The Return of God of War Chapter 321-330

The Return of God of War Chapter 321
“What a pity that we’ve lost two of our men. They are innocent,” Mr. Quinton sighed.

Levi shook his head helplessly. “Well, the business world is akin to a battlefield. Six years ago, I’d encountered an unexpected disaster and had nearly died!”

“We need to uncover the mastermind behind this scheme. We won’t let the perpetrators off easily!” Mr. Quinton bellowed out, in rage.

That night, at home, Zoey was terribly worried about Iris.

If everything were true, Iris would be sent to jail.

Right then, Harry arrived with the others.

“Haha! Zoey, you and the trash are fine? We’d heard that something had happened to Morris Group, so we’d thought that you’d been arrested.” Henry chortled.

Both Shaun and Melanie were smiling. “Seeing as how Morris Group is done for, Zoey’s company will be closed down too. Zoey, what is your plan?”

“Are you going to return to the Lopez family?” Fabian teased.

“I…” Zoey seemed helpless.

Her company was in trouble and would be acquired soon.

Harry grinned. “Zoey, calm down. I am here to strike a business deal with you.”

Zoey was confused. “Huh? What business deal?”

“About buying out your company. I plan to acquire your company at two million!” Harry replied.

“Two million?” Zoey was incredulous.

Even if Morris Group were to stop investing in my company, it’ll still be estimated at around one to two billion.

It’s impossible for someone to acquire it at a mere two million.

This is so absurd.

“Haha! Zoey, aren’t you aware of your circumstances? Once Morris Group goes bankrupt, your company will be largely affected. By then, you won’t even get two hundred grand, let alone two million.”

“Yes. Moreover, if you sell your company to Grandpa, you’ll still be able to work at Lopez Group,” Shaun and Harry sneered.

“Hey!” Zoey exclaimed furiously.

They’re merely here to add insult to the injury!

“Zoey, I’ll give you two days to consider my offer. Don’t delay it any further, or you’ll be sure to receive less than two million.”

“Besides, I’ve also heard that you’re striking a deal with a company in Keerea. Let me handle that, alright?” Harry offered icily.

After the Lopez family took their departure, Levi consoled Zoey, “Don’t worry, honey. Everything will be fine.”

Three days passed in a flash, and the special task force was about to announce the results of their investigation the next day.

That same night, Ron, Xawery, and Wildan were celebrating at the club.

“Haha! I’ve heard that Keith refused to allow anyone to see the evidence,” Ron chuckled.

“Yes. Keith’s an incorruptible police officer. He wouldn’t allow anyone to interfere with his decision!”

“We just have to wait for the results to be announced tomorrow. By then, Morris Group and their upgraded technology will belong to us! Hahaha…” Xawery was so excited that he was about to sing out loud.

He placed his arms around Wildan’s shoulders and started singing along with him.


Momentarily, someone kicked the door to their VIP room open.

Over a dozen police officers rushed into the room.

Ron and the other men were stunned.

Someone stepped into the room, flanked by the surrounding men.

He took out his ID and announced, “Keith York, captain of the special task force!”

“What? Keith York?”

Immediately, Ron and the others turned pale.

The Return of God of War Chapter 322
“Mr. York, your reputation precedes you!” Ron and the others smiled in greeting.

They had no idea why Keith had showed up so abruptly.

“How can you still be in the mood to sing? Don’t you know of the trouble you’re in?” Keith scoffed.

“Ah? Trouble? What trouble?” Ron and the others inquired in shock.

“You are all arrested!” Keith announced as his expression darkened.

His colleague showed them the arrest warrant.

“Huh? What? We’re arrested?” Ron and his friends asked incredulously.

“Unfortunately, the CCTV footage was recovered by an expert. We’ve found the culprit, and he’s given us your names!” Keith laughed coldly.


They were so stunned and almost passed out.

The next day, everyone waited eagerly for the results to be announced.

However, the results shocked them.

It was now apparent. The four council members of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce were the ones who had framed Morris Group.

All the culprits were arrested and sentenced.

Morris Group’s innocence was proved, and everyone was happy about it.

The group even compensated the victims’ families with money, receiving public praise.

Benny was glad by how the matter was resolved.

He admired how Levi had dealt with the matter. He was impressed by his attitude.

The Lopez family was dumbfounded. They wanted to buy out Zoey’s new company for two million, but Morris Group had emerged unscathed in the end.

After that incident, many hospitals released the results of their clinical trials regarding Morris Group’s medical devices. In conclusion, the devices were of outstanding quality and performed better than the previous versions of the device.

Soon, Morris Group’s business resumed with its regular activity.

This time, the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce suffered heavy losses.

Their market value dropped by at least ten billion.

The four noble families could do nothing but watch, as their losses increased.

Their only hope was the God of War.

The North Hampton Warzone’s commander-in-chief’s appointment ceremony was about to happen soon. It was said that the commander-in-chief, Percy Covington, was about to arrive in North Hampton.

Eric and the others were excited.

Even the Gonzales family, who was the wealthiest family around, was eager for that day to arrive.

Meanwhile, Andy brought good news to the Gonzales family… Una and her cousins were allowed to join the ceremony.

Of course they were elated when they had learnt of the news.

The young ladies and gentlemen of the upper-class society took events like this seriously.

To them, this was a great opportunity to raise their social status and brag about how they were invited to such an event.

“Haha! Now that the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce is weakened, I only have to bootlick the God of War to gain control over it, sooner or later,” Winston announced, utterly delighted.

“Sir, a Mr. Park Guk-chang from the Kappei Corporation in Keerea is here to see you,” the housekeeper came to inform Winston.

“Okay, let him in.”

Winston had plenty of partnerships with companies in Keerea, and Kappei Corporation was something he had considered trivial.

Nonetheless, he was in a good mood today, so he agreed to see the man.

Soon, Park Guk-chang entered the hall.

His request was simple. He was going to develop his business in North Hampton, so he came to curry Winston’s favor.

The most interesting thing was that Park Guk-chang Kappei Corporation was the company from Keerea that Zoey was going to collaborate with.

“Mm, I know your teacher well. I’ll provide you help, wherever it is needed.”

Upon Winston’s agreement, Park Guk-chang was ecstatic.

The wealthiest man’s promise meant that he could gain a firm foothold in North Hampton.

The next day, Levi was in his office when he received Zoey’s call.

“Levi, I’m in a middle of a discussion. Abigail needs some business data for her internship. Can you help me deliver it to her?” Zoey asked.

The Return of God of War Chapter 323
She was currently discussing a collaboration with Kappei Corporation from Keerea.

“Okay, I’ll send it over to her!”

After receiving the data, Levi headed to the University of North Hampton.

It took him a while to find Abigail.

Levi handed the file to Abigail and was about to leave when she stopped him.

“Levi, you haven’t had lunch yet, right?” Abigail asked.

“Of course. I came to deliver the file to you,” Levi responded.

“Come, I’ll buy you a meal. Shall we eat at the canteen?” Abigail gazed at Levi expectantly.

Levi could sense his stomach grumbling upon hearing Abigail’s suggestion.

He had not had a meal in his alma mater for years.

“Okay, let’s go to the canteen!”

“Let’s go!”

Abigail held Levi’s arm as they walked in the campus.

Levi did not think much about it, as she used to do the same thing when Zoey was accompanying them.

He merely thought of her as a young girl.

However, the other students did not think that way.

Abigail was popular in the university as she was pretty.

She had been single since she had arrived, and many students were curious as to when she would get a boyfriend.

Today, an unusual scenario appeared before their eyes… The pretty Abigail was holding a man’s arm in public!

Everyone who had witnessed that was stunned.

It was definitely shocking news.

Even though the man seemed to be older than her, he was good in every way.

At once, everyone was certain that he was Abigail’s boyfriend.

Soon, the news of Abigail’s boyfriend spread quickly throughout the campus.

Levi sensed that everyone was staring at him strangely, while Abigail was smirking silently.

She wanted to fool others into thinking that Levi was her boyfriend.

As she inched closer to Levi, her pursuers were about to slam their tables in rage.

“I never knew that Abigail liked older men!” the young men exclaimed in anger.

Finally, Abigail and Levi reached the canteen.

Levi chose a table which was at a corner, but everyone could not peel their eyes away from him.

When Abigail arrived with the dishes on a serving tray, Levi was exasperated. “Turns out you’re quite popular on campus, huh?”

“Of course! I’m one of the prettiest students in campus!”

Abigail leaned closer to Levi and asked in a low voice, “Levi, everyone thinks that you’re my boyfriend. What should I do? I’ll never get a boyfriend if this happens.”

Levi grinned. “Not a problem. I’ll inform the broadcast room…”

“Hey, you’re no fun!” Abigail pretended to be mad.

As the dishes were served, Levi started gobbling the food.

He did not realize that the crowd surrounding them was growing larger.

After filling up his stomach, Levi stood up to leave.

“I’ll send you off,” Abigail pronounced, trailing behind him.

She was gazing at Levi affectionately, so everyone immediately knew what was going on.

Many young men’s hearts were broken into pieces. Abigail really has a boyfriend!

As Levi and Abigail stepped out of the canteen, a group of people approached them, blocking their exit.

Levi tried to leave, but they would not allow him to do so.

These people were dressed in Taekwondo uniforms, appearing to be fierce.

“Park Heung-tae, what are you doing?” Abigail yelled angrily.

This exchange student from Keerea was skilled in Taekwondo, and he was an overbearing young man. He had punished all the boys who had tried to get to know Abigail.

Ignoring Abigail, Park Heung-tae glared at Levi, warning him in broken English, “Abigail’s mine! Stay away from her!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 324

Upon hearing that, a smile appeared upon Levi’s lips.

The exchange student’s behavior made him extremely upset.

Abigail disagreed and demanded, “Park Heung-tae, stop spewing nonsense. When did I become yours?”

“You are my girlfriend, Abigail. Everyone in the University of North Hampton knows it,” Park Heung-tae chirruped, smugly.

His friends from the Taekwondo Club immediately cheered for him.

The others were furious, but they had not dared to say a word.

These exchange students were arrogant, as they got to enjoy several privileges on campus.

Park Heung-tae himself had a black belt in Taekwondo, so no one dared to offend him.

“Leave Abigail now, or you’ll end up in a sorry state,” Park Heung-tae threatened icily.

“What’s happening?”

Right then, a voice sounded, all of a sudden.

Abigail’s senior, Kyle walked towards them.

He recognized Levi at once.

His father had told him that Levi Garrison was a big shot, whom he should befriend.

At that moment, Kyle knew his chance had arrived.

“You?” Park Heung-tae’s face darkened.

He had investigated Abigail’s pursuers, and his strongest contender was this man, Kyle Jarvis.

“Park Heung-tae, this is my friend. Don’t cause a scene,” Kyle announced with his hands in his pockets.

“Who the f** are you to order me around?”

No one expected that Park Heung-tae would start cursing all of a sudden.

Even Kyle was stunned.

Previously, Park Heung-tae had treated me with respect.

What’s happened to him today?

He was unaware that Park Heung-tae’s father, Park Guk-chang had gained Winston’s support, so his son had grown increasingly arrogant.

“Park Heung-tae, what do you mean? Are you being cocky right now?” Kyle bellowed in anger.

You’re embarrassing me in front of Levi!

“Ha! Do I need to show you respect? You Erudian monkey!” Park Heung-tae reached out to pat Kyle’s cheek.

“D*** it!”

Kyle’s face fell as he took off his shirt, ready to fight.

I must teach him a lesson today!

“You want to fight with me? Good, good!” Park Heung-tae was excited.

As two famous students in the university were about to fight, a massive crowd had formed around them.

I must win this fight!

Kyle roared and rushed towards his opponent like a ferocious tiger, generating a powerful force.

As Kyle charged towards him, a murderous glint flashed across Park Heung-tae’s eyes.


He shifted slightly to avoid Kyle’s attack before giving him a forceful kick.

Kyle was immediately flung back several meters. After he landed on the ground, he groaned, unable to rise again.

“D***!” Everyone gasped.

Kyle had learned to wrestle since he was young, and he was good at it. However, he could not even handle Park Heung-tae’s punch?

How strong could Park Heung-tae be?

Elated, Park Heung-tae swept his gaze across the crowd. “Is this how Erudians fight? What a load of crap. Compared to Keerea’s Taekwondo, it’s nothing but trash!”

“Erudian wrestling is trash! I’ve heard that Kyle was an expert in wrestling, but he is useless!”

“That’s right! Erudian wrestling seems exceptional in movies, but is actually useless in reality!”

The Taekwondo Club’s members mocked continuously.

Park Heung-tae snickered, “Erudian wrestling is trash! Today, I, Park Heung-tae, welcomes anyone who disagrees to fight me. There are no rules, so if you’re hurt, it has nothing to do with me. This applies the other way around, as well.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 325

The crowd fell silent, and no one dared to look at him.

Smiling, Park Heung-tae declared, “No one wants to take up my challenge? Does no one dare to prove your Erudian wrestling? What a bunch of losers.”

He taunted the Erudians mercilessly before their faces.

Who on earth could bear with that?

However, everyone was helpless.

Even Kyle, who was an expert, was defeated, let alone, what would befall the rest of them?

Those who dared to accept his challenge were seeking death.

Right then, everyone who met Park Heung-tae’s vicious grin hurriedly lowered their heads in shock.

“Hahaha! No one in Erudia is going to prove that Erudian wrestling works? How disappointing. Your country is declining!”

To show off in front of Abigail, Park Heung-tae had blatantly provoked the entire country.

In a small voice, Abigail asked, “Levi, is he that good?”

Levi replied with a smile. “He’s nothing but an ant.”

Five years ago, Levi had encountered many men like this on the battlefield.

The Keerean soldiers were the worst of them all.

Right then, Park Heung-tae turned his sharp gaze to Levi. “What’s wrong? Do you want to challenge me?”

As Levi was standing beside Abigail, he had wanted to teach him a lesson from the very beginning.

Levi said nothing as he walked towards Park Heung-Tae.

The young man was thrilled. “Haha! Great! Finally, someone is willing to challenge me!”

As he stared at Levi, who was making his way over, dozens of ways to torture Levi appeared in his mind.

Soon, I’ll show Abigail what a real man is like!

In a blink of an eye, Levi was less than five meters away from Park Heung-tae.

Levi extended his right fist.

“Trash. What an idiot,” Park Heung-tae scoffed.

To him, Levi’s punch was full of flaws.

He reached out to block the punch instinctively.

However, the moment he touched Levi, his expression changed drastically.

Levi’s fist was faster than he had expected and was growing bigger in his eyes.


The forceful punch landed on Park Heung-rae’s face as he flew back like a broken puppet.

A gush of blood flew through the air, along with several of his teeth.

The punch threw him dozens of meters away. Park Heung-tae crashed through two trees before he finally collapsed to the ground.

“Ugh…” Park Heung-tae yelled in agony, as he rolled on the ground in pain.

“Young man, you can’t insult Erudian wrestling,” Levi reprimanded him before leaving with Abigail.

Silence ensued.

No one had expected that the devil incarnate, Park Heung-tae would end up in such a situation.

Levi had simply punched him once, but he had ended up badly hurt.

Now, it seemed like Taekwondo was trashed instead!

The news spread like wildfire.

Right then, in Zoey’s new company at Union Square.

Zoey was discussing her collaboration with Park Guk-chang.

After gaining a foothold in North Hampton, Park Guk-chang surveyed the market, before realizing that Zoey’s company had huge potential and would be the perfect partner for him.

At this moment, he received a phone call.

“What? My son is in the hospital because someone has beaten him up?”

Park Guk-chang’s expression darkened.

“Ah? Are you okay, Mr. Park?” Zoey inquired.

“Ms. Lopez, I have to go. My son has been beaten up, and he’s in the hospital right now. I need to go to him,” Park Guk-chang explained.

“Let me come with you,” Zoey responded, as their collaboration was extremely important to her.


They soon arrived at the hospital.

“Who did this to you?” Park Guk-chang urged.

“A man named Levi Garrison!”

“What? Levi Garrison?”

Zoey’s face fell.

The Return of God of War Chapter 326

Park Guk-chang demanded, “Do you know him?”

“He’s my husband,” Zoey answered honestly.

“Ha! What a coincidence. Your husband did this to my son? How?” Park Guk-chang was furious.

The medical report showed that Park Heung-tae had sustained multiple fractures, including facial fractures.

The punch left him a helpless wreck. He was lucky enough to have survived.

“Think about how you should settle this matter. I demand an explanation! I’ll be frank with you. The wealthiest man, Winston, is my backer! I will pursue this matter!” Park Guk-chang uttered in a stern tone.

Zoey walked to a quiet zone and called Levi at once. “Do you know you’re in trouble?”

Levi was surprised. “Huh? I’m in trouble?”

“Did you punch someone?” Zoey snapped.

“Yes, I did. But it was a friendly competition. The other party said that if he got hurt, it would have nothing to do with me,” Levi replied.

“Ugh. Why do you like to get into trouble? You’re in deep s*** now!”

Zoey was so infuriated she hung up at once.

She returned to Park Guk-chang. “Mr. Park, we’ll take full responsibility for this. I hope that we can settle this out of court. We’ll pay for the hospital bill and compensate you.”

Park Guk-chang glared at her. “No! I won’t go easy on you!”

Zoey asked, “Then what do you want me to do?”

“Easy. Your husband should suffer twice as much as my son has. My son fractured twelve ribs, so your husband has to fracture twenty-four ribs. The same goes for the other injuries, too.”

“Then, you shall sleep with me for one night. I will stop pursuing this matter if you agree,” Park Guk-chang suggested.

The first time he saw Zoey, he was attracted by her beauty.

This was the perfect opportunity for him to score her.

“No!” Zoey declined at once.

“I insist on compensating you. We can pay any amount that you demand,” she uttered.

Park Guk-chang sneered, “Compensation? Do you think that I need money? You’ll have to play by my rules!”

“If you don’t agree, I’ll ask the Gonzales family to talk to you!”

A cold glint shone in Park Guk-chang’s eyes.

Zoey’s face darkened, as her heart lurched anxiously.

It was obvious Park Guk-chang was trying to force her to cave in by threatening her with the Gonzales family.

If the wealthiest family around intervened in this matter, they would be in deep trouble.

However, if this were brought to court, Levi would be jailed for a few years.

If they settled it out of court, the Gonzales family would ensure that Levi was punished twofold and she would be sexually assaulted as well.

Compared to the Gonzales family, they were nothing.

“I’ll give you a few hours to think about it,” Park Guk-chang snorted.

After leaving the hospital, Park Guk-chang rushed over to the Gonzales family house to ask for Winston’s help.

“Mr. Gonzales, are you the most powerful man in North Hampton?” Park Guk-chang asked.

Winston’s face fell as he admitted, “Yes, I am. Everyone fears me in North Hampton.”

“But my son was assaulted after mentioning your name. He’s now lying in the ICU,” Park Guk-chang complained.

“What? He’d mentioned my name but was assaulted?”

Winston stood up abruptly.

No one in North Hampton dared to disrespect him!

Park Guk-chang showed him the medical report and explained the incident briefly to Winston.

“How ridiculous! How dare he hurt someone under my protection?” Winston was infuriated.

The Return of God of War Chapter 327

The other Gonzales family members reacted similarly.

Their family’s reputation was very important to them.

“Tell me. Who’s the culprit? I’ll make sure he pays for what he’s done!” Winston raged.

He had just agreed to protect Park Guk-chang, so he needed to fulfill his promise.

“The man’s name is Levi Garrison,” Park Guk-chang told him, frankly.

“What? Levi Garrison?”

Upon hearing the familiar name, Winston and the others stiffened slightly.

Park Guk-chang was astonished. “What’s wrong? Is he a difficult target?”

“No, he’s someone whom we all hate.”

Una divulged the past incidents to Park Guk-chang at once.

Park Guk-chang let out an icy laugh. “This Levi is nothing but trash. He was hugging his sister-in-law in public. My son fancies his sister-in-law. He said something to them and got assaulted. Mentioning your family didn’t work, too!”

“How dare he look down on our family?”

Winston was infuriated. “He’d even beat up your son. I’ll make sure that he pays for what he did!”

Park Guk-chang was elated.

It had turned out that so many people had hated Levi, including the Gonzales family.

That’s good news!

With the Gonzales family’s support, I’ll get to avenge my son and sleep with Zoey.

“Tell Luke to come see me,” Winston ordered sternly.

Soon, the Gonzales family’s security team leader, Luke Gonzales, showed up.

Luke was a retired mercenary, and he was a skilled fighter.

He was known as the top fighter in North Hampton!

Even the God of War, Liam Macy’s subordinates could not defeat him.

Hence, Luke was Winston’s trump card.

“Luke, accompany Mr. Park to meet Levi and tell him what he should do. Say it’s Winston Gonzales’ order!” Winston announced.

“Yes, Sir!”

A menacing glint flashed across Luke’s eyes.

At night, when Levi returned home, he got scolded by an angry Zoey.

“You’re in deep trouble. Park Guk-chang is backed by Winston. How should we fight against him? Besides, why did you beat him up? Are you crazy?” Zoey roared.

“Zoey, you’re wrong. Park Heung-tae was the one who’d kicked up a fuss. He said it was a friendly competition and that if he got hurt, it would have nothing to do with us. Besides, he had also hurt my senior!” Abigail explained to her.

“Yes, he might’ve said that, but it’s different now because he’s hurt!” Zoey still appeared to be upset.

Right then, someone knocked on the door.

When the door was opened, they saw Park Guk-chang with Luke and his men.

“You’re Zoey and Levi, right? I’m Luke Gonzales, here by the order of Mr. Gonzales. Before midnight, at twelve, if the both of you come to the Lafite Mansion to receive your punishment, he’ll let you off the hook. Otherwise, the Gonzales family will do all that we can to punish you!” Luke threatened.

“Yes, you must pay the price!” Park Guk-chang yelled.

“You’ve got it wrong. Your son was the one who’d started it. He’d said that it was a friendly competition and that it was fine to get hurt!” Abigail defended them.

Clap clap! Park Guk-chang clapped his hands.

Instantly, dozens of her friends appeared behind him.

“No! Levi was hugging Abigail on campus. Park Heung-tae saw them and wanted to stop them, but Levi beat him up!”

“Yes, Levi was the one who’d started it.”

“I’d heard it with my own ears. Levi kept insulting them, claiming that Taekwondo was trash!”

Abigail was stunned.

How dare they twist the facts?

The Return of God of War Chapter 328

“Nonsense! Park Heung-tae started insulting Erudia first. As Erudians, where is your conscience? Did you forget how he’d insulted our country this morning?” Abigail cried.

These students stiffened, but swiftly retorted, “Ha! Did he? No, he didn’t. Park Heung-tae is a kind person. How would he insult Erudia?”

“Yes, you have an affair with your brother-in-law and had beat him up because he’d caught you in the act!”

A repeated slander made others believe it.

As so many people were condemning Levi and Abigail, even Zoey was embarrassed by their accusations.

“No! Park Heung-tae hit Kyle first! We can ask Kyle to prove our innocence!” Abigail suddenly suggested.

At the same time, Kyle revealed himself. He was standing at the back of the crowd the whole time.

“Impossible. Levi was the one who’d hit me. I was condemning him with Park Heung-tae, but he did this to me!”

Kyle was glaring at Levi viciously.

Park Guk-chang was smug. “What else do you have to say?”

“Levi and Abigail have to apologize! Levi must pay for what he’s done!” Kyle and the dozens of students shouted.

It was as if Levi was in the wrong.

Between the Gonzales family and Levi, Kyle chose the Gonzales family.

Thunderstruck, they instantly understood what was going on.

The Gonzales family and Park Guk-chang had arranged for everything to happen.

No matter how wealthy Kyle’s family was, he dared not go against the Gonzales family.

They pushed the blame to Abigail and Levi, using the Gonzales family’s influence to twist the truth!

Levi felt chills spreading across his chest upon that sight.

Where are their consciences?

Back then, when Park Heung-tae insulted Erudia, everyone was involved.

When I took action, they cheered for me.

But now, they are turning their backs to me by framing me.

Well, that’s disappointing.

Abigail knew why these students were willing to commit perjury. Besides the Gonzales family and Park Guk-chang’s coercion, Park Heung-tae was an exchange student, so they had no choice but to do so.

If they offended the exchange students, they’d be ostracized by other students, as exchange students enjoyed a high status on campus.

Right then, the Lopez family rushed over after hearing the news.

Even Iris who lived next door, arrived.

After hearing the claims, they started hurling out accusations.

“I was right! Levi’s nothing but a beast! He’s harbored indecent thoughts for my sister-in-law, and now, he’s involved with his other sister-in-law!”

“He’s even offended the Gonzales family. He’s dead meat for sure!”

“I suggest for Zoey to divorce him as soon as possible!”

Fabian and the others spoke up.

Even Iris appeared exasperated. “Why did you beat him up with no reason? You’re in deep trouble now, for offending the Gonzales family.”

“Isn’t Zoey good enough for you? Why did you seduce Abigail?”

Indeed, Levi and Abigail were rendered speechless.

This time, Park Guk-chang and the Gonzales family had an absolute advantage.

“From what I know, Park Heung-tae holds a black belt in Taekwondo. You must be good at fighting, huh? Why don’t we fight?” Luke stared at Levi, seemingly interested in him.

“What? You’re Luke Gonzales, the top fighter in North Hampton?”

Harry and the others’ expressions changed abruptly.

They had heard about this man. Normally, he would stay out of minor matters. However, if he took action, he would often cripple or kill his opponent.

Levi was done for!

He was screwed.

“Remember, come to Mr. Park before twelve, at midnight. If you don’t show up, everyone here should prepare to suffer from the Gonzales family’s wrath!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 329

Luke left right after warning them.

Before Park Guk-chang left, he shot Zoey a smirk.

I must sleep with her no matter what.

After Luke and his men left, the Lopez family started cursing.

Levi had brought them into this mess by offending the wealthiest Gonzales family!

No one could afford to offend them.

“Quick, go see him now!” the Lopez’s urged.

Caitlyn was sobbing profusely. “Why won’t you stop inviting trouble? We’re finally living well, but you had to do this to us!”

Aaron sighed, “Why did you offend the Gonzales family out of a sudden?”

“You must go for Zoey’s sake!” Iris told him.

However, Zoey refused to let Levi leave. “No! If you go, they’ll beat you up!”

“Levi, if you’re a man, you should bear the responsibility for your own actions!” Iris, Harry, and the others reprimanded.

“Okay, I’ll go,” Levi agreed.

“I’ll come with you.” Zoey stood up.

“There’s no need for that. I can handle it myself.”

Meanwhile, Park Guk-chang was waiting at Lafite Mansion.

Luke had left earlier on, as the Gonzales family was only used to intimidate them.

Finally, at twelve, Levi arrived`.

“Mm? You’re here alone? Zoey must be here, too!” Park Guk-chang chortled.

With the Gonzales family’s support, he was certain that he would get Zoey soon.

Upon seeing Levi, Park Guk-chang’s men surrounded him immediately.

To their astonishment, Levi was not nervous at all. He plopped down onto the sofa and lit a cigarette.

His calm demeanor caught Park Guk-chang by surprise.

What is he doing?

“Winston Gonzales is your backer right?” Levi inquired.

“How dare you address Mr. Gonzales in such a manner!” Park Guk-chang roared.

Smiling, Levi replied, “Winston Gonzales? He’s a mere prey to me.”

“What? How dare you insult him?”

Park Guk-chang and his men were incredulous.

“So what if I’d insulted him? I can beat him up too!” Levi smoked as he told them calmly.

“What? The nerve of you! Today, I’ll help Mr. Gonzales punish you! Beat the crap out of him!” Park Guk-chang demanded furiously.

Dozens of men rushed to Levi at once.


However, right then, the door crashed open with a huge bang.

Dozens of mercenaries with different skin colors rushed into the mansion.

Crackle, crackle…

The team of mercenaries led by James was so skilled, that Park Guk-chang’s men were defeated in no time.

“Him, too!”

Levi pointed at Park Guk-chang.

James strode over to Park Guk-chang and grabbed his collar as though he was a little chick.


He punched Park Guk-chang so forcefully that blood spurted out from him.

Park Guk-chang was stunned.



James continued punching Park Guk-chang until he fainted, his blood pooling on the ground.

In the end, Levi finished his cigarette before leaving the scene.

When Levi returned home uninjured, everyone was shocked.

“Huh? What happened? Didn’t they find fault with you?”

They stared at Levi, utterly confused.

“No. I’ve solved the matter. It’s fine, you can go home now!” Levi answered.

Meanwhile, Winston was asking Una, “How did it go? Did Park Guk-chang cripple Levi?”

“Grandpa, let me ask them.”

Una wanted to see Levi getting beaten up too.

“What? Park Guk-chang is in the hospital because someone had beaten him up? He’s faring worse than his son?”

Una was dumbfounded to hear that, after she made the phone call.

The Return of God of War Chapter 330

It was late at night, but Winston, Una, and the others rushed to the City First Hospital.

Park Guk-chang had survived, but he was still unconscious.

Upon seeing Park Guk-chang wrapped up like a tortilla in the ICU, Winston could feel his anger boiling up.

Park Guk-chang was small fry, but he was backed by Winston.

As he had gotten beaten up, it had harmed the Gonzales family’s reputation.

Winston could not allow that to happen.

“Levi Garrison! I can’t take this anymore! Since you keep provoking me, I won’t let you off the hook!” Winston howled angrily.

“Levi knew that Park Guk-chang was backed by us, but he’d hurt him nonetheless. He paid no heed to us and has insulted us!”

The other members of the Gonzales family were infuriated.

“We must cripple Levi! Otherwise, it’ll be detrimental to our reputation!”

Soon, news about Park Guk-chang’s injuries spread to the Lopez family.

They were shocked to hear such news.

It was revealed that Levi had handled the matter by beating him up.

“B! I’ll kill him now!” Harry was enraged.

Zoey received his phone call and immediately woke Levi up.

“What did you do? Did you hurt another person? Do you want to ruin my life?” Zoey almost burst into tears in anger.

How can Levi court disaster so easily?

“Don’t worry, the Gonzales family will apologize to me in no time,” Levi replied confidently.

“You’re beyond saving.”

Zoey could not sleep and went to Iris for help, while Levi resumed in his nap.

The next day.

News spread around North Hampton swiftly that someone had provoked the wealthiest man around… Winston Gonzales, in public.

Beating Park Guk-chang was akin to humiliating Winston.

In the morning, the Gonzales family’s fleet of cars was lined up outside.

Winston wanted to teach Levi a lesson to show the entire North Hampton that he was still as influential as he had been, previously.

Before they left, Winston’s son, Andy ran towards him.

“Dad, what are you doing?” Andy inquired curiously.

“We’re going to teach Levi a lesson!” Winston replied.

“You can’t go now. The new commander-in-chief, Percy Covington, is about to arrive in North Hampton. The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce will find out about his arrival soon. We must pick him up before they do!” Andy seemed anxious.

“So soon?” Winston was surprised.

“Yes, I have no idea why Commander-in-Chief Covington arrived in North Hampton earlier than expected. After receiving the news, I came over at once,” Andy responded.

“Hurry! Let’s go and pick him up now. We can’t let the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce get ahead of us!” Winston urged.

“Grandpa, what about Levi?”

As Una wanted to humiliate Levi as soon as possible, she was impatient.

Winston thought about it and consoled her, “We’ll have plenty of chances to punish him in the future. Besides, Commander-in-Chief Covington has just arrived. We shouldn’t leave a poor impression on him now.”

“Grandpa, you can go and pick Percy up while I bring Luke over, to teach Levi a lesson. He’s just a commoner, so it won’t leave a bad impression,” Una suggested, refusing to give up.

“Sure. You can take care of Levi.”

Winston turned to order Luke, “Protect her well!”

Luke nodded. “Don’t worry, Sir. I’ll be right by her side!”

Luke was confident that he could cripple an ordinary man like Levi in no time.

He thought that he was overqualified for the job, actually.

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