The Return of God of War Chapter 3071

Chapter 3071 No Warning Necessary

Everyone was still staring at Levi in disbelief and shocked by his seemingly naive actions and speech.

“Ah! I think I know your concern! You think I don’t have what it takes to ask for the box, right?” Levi mumbled.


The next moment, a cold, blinding flash of light appeared and lit up the whole site.

The God Crusher made its appearance!


The God Crusher emitted a horrifying burst of energy, and before anyone could realize what was happening, all two hundred Deities fell at a go, pierced to death in a single stab.

Although it looked as though they were killed by the same stroke, it was an illusional effect due to the lightning speed of Levi’s strokes.

Within a second, all two hundred Deities from Xyperia exploded into a mist of blood and disappear right before the eyes of the mysterious man.

He was stunned by the sight of two hundred Deities being eliminated at a go, a feat no one had thought was possible.

Since he left Zarain, he had never worried much about Levi. He thought Levi was a weakling he could easily fool around with.

It was beyond him that Levi possessed such mighty powers! The power Levi displayed was comparable to those from his clan, and they had the super-spiritual ley line!

How was it possible Levi could possess similar powers?

He started to panic, even though he knew he was formidable himself. However, power was relative, and he was only confident he was strong when compared with the Deities.

Levi was obviously a league above those Deities, and comparable to himself.

He had grossly underestimated the power of Levi.

He did not think anyone other than he and his clan would possess such extraordinary power.

“Do you know who I am? How dare you think of stealing my possession! Kneel and apologize, and I may consider cutting you some slack!”

Those mysterious people from Zarain had a huge ego and an inflated sense of superiority.

He never knew what fear was and would definitely not think of succumbing to Levi’s demand to hand over the magical medicine.

Levi laughed at his demand to kneel and apologize.

“Hand over the magical medicine, then you can tell me who you are!” Levi was a little curious and would like to know who the man was and where he was from as well.

“You want to know about me? Do you think you are good enough to ask about me? You are not!” The man retorted arrogantly, then added, “You must be tired of living, that’s why you foolishly think of stealing my possession!”

“Oh really? Then I might as well finish you off!” Levi replied with a laugh.

“Kill you, then I can take your things. As for your identity, I am sure I will find out when your family and friends come to seek revenge for you,” Levi said.


The God Crusher was floating in the air and taking aim at the mysterious man.

It’s terrifying power was reaching out toward the man and causing him to back off in fear.

“I doubt you dare to do that!” He was still retorting pridefully, despite showing fear in his unconscious moves.

“Kill!” Levi coldly ordered, and instantly, the God Crusher transformed into a flash of light and went straight toward the man.

Rumble, rumble, rumble…

The mysterious man started surrounding himself with a shield of powerful energy and rings of halo appeared on his arms. There were peculiar symbols on the halos, and those halos seemed to give him intimidating power.

The halos gathered in front of him and formed a glowing shield. The symbols on the shield interacted with one another and empowered him with seemingly never-ending spiritual energies.

The shield appeared to be impenetrable and able to withstand the attack of most divine tools.

Unfortunately, he was up against the God Crusher. It penetrated the protective glowing shield effortlessly and went straight into his body.

His body started to fade and disintegrate, vanishing into thin air.

The disbelief look in his eyes at the final moments betrayed his feelings. He had not expected Levi would kill him so decisively without any warning.

He was only playing hard to get and was prepared to tell Levi who he was if pressured.

However, Levi had no patience for such ego games. It was not important for him to find out who the man was. He was certain he would find out sooner or later, whether directly from the man or from his clan in the future.

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