The Return of God of War Chapter 391-400

The Return of God of War Chapter 391


Dustin was rolling on the floor and screaming in pain.


The third whip landed.

Dustin was dying of pain at that moment.

All he could feel was agony, and he had shouted so much that he lost his voice.

He felt as if his soul had left his body.




Levi kept whipping until all ten whips had been delivered.

Dustin soon stopped screaming. His body had been so mercilessly whipped he stopped moving. He curled up in agony.

He didn’t die, but everyone could tell that Dustin was basically crippled.

Those ten whips had kicked the life out of him, and he would be on bed rest for at least a year!

“How weak,” Levi scoffed before he tossed the whip aside and left.

“Quick, call the ambulance and take him to the hospital!”

Harry got nervous.

Things had gotten out of control.

Dustin was the next in line to inherit the Lopez family’s estate in South City!

Yet, he had been gravely injured in North Hampton, and Harry and the others will likely be punished harshly for what had happened.

“That Levi is too freaking stupid and brave. How dare he attack a member of the Lopez family from South City?” Shaun gaped as he grinned.

“You know, you’re right. Under these circumstances, there is no way the Lopez family from South City will let him live!”

“Right. Isn’t the famous Sebastian coming to destroy him?”

Melanie and the others were anticipating the future fight excitedly.

In the end, Dustin survived the incident, but the hospital reported that he would have a lot of complications in the future.

For example, Dustin might go into a coma and never wake up.

It was also likely Dustin would become a lunatic.


Neither situation was what the Lopez family of South City wanted.

That was their next commander.

It would be a total joke if he turned into a lunatic!

The Lopez family could not accept a humiliation like that.

When the Lopez family in South City learned of what had happened, they got angry.

They announced they would avenge Dustin, even if it meant toppling the entire North Hampton.

Three men were in line to succeed and lead the next generation of the Lopez family.

Quentin had been killed.

Wesley was crippled.

And Dustin might be comatose!

Who would be okay with something like that?

The famous Sebastian was going to head to North Hampton in the following week, but he showed up the following day after hearing about what had happened.

In a backyard of a mansion in South City.

An elderly man in an old-fashioned outfit was sitting by the table, enjoying his tea.

That man was the renowned Sebastian.

There was a saying in South City that went, ‘One would rather face the devil than go against Sebastian’.

That proved just how powerful and terrifying Sebastian truly was.

His title as the man who could overthrow the devil was not unfounded.

He had been cruel and bloodthirsty when he was younger, and his hands had taken countless lives.

They say that the number of people he killed was equivalent to the number of stars in the sky.

Sebastian later stepped back to settle into retirement. He would drink tea, do some gardening every day, and would go to the temple on some occasions.

He did that to be Zen and to change his violent life.

Unfortunately, he overdid it.

The incident with his godson, Quentin Lane, had turned him back to his former self.

He was even angrier after his two nephews got hurt.

“Everything is ready, sir. We can head to North Hampton tomorrow,” reported Sebastian’s servant, Simon.

Simon was actually a skilled fighter, too.

Sebastian sipped some tea before instructing calmly, “Go get the Black and White Guards out from prison.”

“Huh? Are you sure you want to do that?” Simon trembled.

The Black and White Guards were simply too terrifying.


“Okay. I will arrange for that right away,” replied Simon.

After that, Simon took a deep breath and left.

Sebastian’s fame and the fear he inspired was partially owed to the Black and White Guards.

Those two men were crueler than him; they were cannibals.

The two of them had gotten into a battle with two hundred men and won. That battle made them famous.

The Return of God of War Chapter 392

Sebastian’s notoriety was immeasurable.

The cruel part of that notoriety was linked to the Black and White Guards.

Those were the masters of cruelty. Rumor had it that they grew up with wolves and ate raw meat every day.

They had single-handedly defeated an army of two hundred and rose to fame.

They later joined an underground boxing tournament, but they were so cruel that they were disqualified.

There was a story about how, during a match, one of them tore his opponent’s rib out and used that rib to stab the guy to death.

They later joined Sebastian’s team and raised hell everywhere.

They had killed so many people that there were many powerful figures and families who didn’t even dare look them in the eye.

The mere mention of the Black and White Guards got people to tremble in fear.

The Black and White Guards had gotten too violent and caused a lot of trouble, so Sebastian has locked them up.

Sebastian taking the Black and White Guards to North Hampton meant that he was getting serious.

When the citizens of South City learned that the Black and White Guards were being released from prison, everyone grew nervous.

Those two being released meant that someone was definitely going to die.

The citizens sighed a breath of relief when they learned that Sebastian was taking those killers to North Hampton.

However, they started praying for North Hampton.

They wondered which unlucky bastard had angered Sebastian so much that he released the Black and White Guards.

Everyone knew that anyone who offended Sebastian would face dire consequences.

Death would’ve been a better option because the Black and White Guards’ inhumane methods had always terrified everyone.


The network in North Hampton was still pretty good.

When Glenn heard the news, he immediately went to look for Levi.

“Mr. Garrison, something bad is about to happen. Sebastian will come to North Hampton tomorrow with the Black and White Guards!”

Glenn wiped his sweat off.

“So what if they come? Why are you so scared?” chuckled Levi.

“Mr. Garrison, maybe you don’t know it, but those three are nuts! They are like a time bomb that would go off at any moment!”

“You know Liam, don’t you? He is strong and undisciplined… The ones who defeated him were Sebastian and the Black and White Guards! Liam had to go on his knees and beg them for mercy. His life was spared because of that, but they still crippled all his limbs!”

Glen took a deep breath before he continued, “The Black and White Guards are especially brutal. They killed everyone in the orphanage when they were ten, and their violent tendencies only worsen as they age. They have killed countless men, and rumor has it that they are cannibals! They’re basically demons.”

Levi laughed.

He had seen all kinds of lunatics during his time in the army.

Many places had similar ‘demons’ who had murdered thousands before, but he had defeated them all.

“Be careful, Mr. Garrison. They are here to destroy you,” Glen warned.

“Well, since they’re coming to North Hampton, then we’ll trap them here,” said Levi cruelly.

“Huh?” Glen blurted, stunned.

Isn’t this dude a little too full of it?

Trapping Sebastian and the Black and White Guards?

Glen didn’t think it was plausible, but he wasn’t in a position to say anything.

The news of how Sebastian was heading to North Hampton with the Black and White Guards had spread.

Everyone started avoiding the place, simply staying home.

Some powerful families, however, got ready to welcome the three men.

It seemed that Sebastian wasn’t just there to seek vengeance. He was also there because he was expanding into North Hampton.

The powerful families thought that if they left a good impression on Sebastian, they might benefit from it in the future.

Harry and the others stood guard at the hospital.

They were excited but also scared to hear that Sebastian was heading over.

With Sebastian there, North Hampton would practically be dominated by the Lopez family.

As such, they would benefit from it as well.

They were also afraid, though, because Sebastian might blame them for what had happened.

The Return of God of War Chapter 393

“It’d be great if Dustin could wake up before Sebastian gets here,” sighed Shaun.

When the doctor heard that, he blurted, “I have an idea that might help with that…”

“What is it? Tell us. If it works, we will reward you handsomely,” Harry said, whose eyes lit up immediately.

The doctor replied, “A medical expert I know might be able to cure this patient, and there’s a good chance that he knows how to wake the patient up.”

“Really?” asked Harry, whose eyes shone with hope just like his family’s eyes were.

“Yes, he is definitely the top in the medical field in Erudia. However, I heard that he will be catching a plane and leaving North Hampton tomorrow,” said the doctor.

“Are you talking about Benny Quinton?” asked Fabian.

“Yeah. Who else would be that skilled?” The doctor nodded.

Harry looked troubled as he said, “But I heard that Benny Quinton no longer takes patients in. He will definitely reject our request if we ask.”

“We have to try! Sebastian will be here tomorrow.”

Harry and his family soon got to the place where Azure Dragon and Benny Quinton lived. They asked Benny to help cure Dustin, but as expected, Benny rejected their offers.

Harry and the others kept trying to come up with another solution after that.

The next day rolled by soon after.

A bunch of cars showed up in North Hampton.

The last few cars had about a dozen men in black outfits. They got out and stood at the side.

Simon drove the Rolls-Royce in the lead. He got out and circled around to open the door for Sebastian.

Sebastian was wearing a black, old-fashioned outfit, and was holding a walking cane with a dragon’s head carved on it.

He oozed a domineering aura as he scanned the place.

After that, he walked to the black luxurious car at the end.

The car seeped a chilling aura, and it shook so violently that it seemed that it might topple itself over.

“Stay in the car and do not leave until I give the say so,” instructed Sebastian. Only then did the car stop shaking.

Simon was trembling in fear because that was the car the Black and White Guards took.

If those two showed up on the street, the entire place would definitely turn upside down.

Simon later led Sebastian into the hospital, and they headed into Dustin’s room.


Harry and the others got down on their knees in front of Sebastian.

“This is all our fault, Sebastian. We did not keep Dustin safe. We were wrong, so please punish us as you see fit,” cried Harry.

Sebastian scanned everyone and replied cruelly, “Get up. This has nothing to do with you. Those people are not easy to deal with, or Quentin and Wesley would not have been defeated.”

Harry replied softly, “I don’t dare to. Levi is my grandson-in-law, yet I did not teach him the rules. I didn’t know he was that strong.”

“I said, stand up!” Sebastian suddenly raised his voice.

That made Harry and the others jump up in fright.

They stopped bullshitting then.

Sebastian went to check on Dustin.

“What did the doctor say?” He asked.

“It’s not good. He will not be able to wake up for the time being and might stay in a persistent vegetative state,” answered Harry.

Sebastian looked devastated then.

“However, there is still hope. Benny Quinton is in North Hampton, and he is the best expert in the medical field. We asked him to come over yesterday, but he rejected our offer. His plane will be taking off today, and he should be boarding in two hours.”

Sebastian’s eyes shone with a cruel glint upon hearing that. “Simon, go get Benny Quinton over! Do not let him board that airplane.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 394

Harry then added, “Still, you shouldn’t hold out so much hope because Benny has a rule about how he doesn’t do private calls. The God of War, Liam Macy, dragged Benny over once. Things did not end well.”

Sebastian’s eyes burned with untamed fury as he roared, “That puny Liam Macy is nothing compared to me!”

“I can hire anyone he can hire, and I am capable of convincing people he can’t convince.”

“Go get Benny Quinton over right away. He must cure my nephew!”

Simon nodded, “Understood. There isn’t a person on Earth who wouldn’t come at your command.”

“That’s right. Those who disobey me will meet an untimely end,” scoffed Sebastian.

Harry and the others trembled as they stood at Sebastian’s side.

Sebastian’s aura was too strong.

Everyone felt the weight of mountains crushing on them when they heard him speak.

As such, they were all sweating then.

Simon departed immediately to get Benny Quinton.

Henry and the others started saying, “Sebastian, this is all Levi’s and Zoey’s fault. They are close with Nueve and Trey, and they thought they can do whatever they want because of that. They don’t respect the Lopez family from South City.”

“Freaking Levi Garrison. I am here just to deal with him. I don’t care who he has supporting him; I will not forgive him!”

“Also, I will be staying here permanently. My plan is simple. I will make it so that everyone in North Hampton trembles in fear when they hear our name,” declared Sebastian.

Harry and the others were ridiculously excited.

Was it finally their chance to shine?

It didn’t matter how useless they were. Being a member of the Lopez family would be sufficient.

North Hampton would soon belong to Sebastian.

Liam Macy, Winston Gonzales, and the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce would all fall.

No one could beat Sebastian!

At that moment, Harry and the others had started fantasizing about their future.

Simon hurried over to the airport with about ten men.

Levi had personally driven the car to take Benny Quinton and his assistant to the airport.

At first, Levi wanted to use a military plane to take Benny straight to Vermond, but Benny rejected that offer.

That was how Benny Quinton was.

He was an ordinary doctor with a pure soul.

Levi kept them company until they went into the waiting lounge.

Unfortunately, a van stopped at the airport after Levi had left.

Simon and over ten men rushed into the airport.

Benny and his assistant had just gotten their boarding passes and were heading towards the gate.

However, over ten men showed up in front of them.

“Mr. Benny Quinton, please come with us!”

Simon was swift.

He never gave Benny a chance to talk before he grabbed them.

When Benny and his assistant finally came around, they were already in the van.

“Let’s go!” instructed Simon before the car departed.

At the hospital.

Benny Quinton and his assistant were forcefully dragged into the patient’s room.

Everyone turned serious and polite when they saw Benny Quinton there.

Sebastian, however, glared in disdain and scoffed, “I hate educated people like you. So pretentious.”

Benny grinned, “Then why do you insist on bringing me here?”

“Because you are a doctor who can cure patients. That is all you are worthy of!”

Sebastian pointed at Dustin, then ordered cruelly, “Treat my nephew right now! If you succeed, I will give you a total of one billion. If not… You can choose if you’d like to keep your arms or your legs.”

Sebastian’s barbaric style stunned Benny.

Liam Macy had been a powerful bully too, but even that man had shown a little respect to Benny.

The man in front of Benny was utterly despicable and unrestrained.

He looked like a madman.

The Return of God of War Chapter 395

“No. You have your rules, but so do I,” refuted Benny.

“As I said, educated people like you are horrible. Isn’t your job to cure the sick? Why aren’t you treating him? Where is your so-called moral?” scoffed Sebastian.

“You were immoral and kidnapped me, so I have no obligations to help you,” persisted Benny.

Sebastian laughed aloud. “There are just too many ways to force your hand. Simon?”

Simon received the message immediately.


Simon kicked Benny’s assistant to the floor.

“Arg…” The assistant cried.

“What the hell are you doing?” demanded Benny in a worried tone.

“I will cripple him if you refuse to treat the man,” said Simon as he increased the pressure on the assistant’s ankle. That prompted the assistant to shout even more.

Harry and the others were horrified when they saw that.

Sebastian was too cruel.

All he knew was to tap into his violence to solve his problems.

Benny had no choice but to nod and said, “Okay, fine. I’ll treat him.”

“Wouldn’t it have been much better if you had just agreed to do so early on?” gloated Sebastian.

There were simply too many ways to force Benny’s hand.

The cruelest among them was to lock Benny and his assistant in with the Black and White Guards.

Benny probably would’ve raised the white flag in under thirty seconds.

Benny and his assistant quickly dove in to treat Dustin.

“You better treat him well, or you will end up just like him!” threatened Sebastian.

After taking Benny and his assistant to the airport, Levi returned to Morris Group.

Morris Group had just expanded once more and would soon be the top enterprise in North Hampton.

Hence, many people had their eyes on them.

A tv show had even done a special interview.

Iris found Levi and scoffed, “You love to show off, don’t you? Well, then here’s your chance.”

“Huh? Me? Showing off?” blurted Levi suspiciously.

“The North Hampton Television Network wants to do a special on Morris Group in three days. I’ve already helped you accept the invitation, so you may not bail on it.”

“These are the interview questions and other materials. Don’t embarrass me!”

Iris left after tossing a stack of documents to him.


Levi almost vomited blood.

She is making me do an interview and show my face to everyone?

Is she f*g kidding?

Still, he had no choice but to participate because Iris had already accepted it.

“Well, it’s for my own company, anyway,” murmured Levi before he started studying the materials.

His phone rang up at that moment.

The call was from Azure Dragon.

“I think something bad happened. The airport called and said that Mr. Quinton never boarded the plane, and we can’t find him at the airport either,” said Azure Dragon, whose voice was obviously quivering.

“What? He’s missing?” said Levi, whose expression took a sharp turn.

He had not gotten a private plane for Benny, but Levi had talked to the managers at the airport and asked them to keep an eye on him.

Benny was missing, and that meant that something must’ve happened.

“Investigate it immediately! Mr. Quinton must not get hurt,” instructed Levi.

“According to the CCTV at the airport, someone dragged Mr. Quinton into a van,” reported Azure Dragon soon after.

“Call Xavier and the people responsible for the traffic. Find out where that van went!” said Levi anxiously.

He would not let anyone go off that easily if Benny had a hair off his head!

“Got it! The van went to the hospital, and there were witnesses that claimed they saw Benny there!”

Levi stood up and announced evilly, “Okay, got it. I will personally head over to the hospital.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 396

Inside the hospital.

Benny and his assistant examined the patient thoroughly, and Benny’s conclusion was that it would take Dustin a long time to recover. The treatment would go on for at least four months.

“How about this? I will take this patient with me to Vermond and will personally treat him there,” suggested Benny.

Benny had a lot of work to tend to in Vermond; he couldn’t stay in North Hampton.

Simon, Harry, and everyone else grinned when they heard that there was hope.

Sebastian, however, frowned and asked, “Why can’t you treat him here in North Hampton?”

“Because I work in Vermond, and a lot of patients are waiting for me there,” explained Benny.

Sebastian shook his head. “No! You must stay here and treat my nephew. You are not to leave or treat anyone else during this period. Focus only on my nephew, and you may leave when he is back on his feet.”

“You may reject my offer, but he will have to stay, and who knows how long he’ll survive?”

Sebastian was staring at Benny’s assistant at that moment.

The assistant trembled in fear.

If he stayed, he would definitely be killed.

Sebastian had always been that barbaric, and he didn’t give Benny a chance to say anything else.


Benny was so frustrated that he felt as if he would explode.

He couldn’t stay in North Hampton because he simply had too much to do in Vermond.

“Sir, I promise I’ll revive him in Vermond. Can I please take him there?” asked Benny.

“No! There will be no further discussion. You will stay right here in North Hampton, and you will treat my nephew.”

Sebastian’s eyes shone with fury.

“Oh right, I just remembered that North Hampton has a private hospital. Transfer him over right away. Benny Quinton, you will come with us!” ordered Sebastian.

“I’ll get started on the paperwork right away,” replied Simon.

Benny was nervous then.

Is this Sebastian guy going to imprison me and force me to treat his nephew?


Levi arrived at the hospital at that moment.

He paused when he saw the cars there.

However, he had not stopped because there were over ten similar cars parked in a straight line. He had stopped because he had sensed two dangerous auras seeping out of one of the cars.

There were a number of good fighters in North Hampton. Some examples would be Jack Smith’s Invincible-13 who were all amazing fighters.

However, compared to the two men inside the car, all thirteen men seemed puny.

Despite all that, the aura only made Levi take one look.

He had been on the battlefield for five years, so he had seen all kinds of outstanding fighters before.

He was simply curious as to why someone like that would show up in North Hampton.

Levi was about to enter the hospital when he bumped into a group of men.

Simon had made the arrangements to transfer Dustin Lopez, and Benny was there with them.

“Mr. Quinton?” blurted Levi.

Benny sighed a breath of relief as soon as he saw Levi there.

I’ll be fine with him here.

Simon looked displeased as he asked, “What’s going on?”

Harry rushed over immediately and complained, “That is Levi Garrison! He whipped Dustin ten times and put Dustin in that state. He was also involved in the incidents that hurt Quentin and Wesley.”

“That’s right. He’s Levi Garrison! You should kick his ass right away!”

“He has always been disrespectful to the Lopez family and often insulted Sebastian.”


Shaun and the others started bullshitting once more.

Simon became furious when he heard that. “You’re responsible for this?”

The Lopez family’s bodyguards all turned and glared at Levi right away.

“Yeah, I did that. You guys want Mr. Quinton to treat him? Nope, no one is allowed to treat him!”

Levi’s voice sounded even, but his tone was evil.

The Return of God of War Chapter 397

Even Simon was stunned.

There are people brave enough to be that disrespectful to the Lopez family of South City?

That was basically asking the devil himself to come to collect one’s soul.

Simon and the others didn’t buy it when Harry and his family bullshitted.

Meeting Levi in person showed Simon that the brat was even more arrogant than how Harry described.

“Let’s go, Mr. Quinton!” said Levi.

“No one is leaving! Take them down,” ordered Simon angrily.

The handful of men following his lead attacked instantly.

However, those men were no match against Levi.

It only took him a moment to knock all of them out.

“Quick, get the others over!”

Simon hurried to get more help.

However, Levi left with Benny and his assistant before Simon returned.

Levi was more than capable of defeating Sebastian, but they were at a hospital, after all. It would be bad if things escalated.

That was why Levi had taken Benny away first. Levi would deal with the other issues afterwards.

Sebastian exited the hospital with a bunch of men soon after.

Simon also returned after asking over ten men to follow him to the entrance.

“Where is he? Where is Levi Garrison?” demanded Simon.

Sebastian came as soon as he heard the news that Levi was there to rescue Benny, but he didn’t meet the man.

“Huh? That is not possible. He was here just a second ago!”

There were too many people at the entrance of the hospital, so Harry and the others couldn’t even tell when Levi had slipped away with Benny and his assistant.

“You can’t even keep an eye on one man?” reprimanded Simon.

Sebastian turned even angrier; he was on the verge of exploding.

Levi Garrison, the man who had crippled three of his successors, had taken Benny Quinton away from right under his nose!

That was an insult to Sebastian.

It embarrassed him!

He had been in North Hampton for less than a day but something that embarrassing had already happened!

Sebastian was so angry that he was going crazy.

He had always viewed his notoriety as something crucial.

Most people in Quebec would tremble in fear when they heard his name.

Yet, someone had utterly disregarded him!

He would not stand by it!

“Send our people out right away and bring me Levi Garrison and Benny Quinton!”

“If you can’t manage that, I will have the Black and White Guards take over!”

Sebastian’s eyes were burning with fury then.


Simon’ entire body trembled.

Letting the Black and White Guards out of their cages when we have just arrived in North Hampton?

If those two monsters were released, North Hampton would be drenched in blood.

Simon was scared of it.

The others were even more terrified.

“I will send our people out right away, sir. Let’s not let the Black and White Guards loose unless it is absolutely necessary,” said Simon.

Harry got curious and asked, “Who are these Black and White Guards?”

“I’ll teach you all about them if I have the time,” puffed Sebastian.

For some reason, Harry could feel a chill running down his spine.


On the other side.

After Levi got Benny into the car, the former got a private plane to take Benny to Vermond immediately.

Azure Dragon followed behind Levi and asked, “What do we do? Sebastian is too powerful; even Liam is not a match against him.”

“Moreover, the powerful families in South City and other remarkable places are going insane and trying to get to North Hampton, too. They want to profit off of Sebastian’s arrival.”

“Nielson is one of those men, and he wants me to ask you if that’s okay.”

Levi’s eyes were cruel when he answered, “Welcome anyone who is here to contribute. If they are only here to cause trouble and steal resources, then tell them to f*** off!”

Azure Dragon trembled. “Understood.”

Levi lit up a cigarette and looked into the distance before he instructed nonchalantly, “As for Sebastian… I will deal with him myself!”

Azure Dragon shivered even more.

That man was truly unlucky to have inspired Levi to personally deal with the matter.

The Return of God of War Chapter 398

Inside the Lopez family home.

Sebastian was waiting for the news.

Simon soon rushed over and reported, “Sebastian, something bad had happened. Benny Quinton has left North Hampton and has reached Vermond!”


Sebastian jumped up.

“Those people are too much! They showed no regard for me at all,” roared Sebastian.

Simon nodded. “Levi Garrison really is freaking arrogant. He even publicly announced that he will not let anyone treat Dustin’s condition.”

“That asshole! He’s making it personal!” shouted Sebastian. He was holding a cup at the time, and a single squeeze shattered it.

Harry and the others were flabbergasted.

Sebastian is that strong? He really is an expert!

Simon looked troubled as he said, “Now that Benny Quinton is back in Vermond, there is no way we can get him back here.”

“I know! There are too many experts in Vermond, and even I can’t break them.”

Sebastian added, “But I must make Levi Garrison pay!”

Simon quickly said, “I’ve looked into the matter. Levi Garrison may look like he has Nueve and Trey supporting him, but the truth was that all three of them are being supported by the mysterious man behind Morris Group.”

“Morris Group? I’ve heard of that company. They say that aside from the Rogers family, the Morris Group is the most powerful enterprise,” said Sebastian.

“What should we do?” asked Simon.

Sebastian thought about it and replied, “Host a party tonight and invite everybody who is anybody in North Hampton. I want the whole of North Hampton to know that I am here!”

“We’ll have the party right here in the Lopez family’s mansion in North Hampton!”

“Understood,” replied Simon as he nodded.

That got Harry and the others excited.

It was their moment to shine, and that was all thanks to Sebastian.

No one in North Hampton would ever look down on them again.

The elites in North Hampton soon received their invitation.

Winston Gonzales, the four representatives of North Hampton Chamber of Commerce…

Glenn Rogers of the Rogers family, and all other wealthy families were also invited.

Even Liam Macy and the others got their invitation.

Inside the office of Morris Group.

A secretary came in and reported, “Ms. Annabelle, someone from South City has dropped by.”

“What do they want?” asked Iris.

“They are here to send us an invitation card,” the secretary spoke as she handed an invitation card over.

“Oh, and the man said that the invitation card must be handed to the boss,” added the secretary.

Iris opened the invitation card, and it said that the invitation was from Sebastian Lopez.

The content of the invitation, however, sounded barbaric; it felt more like a royal decree than an invitation.

“Sebastian of the South City? Isn’t he related to Zoey?” Iris said suspiciously.

After that, she contacted Neil to tell him about the invitation.

Neil, in turn, brought the invitation card to Levi.

“Sebastian is hosting a party today, and he has actually invited you over. Are you going?” asked Neil with a grin.

Levi smiled mysteriously and read the invitation card as he planned his next move.


Everyone in North Hampton was nervous at that moment.

They knew Sebastian Lopez had suddenly travelled to North Hampton.

Worse still, there were rumors about how he had brought the gods of assassinations known as the Black and White Guards over.

It seemed that a bloody storm was inevitable in North Hampton.

What worried everyone, even more, was the fact that Sebastian seemed interested in extending his business to North Hampton.

To some, that news was devastating.

Sebastian could single-handedly force everyone in North Hampton to bow down to him, and his cruel methods horrified everyone.

He had thrown a party that night, and it seemed that his intention wasn’t pure.

The Return of God of War Chapter 399

Sebastian had thrown the party for two reasons. The first was to tell all of North Hampton that he, Sebastian Lopez, was there.

The second was to have everyone pick a side. Those who stood with him would be fine, and those who chose otherwise would die before they know it.

Harry personally looked into all the details of the party and quickly decorated the place.

When evening rolled by, many luxurious cars drove to the Lopez family’s house.

Everyone who was anyone in North Hampton had shown up.

All their net worth was over ten billion, and they used to treat Harry and the others like they were nothing.

However, those same people had been bowing down to Harry and greeting him politely that day.

Harry was delighted.

He had never enjoyed a treatment like that before.

It seemed that having someone strong supporting them had made all the differences.

Shaun Lopez was having fun too. Back in the days, he was the one who had to bow down to the other wealthy kids and appease them.

Even Melanie was benefitting from all that. Many young and powerful men had approached her to chat and flirt with her.

That put Melanie on cloud nine.

“Zoey Lopez is not so great. She is nothing now!”

Henry laughed, “Yes, that’s right. I am so proud to be a member of the Lopez family.”

“Hello, Mr. Lopez.”

Winston, Eric, and a number of other elites greeted Harry.

Harry was so excited that he almost fainted.

He hadn’t even dared to fantasize about such a thing in the past.

The most powerful men in North Hampton had come to greet him!

Even one of the most popular guys in North Hampton, Glenn Rogers, had approached Harry.

When eight o’clock rolled by, almost everyone who had been invited had shown up.

Everyone sat in their seats as they waited patiently for Sebastian to show up.

Sebastian got out of a locked room inside the Lopez family’s house at that moment.

The locked room rang up with roars.

The men making those noises sounded grouchy and scary.

The cold aura spewing out of that room made everyone shiver in fear.

Simon warned Fabian, “Remember to keep an eye on this door. Do not open it, or you’ll die before you know it.”

“Understood,” replied Fabian.

He had no idea what was locked in there, but given how Simon had warned him, he was certain that whatever’s inside was horrifying.

Unfortunately, the more scared Simon was, the more curious Fabian got.

Fabian stood nervously by the door, and he peeped through the small window.

One look was all it took.


Fabian was so scared that he fell backwards.

No one knew what he saw through that window, but he shouted fearfully, and he turned pale while dripping with sweat.

After that, he hurried out of there…

That night, everyone waited in the party hall.

“Sebastian Lopez is here.”

Everyone stood up to welcome him.

Sebastian exuded an extremely powerful aura and his gaze was enough to get everyone trembling.

If the legendary Black and White Guards were to show up too, everyone would be even more frightened.

Everyone knew Sebastian being there meant that North Hampton was pretty much his.

It would be extremely difficult to live with him because he would not share any of his resources with anyone.

“Sebastian,” greeted Winston and the other men who were sitting at the front.

Sebastian swept his gaze across them before he scoffed and asked, “Who’s the head of Morris Group?”

The entire place turned quiet after Sebastian spoke.

Everyone looked to one another, but no one dared to answer.

“So? Where are the people from Morris Group?” asked Sebastian with a smile.

“Sebastian, um, the people from Morris Group never showed up,” someone piped up.

Sebastian narrowed his eyes, and a terrifyingly cruel glint shimmered past his eyes.

“Who said that the people from Morris Group aren’t here?”

A voice suddenly rang out.

The Return of God of War Chapter 400

Everyone turned around.

All they saw was a team of uniformed security guards walking in.

The one leading them over was Seth, the head of security.

He had a rolled-up scroll with him.


Everyone was stunned.

All other companies and family had sent their best and brightest as their representatives, but Morris Group had sent a group of security guards instead.

That was such an arrogant move.

It seemed like they weren’t afraid of Sebastian at all.

“Interesting.” grinned Simon.

Sebastian narrowed his eyes, but he laughed, “Morris Group really is something else for sending their security guard over.”

Seth stood forward and grinned before he said, “Sebastian, please allow me to introduce myself. I am Seth Wilson and am the head of security for Morris Group. My employer has asked me to send you a scroll with some words on it.”

Everyone gasped in shock when they heard that.

Morris Group’s arrogance was ridiculous!

They had sent the head of the security guards as if someone of that rank was all Sebastian’s invitation was worth?

They were blatantly challenging Sebastian!

No one, not even the ones with inside knowledge, knew what game Morris Group was playing.

Glenn, for example, was totally clueless.

He was a little worried about Levi’s challenge going over the board and things spiraling out of control.

Sebastian and the Black and White Guards were lunatics, after all, and if they were cornered, they would do something crazy.

“You are nothing but a freaking security guard, yet you dare to talk to Sebastian? Drop-dead, asshole.”

Shaun already hated Seth, so the former wanted to use Sebastian’s power to destroy the latter.

“Guards! Come and cripple these idiots!” shouted Henry angrily.

“Hang on….”

Sebastian spoke up, “I’m curious and would like to see what the head of Morris Group has gotten for me.”

“Go get it.”

Upon hearing that, Simon walked forward to take the scroll from Seth.

“We will take out leave now,” replied Seth before he turned around to leave.

Shaun wanted to stop Seth, but Simon glared at him.

The Lopezes had no choice but to watch as Seth and the other security guards walked away.

Simon brought the scroll to Sebastian.

“Open it and see what’s inside,” instructed Sebastian, who was curious.

Simon’s long arm held the scroll as it rolled down.


Everyone was stunned when they saw the content of the scroll.

A pin-drop silence fell over the room.

Their jaws dropped because the content was simply that surprising.

Sebastian sensed that something was off, so he walked around to look at the scroll.

Sebastian almost died of high blood pressure and anger when he saw it.

The scroll read, “F*g Leave North Hampton!”

That was absolutely barbaric!

Turned out, sending the security guards over wasn’t the only arrogant act they had prepared.

The true display of arrogance was what happened next.

No one had ever blatantly demanded Sebastian to leave a place before.

In fact, Sebastian had been in that industry for several decades, but he had never been treated that way before.

“Destroy Morris Group!”

Simon and the Lopez family’s security guards could not hold it in anymore.

They wanted to crush Morris Group then and there.

Simon suddenly realized why Levi had acted so freaking arrogantly.

How could he not be arrogant when he had a boss who acted like that supporting him?

Everyone sitting opposite the stage had their heads down. They were waiting for the inevitable storm.

Infuriating Sebastian Lopez was a terrifying thing to do.

The river would run red with blood, and mountains of bones would rise…

It seemed that a bloody storm was heading for North Hampton.

Sebastian turned to everyone else and asked, “What do you guys know about the head of Morris Group?”

“He’s very mysterious and has never shown his face before. Even his subordinate, Neil, rarely shows up.”

“However, he is probably extremely powerful because he was able to compete against the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce and the Gonzales family.”


Everyone chimed in.

“And what do you think, Mr. Gonzales?” asked Sebastian.

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