The Return of God of War Chapter 41-50

The Return of God of War Chapter 41
“Oh? It’s you?”

Levi recognized Chloe as well.

Chloe was Levi’s high school classmate. She was one of the most beautiful and popular girls in the school, with plenty of admirers pursuing her.

Chloe had tried to pursue Levi in the past, but Levi rejected her.

After high school, Chloe merely entered a normal university and ceased all contact with Levi.

But she kept herself updated about Levi’s news.

Chloe was especially grateful for Levi’s rejection after she heard about his imprisonment. I’d be so embarrassed if we got together back then. I’m feeling mixed emotions facing him in person now, but I am feeling more excited than ever. I finally have the opportunity to flaunt my achievements in Levi’s face! I want him to regret his decision of rejecting me!

“When were you released from prison?” Chloe asked.

“A fortnight ago!” Levi answered.

“Ahh, you were once the most successful upstart in North Hampton’s business world. Such a pity you were sent behind bars. Otherwise, you might have become one of the richest men in this city. I remember I once confessed to you because you were so excellent and extraordinary. But you rejected me. I wonder if you will accept me now if I confess to you again? Hehehe…” Chloe lamented.

“What? You’re an outstanding person now, Manager! You are the manager of Bayview Garden Real Estate Agency, as well as the top sales agent! You’re earning a couple million a year, and you have your own house and luxurious car! Not to mention your captivating beauty. He’s not good enough for someone like you.”

“He must be regretting his decision of rejecting your confession back in the day! He may even offer himself up to you, now that he’s released from prison.”

“You’re too good for someone like him, Manager. He is just a lowly person compared to you!”

The other sales agents were experienced and quick to assess the situation. They understood Chloe’s intention immediately after she spoke. So all of them cooperated in her scheme.

Levi gazed at the employee’s tag on Chloe’s chest. She is the manager of Bayview Garden Real Estate Agency. I guess Chloe is a competent person in her profession.

Chloe said with a smile, “With my academic qualifications, I have no other choice but to become a sales agent. Although my achievements and a monthly salary of a few million may be insignificant compared to your earnings in the past, I am still doing better than you currently are…”

Chloe deliberately left her sentence hanging in an attempt to scorn Levi. She could not feel more pleased, looking at Levi’s pitiful appearance. He was once the cream of the crop among our peers but look at him now. This must be fate.

Levi smiled. “Indeed, you looked like you’re doing well for yourself!”

Chloe pretended as if a thought popped into her mind. “Oh right. We are having a high school reunion on the 7th of this month. Are you coming? If you are, please don’t feel inferior by that time. It is a virtue to celebrate another friend’s success, after all.”

“High school reunion? Sure. I’ll be there.” Levi nodded.

“That’s great.” Chloe’s cheerful smile did not reflect her disappointment in Levi inwardly.

In Chloe’s opinion, Levi merely wanted to attend the reunion to butter up their ex-classmates.

She grinned. “Oh, are you here to purchase a house? I’m afraid that the cheapest unit available here will cost you at least thirty million, even if I provide you with all the offers and discounts I can. Why don’t you consider houses that are around three million instead? You should be able to afford that. However, you will have to look for properties outside of North Hampton for houses in that price range!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 42
Levi stared at Chloe. “Well, that’s not going to work for me. I want to buy a house in North Hampton only.

“Hahaha…” Mary and the others laughed out loud. How long is he going to put up that act?

Chloe laughed as well. “Old friend, I must remind you. We only accept full payment in cash for properties under our agency. Even if you accept a unit with a mortgage loan, you will have to pay a few million for the down payment. I don’t think you can afford that amount as of now!”

Levi said coldly, “I am making full payment in cash as well!”

“Full payment in cash? Are you sure?” Chloe was shocked. He only dares to utter such outrageous nonsense because he cares too much about his pride. Hmph! I will see if he can live up to his own words. He will only embarrass himself in the end. Then I will spread this shameful incident to our high school friends tonight!

But everyone was dumbfounded after Levi added. “Let me see the most expensive unit you have here!”

Everyone fell silent as they looked at him in bewilderment.

“What did you say? The most expensive unit? Are you sure?” Chloe asked in a low voice.

Abigail scolded impatiently. “Are you deaf? He wants the most expensive unit!”

Chloe regained her senses. Hmph! The most expensive unit, you say? I can’t wait to see how you are going to pay for the house!

“Alright, follow me!” Chloe brought the crowd to the real estate model and pointed at one of the units. “This is the most high-end house in Bayview Garden, measuring at five hundred square meters. We will also include a free underground garage and storage for you. The price for this unit is fifty million!”

“What do you think?” Chloe looked at Levi smugly after she gave them a thorough explanation.

Mary and the others gazed at Levi mockingly. How are you going to pay now, since you talked so big?

Levi nodded his head satisfyingly. “Not bad!”

“I think this is not bad too.” Abigail nodded in agreement.

Chloe smirked. He could win an Oscar for that rhetorical statement! The question remain though, how are you going to afford a fifty million house?

Chloe had resolved to humiliate Levi then and there. She wanted to drive him into a corner with nowhere to escape. “Let’s look at the showroom, shall we? This is a ready unit, available for you to move in right away!” Chloe said with a smile. I will never let him leave so easily.

But she did not expect the subsequent turn of events.

Levi took out a credit card and said, “There’s no need for that. I’ll purchase it now.”

Everyone was stunned.

“What? You are purchasing the unit now?” Mary was the first to snapped herself back to reality.

“Are you sure?” Chloe’s voice trembled.

Levi handed the card to her. “Get on with it now! I have some other matter to attend to!”

Chloe received the card with shaking hands because she recognized the Centurion card she was holding. There’s no credit limit to this card! Is he really qualified to possess such a card?

Chloe proceeded to check out the payment with uncertainty.

The payment was successful after Levi entered the password.

He paid fifty million in one transaction! Chloe, Mary and the other sales agent were shocked to their cores. He really spent that much money to buy a house!

They stared at Levi with disbelief in their eyes.

Even with my capabilities, I have to earn this consistent amount for over ten years to afford that house. But Levi just paid the sum so effortlessly? Chloe thought to herself.

The Return of God of War Chapter 43
What’s going on with him? I know Zoey is not doing well now. That means he relied on himself to afford this house. He is still as successful as before. Perhaps he rebuilt his empire since he was released from prison. From my experience, I can tell his net worth is at least over a billion at the moment. His current status is surely comparable to six years ago!

Chloe felt as if Levi was emitting a holy glow.

She regretted her behavior earlier. If I did not act that way, perhaps there might be a chance for us to be together. At the very least, I know I am prettier than Zoey.

The purchase contract was printed swiftly.

Levi pondered shortly before signing the agreement. “I’m only staying in this house temporarily because the villa will be completing soon. Let’s do this instead. You should sign this contract!”

Levi looked at Abigail.

Abigail was astonished.

She signed the papers in a daze. So Levi actually bought the house for me.

Chloe, Mary, and the others were losing their minds. He casually bought a fifty million house for his sister-in-law… How rich is this man?

That transaction attracted the attention of Bayview Garden’s boss as well. He hurried over and treated Levi like an honored guest.

Chloe received a whopping commission of one and a half million from that sale alone.

Although she achieved her largest sale thus far, Chloe felt extremely bitter in her heart. I can’t believe I missed out on the opportunity to enjoy ten or a hundred billion.

Mr. Wesley, the boss of Bayview Garden handed his name card to Levi. “It is my pleasure to be acquainted with you, Mr. Garrison…”

“Forget about that. You should fire that woman!” Levi looked at Mary. I need to teach her a lesson for looking down on others.

Mary broke down into tears, sprawling on the floor. But her fate had been sealed.

All the employees at Bayview Garden lined up to send Levi and Abigail off in the end.

He turned around and glanced at Chloe with a smile. “Don’t worry. I will attend the reunion.”

“Okay.” Chloe’s mood worsened to the brink of despair. Did I just give up a man with a net worth of over ten billion?

Abigail looked at Levi with admiration glinted in her eyes. “Does that mean I have a house now, Levi?”

“I am staying in that house with your sister for now!” Levi corrected her.

“Then I can stay there too.” Abigail wanted to move out of the dormitory to stay in that house because she wanted to see Levi every day.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye as Zoey’s birthday arrived.

Everyone paused their work to celebrate her birthday together.

Before Levi could inform Zoey about his dinner reservation at North Hampton city center’s revolving restaurant, Caitlyn said first, “Someone arranged a birthday banquet for you, Zoey. You will receive a huge surprise soon!”

Aaron agreed with a smile. “She’s right. The banquet will be held at Kempinski Hotel!”

Sensing her parents’ mysterious behavior, Zoey said, “Kempinski? That place is very expensive. A meal alone costs over ten thousand! I do not need an extravagant birthday party!”

Aaron explained. “We’re not the ones that made the arrangements, Zoey. Someone took the initiative. Moreover, we are talking about Kempinski Hotel’s most luxurious meal. A table reservation amounts to over a hundred thousand.”

Zoey looked at Levi subconsciously upon hearing that.

Caitlyn snorted coldly. “Don’t worry, that person is definitely not him! He’s not capable to even host a birthday party for you!”

Levi stopped Abigail as she was about to spill the truth about that revolving restaurant’s reservation.

A Mercedes-Benz G came to a halt outside Zoey’s house shortly after.

A man wearing a white suit with a bouquet of fresh flowers in his hand strode towards the door.

The Return of God of War Chapter 44
Zoey recognized the man as the door swung open. He’s the son of one of father’s friends. I heard he went to live abroad.

“You’re getting younger by the day, Uncle and Aunt! Here’s some gifts I brought from overseas.” Theo greeted politely.

He gifted Aaron with a few luxurious bottles of wine and Caitlyn with some expensive makeup products.

Aaron and Caitlyn were delighted to receive the lavish gifts from abroad. These presents will become a great topic of conversation with our friends and families. Levi is truly a useless son-in-law in comparison. He has never provided our family with anything useful.

“You’re as pretty as ever, Zoey!” Theo leaned closer to kiss Zoey’s cheeks as he complimented her. But she tilted away to avoid him instinctively.


Levi stood in between Zoey and Theo. “I’m sorry, we do not practice this form of greeting here!”

Theo ignored Levi and said to Zoey with a smile. “Happy birthday, Zoey! You will like the surprise I’ve arranged for you tonight!”

Zoey nodded. “Ah? Thank you!”

Theo shifted his gaze onto her parents. “Uncle and Aunt, my parents will be attending the birthday banquet tonight as well.”

“Oh? Really? That’s great!”

Aaron and Caitlyn were excited to learn that news. We rarely keep contact with our old friends since our family’s downfall, especially Theo’s parents. They are both influential figures in government departments. His father, Steve Nash, is a high-ranking and powerful officer in the Department of Commerce, while his mother, June Webb, holds a leadership position in the Department of Education. With Theo’s family background, he is the perfect son-in-law candidate for everyone. Any girl will be considered lucky to marry him. We had the idea to pair him and Zoey up, but Steve did not want to establish any connection with our family previously. This is a golden opportunity to build a good rapport with Steve and June since they are willing to attend the birthday banquet later.

The thought invigorated Aaron. The best outcome will be for Theo and Zoey to become a couple.

Aaron and Caitlyn exchanged glances to express similar thoughts in their minds. This desired outcome will be rendered impossible with Levi’s existence. Let’s hope Zoey will think wisely for herself. We can tell Theo is interested in Zoey judging from the effort he’s putting in to celebrate her birthday.

Theo and Zoey’s parents chatted while Levi, Zoey, and Abigail sat beside them without saying a word.

“I’ve started a business overseas, and the prospect of the company is bright…” Theo began to describe his experiences overseas.

Aaron grinned. “You don’t really have to do anything on your own either, Theo. You are sufficiently excellent with your parents’ support.”

Before long, a Passat arrived.

Aaron and his family went to welcome the visitors at the door.

A couple got out of the car. They were Theo’s parents.

Steve was dressed formally with his hands behind his back. He appeared to be competent and gave off a stern vibe from the look of his neatly-combed hair.

Standing beside him, June wore a relatively casual outfit. But her outstanding temperament from years of working experience in the governmental department was clear to see.

“Welcome, Steve, June.” Aaron greeted them passionately.


The Return of God of War Chapter 45
Steve looked at Zoey and said, “I heard about that Ecological Park project you’re working on. That’s indeed an impressive accomplishment. Keep working hard then.”

“Thank you, Uncle Steve.” Zoey nodded.

June was friendlier in comparison. With a smile on her face, she said, “Zoey is clearly a competent girl.”

Caitlyn seized the opportunity to curry some favor from June and Steve by asking them to help their daughter whenever possible. After all, Steve is extremely authoritative in the field of business.

Steve looked at Levi displeasingly. “Of course we’re willing to help your daughter, but have you thought about how others will see us if we assist someone that is not related to us?”

Everyone knew Steve was implying for Zoey to become his daughter-in-law.

June added with a smile. “After all, we have rules to follow in our family. All our family members must have proper conduct and manners.”

June was informing everyone indirectly that Zoey can be accepted into the Nash family as long as she completely severs her relationship with Levi.

Aaron responded immediately. “We understand that. How else did you manage to raise an extraordinary kid like Theo here?”

“Come on, It’s almost time now. We should head straight for the hotel.” Theo said.

“Hm. Let’s go.” Steve nodded sternly.

“Hold on!” Levi voiced out all of a sudden.

“What’s the matter? You have something to say?” Everyone looked at him simultaneously.

Levi looked at Zoey. “Zoey, actually, I’ve prepared a birthday banquet for you at a restaurant. Let me bring you there.”

Caitlyn said impatiently. “Hmph! So what? Theo arranged a banquet at Kempinski Hotel! One table there costs over a hundred thousand. I’m sure the place you’ve reserved paled in comparison to that.”

Theo smiled politely at Levi. “I’m afraid Zoey won’t be able to go to the banquet that you’ve prepared. I will suffer a loss of over a hundred thousand if we do not attend the banquet at Kempinski Hotel. Let me reimburse you the money, perhaps a few thousand is sufficient?”

Steve glared at Levi in dissatisfaction.

Levi returned Theo’s smile. “My loss will be greater than yours.”

“Oh? Which restaurant did you booked? I reserved the VIP private room at Kempinski Hotel with a minimum spending of one hundred and twenty thousand.” Theo was curious.

Everyone gazed at Levi too.

“I made a reservation at North Hampton City Center’s Revolving Restaurant.” Levi answered.

“What? That restaurant requires a one month advance booking before the desired date. There’s also a need to place a deposit in addition to the ridiculously expensive pricing.” Theo was astonished.

“Indeed. I heard of that restaurant. Only the wealthiest people in the society and famous stars dine in that place. It’s not uncommon for a dish to cost over a hundred thousand.” Steve elaborated.

Theo asked with uncertainty. “You really booked a table there?”

“Not just a table. I booked the entire restaurant.” Levi replied nonchalantly.

Everyone burst into laughter upon hearing Levi’s outrageous claim. Even Steve broke character and sneered.

“What did you say? I’m afraid my ears are failing me. Did you say you’ve booked the entire restaurant? Do you know what’s the requirement to execute that action? Putting aside your status, the money needed to book that place for a day is easily a few million. Are you treating me like a fool?” Theo chuckled aloud.

Caitlyn and Aaron grimaced. Why must Levi always embarrass us whenever there are outsiders? What a despicable person.

“Do you feel proud by your actions? You’re just a joke in everybody’s opinion.”

Even Zoey found it hard to believe Levi this time.

The Return of God of War Chapter 46
I know about the revolving restaurant Levi mentioned. Only someone with a status equivalent to Bryan can reserve the entire restaurant. Who does Levi think he is? This is an impossible feat for him! Moreover, I doubt Levi can afford a few million now.

Steve said, “Let’s go and take a look at the revolving restaurant you’ve reserved then. The time is still early anyway. If anything goes wrong, we can always go to Kempinski Hotel since it’s nearby.”

“Alright. Let’s go have a look at the restaurant then.” Theo and June could not wait for Levi to make a fool out of himself.

Aaron and Caitlyn had no other choice but to follow them helplessly.

Zoey’s mood dampened. I should really talk to Levi if things go south.

“Aaron, why don’t you join us in our car with Caitlyn? Let the youngsters take the other car.” Steve was creating an opportunity for his son.

In the end, Zoey and Abigail entered Theo’s Mercedes-Benz G.

“I do not think someone as high and mighty as you should lower your status to sit in my car, Mr. Garrison. You should take a cab instead.” Theo said to Levi with a smile.

“Take my car.” Zoey handed her car keys to Levi.

The three cars arrived at North Hampton city center one after the other.

Zoey started to feel uneasy. Her hands that were wrapped around Abigail’s arm, were trembling.

She was actually anticipating the surprise Levi prepared for her. But on the other hand, she was afraid of facing the harsh reality.

Theo stopped in his tracks abruptly and asked Levi, “Oh. I heard that the revolving restaurant would provide customers with a gilded card after a successful reservation. That card is the pass to enter the restaurant.”

Steve nodded in agreement. “He’s right. The restaurant sends the card to the customer’s house in a Rolls-Royce, and the card is coated with real gold. Many celebrities and millionaires even keep the gilded card as a souvenir to signify their status.”

Theo narrowed his eyes at Levi. “Where’s your card, Mr. Garrison? Can we have a look at it?”

Steve added. “Yeah. We’ve never seen the card in person. Why don’t you enlighten us?”

Zoey’s anxiety intensified.

She knew Levi did not have the card as soon as she looked at him. This restaurant requires a one month booking in advance. Levi was released from prison two weeks ago. There’s no way he made a reservation in time.

Even Abigail was dumbfounded. We really do not have the card.

Aaron’s displeased voice was heard. “Do you have the card or not? Show us if you have it.”

Levi said magnanimously. “I do not have the card because I reserved the entire place. This is different from booking a table.”

“Hahaha… You don’t have to sugarcoat your words if you don’t have the card.” Theo regarded Levi like he’s a fool.

Steve shook his head helplessly. This young man is nothing compared to my son, yet he was the dark horse of North Hampton’s business world six years ago? This is the extent of his capabilities?

“I’ll apologize on his behalf, Steve and June. Levi never changed his rotten personality of talking big.” Aaron explained.

June smiled without a care. “Let’s go then. We should hurry over to Kempinski Hotel.”

“Wait a moment.” Abigail stopped everyone from leaving. She suggested. “Although Levi does not have the card, we can verify his statement once we’re there at the restaurant, am I right?”

Steve scoffed. “Sure. Let’s go to the restaurant then.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 47
Everyone entered the elevator to go to the 88th floor.


Zoey could feel her heart pounding heavily and restlessly against her chest as the elevator arrived on the 88th floor.

Thump thump thump…

But the next moment, everyone was showered with pieces of colorful glittery papers the moment they stepped out of the elevator.

“Happy birthday to you…” The birthday song was heard. Unexpectedly, it was a professional band performing the song.

Zoey looked up and saw the entire restaurant was decorated with huge pictures of herself. Every picture was a dear memory of the time she spent with Levi.

The venue was decorated lavishly with flowers. A sparkling chandelier illuminated the floor with a warm glow.

In the middle of the restaurant was a large, multi-tiered cake placed on top of a cart.

“North Hampton City Center Revolving Restaurant wishes you a happy birthday, Ms. Zoey! You are the first and only person to have a birthday banquet here. So we dedicated a souvenir for you to remember this day.”

The restaurant manager handed a present to Zoey.

At that moment, tears were already streaming down her cheeks.

How touching! This is the best birthday celebration a girl can hope for! Abigail looked at Zoey in envy.

On the other hand, Theo and the rest were stupefied.

“Let’s go further into the restaurant, Zoey.” Levi held Zoey’s hand and lead her towards the cake placed in the middle of the room.

Levi gave a signal with a click of his fingers just as Zoey was caught in perplexity.


A series of noises was heard.


Fireworks were seen outside the windows swiftly after.


Volleys of fireworks were launched upward to the sky, and the people inside the revolving restaurant would get a perfect view of the mesmerizing scenery.

The fireworks were of the best quality as they lasted longer and covered a large area of the sky with dazzling sparks.

In the end, two large and colorful words embellished the sky. Happy Birthday!

Everyone in North Hampton was captivated by the breathtaking show of fireworks that filled the night sky at that moment.

Clarity washed over Zoey. All these arrangements are dedicated to me.

Finally, Levi grasped Zoey’s hands. “Zoey, I promise to protect and cherish you for the rest of my life.”

“I will stay by your side for the rest of my life too.” Zoey hugged Levi tightly.

Aaron and Caitlyn were touched by that scene. Levi really hosted a spectacular birthday banquet for Zoey in this place.

All the colors drained from Theo and his parents’ faces. I’ve made a thorough preparation for Zoey at Kempinski Hotel. But all my effort is completely insignificant compared to Levi’s arrangements.

Steve’s face darkened. His only desire was to leave the place immediately.

The birthday banquet lasted through the night.

Theo, unsettled by the unexpected outcome, began investigating the matter. I do not believe Levi has the ability to book the entire restaurant!

Looking into the matter was effortless with Nash Family’s influence.

Theo suddenly laughed after a few minutes. “Haha. Now I know what’s going on. The young master of this restaurant is Abigail’s senior. Moreover, he’s been pursuing her. I finally understood how Mr. Garrison managed to reserve this place. So it’s all because of Abigail.”

Everyone shifted their gazes onto Abigail, including Zoey.

Abigail nodded. “Yes. This restaurant belongs to my senior’s family. But now…”

Theo interrupted Abigail before she could finish her explanation. “I see. We understand everything now, Abigail. But I can see Mr. Garrison did place the effort to decorate this venue.”

Theo’s superficial compliments were actually an attempt to mock Levi.

They gave all the credits to Abigail for the successful birthday banquet because they thought Levi would never be able to reserve the restaurant without her help.

But Zoey did not let go of Levi’s hands. “I am moved by your efforts no matter what.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 48
Zoey’s heartfelt words were sufficient to fill Levi’s heart with contentment. I could not care less about other’s opinions. All I want to achieve is to please Zoey.

Aaron and Caitlyn’s resentments toward Levi deepened upon hearing the whole story. “He’s just an opportunist!”

Everyone segued into the birthday banquet afterward.

Aaron and Caitlyn presented their gifts to Zoey, followed by Abigail.

Then Steve and June handed the presents they prepared as well.

Theo questioned Levi. “I suppose your gift must be invaluable too, Mr. Garrison?” I must humiliate him in front of everyone!

“That’s right. What birthday gift did you prepare for Zoey?” Caitlyn could not suppress her curiosity.

Levi smiled. “I did not bring my gift. Well, it’s more like I can’t bring the present with me.”

“So what you mean to say is that you did not prepare a present. Isn’t that right, Mr. Garrison?” Theo took out a delicate box and gifted the present to Zoey. “This is my gift for you. It’s a necklace from Cartier, the same design worn by a princess from a foreign country. I spent a lot of effort to lay my hands on this accessory.”

Caitlyn eyed the sparkling necklace. “This must have cost you a fortune, Theo?”

“Not really, Aunt. It’s about eight hundred thousand only,” said Theo with an indifferent tone.

“What? eight hundred thousand? Oh my God!” Caitlyn and the others were shocked.

“Thank you for the goodwill, Theo. As for the gift, I am not going to accept it as it’s an expensive gift.” Zoey rejected him firmly.

But Steve and the others gazed in their direction solemnly. “How can you reject Theo’s kind intention?”

Caitlyn accepted the present in Zoey’s stead immediately.

Theo looked at Levi. “This is indeed a wonderful banquet all thanks to Abigail, Mr. Garrison. You could’ve prepared a gift for Zoey though, even a cheap necklace to express your sincerity will do.”

June smiled. “It is rather inappropriate for you to come empty-handed, not to mention with your ‘special’ status.”

Aaron sighed and lowered his head shamefully.

Caitlyn was even more disgusted by Levi.

“That’s enough. We’re a married couple for so long, so there’s really no need to fixate on that problem.” Zoey smoothed things over in the end.

Levi and Zoey left for a stroll after the banquet ended. “I did prepare a birthday gift for you.” Levi said all of a sudden.

“What?” Zoey was surprised.

Levi took out a bunch of keys with a label. “It is time for us to have our own house and move out of your parents’ house.” Levi explained with a smile.

“What? Bayview Garden?” Zoey was astounded after she read the label on the keys because she knew of the overpriced properties in that area. Even Harry Lopez will not joke about buying a house in Bayview Garden.

“Come on. Let’s go have a look.” Levi brought Zoey to Bayview Garden.

“Oh my God. What did you do?” Zoey was losing her mind.

“Don’t worry. I rented the house. What do you say if I’ll have you pay the monthly rent?” Levi joked.

But he did not expect Zoey to believe in that joke. In her opinion, Levi certainly could not afford that house. He must’ve rented this place. But I’m touched, nonetheless.

“I’ll pay for the rent.” Zoey said in a rush.

Zoey had a wonderful night. She was smiling even in her sleep.

The Return of God of War Chapter 49
At the Lopez family house, everyone was infuriated when they heard about Zoey’s extravagant evening.

“Zoey had her birthday party at North Hampton City Center Revolving Restaurant. She’s really spending money as she likes now!”

“If it weren’t for grandpa help, I bet they wouldn’t even be able to enter the restaurant.” Melanie roared.

Henry and Fabian were dissatisfied. “Aaron is a disappointment! If we did not help them previously, they would be begging on the streets now, father. How dare they forget about their family after receiving that project?”

Harry grimaced. “I did not expect them to go against me as well. Aaron and Zoey were obedient in the past.”

“This is all Levi’s fault! Did you not notice the way everything is changing since Levi’s back?” Melanie uttered.

A menacing look flashed across Samuel’s face. “Hmph! Do they think they will be able to proceed with this project smoothly? Dream on!”

Harry looked at Samuel puzzlingly. “Do you have any good idea, Samuel?”

Malicious intent glinted in Samuel’s eyes. “They should not be handling this project since we are not participating. Don’t worry, grandpa. I am acquainted with a mafia boss. If he’s willing to help us…”

Harry asked. “Who’s the boss you’re talking about?”

“Everyone refers to him as Nueve!” Samuel answered.

“Oh, you’re talking about Nueve. He’s infamous for killing over a hundred people with an axe.”

“They say no one can match his cruelty and bloodlust.”

“I heard Nueve was imprisoned for three years in the same prison as Levi. He was released from jail last year.”

Harry and the others were obviously familiar with Nueve’s name.

“Alright. You will handle this, Samuel. I will pay for the money.” Harry was prepared to risk everything.

At this time, Zoey, Levi, and the others were unaware of the Lopez Family’s scheme.

Zoey went to monitor the construction site in person as the project for West City Ecological Park started.

They hired a professional construction team due to their ample funding.

A few buildings were already taking shape because of their high efficiency.

That night, Zoey went to survey the site again. But she was met with a total mess as if something terrible had happened.

Zoey and Aaron jogged toward the scene hurriedly.

They saw two parties standing up against one another. On one side were the construction workers, while the other side were a group of unfamiliar thugs with scary tattoos on their bodies.

They were all carrying knives and other weapons as they closed in on the construction workers.

Following closely behind the thugs were a group of villagers.

“What’s going on?” Zoey and Aaron asked as soon as they arrived.

“Ms. Lopez, they claimed themselves to be ex-residents in this area. They are here to create trouble because of the on-going demolition. They destroyed our constructs and even harmed us.” The team leader of the construction site exclaimed. “This is so scary! They are evidently thugs who do not belong to this village.”

Zoey and Aaron shifted their gazes in the other direction.

The people on the opposite side did resembled criminals who were recently released from prison. Not only that, they gave off a sinister vibe as if they were, in fact, murderers.

“I am the boss of this project. Talk to me if you have any dissatisfaction.” Zoey addressed the crowd bravely.

The person leading the thugs was a muscular man with tanned skin. Horrible scars covered his face, shoulders, and body.

The Return of God of War Chapter 50
The scars were obviously left behind after he recovered from grave injuries inflicted by knives.

The sight of his scars was sufficient to invoke fear in most people.

The man was nicknamed Chopper and he was a famous person in their circle. He was also Nueve’s right-hand man.

Chopper sneered at Zoey while wielding two knives in each hand. “You’re the boss? This demolition is wrong in the first place. You forced your will on us and scammed us, the villagers.”

“He’s right. We want compensation!”

“We will wreak havoc on this place if you do not compensate us!”

Under the thugs’ leadership, the villagers shouted angrily.

Zoey stared at them with all seriousness. “I am sorry, but we’ve acquired the right to develop this area legally. If you feel that the compensation amount is not sufficient, then you should be looking for the department in charge of this matter, not us.”

Chopper jeered. “We don’t care about all those things. We’re all just common folks here, and all we can see is that you are building things on our land. I will give you two choices. Compensate us handsomely, or we will destroy whatever you build here.”

“That’s right! We want compensation!” Everyone shrieked.

Zoey finally got the hang of the situation. They are here to stir up trouble. These thugs must have forced these villagers to cooperate.

“Alright. How much do you want us to compensate you for?” Zoey asked.

“We have made the calculations. You only need to compensate us with one billion.” Chopper answered.

“Impossible! Don’t even think about getting a single cent!” Aaron retorted immediately.

Chopper narrowed his eyes menacingly. “If that’s the case, then destroy everything!”

The few thugs and over a hundred villagers began wrecking things after receiving Chopper’s command.

The workers tried to prevent them. But the thugs threatened them with knives aimed at their throats. “I’ll kill everyone who dares to move.”

Zoey and the workers could only watch idly at the side as they tear down everything that was built in sight, including the worker’s resting area.

After that, Chopper smiled satisfyingly. “I’m warning you now, Zoey. We will come here every day and demolish everything you’ve built if you do not compensate us.”

Then he threatened the workers. “I will kill all of you if you dare to inform the police.”

Chopper led the angry crowd away afterward.

Zoey and Aaron were on the verge of tearing up at the sight of the mess.

Chopper sneered at the villagers after they reached a secluded area. “Go back to your houses now and do not tell anyone about this. I know your address, so I will find you and let you suffer the consequences should you disobey me.”

“We know. We won’t disobey you.”

The villagers left immediately.

Chopper dialed a number and reported cheerfully. “We’ve accomplished the task, Lord Nueve.”

An unpleasant voice was heard from the other line. “This is some easy money provided by the Lopez family. All we have to do is destroy a few buildings.”

“You’re absolutely right. I will visit the construction site again tomorrow night, Lord Nueve.” Chopper laughed out loud in excitement.

On the other hand, inside a clubhouse. A lot of people were seated inside a private room.

Among the crowd was Trey. But he was far from being the center of attention in that banquet because Nueve was the host of that event.

Nueve’s was ranked significantly higher in their circle compared to Trey.

Someone whispered. “What’s the matter, Lord Nueve? Are you facing any trouble? Just tell me if you need any men to do your biddings.”

Nueve, who was dressed formally for that occasion, responded with a smile. “Nothing of the sort. It’s just that the Lopez family gifted me with ten million to stir up trouble at the on-going West City Ecological Park construction site. I thought the task would be tricky, but things ended smoothly.”

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