The Return of God of War Chapter 411-420

The Return of God of War Chapter 411

“That’s right. We won’t conduct an interview like this. Let’s go back.”

An evil thought popped in Margaret’s mind, and she laughed, “No, no. We have to continue the interview. The Morris Group is North Hampton’s top company. They’re not looking down on us.”

“Get ready, Levi. We’re starting the interview now,” Margaret announced.


Although he despised this woman, he had to continue with the interview.

Otherwise, he would not know how to explain to Iris.

When the camera started rolling, Margaret presented herself in the perfect way she always did. That was the professionalism she had honed throughout the years.

After introducing the interview while facing the camera, she started interviewing Levi.

“Mr. Levi Garrison, I heard that you were jailed on the charges of adultery. Is that true?”

Without any changes in expression, Levi nodded.


“Was your jail term six years?”

“That’s right.”

“When were you released from jail?”

“Three months ago.”

“I heard that you entered the Morris Group by pulling strings after your release?”

“Who was the one who got you into the company?”

“As Levi Group’s ex-president, how do you feel working in the company that used to be yours?”

“I heard that your private life is a mess, and you were interested in your sister-in-law. Is that true?”


The staff at the station was dumbfounded just after the interview started.

The questions that Margaret was asking Levi were not the same as the ones in the script.

Originally, the interview would be about Morris Group’s future developments, but every question Margaret asked was in relation to Levi.

Moreover, every question was ruthless and a personal attack on him.

Margaret’s sinister intentions were obvious to Levi.

However, if he did not take the interview obediently, Iris would definitely complain about him again.

Therefore, he answered every question Margaret asked.

Half an hour later, the interview ended.

Margaret immediately dropped the professional smile from her face.

“Levi, are you pleasantly surprised? After all, you’ll be on television soon,” Margaret asked with a smile.

Then, she asked the others to leave the room.

“Levi, you never expected this, did you? Not only was I not fired, but I’m also doing well at North Hampton Television Station. Are you angry? Let me tell you this- Morris and you are insolent fools. I was kind to give you a chance back then, but you were ungrateful, and you even reported me to my superior! Did it do anything? Crushing you now is simple for someone of my status. It’s easy to ruin your reputation.”

Margaret stared at Levi with gloating eyes.

Levi chuckled, “The road you’re on is a short one. Karma is around the corner.”

He knew with a glance that Margaret must have climbed the ranks by sleeping with the superiors.

“Hmph. Is that so? It’s been years, and I’m still doing fine. Also, I’ll be going to South City Television Station next.”

The gloating look was still in Margaret’s eyes.

Levi gave her a meaningful smile. “Is that so? You won’t be able to go there.”

“Levi, I still remember you reporting me six years ago. Now, let me tell you this. I’ll definitely take my revenge. Just you wait!”

At that, Margaret left the conference room.

However, she did not leave the building.

In the name of collecting materials for the interview, she started wandering around the Morris Group’s office.

She handed her contact number whenever she met male executives.

In the end, she went to Iris.

“Ms. Anabelle, will I get the chance to meet the Morris Group’s boss or Mr. Atkinson today?” Margaret inquired.

The Return of God of War Chapter 412

Margaret’s eyes were gleaming.

She was involved with the upper-class society in North Hampton, and she knew about every recent big event.

For example, she knew everything about Sebastian Lopez’s failure in North Hampton.

She also knew that the one who defeated Sebastian was Morris Group’s boss.

If she were able to win over the boss or Neil Atkinson, her bright future would be guaranteed.

Margaret was a beautiful and elegant woman. She was the beauty of the station.

Margaret was confident of her charms.

She was sure that she would be able to win the mysterious boss and Neil’s heart when she met them.

Once they went up on her bed, she was confident none would be able to come back down.

This was her survival skill.

Otherwise, a young intern with no background like her would not be able to have tens of millions, eight properties and a villa in North Hampton.

These were not gifts that fell from the sky.

“Unfortunately, they’re not in the office today,” Iris replied with a polite smile.

Even I haven’t seen the boss yet. What gives you the courage to ask this?

“Ms. Annabelle, I’ll apply for an exclusive interview with the Morris Group’s boss and Mr. Atkinson when I get back to the station. This will be advantageous for the Morris Group. I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate on why.”

A bright smile hung on Margaret’s lips.

“Sure. I’ll try my best to make arrangements for it,” Iris answered.

It was mostly because she wanted to meet the mysterious boss too.

After that, Margaret left.

On her way out, she winked at the numerous passing men.

In the corridor, she even encountered Levi.

She sneered, “You tried to destroy me back then. Now, just watch as I destroy you.”

Levi ignored her words; she was not even a threat to him.

Even someone like Sebastian had to pay up ten billion in the end.

At that moment, Jesse called.

“What’s wrong, Nielson?” Levi asked.

“Sir, I’ll be straightforward with you. We’ve discussed the recent matters and the changes in North Hampton’s market. We’ve decided on holding an investment promotion conference. The main purpose of it is to attract foreign individuals and companies to invest. It’ll stabilize North Hampton’s market, and it’ll also help with the development. What do you think about it?” Jesse queried.

Levi brightened up. “Not bad, Nielson. That sounds great! Everyone’s been wanting a piece of North Hampton recently. The earlier we deal with this, the better it’ll be. It’s a fantastic idea. You have my approval!”

Jesse hesitated before saying, “But I need to go to Vermond for a meeting soon. I’ll be there for about a month. You’ll have to take the full responsibility for the investment promotion conference this time. After all, you’re the deputy of North Hampton.”

“That’s fine. Leave it to me.”


Levi, too, felt that it was an outstanding plan.

He welcomed everyone to the market as long as they were contributing to North Hampton.

After establishing this rule, North Hampton was running smoother than before.

After getting Levi’s approval, North Hampton promulgated the policy, and the investment promotion conference was swiftly declared to take place in three days.

The host of the conference would be Deputy Garrison.

The moment the North Hampton Television Station received the news, they started reporting and promoting it.

Soon, the head of the station came to look for Margaret.

“Margaret, you’ll be doing full-day interviews at the exhibition center these few days. We’ll be depending on you for it!”

After hearing his words, Margaret’s eyes lit up.

An investment promotion conference as large-scale as this meant that she would be able to socialize with more prominent figures and expand her social network.

Margaret was more than willing to do this.

“Also, the host for the conference is the new deputy of North Hampton. You have to find a way to get an exclusive interview with him. If you do this, you’re definitely getting the promotion next month!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 413

The head of the station was confident in her skills.

Margaret reassured, “Sir, I guarantee I’ll do it well!”

“Yes. After all, you’re our ace. Hehe…”

The man’s eyes started wandering across Margaret’s body.

“Thank you for giving me this chance,” she giggled as she intentionally made herself slip and fall into his arms.

Soon, an explicit scene took place in the office.


After the interview, Iris came to Levi.

“How was the interview?”

“It should be fine.”

Levi nodded.

Iris said to him solemnly, “Levi, you have to understand that I’m trying to give you a chance. This is a way for you to make yourself more important in the company. Otherwise, Zoey will leave you far behind.”

Iris’ arrangement this time was a selfish decision.

She wanted Levi to have more chances to become a more impressive person.

“Alright, thank you, Ms. Anabelle.”

Levi smiled wryly.

“Sure. All we need to do now is to wait for the interview to be broadcasted.”

Iris was sure that Levi would become more reputable once the interview was out.

That way, she would be able to arrange a better position in the company for him.

On that day, Levi left work earlier to pick Aaron and his wife with Zoey.

When the couple found out that Zoey was now the chairman of the Oriental Star Group, they were overjoyed.

Zoey laughed, “Dad, Mom, Levi’s doing not bad too. Iris has assigned him to an interview with North Hampton Television Station. It’ll be broadcasted tonight. When that happens, Levi will be well known in North Hampton too.”

“That’s great!”

Aaron sneered, “That old man shouldn’t have been only nice to Fabian and Henry. Look at how well we’re doing. Hmph!”

Caitlyn was also proud of them.

After all, they had gone through much suffering in the Lopez family.

The ones that the head of the Lopez family looked down on most were them.

Now, they had finally made a name for themselves.

In the evening, Levi and the other three sat in front of the television and waited for his interview to come on.

“Here it comes!”

Instantly, everyone’s gazes were fixed on the television.

The first to appear was Margaret. She gave a detailed explanation of the Morris Group.

“This reporter’s great. She’s a well-known reporter in North Hampton. I always see her on TV,” Aaron praised.

Caitlyn nodded. “That’s right. She’s the best reporter in North Hampton. She has even interviewed the director of the hospital!”

“The reason behind Morris Group’s success was the hard work of their brilliant employees. I took a trip around the Morris Group, and I’ve realized that the talented ones are all here.”

Then, Margaret changed the topic. “However, after a long while, I’ve finally found an employee who doesn’t fit into the Morris Group. His presence in the Morris Group is a disgrace to them.”

In the beginning, Margaret had used several minutes to pour praises on the Morris Group.

Now, she was pinpointing on a single employee. It was easy to understand what she was trying to tell the audience—the next section she was going to talk about was only directed to a specific person instead of the Morris Group.

However, the audience in front of their television held their breaths in shock at the turn of events.

Besides Levi, the rest of the family was looking at each other.

A sense of unease shot through them.

“I shouldn’t point out who that employee is, but the Morris Group is the hope of North Hampton. I can’t possibly allow a douchebag like him to taint Morris Group. It’s quite an interesting matter, actually. This employee is Levi Garrison, the founder of Levi Group, which was the company before Morris Group.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 414

The moment Margaret said his name, the audience gasped.

“What? Levi?”

Aaron, Caitlyn and Zoey all turned to look at Levi.

Didn’t they say that if Levi takes the interview, he’ll become a reputable figure?

Why did he become a douchebag employee?

What’s going on?

Levi was silently watching the interview.

What a daring reporter.

The interview continued.

Margaret laughed, “Maybe you think that he’s someone talented to be able to join the Morris Group, but I’ve done my investigation. Levi has joined the company by pulling strings, and he hasn’t been doing much every day. At work, he only drinks his tea, smokes his cigarette, and sleeps at his desk. He does nothing. His reputation in the company is terrible. More than 80 percent of his colleagues hate him, but because he’s associates with the executives, they can’t do anything about him. Only some old staff from Levi Group has a better impression of him. But as an outsider, I can’t bear to watch it continue. A cancerous tumor like him will end up ruining the Morris Group. Morris Group is the hope of North Hampton now. They’re our hope! I can’t allow a poisonous person like him to remain in the company! Furthermore, Levi has a poor character, and his private life is a mess. He was once interested in his sister-in-law, and even now, he’s still in an ambiguous relationship with her. These aren’t my guesses; these are the results of my investigation. I’ve also interviewed him, and he has admitted to what he’s done.”

Soon, the interview with Levi was played.

Margaret asked, “I heard that your private life is a mess, and you were interested in your sister-in-law. Is that true?”

Levi answered, “Yes, that’s true.”

Margaret continued, “Did you embezzle public funds when you were in Levi Group?”

Levi admitted, “Yes, it did happen.”


The questions Margaret asked Levi in the interview were all sensitive topics.

However, Levi said yes to all her questions.

The interview was a bolt from the blue.

Zoey and the rest were stunned after watching the interview.

They looked at him in shock and asked, “Levi, are you stupid? Why did you answer everything she asked? Why did you admit to things you haven’t done?”

“That’s right. Have you gone mad? How can you say such ridiculous things?”

Zoey had a look of disbelief on her face.

On the other hand, Levi was calm.

What a cunning woman.

She’s really trying to destroy me.

There had been no problems with the questions she asked.

However, the interview that was broadcasted had been edited.

She had intentionally edited Levi’s answers for the other questions.

It made it look as if he had admitted to having a relationship with his sister-in-law.

Generally, no one would believe in an interview like this.

Anyone with a hint of analytical skills would realize that it was an edited video.

However, this was broadcasted by a television station. That meant it was official, and there was a sense of authority about it.

If it was released to the public, that meant the video was reviewed, and that the contents were true.

Even those who had doubts would have to believe in it.

This was what Margaret could do.

This edited video made Levi seem like the cancerous tumor of the Morris Group.

It was that simple to ruin a person in nowadays’ society.

From now on, there was no place for Levi in the Morris Group.

No major companies in North Hampton would dare to take in Levi either.

In fact, some restaurants and public spaces would refuse Levi’s patronage.

If it were someone else, if it had been someone average, this would be the end of them.

The Return of God of War Chapter 415
However, the one Margaret was trying to set up was Levi Garrison.

On-screen, Margaret raised her right hand high. “So, I’m raising a petition. I hope the Morris Group will fire Levi Garrison. Also, I hope that everyone can stand with me and boycott this toxic man. Restrict his right to purchase, and restrict his traveling…”

Many responded positively to Margaret’s petition.

Major media companies started boycotting Levi.

Furthermore, executives in the Morris Group agreed to the petition and announced that they were going to fire Levi.

Many restaurants and public spaces also announced their stance to boycott him.

Soon, Levi had become the sinner of North Hampton.

Once again, he became a street rat that disgusted everyone.

It was the same situation as six years ago, except that he had not gone to jail this time.

It was the times of advanced communication, and news spread swiftly.

Levi’s troubles were piling up.

Right then, Iris, who was living next door, came to knock on his door.

“Levi, what’s gotten into you? How can you just say anything you want to? Are you out of your mind?” Iris roared.

However, Levi lit up his cigarette and muttered, “Iris, do you think I’m that stupid?”

Iris’ furious expression turned into shock. “Did she edit the interview to target you?”

“Yes. Didn’t you notice that the interview had nothing to do with the Morris Group? She’s clearly coming after me,” Levi answered.

It was only then realization struck everyone.

“But are you at odds with her?” Zoey queried.

“Back when she was an intern, she tried to seduce Morris and I when she was interviewing us. I reported her behavior to her superior, so she has hated me since then. Now that she has the chance to take revenge on me, she wouldn’t let it slip past her,” Levi explained.

Iris furrowed her brows.

“But the interview has already been broadcasted. We have no evidence of her tampering it. She’s a representative of the TV station; she’s the authority. I don’t know how we’re getting you out of this. Moreover, there are lots of people agreeing with her petition. Even the executives in the company are calling me and asking me to fire you. If this matter gets out of hand, it won’t be good for the Morris Group.”

When Zoey and the rest heard Iris’ words, they panicked.

“Iris, think of something! You can’t let her ruin Levi like this!”

Iris was at a loss as well. “I want to help him too, but I can’t think of anything right now. Everyone’s talking about this interview at this moment. If I insist on keeping Levi, the Morris Group would be forced into a corner. Let me go back and think of a way. I need to come up with the perfect plan.”

Levi chuckled, “You can leave this to me. I’ll deal with it myself.”


The four people stared at Levi with a frown.

It was not that they did not believe in Levi’s capability, but this matter was gradually getting out of hand.

He would not be able to get the situation under control alone.

Not unless he was the most powerful figure in North Hampton.

Not unless he could change North Hampton Television Station’s stance with just a sentence.

The only way out for him now was for the television station’s director to clear up the situation by telling the truth in public.

Otherwise, he was doomed.

After all, this woman’s plan was flawless.

They ignored Levi and started coming up with plans by themselves.

“I’ll ask Mr. Atkinson about this. Let me see what he thinks about it.”

Later in the evening, the situation worsened.

Many were asking Levi to get out of North Hampton.

They did not want a toxic person like him to remain in North Hampton.

The Return of God of War Chapter 416
Levi ignored it and went on with whatever he did, much to Zoey’s disappointment. If it were in the past, he would have come up with a way to settle the matter on the spot instead of dragging it out.

However, he lost that part of him now, and he was smoking even at a time like this.

Margaret called him before he slept just to mock him. “How do you feel now, Mr. Garrison?” She chuckled.

Levi smiled. “Is that all that you’ve got? It doesn’t hurt that much. No, scratch it. I don’t feel a thing.”

“Yeah, keep acting and maybe you can start a career that way. Don’t you know the situation you’re in right now?” She sneered, “Just you wait. Tomorrow is going to be even worse for you. But if you want to settle this, just grovel before me, and I might just let you go.

If you don’t, then you can kiss North Hampton goodbye.” Margaret cackled. Oh, destroying someone’s life is so much fun! Especially when the guy is someone I hate! Dragging him down to hell. Mmm…

Levi smiled. “We’ll see who has the last laugh.”

Margaret veered away from the topic, “It’s a shame Morris has died, otherwise I would have done the same thing to him too.

Levi’s eyes revealed a hint of viciousness. How dare she disrespects the dead.

Levi went to Morris Group as usual the next day, but everyone looked at him weirdly the moment he came in.

Seth came up to him and whispered, “Are you sabotaged, Levi?”

“I can handle this.” Levi gave a nod as he chuckled.

Not everyone saw things as clearly as Seth did though, and most of them thought everything Margaret said on the interview was real.

All the top management now looked at Levi in disgust. They could ignore most of the little transgressions he did in the past, but things have been different since that interview.

“How dare you come here, Levi? Scram! Don’t make this hard for everyone.”

“Yeah. Morris Group might be a new company, but we will never allow a disgusting man like you here!”

Iris was troubled, for all the top management requested for her to fire Levi. Left with no choice, she called for a meeting to vote on Levi’s fate. There was no question about the result as most people wanted him to leave.

It was hard on her, but still, she came to tell Levi that he was sacked. “I have no choice, Levi. I’ll think of some ways to salvage this though.” Iris felt guilty.

“It’s fine.” He left the company in the end. Levi was going to work on getting new funds, so he couldn’t work at the company anyway. Well, just as I planned.

When the news of his sacking was announced, the whole company cheered in joy, but Elena and Isaiah smiled bitterly. Have fun while you still can. Once he comes back, you’re the ones who’re getting sacked.

Levi went to North Hampton’s exhibition center to monitor the decorations, and the person in charge was shocked to find that he was here.

“Mr. Garrison! So far, we’ve received 74 registrations, and all of them are big companies! The registrations are still piling on, and here’s the list so far! Please have a look!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 417

Levi skimmed through it and noticed the name of many big companies on it. “Mr. Garrison, North Hampton’s news channel and media outlets are planning on filming the venue for publicity. Is that fine by you?” The person in charge asked.

“Of course. Do it as much as possible. It will do good for us. Oh right. Who’s the reporter for this session?” Levi asked.

“Let me check. Oh, it’s someone called Margaret,” he replied.

Levi smirked. Well, what are the odds?

At the same time, Margaret and the other reporters were waiting outside the hall. She had just gotten the news about Levi’s sacking, and it delighted her.

Yeah, so this is how it feels! She sneered. “This is just the beginning, Levi. It’s going to get harder for you. You might even starve to death because you’d be out of cash to buy even a grain of rice!” Margaret suddenly laughed.

“What happened to her?” Some reporters asked.

“Nothing. I just destroyed my old enemy and got him fired.” Margaret grinned.

“That’s good news,” everyone buttered her up.

“Thanks. I’ll treat you guys to a meal after this.” Margaret was elated.

“OK, you guys may head in now. Some things must be kept secret, so don’t go doing anything you shouldn’t. You know the rules,” the staff told them.

“Of course.” Everyone picked up their gear and entered the hall, while Margaret went up to the staff and asked, “Mister, who is this boss you’ve been talking about?”

“Keep this a secret. The boss came here today to monitor on the progress of the event. He’s such a responsible guy.

Everyone calls him Mr. Garrison and he is the second-in-command of this event. I saw him just now, and he doesn’t look a day older than twenty-eight,” the staff replied.

Margaret’s eyes shone. That’s the job the channel asked me to do! The mysterious Mr. Garrison is here today? Great! I must interview him.

Apart from getting an interview, Margaret hoped sparks would fly between them, since he was young and successful. Little did she know that the spark she had anticipated turn out to be the exact opposite of her imagination.

Everyone got on to their work after entering the hall. Margaret was a true professional, and she beat everyone else by finishing her job first. Even so, she kept strolling around in the hall.

She had been looking around ever since she came in to catch a glimpse of Mr. Garrison, but none of the guys she saw fitted the bill. He might be in the backstage.

After a while, she went to the backstage, but there were many rooms there, so she searched them one by one.

After searching a few dozen rooms, she finally came into one that was crowded with a young man in the center.

Judging by the vibe he was giving off, she was sure this was Mr. Garrison. He looks familiar though. Where have I seen him before?

Trepidation and excitement swirled within her. Now that I found him, I’m not going to let this chance go to waste. Time for an interview!

The Return of God of War Chapter 418
“What are you doing tiptoeing around?” When she was about to move forward, someone boomed from behind, shocking her.

She turned around and saw a few guards boring their eyes into her. “Don’t take this the wrong way. I’m Margaret, a reporter. Here’s my ID.” She quickly handed her ID over for confirmation. “I want to interview the leader in there for a bit,” she told them what she had in mind.

“No. He doesn’t accept any interviews. Everything they talk about is top secret, so please leave.” She was chased out of the backstage abruptly. It wasn’t easy for her to meet Mr. Garrison, so she wouldn’t give up now.

“We should leave now, Margaret. Everyone else has already left,” her partner urged.

“You guys go ahead. I’ll wait for him at the passage.” Margaret came to the hall’s secret passage. Few people knew about this, for this was exclusively for leaders. Even so, Margaret easily found it and waited here.

She believed Mr. Garrison would leave via this passage, so she would take the chance to interview him then. Margaret staked out at this place, but she almost fell asleep after waiting for god knew how long. Unbeknownst to her, Levi would be staying here for a couple of days because he would be making the plans here.

Meantime, Levi was already taking a nap on the sofa. Margaret thought he would come out in the end, so she waited until dusk, but still he didn’t appear. “I can’t give up! This chance is too important for me,” she cheered herself up.

When it was time to get off work, Levi checked around and left from the front gate, since he didn’t know where the secret passage was.

It wasn’t until almost nine in the evening did someone come out from the secret passage, and Margaret’s legs were already numb. She quickly went up and asked, “Is Mr. Garrison coming out soon?”

“Huh? He left a long while ago,” the staff replied.

Margaret almost exploded. “What? He left? When? I’ve been waiting right here all the time!”

“You waited here? No wonder you missed him! He left through the front gate. It’s been almost two hours.”

Margaret almost went mad. “What!?” I’ve been waiting at the wrong spot all this while!? It’s alright, I have no regrets. I’d come back again tomorrow.

Margaret’s whole body was sore after going back, and she felt angry. “Oh yeah, I can vent this on Levi.” She fished out her phone and punched in the latter’s number soon after.

His case was still spreading like wildfire, so everyone was still talking about it. At the same time, someone anonymously exposed Levi’s wife, his parents-in-law, their working places, and their house address.

Suddenly, Zoey and her family were dragged into this. She was the boss of Oriental Star Group, so many people started boycotting the company, resulting in a significant loss overnight.

The medical staff called and asked Caitlyn to refrain from coming to work for a few days, or else it would look bad on the hospital.

Aaron’s department also suspended him for the time being, putting his salary on hold. Everyone didn’t want this matter to affect them, and nobody could see the matter snowballing to this degree.

“Didn’t Levi say he can handle this? Then why is this matter getting more serious?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 419
Aaron was fuming, and Caitlyn was vexed. Initially, the company had released the documents officiating her promotion to department head, but now it was delayed. If the matter was not resolved, someone else might take her place. To make matters worse, she couldn’t even return to work now.

Zoey called Iris over to ask for her opinion. “Let me talk to Margaret. This can only die down if she clears things up herself.” Iris called Margaret.

“Hey, Miss Iris. Is there anything I can do for you?”

Iris replied, “Margaret, I hope you can stop what you’re doing right now. Don’t make it worse for Levi. He’s already having it hard.”

Margaret sneered, “Hard? The people he destroyed had it harder. Has he ever thought of that? No. Besides, why are you interfering in this matter? Isn’t it great that I helped you get rid of a canker?”

Iris was slightly annoyed. “You did help the Morris Group, so technically speaking, I should thank you. But on a personal level, Levi is my best friend’s husband. So, I want to talk to you about this. What are your terms?”

Margaret said, “I can stop this if you want to, and my terms are simple. Arrange an interview for me tomorrow, and I want the interviewees to be Neil and the boss behind Morris Group. If you can do it, I’ll take everything back and lay off Levi’s back.”

“Very well then. I’ll try.” Iris hung up and called Neil, “I have something to trouble you…”

Kirin listened to what she had to say before replying, “Let her come to the company tomorrow then we’ll see.”

That must mean Neil agreed to the interview… At least that was what iris thought and she conveyed the message to Margaret.

Margaret guaranteed that she would take back all the accusations she made against Levi after the interviews were done.

“Thank you, Iris. Levi should be here bowing to you. You saved him!” Aaron told her, and he was struck by the impulse to have Levi kowtow to her.

Iris came to the company early next morning, but Neil was already there. “Oh, Mr. Neil, you’re here. Is the boss here yet?” Iris looked around and blushed, for she was about to meet the man of her dreams.

She never did any makeup in the past, and even if she did, it was a light touch up at best. However, she took two hours to do her makeup today. “Take it slow. The boss knows everything, and you’ll know who he is soon enough.” Kirin smiled.

When the clock struck nine, in came Margaret with a group of people. She dolled herself up for the occasion, and her goal was simple: get the scoop on Neil and the mysterious boss no matter what.

“Let me do the introduction. Miss Ward, this is Mr. Neil,” Iris introduced.

Margaret took one look, and she was dumbfounded. He’s so young, and so handsome! Probably the most handsome out of all the guys I’ve seen!

“Hello, Mr. Neil. I’m Margaret from the TV channel. It’s an honor to interview you today.” Margaret came up and extended her hand while winking at him.

“Scram! A trash like you have no right to interview me!” Kirin bellowed, much to everyone’s shock.

The Return of God of War Chapter 420
Even Iris was shocked by the roar, while the smiles were wiped off of Margaret and her partners’ faces. They looked at Kirin, dumbfounded.

“Guards! Throw these people out! Do they hire trash to be reporters now? What a disgrace!” Kirin looked displeased, and Seth came in with the security guards, ready to chase Margaret and her team out.

“What? I thought Mr. Neil agreed to the interview today. What happened?” Margaret looked at Iris.

Neil laughed. “Let me explain. I don’t mind interviews, but not if you’re the reporter.”

Iris looked down, her face ashen. She didn’t know why Neil disliked Margaret, since this was just their first time meeting. If he refused Margaret’s interview, Levi’s matter wouldn’t die down.

It took everything Iris had to get Margaret’s agreement, but the former couldn’t do anything now, so it was hard for Iris.

Since she was in Morris Group, Margaret didn’t fly into a rage. “It’s fine if you detest me, Mr. Neil, but you don’t call the shots here. Maybe the boss will agree to my interview,” she answered with a lovely smile.

Kirin said nothing and called Levi to tell him about what happened. “Tell her to f*ck off! I don’t take interviews from trash!”

Iris and Margaret were equally shocked to hear the roar, and Margaret left without saying a word. However, before she left, she sneered at Iris, “Looks like I won’t be letting Levi off the hook then.”

This was troublesome news for Iris. “Mr. Neil, why do the both of you…” Iris wanted to know the reason.

“This is the boss’ idea.” That stopped Iris from asking further.

After going back, Margaret took it out on Levi by exposing his and Iris’ address.

All of a sudden, the crowd graffitied the walls with insults and smeared it with rotten food.

Aaron and his wife stayed indoors, for there were many strangers here who were keeping an eye on them. They couldn’t go out; even their delivery would be snatched away.

For the time being, Aaron and the others were stressed out by the situation. If this kept up, they would be driven mad.

At this crucial time, no one knew where Levi had gone to.

Levi, of course, was in the exhibition hall.

“Mr. Garrison, we added three hundred more companies to the roster in one day! And seven of them are giants in South City!” The person in charge was excited, for this would benefit North Hampton greatly.

Levi flipped through the list, and he saw the Suarez Family as well as the other big names from South City. “If you’re here to mess North Hampton up, I will make you pay dearly.” His eyes gleamed coldly.

A staff member approached him and asked, “Mr. Garrison, a reporter from North Hampton Television Network plans to interview you. Do you want to go ahead with it?”

“She’s Margaret, isn’t she?” Levi didn’t even look up.

“Huh? How do you know? Will you accept it?” The staff asked carefully.

Another staff member came and asked softly, “Mr. Garrison, North Hampton Cultural Channel wants to have an interview too.”

“And the reporters from the economic section wants one too.”

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