The Return of God of War Chapter 311-320

The Return of God of War Chapter 311
Even the Gonzales family and members of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce had to concede to the Macy family.

Liam could not think of another person who would have the courage to challenge his family in North Hampton.

He received the piece of paper without saying a word.

“The God of War, Garrison?” Liam read the words written on the paper.

Liam understood the message immediately. The Macy family’s trouble is here.

Logically speaking, the God of War was the only person, with the family name Garrison, who’d dared to refer to himself as the God of War in North Hampton.

Most of the elites in North Hampton were aware that the God of War’s family name was Garrison, after all.

Normally, any other person would have figured out the message written on the piece of paper instantaneously. However, the members of the Macy family were oblivious to that matter.

The reason was due to their misconception of the term, ‘God of War’.

Liam Macey’s nickname was ‘God of War’, so they would naturally think of Liam at the mention of the God of War.

None of them would relate the term to the God of War in the army.

The term varied between those two individuals.

‘The God of War’ was referring to a military rank, in Levi’s case, while that term was merely Liam’s nickname.

Liam frowned. “What does this mean?”

“Master, you’ve offended someone very powerful this time. I think that you should quickly release Mr. Quinton,” Jack suggested.

He did not reveal Levi’s identity for his own selfish reasons.

Jack had never successfully surpassed his Master, Liam, no matter how hard he had tried, or how influential he became, due to Liam’s constraint.

So, he wanted to seize that opportunity for Levi to eliminate Liam.

In that way, Liam’s family business would fall into his possession.

Jack could finally be the one true king of North Hampton.

Jack was deliberately provoking Liam to let the latter’s ego overwhelm his rationality.

“Are you warning me?”

Andy surmised, “The meaning behind this message is clear as day. You are the God of War while this person with the name Garrison desires to rescue Benny Quinton. He’s trying to threaten you with a family name!”

Liam and Nathan laughed aloud after listening to Andy’s analysis.

“A person with the family name Garrison in North Hampton? Could this person be from the Garrison family? That Garrison family that requires the Rogers family’s support? How dare he threaten the Macy family?” Liam roared.

“Bring me a piece of paper and pen!” Liam ordered.

Liam wrote a few more words on the back of the piece of paper, The God of War, Macy, Death.

The meaning behind the message was simple. Anyone who had the courage to defy the Macy family would have to face death.

Liam Macy was well-known in the underworld, as well as the upper-class society in North Hampton.

Anyone who was acquainted with Liam, sought out his help whenever they had faced trouble in recent years. Liam would often leave them with a piece of paper. Written on the piece of paper were the words, The God of War, Macy.

Those few words were all it took to resolve all their predicaments.

Any party that saw the message would be fearful because those words were like a direct threat coming from Liam himself.

No one had the guts to go against those who were under Liam’s protection.

Jack had relied on that matter, on multiple occasions, to instill fear in his enemies. They knelt before him once they had seen Liam Macy’s name printed on Jack’s fan.

“Return this piece of paper to that person. Now!” Liam ordered coldly.

Even Winston Gonzales and the members of the Chamber would have to yield before that message, not to mention a mere Garrison family member.

“Understood, Master. I’ll do as you say right away.” Jack received the piece of paper with shaky hands.

Jack made a swift return, to Levi.

Levi and the others were stunned as they read the few words written on the back of the paper.

“He’s so arrogant?” Levi uttered with a smile. Then he gave Jack a meaningful look.

Jack felt as though his intention was exposed, as Levi fixated his piercing gaze on him.

“What a daredevil, Liam Macy! How dare he refer to himself as the God of War?” Kirin was mad.

The Return of God of War Chapter 312
Levi lit a cigarette and smiled. “I’d wanted to resolve this matter peacefully, but he’s not accepting my kindness! Kirin!”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Transfer your Special Operations Regiment here. Let’s go!”

“Yes, Sir!”

A bizarre scene was observed on the main streets of Hampton City swiftly after.

A convoy of tanks sped in the direction of ‘the War God’s Mansion’.

Many passers-by gathered around to watch, but they were unaware of what was happening.

Over a hundred bodyguards were still blocking outsiders from entering the Mansion at that moment, as they continued to chase away groups of people.

The bodyguards chuckled as they thought to themselves, These people should learn to know their place. Even the wealthiest man, Winston Gonzales, has to yield to the Macy family, not to mention, what more of people like them?

Then, the bodyguards saw Jack Smith marching toward the entrance again.

However, this time, a few people were following behind him.

“Please head back, Mr. Smith. Mr. Macey had given us some orders. You are not allowed to go into the Mansion,” the leader of the bodyguards informed Jack.

Jack was wearing an odd facial expression. His voice trembled as he muttered, “No… It’s not me. They are the ones who want to enter the Mansion.”

The bodyguards turned to look at Levi and the others after listening to Jack.

The bodyguards’ leader sneered, “Please go back. No one is allowed to enter the Macy’s family house today!”

His subordinates stared at Levi and the others menacingly.

Levi beamed at him. “What if I am determined to enter?”

“Then you’ll have to face death!”

Kirin met with the leader’s eyes all of a sudden and took out a gun from around his waist. Then he aimed the gun at the latter’s head and questioned him, “What about now? Can we enter the house now?”

Anxiety crept into the leader’s chest as he did not expect Kirin to draw his weapon.


The rest of the bodyguards shuffled anxiously while eyeing Levi and the others angrily.

The bodyguards’ leader was equipped with a tough mindset. He responded with a smile, “Don’t be rash. This gun does not guarantee your entry into the Macy’s family house!”

The other bodyguards jeered at Kirin. What a fool. How dare he provokes us, at ‘the War God’s Mansion’? He’s obviously tired of living. We are talking about the Macy family, after all! The most influential family in the city!

“Does that mean that we are still not allowed to enter the place?” Kirin asked.

“Of course! Winston Gonzales and the people from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce failed to enter too!” The leader announced, mockingly.

“Okay. Advance!” Kirin waved his hand.

Deafening noises erupted from behind them all of a sudden.

Twenty tanks entered everyone’s vision and rumbled forward, towards the entrance.

All the bodyguards were scared out of their wits at the sight of the tanks. They could only stare at the scene in a daze.

They hurriedly moved backward as the tanks advanced in their direction, without showing any signs of stopping.

The tanks finally came to a halt as the bodyguards had their backs stuck to the wall.


A platoon of fully-armed special troops alighted the tanks. They wore custom-made masks to cover their faces.

The Special Operations Regiment consisting of three hundred members lined up in a few rows and marched toward the War God’s Mansion.

The bodyguards’ leader peed his pants in fear while Kirin continued to press the gunpoint against his head. I’d thought that he was a mere fool. But d*** it! I did not expect the Special Operations Regiment to be here! Is this even real?




All the bodyguards groveled on the floor while covering their heads with their hands. There’s no way we can fight them. He has summoned the entire Special Operations Regiment!

“Aren’t you too full of yourself, Liam Macey? Why are you not welcoming the God of War when he’s at your doorstep?” Azure Dragon sneered.

“Pfft! The only person who can qualify the title of the God of War in North Hampton is my grandpa! Everyone else is nothing but trash!” Andy bellowed furiously after hearing Azure Dragon’s voice.

He pushed the door open and charged forward in an imposing manner as he retorted.

The Return of God of War Chapter 313
Tap tap tap…

However, Andy was dumbfounded when he took in the Special Operations Regiment’s formation outside the house, as the sound of the soldiers marching reverberated beside his ears.

“This, this, this…”

Andy could not recover from the impact he received after witnessing the Special Operations Regiment lined up before him.

His subordinates following behind him were about to shout unwelcoming speeches at the people outside the house when they were immediately pinned to the ground.

His men did not even have a second to react.

The soldiers charged into ‘the War God’s Mansion’ and even dragged Andy along with them.

Anyone who stood in their way was dealt with and shoved aside.

Levi and the others entered the Mansion, after the Special Operations Regiment cleared away all the hindrances.

The bodyguards inside the Mansion thought that someone had barged into the house.

They wanted to counter the intruder at once.

To their misfortune, the sight of the soldiers scared the life out of the bodyguards.

In less than thirty seconds, all the bodyguards inside ‘the War God’s Mansion’ were subdued.

Moreover, the soldiers infiltrated the Mansion without making any excessive noise. They had successfully taken control of the place without anyone else noticing.

Kirin’s harsh training was effective, as he had turned the normal soldiers into an elite troop.

The soldiers lined up in two rows from the house entrance to the meeting hall after they conquered the War God’s Mansion.

Levi, Azure Dragon, and Kirin marched forward.

Inside the meeting hall.

Liam sipped on his cup of tea while sitting calmly in his chair.

Nathan was slightly worried. “Could something bad be happening outside the hall?”

Liam smiled. “Don’t worry. Andy is more than capable of handling everything!”

Benny merely put on a pensive smile without saying a word.


The door to the meeting hall was knocked over, by a huge force, as soon as Liam spoke.

A dozen soldiers rushed into the meeting hall the next second.

They quickly lined up into two rows inside the hall.

Liam and Nathan were startled by that sudden scene. Why are there soldiers inside my house? Moreover, these men appear to be a well-trained army!

“Aren’t you a daredevil, Liam Macy?” A group of people entered the meeting hall, echoing a thunderous roar.

The soldiers saluted the people who had walked through the door at once.

Liam was terrified by what he had just witnessed, while Nathan’s legs almost gave way.

Members of the Macy family should have had experienced all kinds of occasions in life. Nonetheless, the sight of the soldiers was too scary and incomprehensible to them.

What on earth is happening?

Benny stood up only after he saw Levi.

Clarity washed over Liam. That’s the person whom Benny Quinton is waiting for. The person that is capable of inflicting trouble upon my family!

“I’m glad that you’re alright, Mr. Quinton!” Levi grinned.

“Yes. They did not give me any trouble,” Benny relayed.

Nathan felt his strength seeping away from his body as Azure Dragon fixated his gaze on him. No words came to Nathan at that moment. Who the hell are these people? Do people like them exist in North Hampton? Why haven’t we heard anything about them?

Liam was a veteran in life. He was able to regain his composure and asked, “Who are you?”

“I am the person who’d sent you the note earlier,” Levi answered.

“The God of War, Garrison?” Liam frowned. He was bewildered. “Please forgive my foolishness. I did not know that there was someone as accomplished as you in the Garrison family from North Hampton.”

Liam and Nathan were caught in perplexity.

“Mr. Macy, why don’t you let your imagination run free for a moment. A God of War with the family name of Garrison who is currently staying in North Hampton…” Benny reminded Liam.

“A God of War with the family name of Garrison? I don’t know this person. God of War? Garrison? Wait…”

Liam’s face turned ashen, as he was shocked to his core.

He looked at Levi and exclaimed in astonishment, “Don’t tell me you’re the legendary God of War?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 314
“Yes. You’re absolutely right!” Kirin smiled.

Levi exclaimed, “No, no, no. You’re the real God of War!”


Liam almost passed out from fear, listening to Levi’s comment. The God of War? This is just a nickname given to me by people in the underworld. This is completely different from the real God of War. I can’t believe something as melodramatic as this is actually happening today! The God of War had warned me by sending me a note, yet I did the most ridiculous thing to threaten him! Wait, something’s not right. I think Jack Smith screwed me over!

Liam glanced at Jack. He knew that his apprentice was setting him up. Jack could have explained Levi Garrison’s identity to me, but he did not. He’s trying to eliminate me by utilizing the God of War’s authority.


Liam got down on his knees.

“Sir, everything that has happened today is just a misunderstanding! I invited Mr. Quinton to my place because I’d needed treatment.” Liam explained in a hurry.

Levi sat in Liam’s seat and responded with a smile, “Okay. Let’s put aside this matter related to Mr. Quinton. How should we address the incident that has happened in the hospital?”

Liam looked at Andy immediately. “Hurry up and summon the men whom you’d assigned to the hospital earlier!”

All eight men were brought forward after a short while. All of them knelt on the floor in fright.

“This is just a misunderstanding! We were impatient just now!” The men shivered fearfully.

Liam piped up after noticing their conditions, “Sir, I will make sure that they receive the appropriate punishments for hitting those innocent people by following the law.”

Levi’s lips curled into a sneer. “Well, I want to deal with this matter by using my way today because of a reason!”

“Reason?” Everyone was astounded.

“Do you remember hitting a female doctor?” Levi asked.

The men exchanged glances with one another.

The only person who had fitted Levi’s description was Benny Quinton’s assistant, who had tried to stop them from leaving at that time.

They nodded after a moment of consideration.

“Oh, just so you know, that person is my mother-in-law!”

Dreadful silence filled the air after Levi spoke.

Everyone was stunned.

So, they hit the God of War’s mother-in-law? Where did they find the courage to do something like that?

Liam was drenched in a nervous sweat, as his face turned pallid, after a split second.

He had never been more afraid in his entire life.

Liam and Nathan finally understood how terribly they had raised Andy, by constantly showering him with affection, fulfilling his every wish.

Andy grew up to become an arrogant, self-centered brat who would do anything as he pleased.

Now they had to suffer the consequences of their bad parenting.

Andy, soaked in a cold sweat, regretted his decision as well, for accidentally harming the God of War’s mother-in-law.

“Who hit her?” Levi asked.

All eight men, groveling on the floor, shuddered. None of them dared to admit their sins.

“So, you’re not confessing?” Levi’s voice was heard again.

The rest of the men took a step back to expose the culprit.

The culprit, Tig, shook with fear.

“Did you hit my mother-in-law?” Levi questioned him.

Tig wanted to answer him, but he could not utter a single word.


Levi kicked Tig in his face as the latter flew a few meters across the hall.

Tig was dragged to Levi’s feet again.


Levi slapped Tig’s face forcefully and sent him flying across the room again.

Then, he was dragged to face Levi’s wrath again.

The process was repeated by at least twenty times.

Tig’s face had turned into a bloody mess after Levi was done. His facial features became misshapen and disfigured.

Everyone else inside the hall was petrified by Levi’s ruthlessness.

Even the big boss of the underworld, Liam, was trembling.

The Return of God of War Chapter 315
“Is that the way you should treat hospital staff? How could you have to gall harm them, when they’ve been working hard to rescue lives? Did they offend you? Where is your conscience?” Levi directed volleys of questions at Liam and his men.

Pin-drop silence lingered in the air inside the hall, as no one dared to make a sound.

Levi knew that he had every right and reason to punish those people for what they did.

“I want all of you who’d hurt the hospital staff to kneel and apologize to them at the hospital. Then you will fully compensate them, for the damage you’ve done!” Levi demanded.

“Okay. I will make the necessary arrangements!” Liam answered.

Levi then turned to glance at Liam. “The Macy family shall retire from now on!”


That announcement was a bolt from the blue to the entire Macy family.

Levi had determined the Macy family’s fate with a single command.

The Macy family would cease to exist in the underworld from that moment onwards.

Jesse Nielsen may not have had the authority to uproot the Macy family’s influence, but Levi could.



Andy and Nathan looked absolutely miserable.

They had wanted to inherit the Macy family’s possession, ruling over North Hampton’s underworld in the future.

Levi’s order had shattered their dreams.

Liam, on the other hand, was calm and collected. He accepted the family’s fate without any protest.

In his opinion, it was already a blessing for them to remain alive, after that incident.

However, he knew that the Macy family’s enemies would soon target them after they lose their status. So, the chances for them to survive would be slim.

The Macy family’s crisis had truly arrived.

At that moment, Jack Smith, who was hiding amongst the crowd, smirked. Everything is proceeding as I’d planned. Levi Garrison has eliminated Liam Macy as I’d expected. I can finally become the most powerful person in North Hampton’s underworld. Hehe…

However, Levi turned to look at Jack, just as the smirk crept across his face.

“Do not think that I’m unaware of the scheme that you were planning, Jack Smith. You are going to retire alongside the Macy family!”

The smile on Jack’s face wavered, after listening to Levi.

He stared at Levi in utter disbelief. How can this be happening?

To his misfortune, Levi did not stop there.

He had eradicated all the underworld forces in North Hampton that day.

That news shocked everyone in the whole of Quebec.

Ultimately, Benny returned to the hospital unscathed.

The wrongdoers knelt before the hospital to express their remorse, compensating the hospital staff with a large amount of money. Soon after, all of them were detained.

Nonetheless, the most important consequence following that incident was Liam Macy’s downfall.

However, the reason behind his downfall was a secret.

To his dismay, members of the Gonzales family and the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce understood, that the turn of events was due to the God of War’s interference.

Liam Macy had truly offended someone he should not have.

Caitlyn stayed at home to recuperate after she had suffered that terrible injury.

She felt relieved after knowing of the wrongdoers’ willingness to compensate and apologize.

Caitlyn turned to look at Levi and Aaron seated beside her bed. Then she muttered coldly, “The two of you are spineless men! No one would have dared to bully me if you were slightly capable.”

Levi knew that his mother-in-law was merely venting out her anger.

I can’t imagine that some thugs would dare to barge into the hospital, hitting innocent passers-by, even with my status as the God of War!

Levi arranged for a few bodyguards to protect Benny at all times, after that incident.

He did not want to risk Benny’s safety anymore.

Things stayed normal, as life went on afterward.

Soon enough, one day, Iris received a piece of news. There was a problem with Morris Group’s product.

Their medical apparatus had caused a patient’s death, while the patient was receiving treatment in a clinical setting!

The authorities had investigated the issue and determined that the apparatus was the cause of the sudden death.

Morris Group’s medical devices were deemed to be faulty!

“That’s impossible! All of our products were subjected to stringent quality control tests! There should not be such an issue!” Isaiah was astounded.

Iris sighed, “Perhaps someone is trying to frame us.” It is not surprising for us to be targeted by business competitors since our products are monopolizing the market. Nonetheless, this is too much to cause a person’s death!

The Return of God of War Chapter 316
The matter spread to the public before Iris had time to contain the news.

The media and newspaper publishers swiftly reported Morris Group’s error as a headline topic, The medical devices endorsed by the national treasure, Benny Quinton, were deemed defective. Use of the medical devices in a clinical setting had resulted in the death of a patient!

That news became an instant sensation that spread all over Erudia.

Benny’s appointment as Morris Group’s ambassador had boosted Morris Group’s reputation and sales to the top in the business field.

The company’s market value increased steeply as well.

Morris Group’s exponential growth had limited the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce’s control over the market.

Unexpectedly, a disaster occurred just after a few days of success.

A patient’s death was a taboo in the medical field.

Unfortunately, Morris Group had to face the predicament.

At eight o’clock in the morning.

Quebec’s Department of Business and Management, Department of Work Safety, Consumers’ Association, Department of Commerce, Department of Commercial Products’ Quality Assurance, and State Police Department joined forces to investigate that matter.

They halted Morris Group’s factory production and operations at once.

All six departments had assigned a special task force to Morris Group, temporarily suspending Morris Group’s business license.

The entire organization that was running smoothly before had collapsed, all of a sudden.

Iris and the other executives were discussing ways to deal with the issue when a group of people marched up to the meeting room.

The door to the meeting room was forcefully pushed open.

“Can I meet with the person-in-charge in this place? We are from the special task force established by the six main departments in Quebec. We are tasked with the investigation of the grave error found in your company’s products!”

The man leading the group of people was Keith York, the deputy director of the Quebec Police Department. He was nicknamed ‘Justice Keith’, for his righteous personality.

No one expected a special task force to be established with the sole purpose of handling that matter. So, it was clear to see the impact of the flaw in Morris Group’s medical apparatus.

Iris stood up frightfully and explained, “I am the vice-president of Morris Group, Iris Anabelle. I am the person-in-charge for now.”

Keith introduced himself in a cold tone, “I am the captain of this special task force, Keith York. Request for your company’s president and chairman of the board to show themselves at once!”


Iris was caught in a difficult position.

All the other executives were exchanging glances, one amongst the other because even the majority of them had never seen Morris Group’s big boss.

Their president, Neil Rhodes, was not frequently seen in the company as well.

“Mr. York, I am the main handler of Morris Group at the moment. You can speak to me directly if there’s anything urgent,” Iris relayed.

Keith sneered, “A vice-president is running the entire company? Maybe Morris Group’s faulty internal management is to blame for this flaw in the company’s production! I am now suspecting Morris Group’s owner to be on the run after committing a crime!”

“No, that’s not it…” Iris hurriedly shook her head.

“Okay. Then why don’t you tell me what’s going on?” Keith stared at her.

“I…” Iris did not know how to describe Morris Group’s management style because their big boss and president, Neil Rhodes, were extraordinary men.

“So, you can’t tell me anything?” Keith jeered at Iris.

“I hereby announce all on-going processes in Morris Group to be halted and every member of the company to be subjected to inquiry. The employees related to the production department will undergo rigorous questioning. The police will now begin to inspect Morris Group. Anyone who is involved in this fatal incident will be severely punished!”

All members of the company’s upper management were anxious after listening to Keith’s speech. If the police can prove Morris Group’s negligence in this matter, the company will meet its downfall, and all of us, executives, will certainly face time in prison.

Iris and her colleagues defended themselves, “I hope you will uncover the truth, Mr. York. There is absolutely nothing wrong with our products. We’d even received multiple certifications from the Quality Control Department. Moreover, we even have Mr. Quinton to guarantee our products’ quality. There must be someone out there who’s trying to frame us!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 317
“Is that so? But are you able to guarantee the quality of every item produced by your company? From what I’ve heard, Morris Group has been rushing the production’s progress lately. Other manufacturers took half a year to produce a similar machine, while Morris Group’s production used less than a month.

I can’t help but feel suspicious about your manufacturing speed. Indeed, Mr. Quinton is your company’s ambassador. No one will dare to question the product’s quality because of Mr. Quinton’s prestige. In that case, did you manipulate his honorable reputation to bypass the quality control processes?”

Iris was rendered speechless, as she could not refute Keith’s suspicions.

At that moment, the people from North Hampton Commercial Crime Investigation Section arrived as well.

“Who’s the person-in-charge here? We’ve received an anonymous report that Morris Group plagiarized the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce’s core technology. We have discovered this report to be truthful, after a series of investigations. Morris Group’s products are almost identical to the Chamber’s, but the Chamber has been producing these products for years!”


Everyone was stunned after listening to the false accusation.

The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce had filed a complaint against Morris Group for plagiarism when they were the ones who had committed the crime.

Keith smiled after hearing that statement. “No wonder there is an error with the medical apparatus. You’d plagiarized the core technology from another source but had failed to produce products with the same quality!”

“Yeah. That must be it. The medical apparatus must be flawed because of that!”

Members of the special task force jeered at Iris and her colleagues.

All the media began publishing news related to that topic, The authorities have proven Morris Group to have plagiarized the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce’s core technology. Plagiarism is the primary cause of the fatal incident.

Netizens flooded the Internet with angry comments after the news was spread to the public. Morris Group’s market value plummeted. A huge crisis befell the company, as they faced the risk of bankruptcy.

That was not the full extent of the impact of that incident, because even Benny was dragged into the mess.

Some media sources released information of Benny receiving a huge amount of ambassador fees from Morris Group. They estimated the sum to be close to three hundred million.

The media rebuked Benny for his lack of professionalism and unethical personality, to guarantee the quality of Morris Group’s products even when he was in the know of their products’ subpar quality.

Some even referred to Benny as a hypocrite.

Meanwhile, Morris Group’s trouble continued to snowball.

The police officers arrived after being summoned by Keith.

“Iris Anabelle, Isaiah Wade…”

The majority of Morris Group’s executives were brought away by the police.

The severity of that incident was as clear as day.

At that moment, in City First Hospital.

Benny was treating patients as usual in the clinic, while Caitlyn helped him out as his assistant.

Right then, a commotion erupted in the hallway.

“What’s going on?” Benny frowned.

He was not afraid for his safety, as Levi had arranged for skilled bodyguards to protect him.

A few patients’ family members rushed into the office swiftly after.

“You’re an unethical doctor, Benny Quinton! How can you live such an unethical life?”

“How can you spend the three hundred million without any guilt or remorse?”

“Don’t you feel sorry for killing your patients?”

They pointed at Benny and reprimanded.

“You’re a beast, Benny Quinton! You’re the worst doctor in Erudia!”

“That’s right! You do not deserve to wear that white coat! All of you are terrible human beings!”

The family members were agitated. They would have physically harmed Benny if the other doctors and nurses did not stop them.

“Boohoo… you died for no reason, my hubby! Your sickness was not severe in the first place!” A middle-aged woman knelt in the office and cried hysterically.

All the other family members began thrashing the office, as they continued to curse Benny.

“What has happened?” Benny was confused.

“Mr. Quinton, a patient in the hospital used a medical apparatus produced by Morris Group last night and died because the machine had broken down. The patient was merely diagnosed with a mild sickness,” A doctor informed Benny of the truth.


Benny slumped into the leather seat after he listened to the doctor’s explanation.

The Return of God of War Chapter 318

Even Caitlyn, who was standing aside, turned pale. Someone’s dead! This is a huge problem! Mr. Quinton had assured the public of the product’s quality, after all. Everyone will be targeting him before Morris Group if there’s anything wrong with the medical apparatus.

“How is this possible?” Benny could not believe the turn of events.

After all, he had tested and analyzed the medical apparatus with his students. Moreover, Morris Group had received two different quality assurance certifications.

The only explanation is that someone intended to frame Morris Group. However so, this method is simply unacceptable. They’d caused a person’s death!

Benny slammed his hand upon the surface of the table. “I, Benny Quinton, will handle this matter!”

He told Caitlyn to inform the hospital to hold a press conference for him.

Benny attended the press conference that was held, soon after.

His message to the public was simple. He assured everyone he would investigate the incident, to uncover the truth. If the patient’s death were truly due to the quality of the product, Benny told the media that he would be willing to end his own life, to make up for his mistake.

That issue attracted more attention after the press conference ended.

No one expected Benny to be so determined, as he was willing to give up his own life to make amends for his error.

On the other hand, in Bale Group.

Ron Bale, Xawery Yount, and the other two council members of the Chamber gathered.

“How are things now, Ron? Did you make the proper arrangements?” Wildan Saenz asked worriedly.

Ron smiled. “Don’t worry. I did not leave any traces. My men had destroyed the surveillance footage in the hospital when we’d secretly changed the medical apparatus. Even the police will never recover the footage with their technology!”

“Does that mean that Morris Group will face their demise with utmost certainty this time?” Xawery was ecstatic.

“That’s right. Morris Group is doomed! Moreover, the special task force assigned to investigate the matter is unmerciful in carrying out their duties. No one can help Morris Group this time, regardless of the support that they have!”

“I know about this. Even Mr. Nielsen can only keep himself updated with the investigation progress. He does not have the authority to interfere!”

Everyone laughed.

Ron’s eyes gleamed with malicious intent. “Although we hate that old fool, Benny Quinton, we do have to thank him! It is because of his prominent reputation that’d caused Morris Group’s flaw to be magnified and disseminate by the public. This matter has become so critical that even Mr. Nielsen cannot intervene.”

“Hmph! That’s what he gets for deciding to help Morris Group publicize their products!”

“Benny Quinton is just a hypocrite. He’s acting high and mighty, but who knows how much money he had received from Morris Group in secret?”

Wildan and Xawery sneered.

“Not only did we manage to eliminate Morris Group this time, but we’d also increased our sales by a large margin. So what if our products are more expensive? The consumers will still pick us because our products are safer to use!”


The group of cunning men smirked.

They were truly evil and unprincipled businessmen who prioritized their own benefit, above all. They did not care about sacrificing others to satisfy their greed.

Ron and his friends could not care less about the patient who had passed away in the hospital. They had not even felt sorry, for his death.

They could remain nonchalant because they were already numb from committing similar crimes, one too many times.

Sacrificing innocent people to achieve their goals had become a norm to those members of the Chamber.

The public was urging for Morris Group to disband and for authorities to detain the owner of the corporation.

The reason was that Morris Group’s boss had yet to show himself since the beginning of that incident. Iris was the highest-ranking executive to address the public thus far.

Aside from Morris Group, Zoey’s newly-established company was facing a difficult time as well.

Her new company would dissolve, following Morris Group’s disbandment.

Coincidentally, Zoey was discussing a possible collaboration with a foreign enterprise from Keera, at that moment.

The potential partnership would fall apart if Morris Group succumbed to the plight.

Benny met up with Levi immediately.

Levi was livid after he was made aware of the on-going situation.

“There’s no doubt that the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce is behind this!” Levi spat out.

The Return of God of War Chapter 319

Upon discovering that the Morris Group was expanding its businesses swiftly, it was evident that the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce would suffer the most losses.

However, it was unexpected that they would take such drastic actions!

“The most difficult thing to do right now is to uncover the truth. I’m certain that all the clues would have been destroyed by now,” Levi declared.

As of now, Phoenix was already investigating the matter.

“Sir, the CCTV footage from eleven-thirty to twelve at the City First Hospital was deleted!” Phoenix reported.

“That could only mean that someone had entered the hospital during that time period to take action,” Benny suggested.

Levi inquired, “Phoenix, can you fix it?”

“I need the video source. Even if it was corrupted on purpose, I can fix it,” Phoenix replied.

“Okay, we’ll go right now.”

Soon, Levi and Benny arrived at the hospital’s control room.

However, the door was guarded by a few men who refused to let them enter.

Benny was straightforward. “I’m Benny Quinton. I need to get last night’s CCTV footage…”

“No! I don’t care who you are. No one but the special task force can enter,” the men insisted. They refused to let anyone in.

“Fine, let’s go take a look at the devices that were affected.”

Levi and Benny headed over to the room, only to be informed that the devices had been removed.

Only the special task force had access to the devices.

Upon hearing that, Levi contacted Jesse at once.

“Nielson, I need the CCTV footage from City First Hospital,” he announced.

“I can’t help you with this! The special task force was sent by the South Warzone in South City, Quebec. We, at North Hampton, received orders not to interfere in their investigation. I’m really sorry.” Jesse seemed torn.

“By the way, my teacher, Grover Cooke, was the one who suggested it. To avoid suspicion, no one in North Hampton is to intervene. Besides, they are to come up with a conclusion in three days’ time,” Jesse professed.

“Okay, got it.”

After hanging up, a smile appeared upon Levi’s lips.

He had heard about Grover, as that man had connections with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

Well played, North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

You kicked up a fuss so the South City would send someone to deal with it. You’ve refused to allow anyone from North Hampton to intervene. By pinning it on us, you can take down Morris Group in the fastest way possible!

“Azure Dragon, find out who’s the captain of this special task force,” Levi ordered.

Soon, Azure Dragon brought back news. “Sir, the captain is Keith York, deputy director of the Quebec Police Department. York is famous for being an incorruptible police officer. He won’t let anyone intervene in this case!”

“Okay. Relay my order. Tell Keith York to come and meet me!” Levi pronounced.

Shortly after, a car arrived at the manor.

Alighting the car was Keith, the captain of the special task force.

Azure Dragon led Keith to the room.

In the room, he saw both Benny and Levi.

“Greetings, God of War,” Keith greeted him politely.

“Keith York? Do you know why I’ve summoned you here?” Levi inquired.

Keith was taken aback. Gritting his teeth, he muttered, “I know of your relationship with Mr. Quinton. I’ll be frank here. You can’t intervene in the Morris Group’s case. I won’t allow you to do as such.”

“No one in North Hampton is allowed to intervene. I remember that you’re the deputy of North Hampton, so please understand my plight.”

“If you insist on intervening, it’ll be over my dead body!”

Keith’s tough demeanor stunned everyone in the room.

The Return of God of War Chapter 320
They finally realized why this was no easy feat. Even Jesse’s hands were tied.

Levi questioned, “Mr. York, how’s your investigation going?”

“We only have three days’ time to settle this case. From the evidence we’ve gathered, Morris Group’s products were of inferior quality. We’re almost certain that it was Morris Group’s problem. So, we’ll arrest those involved and stop production of the related products,” Keith explained.

Although he knew that something went wrong with the CCTV, the technical department still could not fix it.

“What if I insist on intervening?” Levi asked.

“It’s as I’d said earlier. If you insist on intervening, it’ll be over my dead body!” Keith refused to relent.

Suddenly, Levi smiled.

“Mr. York, I believe that you aren’t aware of this. My soldier, Kirin, and I are both involved in this case. We can’t stay out of this.”

“Ah?” Keith was confused.

“No, you’re not involved in it,” Keith assured.

“You’re saying that without thorough investigation?” Levi demanded icily.

“Sir, I don’t understand you…” Keith lowered his head anxiously.

“Morris Group is being managed by its vice president now, right? What about its president and chairman?” Levi inquired.

Keith immediately blurted out, “That’s still under investigation. I believe that we’ll discover who they are soon!”

“No need. Kirin is the president, and I am the chairman,” Levi revealed.


It was as if thunder had struck Keith, as he stared at Levi in shock.

He came to his senses immediately.

If it weren’t for Levi, why would Benny Quinton arrive in North Hampton and promote the products?

Furthermore, why would Levi produce inferior quality products in the first place?

Someone is framing Morris Group.

He belatedly realized what was happening.

“Allow my men to assist in your investigation,” Levi ordered.

“Got it!” Keith agreed at once.

Soon, the corrupted video source was sent to Phoenix.

Levi, Benny, and the rest went to view the affected devices themselves.

After checking the devices, a smile appeared on Levi’s lips. “Mr. York, these products don’t belong to Morris Group!”

“Huh?” Keith and his men were stunned.

“During production, I’d instructed the technical department to print some special codes secretly on our devices, to prevent disputes from happening. However, these devices don’t have the codes! You can confirm this by checking the other products from Morris Group.”

Keith told his men to validate Levi’s claim instantly.

After comparing the devices, the men confirmed that Levi was speaking of the truth.

The devices manufactured by Morris Group indeed had special codes printed on them! These devices here didn’t have any!

“Find out where the devices are from!” Keith ordered.

Meanwhile, Phoenix quickly recovered the CCTV footage.

Upon watching the video, everyone was shocked.

Indeed, someone had switched the medical device!

They were framed.

“Find out who’s the man in the video!”

Keith flew into a howling rage.

He was an impartial, being a mere police officer.

If not for Levi’s assistance, he would have certainly dealt with the case wrongly.

Hence, he blew his top.

On the other hand, Kirin handed Keith another file.

“Inside this file is the evidence and clues on how the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce stole Levi Group’s core technology.”

“Okay, I’ll investigate this matter as well!” Keith nodded.

He was full of admiration for Levi.

Levi’s really capable, solving problems easily and efficiently, he thought.

The matter had been resolved.

Even Mr. Quinton was relieved.

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