The Return of God of War Chapter 351-360

The Return of God of War Chapter 351

“Yeah! What’s so great about that little weasel? Is it really worth it for you to resort to this?” Everyone muttered angrily.

Harry furrowed his brow and asked, “Did you say I was the only one who could save him? What did you mean by that?”

“Grandpa snatched a member of the South City Lopez Family! He got on the bad side of someone named Sebastian!” Zoey truthfully reported.

“What? The South City Lopez family? Sebastian?”

Fear struck Harry like a bolt of lightning, turning his legs to jelly.

“What’s wrong with the South City Lopez family. Grandpa?” Shaun asked, puzzled.

“You may be unaware, but we are distantly related to the South City Lopez family. We’re part of the massive Lopez clan. Let me put it this way. We, the South Hampton family, are still leagues away from the South City Lopez family. They would not even grace us with a second look, much less permit us to recognize them as blood relatives! This Sebastian character is even more frightening. His nickname is Hades, and he’s notorious for slaughtering people without mercy! Offending him is the equivalent of earning a ticket to hell!”

After Harry’s elucidation of the situation set in, chills ran up Zoey’s spine.

Levi pissed off such a demon?

This is even more terrifying than the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce!

What do we do now?

“Grandpa, you’re familiar with the South City Lopez Family. You have to know of a way to save Levi!” Zoey burst out, her voice tinged with anxiety.

Harry only shook his head. “Impossible! I’m but a mere bug in the eyes of the South City Lopez Family! I have no right to vouch for Levi at all!”

“I’m begging you, Grandpa! I can’t let anything happen to Levi! Please!” Zoey pleaded desperately, tears raining down her cheeks.

“It’s too difficult! It might end up causing trouble for our family!” Harry shook his head helplessly.

“Grandpa, please help me out just this once! I want to give it our best shot at the very least!” Zoey was out of options.

Harry was unconvinced.

“Please try Grandpa! I’ll agree to anything!” Zoey’s tears gushed out of her eyes.

At her words, Harry’s eyes lit up. “Okay. You said it yourself. You’ll really agree to anything I say?”

Zoey nodded vigorously. “Yes. I will. Grandpa, as long as you save Levi, I swear I’ll do anything you want!”

“Okay then. I’ll see what I can do! If Levi makes it out, you are to transfer the entire company to me and back out of your own accord!” Harry announced.

Zoey froze. Sadness crept over her heart.

Even at a time like this.

Grandpa still chose to plot against her.

“Fine. You have my word!”

She was ready to sacrifice everything in order to save Levi.

“Your word isn’t enough. We’ll sign a contract to seal the deal!” Harry said.

Henry immediately typed out a contract.

After reading through the terms, Zoey signed it.

The Lopezes were delighted.

All of Zoey’s inheritance was finally theirs.

It had been a long and arduous wait for this day.

They trusted Harry inexplicably.

Since he had given his word, success was guaranteed.

Harry was extremely confident.

Decades ago, he had attended one of the Lopez family’s annual meetings. He was granted assurance that the South City Lopez family would support all the family branches.

The South City Lopez family promised to help them with one instance.

Harry had been holding on to this chip for years.

He was wisely biding his time in order to wait for the perfect opportunity.

A window of opportunity had finally shown itself.

After all, Zoey’s inheritance was worth close to a billion.

“Okay, let me call and try!” Harry grabbed the receiver of the landline.

“Hello Sir, I am Harry from North Hampton. Unfortunately, I’m calling to trouble you. I would like to activate the promise given to me at the annual meeting!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 352

“Are you certain you want to use it now, Harry? You only get one chance!” The voice on the other end of the call coldly warned.

“Yes, I’m sure!” Harry nodded enthusiastically.

“Okay then. What do you need?”

Harry recounted Levi’s situation to the Lopez family.

A moment later, a call was returned.

“The matter has been settled. Sebastian agreed to let him go!”

The South City Lopez family was unaware of Wesley’s scheme. Sebastian only agreed to let the matter regarding Levi rest.

Harry was absolutely overwhelmed by this result.

Both Zoey and Iris let out sighs of relief.

Levi was safe.

“Someone print the final contract for the transfer! Once Levi shows his face, we’re signing it!” Harry could not be more eager.

Although bitterness pricked her, Zoey had no regrets.

If Levi’s safe, losing him for the company is worth it!

Meanwhile, in the underground cellar of the Lopez family’s private manor.

Wesley glared daggers at Levi and the rest. “I don’t care who you are! No matter what it takes, I’m taking your decapitated heads to my uncle! Someone come and chop their heads down now!”

After issuing his order, Wesley turned to avoid the imminently gruesome scene.

Thirty men lunged forward, poised to strike Levi and the rest.

With a loud bang, Levi managed to escape his bonds and struck his attacker.

His victim was sent flying across the room.

Another loud bang resonated. This time, he had launched a spinning kick which propelled another attacker backwards.

Levi was taking on the battle by himself.

He weaved into the crowd, throwing a series of rapid attacks. Each extension of his limb resulted in the collapse of at least one of his opponents.

Within thirty seconds, all thirty mercenaries were sprawled over the ground.

All of them had at least seven or eight broken bones.

Nueve and Trey were frozen in shock.

They had never seen Levi in action and assumed he was a regular man.

Neither expected him to be a master of combat!

Wesley sensed that something was wrong and slowly turned around.

The moment he turned, terror seized him.

All the trained experts were defeated?

It’s insanely impressive!

“Sebastian was it? Send him a gift on my behalf!” Levi stalked over and came to a stop right in front of Wesley.

Wesley spluttered, “What gift?”


One swift kick to the shin and a horrible cracking sound echoed through the room.




Three more kicks followed in succession. All of Wesley’s limbs had been broken.

With a strangled howl of agony, Wesley finally understood what Levi meant by ‘gift’.

He succumbed to the darkness shortly after.

“Dig into the identities of these people! They were no ordinary men!” Levi instructed Nueve and Trey.

Once they departed the manor, Levi started on his journey back to Zoey.

In the Lopez family residence.

“Grandpa, is Levi out of danger yet?” Zoey urgently pressed.

“I’m sure he’s fine, Sebastian gave his word that he would drop the matter!” Harry muttered dismissively.

“Let’s give it a while more. As a last resort, we’ll just call the police!” Iris did not trust the Lopez family at all.

Just then, Levi strolled in.

“See? I told you he was fine!” Harry grinned triumphantly.

The rest of the family gazed at Harry with unadulterated admiration.

Grandpa is amazing. He managed to convince the South City Lopez family to release Levi after a single phone call.

Even Iris had to admit Harry was impressive.

The moment Zoey laid eyes on Levi, she leapt into his arms, pulling him close.

The Return of God of War Chapter 353

Zoey had never been more fraught with worry in her life.

“I’m fine! There’s no need to cry! Let’s go back!” Levi murmured comfortingly.

“Why don’t you head to work with Iris? I have some business to discuss with Grandpa.” Zoey said.


Iris led Levi out and they made their way to the office.

Zoey signed the transfer papers and Harry insisted on taking them to a lawyer’s office for verification.

“From now on, Ms. Lopez will have nothing to do with Imperial Meadows.” The lawyer declared.

“Yes, yes, I know.” Zoey could not stop the tears which surged and overflowed.

“Wait, you’re so capable Zoey. Why don’t you come work for my company?” Harry offered facetiously.

“No thanks!” Zoey resolutely turned him down and left the family residence, her cheeks wet with tears.


Uproarious laughter erupted from the rest of the family.

Only a few months till Zoey’s inheritance becomes all ours!

At long last, the day has finally come!

“Tonight, we’re celebrating at the best hotel in town!” Harry was at peak jubilance.

“Father, should we invite Aaron?” Harry giggled smugly.

“Of course! We need to let the unfilial maggot see for himself how I’ve gained control of his family’s properties! Hahaha…” Harry guffawed gleefully.

Zoey scurried back to Bayview Garden.

She had lost everything.

She would most likely be unable to afford the rent from then on.

But she had no regrets.

Levi was safe, and that was all that mattered to her.

Iris neglected to inform Levi of this development, hence he was none the wiser.

“Mr. Garrison, we’ve found the information you requested! Those people were trained assassins who belong to the Robinson family!” Nueve reported.

Things instantly clicked for Levi. The Robinsons were the ones pulling the strings.

“Good. Once the swearing-in ceremony is over, you guys will be the first to go!” A flash of steely hostility crossed Levi’s gaze.

After work, Iris brought Levi back.

Before she exited the car, Iris issued an austere remark, “Treat Zoey well. The burden of the family rests on your shoulders from now on!”

Levi found her words strange.

I’ve always been good to Zoey!

Back home.

Zoey looked like she had been crying.

“What’s wrong, honey? Why the tears?” Levi asked with curious concern.

“It’s nothing. I just felt like crying for some reason…” Zoey dried her eyes.

“You have a weird hobby…” Levi smiled.

Suddenly, someone pounded on their door.

When Levi opened the door, Aaron and Caitlyn bolted past him straight towards Zoey.

“What’s wrong with you, Zoey?” They asked in surprise.

Zoey’s voice caught in her throat and she struggled to come up with a reply.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen to Zoey?” Levi was bewildered by their reactions.

Aaron shot Levi a glare. “Don’t you know what happened? Because of you, Zoey gave her entire inheritance to the Lopez family!”

“Exactly! She’s now penniless!” Caitlyn roared.

“Wait. What?” Levi was floored.

“You were captured by the South City Lopez family so, in order to save you, Zoey agreed to Father’s terms. Your safe return in exchange for her entire inheritance!”

“Since you were saved, Zoey had to make good on her word!”

“It’s all your fault! We were beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but you wrecked it! Why did you have to offend the Lopez family?”

Aaron and Caitlyn were ready to unleash their fury on Levi.

The Return of God of War Chapter 354

“I admit to pissing off the South City Lopez family. But Harry was not the one who saved me. I managed it by myself! It had nothing to do with him!” Levi explained in frustration.

He turned his attention to Zoey. “You’ve been tricked. It really wasn’t Harry who saved me. Why didn’t you just ask me?”

Zoey was stunned.

She believed Levi.

“As if! Don’t you know who Sebastian is? They’re on par with the most elite family from North Hampton. How would you be able to make it out on your own after incurring their wrath?”

“Exactly! We all saw Father make the call to Sebastian, who promised to let you off!” Aaron and Caitlyn snapped.

Zoey was also looking at Levi suspiciously.

None of them would believe his claims.

Levi did not bother to explain himself any further.

After all, regardless of what he said, his words would not be taken seriously.

Harry had chosen the perfect opportunity to wrap everyone around his finger.

Further elaboration was futile.

“Levi, please reflect on yourself! Zoey made the ultimate sacrifice all for your sake! She lost a multi-million company!” Aaron was close to tears in distress.

Levi was visibly touched by Zoey’s sacrifice.

She really loves me.

After all, a few million is more than enough to test one’s loyalty.

Yet, she chose to save me even if it meant losing a few billion.

“Since the company has already been transferred, there’s no point in crying over spilt milk! I’ll help Zoey start up a whole new company, one which will take the world by storm!” Levi asserted.

It aligned perfectly with the plan he was about to execute.

Soon, he would be purging North Hampton.

When the time came, there would be a surplus of resources in the market.

It would be the perfect opportunity for Zoey to step in.

She would also be helping Morris Group to share the load.

Then, no one would care about the crummy company the Lopez family stole.

“You’re all talk. Luckily, you work for Morris Group, else I would beat you to a pulp!” Aaron and Caitlyn smiled wryly as they exited.

Zoey beamed. “Stop teasing me, honey! As if I would be able to take the world by storm!”

“I’m serious! North Hampton is about to undergo a big shift! Just wait and see!” Levi announced.

He’s just trying to comfort me. I need to smile for his benefit.

“The Lopez family better watch their backs! I won’t let them get away with it so easily!” Levi’s eye glinted menacingly.

As the sun slowly disappeared below the horizon, the Lopez family was enjoying a stupendously lavish banquet.

“They didn’t even bother to show up!” Henry and a few other people screeched.

“Father, I suggest we scratch their names entirely off the family register! They’re as poor as church mice now!” Henry suggested.

Fabian nodded in agreement. “Yes, that’s right. We’ve milked them for all they’re worth! What’s the point in keeping them around!”

“Yes yes! The Lopez family is now worth over a billion! How could we accommodate people like Aaron? How humiliating!”

“They’ll definitely come crawling back for help in the future. How bothersome!”

The rest of the people jabbered and brayed.

Harry was slightly tipsy and he nodded excitedly. “Okay! We’ll remove them from the family register at the family meeting tomorrow! From then on, we won’t have anything to do with them!”

“Hahaha. That’s great!” Henry and the rest applauded delightedly.

The next day.

Zoey and Levi were still slumbering.

An urgent call woke them abruptly and tore them from away Morpheus’ realm.

The call was from Aaron, who told them to hurry down to the Lopez family ancestral home.

The Return of God of War Chapter 355

By the time Levi and Zoey rushed to the scene, Aaron and Caitlyn had already arrived.

The location had been intentionally picked to be the family ancestral halls.

“Dad, Mum, what’s wrong? What’s the rush?” Levi asked, puzzled.

“We don’t have a clue either! We were just told to meet at the ancestral halls. I think they’re announcing something big!” Caitlyn answered.

Aaron knitted his brows. “My right eyelid won’t stop twitching!”

Shortly later, Harry arrived with the rest of the Lopez family party at the ancestral halls.

Henry and the rest smirked sinisterly.

An uneasy feeling settled in the stomachs of Levi and the other three.

But they were certain of one thing. Nothing good could come out of this.

Harry seated himself on the wooden chair in front of the shrine and the rest took their seats according to seniority.

Harry quickly scanned the scene and sternly boomed, “Is everyone here?”

Fabian nodded in response. “Everyone is here Father!”

Harry was the first to offer up a joss stick.

“It’s been some time since we had a family meeting at the ancestral hall! Today’s meeting was called to announce…” Harry’s gaze fell on Aaron.

“After a long discussion with the family, I, of the North Hampton Lopez family, have decided to expel Aaron and his family from our clan!” He stated plainly.

Once the last word left his lips, every person present gaped in astonishment.

Levi and his family’s faces fell.

“What? Kicked out?”

The news was earth-shattering for the three of them. They could almost see their world crumbling around them.

We’re being removed from the family register!

What could be worse?

Such a blow threatened to push them off the cliff into the chasm of insanity.

Aaron looked at Harry in utter disbelief.

Caitlyn immediately dissolved into tears.

Tears were brimming in the rims of Zoey’s eyes.

Grandpa just robbed me of my assets worth close to a billion. How could he go so as far as to burn all our bridges? How could he force us out of the family?

She could only sigh in resignation.

“All in favor, raise your hands!” Aaron yelled.

In a flurry of movement, the hands of Fabian and many others shot into the air.

“It’s settled! The move to remove Aaron and his family has the majority vote!” Henry chuckled.

He was completely indifferent to the feelings of the four people in question.

“Good luck to you guys. From now on, the North Hampton Lopez family shall have absolutely nothing to do with you! Please do not involve us in your matters from here on out!”

“I, Harry Lopez, are henceforth severing all ties with you! We shall be no better than strangers from now on!”

“Get out!” Harry ordered cruelly.

“Get out of the family! Get out of the family! Get out of the family!” The rest of the people chanted with ruthless determination.

“Might I suggest you change your last names? You’re undeserving of the Lopez name!” Henry sneered.

Zoey’s body was shaking with the force of her wails.

She was indignant!

She had never been wronged to such an extent in her life.

I don’t even deserve the Lopez family name now.

This is even worse than losing all my assets.

My own grandfather wants nothing to do with me.

Right after he snatched away close to a billion from me!

Caitlyn was not doing any better.

But neither of them was in worse shape than Aaron.

His birth father had cut ties with him and he was erased from the family register.

What more could be worse?

Seized by rage, Aaron spat out blood.

“Father, Aaron…”

Zoey and Caitlyn rushed to catch the teetering Aaron.

Aaron did not speak. He only glared directly at Harry.

“What? Haven’t given up?” Harry leered.

“Right. It’s not over!” Levi exclaimed.

The Return of God of War Chapter 356

“What does useless scum like you have to be upset about? You’re grossly unfit to be part of the Lopez family!”

“Exactly! Get out of the Lopez family! You useless scum!”

“You have no right to be here! Get out and stay away!”

Levi opened his mouth and the room fell silent.

“Harry, would you believe me if I said you’ll live to regret this?” Levi hissed, his lips curled upwards in a malevolent smirk.

“Haha. Me? Regret? Impossible! I hold all of Zoey’s assets. What do I have to regret?” Harry retorted with an equally hostile smirk of his own.

The rest of the people stared at Levi like he was an idiot.

Aaron wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth and fixed his eyes on Harry incredulously. “Father, must you go this far? What did I do wrong that you insist on kicking me out from the family?”

“Yes! The Lopez family has always had strict rules. Erasing anyone’s name from the family register can only be a punishment for something egregious. What did Aaron and I do?” Caitlyn asked, choking back sobs.

Zoey’s gaze was also boring into Harry.

Harry exchanged a look with Henry before coldly replying, “Don’t you even know what you did? I worked to raise you and even opened a company for you. What about you guys? You contributed nothing to the family! You even committed deplorable acts! But you want to leave the Lopez family! It’s the equivalent of betraying your ancestors!”

“Yes! Zoey’s company leaving the Lopez family is the equivalent of betraying the ancestors!”

“The punishment for betraying your ancestors is expulsion form the family!”

“Get out of the Lopez family!”

Henry and the rest chided and raged. They even shoved the four of them.

Aaron gazed at Harry despondently and asked, “Father, I’ll ask you one last time. Must you take it this far?”

“Leave! Never call me Father ever again! You’re no longer part of the Lopez family!” Harry rebuffed heartlessly.

He struck off the names of Aaron and the rest from the family register.

Aaron was no longer a member of the Lopez family. It was official.

At that moment, despite being a picture of masculinity, Aaron broke down into bawls of agony.

“Dad, Mum, Zoey. Let’s go!” Levi dragged the three of them out.

Despite trying to saunter away, their figures appeared forlorn.


The Lopez family guffawed and laughter resonated throughout the room.

We’ve finally got rid those burdens!

“From this day onwards, our family shall prosper!” Harry bellowed.

In the car.

Aaron and his family huddled together, sobbing.

This was the darkest hour of their existence.

They never would have imagined that the day would come where their names were erased from the family register.

They no longer belonged to the Lopez family.

Levi could only offer warm words. “The three of you are too nice! You’ve suffered silently at their hands for ages!

All this time, you prioritized family, and allowed them to step all over you! If you think about it, they’re the ones who aren’t fit to be related to you! Look at how they treated you.

After leaving you with nothing, they even kicked you out of the family! But this might be a good thing. From now on, you can focus on working hard without anything holding you back!

I’ll make them pay! You can just sit back and wait for the day when I make them kneel before you and beg for forgiveness!”

The trio was in the throes of despair and merely took Levi’s words and passing remarks of comfort.

The Lopez family did not stop there.

The news spread like wildfire through the North Hampton media outlets.

‘Aaron Lopez and family betrayed the Lopez family and plotted to get ahold of all the Lopez family estates.’

‘Harry Lopez had no choice but to harden his heart and expel them from the family.’

Countless savage condemnations fell upon them.

Page after page depicted Aaron as a callous fiend, an ungrateful bastard.

The Return of God of War Chapter 357

“Such scum should just be sentenced to death! Why keep him around?”

“Yes! He even betrayed his family. He’s no better than a traitor!”

Aaron and Caitlyn did nothing to defend themselves.

Any attempt to do so would just result in more rebuttal and insults.

They were slandered!

Such malignance!

After getting wind of the news, Una could not hold back her broad grin.

“Who would’ve thought even Levi would come to this? Even your wife has fallen from her grace. Let’s see how you crawl out of this hole.” She sniggered spitefully.

Even Winston was elated to receive the news.

A man of Levi’s position would normally never have caught Winston’s eye.

But he caused trouble one too many times and Winston was practically boiling with rage.

“All I had to do was dangle some meat in front of the mutts and they took the bait” Winston grinned widely.

Oh, I can’t imagine there exists joy greater than this!

Not only was he attending the next day’s swearing-in ceremony for the commander-in-chief, but to receive such news as well, he was bursting with happiness.

“Now everyone, focus on preparations for tomorrow’s swearing-in ceremony!”

That night, these powerful figures of North Hampton struggled to get some shut-eye.

In a luxurious mountain villa somewhere.

The kingpin behind the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce, Eric Robinson, who also stood at the head of four noble families, invited Grover Cooke and Xander Hoyles over.

“Mr. Cooke, Mr. Hoyles, I ask for your assistance tomorrow!” Eric appealed.

“How do you want us to help?” Xander asked warily.

“Tomorrow you are to arrange a meeting between us, the God of War and Mr. Quinton. Winston Gonzales cannot, under no circumstances, know about it! I’ll leave this matter in your hands! The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce is in grave danger!”

The faces of the men in front of him soured.

“Okay, leave it to us! I’ll also have Jesse come up with a plan to help the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce!” Grover replied calmly.

“That’s great!” Eric and the rest were thrilled.

Their fates rested on the shoulders of Xander and Grover.

“Hehe. When the time comes, we’ll have both Morris Group and the Gonzales family under our thumb!”

They could not wait for the next day to arrive.

The next day.

The North Hampton Warzone had completed all preparations and were more than ready. The commander-in-chief’s swearing-in ceremony would begin at exactly 9 o’clock.

Andy, who was in charge of the event, bustled about incessantly.

The last step was to ensure the God of War would be making an appearance to formally introduce Percy as the new commander-in-chief.

Andy was overwrought with emotion.

Even the God of War had to follow the schedule he set out.

How wonderful was that!

In the morning.

Levi addressed the family before him, “Dad, Mum, Zoey, let’s go out and have some fun!”

The trio did not protest and obediently climbed aboard the car.

Soon, Levi had driven them out of the suburbs.

Zoey did not pay much mind. She assumed Levi was taking them to the countryside or to a scenic location.

But as the ride went on, she sensed something was off.

There were many cars on the road, most of which were of high-end brands like Maybach and Rolls-Royce.

They were all moving in the same direction as Levi.

Is there an event going on?

“Honey, where are you taking us?” Zoey enquired.

“I’m bringing you to see the world, and enjoy yourselves while we’re at it!” Levi grinned.

After about two hours, they were almost out of North Hampton.

They had finally arrived at their destination.

When they took in the surroundings, the three Lopezes were stunned.

They were at an army camp!

We’re actually at an army camp!

The car had only just halted when soldiers came marching over for inspection.

The soldiers were all armed to the teeth. Zoey and her parents could not help but feel on edge.

The Return of God of War Chapter 358
“Sir, as this car is not sanctioned by the Warzone, you are to park there, on the left. You may enter afterwards!” The soldier informed Levi.

“Sure!” Levi drove the car to an empty slot and parked.

After they got out of the car, Zoey and Aaron scanned their surroundings with fascination.

How are we allowed to be in such a solemn and sacred place?

What are we doing here?

They were burning with curiosity and fear as they held the military in high regard.

Zoey also spotted the luxury cars which they passed on the road, parked around them.

Something’s definitely going on!


At this moment, a shocked voice called out.

Levi turned to see the Gonzales family making their way over to him.

There were a large number of members present, ten of them to be exact.

Una walked right up to Levi and asked with a smile plastered on her face, “What are you doing here? Is this a place you’re allowed to be at?”

Winston broke out into a smile as well.

After all, it was no easy task getting an invitation to the ceremony.

It had posed somewhat of an issue even for an elite such as Winston, much less for commoners.

Yet, Levi came?

What kind of joke is this?

Levi replicated their expressions. “I’m here for the swearing-in ceremony of course!”


The Gonzales erupted into peals of laughter.

There were ‘regular’ people who were given invitations to the event, but they were gentries such as Winston and the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

The Rogers family, who were worth five billion, might stand a chance.

But Levi was far from being included in the realm of possibilities.

He had nothing to his name and was even kicked out of the Lopez family.

“You seem to be in a good mood Mr. Gonzales! Why are you laughing?”

The heads of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce appeared.

Winston smiled. “Do you know Levi, Robinson?”

Eric and his three companions froze momentarily before regaining his gait. “Of course I know him!”

Phineas Robinson kept his eyes trained on Levi.

The lucky bastard. Wesley was this close to ending his life.

Who would have expected Sebastian to drop the case?

Thanks to him, my thirty masters are gone.

Wesley must have brought them back to South City.

“Levi is also here to attend the swearing-in ceremony.”

After Winston’s revelation, the Robinsons dissolved into cackles.

“Who gave him the right to show his face here? Ha!”

The Robinsons scoffed before departing.

Levi was worth nothing in their eyes.

Before the Robinsons left, they made a slicing gesture across their necks. “Sooner or later, your head will roll, Levi Garrison.”

They sauntered off.

Aaron and the rest were breathing raggedly.

The tension from the interaction with North Hampton’s elite had been too overwhelming. They felt almost suffocated.

They could not believe Levi had made enemies of such people.

The last few seemed to bear intense hatred for Levi as well.

Just how much trouble did he cause?

“I have to say, hats off to you! You managed to piss off so many big-shots with one swing!” Aaron smiled wryly as he did not know how to react to this.

“Dad, Mum, it’s fine. After today, those people will all fall!” Levi chuckled confidently.

“Moving on, can you take us in? To the swearing-in ceremony?” Zoey asked.

“No problem!”

Levi led them into the camp with no problems.

A representative from the camp greeted them and gave them a tour.

The Return of God of War Chapter 359

Levi decided that he didn’t want them to attend the Grand Opening Ceremony in the end.

He felt that it wasn’t worth going, and they might as well have a tour around.

Winston and his group made their way into the hall of the barracks. He started to interrogate his son, Andy when he finally sat down.

“Is Levi or Aaron on the guests’ list?”

Andy shook his head, “Nope. The list had long been ready. But Levi’s name is nowhere to be found.”


Winston and a few others laughed.

“Besides, Levi and the others aren’t even here in the hall. How is he supposed to attend the Grand Opening?” asked Andy.

Winston grinned brightly.

Levi was just a clown in their eyes.

Besides sheer luck, that clown had nothing else.

When the Gonzales family was dealing with Levi, Percy happened to be there to resolve the crisis.

And Harry was there when the Lopez family from South City intended to deal with Levi.


“Your good luck is going to be used up one day!” Una sneered.

Inside the hall arranged by the North Hampton Warzone, guests who were there for the ceremony flocked to their pre-arranged seats.

Winston and the other upper-class members of the society were seated in the first row.

Governor Jesse Nielsen and his men were also in the front seats. Even though Grover had stepped down, he was still more than qualified to be seated in the first row.

Xander Hoyles and Benny Quinton had also arrived and were seated.

Soon, most of the seats were filled up.

But there were still six empty seats in the first row.

Everyone knew what this meant.

These six seats were reserved for the God of War and his subordinates, the Five Great Wars Regiment.

Any one of them alone was enough to make the North Hampton tremble in fear.

Not to mention the God of War.

This is exciting!

This is really, really exciting!

Winston had never been so excited in his life. He was about to meet the legendary God of War!

Oh, how long have I waited for this day to come…

And it finally came!

There was a different meaning to it today.

The God of War and Benny Quinton were going to make their appearance together.

The commander-in-chief in charge was also the famed general of the Iron Brigade.

This would be quite a historic moment to witness.

Winston kept glancing towards the passageway. The anticipation he was feeling was overwhelming.

The younger generations of the Gonzales family were feeling honored and prideful from the bottom of their hearts.

Among all those from the younger generation of the North Hampton, who else was fortunate enough to attend such a ceremony?

This was the power of the resources they had.

The experience and networking they had accumulated were definitely enough to crush their competitors.

The billionaires of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce were of no exception.

Compared to Winston, the God of War was relatively more like their last hope.

Because the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce was in distress and the markets were disintegrating.

They would suffer if there wasn’t anyone to back them up.

The attendees quietened down after a short while.

Not long after, Percy marched into the venue with his military uniform on.

The attendees slowly stood up and welcomed Percy.

After all, he was going to be the commander-in-chief of the North Hampton Warzone after today.

But Percy didn’t walk over to the stage. He waited at the passageway instead.

Soon, Azure Dragon, Kirin and Phoenix arrived.

They were the Five Great Wars Regiment!

Their intimidating aura overwhelmed the audience in the hall.

This was the first time the famous Five Great Wars Regiment were onstage together.

Even Xander felt his blood boiling with anticipation.

Just the five of them was enough to kill an army of a thousand men.

Azure Dragon and the others stopped at the passageway too. Six of them including Percy stood in two rows as they waited.

Everyone knew what this meant.

They’re waiting for the arrival of the God of War!

Everyone stood up as they held their breaths and paid full attention to the passageway.


Sounds of footsteps could be heard shortly after.

A mighty silhouette had appeared at the passageway!

The Return of God of War Chapter 360

“Salute!” Percy yelled and gave a standard military salute.

All the soldiers followed suit.

Once the figure returned the salute, he began to walk into the hall with Percy and the others flanked beside him protectively.

Everyone’s hearts were pounding as it wasn’t an exaggeration that the seven people in front of them could save the world.

This is exciting!

He’s the God of War!

He’s Erudia’s one and only 5-star rated God of War!

Una’s heart thumped as she watched the tall figure from afar.

Now that’s a true hero!

He’s the man of every woman’s dream!

Una fell in love with the man just by the sight of him.

The Gonzales family had also planned to do whatever it took to get Una to sleep with the God of War that night.

Una was very confident that she was going to be the God of War’s wife soon.

I’m going to be the wife of Erudia’s most respectable God of War.

Una could already see the bright future she was going to have.

The faces of Winston and his group were glowing. After today, I, Winston Gonzales, am going to be the Grandpa of the God of War!

The Gonzales family is going to prosper and become Erudia’s most powerful aristocratic family!

Before long, Levi and his group were finally in the hall and got to their reserved seats.

The attendees in the hall could only see the back of the God of War. He sat in a tall and upright manner, like the backbone of the nation; the Great Wall of Erudia.

The five stars on his shoulder shined brightly.

Right now, he was the biggest focus of the audience.

“One should have a son like the God of War!” exclaimed Winston.

“Don’t you think the God of War looks familiar?”

Winston and his group who were sitting a bit further behind couldn’t see quite as clearly.

So Winston, Eric, and the others started to put on their glasses.

“His back seems really familiar… I feel like I’ve seen him somewhere before!” said Winston.

“That’s right! He looks familiar to me too, but I just can’t remember who he is…” said Una.

Meanwhile, Xander and Andy, who were sitting in the first row, broke out in cold sweat just after a glance at the God of War.

They had seen photographs of Levi before.

But they didn’t expect Levi to be the God of War.


Andy didn’t sit tight and fell onto the ground, attracting the attention of everyone in the room.

“What’s wrong with Andy? How can he make such a rudimentary mistake?” said Winston angrily.

The Gonzales family wore an unsightly expression on.

The ceremony finally began.

Almost an hour had passed since the ceremony started and Percy stood on the stage as he waited.

“Lastly, let’s welcome the God of War!” announced Xander.

Xander stood up and shouted to the audience, “Salute to the God of War!”

“To the God of War!”

Thousands of officers and soldiers shouted in unison.

Levi got on the stage in the midst of the shouts and stood facing everybody.

The attendees went crazy when they saw the face of the God of War as their dream finally came true.

All these years, the God of War was the military spirit of the soldiers.

They could die without any regrets now that they finally saw the God of War in person.

“I want to take a good look at how the God of War really looks like.”

Una and those who were younger immediately paled as they were shocked to see who the God of War really was.


Everyone was shocked at the revelation. It was like a bolt that came out of the blue sky.

Levi Garrison!

No one had expected Levi to be the God of War.

It was beyond their wildest imagination.

It’s actually Levi!

Una was dumbfounded.

Clint was dumbfounded.

Robinson was dumbfounded.


“Huh? What’s wrong with you guys? Are you shocked?”

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