turned to look at the entrance and were dumbfounded with what they saw.

The Return of God of War Chapter 470

What they saw were four men marching in carrying a coffin.

Clearly, they were trying to provoke Scott by attending the funeral with a coffin in tow.

Everyone felt fury pulsed through their veins!

All they wanted at that moment was to shred these four men into pieces.

Scott calmed everyone down with a wave of his hand.

They watched on in anger as the four men marched to the vast land in front.


The coffin landed heavily on the ground.

“Greetings, Mr. Yates, I’m here to relay a message from the Master of Morris Group!” the leader of the four men said.

“Who do you think you are?” Garfield said angrily.

Since when can some nobody speak to my Godfather directly?

“Never mind, let him speak!” Scott said.

“He hopes Mr. Yates can experience this moment every year from now on!”


Silence filled the air the moment those words left his lips as everyone held their breath.

This is unbelievable!

To say something like that at a funeral is the worst curse of all!

“Godfather, I will lead a troop of people to North Hampton right this instance and dye the streets in blood! I want to tear everyone from Morris Group into pieces!”

Garfield was furious.

Scott’s former troops and his disciples were also boiling with anger.

“Tear them into pieces!”

Everyone below could not contain their anger as well. Their actions mimicked a beast who had been freed from its cage.

“Hahaha…” Scott burst into laughter instead.

Even Typhoon smiled.

And it was the rarest of sight.

The reason behind Scott’s laughter was because it was the first time he had met such an impudent fool after ruling for so many years.

I have really seen it all now!

“The younger generation these days sure is cocky!” Scott chuckled.

“Mr. Yates, this coffin is for you! He said you’ll need it sooner or later!” one of the pallbearer spoke up.


Garfield and the rest of the guests were furious. Their fists were balled tight as their eyes filled with rage.

They couldn’t stand the incessant provocations from Morris Group anymore!

Their actions were enough to have anyone and everyone to have the urge to tear Morris Group into pieces!

“Damn it! Damn it all to hell!” Theo said through gritted teeth.

How could they be so cruel?

“Morris Group is pushing it too far! How dare they provoke us like that? They showed no respect to Sir at all!”

Garfield balled his fists tightly. He could no longer hold back his murderous intent.


Someone from the crowd couldn’t hold it in anymore. He rushed forward with his sword pointed at the four pallbearers.

“I’m going to kill all of you!”

He swung his sword at them.


However, a huge force knocked the sword out of his hand and broke it in half.

“Stand down! Let them leave!” Scott said coldly.

Typhoon was the one who had broken the sword in half with just a small stone.

It was a terrifying display of his capability.

In the end, the four pallbearers left.

Scott tried to suppress his anger as he said, “Let’s proceed with the funeral! Send my brother and my son off on their final journey!”

“Rest in peace!”

“Rest in peace”

Everyone emptied the glass of wine they had on hand.



After that, everyone smashed the wine glass on the floor. It was a spectacular sight to see thousands of people doing it together.

“Sir, should we lower the casket now?” Theo asked.

“No, the leader of Morris Group must be the one to carry and lower the casket!”

“Let’s head to North Hampton right this instance. I’m going to turn North Hampton into a living hell!” Scott cried out.

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