The Return of God of War Chapter 3589

Chapter 3589 Position Compromised

That voice could not have been more familiar to the masses present.

Xylas Geurin!

To them, that meant that that sadistic monster had returned.

Everyone was gripped by sheer panic.

With the lightning-quick sacking of Yartran from a few days ago still fresh on their minds, they would not have been as fearful had Levi been around presiding over things.

Could it be merely coincidental that Xylas should show up the second Levi left? No, that’s impossible! There has to be a spy among us.

That line of thinking only served to compound the unease that many of them felt inside.

“Just stay calm, everyone, and follow me down to the underground defensive base.”

The Azure Dragon quintet took the lead to migrate the group as Levi had instructed earlier.

Should they be attacked by powerful enemies while Levi was away, they were to avoid needless confrontation by swiftly relocating to the defensive base instead.

That was the best way by which they could conserve their strength.

On the other side, the dozens of Fatalis Warriors were working tirelessly, embarking on a savage bombardment of the base’s exterior defensive formations.

Considering that those formations had been set up with Levi’s personal input, the difference in their potency was apparent to see. So how could they possibly hope to break them down?

“Out of the way!”

Conjuring up his technique, Xylas unleashed a torrential surge of energy upon the defensive formations.


In tandem with a deafening bang, fissures started to show up on the formations.


Launching forceful punches once again, Xylas decimated the formation asudden and revealed the underlying appearance of the base in full witness of those who were present.

“There’s no one inside, Mr. Xylas.”

The Fatalis Warriors went on to comb through the place without managing to find a single soul in sight.

Xylas broke into a chilling cackle as Gloria had already provided him with the exact location of the defensive base. “Do they really think I’d not be able to find them by crawling back into their sewer hole? All of you, on me!”

Inside the defensive base, Azure Dragon and the others were in a somber mood.

They had tried to reach Levi the second they came under threat, but they were shocked to discover that all their means of communication to the outside had been severed.

The visual prompts indicated that their devices had failed to send out any signals, and that sent everyone’s morale plummeting.

“There’s no need to overreact. We’ll be safe so long as we stay inside here.”

Before Zoey’s voice faded out, the lot of them suddenly felt a brief tremor that ran across the roof of the defensive base.

“What’s going on here?”

Recovering from their initial bewilderment, they then realized that someone must be attacking the defensive formations that were protecting the underground base.

Sure enough, they continued to hear the frightening sound of crashing waves of energy echo repeatedly.

“Has the defensive base’s position been compromised?”

“How is that possible?”

“If the mysterious woman was able to shatter the energy shields of Yartran, would our defensive formations be able to hold out against her?”

Every powerful quake from the outside pounded like a hammer upon their hearts, working the people gathered there into a frenzy.

Doubt, incertitude, and consternation were among the myriad of emotions that were swiftly percolating.

Azure Dragon and his peers were also quite taken aback.

The defensive base is Boss’ trump card! All those who knew of the location of the defensive base were all key members of the inner circle, so how on earth did Xylas manage to get wind of it? Could it be that one of us has leaked the exact coordinates of our position?

With a mind like a steel trap, Phoenix was able to contemplate this likelihood.

Coupled with the intelligence they had gathered, their attention naturally turned toward Floyd.

Among the core members, Floyd is the one who has the most complicated relationships with outsiders. Being willing to go as far as to die for the sake of Gloria Gaston, it would not be outside the realm of possibility for him to reveal the location of the defensive base to her.

“But would he have really done that?”

Phoenix remained somewhat unsure.

Floyd is, after all, Boss’ first apprentice as well as the one who Boss thinks the most highly of. Never mind the other stuff Floyd leaked, but all of Levi’s loved ones are here. As far as the defensive base is concerned, everyone’s safety is also at stake. As long as he had a shred of conscience left in him, Floyd couldn’t possibly have revealed such a vital piece of information to anyone else.

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