The Return of God of War Chapter 381-390

The Return of God of War Chapter 381

The auction ended as quickly as it started.

The Oriental Star Group representatives had reaped almost twice the amount they had planned for.

It made them jittery with excitement.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Zayn slammed his fist against the chairs over and over again.

Veins began to appear on his neck as his face contorted into an ugly scowl.

The Suarez family had planned to take over the Oriental Star Group as a crucial first step to break into the North Hampton market.

He had failed his entire family.

Zayn raised his head and glared at Levi coldly. “Well, Sir, may I ask how you’re going to produce the four billion you promised?”

Everyone snapped out of their shocked trance when they heard that.

It’s four billion!

Does he really have that much money?

Even Zoey was not convinced.

Since when did he have four billion?

A few members of the staff walked up to Levi. “Sir, you need to prove your assets to take part in the bidding. You are the only one here who has yet to do so. We hope you understand,” They explained with a smile.

Levi took out a black card and said, “I’m paying by card.”

No one believed him.

It’s four billion, for goodness’ sake!

What kind of credit card could hold so much money?

All of their expenses came directly from their companies’ reserves.

Five minutes later, a huge group of staff members rushed over to Levi’s side.

They looked as though they were ready to kowtow to him.

“Mr. Garrison! The transaction was successful! Oriental Star Group now belongs to you!”

“Here is your card.”

The manager bowed deeply and handed the bank card to Levi with two hands.

The crowd let out a collective gasp.

“It…It went through?”

“He paid four billion by card?!”

Zayn and his party’s eyeballs looked as though they were going to pop out of their sockets.

They had not expected to meet such a plutocrat on their first trip to North Hampton.

However, no one could compare to Zoey in terms of how bewildered she was.

She was still reeling from the shock of witnessing Levi buy over the entire resort that morning.

She could not believe her eyes when he had thrown out another four billion to buy the Oriental Star Group.

Where did he even get that money?

He was completely broke six years ago!

“Mr. Garrison, please come with us to settle the paperwork,” The manager said politely.

“Oh, before I forget, I bought Oriental for my wife. Let her sign the paperwork,” Levi said.

“What? It’s all for his wife?”

“She’s so lucky! Who even gifts a whole company to their wife?”

Everyone at the scene were shocked.


Zoey covered her mouth with hands, unable to make a sound.

She was touched and moved to tears by this gift.

He had promised to help her rise to the top ever since she had been chased out of the Lopez family.

She had not expected anything like this.

Zoey stared at Levi lovingly, tears spilling from her eyes onto her porcelain cheeks.

“Let’s go, honey! Time to sign the paperwork!”

Levi took Zoey’s hand and followed the staff backstage.

Zayn watched as they left the scene with a gloomy expression.

“No, I can’t just let him go so easily! I have to secure the Oriental Star for my family! I want that woman for myself too…”

“What should we do, Young Master?” His subordinate Harold Walker asked.

“How many people did we bring this time round?” Zayn asked.

“Thirty fighters!” Harold replied.

“Alright. Tell them to get ready and intercept Levi and Zoey when they’re about to leave. I’m not going to let them get back to the city!” Zayn ordered.

A bloodthirsty glint flashed across Zayn’s eyes.

The Return of God of War Chapter 382


It took them half an hour to settle the paperwork.

Zoey Lopez had officially become the owner of the Oriental Star Group.

Her hands could not stop shaking even after she signed her name on the contract.

It was unbelievable.

She felt as though she had been living in a fantasy all along.

Zoey stroked Levi’s face lightly. “Hubby, are we still asleep?”

“Are you confused?” Levi asked.

“Does it hurt if I pinch you?” Zoey asked before pinching Levi’s skin with all her strength.

“Ow! It hurts! You should have tested it on yourself…”

Levi took a step to the side to avoid her fingers.

My wife is so silly!

It took a while, but Zoey finally registered the situation.

Everything had been real!

“Did you just buy an entire corporation for me? You’re too nice…” Zoey sobbed, hugging Levi tightly.

“Where did you get so much money from? Are you hiding something from me?”

Zoey furrowed her eyebrows and stared at him with much doubt in her eyes.

“I…” Levi began. But he was cut off by the ringing of Zoey’s phone.

It was a call from Iris.

“You’re really happy now, aren’t you Zoey?” Iris asked, smiling.

“Huh? How did you know I’m happy now? Are you at the resort too?” Zoey asked, puzzled.

“Haha…our mysterious boss took notice of your exceptional talent and bought the Oriental Star Group for you! He needs your help urgently, so do your best!”

Upon hearing Iris’ explanation, Zoey’s face fell.

She looked at Levi with a grim expression.

She had thought he had a stash of cash somewhere that he used to be her hero.

The last thing she expected to hear was that the person who had secured the deal was the boss of the Morris Group.

Levi took advantage of the Morris Group to accomplish all this!

Despite her disappointment, she was touched by his sheer determination.

Instead of exposing him outright, she smiled and said, “Levi, you’re amazing! You should work hard so you can climb the ranks at Morris Group!”

Levi was utterly befuddled by her words.

I’m already the boss of Morris Group…

Why do I still need to climb the ranks?

The couple took their leave after signing the contract.

They passed by a group of people carrying Terence on a stretcher headed for the hospital as they exited the resort.

Levi scoffed. I could have killed you for plotting against my wife, so be grateful that I let you live.

As soon as Levi and Zoey got onto their car, Zayn appeared behind them.

“What? They already left? Kill the man and bring me the woman! I want to force them to hand over the Oriental to the Suarez family!”

A cruel grin appeared on Zayn’s face.

Even his companions shuddered at the sound of that. “Third Young Master, are you suggesting we take over the Oriental Star Group without spending anything?”

“Why not? We’ve only just started our conquest of North Hampton. We have to be as dominating as we can! We need everyone in North Hampton to fear the Suarez family!” Zayn declared.

“Let’s get going!”

Meanwhile, Zoey was nodding off in the car.

The effects of the sleeping drug had long worn off, but she still felt very sleepy after getting on the car.

Levi glanced at the vehicles following them through the rearview window and grinned.

Are they looking for trouble?

After a short while, a car appeared right in front of Levi’s car and stopped him in his tracks.

The cars behind them also picked up speed and had their Audi surrounded within seconds.

The Return of God of War Chapter 383

A few dozen people gushed out of the cars.

All of them were armed with metal sticks as they charged towards Levi and Zoey’s car.

Levi slipped out of the car quietly to avoid waking Zoey up.

Harold stormed over to Levi and snarled, “You’re a brave one, aren’t you? Didn’t expect you to get out and face us rather than running away!”

Levi calmly lit a cigarette and breathed out a ring of smoke before replying, “My wife is sleeping. Get out of my face, or else.”


Harold and his group of fighters burst into raucous laughter.

“That’s enough! Let’s beat him up!”

The group of fighters charged forward at Harold’s command.


Levi sent a flying kick at the first person.


The person launched into the air before crashing onto the ground with a loud thud. His limbs spasmed for a few seconds before he went limp.

Everyone froze for a second after witnessing Levi’s strength.

“Beat him up!” Harold yelled, enraged.

At the same time, Levi began to fight back.

With two mighty punches, he sent another two people flying.

Within seconds, he had appeared right in front of Harold and grabbed him by the shoulders.


Levi raised his knee and knocked it against Harold’s face.

“ARGH!” Harold screamed.

Blood and gore smeared all over his face by the time he fell to the ground, making him almost unrecognizable.

Afterwards, Levi went into full battle mode.

Within a minute, the dozens of men Harold had brought along were all lying on the ground, unable to move.

Their limbs had all been broken and rendered useless.

He’s strong!

He’s way too strong!

Harold and his fighters had grossly underestimated his strength; Levi was unbelievably skilled.

Although Harold and his fighters were masters of underhanded tactics, they had been defeated in minutes.

They watched in horror as Levi dragged the cars they had used to block his path away with nothing but his bare hands.

Those cars weigh several tons!

Is he even human?

Harold’s eyeballs were going to pop out from their sockets the more he stared at Levi.

His gaze was filled with fear.

The last thing he had expected to meet in North Hampton was a superhuman!

Suddenly, James rushed over to Levi’s side with a few of his men.

“I’m sorry for coming late, Mr. Garrison!” He apologized.

“Don’t worry. They were just a bunch of thugs,” Levi said.

“Stay here and beat up anyone they send as reinforcements. Oh, and remember to spare one of them to act as a messenger,” Levi stated before getting on his car and leaving the scene.

Zoey had been fast asleep the whole time.

An affectionate smile appeared on Levi’s face at the sight of her.

He would have buried those people alive if they woke his wife up!

Meanwhile, Zayn was getting anxious.

He felt starved whenever he thought of her beautiful features, as well as his failure to obtain the Oriental Star Group for his family.

“Hurry up! I’m sure Harold and his men have already settled things!”

Zayn gave Harold a call, but it went unanswered.

“He must be beating that scumbag up,” He snickered.

Zayn arrived at the scene five minutes later.

He grinned evilly when he saw the wreckages of cars strewn about the road.

“Get ready to die, Levi Garrison!”

Zayn rushed into the fray, only to be horrified by the sight that appeared before him.

The broken forms of Harold and his thirty fighters were all lying lifelessly on the ground.

“What happened?”

Zayn could not believe his eyes.

He could not see Levi’s car anywhere.


Suddenly, the door to the car right next to him opened.

Several foreigners alighted from the car, their huge bodies making them look like mountains of flesh.

The leader, James, stared at him in mild interest.

The Return of God of War Chapter 384

“Who are you? Where are Levi and Zoey?” Zayn asked.

“Well, Mr. Garrison told me to take care of you,” James answered, baring his teeth in a cruel grin.

“W-what do you want?”

Zayn began to panic as the muscular guys began to close in on him.

He was tiny compared to them…


James slapped Zayn across his face without warning.

That slap almost knocked him out cold.

A buzzing sound ensued as he struggled to recover from it.


The slap was not the end of it.

James stomped his foot into Zayn’s leg, breaking it into pieces with a loud snap.


His other leg was broken as well.



His arms were gone in seconds.

Zayn could do nothing but scream at the top of his lungs.

Not only did he lose an entire company to someone else, but he also got crippled by some foreign jerk.

Within minutes, all of Zayn’s men were lying on the floor and writhing in pain.

Only one person remained.

“Let me remind you that North Hampton isn’t a place you can just waltz into and call yourself the king!” James spat before turning around and taking his leave.

After just a few hours, word spread far and wide amongst the Quebec nobility. Not only did the Suarez family fail to snatch even a portion of the Oriental shares, but its Third Young Master and his men had also been beaten severely and thrown out of North Hampton.

It was the breaking news of the day.

Many people had considered going to North Hampton to vie for its market shares, but that incident had scared them off.

North Hampton had no shortage of leaders despite the collapse of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce and the Gonzales family.

The Morris Group, for one, was a rising star.

It was rumored that someone from the Morris Group had crippled the Third Young Master of the Suarez family.

For a long time after, the Suarez family disappeared from public view, as though they had retreated to observe the situation from the sidelines.

The other families followed suit.

Meanwhile, Levi and Zoey made their way to the Oriental Star Group as quickly as they could.

The higher-ups of the Oriental rushed out of the building to welcome their new boss.

The media was contacted, and a press conference was held.

When Zoey arrived, a succession ceremony was being held, followed by the press conference.

On the other hand, the Lopez family continued to suffer.

“All of you! Get out!”

The manager of Union Square kicked the Lopez Group out of the office building.

They even went as far as throwing their things out of the door.

The Morris Group continued to bombard them with phone calls, reminding them that they only had one day left.

If they failed to evict themselves by the deadline, they would have to pay a fine of one billion.

The companies the Lopez Group had taken loans from continued to pester them for their repayment.

The Lopez family spent the night trying to contact Zoey to no avail.

By the next morning, Harry’s hair had turned snowy white.

“What are we going to do? Are we going to jail for this?” Harry muttered.

Everyone else looked as though they had not slept in days, with their dark eye bags and tired expressions.

They were running out of ideas.

Suddenly, a piece of news on the TV caught their attention.

“Hey! Isn’t that Zoey?” Melanie exclaimed.

“What? Zoey?”

Everyone looked towards the TV to see Zoey sitting behind the desk at the Oriental Star Group press conference.

The channel was reporting about the Oriental Star Group’s transfer of ownership to Zoey, as well as her appointment as the chairperson and CEO of the company.

“According to estimations, the Oriental Star Group is worth around five to six billion. Ms. Lopez’s spectacular leadership skills would help the Oriental grow and flourish even more!” The reporter said, smiling.

“What? She’s the chairperson of the Oriental Star Group now?”

“How can it be? Wasn’t it worth at least five billion?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 385

“How did she do it? Am I dreaming?”

The members of the Lopez family could feel themselves going crazy.

They had not expected to be caught in this situation.

They had envisioned Zoey begging in the streets after being thrown out of the family, yet she had defied their expectations. She had become the chairperson of a huge company worth billions!

They regretted it immensely.

Harry, in particular, wished he could turn back time and right his wrongs.



He slapped Henry and Fabian across the face roughly.

“How dare you suggest that I cut Aaron’s family out of our lives? Look at Zoey now! We’re never going to be able to bask in her glory now! I bet buying the company was easy for her!” Harry yelled.

Henry and Fabian fell silent.

Weren’t you the one who made the decision?

Why are you pushing the blame onto us now?

What were you doing before that?

“How did she even do it?” Melanie asked, confused.

“I bet she got in bed with some tycoon! I can’t think of any other way she would be able to accomplish that!” Henry huffed.

“Yeah! That’s disgusting!”

“Luckily, she isn’t part of our family anymore! We would’ve been so embarrassed by her!”

“She’s so shameless!”

The Lopez family continued to rant about Zoey.

Harry nodded. “We all know what underhanded methods she used, but she’s the boss of the Oriental Star Group now. What can anyone do about it?”

“There’s only one way left, and that is to beg her for help!”

They made their way to the Oriental Star Group immediately.

They managed to bump into Zoey the moment they arrived at the office.

Though the members of the Lopez family despised her, they still plastered a smile on their faces as they approached her. “Oh Zoey, we’ve finally found you!” Harry exclaimed. “I’m sorry for everything that’s happened to you before. It was all your uncles’ fault! I’ve punished them severely.”

“As long as you’re willing to come back, you’ll be a part of our family again! Can you help us out, for my sake? Look at how crippled I look now!” He continued pleadingly.

Harry indeed looked about ten years older after just a couple days of separation.

“Zoey, you’re the boss of the Oriental Star Group now, so you have the power to help us out! It’ll be good for you in the future too!” Harry pleaded as the rest of the family looked on pitifully.

Zoey genuinely felt sorry for them.

“Hey, honey, what are you doing? Let’s go home!”

Just as she was wondering if she should help them, Levi appeared behind her.

The Lopez family fumed in silence when they saw him.

He’s up to no good again!

“Zoey, let’s talk about this in private. This has nothing to do with Levi,” Harry said hurriedly.

Levi quickly took Zoey’s hand and led her away. “Didn’t I tell you to ignore these people? Have you forgotten what I said?”


Zoey bit her lip, unsure of what to say.

“You’re no longer a member of the Lopez family. Why care about their matters?”

When will she realize she’s too kind for her own good?

“What the hell do you mean, Levi Garrison?” Shaun yelled in a panicked voice as Zoey was dragged further away from them by Levi.

“Get out! We won’t help you!” Levi declared.

“Fine then! Do you want to know how Zoey got hold of her position at Oriental Star?” Shaun snickered.


“She slept with another man!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 386

Shaun pointed a finger at Levi as he scoffed, “You don’t know about it, do you? How do you think Zoey managed to convince those investors? How do you think she paid for that office in Union Square? She did all that by sleeping with other older men! You have been cheated on!”

“Hahaha! That’s right! Levi Garrison, you idiot. Did you really think Zoey would wait six years for you? In your dreams! She’s slept with countless men during that period.”

“Yeah, that’s right! Zoey is a hooker who brings shame to the Lopez family!”

“You disgusting b****! Do your parents know you are a slut?”

The situation had already turned sour, so the Lopez family could not care less anymore. They jumped in and kept insulting Zoey.

Sob! Sob!

Zoey teared up immediately after being ridiculed by her family.

Shaun scoffed, “What are you crying for? You don’t actually feel wronged, do you? Don’t think we don’t know about all the vile things you’ve done! We only kept quiet because it’s embarrassing, idiot.”

Shaun felt a chill run down his spine as soon as he finished speaking.

It felt as if he had been kicked into icy water.

When Shaun turned and saw Levi’s gaze, the former got so frightened that he almost fainted.

What the hell is that?

A monster?

A murderer?

That kind of gaze could puncture anyone’s heart, and one look was sufficient to trigger nightmares.


Levi was standing in front of Shaun at the very next second.

The former kicked a leg out forcefully.


Shaun spat blood after crushing into the wall and falling.

He hadn’t even stood up before Levi showed up right in front of him.

Levi lifted Shaun, pressing him against the wall.

Levi’s right hand was on Shaun’s neck; it was becoming tighter and tighter…

“Urgh.. Argh…”

Shaun’s face turned purple soon after, and his eyes turned white as his legs kicked around aimlessly.

He was suffocating!

Levi is going to kill him!

The Lopez family came around quickly. They hurried over to stop Levi.

Unfortunately, Levi kicked every single one of them away before they could stop him.

It was hopeless.

Levi was intent on killing Shaun.

Shaun’s face was turning dark…

“Levi, no! You’ll get in trouble for that!”

Zoey rushed over and pried Levi away.


Shaun fell onto the floor after Levi loosened his grip. Unfortunately, Shaun fainted as he had been out of air for too long.

“Hurry and take him to the hospital!”

The Lopez family quickly carried Shaun and rushed him to the hospital.

Harry and the others wanted to threaten Levi, but when they saw Levi’s murderous gaze, they became so frightened that they couldn’t speak.

That’s a lunatic. We can’t mess with him.

Zoey shouted angrily, “I will no longer be a part of the Lopez family! Don’t come looking for me again because I won’t help any of you!”

Zoey and Levi left the place after.

If Zoey hadn’t stopped Levi, he would’ve killed them for what they said.

How could he let anyone insult his wife like that?

The Lopez family were utterly hopeless.

Zoey had mercilessly rejected them; their last shred of hope was gone.

They were on their own. They would have to pay a debt of one hundred million and a legal damage claim of one billion…

That was enough to land all of them in jail.

Harry gave up and readied himself to be taken into custody.

Still, he was angry because the other members of the Lopez family were still too young.

Shaun and the others were still in their twenties!

That was one of the most torturous nights for the Lopez family.

Many of them had aged a decade within that one night.

Everyone sat together the next day as they waited for the inevitable.

A few cars drove up to the house.

When the Lopez family heard those cars coming, they turned devastated.

The Return of God of War Chapter 387

A group of people entered the house soon after.

Harry looked up and realized that he did not know any of the intruders.

The middle-aged man who looked like he was the boss came in and saw everyone looking devastated.

He yelled furiously, “What is the meaning of this? Why is the Lopez family of North Hampton in such a terrible state? You lot bring shame to our family!”


Harry and the others were stunned.

Were those men not here to demand payment?

“Excuse me, who are you?” inquired Harry.

“You don’t even recognize me, Harry Lopez? I am Dustin Lopez from South City!” Dustin barked.

“What? The Lopez family from South City?”

Harry stood up immediately; he would’ve gone on his knees out of respect if that was appropriate.

Henry and the others stood up politely too.

It was a member of the Lopez family from South City!

As far as Harry and the others were concerned, that family were like royalty.

It was as if the kings and queens were visiting when members of the Lopez family from South City came to visit.

“What happened?” asked Dustin cruelly.

Harry quickly shared everything with him.

After learning everything, Dustin scoffed, “Fine, the Lopez family from South City will deal with it.”


Harry and the others were flabbergasted.

The Lopez family from South City will deal with everything?

Is this a gift from heaven?

“We want to expand our business into North Hampton. You lot will play an important role, so your troubles must be solved,” Dustin clarified.

That made the others even happier.

The Lopez family from South City is coming to North Hampton? Does that mean we would benefit from their expansion too?

The Lopez family of North Hampton would play an important role in South City’s Lopez family’s development into North Hampton.

North Hampton’s Lopez family had great connections in the city. That would help the South City’s Lopez family build a strong foundation when they came.

Hence, it didn’t matter if Harry owed over a billion. The South City’s Lopez would help anyway because they would be earning hundreds of billions in the future with Harry’s help.

A mere billion didn’t mean much under those circumstances.

It took Dustin less than a day to solve all of Lopez Group’s troubles.

Harry and his family’s net worth also grew exponentially because the Lopez family of South City would be heading over soon.

With an ally that powerful, they didn’t need to care about Zoey anymore.

“What? Zoey is that unfilial?” Dustin growled in fury after hearing exaggerated and misleading stories from Harry and the others.

“Yeah, but this is all my fault. I did not guide her well, and that brought shame to the Lopez family.”

Harry looked like he was about to cry.

“Why didn’t you demand her to renounce her family name? Women like that have no right to use our surname!” said Dustin.

Harry complained in tears, “I have no right to do so. I could only remove her from our family tree. She would not agree to change her surname, and that bitch has risen to be a CEO by sleeping with others. We have no choice.”


Dustin slammed his hand on the desk and growled, “Damn it! That woman brings shame to our entire family. I must force her and her family to change their surname. I will personally go after her since you lot can’t do it!”

“Also, my uncle, Sebastian, will be here soon. I want this matter solved before he reaches, so that minor issues like these don’t bother him,” added Dustin.

“What? Sebastian is coming? Thank heavens,” said Harry excitedly.

Dustin’s eyes shone with cruelty when he instructed, “You will come with me tomorrow, and we will solve this issue with Zoey together.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 388
The Lopez family never thought they would see the day when they reached a new level.

They were under the protection of the Lopez family from South City.

That night, they were so excited that they could barely sleep.

They were all looking forward to hurting Zoey the next day.

They could finally their revenge.

The next day.

The Lopez family’s fleet of cars marched proudly to Oriental Star Group.

“Excuse me, do you have a reservation?” asked the receptionist immediately when she saw the group of people coming.

“I am here to talk to Zoey Lopez!” scoffed Dustin, who was leading the way.

“Oh, you’re here for Ms. Lopez? Have you made an appointment? Ms. Lopez just joined us, so she is extremely busy now,” replied the receptionist with a smile.

They had seen Zoey clocking in before 7 a.m. that day.

Dustin scoffed, “As if I need an appointment to talk to her?”

“Wait, sir. You must call ahead if you want to talk to Ms. Lopez. I just looked into the system. Ms. Lopez doesn’t have any appointments with anyone today. Please do leave,” the receptionist said politely.


Dustin suddenly slapped the receptionist.

That slap was so hard that the receptionist fell onto the floor and teared up…

Everyone was surprised.

No one thought Dustin would be that cruel.

“Security. Someone call security!”

Some spectators shouted instantly.

A group of security guards showed up soon after.

“Who’s the troublemaker?”

Dustin scoffed and instructed, “Take them down.”

The four muscular men standing behind him attacked.

Moments later, over twenty security guards were lying on the floor and groaning in pain.

Harry and the others were delighted to see that sight.

The Lopez family from South City truly was something else.

They were too cool!

They were so powerful that they didn’t need to care about anything!

Dustin demanded cruelly, “Have Zoey Lopez come see me right away!”

More and more people gathered around the living room, and they stared at Dustin with their guard up.

Everyone saw just how powerful the four men with him were.

The situation became so dire that Zoey was alerted, and she and a few top managers went over.

Zoey’s expression changed when she saw Harry and the others there.

“That’s Zoey! That’s the unfilial woman who has been tarnishing and destroying our family name.”

Shaun and Melanie informed right away.

Dustin’s domineering gaze turned to Zoey. “You’re Zoey Lopez?”

“And you are?” asked Zoey curiously.

Shaun scoffed, “Listen up, Zoey. This is Mr. Dustin Lopez from South City, and by right, you should refer to him as grandpa. However, you are not worthy of doing so!”

“Huh? The Lopez family from South City?”

Zoey’s expression changed, and her eyes shone as she had her guard up.

“Zoey Lopez, you will change your surname today. You are not allowed to keep it because your claim has been revoked!”

Dustin glared evilly at Zoey.

“Excuse me? My surname is revoked?”

Zoey refuted, “Well, it’s true that I have been removed from the family tree, but my name is Zoey Lopez, and no one can change that. The law accepts my name, and the name on my identity card and account will remain as Zoey Lopez!”

“No one can change that!”

Henry and the others stoked the fire by adding, “See? She has always been that unreasonable!”

Zoey’s attitude infuriated Dustin, and he shouted, “This is not up to you! The country has its laws, but the family has rules too! I represent the Lopez family from South City, and I say that you are changing your surname!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 389

Zoey was angry too, and she insisted, “And I say that it will not happen! My name is Zoey Lopez, and no one can change that!”

“Fine, you forced me to do this. Guys, take her away! She will change her surname one way or another!” commanded Dustin.

The four men who had come with Dustin took Zoey away forcefully.

Oriental Star Group was in a mess.

Still, their opponent was a powerful figure from South City, so what could they do?

“This is our family’s internal matter, and if anyone dares to butt in, the Lopez family from South City will show no mercy!” threatened Dustin before he left.

That frightened everyone even more.

In the end, Zoey was dragged back to the family’s home.

They forced Zoey to kneel in front of the Lopez family’s’ ancestral hall.

“Sir, we have talked to the related departments, and Zoey’s surname can be changed at any time.”

Upon hearing that report, Dustin turned to Zoey and scoffed, “Pick any other surname. You are not worthy to be called a Lopez.”

Zoey shook her head. “That will never happen! My name is Zoey Lopez, and I will not stand idly by even if you have the departments legally change my name. I will just change it back.”

Everyone was shocked by Zoey’s persistence.

“Damn you, Zoey Lopez. How dare you disregard the family rules?”

Dustin could feel his authority being challenged, and that infuriated him.

“Sir, that is how she has always been. She has never respected the Lopez family in North Hampton or in South City.”

Shaun and the others kept stoking the fire from the side.

“I will order you one last time. Change your freaking surname!”

Dustin growled as he forced his anger down.

Zoey remained stubborn and ignored her safety then.

“No freaking way! You can demand a hundred times, but my answer will remain the same.”

Dustin didn’t look angry. Instead, he laughed and commented, “Fine then, you’re being stubborn! Guys, prepare the whips in accordance with the family rules. I will hit her until she bows down!”

Dustin had just finished speaking when two of his subordinates approached with a long whip.

The more powerful a family was, the crazier and stricter their rules were.

Those in the family who disobeyed the rules would inevitably be whipped.

The whip would be so strong and harsh that its victim would need at least ten days of bed rest to recover.

Even Harry trembled at the sound of it.

He had seen the consequences of being whipped before.

One whip was sufficient to break its victim’s skin and tear its victim’s flesh.

Harry had seen a man suffer ten whips; he had taken a month to recover.

Harry never thought Dustin would do that to Zoey.

Zoey’s stubbornness had obviously triggered Dustin, and the latter said, “I will carry that punishment out!”

Dustin took the whip and grinned like a cruel demon when he turned to Zoey.

“Zoey Lopez, you are an unfilial member of the Lopez family and have ignored our rules. You even abandoned our ancestral teaching, and as such, you will be punished.”

“You will be removed from the family tree and will change your surname!” commanded Dustin cruelly.

“We will start with ten whips!”

Dustin could already see how horribly Zoey would bleed after being whipped.

Harry grew nervous then.

It didn’t matter how angry or disappointed he was at Zoey.

She was still his granddaughter, and he had seen just how terrible the whips were.

Zoey would have trouble surviving if she were to be whipped ten times!

“Hang on. Let me talk to her first.”

Harry then walked to Zoey and advised, “Zoey, listen to me. Just agree to his terms. It’s just a surname, isn’t it? It’s not a big deal. You won’t be able to handle the whips.”

Zoey’s expression remained dark, and she scoffed, “Thanks, grandpa, but I will never agree to it. Come at me! I’m not afraid.”

“Then so be it!”

Dustin was extremely furious as he lifted his whip to attack Zoey.

The Return of God of War Chapter 390

Harry was so scared that he closed his eyes.

Zoey closed her eyes too and felt hopeless as she readied to suffer through everything.



A surprising incident happened at that moment.

The heavy living room door had been kicked down, causing dust to fly everywhere.

Dustin was so surprised that he paused and stared stupidly.

When the dust settled, a figure walked out slowly.

“Huh? Levi?”

Shaun blurted in surprise.

When Zoey saw Levi there, she quickly broke free and rushed to him.

Sob! Sob!

Despite Zoey standing her ground earlier, she had been terrified.

Levi didn’t say anything. He simply narrowed his eyes and glared at the Lopez family.

Anyone who knew Levi would be frightened because Levi was looking absolutely terrifying and cruel at that moment.

If they were on a battlefield, Levi’s enemy would meet their end.

There was a saying about Levi that went, “When the God of War is angry, a million hidden soldiers will rise!”

“Are you the one who was going to hit my wife?” demanded Levi.

“Yes, that’s me. You’re Levi Garrison? How convenient! My uncle is coming after you too, so I will destroy you in advance. That would make an excellent gift for my uncle,” sneered Dustin.

The Lopez family from South City knew all about the notorious Levi Garrison.

That man was partially responsible for killing Quentin Lane.

He had also been there when Wesley became a cripple.

“Take him down,” ordered Dustin.

Dustin’s four subordinates walked towards Levi slowly.

“Step aside for now, honey. I’ll deal with this.”

Levi led Zoey aside.


Levi saw one man coming at him, so he rushed forward too and punched the man’s face. That punch broke over ten of the man’s teeth and distorted half of his face.


Another left hook swept across another man’s face.


The man fell down and fainted from that one punch.



The two remaining men were punched too and would need at least one month of bed rest.

“What? He’s that strong?”

Levi’s strength surprised everyone.

He’s that good of a fighter?

The one who was most afraid was none other than Dustin Lopez.

He knew just how powerful the four men he had brought with him were.

Dustin felt a little scared when he saw Levi approaching him.

“Do you even realize what you’re doing?”

Dustin had the whip in his hand when he warned, “Levi Garrison, you are dead because you kept challenging the Lopez family of South City! My uncle is coming all the way over just to defeat you. If you go down on your knee and beg for my forgiveness now, I might think about letting you go.”

Levi sneered.

He snatched the whip away from Dustin the very next second.

Levi checked the whip out and chuckled, “So this is the whip for carrying out the punishment? It’s quite sturdy.”

Dustin couldn’t help but sweat in fear as he scolded, “I’m warning you, Levi Garrison! Calm down! Don’t act impulsively or you and your wife will suffer dire consequences.”

Levi grinned, “I heard that you were going to whip my wife ten times. Is that right?”

“Huh? No, I…”


Levi suddenly slashed the whip at Dustin.

One whip was all it took to tear through Dustin’s clothes and leave a deep and bloody wound.


Dustin screamed in agony.

That painful shout got Harry and the others to back away.


Levi whipped Dustin once more.

That second whip got Dustin’s clothes to fall from his body, and the second bloody mark on his fat body gave everybody goosebumps.

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