The Return of God of War Chapter 281-290

The Return of God of War Chapter 281
The stinging slap across the face jolted Mandy.

She covered her face and looked at Corey incredulously. “Mr. Stone, how have I offended you?”


Corey gave her another tight slap across the head. “You stupid b*tch, don’t you know what you’ve done wrong?”

“W-What have I done wrong?” Mandy repeated in puzzlement.

Marshall and the others were burning with curiosity as well.

What did we do?


Corey slapped her again.

“I really don’t know what I did wrong, Mr. Stone,” Mandy cried, her face swelling up.

“Do you know about the zillionaire at Audi next door?” Corey asked sternly.

“Yeah, they spent two hundred million at one go,” Mandy, Marshall and the others said.

“Then let me tell you something. This zillionaire had gone to our store first!” Corey shouted madly.


Mandy and Marshall’s faces fell.

“Huh? The zillionaire really came to our store? Then why didn’t he purchase anything?” Mandy and Marshall asked.

“Why? Aren’t you guys at fault for this? How is he going to buy a car if you guys didn’t allow him to enter?”

“Yeah, I also heard that this zillionaire was kicked out of the Mercedes Benz 4S dealership store! They even called him a poor bastard!”

Hearing that, Mandy and Marshall were dumbstruck with terror.

Surely they had chased away many potential customers in the name of the event today, but they didn’t expect a zillionaire to be among them.

“Fools! I’m going to kill you! Don’t you understand what you did wrong? You’ve ruined me!” Corey roared.

At this moment, there was a hubbub inside the Audi 4S dealership store, with a crowd forming around a man as they walked out.

“Here he is, the zillionaire!” someone shouted, and everyone looked over.

Corey quickly went up and bowed in greeting, catching Levi off guard. “Nice to meet you, Sir! I was wrong! I’ve failed to educate my staff!”

“Mr. Garrison, this is Corey Stone, the General Manager of Mercedes Benz,” Jace introduced.

Levi put on a straight face which almost gave Corey a heart attack.

So is this what it feels like to step off on the wrong foot?

“Dear Mr. Garrison, I just found out what happened. It’s my fault for being lax in educating my staff! I didn’t expect to have such unqualified subordinates! Please accept my apologies!” Corey bowed.

Thereupon, he dragged Mandy, Marshall, and the rest to the front.

Levi slowly shifted his gaze to them…

When Mandy and Marshall looked up, they nearly passed out in shock.

It’s Levi Garrison! Levi’s the zillionaire who had bought two hundred over cars at once!

He’s really here to buy a car and our store was his first choice!

But we drove him away…

Where did he get the money to foot a two hundred million bill at once, though?

The Return of God of War Chapter 282
Everyone was scared silly!

Can his gaze be any more frightening?

Why is a zillionaire like him keeping such a low profile?

Why isn’t he decked out in designer brands?

Who would have thought that he is the zillionaire?

Is it too late to say that we regret our actions?

Marshall and the others regarded Mandy with resentment. If it weren’t for Mandy’s vicious mockery towards Levi, they wouldn’t have followed suit and acted so badly.

Mandy was scared out of her pants.

Right then, Levi’s voice was heard. “I don’t accept apologies!”

Corey panicked.

Shit! Is the end of me for offending such an invincible zillionaire?

“Mr. Garrison, I swear I’ll fire Mandy, Marshall, and the eight other staff at once,” he said hastily. “And any company or 4S dealership store related to Mercedes Benz will never hire them, ever again!”

Mandy and Marshall wanted to faint.

Corey had just cut off their source of income by stripping them off of their high paying job, and that was just about the biggest punishment there was.

“We at Audi shall not employ people like Mandy,” Jace seized the opportunity to announce.

“We at BMW will never hire people like these either!”

“Porsche as well!”

Mandy, Marshall and the other’s faces darkened.

All the car brands on Coastal Street had made their stance clear, which was akin to them being banned by the entire industry!

At the very least, they would have no other means of subsistence in North Hampton.

Levi sneered at Mandy, “And they said women have good intuition, I guess not?”

Hearing that, Mandy, Marshall and the others got on their knees, begging, “We were wrong, Mr. Garrison. Please forgive us just this once…”

Levi turned a deaf ear and left straight away, leaving Mandy and the other women a crying mess.

“Somebody get rid of these scum!” Corey yelled.

Something magical had happened in front of Morris Group’s office building today.

It was a stunning spectacle in which two hundred new Audi were delivered and parked on the square.

Most importantly, the higher ups of Morris Group were all kept in the dark.

The incident soon alarmed Iris as she hurried down with a group of executives.

Several trucks were still unloading the cars on the square.

“Excuse me. What’s going on here?” Iris asked in a fluster.

The truck driver replied, “The person in charge of the Audi 4S dealership store said there’s a big boss who had ordered two hundred over Audi in a single bill. I was told to send them to Morris Group, and that’s all I know.”

“A big boss? Why did he buy so many cars?”

Iris was all the more confused because she didn’t have a clue who the buyer was, and that was when Isaiah ran out.

“Ms. Anabelle, it’s the big boss who bought them!”

His words sent shock waves through the crowd.

This big boss’s style of doing things is really unfathomable.

Why did he buy so many cars?

Just then, an Audi A8 came to a halt before them.

Coming down from the car was Kirin.

“Mr. Atkinson!”

The employees went up to greet him.

“Since y’all are here, I have an announcement to make,” Kirin said, seeing that almost everyone from the upper management was around. “Morris Group will soon implement a reward system.”

“Rewards will be given according to individual performance. Regardless of whether you are an executive or an ordinary employee, there will be a reward if you perform well. You saw the rewards—cars!

We don’t hold back on rewarding our staff. The Audi parked in the square cost at least four hundred thousand each. As long as you work hard, the two million Audi R8 sports car could be yours.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 283
“But of course, if you don’t want a car by then, it can be converted into cash.”

“I’ve also heard that the big boss has plans to reward you guys with houses and mansions in the future. As long as you make profits for the company, the company will give you a future.”

“Yes, Sir!”

The entire Morris Group seethed with excitement at Kirin’s announcement. The reward system had struck exactly the right note with the employees.

Rewarding a car that costs at least four hundred thousand is too posh! We must work harder! Only then can we enjoy a brighter future in this company!

“Not many departments have shown outstanding achievements as the company has just been established,” Kirin continued. “But we are all witnesses to the achievements of the technical department, aren’t we? With that, the big boss has decided to reward fifteen cars to the technical team!”

The technical team went wild.

Isaiah was so exhilarated that his eyes brimmed with tears.

The others looked on enviously, vowing to work even harder.

“We want to contribute to the company as well! We want a car too!”

“I’m so going to get that most expensive sports car!”

Seeing the employees’ spirited demeanor, Iris exclaimed inwardly. How intimidating this mysterious boss is to win over the people’s hearts with just a snap! The additional revenue the company will earn in the future will be far more than these rewards! Who on earth is this big boss?

Meanwhile, Levi was on his way to Union Square.

It wasn’t because he was angry that he bought two hundred over cars on Coastal Street in one transaction, but because he had really wanted to reward the employees.

He had sent thirty cars to the manor that Azure Dragon and the others were staying in, and ten cars to James.

In front of Union Square, Zoey was standing by the roadside glumly because her crappy car had just broken down.

The mechanics had arrived stating that the car needed a major repair that would cost about ten thousand.

As her car cost only thirty thousand, it wasn’t worthwhile to repair it.

“I guess I should really get a new car,” Zoey muttered to herself.

It was rush hour, and it was too difficult to catch a cab by the road.

But at that moment, a car suddenly stopped next to Zoey. The window rolled down to reveal a young man who was taking off his sunglasses, saying, “Where are you going, pretty lady? I’ll give you a ride.”

“No, thank you!” Zoey refused bluntly.

“Don’t get me wrong, pretty lady. I’m not a bad guy! I work at Union Square too—Saturn Group, right next door to your company. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Damian Stan, the deputy head of the procurement department of Saturn Group.”

Damian came down from the car and handed Zoey a name card. This was his chance to strike up a conversation with her.

He had been observing Zoey all day today and even bragged to his colleagues that he would make Zoey his.

Out of courtesy, Zoey accepted the name card.

“Please, Ms. Lopez. Where are you going? I’ll give you a ride.”

Damian looked at his car and smiled, “This is my new Tesla, it cost about eight hundred thousand. It’s really comfortable inside. You’ll be surprised, Ms. Lopez.”

“It’s okay. I’ll just take a cab,” Zoey refused nonetheless.

“I’ll drive you,” Damian insisted. “We’re neighbors, what’s there to be afraid of?”

Just as he was about to reach out to pull Zoey, a loud honk was heard.

The Return of God of War Chapter 284
Zoey and Damian stood frozen as they looked at the car.

It was an Audi RS7 that cost almost two million, and it was much classier than Damian’s Tesla!

The car window rolled down, revealing a face familiar to Zoey.

“Honey, get in. Don’t just stand there,” Levi said.

Zoey came back to her senses and quickly hopped on.

Damian was stunned, malice flashing in his eyes.

Just how rich is this woman’s husband to drive a car that costs two million?

And she’s married?

But it’s okay. I’m going to sleep with her no matter what!

In the car, Zoey was full of curiosity.

The interior of this car is too luxurious!

As expected of a two million luxury car!

“Where did you rent this car, Levi? I bet it’s not cheap to rent it for a day.”

Zoey didn’t even think that Levi would buy a car.

“Honey, I bought this car for you,” Levi chuckled. “Didn’t I tell you that day?”

“Are you serious?!”

“Mm, these are the contracts. Have a look.”

Levi handed a pile of documents to Zoey, who went giddy when she saw the contracts.

This car is really mine!

“Thank you, darling!” Zoey expressed her gratitude by giving Levi a kiss on his cheek.

Just as Levi was about to reciprocate, Zoey shouted, “Red light! Red light! Watch out when you’re driving!”

Levi continued driving helplessly.

It was soon known to the Lopez family that Zoey had gotten a new car.

Aaron and Caitlyn had specially come out of the house to see it.

“Mom, Dad, I bought a car for you too. I’ll have it delivered later,” Levi said.

Jeez, how could I have forgotten about them?

Thereafter, Levi called Isaiah and asked him to send over two four hundred thousand cars.

Half an hour later, two Audi were sent to Bayview Garden with the completed paperwork.

Aaron and Caitlyn couldn’t be bothered to eat as they rushed downstairs to look at the cars.

They were so in love in their new cars that they could hardly tear themselves away from them.

Even Zoey was also studying her new car.

At this time, Iris had returned from work.

She couldn’t help but laugh when she saw the Lopez family’s behavior. “What are you guys doing?”

“My son-in-law bought cars for us!” Aaron said proudly.

Iris looked over and saw three Audi.

“Aren’t these our company’s cars?” she blurted.

“Your company’s cars? What’s going on here?” Zoey asked.

Iris told them about the reward system.

“The technical team was rewarded with a dozen of cars today, and Isaiah has the right to distribute them. He’s nice to Levi, and it was he who brought Levi into the company. Otherwise, how do you think Levi could work in Morris Group?”

“So you’re saying that these cars were given to Levi by Isaiah out of friendship?” Zoey asked.

“That must be it! You guys keep this matter to yourselves. If other employees of the company find out about this, they will be disappointed. After all, Levi was rewarded with three cars for lounging around and doing nothing,” Iris enjoined.

In fact, she wasn’t satisfied either.

How is it that Levi could get three cars without even contributing to the company?

And one of them even cost two million?

If I’m already this unhappy, imagine how the employees would feel.

Aaron’s expression fell.

The Return of God of War Chapter 285

He had thought his son-in-law had brought them glory by buying three cars at once, but they turned out to be gifts gifted out of friendship.

Even though the cars were in their hands, it wouldn’t feel pleasant to drive.

After all, Levi didn’t buy them with his own money.

How suffocating would it if they had to drive in secret and not tell anyone about this!

“Uncle, Aunt, don’t be mad. Levi did it with the best of intentions, after all. Just feel free to drive them. You have my word,” Iris said.

“Thanks, Iris.”

Aaron and Caitlyn felt much more relieved at that, but they were still dissatisfied with Levi.

How humiliating would it be if words get out!

Luckily, Iris has reminded us.

Levi, who was eating, didn’t know what had happened. When he saw them coming back, he even asked them, “Mom, Dad, don’t you guys like it?”

“Don’t you ever do such humiliating things again!” Aaron roared.

“Yeah, we appreciate your kindness, but let this be last time. I don’t want to lose face!” Caitlyn raged as well.

Levi put on a puzzled face. “What’s wrong?”

“Was it Isaiah who sent us the cars?” Zoey asked.

“Yeah, he sent them.” Levi nodded.

Because that was the truth!

“Right then.”

Zoey and her parents remained quiet, leaving Levi baffled.

The next day, Zoey drove to work early.

As Levi exited the house, he met Iris at the doors.

Iris glanced at him and smirked, “Seems like you’re still a pretty decent person.”

“Hmm? What do you mean?” Levi asked.

“I thought you were going to drive an Audi as well,” Iris sneered, then drove off.

Levi simply smiled and jogged out the door.

He had been running to and fro work these days because he was used to it in the army.

He would feel sick all over now instead if he didn’t move his body.

Bayview Garden was located in a high-class area with lots of parks, which was a treat to runners.

These parks had joined forces to set up a track several kilometers long within the perimeter.

“Move away! This place has been sealed off! Go somewhere else!”

At this moment, Levi came head-on to a team of security guards who were holding trained police dogs in their hands.

Those who were jogging or playing were forced out.

Levi saw that there were a group of people in the security guards’ wake, some lifting cameras on their shoulders, some holding props such as light shields, and others holding computers…

It seemed that a celebrity has come by…

The most conspicuous thing Levi saw was that a beautiful woman was being carried by four men. It was as if she didn’t want her feet to touch the ground at all.

“Slow down! You’re tipping me over. What a load of idiots!”

Not only was the woman complaining, but she also even threw a banana peel on the curb…

“Isn’t that the influencer, Lil Lacey?” someone who recognized her at the side said in surprise. “She seems polite on broadcast, but why is she so different in real life?”

“Yeah, she has the vibe of a girl with positive energy. How can she be so uncivilized?”

A look of bemusement spread across the crowd’s faces.

“Haha, a lot of influencers are like this. They just fake it for the camera. What you see on screen is all filtered!”

Levi was slightly annoyed.

How can mere influencers have special privileges to get rid of the locals?

Isn’t the park a public area?

Right then, the team of security guards stood before Levi. “Move out of the way! What are you looking at?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 286

Levi stood still.

He had no intentions of giving way.

Who gave them the authority to seal the roads?

Just as the security guards were about to fly off the handle, Lil Lacey, the influencer behind, suddenly slapped one of the four men who carried her in the face with a crisp sound.

“Is your brain filled with shit or something? What the hell are you doing? You almost dropped me!” Lil Lacey screamed.

This particular staff quickly apologized, “I’m sorry. My foot slipped. I’m really sorry…”

But Lil Lacey slapped the staff in the face again, despite his apologies.

The people around burned with anger at her treating her staff with such brutality.

How unkind of her to slap him just because his foot slipped!

A few people even took out their phones to film as they wanted to expose what this influencer was truly like.

“What do you think you’re doing? Did I agree to let you film? Go to hell!” Lil Lacey’s anger spiked when she caught them in the act, then she turned toward her manager and said, “Amelia, look at them! Smash their phones, quick! We can’t let them post the videos online!”

Amelia immediately ordered, “Get rid of their phones now! The videos must never get out!”

A dozen of security guards rushed forward to those who were filming, snatching their phones away and smashing them to the ground into pieces.

These people choked with silent fury. They couldn’t afford to mess with that influencer.

There was a tall young man, however, who was still clutching his phone to which two security guards had failed to grab it.

“What do you think you’re doing? It’s against the law to take my phone!” the man retorted.

“Against the law? Listen, we are the law! We call the shots!”

A few more security guards joined in to snatch his phone away before smashing it to the ground before his eyes.

“Compensate me for my phone! I demand justice, or this will not end!” The young man hit the roof.

Lil Lacey shot a glance at him and said, “Beat him up!”

The security guards charged forward at her command at once, pinning the man to the ground.

“Stop it!”

A voice sounded all of a sudden.

The security guards stopped short and looked over to where the sound came from.

It was Levi.

“Is this how a famous influencer should behave?” he asked with a sneer.

Upon hearing Levi’s words, Lil Lacey exploded, “Who the hell are you? Stay out of this!”

Levi let out a suppressed laugh. “As a man of justice, I can never turn a blind eye to injustice!”

“Fine! Since you’re a nosy retard, I’ll make an example of you!”

Lil Lacey commanded the security guards to make a move on Levi.

“I’ll give you a taste of a viscous dog bite!” the security guard snorted coldly. “Bite him!”

The dogs they were leashing started barking.

Especially after the security guards let go of the leash, they became more and more manic and were ready to rush over.

But the next moment, Levi’s eyes darkened in a slight glint, his body exuding a solemn killing aura.

To everyone’s surprise, these dogs actually prostrated themselves to the ground and their bodies were trembling.

Levi had killed countless enemies on the battlefield and was conferred with the title of ‘battlefield butcher’, ‘war machine’ and many more.

There was a murderous aura about him that had been honed on the battlefield.

The Return of God of War Chapter 287

These animals who had heightened senses as compared to humans were petrified.

Let alone a few vicious dogs, even lions and tigers would prostrate themselves in worship at Levi’s murderous aura.


The security guards and Lil Lacey gawked.

What’s wrong with these dogs?

“What are you people standing there for? Get him!” Lil Lacey and Amelia chorused.

The security guards sprinted toward Levi.



With blows from Levi’s fists and kicks from his feet, all the guards lay wailing on the ground thirty seconds later.

The onlookers applauded.

“Nice one, man!”

“You’re strong!”

“These scoundrels need to learn their lessons!”

Lil Lacey and Amelia were scared stiff.

Levi walked over to Lil Lacey and pulled her down in one swoop.

“Have you got no legs? Do you really need someone to carry you around?” Levi questioned.

Lil Lacey wanted to refute him, but she shut her mouth meekly when her eyes met his terrifying ones.

“Lil Lacey, was it? Apologize to them now and compensate for their phones!” Levi said in a commanding tone.

“I don’t—”


Lil Lacey was just about to refuse when she heard Levi’s voice. “I’m sorry!” she quickly bowed her head and apologized.

Amelia could only admit defeat as well. “I’m sorry!”

“Compensate them now!” Levi commanded.

Amelia compensated them in the end with the original price of their smashed phones.


Everyone applauded again.

“Can we leave now, Sir?” Amelia asked softly.

“Hold up! So you’re the famous influencer, Lil Lacey, huh? Is Morris Group working with you?” Levi asked.

Amelia nodded. “Yes, that’s right! Lil Lacey has signed a contract with Morris Group as the ambassador and spokesperson for their new products.”

Lil Lacey gave Levi an inquisitive look.

What’s the meaning of this?

“Okay, I’m dissolving this cooperation between you and Morris Group,” Levi said. “Morris Group will never allow people of questionable character to be their ambassador!”

Amelia laughed, “Haha, this is a bit too much, isn’t it, Sir? Who are you to dissolve our cooperation with Morris Group?”

“I am someone from Morris Group and I am qualified to terminate your contract!”

“Don’t worry. Morris Group will never use unethical people like you!”

Amelia snickered, “Then what’s your name? What happened today will not end here.”

“Remember this, my name is Levi Garrison. You can look for me anytime at Morris Group!”

With that said, Levi left the place.

Lil Lacey and Amelia’s eyes were filled with resentment as they looked at Levi’s retreating back.

“Amelia, quickly send someone to identify him! I want him gone!” Lil Lacey shook with fury.

She was used to being arrogant and domineering.

Having been shamed in public for this first time, she vowed to wipe Levi off the face of the earth.

Amelia tugged her lips into an insidious smile. “Didn’t you hear him, Lacey? He’s from Morris Group!”

“Okay,” Lil Lacey said. “Quickly inform Morris Group that I want to terminate our contract! I want Morris Group to drown in regret!”

Amelia gave her a thumbs-up. “That’s a brilliant move! Even if Morris Group doesn’t kill that bastard, he will be fired at the very least!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 288

Lil Lacey’s eyes were bloodshot. “I’ll kill him with my own hands!”

Amelia nodded. “I’ll seek help through our connections and we’ll put him to death! What a disgrace today!”

Meanwhile, Iris had just arrived at the office and was having a regular meeting when her secretary suddenly came running in.

“Ms. Anabelle, we’re screwed! Everest Entertainment had just called to say that Lil Lacey wants to terminate her contract with us and will no longer be the ambassador and spokesperson for our product!”

A heavy silence fell upon the room.

“Hurry up and patch me through to Lil Lacey’s manager, Ms. Mackie!” Iris said instantly.

“What can I do for you, Ms. Anabelle?” Amelia sniggered once the call connected.

“Ms. Mackie, may I know why exactly are you terminating the contract with us?” Iris asked mildly. “Didn’t we come to an agreement already?”

“Haven’t you heard, Ms. Anabelle? Someone from Morris Group has terminated our contract! We can’t work with Morris Group anymore, so we can only make it official from our side first,” Amelia laughed grimly.

Iris asked through clenched teeth, “Could you tell me who it is who wanted to terminate the contract?”

“Then listen carefully, Levi Garrison!”

“Not only did he terminate our contract, but he also even beat up our security guards and insulted Lacey in public!”

“So we’re terminating our contract and we’ll never work with your company ever again! Goodbye!”

Amelia hung up directly without giving Iris the chance to speak.

After answering the phone call, Iris slumped in her chair.

“What happened, Ms. Anabelle?” everyone asked quizzically.

“Levi Garrison! He messed with Lil Lacey, and now they are terminating their contract! There’s nothing we can do now!”

Iris wore a look of despair.

“That won’t do! We’re going full blast tomorrow, and Lil Lacey is the star of the show!”

“Yeah, we’re starting with the promotion tomorrow. What should we do now?”

Iris shot up to her feet and said, “I can only go there and talk to them myself!”

At the corridor, she met Levi, who had just arrived, head-on.

“This is all thanks to you, Levi!” she snarled.

“What did I do?”

“What did you do? You messed with Lil Lacey, and now their company is terminating their contract with us! Our main ambassador is gone!”

Iris’s eyes nearly started out of her head.

Levi chuckled, “It’s better that they terminate the contract. Our company won’t stoop so low as to use her!”

“Do you know how much damage it will do to us if Lil Lacey’s contract is terminated? Not to mention the publicity effect will be greatly compromised, we’ll lose twenty million in terms of money alone!” Iris snapped.

“Listen, Lil Lacey is a person of questionable morals. Hiring someone like her to be our ambassador is an insult to our product!”

Levi told Iris about what had happened.

“I’m angry to hear that too, but those are her private affairs and we can’t control it. We only care about her image as an influencer and how much profit she will bring us,” Iris said.

Levi smiled, “You don’t understand? She has the publicity effect, but that’s just temporary!”

“Hmph, how can you do business like this?! You’re the one who doesn’t understand!” Iris huffed and left.

“Where are you going?” Levi asked.

The Return of God of War Chapter 289

“I’m going to beg her!” Iris answered.

Levi disregarded her and went to the office of the technical department, drinking tea and smoking cigarette while Iris went to Everest Entertainment personally to negotiate with them.

However, the other party was adamant about terminating the contract.

“Unless you fire him after he kneels before me and apologizes to me or end of discussion!”

Lil Lacey gave Iris only one way out.

“Yes, that bastard must come and apologize on his knees!”

They were firm in their decision.

Iris’s face paled.

“I can make the decision to fire him, but I need to ask him about the apology. I’ll go back and figure this out!”

No sooner was Iris out of earshot than Lil Lacey and the others burst into laughter.

“You dare to challenge us, Levi Garrison? You’re dead meat!”

Lil Lacey’s eyes were loaded with hatred.

After returning to the company, Iris immediately went to look for Levi.

“Come, follow me to Everest Entertainment!”

Levi looked stunned. “For what?”

“To apologize! They said as long as you apologize to them on your knees, and then I fire you, they will overlook this matter!”

Iris bit her lips. “I can only sacrifice you for the greater good of the company. But don’t worry, I’ll compensate you once you apologize to them.”

Levi shook his head. “You’re asking me to kneel down and apologize to them? Hell no! They should be the ones on their knees apologizing and begging us to sign them!”

Iris’s temper sparked at Levi’s attitude.

He’s the one at fault. Why isn’t he trying to solve it?

“Levi Garrison, you’re the one who created this mess. Are you going to take care of this or not?” Iris asked coldly.

“Over my dead body!”

Levi was very resolute.

“Fine, I’ll get someone who can talk some sense into you!”

Iris left in a fit of pique to call Zoey, telling her the whole story.

Shortly after, Levi received a call from Zoey.

“Listen to me, Levi. Go and apologize to them. The interest of the company is more important, after all,” Zoey said.

“I won’t! How could I apologize on my knees to some trash? Besides, I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Levi stood his ground.

“Okay, even if you’re right, you have to think about the interest of the company, no? And Iris and me? A man has to take responsibility. Besides, it’s because of you that this happened,” Zoey said.

“There’s no way I will apologize! I won’t apologize even if you kill me!”

“You disappoint me so much!”

Zoey hung up the phone in anger.

Knowing that Levi wouldn’t go to apologize no matter what, the entire company was pointing fingers at Levi, including the canteen ladies and uncles.

“Look at him sitting there eating shamelessly.”

“He’s a useless piece of sh*t! Does he really think he has the power? He’s nothing without Isaiah!”

“He should have just apologized and get it over with. Does he think he can stay in the company forever?”

Levi felt a little aggrieved at the murmurs of dissent coming his way.

I didn’t do anything wrong.

Why do I have to bear the consequences?

Why do I have to get on my knees and apologize?

What is wrong with this world?

Levi would rather die than apologize.

Iris couldn’t help it either.

On the other side, Lil Lacey had found out that Levi had turned his nose up at their demand.

“Okay, Amelia. Let’s show them what we got!” she sneered. “I’m going to cut off their publicity channels, including their ambassadors. Let’s see what they can do.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 290

Iris stayed in the conference room, rubbing her temples. She was brainstorming solutions with everyone when her phone suddenly rang.

Her face changed dramatically, and her phone almost slipped out of her hand when the call ended.

We’re screwed!

We’re totally screwed!

It turned out that the caller was the manager of the popular star, Wanda, from Everest Entertainment, who was also one of the signed ambassadors.

The manager had called to inform Iris that they would be terminating their contract as well.

Thereafter, her phone rang again.

“Hello, Ms. Anabelle. I’m the manager of Sean Hanks from Everest Entertainment, and we are requesting to terminate our contract with your company.”

“Hello, I’m Lil Jasmine’s manager from King Entertainment and we want to cancel our contract with you.”

“Hello, nice to meet you. I’m from Star Media. We would like to dissolve our contract regarding the promotion of your product.”

The calls came one after another.

A total of ten celebrities and influencers that Iris had approached had called to terminate their contracts, including most of the publicity channels.

Some forum websites had also informed that they could only provide recommended advertisement space on classified pages to Morris Group instead of advertisements on their homepages.

Even the newspaper offices had informed that they would no longer publish any news about Morris Group.

After receiving a dozen of phone calls, everyone’s faces were drained of all color and animation. They came near to a breakdown.

They didn’t expect that Lil Lacey’s termination was just the calm before a storm, and that the worst has yet to come.

Things were already bad enough without Lil Lacey as their ambassador, and now that various publicity channels had been cut off, Morris Group was completely finished this time.

No one would show interest, no matter how good the product was, because there was no publicity at all. How on earth were they going to sell their products if no one knew anything about them?

“We’ve underestimated Lil Lacey’s power in North Hampton. Offending her is equivalent to offending the whole entertainment industry. No one will sign with us ever again!”

Iris drew in a deep breath.

“It’s all Levi’s fault! Why the hell did he mess with Lil Lacey? Is she someone he can afford to mess with?” Georgia, Iris’s assistant, said coldly.

“Yeah, it’s all Levi’s fault! Everything is ruined now!”

“I know, right? All the products can’t be shipped off now!”

Everyone regarded Levi as the sinner of the company.

Right then, Levi swaggered into the conference room, smiling, “What are you guys worried about?”

“What do you think we’re worried about? All the ambassadors have terminated their contracts and almost every publicity channel has been cut off! What are we going to do with our products?” one senior executive shouted.

“I’ve told you that those people that you hired are not suitable. It wouldn’t be effective to hire them,” Levi replied. “You guys don’t understand who are your real target audience!”

Iris sprang to her feet. “How could you say that at this point in time, Levi?”

“Our original plan was to start promoting tomorrow and officially launch the products three days later. Who are we going to sell them to now?” Iris yelled.

“Don’t worry. Everything will turn out for the best! It will sell like crazy by then,” Levi said.

“Get out of here! Now! I don’t want to see you for a while,” Iris barked.

How she wished she could fire him right there and then!

But she couldn’t say much for the sake of Isaiah.

Levi was really on a downer.

Is she really chasing me away from my own company?

Fine, I’ll just let this slide until her anger subsides.

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