The Return of God of War Chapter 431-440

The Return of God of War Chapter 431
“Hahaha! What a joke! Do you really think we, the Suarez family would be afraid of anyone? Just wait and see. Soon enough, we’ll have our own territory in North Hampton.”

Zachary didn’t give a second thought to what Margaret had said.

Thus, the week-long investment promotion fair ended on a fulfilling note.

Many businesses from overseas had given their all into investing in North Hampton’s developments.

That was exactly the results Levi wanted to achieve.

However, he had heard of a few larger families forcing a few small and medium-sized corporations into handing over their companies. Within just a few days, many of those corporations had already been bought over.

“Mr. Garrison, what should we do? Should we start taking action?” The Rogers family asked.

Levi shook his head. “We’ll just observe for now. It wouldn’t be too late for us to take action only after they’ve succeeded. After all, it’s only fair for them to make contributions to the North Hampton’s economy first.”

When everyone caught sight of the smirk hanging off Levi’s lips, they understood what his true motives were.

Levi was planning to fatten them up slowly and surely. The moment they were ripe and plump enough, only then would he sink his teeth into them.

Back in the Lopez family mansion, Sebastian was looking frazzled.

He’d aged quite a bit under the stress from the recent events.

Staying put without taking revenge wasn’t his style of confrontation at all.

“What happened? Did he agree to it?” Sebastian asked.

“Yes, he did, but he asked for you to go and invite him personally,” Simon said.

“Yes, of course I will!”

“Sebastian, I never would have thought that you’d call on him.” Simon’s eyes trembled in fear.

Sebastian scoffed, “If it weren’t that urgent, would I have gone for this option?”

“It’s not a bad thing. In fact, if he takes action, then the boss behind the Morris Group has nowhere left to run!”

Murderous intent glazed over Sebastian’s gaze. “That’s right. That man is the one and only person I’ve ever feared of. If he didn’t go into hiding, would I even have the chance to be where I am today in South City? He’s the real head of Quebec!”

“That’s right. The Morris Group has been playing games for far too long. It’s high time this man appeared to stop them.”

The Suarez family had been gobbling up businesses left and right in North Hampton. So far, they’ve gotten themselves quite the collection.

“No! I can’t just let the injury my brother suffered go that easily. The Oriental Star Group must be ours.” Zachary’s gaze was chilly.

That very afternoon, Zachary brought a group of his men to the Oriental Star Group.

Zoey had no choice but to meet them.

“It’s Zoey, isn’t it? I’ll keep things short. I’m here to take over the Oriental Star Group,” Zachary said instantly.

Zoey, however, refused just as quickly. “That’s impossible. I’ve just taken over the company, and we’re developing pretty well. Why would I ever sell the company to you?”

“That’s right! Mr. Suarez, did you hear any false rumors? The Oriental Star Group isn’t up for sale. Were you expecting to buy us over?”

The other higher-ups looked at Zachary questioningly.

Zachary just chuckled. “Well, the Suarez family wishes to take over your company, so you have to sell it to us.”

“What kind of twisted reason is that? Aren’t you just forcing us to give it up to you?”

“What kind of society are we living in? I didn’t know such hegemony existed.”

The higher-ups of the Oriental Star Group all disagreed with his outlandish request.

“That’s right. The Suarez family is simply used to such methods. I’ll give you 24 hours to clean up before I come back here to take what’s mine. If you turn me down, trust me, you’ll regret it,” Zachary said coldly.

Three loud bangs resounded as one of Zachary’s men tossed three throwing knives and landed them each on the words, ‘Oriental Star Group’ that was printed on the wall behind them.

The Return of God of War Chapter 432
That was a threat.

It was a threat; plain and simple as that; laid bare for all of them to see.

That was a warning to everyone in Oriental Star Group that if they dared to go against him, they’d regret that decision for the rest of their lives.

“Remember, none of you have the right to retaliate against the Suarez family, so don’t even try,” Zachary said coldly before leaving.

In the end, the higher-ups were left staring after him in disbelief.

Was the Oriental Star Group about to get bought over right after they’d just begun developing?

“Ms. Lopez, I think it’d be for the best if we let them buy the company.”

“That’s right. The Suarez family has been buying companies left and right. The ones who tried to retaliate ended up defending themselves to death.”

“The Suarez family has way too much power in South City. We don’t have the power to fight back against them. In fact, we might end up dead, too.”

The higher-ups of the Oriental Star Group had given up completely.

Zoey, however, remained silent.

Deep within, her heart was crumbling in hopelessness.

Why did they have to get on the Suarez family’s bad side?

Zoey was ready to give up.

Based on everything that had happened recently, the Suarez family would stop at nothing to get what they wanted.

In order to force the hands of those business owners, they had used all kinds of twisted methods.

Zoey was especially terrified that her parents or her husband would get into trouble because of her.

Recently, Levi had been rather satisfied with how North Hampton was coming along.

There were a couple of obstacles along the way, but overall, everything was going smoothly.

Once he reached home, however, the first thing he saw was Zoey’s unhappy face.

“What happened, honey? Did something happen at work?” Levi asked, concerned.

Zoey shook her head. “I’m just frustrated because of the recent developments with the company.”

The next day, Zoey had just stepped foot into the company when she caught sight of Zachary strolling in with a bunch of his underlings.

Everyone else shivered at the sight of the man from the other day who had used the throwing knives with such ease.

“So, Ms. Lopez, what’s your final decision?” Zachary asked with a smirk on his face.

“You could at least try to be a little more sincere with your request. What’s your price?” Zoey asked.

Zachary was taken aback for a second before replied, “One billion!”

Everyone inhaled sharply at the sound of Zachary’s price.

The Suarez family was truly overbearing!

How dare they try to buy a company with a net worth of six billion for only one billion?

Zoey scoffed coldly, “Mr. Suarez, are you insane? How could I possibly sell it to you for a mere one billion?”

Zachary burst out laughing.

Coldly, he jabbed, “Ms. Lopez, I don’t think you know what’s going on right now. You’re in no position to make any negotiations. I named my price to save you some face. If you piss me off, you’re not going to get even a cent from me.”


How could the Suarez family be this ridiculously overbearing?!

Sadly, they could only seethe in silence.

Two days ago, someone tried to retaliate against the Suarez family. They ended up with four broken limbs and their family got dragged into it too.

Who wouldn’t be afraid of such a force?

“This is the contract. Sign it now, and the money will be transferred to you instantly.” Zachary tossed the contract to Zoey.

“If you refuse to sign this, Aaron Lopez and Caitlyn Black will be joining me for dinner tonight.” Zachary laughed chillingly as he laid his threats down.

His meaning was clear enough. If Zoey refused, he’d find a way to get rid of Aaron and Caitlyn, and it didn’t matter whether they were dead or alive.

“You’re being unreasonable!” Zoey shouted in anger.

Even after so long, she had never met such an overbearing person.

Sadly, she couldn’t do anything about it.

“Ms. Lopez, just sign it!” The other higher-ups started clamoring.

“I don’t think so.”

Right at that moment, a voice called out.

Levi was here.

He had noticed Zoey’s worrisome expression during dinner the other day. He did some investigations of his own to find out what was wrong.

To think that it was caused by the Suarez family!

“Levi Garrison? What are you doing here?”

Zachary had seen Levi in pictures before, and the very moment he laid his eyes on him, he knew he hated his guts.

The Return of God of War Chapter 433
It’s normal for enemies to want to finish off each other upon meeting. Zachary couldn’t help but want to kill Levi on sight.

With a deep frown on his face, Levi asked, “Who are you? Have we met?”

“I’m Zachary of the Suarez family. Zayn Suarez is my brother.”

Levi nodded. “Oh, that cripple!”


The moment he heard of the way Levi referred his brother, Zachary’s anger flared up.

“You should have stayed in South City. What are you doing here in North Hampton? Are you asking to be killed here?” Levi asked.

Zachary laughed coldly. “Don’t go thinking you’re safe with the Morris Group behind you. I’m warning you, the Suarez family is not going to stop until we’ve conquered a good part of North Hampton! You’d better sign the contract before you regret it.”

“Just screw off already.” Levi shoved Zachary away.

“You asked for it!”

Zachary’s subordinates started moving toward Levi.

Zachary stopped them.

“There’s no need for that.”

Zachary smiled at Zoey and asked, “Ms. Lopez, I hope you’ve thought about this properly. You’ll regret it if you make the wrong move.”

“I told you to leave, didn’t I?” Levi yelled.

“Okay, okay. Just you wait and see.” Zachary smiled menacingly.

“Mr. Shorts, why didn’t you just get rid of that guy?” After they exited the area, Will Brown asked Zachary in confusion. Will was the strongest fighter on Zachary’s team.

Zachary looked pissed. “You think I didn’t want to? That man has the Morris Group backing him up. Even Sebastian Lopez faced a hard time with them.”

“Then, what should we do? Just take it?” Will said in anger.

Zachary, on the other hand, smirked mysteriously. “Of course not! We’ll settle the Oriental Star Group first.”

“What about Levi Garrison?” Will Brown asked.

“I heard about Sebastian Lopez wanting to make a comeback.”

“Huh? Even the Black and White Guards suffered greatly. What could Sebastian do?”

Zachary smirked. “It will be a whole different story when Sebastian managed to call on him.”

“Him? Wait… could it be?”

Will suddenly looked terrified at the thought of someone and inhaled sharply.

“Sebastian Lopez is truly putting in his all. How’d he manage to call upon someone who’s been in hiding for the past thirty years?!”

The others were just as amazed.

“That’s right! That’s the real boss of Quebec and the one Sebastian is scared of the most.”

“The Morris Group is really something. They managed to drag him out of hiding,” Zachary said.

Will figured something out and smiled. “Mr. Shorts, you’re waiting for Sebastian Lopez and that man to get rid of the Morris Group before getting rid of Levi, right?”

“Yes. Without the Morris Group behind his back, how is Levi going to act all high and mighty?”

In South City, there was a small, rundown temple in the corner of Mount Amethyst.

Anyone in the upper class of South City knew that this temple was off-limits. That was because it was the home to the most terrifying figure in South City, and even all of Quebec.

He had once ruled over Quebec.

Thirty years ago, he retreated back here and became a vegetarian. Apart from that, he started reciting Buddhist mantras everyday.

Highly skilled professionals surrounded the temple and no one was allowed to go near it.

However, today, the Lopez family approached the temple.

Sebastian knelt in front of the temple personally, waiting for him to appear.

“Sir, the Lopez family is in trouble. Quentin Lane has been killed; Wesley Lane and James Lane have been crippled, and the Black and White Guards have been spliced into pieces. I, Sebastian Lopez, beg you to get rid of them. In exchange, I will give everything I have.”

Sebastian begged with all his sincerity and kowtowed three times.

The Return of God of War Chapter 434
Everyone present at the temple instantly held their breaths at that sentence.

They stared at Sebastian in disbelief.

What could possibly have pushed Sebastian to make such a daring exchange?

He was even willing to give up his fortune in order to beat this mysterious person, or force.

Sebastian continued kneeling as he waited for an answer to come from within the temple.

Finally, after about ten minutes, the rundown wooden door of the temple creaked open.

A man dressed in a suit walked out of the temple. Everyone looked on in shock and fear as the godson of the ex-ruler of the underworld walked toward them.

Even Sebastian looked terrified.

The young man said simply, “Sebastian, please return. My godfather will handle this.”


“Thank you, sir!” Sebastian yelled in glee.

He agreed!

That meant the Morris Group was done for.

To Sebastian, this man was practically on the same level as God himself.

There was nothing in Quebec that he couldn’t get his hands on if he were willing to step up.

Right after that, the news of this man finally returning to society started spreading around South City like wildfire.

Once, he had been the ruler of Quebec. He had locked himself away for thirty years, but he was finally emerging once more.

Everyone could tell that North Hampton was about to undergo great changes.

The fact that this man was willing to show himself once more meant that Quebec was about to go through a massive transformation.

All the other forces and families in South City started preparing for this man’s arrival.

Early on the next day, the ten most powerful families of South City gathered along the twisting and turning roads of Mount Amethyst in two lines as they waited for this person’s arrival.

Sebastian stood among them.

There was finally some people coming from the end of the road.

They had come down the mountain on foot.

This group of people surrounded an old man with white hair and a ruddy complexion who looked full of spirit.

Even though he was already 80 years old, his steps were steady and he was clearly of good health.

He was once the ruler of Quebec, Scott Yates.

Everyone in Quebec called him by ‘sir’ and ‘sir’ only.

At first sight, he looked like any other esteemed figure, perhaps a well-read professor or master.

No one would have connected him to the role of an underworld ruler.

Apart from Fernand Yates, Scott’s godson, there were four other people walking next to him. They were also known as the Four Mighty Generals.

The first one was all skin and bones, and resembled a walking skeleton. His skin stretched taut over the angular frame of his skull. He was known simply as Bones.

The second stood at around 2 meters tall and looked like a human mountain. He was named Golem.

The third was as bulked up as a bull and his head was completely bald. There were six scars on the thin skin of his scalp. His name was Titan, and he was a priest.

The last one appeared completely normal, and nothing stood out about him. However, he was the most fearsome among all.

The Black and White Guards were an indestructible force in South City.

But in the face of these four, they were mere ants.

In South City’s extensive underworld, the Black and White Guards would only be the fifth or sixth most powerful forces.

The first four places belonged to these four generals.

These four taking action was just as terrifying as any natural disaster.

They were much too scary.

They were rumored to be able to beat an army of thousands.

“Congratulations Sir, on your return!”

When the families saw Scott Yates and his lineup, they welcomed him enthusiastically.

So what if they had countless riches?

So what if they had enough money to overthrow the country?

All that could disappear at any second with just a word from Scott Yates.

As compared to Liam Macy and Sebastian Lopez, Scott Yates had experienced much more. He had made his breakthrough during the peak of Quebec’s underworld, so he had a much stronger background.

There was nothing he could say that Quebec wouldn’t obey to instantly.

Sebastian stepped up. “Sir, now that you are back, there’s a favor I have to ask from you.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 435
“Sebastian’s reputation has been completely ruined!”

“The Morris Group? Is that a new corporation?” Scott Yates asked.

Sebastian nodded. “Yes, sir. The Morris Group appeared only recently. They appear to be run by the Rogers family. The collapse of the three main pillars of North Hampton have a lot to do with the Morris Group.”

Scott Yates stayed silent at that.

His godson, Fernand Yates, piped up, “Yes, I’ve taken notice of that as well. The reason that this Morris Group managed to gain so much power in such a short time is due to someone extremely powerful working behind the scenes. Furthermore, it’s next to impossible to find any information about their mysterious boss or Neil Atkinson.”

Fernand also held a lot of power. Despite Scott Yates lived in seclusion away in the mountains for the last thirty years, the family business had continued under Fernand’s management. However, he had chosen to stay subtle about it and only worked in the background.

Anyone in South City knew that Scott Yates was number one when it came to accumulated wealth.

“How dare they act like this in North Hampton? There must be a powerful figure behind the scenes.” Scott Yate’s expression changed abruptly. “Investigate! No matter who that person is, I will chase him out of Quebec regardless.”

“Understood. I’ll begin investigations right away,” Fernand replied.

The citizens of South City let out a sigh of relief.

With Scott Yates helping them out, the Morris Group would definitely be done for.

They could finally gobble up North Hampton with ease.

Every time anyone tried to take over North Hampton’s businesses, they either got held back by the law or got targeted by the Morris Group and the Rogers family.

The people of South City had been holding back their frustrations for a long time. The Suarez family and the Lopez family were especially bothered by that.

Despite that, all of them were more than aware of the fact that the Morris Group would be done for the moment ‘Sir’ left the mountain.

It didn’t matter how strong and powerful the Morris Group was.

It didn’t matter what their reputation was in South City.

In Quebec, Scott Yates’ word was the law.

Even a dragon would find it hard to control a snake in its old haunt.

North Hampton wasn’t as closely updated, so they had no clue of the imminent danger.

Zachary had caught wind of Scott Yates’ return.

He couldn’t be more ecstatic at the news.

“The end of the Morris Group is near! We should quickly wrap up our deal with the Oriental Star Group.”

The Oriental Star Group was an essential component of the Suarez family’s battle plan.

The entertainment department of the Oriental Star Group was something the Suarez family urgently needed.

“Mr. Suarez, the Oriental Star Group has recently been shooting seven blockbuster online-only movies. This was all produced by Zoey Lopez. Around fifty million was invested into each production. They’ll probably increase as time goes by. The final cost has to be around five hundred million at least!” Will Brown reported.

“Hmph! Zoey Lopez, I bet you were trying to make a real profit, weren’t you? Well, not a chance!” Zachary murmured as he chuckled darkly.

Zoey Lopez was definitely eager to make some achievements.

The property arm had already been established.

Naturally, she had to pay more attention to the entertainment segment.

Today, Zoey decided to visit the set personally.

This set belonged to the movie that they had invested the highest amount of money in, which was around seventy million.

They didn’t spend that much money on special effects or the plot. Most of the money had been invested into casting the male and female leads, who were both top-notch actors in the industry.

Casting the both of them would cost around fifty million at the very least.

The actual cost of the production itself was only about twenty million.

However, she believed that the movie would become a hit and generate a sizeable return given the actors’ fame.

The crew was currently preparing for filming while the actors were going through their lines.

Niall, the male lead, spotted Zoey once he lifted his head.

“Who is that?” he asked his assistant.

“This is the new boss of the Oriental Star Group, Zoey Lopez.”

Niall’s eyes lit up as he smiled. “I have to get to know her well then.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 436
So far, Niall was the most famous actor in the Oriental Star Group. He was extremely popular and had a ton of fans.

However, anyone who knew him personally knew how messy his private life was.

He slept around with fans and other female celebrities alike.

He had even had a fling or two with his assistants and makeup artists.

He had no problems hooking up with female higher-ups of various companies that had their eyes on him.

From just his appearance alone, Niall had risen from a barely-there social media influencer to a highest-paid actor within just three years.

Every time he took on a new job with a new company, he would immediately flirt with the female higher-ups as long as they were decent enough.

Even if the female boss in question was old and ugly, he’d still say yes if she was willing to pay a huge amount of money or benefits.

Niall was entranced the very moment he laid his eyes on Zoey.

How could there be such a beautiful and young boss in the industry?

The appearance and figure of all the other celebrities he had met so far paled in comparison to Zoey.

On top of all that, she was the boss of a multimillion company.

Zoey was watching the crew do their work when a scented breeze suddenly blew past her.

She lifted her head to see a tall and handsome man looking at her.

“Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Niall Xander!” Niall reached out his hand for a handshake.

“Niall Xander?” Of course Zoey knew who he was.

“I’m sorry, my husband doesn’t allow me to have physical contact with other men,” she turned him down.

Niall lowered his hand awkwardly.

He hadn’t considered the fact that Zoey was a married woman.

Despite that, a glint of ecstasy flashed in his eyes.

He loved married woman.

They were on an entirely different level from immature young girls.

He had already set his sights on Zoey as his next target.

“Wow, I can’t believe how young you are, Ms. Lopez. The fact that you managed to pull off filming seven movies at the same time is really impressive,” Niall complimented.

Zoey smiled. “It’s also thanks to your contributions as an actor. Hopefully, it’ll bring us good results.”

“Of course it will! I’ll put my everything into this movie,” Niall promised.

Gerry Wade, who was in charge of the entertainment department, reported, “Ms. Lopez, we’ve officially started advertising on the seven movies to the public. So far, the ones with Niall in the cast are the most well received. Based on our early calculations, we can earn up to four hundred million. In fact, it might end up being even more.”

Zoey smiled in excitement and said, “Mr. Xander, you are truly the hope of Oriental. Please, if you need anything at all, just let us know.”

Zoey understood what was going on.

In order to gain the most out of the movie, they had to treat Niall and their female lead like royalty.

“Of course! In fact, I wanted to ask if you are free tonight. I have something I need to discuss with you. It has to do with the future developments of Oriental Star Group,” Niall said with a smile.

Gerry whispered to Zoey, “Ms. Lopez, Niall’s management team is pretty impressive. They’re the ones we hired for a huge sum last time. In my opinion, you should say yes.”

Zoey agreed. “Alright. Since I’m new to the entertainment industry, it’ll be great to have a light to shine my way.”

Niall exchanged glances with his assistant and he smiled.

The fish had taken the bait, and he would be enjoying it tonight.

“Niall, what are you doing here? We were going through our lines just now,” Yvonne, the female lead, asked unhappily.

She had always liked Niall.

The company was also desperate to sell Yvonne and Niall as a couple, to which she was more than happy to oblige.

All along, Yvonne had seen the girls Niall took interest in as enemies.

When she saw the way Niall looked at Zoey, she was instantly furious.

“Who are you? Why are you interrupting our practice?” Yvonne asked frostily.

The Return of God of War Chapter 437
Niall yelled, “What are you doing? This is our new boss, Ms. Lopez!”

“So what if she’s our boss? She shouldn’t disrupt our practice!”

Yvonne was the star of Oriental Star Group, so she was haughty and did not care about others.

“Alright then, I shan’t be disturbing you! Mr. Xander, please don’t forget about tonight!” Zoey reminded in good nature.

Niall was excited and nodded immediately, “Don’t worry, I’ll make the necessary arrangements!”

Yvonne was enraged by this. She knew what Niall was up to.

For the entire shoot today, both Niall and Yvonne were distracted.

To begin with, both of their acting skills were mediocre.

The quality of the shoot was especially bad that day, but the directors had to call it a good take.

After all, they could not afford to offend either of them.

Yet, the two of them were involved in five major movies that day.

“Nevermind if the quality is bad. They have a large fanbase. We’ll get our money’s worth from their fanbase alone!” the directors, scriptwriters, and other crew members consoled themselves.

That day, Levi returned to the Morris Group once again.

Iris did not let him slack off and arranged for him to be an interviewer.

Even though she felt that Levi was incapable, he had a good eye for talent.

Hence, Levi spent the entire day conducting interviews.

A few young men came for an interview.

Levi glanced at the contract and was puzzled. He inquired, “You’re from the North Hampton Film Academy? You’re trained as an actor? Why are you applying for a job in sales?”

“To be honest, Sir, the entertainment industry is too stressful and competitive. Without a good background or funding, it’s difficult to make a name for yourself! We’re all from the countryside and have neither of them, so we’re struggling to make ends meet. We wanted to find a job to survive.” The youngsters hung their heads in disappointment.

That was not an uncommon sight. There were only so many successful artistes. Most artistes did not even find success as internet celebrities and had to find another job, even if they were talented actors and actresses.

When he heard about the entertainment industry, Levi immediately thought of his wife’s firm.

He recalled that they were expanding the scale of their entertainment business and were lacking manpower.

“In that case, you guys have a minute to perform something for me. You have a minute each. Feel free to exercise your creativity!” Levi smiled.

The interviewees were confused, but Levi was the interviewer after all. They did as he asked.

“Not bad. You really have talent!” Levi commended sincerely.

These men were all skilled actors, but their talents were not appreciated.

Sadly, there were many talented actors who did not get a chance to act. The movies were all filled with famous stars with poor acting skills, resulting in low-quality films.

“Please show me any other skills you have!”

Some of them showcased their dancing, singing, and other skills.

“All of you are great! Sign this, please!” Levi smiled.

“I beg your pardon?” they were all bewildered. You can get a sales job just by singing and dancing?

They had no idea that Levi was giving them the opportunity of a lifetime, transforming them from people barely making ends meet to superstars.

Meanwhile, at night, after work.

Zoey made a trip to the drama department.

“Hi Ms. Lopez, Mr. Xander is too busy and has returned to his residence. After that, he has to attend a dinner. Time is tight, so if you’re looking for him, please head to his home!” his assistant said.

“Alright, please lead the way,” Zoey replied. She did not dwell too much into it and followed the assistant to the artistes’ lodging.

She did not have any stray thoughts.

For one, the place was crowded.

For another, Niall was a star and would not do anything to harm his reputation.

The Return of God of War Chapter 438
But Zoey was wrong.

His management team had long known about him and he did not care about his reputation at all.

Zoey headed to Niall’s room. He had just finished taking a bath and walked out in a bathrobe, showing off his muscular body.

Zoey immediately turned to leave.

“Ms. Lopez, why are you leaving? It’s fine!” Niall hurriedly blocked Zoey.

Zoey turned around and smiled embarrassedly, “Sorry for coming all of a sudden. I didn’t expect you to be in the shower.”

“I’m a simple man. Ms. Lopez, please, have a seat!” Niall offered.

Zoey questioned him, “Mr. Xander, you said earlier that you had something important to discuss. What is it?”

“Winnie, help me get something!”

Niall waved her off. Winnie, his manager, left with a knowing look.

Zoey had no idea that Winnie would not be returning.

Before Winnie left, she closed the door behind her.

Zoey became alert the moment the door closed.

After all, she was alone with another man in a room.

Niall smiled and enquired, “Ms. Lopez, how do you feel about me?”

“You’re a great star who has a large fan base!”

“No, I meant about my looks. How’s my figure? Did I get your heart racing?” Niall flirted directly.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Zoey felt something was amiss.

Niall closed in and explained, “Ms. Lopez, I decided to give you a chance – a chance to have me for one night!”

In the past, when Niall said this, those rich lady bosses would have pounced on him.

However, Zoey’s reaction was far from what he had expected.

She was not tempted by the offer and was even filled with an icy rage.

“Mr. Xander, please show some self-respect! I’ll be off!” Zoey spat.

“Wait, hold on. Let’s talk things through!”

How could Niall allow her to escape?

“Let me go! If you try anything funny, I will be sure to persecute you!” Zoey roared.

Niall scoffed, “Woman, I looked for you because I felt you were worth it. Stop being so full of yourself. Do you think you’re the boss here? I’ll tell you honestly. In the Oriental Star Group, I’m the real boss! You have to listen to me!”

“You…” Zoey was fuming.

She did not expect to meet an artiste like that!

Niall sneered, “Zoey Lopez, you’d better obey my every command. I’ll guarantee that all of your movies sell well and Oriental Star Group’s business excels! Otherwise, I’ll cripple your company!”

Zoey bit her lip and glared at Niall.

“Come, as long as you listen to me, we will both benefit from it!”

Niall was about to pounce upon Zoey.


The door slammed opened and Yvonne entered.

Whew! Zoey heaved a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, Niall was enraged.

This stupid woman is at it again! Why does she have to ruin everything?

“Zoey Lopez, you wench! As the owner of the Company, you’ve overstepped the boundaries and seduced your own artistes! How shameless!” Yvonne accused her.

Zoey was bewildered. Niall was the one who tried to seduce me. Why am I in the wrong now?

“Zoey, you’re so shameless! I’ve heard that you were even married for six years! How could you even do that!”

“You slut!”

Niall fell silent and acknowledged Yvonne’s actions.

The Return of God of War Chapter 439
He wanted to maintain the stance that he was not in the wrong and that it was all Zoey’s fault.

Zoey flared up, “Niall, you’d better explain what’s going on here!”

At this point, Niall’s manager and a few assistants had arrived.

“I’ll explain alright! Zoey here seduced me and was refused by me, simple as that!” Niall sneered.

When she heard Niall twisting the facts, Zoey was about to burst with rage.

“Bullshit! You were the one who tried to rape me!” Zoey screamed.

Yvonne pushed Zoey and spat, “Stop pretending to be innocent! I saw everything earlier. You were clearly seducing him!”

Yvonne loved Niall, so even if Niall were in the wrong, she would protect him and push the blame to someone else. This was one such example.

“You two…” Zoey nearly fainted from the rage.

Winnie sided with them as well, “Ms. Lopez, you can’t do that! Even though you’re the boss, there are limits! Niall is an actor. If word got out, his career would be destroyed and your company would suffer as well!”

“That’s right! A woman like you can get any man you want. Let Niall off!”

“That’s right, Ms. Lopez, don’t make life difficult for him!”

Niall’s manager and team started to defend him anxiously.

“You… I… It wasn’t me…”

Zoey was livid but she did not know how to explain herself.

She was framed and everyone present were on his side.

She would not be able to defend herself even with concrete evidence.

“Ms. Lopez, please leave. We will pretend this never happened and won’t pursue this matter!” Winnie said as she dragged Zoey off.

Zoey was flabbergasted. I’m the victim here! Why did I suddenly become the villain and even get blackmailed by them?

Zoey’s first reaction was to fire all of them.

She dialed Wade’s number and informed him of this.

“You can’t do that, Ms. Lopez. Oriental Star Group’s entertainment business depends on Niall and Yvonne. We can’t possibly fire them. Calm down and hear me out, Ms. Lopez! This will not benefit the company in any way!”

“I…!” Zoey clenched her teeth angrily.

I am the victim here! Yet, there’s nothing I can do about it!

In Niall’s room, Yvonne scorned, “How could you do something so reckless? This woman isn’t any ordinary person. The moment she gets ahold of your weakness, you’re toast!”

“Hmph! I’ll get this woman someday!” Niall spat. He was still angered by Yvonne for ruining his opportunity. Otherwise, Zoey would not have been able to escape back then.

“Alright, Ms. Wren. Calm down. Niall is still young and reckless. It’s okay,” Winnie persuaded her.

At this point in time, Winnie received a call.

“Huh? What? Mr. Suarez from South City wants to meet Niall?”

Meanwhile, Yvonne’s manager also received a call.

The contents of the call were the same.

“I’m not meeting anyone tonight! I don’t feel like it!” Niall declared angrily.

“But you just have to meet this man! He’s from the Suarez family in South City. No one can afford to offend him!” Winnie explained.

Soon, a car came to pick Niall, Yvonne, and a few other artistes up.

These ten people were all the pillars of Oriental Star Group.

The Return of God of War Chapter 440
Zoey was fuming with rage but there was nothing she could do about it.

She had to wait for the movies to finish filming.

“Honey, is your company’s entertainment side short on manpower?” Levi queried.

Zoey nodded, “Yep, we’ve always been understaffed and were on the lookout for new talents!”

“Well, it happens that I’ve signed all of them for you during the interview yesterday. I’ve interviewed them all myself. Their acting skills are superb, but they don’t have a chance to showcase their talents!”

Levi told her about what happened during the interview earlier.

“What a pity. They were trained in acting and singing but had to find work elsewhere,” Zoey sighed.

“I’ll get them to look for you tomorrow!”


The following day, shortly after Zoey arrived at her office, the four men hired by Levi appeared.

A man and a woman caught her attention immediately.

The man was Maurice Lorraine while the woman was Helena Engler.

At least, they had the looks.

Normally, they would both have an opportunity to become famous. However, they did not have the background since they were from rural areas, and at the same time, they were unwilling to play by the unspoken rules.

Hence, they ended up in this state.

Zoey got professionals from the entertainment department to interview them and they all passed.

After signing the contract, they officially became artistes under the Oriental Star Group. Even if they had to start from the bottom, the four of them were excited.

They also knew that with Oriental Star Group’s reputation in North Hampton, this would not have been possible without Levi’s help.

Helena immediately sent a message to Levi to treat him to a meal.

At the drama department, Niall, Yvonne, and the other top artistes were usually lazy and treated work lightly.

However, that day, they were slacking even more than usual.

Forgetting or memorizing the wrong lines were common.

At times, Niall’s expression even wandered and did not look at the camera at all.

The stage crew was furious, but there was nothing they could do about it.

After all, they were famous stars that no one could afford to offend.

They could only take scene by scene and hope for the best during editing.

Niall and Yvonne exchanged knowing looks and had an elated expression.

This had happened because of what occurred the previous night.

Both of them were angry at Zoey and wanted to get their revenge. At this point in time, Zachary called them up and strengthened their resolve. They were bent on getting revenge on the Oriental Star Group.

“Let me introduce everyone. These are artistes newly signed by the company. They graduated from North Hampton Film Academy and are very talented. That’ll reduce the burden on the drama department!” Gerry announced as he brought the four over.

Many were disgusted by the four daft-looking individuals. Most people disliked newcomers.

“Can we treat them as we like?” Niall asked.

Gerry responded, “Of course. Niall, you’re their senior. Ordering them around is a privilege to them!”

Helena and the others recognized stars like Niall and Yvonne. They were eager to be of help to them.

If they could establish a good relationship with them, their career would be set!

“Alright then! You, go get me some water!” Niall pointed towards Helena.

“Me? Sure!” Helena felt privileged by this gesture.

She immediately went to pour him a cup of water and carefully brought it in front of Niall.

“Senior, please have some water!” Helena offered him with a smile.

Niall scrutinized Helena carefully. This lass has got the looks. She isn’t inferior to Yvonne in any way.

“Ahem,” Yvonne cleared her throat. Only then did Niall take the glass of water.

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