The Return of God of War Chapter 361-370

The Return of God of War Chapter 361

Winston and the rest were confused as to why the younger ones were so shocked.

“We should take a look too!”

They turned.

Winston, Eric, and the others almost fainted when they saw Levi’s face.

“Levi? It’s Levi?”

“No way! How could it be Levi?”

“I don’t believe it! I must’ve seen it wrongly.”

Winston and the others couldn’t accept the reality. They just couldn’t believe it even though they saw it with their own eyes.

Even North Hampton’s highest leader, Grover Cooke, paled upon seeing Levi.

“This- Isn’t this Levi Garrison? Levi is the God of War? I’m not dreaming, am I?”

Those who knew Levi felt as though their life was about to collapse soon.

The young man who had once been imprisoned had transformed into an unparalleled general in a blink of an eye!

He was a capable and powerful person now!

It was unimaginable!

The scene before their eyes was just too shocking.

The upperclassmen were absolutely dumbfounded, it was as if they had been struck by lightning.

Levi, who was still on stage, said with a smile, “Sorry to disappoint you! But I am indeed the God of War!”


The audience from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce was about to go crazy when they heard Levi admitting it.

They finally understood why Morris Group’s progress had skyrocketed.

The Morris Group had the God of War backing them up all along!

Who the hell would be able to stand against them? And there was Neil Atkinson too. They saw Neil’s name on the guests’ list.

Neil is Kirin!


Winston couldn’t stand it anymore and coughed out a mouthful of fresh blood.

The God of War was the one who saved him from his sudden heart attack previously.

Winston tried to repay the God of War by offering him money so that the latter could live a new and better life, but Winston was rejected which lead to the Gonzales family thinking that Levi was a scoundrel and a hypocritical clown.

The Gonzales family thought that Levi was going to use the incident to gain more money.

So the Gonzales family had constantly been targeting Levi. They even tried to kill him!

Winston was about to suffer from a brain hemorrhage due to the shock and fear he was feeling.

So the person I’ve been targeting constantly has been the God of War all along!

He really didn’t care about my repayment at all! After all, the God of War wouldn’t be lacking any money! Of course he wouldn’t need me to give him a new life!

The Gonzales family is finished!

Winston suddenly recalled all those times Levi had warned him.

Besides someone with a status like Levi, no one else would be brave enough to force the Gonzales family to kneel in front of him and apologize.

Back then, when commander-in-chief Covington said that he was going to visit his relative, he must be referring to Levi!

I’m such a fool!

I should’ve figure it all out earlier!




Winston continuously coughed out a few more mouthfuls of blood.

The truth hit Una harder than anyone else.

She had always been in contact with Levi and had the greatest conflict with him.

Una had even hit Levi with money previously!

It was an act of impiety!

What have I done?

I’ve been humiliating the God of War all this time?

Una immediately burst into tears.

She had single-handedly ruined the Gonzales family!

Up on stage, Levi held the Decree of Appointment and announced, “I hereby appoint Percy Covington as the commander-in-chief of the North Hampton Warzone!”

Percy accepted the Decree of Appointment while the attendees clapped.

It was the most glorious moment of his life!

I thought I had left the Iron Brigade, but I didn’t expect that I would be personally appointed by the person I respect the most!

Levi didn’t get down from the stage immediately. Instead, he scanned through the audience and said with a smile, “I’m going to use this opportunity to say a few words to some of you.”


The attendees were stunned by Levi’s words, especially Winston and his group.

Their expressions had changed drastically.

They realized that something bad was about to happen soon.


The Return of God of War Chapter 362

Percy and the higher-ups of the North Hampton Warzone looked at Levi with curious eyes.

They knew nothing of the upheavals of the North Hampton.

But Xander, Grover, and a few others already knew that something was up.

They broke into cold sweat.

“Winston is here, right?” Levi asked suddenly.


Winston was about to have a heart attack at that moment.

He coughed out another mouthful of blood!

“Is Winston here?” Levi increased his volume into a thunderous roar.

Everyone in the room felt the powerful aura Levi exuded.

“H-here… I’m here…”

Winston almost fell on his knees out of fear.

“How did you treat me when I saved your life the other day?”


Both Winston and Una fell onto their knees.

“How dare you repay my kindness with enmity? Your granddaughter threw money at me to humiliate me. She kept provoking me and even tried to kill me!”

The attendees were shell-shocked upon hearing what Levi had said.

The leaders of North Hampton looked at the Gonzales family in disbelief.

Where did they find the courage to do that?

They actually tried to kill the God of War?

Who on earth could bear with that?

It seems like even Xander Hoyles would have to destroy them!

“Will the Gonzales family retreat on your own, or do you need me to use my powers to make you disappear?” Levi asked coldly.

Levi said the words as though he was on a trial.


We’re really doomed!

North Hampton would never have stories about Winston the billionaire anymore!

“There’s also a personal grudge with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce. Six years ago when my business start-up became successful, you coveted my skills and techniques. So you purposely set me up. You crippled me and sent me to jail. You coveted what I had so you took everything away from me!”

“What kind of punishment do you think you deserve?” asked Levi.


Eric Robinson and the others fell on their knees one after another.

At this very moment, they finally knew why Levi didn’t go against them right away.

He wanted to slowly replace North Hampton with Morris Group!

“You’re all the same as the Gonzales family!”

Levi looked at Jesse, “Nielson, arrest all those who are in the wrong!”


Eric and the others paled and they started to break into cold sweat.

They had done many things that violated the regulations in the years of expanding their business to its current state.

It was enough to get them all locked up!

Not to mention that there was solid evidence of them making a move against Levi Group. They couldn’t escape from evidence.

The group of people quickly looked towards Xander and Grover, hoping that they could save the day.

However, both of them lowered their heads.

They could at least have a say if it was the North Hampton.

But this is the freaking God of War!

He could stand his ground simply based on his strength and the law!

Grover quickly said, “The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce is problematic!”

Jesse nodded as he said, “God of War, I’ll definitely get it done!”

“Alright, dismissed!”

No one had expected the Appointment Ceremony of the new commander-in-chief to end in this way.

The world of North Hampton had changed after an hour.

The most powerful North Hampton Chamber of Commerce and the Gonzales family are ruined!

After they left the hall, Levi changed into casual clothes while Percy followed by his side.

The duo found Zoey and her group.

“Today has really been an eye opener!”

Aaron was in a great mood after a tour around the military camp. All the sorrow he felt earlier was gone.

“Mom, Dad, let me introduce you to my friend. This is Percy Covington. It’s all because of him that I’m able to get here today.” Levi said as he introduced Percy to the elderly.

Aaron shook Percy’s hands excitedly.

They were shocked.

Levi has friends like this too?

“May I know what your position is, Covington?” asked Aaron curiously.

The Return of God of War Chapter 363

“I’m just a lowly commander. It’s not worth mentioning,” said Percy with a smile.

Caitlyn nudged Aaron and said, “That’s classified information! Why are you asking that?”

“Haha. That was rude of me!”

Aaron laughed.

The few of them enjoyed their dinner together afterward.

Aaron still had questions on the way out, “I think a new commander-in-chief was appointed today!”

“That’s right!”

“Well, we don’t need to think about people like him. But you did really well today, Levi. We’re really happy for you!”

Aaron grinned as he spoke.

“Let us have good fortune and happy events happening one after another after today!”

Levi smiled at that.

Zoey was swiping through her phone as they spoke. Suddenly, an alarmed look appeared on her face and she almost dropped her phone onto the floor.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?”

Everyone looked at her curiously.

“Something big happened! North Hampton is crumbling!”

Zoey took a deep breath.

“Winston Gonzales and all from the Gonzales family opted to quit Gonzales Group! North Hampton Chamber of Commerce announcing dissolution! Eric Robinson of the four noble families from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce and dozens of higherups have been arrested due to commercial crimes!”


The eye-catching headlines were shown on the phone.

Zoey, Aaron, and the others were about to go insane.

This was definitely the biggest news of North Hampton!

Both the Gonzales family and the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce had crumbled at the same time.

This is unbelievable!

Zoey’s puzzled eyes landed on Levi. There was something mysterious about this man.

Can he predict the future?

He even told me that the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce and the Gonzales family were doomed!

It came true in a blink of an eye!

“Levi, is there anything that you know of?” asked Aaron.

“I heard from Percy that the God of War got back at them at the Appointment Ceremony earlier.”

Levi smiled.

“Oh, I see! They offended the God of War. I told you so. No one else in North Hampton would be able to destroy them!”

Aaron felt a sense of relief.

The news of North Hampton’s powerful figures crumbling had quickly spread all over Quebec.

Two mighty mountains had collapsed in an instant.

This meant that the North Hampton market was currently vacant. Anyone would want a share of the pie.

In just a blink of an eye, South City and multiple other places were preying on that pie.

In the meantime, Morris Group, which had received orders from their boss, expanded their business and took up the market share.

North Hampton was too big. It wasn’t possible for them to take over it completely in a short period of time.

In any case, Levi’s plan was simple. It was to quickly restore North Hampton’s order without shaking up its economy.

Rogers Group had also gotten the order from Levi and had joined in as well.

All of a sudden, Rogers Group became the richest aristocratic family in North Hampton.

Glenn had never expected all these to happen.

Levi did it out of respect for Abigail. It was also because he wanted to stabilize North Hampton as soon as possible.

“Zoey, do you still remember what I said previously? I’m going to help you rise to the top again. Just you wait!” Levi said with a smile.

Zoey was actually looking forward to it when she saw how mysterious Levi was acting.

The Lopez family was also really excited at this particular moment.

They had earned so much money and properties recently. Now that the North Hampton market was empty…their opportunity was finally here!

As long as the Lopez family worked hard, having a corporate with a hundred million of net worth wouldn’t be a dream anymore.

“As expected, once we chased Aaron out of the family, our luck has been good!” Henry said while laughing.

Harry looked up to the sky and cried out, “God bless the Lopez family!”

“We’re in big trouble! Something bad has happened!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 364

Shaun and Melanie Lopez shouted.

“What are you up to? Why are the both of you so frantic? Didn’t I tell you to move the company?” said Harry as he frowned, obviously displeased.

After he took over Zoey’s company, the first thing he did was to move his company to Union Square.

After all, Union Square was at the center of the city.

It feels good to have a company building in the middle of the city.

“Grandpa, the company has been moved. But there’s some other stuff…”

“Grandpa, we don’t know what happened but… Just this morning, large numbers of the Company’s workers resigned. What’s more, it was none other than the executives who led them to resign! It’s a huge loss to the company!”

Shaun panted.

Melanie’s face was extremely sullen.

“What? Did all these really happen?”

Harry and the others’ expressions changed.

It wouldn’t matter much if it were only low-ranking workers who left.

But it would be a huge problem if the executives left.

Melanie’s phone rang.

“What? Seven more executives left?”

Melanie was stunned.

Henry’s phone rang too.

“What? The construction team of the West City Ecological Park Project canceled the contract and all of the workers left? Even the security and the guard dog left?”

Henry’s eyeballs were about to pop out upon hearing the news.

The West City Ecological Park Project had become a complete mess.

Shaun received a text message. He was immediately left dumbfounded after he read the text.

“What? The company is insolvent? The funds have long been used up in the development and now the company doesn’t have any cash flow?”

Shaun was about to have a breakdown soon.

The person in charge of the project from Morris Group called Harry right at this moment.

“Hello Mr. Lopez, why is the project we’re collaborating with Imperial Meadows Limited halted?” Morris Group asked.

“Uh… Due to some recent internal affairs of the company, there has been a delay in the progress. It’ll be back to normal soon!” Harry said and smiled awkwardly.

Morris Group was like the God of Wealth to the Lopez family now.

“Mr. Lopez, please take a good look at the contract. There’s still two days’ time. If the project invested can’t resume, you’ll have to compensate us due to breach of contract! According to the contract, you’ll have to pay one billion if that happens.”

Harry almost peed himself upon hearing what the person in charge from Morris Group had said.

Harry was trembling when the call ended.

“What’s happened? Have the collaboration projects with Morris Group been halted?” asked Harry.

Fabian quickly went to check.

Fabian was sweating buckets when he was done checking.

“Father, the collaboration project with Morris Group is just too big! If we want to continue, we’ll have to dump in more money!” said Fabian.

“What happened? Didn’t Zoey’s company get a big investment fund? How did this happen?”

Harry was about to vomit blood.

“The treasury department of Zoey’s company is currently empty. Not only have the funds been cut off, it seems like the company is also in debt…”

What Shaun said made the Lopez family tremble in fear.

“Huh? That’s not possible! Zoey’s company had been growing so well! Her company even moved to the Union Square!”

“That’s right! The company’s market value of almost a billion isn’t fake!”

The faces of Harry’s and the rest were full of disbelief.

“I understand now! It’s all an illusion made by Zoey! She deliberately made a good financial report and crafted a perfect company image just to attract investments and collaborations!”

“Yes! There have been quite a few companies looking to invest and collaborate with us. It must be because they were attracted by the financial report made by Zoey!” analyzed Fabian.

The Return of God of War Chapter 365
“God damn it! I thought we actually had a billion in our hands. But who knew all we got is this mess?” said Harry furiously.

In the meantime, a car stopped in front of the Lopez family’s residence.

There were a few men and women in suits.

“Which one of you is Mr. Harry Lopez?”

“That’s me. And you are?”

Harry had an unsettling feeling.

“Hi, we are the person in charge of Union Square. We’re here to inform you that the lease contract of the company is a temporary contract. This is the official contract. Naturally, the prices will be revised accordingly.

It will be revised from the previous ten million every five years to a hundred million every five years. Please pay as soon as possible or you will be ordered to excavate within three days!” One of the persons in charge from Union Square said coldly.


A wave of shock washed over Harry and he almost lost his balance.

Shaun took the new contract with trembling hands and read through it.

The more he read, the darker his face got.

The Lopez family was at the verge of going mad.

Isn’t this just too unlucky?

Zoey’s lease was only ten million, yet it became a hundred million for them.

“Hurry up and settle this!”

With that, those from the Union Square left.

But this was only the beginning.

Someone came again.

“Hello, I’m Hailey, the general manager of the North Hampton Bank. Imperial Meadows Limited had previously loaned eighty million from us.

Now the total amount is a hundred and ten million including interest. Lopez Group will have to settle everything within seven days! Otherwise, you’ll have to go through judicial processes!” said Hailey relentlessly.


Harry was shocked and fell onto the ground.

We owe the bank more than a hundred million?

Is Zoey crazy?

More importantly, the Lopez family has to clean up this mess!

Hailey left soon after.

But someone else came again.

They were a dozen other companies who came at once.

“Hi, Mr. Harry Lopez. I’m from Harper Investment. I’m here to collect your debt of twenty million!”

“Hi Mr. Harry Lopez, I’m from Allison Corporation. I’m here to collect your debt of fifteen million!”

“Hi Mr. Harry Lopez, I’m from Hilton Group. I’m here to collect your debt of thirty million!”


Thirteen companies, all without exception, were here to recover the debts.

Together with Union Square and the bank, the Lopez family had a debt amounting to a total of four hundred and eighty million!

Everyone from the Lopez family was about to faint.

They didn’t gain a single cent, yet they have to settle a debt of approximately five hundred million now?


Everyone was about to cough up blood soon.

“Hang on. Zoey’s Imperial Meadows Limited is the one that owes you the money. It’s none of Lopez Group’s business!” Shaun immediately tried to justify themselves.

“Hmmph! Why are you still trying to come up with excuses? Lopez Group officially bought over Imperial Meadows Limited. So naturally, the debt of Imperial Meadows Limited will have to be settled by you!”

“That’s right. What does this have to do with Ms. Lopez?”

“Hurry up and pay us back! Or you’ll have to go through the judicial process. Everyone from the Lopez family will have to go to jail by then!”

The representatives from all thirteen companies were tough. They didn’t even give the Lopez family a chance to breathe.

“Seven days! We’ll only give you seven days!”

When all representatives from the thirteen companies left, everyone in the Lopez family were deathly silent.

Everyone was soaked in cold sweat and was breathing heavily.


Suddenly, footsteps could be heard from the outside.

A group of workers wearing safety helmets rushed into the Lopez family’s residence.

They were contractors from Imperial Meadows Limited. It was payday.

When the workers heard that the company was in a crisis, they had rushed to the Lopez family to get their pay.

“Harry Lopez! Pay us immediately!”

“Right! Quickly pay us, or you won’t be able to handle the consequences!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 366

A hundred men or more had the Lopez family completely surrounded.

They made a big ruckus out of it.

The Lopez family were completely stunned.

Did a bunch of workers come out to protest?

Previously Zoey had arranged for the contractors to be paid at the end of the month and it just so happened that today was the payday.

The Lopez family might have to foot the bill in her stead.

“Zoey is the one who had your money! Find her if you must but it has nothing to do with us!” yelled Shaun angrily.

“What nonsense is this? Shouldn’t it be the opposite? Ms. Lopez has nothing to do with the company anymore!”

“That’s right! Ms. Lopez has already been disowned by the Lopez Group. How could she be a part of this?”

“We won’t leave until we receive what we were owed!”

The workers were starting to be unreasonable.

“You are trespassing on private property. Get out of my sight or I’ll have the cops arrest you!” warned Shaun.

“Even better. I’ll have them know that our wages are due!”

The contractors did not seem to mind at all.

“Fine, I’ll do just that!”

Shaun believed that the contractors were only putting on a facade.

“Wait! Don’t be rash and think this through. Should you get the police involved, things might just blow out of proportion. Wouldn’t it be bad if the media finds out about this?” said Fabian as he attempted to stop Shaun.

Shaun came to his senses immediately.

Indeed. If such a scandal were to reach the ears of the media, the Lopez Group would be in deep trouble.

“Then what should we do?” asked Shaun.

“Settle it!” said Fabian unambiguously.

“But uncle…”

Shaun was unwilling to give these people money, especially not on behalf of Zoey.

“My word is final,” responded Fabian coldly.

Shaun, Melanie and the CFO of the company wasted no time in auditing the accounts.

There were a total of seven contractors, they would have to fork out at least 5.7 million this month.

It wasn’t until both parties had agreed to settle things cordially that the contractors finally left with their workers.

The Lopez family could finally take a breather.

More than five million gone in the blink of an eye.

Oh, how much it hurt!

The main thing was that this wasn’t a business investment, so they wouldn’t be able to get a single cent out of it.

The Lopez family slumped helplessly on the floor, drenched in cold sweat ever since this morning.

This was the biggest predicament they have ever faced.

A debt of five hundred million!

Even if they had Harry sold, would they even be able to pay off this debt?

How did things turn out this way?

They just couldn’t fathom what happened.

“How did this happen? Are you guys stupid? Why did you investigate Zoey’s company beforehand?” yelled Harry.

“Well…The Imperial Meadows appeared to be doing great. They had a few billions of highly liquid assets and some big-name investors backing them up. There was no doubt that the company had a bright future ahead,” whimpered Shaun.

“How would you explain this then?” asked Harry.

Everyone had their heads lowered, no one seemed to have an apparent answer to that question.

They did not expect this to happen at all!

“So what are we going to do now?” Harry shouted.

“I knew it, this is the doing of Zoey! Ten billion in exchange for Levi’s life, it isn’t that hard of a choice for her to make, is it?”

“That’s right, knowing how despicable this little harlot is, she would definitely have made that choice! In order to climb the ranks of society, she was even willing to sleep with countless older men!”

“If she were given the choice between Levi and five million, she would have undoubtedly chosen the latter. Not to mention this is ten billion that we are talking about right now. It is definitely intentional!”

As Shaun and Melanie were busy badmouthing Zoey, Harry’s eyes gleamed and appeared to be in dismay.

“Are you saying that Zoey was searching for a scapegoat as she could no longer keep up with the operations of the company, and we just so happened to be there?”

“That is certainly the case! A wicked woman like her would be all too glad to witness our downfall!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 367

“I swear I’m going to kill this harlot!”


Harry was seething with anger.

“Zoey you little b*tch! You tricked me?”

At this moment, the Lopez family were all sold with the idea that Zoey was having them clean up her mess.

But she had no idea at all.

When she was at the helm of Imperial Meadows, things were doing well. The business was growing and the company had sufficient capital.

Little did they know that Levi was actually the one behind it.

Within the span of a night, he had changed the fate of Imperial Meadows for the worse.

“Grandpa, I think it would only be reasonable for Zoey to return and clean up her own mess!” suggested Henry.

“Yes, we should do just that! We’ll let her solve her own problems!” responded the crowd angrily as they agreed to Henry’s proposition.

Zoey was currently at the Morris Group.

Even though she had lost her company, her abilities were . She planned to put her skills to good use at the Morris Group.

However she was stopped by Levi.

Levi had plans for her to start her own company.

Zoey was sulking at Levi for not letting her to do what she wanted.

At that very moment, she received a call from Harry.

“Zoey you goddamn harlot! How dare you trick me! Don’t you dare tell anyone that you are related to Lopez family!”

Just as the call was connected, Harry was blasting at Zoey with full force.

“What happened, grandpa?”

Zoey seemed to be puzzled.

“What happened you say? Imperial Meadows of yours a debt of four billion! Your company’s senior management have collectively resigned. This is such a huge matter, don’t you dare pretend that you don’t know about that!”

“Huh? How did it end up like this? I don’t have the tiniest inkling about that!”

Zoey was stunned, that wasn’t surprising as she did not know what had unfolded behind the scenes.

“You are driving me crazy!”

Harry was on the verge of exploding in rage as he thought that Zoey was feigning ignorance at such a point in time.

“There were times where I had restless nights, feeling guilty for exiling you from our family. Who would have thought that you were actually plotting against us the whole time. A pox on my pity!” yelled Harry from the other side of the phone.

“Grandpa, what are you talking about? I really don’t know anything about that.”

Her company was doing well, how could it incur such a huge amount of debt?


“Zoey you little harlot, how dare you play me for a fool! If only I could slap the hell out of you!”

Harry was boiling with rage.

“Also stop calling me your grandpa, I don’t have a vile granddaughter like you!”

Zoey was in a bind, she did not know what to do.

“However I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourself! Reinstate yourself as the director of Imperial Meadows and clean up your own mess. I’ll welcome you and your family back if you do so!”

Harry was employing the stick and carrot method.

He knew Zoey’s and Aaron’s personality like the back of his hand. They perceived the honor of the family being more important than their own lives.

When they had their names removed from the family registry, Aaron cried in agony.

To them, there are things that worth more than their own lives.

Harry firmly believed that if he were to mention the reinstating them back into the family, they would immediately seize the opportunity.

“As long as you agree to return and solve your company’s issues, I’ll have your family reinstated right now. I’ll even promise that I won’t interfere with your company’s affairs from now on!”

“Grandpa might have overreacted for a bit, but I hope you will understand my circumstances as your company is currently in deep trouble.”

Harry had gone to great lengths to manipulate his granddaughter.

And indeed, Zoey was moved by his words.

Not only would she be able to get her company back, but she would also be reinstated to the Lopez family.

That would be killing two birds with one stone!

Zoey bit her lips, she couldn’t resist agreeing on such a good deal.

The Return of God of War Chapter 368

“Zoey should you agree to it you may now come to the Lopez family residence and I’ll personally reinstate your family!”

Harry had foreseen that it wouldn’t take long for her to agree, she just needed a little push.

“Grandpa, I…”

Just as Zoey was about to agree on it, Levi snatched her phone away from her hands.

“Who the hell are you? It would be best for you to stop harassing my wife or I’ll beat you up!” said Levi angrily.

“Levi, it’s me! Did you not recognize your grandpa?”

Harry was furious but he had no choice other than to hold it in.

“Grandpa? Never heard of him. Now scram!” shouted Levi before he hung up the phone.

He even blocked all the contacts of the Lopez family.

Harry tried to call her again, but to no avail.

The others tried but they had the same result.

“Zoey has blocked us all!”

“It was Levi! That man had berated me!” said Harry.

His complexion was eerily pale.

“What is the meaning of this, Levi? Why did you scold grandpa?” asked Zoey.

There was a tinge of discontent in her tone.

“What did I just tell you that day? Are you going to just let them walk all over you?” said Levi angrily.

Zoey bit her lips, before stuttering for a bit. “But…It seems that the company…”

“Is that even your company in the first place? What does it have to do with you now? Or are you a member of the Lopez family? If my memory serves me right you have already been exiled from the Lopez family!”

“But grandpa said that he will reinstate us…”

“Are you really that dumb? He only agreed to reinstate you back to the family because he wanted you to clean up his mess. After you are done, he’ll get rid of you without hesitation!

Zoey bit her lips a little harder this time. It took her a while before she came back to her senses.

“Fine, I’ll go along with what you had in mind,” responded Zoey.

Levi immediately ordered Aaron and Caitlyn to block the contacts of the Lopez family.

Not only that, but Levi had also even arranged a holiday trip for Caitlyn and Aaron.

It won’t be so easy for you Harry!

“People will only take advantage of your kindness. You need to know that the Lopez family has nothing to do with you right now.” ranted Levi as he shook his head.

When will Zoey realize she’s too kind for her own good?

Or else she would be bullied by the Lopez family for the rest of her life!

The Lopez family was in a state of panic as they couldn’t contact Zoey or her family at all.

“Grandpa, no matter where I looked I just couldn’t find Zoey’s whereabouts. Not to mention Caitlyn and Aaron are on a vacation to god knows where. It would take them at least ten days to come back!” said Shaun who was panting heavily.

“The heavens want us dead!”

Harry was on the verge of tears.

“Curse that bastard Levi! Zoey was about to agree to it!”

“Why am I not at all surprised that Levi was backing Aaron and his family?”

“I really want Levi dead!”

Just when the Lopez family was about to descend into madness, a few cars came to the family residence.

“Allow us to make a brief introduction. We are the co-developers for West City Ecological Park. What happened to the construction of Ecological Park? I’ve heard that the construction workers and even the security guards had all left. What is the meaning of this? Did you intend to run away with our money?” asked one of the co-developers.

Their pressure was overwhelming, there were at least twenty brawny brutes behind them.

“Huh? No, that has nothing to do with us!”

Shaun could feel his sanity slipping away.

“What do you mean it has nothing to do with you? The contract says that the Lopez Group is now fully in charge of the West City Ecological Park!”

That rendered Shaun speechless.

The Return of God of War Chapter 369
“With the project coming to a halt, the construction workers gone and your company facing cash flow issues, we would like to terminate the contract. Of course, it goes without saying that you will have to pay us back the amount that we have invested!”

“We have already appointed our lawyers, why don’t you have a nice long talk with them?”

It seems that the co-developers had already made their preparations.

“Why would you involve the lawyer at such an early stage? Did we say that we disagree to it?”

Shaun was about to lose himself.


A brute had stepped forward and threw a punch at Shaun’s nose, causing blood to spew everywhere.

“How dare you hit me!” said Shaun angrily.

“Just you wait, I’ll call the cops!”

The brute gave Shaun a cold sneer before saying, “Call the cops if you wish, but I’m just a passerby. I just couldn’t bear to look at you.”


Needless to say the Lopez family was enraged by this, but there was nothing that they could do.

A phone call cut the tension that was starting to build up.

It was Mr. Jennings from the Ministry of Construction. “Mr. Lopez what’s the matter? What in the world happened to the West City Ecological Park? If I were you I would refund the money to the co-developers, or else there would be a hell of a price to pay!”

It was an order from the Ministry of Construction.

“Shaun, give the money back to them!” said Harry as he did not dare to defy orders.

“Alright, grandpa!”

They had no choice but to give them their refund.

Fortunately, the payable amount was slightly lower than the previous one, totaling up to 12 million.

Just today they had already given out at least 20 million and this wasn’t even a major part of the debt.

If this goes on, the Lopez family would inevitably fall.

They thought they could rise higher by forcefully acquiring the company, but who would have thought that things would end in tragedy.

Tears were flowing out of the rim of Harry’s eyes.


Greed was the main cause of their downfall!

Or else why would this even happen in the first place?

Harry started to sob.

The others followed him soon after.

If this goes on, not only would their future be ruined, but they might also even end up in jail.

It was at this moment Henry ran in with long strides while panting heavily. “Dad, I’ve found out where Zoey and Levi are! They are at Morris Group!”

“Great, we’ll meet them at once! Zoey is our last hope!”

Harry brought along the other members of Lopez family as they headed towards Morris Group.

As Zoey and Levi looked out of the window of their office, they could see a bunch of unexpected visitors right at the gate.

“Why are they here?” asked Zoey puzzledly.

“Of course it is to make you the scapegoat! Why else would they be here? The burden of the failing Imperial Meadows could only be thrown to you!” explained Levi as he let out a few laughs.

It wasn’t until now they Zoey understood the situation of the Lopez family. “Why did all sorts of problems occur once I had left the Imperial Meadows? It is as if someone is behind this!”

“You know you are not as slow-witted as you have led me to believe! Yes, I was the one behind this.” answered Levi as he laughed.

Levi seemed to be having a little too much fun.

“You? That’s impossible! If you were capable of this you wouldn’t be spending all day sipping tea over here!” said Zoey as she shook her head in exasperation.

Meanwhile, Harry was leading his family hurriedly towards the Morris Group’s front building. As they attempted to trespass, they were met with several shouts.

“Hold it, hold it! Do you think you own this place? Coming in as you please?” yelled the security guards as they attempted to block the trespassers.

“Mate, I’m here to see Zoey” said Harry as he gave out a few fake laughs.

“Zoey? Have you mistaken? There’s no one with that name over here! What are you all here for?” yelled the captain of the security angrily.

“Oh no, we are actually looking for Levi. Could you please tell him that we are here?” said Harry as he rephrased his words.

He even slipped in an envelope to the security guard, it was full of cash.

“Did you say Levi? I’ll help you ask.”

Levi and Seth had a close relationship, and so he was able to dial his number directly.

“Mr. Garrison, there is someone looking for you!”

“Tell him that I’m busy!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 370

As Seth had his phone on speaker mode, Harry and his family members could hear it clearly.

What? He is not going to meet us?

“Hey Levi, it’s me! Your grandpa!” said Harry immediately.

“Who the hell do you think you are? Why don’t you call me grandpa instead!”

And with that, Levi hung up immediately.


The Lopez family were dumbfounded.

It was a force of habit that these words had slipped from his mouth.

Seth stared at Harry and the people behind him before saying, “You all are not here to seek for trouble, are you? I can’t believe you just called yourself Mr. Garrison’s grandfather.”

The other guards were also staring at them.

While Levy was given the cold shoulder by Iris and the upper management inside the company, he could get along well with the security guards and also the janitors.

They were always seen hanging around smoking or chatting during tea breaks.

So naturally, Levi had a good reputation among them.

To be hearing someone calling himself as Levi’s grandfather, the security guards immediately turned hostile.

“That’s right! They don’t look like people with good intentions!”

The other guards also chimed in.

Shaun was in a bad mood before arriving here, and to be picked on by the security guards, he could no longer hold it in. “Did you mistake yourself for someone important? You are just some lowly guards! Now scram!”

“That’s right, who the hell do you think you are! It would be in your best interest to summon Levi right now or I’ll see to it that you lose your jobs!” said Henry.

After all, the Lopez family had a net worth of around ten billion.

How could they stomach the humiliation of being ridiculed by security guards?

Anger stirred within Seth when those words reached his ears.

“These thugs are trying to mess around, throw them out!”

Seth had given the order.

A number of guards gladly obeyed the orders of their captain and threw them out of the compound.

Shaun had been beaten up once before, and now again.

Harry was exasperated. He had never experienced something like this in his entire life.

“Slap! Slap! Slap!”

The slaps landed perfectly on the face of Shaun and Henry.

“What did you come here for? We came to ask for a favor! Not to act like a gangster!”

Harry was so close to losing it.

He went forward and filled the captain’s pocket with a lot of cash.

Seth happily accepted it.

He gave Levi a call once again.

“Tell them that if they wanted to meet me, it would only be right for them to show some sincerity by prostrating themselves on the ground,” said Levi from the other side of the phone.

“Did you hear that? If you really wanted to ask Mr. Garrison for a favor, then prostrate on the ground right now!”

“Levi you piece of shit!”

Just when Shaun and Harry were about to burst from rage, their father stopped them.

“What are you doing? Have you not come back to your senses yet? On your knees!”

Under the instruction of the head of the household, Fabian, Shaun, Harry and the rest all knelt before the building.

How humiliating!

Words can’t describe such humiliation!

To think that there would be a day where they would have to kneel before Levi.

The passers-by were amused by such a scene and some even took pictures of them.

This made the Lopez family feel even more humiliated!

Their pride and honor were being trampled on publicly.

Each and every one of them swore to take vengeance on Levi.

They would give it back to him tenfold!

Harry felt humiliated despite not being the one kneeling down.

The Lopez family’s honor was tarnished.

But in order to meet Zoey, he could only endure the pain.

Zoey and Levi were watching from the window of their office, they had the best front-row seat all to themselves.

Looking upon the scene of her arrogant uncles kneeling before her, Zoey found it especially entertaining.

But she also felt bad for them.

“Levi, don’t you think that we have gone too far? They might not be able to recover from this mental anguish after all!”

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