The Return of God of War Chapter 341-350

The Return of God of War Chapter 341

Tsking, Louis crooned, “Iris, do you seriously think you have a choice? If you don’t agree, I’ll share what I know with the public. I wonder what they’ll think about this rising star of the business world being such a s***ty woman in private?”

He casually glanced down at the magazine he held in his hands, where a picture of Iris smiled back at him.

It was the cover photo taken when the media had interviewed her previously.

Presently, she was probably even more popular than some other celebrities!

She knew if word got out about her secret, she would be ruined for life.

Thus, there was no way she could allow that to happen!

Foregoing her previous stubborn and hard attitude, she weakly protested, “No matter which option it is, I can’t make this decision for the company!”

He spoke up in a confident voice, “Who are you trying to fool? The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce is well-aware you call the shots in the company. All it takes is one sentence from you, and the company is sold!”

Iris felt her mind go blank. They had come after her specifically, which meant they had already planned out everything.

More importantly, she really did have the power to sell the company.

It would not be illegal either. She could just walk off without having to look over her back all the time.

Having given her the stick earlier, Louis thought he would give her the carrot now. “Think about it; even if you offend someone in the process of doing this, the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce will still back you up. They can also promise you the job position you want!”

“Oh yes, by the way, this offer only lasts for today. If you still can’t make up your mind, I’m going to release your secret!”

Face ashen, Iris asked, “One day is too short! Can’t you give me more time?”

“Sure! You just have to meet me at Wonder Hotel tonight. Also, remember to bring ten million with you. Otherwise, no dice!”

With that said, Louis exited the car without waiting for Iris to say anything.

As he walked off, he called Eric’s son, Phineas, “Mr. Robinson, it’s done! That b***h Iris will definitely sell off Morris Group within three days!”

“Good job. Have another ten million for your efforts!”

“Thank you, Mr. Robinson!”

Hanging up, he was beyond ecstatic.

“Looks like Lady Luck is smiling on me! At this rate, I’ll be able to earn 60 million AND sleep with Iris! What a wonderful day!”

Although he had Iris’ most personal secret as blackmail, the two of them had not actually slept together before she found out about him dating eight women simultaneously.

That was probably one of his biggest regrets, but it would seem he would finally have the chance.

Iris was slumped in her car seat with a look of absolute despair on her face.

If only she had not been so stupid as to allow him to find her secret…

But hindsight was twenty-twenty, and there was nothing she could do to change the past.

If she were being honest with herself, she felt like that secret of hers was more important than even her life.

She really would kill herself if that got out.

“What do I do? Should I really sell off Morris Group?”

She had no idea what she was supposed to do now.

“Either way, I should head back to the company first.”

She knew what Louis meant by tonight. He was forcing her to sleep with him to extend the time limit he gave.

Lost in a daze, she did not know how she managed to drive back to the company.

Screech! Bang!

Just in front of the company building, she rammed right into another car.

The Return of God of War Chapter 342

The other driver got out of his car, yelling furiously, “What the hell? Are you blind or something? My signal lights were clearly on, yet why did you continue forward and crash into me? You – Eh? Iris?”

It took Levi several moments to register that the other driver was Iris.

To think he had just been cursing how the driver was swerving around the road like a drunken person!

Levi’s loud voice snapped Iris back to her senses. “Huh? What happened?”

His voice was cold as he demanded, “What the heck, you were out of it the whole time? You hit my car!”

He got the feeling something was not quite right with the woman today. She seemed incredibly distracted.

Had something happened?

“Oh. Sorry?” she apologized sheepishly.

After that, she called the garage, and the two cars were towed away.

Frowning slightly, he queried, “Hey, are you okay?”

“I’m fine!” she murmured vaguely.

Levi suddenly said, “Your bra strap is showing!”

“What? Where?” She turned her head to check over herself. It was several beats later before it occurred to her that he was lying.

Pushing this incident to the back of his mind, Levi made his way to his office in the technical department. As usual, he settled down to have some tea and a smoke.

Isaiah approached him, saying, “Mr. Garrison, we don’t have enough technicians in the department, so I wish to cultivate some more men.”

“Okay. Go ahead!” Levi answered.

Isaiah continued hesitantly, “But we would need a huge sum of money for that…”

“Money isn’t a problem. You can cultivate whoever you wish; just let me know, and I’ll arrange it!”

“Got it, Mr. Garrison!” Isaiah replied in a delighted tone.

He really enjoyed working with Levi.

Everybody could tell Iris had something on her mind as she seemed incredibly absent-minded today.

She had not reviewed a single document and had basically sat there in her chair dumbly for many hours.

Everyone who worked with her closely on a daily basis was worried about their boss. She used to be so passionate and energetic, nothing at all like the zombie she was today.

“Maybe she’s on her period?”

This was the only explanation anyone could come up with.

On the other side of things.

Having suddenly obtained twenty million in a day, Louis was currently enjoying himself at a nightclub.

There were more than a dozen beauties in the small private room he was in, and he had his arms wrapped around the closest two.

“Lont, you little sh**, you’ve really hit the jackpot this time!”

The voice who had spoken belonged to a bald man sitting near him. This was Zack, the boss of Bar Street. Some of the biggest bars in North Hampton were under his protection.

Around Zack were several of his most capable men, each built like an ox.

Last time, Louis used to lead an adulterous life and could often be found spending his nights in nightclubs. That was how he grew so familiar with all these thugs.

In the end, it was because of his gambling addiction that he had borrowed more than one million from Zack. Unable to pay the thug back, he ran off overseas to escape his clutches.

Now that he was back and had obtained such a huge sum of money, he wanted to return the money he borrowed.

“Zack, give me your account number, and I’ll transfer you the money immediately!”

One million was practically nothing to Louis now. He had plans to remain in North Hampton for the foreseeable future and would need to maintain a good relationship with Zack if he wanted to run a business here.

Zack puffed on a cigarette, a sleazy smirk on his lips. “By the way, I heard you’re planning on sleeping with Iris Annabelle from Morris Group tonight?”

“That’s right! I hold her deepest, darkest secret in my hands, so she has to spend the night with me!” Louis answered smugly.

The Return of God of War Chapter 343

Zack chuckled and responded, “Just the thought of that b***h has me hungry!”

One of his subordinates piped up, “Yeah! She has a smoking hot body. With how cold and innocent she acts all the time, imagine how she would be like in bed!”

Ever since they saw Iris on the front of the magazine, they lost all interest in other women.

It did not matter that there were more than a dozen other beautiful women in the room with them now, all Zack wanted was her.

Compared to her, these women were nothing.

Zack smacked a meaty hand down on Louis’ shoulder. “How about this, Lont. You let us get a turn at her tonight, and I’ll forget all about the money you owe me! Also, from here on out, you’ll be my brother, and I’ll protect you from everything!”

Louis instantly agreed, “Sure! You can have first dibs, Zack, and I’ll go second. The rest of your men should come too! Let’s all see for ourselves how good she can be in bed, shall we? Hehehe…”

“Hahaha, good man!” Zack could not wait!

One of his men asked, “Boss, do we need to prepare some equipment?”

A wicked smile twisted Zack’s face in response. “But of course!”

In her office, Iris was staring off into space when her phone rang.

It was Louis.

“Iris, it’s nearly time for you to get off of work. Have you made up your mind yet?”

Clenching her teeth, she squeezed out, “I-I…I have…”

“Okay, then head to Wonder Hotel after you get off work. I’ll come down to personally escort you to my room.”

After he hung up, Louis told Zack and the rest about the good news.

They were absolutely delighted and anticipation had them hurrying to the hotel as quick as they could.

At last, it was time to get off work.

Iris transferred one million to a bank card and stuffed a pair of scissors into her bag before she left her office.

Her actions had the staff feeling puzzled.

Before, she would always work overtime till eleven or even twelve midnight. Yet today she’s leaving at six?

How strange…

But they were just her subordinates, so they did not bother themselves too much with her personal life.

At that moment, Levi finally woke up from his long nap. Stretching out the kinks in his back, he got ready to head back home.

“Don’t you guys think Ms. Annabelle has been acting so oddly today? She hasn’t gotten any work done at all and seemed strangely preoccupied with something.”

“I know, right? It’s so abnormal to see her like this. I’m sure she isn’t on her period either. It’s so weird!”

“I think it started this morning after she got that phone call…”

As Levi walked through the company, he overheard some women gossiping about Iris.

Their words had him freezing as a bad feeling rose in his gut.

“Oh no, I think she’s in trouble!” he muttered to himself.

He thought the car accident earlier this morning was a random event.

But it was starting to seem like there was really something strange going on here.

He hurriedly called Phoenix. “I need you to find out where Iris has been and who she’s talked to today!”

“Understood, Sir!”

At this time, Iris had arrived at Wonder Hotel.

Louis was already waiting for her in the lobby.

Taking a deep breath to steel herself, she headed toward him.

“We’re not in any hurry, so let me check the money first.”

Despite his eagerness to sleep with her, he still had his head on straight.

He had to get the ten million first before he would indulge himself.

Satisfied he had the money, he lead the way upstairs.

Clutching her handbag tighter, Iris followed along behind him meekly.

A few minutes later, they entered the presidential suite he booked.

Before she could say anything, five men walked out from the depths of the suite.

The baldheaded man at the front was watching her with a greedy smile on his lips…

The Return of God of War Chapter 344

Sensing a bad vibe from these men, Iris backed away warily.

“Who are you guys? What do you want?”

Rubbing his hands together, Zack replied, “Babe, no need to be scared. I just wanna be friends with you! Hehehe…”

The rest of the men chortled as they neared her. “Yeah, baby! We all just want to be friends.”

“Louis Lont, you bastard! I’m leaving!”

Spinning around, Iris made to leave but was too slow.

In a flash, Zack had moved between her and the door. Locking it, he turned to step closer to her.

“Why the hurry to leave, babe? I promise I’ll be gentle!” he leered as his eyes seemed to be undressing her.

Louis sniggered and stated, “Iris, meet Zack. Don’t worry… He just wants to get to know you better!”

Feeling trapped, she shouted, “Louis, what the hell is the meaning of this? What are you trying to do? Have you already forgotten about the deal with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce?”

Louis twitched slightly as he was reminded of his primary reason for being back in the country.

“Well, didn’t you say you wanted more time? Fine, I’ll make a deal with you! If you sleep with all of us tonight, I can give you three more days. Decline, and I’ll let the whole world see those photos of yours! Oh wait, I have a better idea. Zack, you guys wanna see her private photos? I can show them to you!”

Clearly impatient, Zack was quick to agree, “Of course! Hurry up and let me see them!”

“Wait!” Iris yelled in frustration and anger, “Louis Lont, you’re a devil!”

“Thank you for the compliment!” Louis laughed.

She insisted firmly, “I’ll pay you twenty million, but I’m not doing anything else with you.”

“Zack, just do it! This woman is very conservative and proud. She values her reputation above all else. So as long as we record everything, she’ll definitely listen to us from now on!” Louis revealed.

“Hell yeah! I’ve been waiting a long while for this!”

Zack was about to pounce on her when she pulled out the scissors from her bag.

“Don’t come any closer!” she threatened as she swiped at them with the weapon.

Zack took one step forward before he swiftly punched her wrist. The pain had her yelping and dropping the scissors.

Instantly, she was swarmed by the men, and they dragged her to the bedroom.


Zack tossed her unceremoniously on the bed.

Tears of shame and fear dripped down her face.


Utter despair!

She had underestimated how heartless Louis could be.

Now there was no one to help her.

All kinds of recording equipment had been set up in the room as well.

She was doomed!

Just the thought of what was about to happen had her wishing to commit suicide.

Eager to get started, Zack hastily undressed and swallowed some pills.

“Let’s begin, eh, boys?”

Just as he was about to crawl on the bed, a voice drawled from behind them.

“What fun this looks like. Do you guys mind if I join the party?”

Louis, Zack, and the other men whipped around in shock, only to see Levi standing there smoking.

“Who are you? What are you doing in my room?” Louis demanded.

A savage expression crossed Zack’s face, and he snarled, “Get him, boys! Beat him up good! I absolutely loathe it when people interrupt me just as I’m getting down to business!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 345
At Zack’s order, his four subordinates lunged toward Levi.

A bloodthirsty look flashed through his eyes. His hand came up in a fist, and he punched the first thug.


The thug sailed back a dozen meters before crashing against the wall heavily. When he fell to the floor, he did not move to get up again.


Another punch sent another thug flying back.

The last two had it the worst.

Two vicious kicks to the crotch downed them like two sacks of potatoes.

They rolled around on the floor, clutching their lower bodies while letting out pained howls.

Everyone present was dumbfounded.

Who knew that Levi would be so brutal in his attacks?


Zack yanked out a dagger from nowhere and stabbed it toward Levi, who dodged it with ease.

Wanting to have another ago, Zack abruptly found his wrist squeezed in a pincer-like grip.

Snatching the dagger from the thug’s hand, Levi threw it aside before punching the man.

Agony exploded through Zack’s body, and he screamed in pain.

All the blood had drained from Louis’ face, and he was as pale as a ghost.

Huge beads of sweat dripped down the sides of his face, wetting his already soaked shirt.

How frightening!

Levi’s deadly gaze slowly moved to land on him.

“I-I…It wasn’t me…I d-didn’t…T-this has nothing to do with m-me…”

He was so terrified that he was babbling.

Levi questioned, “You have some personal secret of Iris’, don’t you?”

Louis shook his head furiously. “N-no, I-I don’t…”

Levi did not speak, merely cracked his knuckles menacingly.

“Y-yeah, I d-do…”

Stretching his hand out, Levi wiggled his fingers. “Give it here.”

“Well…” Louis hesitated.

“Pfft!” Levi’s fist smashed into Louis, causing the man to scream in pain.

“Give it to me,” Levi repeated.

Knowing the consequences of his hesitation, Louis handed his briefcase over to Levi.

“They’re in my briefcase!”

Accepting it, Levi opened it up to reveal a stack of photos and a USB drive.

“Do you have any more copies?” He punched the other man for added measure.

Wailing in pain, Louis truthfully replied, “No! I already planned on giving her everything! With her strong personality, I knew she would kill herself if I pushed any further!”

“That’s good.” A cold glint appeared in his eyes, and his leg lashed out.

“AHHHH!” At that moment, Louis experienced what all men dreaded the most as excruciating pain flared in his body. His whole body was flushed red as he cradled his family jewels, rolling around on the floor.

Struggling to look at Levi, he gasped out, “Y-y-you went back o-on your w-word!”

An innocent smile curled Levi’s lips. “Did I ever say I wouldn’t touch you after you gave me the items?”

“I…” By then, the pain was getting too much, and Louis was close to passing out.

The last thing he heard was Levi saying, “Since you guys can’t seem to control your desires, I’ll help you!”

Lighting up a cigarette, he watched the moaning men on the floor with a grin tugging at his lips.

Just then, the unconscious Iris woke up.

The first person she saw was Levi, standing there calmly as he smoked.

The Return of God of War Chapter 346
Then, Iris saw how Louis and the rest of the men were holding their crotches and whimpering in pain.

Scared and confused, she scurried to Levi’s side.

She asked, “D-did you save me?”

Smiling, he nodded and replied, “Yeah. Of course I was the one who saved you.”

Glancing around, she could not help disbelieving him. “Impossible! There’s no way you’re my savior!”

He frowned at her words.

Is there something wrong with this woman? Does she see anyone else around here?

“It must be the big boss! Yes, he must have rescued me!” she cried out in agitation.

Speechless and annoyed, he muttered, “Yeah, that’s right. He was the one who saved you.”

Technically, he was the big boss, so what she said was true.

“Is he here?” she asked eagerly while scanning the room.

“Nope. The men he sent here have already left. He told me to take you back home.”

“Alright then, let’s go!”

As Iris moved to take a step forward, her knees buckled, and she couldn’t walk an inch. Then, she turned to look at Levi helplessly.

Shaking his head wryly, he mumbled, “How troublesome.”

In the end, he had no choice but to carry her on his back.

Before he left, he made sure to confiscate Louis’ phone.

Sprawled against his back, she felt oddly warm and safe.

Maybe he’s not such a bad person after all.

Even though the person who had saved her was the big boss, the one who was bringing her away from this hell was still Levi.

She burst into tears when she recalled how her secret was still in Louis’ hands.

As if realizing what she was crying about, he handed her a briefcase.

When she saw the contents of the bag, her tears stopped.

“You didn’t sneak a peek, did you?” she asked suspiciously.

“I’m not interested in you at all!” was his reply.

She seethed furiously, “You…”

But what was more important was that she had finally gotten these items back.

These were actually photos of her in revealing clothing or other more explicit photos.

For someone as conservative and proud as her, she did not want her image ruined by having these leaked out.

Louis had copied these from her computer without her knowing when they had still been dating.

Ever since then, he used these as blackmail material for all these years to ransom money from her.

“By the way, don’t tell Zoey about this matter!” she suddenly uttered.

Getting a little annoyed with her, he said impatiently, “I don’t have time to gossip about you.”

She fell silent, pressing her face against his back.

While she felt like Levi was a useless person and did not have many praiseworthy traits, it was incredibly hard to find a man as reliable as him nowadays.

No wonder Zoey refused to let him go no matter what.

After sending Iris back home, Levi went back as well.

“Hmm? Why do I smell a woman’s perfume on you? And blood?” Zoey’s sharp nose immediately detected these unusual smells.

“Huh? Really?” He did not smell anything.

“You even have a woman’s hair on you!” she accused as she plucked a long hair from his shirt.

He hurriedly explained, “It belongs to Iris!”

“Why were you two so close?” She puffed her cheeks up in anger and glared at him. Jealousy flashed in her eyes.

She did not care that it was her best friend; nobody was allowed to be in such close contact with him!


He did not know what to say. He wanted to explain what had happened, but Iris had insisted he keep her secret.

“I see. Can’t explain it, can you? Well, since you two are so intimate with each other, we should get a divorce! You can go live with her then!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 347

Levi was dumbstruck at the extent of Zoey’s jealousy.

She was even packing her stuff and getting ready to leave!

Fortunately for him, Iris arrived at that moment.

She was traumatized by her earlier experience and was scared to sleep alone tonight. That was why she had come to find Zoey.

Seems like the two of them are arguing over me.

Hastily fabricating a lie, she explained, “Zoey, please don’t misunderstand! I twisted my ankle, and it took me a lot of effort to convince him to carry me back home.”

Zoey relaxed. “Oh. Darling, I’m so sorry for wrongfully blaming you!”

Smiling, he replied, “Honey, you never have to worry. I’m not interested in this woman at all!”

“As if I would be interested in you!” Iris retorted.

Yet somehow, those words seemed wrong the moment they left her lips.

That night, the two women shared a bed while Levi slept in another room.

At the same time.

At Emperor Hotel, Phineas Robinson was busy hosting a very esteemed guest.

This guest came from the Lopez family and held a venerable position in the family.

Only someone from the main Robinson family had the rights to host this person.

It was none other than Wesley. He was here on behalf of the Lopez family for an event.

“Phineas, do you know who Nueve, Trey, and Levi are?” he asked curiously.

The other man replied, “Of course! Levi is currently the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce’s enemy number one!”

“How powerful are they?” Wesley pressed.

“Not that weak, but nothing compared to the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce. Why the sudden interest in these insignificant men?” Phineas wondered.

Wesley sighed. “Well, you know how my second uncle’s godson was killed here in North Hampton two days ago? These three are the culprits.”

Phineas nearly jumped out of his seat in shock. “What? Mr. Lopez’s godson was killed here in North Hampton? I thought his godson was Quentin Lane, the Devil of the underground boxing ring!”

Wesley sighed again. “Yeah. Quentin was supposed to be one of the best fighters out there, yet he still croaked. That’s why I’m asking you about those three men.”

“Well, I would say there’s nothing extraordinary about them. They probably used some sly tricks to kill off Lane. Does Mr. Lopez want revenge? I can help him!”

Wesley shook his head. “No! Quentin is Uncle’s favorite, and now that he’s dead, Uncle is way beyond furious. He vows to get revenge personally! I’m only here as a scout to find out some things for him. As for how we’re going to get revenge on Garrison, that will have to wait for Uncle’s arrival.”

“Mr. Lopez is coming to North Hampton? That would really shake things up!”

Just the thought of it had Phineas shuddering in fear.

Garrison has really done it this time! Of all the men he could have pissed off, he had to piss off the one with the title of Hades!

“Oh, by the way, Wesley, I’m not sure if you know this, but Levi Garrison is part of Morris Group. I’m guessing this incident has something to do with them. Otherwise, why else would he have dared to touch a hair on Lane’s head?”

Phineas deliberately brought Morris Group into the mix, wanting to shift the other man’s ire toward the company.

There was a frosty look in Wesley’s eyes when he answered, “I know. Someone must be backing Garrison up, or he wouldn’t have had the guts to make such huge waves. I don’t care who it is; we’ll deal with them as well!”

Phineas chuckled.

After Wesley left, Phineas abruptly thought of Louis.

“I wonder how things are going on his side? We’re in a hurry here!”

He dialed the other man’s number. Before the latter had a chance to speak, he queried, “How are things, Louis?”

“I’m afraid Louis has been, ah, crippled.”

The voice coming from the other side of the phone had Phineas tensing.

The Return of God of War Chapter 348
In a terrified voice, Phineas demanded, “Who are you?”

“Levi Garrison!”

“What? You’re Levi Garrison?” The shock he was feeling bled into his voice.

Speak of the devil indeed.

“W-what did you do to Louis?”

“I already told you. I crippled him,” Levi said with a chuckle.

Just then, one of Phineas’s men came hurrying over with a box. “Mr. Robinson, somebody sent this to you.”

Curious, he ordered, “What is it? Open it!”

When he saw the bloody contents of the box, he turned as white as a sheet.

“This is…”

Levi’s voice spoke up from the phone, “Louis’ manhood, of course.”

Sucking in a breath, Phineas felt sick. “Garrison, you sick man!”

Levi laughed before saying, “He couldn’t control his lower body, so I took the liberty of controlling it for him.”

A thought occurred to Phineas, and he questioned, “Does this mean Iris’ secrets are with you now?”

“Yup. You should give up on trying to buy over Morris Group.”

“Damn you, what the hell does this have to do with you? You’re just an insignificant staff member!”

Phineas was infuriated. Things had been going so well until that damned Garrison had come along to mess it up!

“You went after my wife’s best friend. Enough said. Besides, I’m a part of this company too! Who do you think got them all those medical supplies?”

A look of confusion descended on Phineas’ face. “What? I was wondering how Morris Group managed to obtain all those technologies. It was you!”

In the next instant, he understood.

It was not Neil Atkinson who had dipped his finger in the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce’s pie, nor was it the mysterious boss of Morris Group.

It was Levi Garrison!

He had somehow gotten his hands on all those technologies!

This guy has to die!

“I’ll say this again. You better not have any ideas about Morris Group!” Levi warned.

“Fine! I’ll admit defeat this time. But this isn’t the end of this matter!”

After Phineas hung up, he knitted his brows deeply.

There was no way he could let Levi go just like that.

But with the appointment ceremony coming up, this would be a bad time for the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce to be involved in any shady business.

“That’s right! Wesley!”

That night, he rushed to meet with Wesley.

“Wesley, I know you said you were only here to find out more information on Levi Garrison, but I think you should just get rid of them once and for all. That way, you could take credit for their deaths. I’m sure Mr. Lopez will be incredibly grateful to you for that!” Phineas suggested.

Wesley’s eyes gleamed. Although Sebastian Lopez was not the head of the Lopez family, his words still carried a lot of weight. Other than the head of the family, he did not respect anyone else.

If he, Wesley, really did resolve this matter, then Mr. Lopez would definitely hold him in high regard. When that happened, the chances of him becoming the man’s heir would be very high.

“You have any ideas, Phineas?” he asked.

Phineas chuckled slyly. “I’m sure you’ve heard about what’s been going on with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce recently, so you should also know that now is a bad time for us to do anything. I can lend you my men to deal with Garrison.”

Still uncertain, Wesley asked worriedly, “But they must be pretty strong if they can kill Lane.”

“Relax! The men I’m loaning you are all top-notch fighters. The Robinson family went to great lengths and spent a lot of money on cultivating these killers. All thirty of them have been raised since young to be the perfect killers and have learned all kinds of fighting skills. I bet you even the elites of the military are no match for them!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 349

“These men are stone-cold killers. As long as you pay them, they’ll be willing to kill anyone you want! Nueve and Trey are nothing compared to them!”

Phineas snapped his fingers, and thirty men filed into the room.

Each was solidly built with bulging muscles, not a hint of fat on any of them. Their faces were blank, but a murderous look was apparent in their eyes.

Even Wesley was taken aback at the intense and menacing aura they projected.

Never had he ever seen such malicious-looking men, even in the South Warzone.

Excitement coursed through him and he exclaimed, “Alright! If this mission succeeds, I promise I’ll make it up to you in the future!”

For the rest of the night, he was so excited that he could hardly sleep.

The next day.

Levi, Zoey, and Iris left the house together to head to work.

“I’ll make an exception today and take you to work,” Iris offered as she opened the car door and gestured for the man to get in.

Zoey nodded in permission, asking him to get in as well.

At that moment, in a private villa somewhere.

Nueve was lying on a bed with two women snuggled up on each side.


The window was smashed open before ten men charged inside aggressively.

Nueve leaped to his feet, shouting, “Who are you?”


The man in the lead, an expert in Muay Thai, knocked Nueve unconscious with one blow.

Meanwhile, in another private condominium apartment.

Trey had just gotten out of bed when someone knocked on his front door.

He had barely opened the door when several men barged inside. Before he could react, they knocked him out cold.

Back at Bayview Garden, Iris had only just started up the car and driven a few meters when –


A van suddenly blocked her way, causing her to slam on the brakes.

Ten men exited the van before making their way to her car.

“Roll down the windows, now!”

Terrified, Iris did as ordered with trembling hands.

By contrast, Levi seemed completely unfazed. He still had an arm hanging out the window lazily.

The man in charge took out a photo and glanced between it and Levi. “You’re Levi Garrison?”

Levi nodded. “That’s me. What’s up?”

“Come with us quietly, or suffer the consequences!”

“Why should I?” Levi retorted.

“Because you pissed off someone!”

Frowning, Levi mused, “Who did I offend?”

Getting impatient, the man growled, “Hurry up and come with us! Don’t force our hands!”

“I can go with you, but at the very least tell me who it is?”

“Listen closely! You pissed off Sebastian Lopez of the South City Lopez family. Thus, you have to die today!”

The man directly yanked open the car door and dragged Levi out.

Levi did not resist, allowing himself to be taken to the van. He wanted to get a look at who was after him this time.


The van door slammed shut before departing swiftly.

Iris could only stare off into space in shock.

Just then, Zoey came driving past.

Iris quickly hailed her. In a teary voice, she cried out, “Zoey! Something terrible has happened; Levi has been kidnapped!”

Zoey paled rapidly. “What? Levi was abducted?”

She felt herself grow faint at the thought.

Anxiety swamped her as she demanded, “Who did it? We have to save him!”

Iris repeated what she had heard earlier, “I think they said it was Sebastian Lopez of the South City Lopez family. I wonder who he is? The man also said that Levi had to die today!”

Zoey’s eyes brightened at the name. “The South City Lopez family? I have to find Grandpa; he’ll know what’s going on!”

Equally worried, Iris insisted, “Let me come too! Nothing must happen to Levi!”

Ever since he had saved her last night, she had changed her views on the man.

The Return of God of War Chapter 350

The moment Levi was pushed into the van, his captors had blindfolded him to prevent him from seeing where they were going.

He took this chance to rest his eyes as his posture slowly relaxed.

Soon, the van drove through the gates of a private villa.

This was the personal property of the Lopez family in North Hampton, and nearly no one knew about it.

Levi was pulled out of the car before being taken to the basement.

When his blindfold was taken off, he saw Nueve and Trey kneeling beside him. Their faces were swollen badly, showing they had taken a beating before he had arrived.

The two men were clearly surprised to see him. “Mr. Garrison, you too?”

Levi shot them a smile but did not speak.

Though, the sight of him served to relax the two men.

They had been worried about whether they would survive this, but now that he was here, there was nothing to worry about anymore.

Nueve bellowed, “Who are you? Do you have any idea who we are?”

The thirty men remained silent, merely staring at them with killer intent in their eyes.

At that moment, the door swung open, and several men walked inside.

The middle-aged man walking at the front was dressed in a black suit, with a pair of golden-rimmed glasses perched on his nose.

He sneered, “Levi Garrison, Trey, and Nueve, right?”

“Who the f*** are you?” Trey demanded.

“Let me introduce myself. I am Wesley Lopez of the South City Lopez family!”

“What? The South City Lopez family?” Nueve and Trey exchanged glances with grim expressions.

Comparing the Robinsons to the Lopez family was like comparing a kitten to a tiger. The latter was the biggest family in South City.

While North Hampton took the lead in economic development, South City was just better in general for everything else.

“You know the guy you killed, Quentin Lane? He’s my uncle’s godson.”

Nueve and Trey nodded. “Yeah, we did. However, we only retaliated because he tried to kill Mr. Garrison first!”

Wesley’s expression darkened at their words. “The way you phrase it makes it sound like you both answer to him?”

The two men snickered before Trey spoke up, “But of course! We live to serve Mr. Garrison!”

“It doesn’t matter what you do to us, but your biggest mistake was going after Mr. Garrison!” Nueve added meaningfully.

“Hmm? Why?” A sliver of unease rose in Wesley.

Zoey and Iris got to the Lopez family residence as fast as they could.

When Harry caught sight of Zoey, he snorted. “Why have you decided to grace us with your presence so early in the morning?”

“Grandpa, I need your help!” Zoey said tearfully.

At her words, Harry and the rest of the family guffawed.

“To think a day would come where you come asking us for help! You’re the great president, Ms. Lopez, aren’t you?” Henry mocked.

If she had to, Zoey would get down on her knees and beg. As it was, she pleaded, “Grandpa, Levi has been kidnapped! Please save him!”

“Hahaha! Isn’t this just perfect? He pissed off someone he shouldn’t have and is going to get killed for it!”

“Yeah! Good riddance, I say! Rather than leave such trash lying around in the family, might as well get rid of him as soon as possible!”

Everyone was chortling merrily at the news of Levi’s misfortune.

Harry took this chance to suggest, “Zoey, Grandpa thinks what has happened to Levi is a good thing as well. You can use this opportunity to divorce him and marry someone else.”

“Grandpa, I won’t divorce him, ever! All I want to do know is save him. Only you can help him now! Please, help us!”

With a thump, Zoey fell to her knees before Harry.

“Zoey Lopez! Have you gone mad? You’re actually kneeling for a rapist?”

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