The Return of God of War Chapter 3306

Chapter 3306 Scary Woman

Floyd went to ask the others, “Where is Master going?”

“I don’t know!”

Everyone shook their heads.

Right then, an idea came to Floyd’s mind.

Since Master is gone, should I test Evie’s spiritual bone? Just like Gloria, I’m curious about that too! If Master doesn’t leave, there’s no way I can test it. Now is my perfect opportunity to do that.

Gloria had already taught him how to test spiritual bones.

Needless to say, Gloria had considered the matter in a comprehensive manner. She had thought about all the possibilities.

She had even thought about the possibility of Floyd testing spiritual bones on his own.

Hence, she had already taught him how to do that earlier on. She had even given him the tools he needed.

What should I do? Should I test it?

Although he had the idea of doing so, he hesitated.

I don’t think I should test Evie’s spiritual bone.

I don’t care if someone finds out about it because there’s nothing wrong with me testing her spiritual bone.

However, what if someone relates my actions to Gloria? Others are going to think that Gloria is plotting against Evie.

No. I can’t let that happen! I can’t let Masters have a bad impression of Gloria before seeing her. Besides, I’ve just asked Evie about her technique. If I were to test her spiritual bone now, she’s going to get suspicious of me.

“Hey, Floyd. What’s wrong? Why are you staring blankly into space?” Zoey’s voice rang out all of a sudden.

Upon hearing that, Floyd jumped in fright. Luckily, I didn’t test Evie’s spiritual bone! Zoey is still here!

“I’m all right, Zoey!” Floyd quickly brushed her off.

Since he had lost the opportunity, he would have to test Evie’s spiritual bone another time.

At the same time, Gloria and her men had brought Sonja and the others to a secret base before throwing them onto the ground.




Gloria delivered a few tight slaps across Sonja’s face.

As a result, her cheeks were smudged with blood as the skins split open.

Thump! Thud! Bang!

Magnus and the others were beaten up as well, and their injuries worsened.

“That big mouth of yours! Why did you slander me? Why did you talk nonsense to Floyd? You b*tch!”

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Gloria slapped Sonja’s face again and again.

However, Sonja merely kept mum and stared at her disdainfully in response.

Instead, she had even grinned mockingly. “Are you scared, Gloria? Are you scared that Floyd might see through you? You’re afraid that Levi might find out who you truly are, aren’t you?”

Gloria was enraged because those words had hit her nerve.

Indeed, she was afraid that Floyd would see through her. She was also scared that Levi would find out about her.

Sonja laughed and uttered, “I admit that you are indeed very capable because you’ve totally gotten control of Floyd! However, can you guess what we’ve told Levi about you?”

Sonja wanted Gloria to lose her composure, so she kept provoking her.

However, she was disappointed very soon because she didn’t see the facial expression she wanted on Gloria’s face.

Instead, Gloria looked like she knew exactly what was going on.

“You guys didn’t tell Levi anything!” Gloria yelled.

Sonja got anxious, and she wanted to retort her. Before she could say anything, Gloria added, “It’s rather simple, really. That’s because you guys look down on me! You guys won’t bother to talk about a disgraceful and evil woman like me! Besides, this has nothing to do with you guys, so what could you have told Levi?

“Even if you did, I bet you’ve just casually mentioned me! In short, that’s none of your business! You guys won’t even mention my disgusting name, right? You guys have always been acting high and mighty, so why would you complain to him about me?”

Sonja and the others were in sheer astonishment, and they just stared at Gloria in disbelief.

This woman is terrifying!

Only then did they realize how scary of a woman she was.

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