The Return of God of War Chapter 421-430

The Return of God of War Chapter 421
The news outlet came for interviews after knowing Mr. Garrison was the host of the event. It didn’t take long for Levi to make up his mind on which interviewer he chose, “Well, we’re short on time, so I can only take one interview. Hmm, let’s go with Margaret from North Hampton Television Network.”

“What? Mr. Garrison only accepts my interview?” Margaret was delighted after knowing that. I’m so lucky! There are a lot of reporters here, and I am the lucky one who gets chosen?

“Alright. Please tell Mr. Garrison that I won’t let him down,” she guaranteed.

The event would start soon and representatives from corporations elsewhere arrived earlier to survey the market.

Powerful corporation like the Morris Group and the Rogers family had a lot of people asking for collaboration, and many were looking for potential ones like Oriental Star Group that was helmed by Zoey.

More than thirty corporations talked about collaboration with her, and after some careful review, Zoey chose four from South City to work with. There were four representatives to talk with, so they agreed to talk about this over dinner one night.

Zoey was cautious of her dinner meetings now. She would bring some males from top management with her. This time, she brought Levi together just in case.

The four representatives from South City sat in Wyvern Hotel’s room, and the oldest one, who went by the name of Draco, was on his phone, “Don’t worry, Mr. Shorts. I’ll make Zoey pay tonight. Just wait and see how I torture her,” he snickered.

The four corporations were backed by the Suarez family, and they were going to set Zoey up tonight. Before Zoey came, they and their lackeys took some sobering pills.

After that, Zoey came in with her entourage. “Oh, what’s the meaning of this, Ms. Lopez? Are you worried we might do something to you?” Draco looked displeased.

One of the top management quickly explained, “Mr. Johannes, Ms. Lopez almost got into trouble back then, so she must bring us along whenever she goes for negotiations.

We can hold it if you’re okay with us here, but if it’s impossible, then we can stop it here.”

Draco and his group looked at one another, and they knew it would be hard to get them away. “Oh, of course we can. We’re here to negotiate, so this won’t be any trouble.” He grinned.

A moment later, everyone sat down and had small talk before cutting to the chase. Collaboration wasn’t a problem, but the agreement on profit sharing was. Zoey wanted to have ten percent more, but they didn’t want to budge on this.

Draco raised his glass. “You should know that us southerners can be… fierce. We have our own rules here.”

“Of course. I’ve experienced it myself,” one of the top management replied.

“Great, so the rules here are simple. We’ll have a drinking competition. If we lose, then the ten percent is yours, but if you lose, then that’s it,” Draco suggested.

“Sure, no problem,” Levi agreed.

Zoey glared at him, for she knew Draco and his gang must have the confidence in winning the bet, or else they wouldn’t propose this. Levi is too rash.

“Great. Including the driver and our assistants, there’s a dozen of us here, so pick any number you want from your side,” Draco said. They had taken sobering pills beforehand, and they were heavy drinkers, so they were confident this would be a landslide win.

Levi smiled. “Very well then. Ms. Lopez and I will take the challenge on our own.”

“The hell?” That shocked Zoey. Is he mad? Two against twelve?

The Return of God of War Chapter 422
If she knew that they had popped the pills before the dinner, Zoey would have been horrified at Levi’s announcement. Levi must be mad!

Zoey’s subordinates were flabbergasted. Hey, they said we can call anyone we want! At least call two dozen here before going ahead with it. Two against twelve? Is he stupid?

“Very well then! If that is what you say, then we’ll start right now!” Draco mocked Levi silently and made the decision for them, worrying that Zoey would go back on her word.

“No. I—”

Zoey was about to say something, but Draco smiled. “Ms. Lopez, you can’t go back on your word, can you? That would be an insult to us. If that’s the case then there’s no point in continuing the negotiation.”

“No! Let’s do it!” Zoey had no choice but to accept it.

Draco and his gang smirked, for they thought this was victory for them. They grinned at the thought of them ravaging Zoey. Is this guy on our side? Man, this is a big help. What a dumba**!

Levi grinned at them. “You’ll have to get past me to drink with Ms. Lopez.”

“Challenge accepted!” Draco and his gang were raring to go, for they thought Levi couldn’t win against all of them, especially not after they had taken the sobering pills.

“Oh, right. We only allow those who participates in the drinking game to stay during the competition. It’s a southerner rule.” Draco looked at the top management. He had to chase these guys away, otherwise they couldn’t do anything to Zoey.

“Why you…” The staff glared at Levi, blaming him for ruining this negotiation. They were fairly confident about taking the ten percent profit, but now Levi botched it.

The competition went under way after they had left. “Hey bro, if we go by the rules, you have to take a shot for every shot we take.” Draco grinned.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll take twelve shots for every shot you guys take. Let’s begin.”

“I like you!” Draco thought Levi was an idiot now. A moment later, twelve glasses of wine sat before Levi, and Zoey was concerned. How long can he last? A round?

Draco and his gang finished their wine in no time. “Your turn, buddy.” He smirked.

They thought Levi would lose out after taking all twelve shots, but what happened next shocked everyone. Levi, always the showy guy, took two shots at once, and he finished all twelve in less than a minute.

“He’s fine?” Draco and his gang were taken aback. He’s a good drinker too. Well, that explains his impulsive behavior, but he can’t win against all of us, not when we took the sobering pills.

“Get on with it.” The second round started, and Levi downed twelve shots like it was soda, shocking everyone.

“On with it!” The third round came, then the fourth, the fifth, and finally, the tenth round came. A hundred and twenty shots later, anyone would fall, but not Levi.

Him still standing not only shocked Draco, but Zoey as well. They thought Levi was acting tough, but now they knew he wasn’t. Even though Draco and the gang had taken sobering pills, ten shots still made their stomach churn.

“Well, go on. Are you guys scared?” Levi provoked them, and the competition resumed.

Draco and his gang refused to believe they would fail, so they wanted to see how much longer Levi could go on. Another ten rounds came, but Levi was still fine. On the other hand, the alcohol started kicking in for Draco and his gang, torturing them.

The Return of God of War Chapter 423

The competition ensued, and cartons after cartons of wine were served. At this point, Draco and his gang started worrying about the bill. How much can one guy drink? Is he Dionysus or something?

“Mr. Johannes, let’s put in another rule: no toilet breaks!” Levi suggested.

Draco couldn’t hold it in anymore, but he could only agree at this point. Another bout started, and the more Levi drank, the clearer his head became. Wine usually makes people drunk, but Levi was an anomaly.

Apparently, Levi was the only anomaly here. Draco and his gang felt like their stomachs were going to explode, as well as their bladder.

The competition had dragged on for too long, so the sobering pill’s effects had expired. Now they felt the alcohol kicking in, and the group couldn’t hold on any longer.

They couldn’t understand how Levi managed to take so many shots. He must have drunk more than a thousand shots now, but surprisingly, he looked fine. This guy must be Dionysus himself!

“Carry on!” Levi shouted.

“G-Give me a minute! I can’t hold my pee in any longer!” Draco sat on the chair, not even moving an inch, but before he could react, Levi force fed him one shot of wine.

Shhhhh…. They could hear the sound of water flowing, then hot air came up from below, while a rancid smell spread.

Zoey quickly covered her nose and stayed far, far away. Draco peed in his pants!

This was the most embarrassing thing Draco had done in his life.

“March!” Levi took twelve more shots, forcing them to continue.

“No! We can’t!”

“Just do it!” Levi pressed another guy down and forced another shot down his throat.

That made him puke, and he fell down on his barf. “Your turn!” He forced another guy to drink, and that made him roll on the floor in pain, for his stomach bled.

The other guys couldn’t hold it anymore, so they peed in their pants. It made the whole room rancid, then they heard something explode. Everyone looked in the sound’s direction, and what greeted them was their comrade in agony, for his bladder exploded.

Zoey screamed in terror. Terrible fates befell all twelve of them. Shame, embarrassment, and grievous injuries swam among them, and these people took sobering pills beforehand. If they didn’t, they would have been in worse condition.

“Carry on, Mr. Johannes! I’m just getting started!” Levi came up to Draco with a few bottles of wine.

Is he even human?! That’s not how a human works! He’s fine even after drinking that boatload of wine?! ”I-I can’t keep this up anymore!” Draco shook his head.

“Oh, no can do. The fight’s just getting started.” Levi grinned.

“I’ll sign it! I’ll sign it, okay?” pleaded Draco.

“You should have done that in the beginning.” Levi smiled.

Worrying that Levi might force him to drink more wine, Draco quickly signed the contract and let Oriental take ten more percent in profit.

“Let’s go, honey. We got the contract.” Levi grinned toothily, while Zoey looked at him, stunned. For some reason, Levi was shining. Wow, he’s awesome! He got the contract through drinking?

Who would have thought? Ten percent of profit is huge! A few hundred million at that!

After they came out, Zoey looked at Levi. “Are you fine, honey?” Levi said nothing, but then he fell against her groggily.

The Return of God of War Chapter 424
“What’s wrong, darling? Are you alright!?” Zoey held him tightly, feeling frightened. It took her a moment, but now she realized Levi took a few thousand shots, and it could kill him.

She started sweating in fear, but then she felt electrified. Realizing Levi was feeling her up, Zoey blushed and let him go. “Did you just scare me for nothing?!” She looked away.

“Hey, I just got us the contract, and now I don’t even get a thank you?” Levi asked.

Zoey glared at him. “Stop messing around. How do you feel? Do you need to go to the hospital? You drank a lot.”

Levi smiled. “Do I look hurt to you? No? There’s that then. But…”

“But what?” She looked at him curiously.

“But well, you know, drinking always leads to something else. Here, give me some sugar.” He tried to kiss her, but she ran away.

“You pervert!”

That night, as they lay in bed, Levi quickly hugged her. Zoey was shocked, but she also looked forward to what would happen next.

She might be Levi’s wife, but Zoey was still a virgin. She wanted to consummate the marriage, but now that they were about to do it, Zoey was nervous. If he’s going for it, should I accept him? Or should I say no?

Zoey only wanted Levi as her husband. When he took all the drinking for her earlier, Zoey saw him as her knight in shining armor. If he wanted it tonight, Zoey would give it to him, but…

She was still in a dilemma when a snoring sound snapped her out of it. He’s asleep. For some reason, she felt disappointed, so she turned around and glared at him. “Is sleeping all you know! Go away!” Zoey shoved him away.

“Why did you push me, honey?” Levi asked.

“Just turn around!” Zoey said angrily.

“Why are you mad?” A perplexed Levi asked, and he thought women were weird. They get angry for no reason every time. At least now we know that behind every angry woman lay a man who didn’t know what he did wrong. Levi was an example of that.

When morning came, Oriental was hit with the shocking news of Zoey snagging a contract that gave them an extra ten percent of profit, much to the top management’s disbelief.

At the same time, Draco and his gang were in the hospital. “Trash, all of you! You can’t even handle one woman, and all of you got hospitalized! Trash, trash, trash!” Tristan was livid.

Draco and the others shivered in fear. They thought they would win, but Levi was an unexpected variable. They thought nobody could drink that much, but Levi proved them wrong. Is that guy a God?

“Resign, you trash. I’m already in North Hampton, so I’ll take care of this matter myself,” Tristan said coldly.

“Young master Tristan, please—” Before they could even explain, Tristan had hung up. Never did he imagine that all it took for him to lose hundreds of millions and his future was a drinking session.

North Hampton was in high spirits today, for scores of merchants came today. Everyone was shocked, for the number of participating companies in this event was twice their projected estimate. They weren’t complaining though, for this was great for North Hampton.

The Return of God of War Chapter 425
In North Hampton Television Network’s office, Margaret and her colleagues were going through the scripts for the next day’s interview. This was a great chance for her, so she wouldn’t let it go. She wasn’t Elsa.

“You’re awesome, Margaret! There are 38 outlets that want to interview Mr. Garrison, but he only gives that chance to us!”

“Yeah, and he specifically asked for Margaret! He obviously thinks highly of her!”

“He must have only chosen us because of Margaret! Treat us to something good after this, Margaret!”

Margaret felt smug listening to all the praises, but she pretended to be calm. She was a famous person in the channel as well as the industry. Now, with the mysterious Mr. Garrison giving her the chance to interview him, it would consolidate her place in this world.

Now, everyone in the channel listened to her, including her boss.

“Tell us whatever you need, Margaret. We’ll do anything for you,” her boss kept telling her that.

“Margaret, I heard Mr. Garrison is single. If you guys can be a couple, it’d be sweet!”

“Yeah! He’s a leader, while you’re the best employee of the channel. It’s a good match!”

Margaret was riled up by this, for she was planning to do that. Intelligence was her forte, and with experience on her side, she knew Mr. Garrison had a bright future, for Jesse handed such a big event to him.

He might be a deputy now, but this was only the beginning, so Mr. Garrison would climb to mayhap the top spot.

If she could snag him, Margaret would be set for life, and the idea made her chuckle. This must be divine providence. There are more than three dozen outlets, but he chose me! ”This chance has always been mine to begin with.” Margaret looked confident.

“Margaret, Levi is in a bad situation. I heard their place got splashed with paint and sewage! His parents-in-law can’t work, and his wife’s company is affected!” Margaret’s lackey reported.

Margaret bellowed happily, for she thought Lady Luck was on her side. First, she could interview Mr. Garrison; Secondly, she would be promoted after finishing her job; and finally, she managed to back Levi into a corner.

“I have already told you never to cross a woman, Levi. But you just wouldn’t listen. So, this is what happens.” Margaret’s eyes gleamed coldly.

“Of course he’s dead if he offends you, Margaret. You’re so much more powerful than he is.” Her colleagues laughed.

Then, someone came for Margaret. When she walked out, a Rolls-Royce was waiting for her, much to her surprise. After getting into the car, she saw a man in his thirties, looking dignified and elegant.

“Hello, Ms. Ward. I’m Zachary, from South City’s Suarez family.” Zachary puffed his cigar.

Margaret was shaken to her core as she looked at him and stuttered, “T-the Suarez family? You’re young master Zachary?! I know you! I’ve interviewed your family!”

“It’s good that you do.” Zachary nodded.

The Return of God of War Chapter 426
“Is there anything I can help you with, Mr. Shorts?” Margaret asked with a flirtatious wink.

“Are you after Levi and Zoey recently?” Zachary asked.

“Yes, yes, yes. That’s right! Are you related to Levi?” Margaret looked at Zachary cautiously.

Zachary shook his head, “No, he is my enemy. My brother had all his limbs amputated by him! If it weren’t for fear of the Morris Group that was behind his back, I would’ve killed him ages ago!

You are doing a good job for now. To think that you can subdue Levi’s family to this point! I’m able to kill him right away as soon as he is forced to leave North Hampton! There’s nothing Morris Group can do about it!”

Margaret was smart and immediately replied, “Mr. Shorts, should I step up the game a little?”

“Yeah, you’re perceptive and a fast-learner!” Zachary beckoned to his assistant, and he brought a suitcase. After opening it, a big load of cash could be seen contained in it.

“Here’s an advanced five million! I’ll pay you another five million after the job is completed!” Zachary said.

Margaret’s eyeballs were about to pop out from their sockets when she saw the money.

Five million!!! Who could’ve expected that I could be paid for settling my personal feud? Ten million in total? Is this my lucky day? This is quadruple happiness!

“Wait for my good news, Mr. Shorts. Let me add fuel to the fire. I can assure you that Levi will leave tomorrow!” After Margaret put away the money, her smiling eyes turned into crescent shape.

“Very well! You’ll be rewarded in the future when the Suarez family begins its development in North Hampton,” Zachary said.

Margaret replied with a lovely smile, “I’m honored to devote myself to the Suarez family. Everything I have belongs to the Suarez family!”

Margaret was feeling ecstatic.

Now that I’m acquainted with the Suarez family’s young master and had turned to them as my backing. Isn’t it safe to say that my future is pretty bright?

At this time, Levi and Zoey were standing in front of Bayview Garden.

Levi looked calm, but Zoey was infuriated.

“These people are such a bully! It’s too much!” Zoey sobbed in a soft voice.

The house’s door was splashed with different colors of paints, and it gave off a pungent smell.

The wall next to it was splashed with manure, emitting a horrible stench.

Levi had no doubt that these people might pour dung water into the room next time.

“Dad, mom. Are you facing this situation as well?” Zoey became infuriated after receiving the call.

Despite Levi’s calm appearance, he was actually extremely furious.

He paid no attention to a small-time reporter like Margaret because he figured she couldn’t do anything to him.

But he found out that he was wrong. It was now evident that this person could affect him in his daily life.

“Levi, why don’t we move out of here? I don’t think this is gonna work. I got a strong hunch that things are gonna become worse.”

Zoey was afraid because things were seriously affecting her life.

Caitlyn and Aaron could only hide in their room every day.

They didn’t dare to step out of the house.

There were only two days’ worth of food supply left in the house.

She began to worry about the safety of her parent’s lives.

“We should pick up dad and mom secretly at night. If something were to happen, we’d be in trouble,” Zoey cautioned.

“We’ll not move out!”

Levi took out his phone and made a call to Margaret.

“Hey, Levi? Hahaha! Was it too unbearable that you’ve decided to call me?” Margaret laughed arrogantly on the other end of the phone.

“Are these your handiwork?” Levi asked.

“You bet! There’s nothing you can do about it. Hit me if you dare!” Margaret sneered.

Levi warned with a deep voice, “I’ll give you one more chance to explain your previous interview!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 427

“Levi, don’t you understand the current situation? You’re at my mercy now. Why does it sound like the opposite? Are you stupid? Hahaha…”

“Okay. I’ve given you a chance, but it seems like you don’t appreciate it,” Levi replied coldly.

Margaret became angry and said in a cold tone, “Then let me tell you something as well. Even if you lick my shoes and drink my foot-washing water, I won’t give you another chance. Just you wait!”

After hanging up the call, a murderous intent flashed across Levi’s eyes.

“Honey, give me one more day. I’ll be sure to settle it,” Levi declared.

“Huh? How are you gonna solve it?” Zoey found his words hard to believe.

“Anyway, just wait until tomorrow afternoon. It should be done by then.”

In the evening, there was another breaking news from the TV station. Six years ago, Levi Group expanded its business by way of replacing human labor with machines. This has disrupted the market and caused many to go unemployed. It was believed that at least thirty thousand people were unemployed because of Levi Group. The main culprit was Levi Garrison!

Zoey and the rest were going crazy after the news came out.

The situation is worsening! First and foremost, this news was taken out of context! It was just a normal industrial development. How can they blame it on Levi? Besides, the amount of revenue generated by Levi Group’s advanced technology was incomparable to those of the outdated technology.

But after such news was reported, those who were unemployed thought that Levi was the cause of their misery.

Levi had become the sinner of North Hampton!

Many people formed an alliance to protest against Levi and drive him out of North Hampton.

Some even began to foresee that Levi’s life would be in danger.

Due to the investment promotion fair, there had been a higher degree of attention to hot news lately.

As a result, Levi and the others were under more pressure.

“Darling, why don’t we leave North Hampton for a while? We can’t continue living like this.” Zoey was afraid.

Levi remained level-headed and said with a calm face, “Don’t worry, honey. Everything is gonna be alright. It will be settled by tomorrow afternoon.”

At this moment, Zachary and Margaret were relaxing on a big bed in a five-star hotel, and they were paying attention to the news.

“Hahaha! Good job, babe. Levi will have no choice but to leave North Hampton tomorrow.” Zachary was satisfied.

“Yeah, the authorities can’t even intervene when it was the laid-off workers who force Levi to leave!” Margaret smirked while lying in Zachary’s arms.

Zachary made a call and ordered, “Pay attention to Levi’s whereabouts. Cut off his limbs immediately as soon as he leaves North Hampton.”

“Hahaha… Take me there with you when the time comes, Mr. Shorts. I want to see his miserable looks with my own eyes.” Margaret laughed and sneaked under the covers.

There she goes again!

Zachary was reeling from fear as the thought crossed his mind. He dared not think of what would become of him if he were to defy her.

This woman is something else. I’m no match for her at all!

The following day, North Hampton’s exhibition center was bustling.

Thousands of companies were gathered in the largest investment promotion fair known in North Hampton.

Margaret and her colleagues had arrived in the exhibition center early in the morning.

“Margaret, you have a major role to play in handling the content of the forum and interview Mr. Garrison today!” The head of the station showed his concern to her.

“Haha! Rest assured. I’ll get it done nicely.”

Margaret began to put on makeup and prepared herself to be in her best form while everyone looked at her enviously.

After all, she was the only person who had the chance to interview Mr. Garrison.

The Return of God of War Chapter 428
“Margaret, I’m so jealous of you! It great that you have the privilege to interview Mr. Garrison.”

“I know, right? What incredible luck! But to be honest, Margaret is the best in North Hampton.”

“Ain’t it the truth? Isn’t Margaret the best in professionalism, beauty, and temperament?”

Margaret was basking in the compliments from her colleagues.

What an exciting day. I’ll get to interview Mr. Garrison soon and receive another five million. Will the time go faster please?

Representatives of major companies arrived one after another to the exhibition hall.

The prominent families and leading corporations in South City had also shown up one after another.

Zachary and his group of people were one of them.

In fact, the Lopez family of South City had sent their representative. But he was here to exchange views on behalf of Harry.

Soon, the investment promotion fair started after the officials of North Hampton made a speech.

The exhibition center was divided into many areas, covering every sector of ​​businesses.

Among them, Rogers Group and Morris Group had the most merchants in front of their booths.

Everyone knew that these two companies had great prospects and were eager to cooperate with them.

However, those leading corporations had their sights set on other things. They wanted to grab as many deals as possible and dominate a larger share in the North Hampton market.

However, every deal signed on this occasion was legal and beneficial to North Hampton’s development.

Levi watched every movement in the exhibition hall from backstage.

The person behind him was Aurora Newt, a personal secretary arranged by Jesse Nielsen.

“Mr. Garrison, it’s true that the policy enforced by the officials in the Investment Promotion Fair was in North Hampton’s best interest. Otherwise, those corporations and influential families will flock into North Hampton lawlessly, causing bad competition and negative effects,” Aurora said with a smile.

Levi nodded, “I have to commend Nielsen’s great insight!”

Aurora smiled bitterly. He is the only person who dares to address the governor like that.

“By the way, Mr. Garrison, it’s time for the TV station’s interview session. Shall we?” Aurora glanced at the time and said.

Levi replied, “Alright. Let them in.”

Following that, Levi and several other leaders waited in a conference room.

Outside the conference room.

“Thanks, Ms. Newt. I owe you a meal,” Margaret said with a smile.

Aurora smiled in response, “Ms. Ward, please.”

Everyone came to the conference room under the guidance of Aurora.

Even though Margaret had done this kind of interview before, she couldn’t help but feel a little nervous today because there wasn’t much information about Mr. Garrison.

About ten officials were sitting in the conference room.

Margaret panicked a little when she caught a glimpse of it.


She became stunned the moment she caught sight of the official’s faces. One of them looked particularly familiar.

In order to confirm her sight, Margaret took a few steps forward.

It’s Levi! He’s sitting in the middle alongside the other leaders.

Margaret was puzzled by what she saw. What is Levi doing here?

Her colleagues were equally confused.

No wonder Mr. Shorts said he couldn’t locate Levi. Because he was here!

Margaret said instinctively, “Levi, what are you doing here? You don’t belong in this place!”

The entire conference room fell silent after her speech.

Margaret was taken aback when she noticed everyone staring at her strangely.

“What are you talking about, Ms. Ward? This person is Mr. Garrison,” Aurora said in confusion.

The Return of God of War Chapter 429
“Huh? Mr. Garrison? It can’t be! Isn’t he Levi? The target of disdain who is a hot topic in North Hampton these few days.”

“That’s right. A malignant tumor like Levi should be driven out of North Hampton forever!”

Margaret and her colleagues commented.

“Know your place!”

“How dare you insult the name of the leader?”

At this time, the Minister of Commerce became furious.

“That’s right! Where did this reporter come from? Who is she to insult Mr. Garrison like that? What’s the meaning of this?”

“You’re from the North Hampton Television Network, right? Call Director Charles Yorke here!”

The other leaders also voiced out one after another.

The remarks of Margaret and her colleagues completely angered them.

After hearing the scolding, Margaret and her colleagues finally understood that they’ve gotten into deep trouble.

“What is the meaning of this, Ms. Ward? The person sitting in front of you is the Deputy Leader of North Hampton, Mr. Levi Garrison. Besides, he is also known as the one and only 5-Star God of War in Erudia,” Aurora stated the facts.


Margaret and her colleagues were frozen instantaneously as if a thunderbolt had hit them from the sky.

Deputy Leader of North Hampton? The God of War? Levi Garrison? NO! It can’t be! This isn’t real!

Margaret and her colleagues remained rooted in a state of trance as their minds went blank completely.


At this moment, the door of the conference room was opened.

A plump middle-aged man came running in while panting heavily.

This man was the director of North Hampton Television Network, Charles Yorke.

He looked at all the leaders present while gasping heavily.

He noticed a familiar face when his gaze landed on Levi.

Isn’t he the brat that Margaret was after? Why is he sitting here?

“What’s going on?” Charles looked at the crowd and asked curiously.

“‘What’s going on?’ How ignorant can you be?”

The person speaking was the leader of Uptown District, Draco Simmons.


The man slammed the table hard.


Charles became increasingly baffled, and his body was trembling.

“Do you know that a reporter from your station had insulted Mr. Garrison for no reason when she saw him?” The other leaders chided in anger.

At this moment, a secretary distributed a few tablets to Draco and the other leaders.

The content was about the details of Margaret framing Levi.

Everyone burst into anger after reading the contents.

“Look at what you’ve done, Charles Yorke! Your good days are over!” Draco said and threw the tablet to Charles.

“It seems like you have no idea. So let me tell you, the person who your station slandered is the Deputy Leader of North Hampton, Mr. Levi Garrison! He is also the God of War! Figure it out yourself!”


After hearing this, Charles fell to the ground in horror.

His face was covered with cold sweat, and he was terrified.

Oh my god! How much trouble did I get myself into? This person is the God of War!

Levi smiled and said, “The director of the TV station? Is that how the content review works? How dare you release edited content? What’s going on?”

Charles almost wet his pants at Levi’s question.

“No… Mr. Garrison, I-I don’t know how this happened… It was Margaret who released it…”

“Margaret, how dare you set me up?”


Charles gave Margaret a hard slap across her face.

The Return of God of War Chapter 430
Margaret finally regained her senses after being slapped.


Her body went limp, and she fell to the ground.

It never crossed her mind that Levi would have such an identity.

Otherwise, she would never even dream of doing such a thing.

“Margaret, do you still remember the call I made?” Levi had a menacing smile on his face.


Margaret was in a state of shock after the epiphany.

How could I forget? Levi even called to give me a chance. But I was too foolish to realize my mistake.

“I-I was wrong… It’s all my fault, Mr. Garrison… Please forgive me…” Margaret immediately kneeled on the ground and begged for mercy.



Charles punched and kicked Margaret.

“You have the nerve to ask for forgiveness?”

He wanted to kill her there and then.

“What a vicious woman you are, Margaret! You drive people to their death by abusing your power. If it wasn’t for my identity, do you think I can still stand here?” Levi asked with a smile.

Everyone in the conference room felt a chill down their spine.

Levi is angry!

“What are you standing here for, Charles? Hurry and expose the wrongdoings of Margaret and clear the name of Mr. Garrison!” A few leaders bellowed.

Charles reacted and replied, “Okay. I’ll do it right away!”

Soon, an urgent news update was released on North Hampton Television Network. Exposed! Reporter Margaret deliberately framed Levi Garrison with edited content.

Margaret’s reputation was ruined after a series of evidence was presented, and the previous negative remarks about Levi and his family dissipated eventually.

“Charles, you’re responsible for this matter. Therefore, you’ll be relieved of your position!” Draco announced.

Charles nodded immediately, “Got it.”

“All the people involved in this matter must be penalized. Any individual that had dealings with Margaret should be arrested or punished!” A few leaders ordered at once.

Margaret laid on the ground, became paralyzed, and felt like her body was no longer hers.

Levi glanced at Margaret and said, “Falsity will never prevail. You know the things you did to get to your current position today. The truth will be uncovered eventually!”

Margaret felt regretful and penitent.

None of these would have happened if she didn’t offend Levi.

It was not known how Margaret managed to leave the exhibition hall.

“This is the bi*ch that lied to us and made us blamed the wrong person!”

“Yeah. If it weren’t for the discovery, we would’ve driven an innocent person to death!”

There was a huge crowd gathering outside the exhibition hall.

The crowd started pouring buckets of foul-smelling dung water all over her as soon as she appeared.

“Ughhhhhh…” Margaret puked immediately.

But the manure continued to splash on her again and again…

This was how a vicious person would always end up being.

After the matter was resolved, Zoey immediately called, “Darling, that was awesome! How did you do that?”

Levi smiled and said, “Justice always prevails.”

After Zachary got the news, he found Margaret as soon as he could.

Zachary clutched his nose and stayed far away from Margaret because there was a horrible stench on her.

“What happened?”

Margaret cast a glance at him with a miserable smirk, “I advise the Suarez family to give up, leave North Hampton and stay in South City.”

“Why?” Zachary looked baffled.

“Because he is someone you can’t afford to provoke! If you insist on pushing your luck, the Suarez family will be wiped out from the face of the earth,” Margaret warned.

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