The Return of God of War Chapter 271-280

The Return of God of War Chapter 271
“I…” Tony floundered, not quite knowing what to say.

Because he had no idea at all.

“How could you disqualify them when you don’t even know what they are? Aren’t you abusing your power here? Listen, Morris Group has even sent their products for quality checks at the Defense Research And Development Centre. They’re more than qualified! This is First Lieutenant Samson Yelder from the Quality Inspection Department of DRDC. He’s here to send us the quality inspection report in person!”


Tony fell to his knees.

“Please forgive me, Master. I got carried away by lust and greed! I was wrong! I was really wrong! Please give me another chance, Master!”

Tony groveled at his master’s feet.

“I’d expect better of you as my disciple! But you’ve completely let me down!” Cameron was ruthless. “Go talk to the relevant authorities if you have something to say.”

Immediately after he spoke, the authorities arrived and Tony was taken away for investigation.

Ron and Xawery were utterly dumbfounded.

They didn’t expect Morris Group to ask Cameron to come forward.

“I’ll inspect Morris Group’s product myself!” Cameron said.

The inspection took up the entire afternoon, and the quality inspection report showed that their products were qualified to be listed on the market.

When Levi brought back the certificate of conformity, a great cheer went up from everyone in Morris Group.

These products were put into mass production at once, and Iris had already gone to make arrangements with the distribution channels and merchants.

“Publicity must be done on the greatest scale! Hire the best publicity team and the most suitable spokesperson!” Kirin relayed Iris’s words.

Now that the problem had been resolved, Levi felt a little more at ease, and he had the leisure to see how things were at Imperial Meadows Limited.

Zoey had already gone through all the procedures for the establishment of the new company, and all that was left was to find a suitable office building to set up the company.

“Have you found an office building?” Levi asked.

“Yeah! It’s at Elysium Plaza. I’m going to sign the contract later. I even paid a deposit of twenty million.” Zoey beamed.

“Okay, I have time to spare. I’ll go with you.” Levi said.


At three in the afternoon, Levi and Zoey headed to the plaza in Zoey’s compact car that cost tens of thousands.

“Your car needs an upgrade. You’re a big boss now.” Levi chuckled.

“It’s fine as long as it’s comfortable.” Zoey said passionlessly.

“Honey, you’re not the same now. You’re gonna meet crazy rich people everyday. Imagine how insecure they would be if they want to cooperate with you but they see this petty little car. You look just like someone who would run away after getting a sum of money.”

“Alright, I’ll spare some time to get a car.” Zoey conceded, thinking that his explanation was quite reasonable.

“I’ll buy you one!”

Although Zoey was touched, she didn’t take Levi’s words to heart.

Levi has no money. How is he going to get me a car?

They soon arrived at Elysium Plaza.

When they were waiting for the elevator to go up, they saw Henry and Shaun walking out from the inside.

“What are you guys doing here?” Zoey had a bad feeling about this.

“What a coincidence! Are you here to rent an office building as well? I’m sorry, but you don’t have a chance now. I’ve rented the one that you’re interested in, Zoey.” said Shaun, waving the tenancy agreement in his hand.

The Return of God of War Chapter 272

It turned out that the Lopez family had been keeping a close watch on Zoey’s activities.

Harry and the others were against the idea of Zoey breaking off relations with the Lopez family.

Therefore, they were one step ahead when they learned that Zoey was going to rent this office building.

The poor lady was dumbstruck when she saw the agreement in Shaun’s hands.

She quickly got on the elevator with Levi and came to the office of the person-in-charge of Elysium Plaza.

“Ms. Lopez, you’re here!” Barney Geller, the person responsible for the negotiation of the contract, greeted her warmly.

“I’m here to sign the contract, Mr. Geller.” said Zoey. “We were on the phone, remember? I’m renting Block B for five years at thirty million.”

Barney looked confused. “Didn’t the Lopez family just sign the contract, Ms. Lopez? They said they had already discussed with you and even paid the remaining ten million.”

Zoey and Levi exchanged glances and immediately thought of Henry and Shaun.

“Mr. Henry signed the contract on behalf of the Lopez family.” Barney said, handing over the contract to Zoey.

Zoey’s expression took on a drastic change after reading the contract.

The Lopez family was too evil.

The five-year tenancy agreement was signed in Zoey’s name, but the purpose was for the Lopez Group to use it as an office building.

In another word, the Lopez family would be using the office building that Zoey had paid for.

How dirty!

As Zoey had negotiated the contract in her name personally and paid twenty million in advance, the Lopez family could get away with just ten million.

Zoey was on the verge of tears.

How could they be so cruel?

Aaron and Caitlyn too, were infuriated when they learned about it.

But they had no other choice unless they cut all ties with Harry.

“He doesn’t think of me as his son at all! He’s always been biased toward my brothers and never helped me.” Aaron was furious beyond words.

The next day, Lopez Group moved in to the new office.

Harry and the others’ faces were glowing.

Moving to a new office for just ten million was a great deal!

But Zoey could only watch helplessly.

“Zoey, you’ve made another contribution to the family! I’m so happy for you.” Henry chuckled.

“You did great, Zoey!” Harry added. “I’m very happy. I will commend you at the annual meeting.”

“I heard that you want to move to a new office building as well, Zoey. Is that so?” Shaun laughed. “What a bummer! Elysium Plaza is fully occupied!”

Zoey balled her fist tightly.

Not only did the Lopez family trick her, but they also even came to humiliate her!

“Imperial Meadows Limited’s office building is pretty nice, Zoey. You don’t need to change. Besides, it’s uncertain that you can move in even if you’ve signed the contract.” Fabian laughed.


Harry and the others cracked up.

Of course Zoey understood that that was a threat.

The Lopez family was set on preventing her from setting up a new company.

No matter how much effort she put in into looking for an office building, her company could never move in.

For a moment, Zoey was aggrieved and felt very weepy.

She cared so much for the Lopez family, but they didn’t take her seriously at all.

It was absolutely impossible for her to establish a new company unless she severed all ties with them.

“Leave it to me, honey.” Said Levi, who was standing next to Zoey. “Just go back and get ready to move in to a new office tomorrow morning.”

“Huh? For real?” Zoey looked at Levi in disbelief.

“Nothing will go wrong if you listen to me.”

After leaving Elysium Plaza, Levi went to look for Chloe.

The Return of God of War Chapter 273

“Can you help me find out if there are any commercial buildings for sale in the city center?” Levi asked.

“Huh? What are you up to?” Chloe replied with a question of her own.

“Zoey wants to set up a new company and I need to find her an office building.” Levi replied.

Chloe was green with envy.

How nice would it be if I’m the heroine?

“Okay, I’ll ask around for you.”

Chloe first reached out to her connections, then contacted the director of Bayview Garden Real Estate.

Finally, after a few hours, there was a response from an old client of Chloe.

He was the owner of Union Square around North Hampton Center, where there was a building that was vacant and could not be more suitable to be used as an office building.

Chloe brought Levi to Union Square to meet the owner, Emmett Browne, who had been waiting for a long time.

Emmett had lost hair over the crown, livid rings around his eyes, and a pale face.

It was obvious at first glance that he had been living a life of debauchery.

Chloe was decked out in a business attire and a pair of high heels that complemented her beautiful long legs that were wrapped in black stockings, looking exceptionally sexy.

Emmett couldn’t help but ogle at her.

But he kept his desire under control as he brought them to tour around the building.

Levi immediately took a fancy to it.

It’s definitely much better than Elysium Plaza, especially its location.

The price must also be expensive. I supposed it’s about eighty million for five years.

“The price is negotiable! Why don’t we take this discussion to my office?”

Emmett rubbed his hands in simulated pleasure.

He had his eyes on Chloe for some time now.

In the past, he even wanted her to submit by buying her a house, but he was rejected.

Emmett swore to sleep with her today.

At the office, Emmett chuckled, “As you guys know, Union Square is located at the prime location in North Hampton, second only to North Hampton Center. It would cost two hundred million for five years.”

Hearing that figure, Levi and Chloe’s complexion changed.

They were fully aware of the market price.

This old geezer is demanding an exorbitant price!

“Don’t you think that’s a little unreasonable, Mr. Browne?” Levi asked.

True, he had the money, but he couldn’t tolerate daylight robbery.

“That is the price for this area. Why did you even look for this area if you can’t afford it?” Emmett was uncompromising.

“Then let’s negotiate the price. Two hundred million is too much.” Levi said.

“Yeah, Mr. Browne. Is it possible to negotiate?” Chloe spoke up as well.

Emmett cast Chloe a lecherous glance. “Of course we can, but it depends on who’s the one to negotiate with me.”

Emmett looked at Levi. “If it’s him, then end of discussion!”

“But if it’s you, Ms. Macy, there will be lots of discounts. We can talk about this slowly.”

Chloe glanced at Levi to get his permission before nodding, “Okay, Mr. Browne. I’ll do it!”

Emmett grinned. “I don’t like it when there are other people around when I’m talking business. So this gentleman, may I ask you to leave?”

“Wait for me outside, Levi. I’ll handle this.” Chloe said.

After Levi went out, Emmett locked the door from the inside.

Chloe’s face darkened. “What is this supposed to mean, Mr. Browne?”

Emmett smirked, “So that we won’t be interrupted, Ms. Macy.”

“Mr. Browne, please tell me the lowest price you have in mind.”

Emmett smiled lustfully, “That depends on your attitude, Ms. Macy.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 274

Chloe looked surprised. “My attitude?”

“Yeah, your attitude will determine the price!”

Emmett put on a wicked grin. “I’ll be straightforward with you then, Ms. Macy. Just sleep with me for one night and I’ll reduce the price to eighty million.”

“What?” Chloe’s expression changed.

She immediately understood that Emmett had deliberately raised the price.

I knew it! It’s only eighty million at most.

He raised the price to two hundred million just so he could coerce me into sleeping with him.

Emmett got up and walked closer to Chloe. “Think about it, Ms. Macy. You are worth one hundred and twenty million! Isn’t that a great deal? You’re definitely the most expensive woman in the world!”

“Emmett Browne! You did this on purpose! Do you think I’m blind? You know what, that’s a big fat no!” Chloe retaliated.

“So what if I did it on purpose? If you don’t agree, I swear your friend can never rent an office building in North Hampton! It’s a matter of my words with my connections and reputation. Think wisely before you answer me.” Emmett laughed cunningly. He couldn’t hold back any longer.

Chloe fell into a daze.

Emmett definitely has the ability to do this.

As someone who took Levi’s affairs more seriously than herself, she would feel sorry if she couldn’t find an office building for him.

In her trance, Emmett lunged toward her.

“Come on. Just give in to me, will you? I’ll be nice.” Emmett laughed obscenely.

Whether Chloe was willing or not, he was determined to sleep with her today.

He had already arranged someone to take care of Levi so that no one would disturb him.



In the nick of time, the security door banged open and then crashed on the ground.

Levi’s dramatic entrance froze Emmett and Chloe to the spot.

How did Levi kick open the security door?

Is he even human?

Levi slowly approached Emmett while smoking a cigarette.

All the security guards behind him had collapsed to the ground…


Levi sent the pervert flying with a single kick and he slammed heavily on the table, spitting blood.

“The nerve of you to hit me! I swear you’ll be in for a nasty ride and you can never rent an office building in North Hampton!” Emmett howled.

Levi puffed on his cigarette and sat down in his leather chair. “I was going to negotiate with you as an ordinary person, but I didn’t expect you to be someone like this. Well, I’m going to lay my cards on the table. The entire Union Square belongs to me now!”

Emmett snorted, “Keep boasting!”

Although Chloe knew Levi’s strength, she thought he was getting way ahead of himself to buy the entire Union Square.

Levi called the head of the Rogers family, Glenn, “Hello, Rogers? It’s Levi. I’ll give you ten minutes. Buy out the entire Union Square!”

Glenn was shocked at first, then he said, “The Rogers family holds the controlling share to Union Square, so it’s practically yours.”

“Okay. Come over and settle the paperwork.” Levi said.

“Buying the entire Union Square in ten minutes? You know, I may have the management right in Union Square, but the Rogers family has absolute control over it.” Emmett was still clamoring.

Five minutes later, the Rogers arrived.

Emmett quickly donned a welcoming smile when he saw them. “What brings you here, Mr. Rogers?”

Emmett’s livelihood depended on the family.

A word from them would decide his life and death.

The Return of God of War Chapter 275
Hence, Emmett was grinning like a Cheshire cat when he saw the Rogers family.


Anthony suddenly punched him in the face, causing blood to spurt from his wounds.

Pow! Bang! Crash!

Leo and the rest joined in in giving Emmett a violent beating.

While Chloe wore a blank, flabbergasted expression, Glenn disregarded them as he handed a contract to Levi with a smile. “Union Square belongs to you now, Mr. Garrison!”

Emmett’s face lit up with surprise when he heard that.

Who on earth is this man to have the Rogers family hand over Union Square in less than ten minutes?

“Mr. Garrison,” Leo said. “I swear this trash, Emmett, will have one hell of a life from here on!”

Then Emmett was thrown out of here.

“That would be nice.” Levi said, picking up the contract and walked away.

Chloe looked at Levi’s back view with starry-eyed infatuation. Her adoration for this man amplified.

When Levi went back, he accompanied Zoey to Galaxy Hotel. The Lopez family invited Zoey over to the special banquet they were having to commemorate their relocation to a new office.

“Dear Zoey, why do you have to go through all the trouble just to be independent? What’s wrong with working side by side with the Lopez family?” Henry said.

“Yeah, unless you don’t acknowledge the Lopez family anymore and you want to betray us!” Fabian said, unsparing.

Zoey’s fist clenched.

Haven’t I been contributing to the Lopez family?

But how have you guys treated me?

At this moment, Harry raised his wineglass, saying, “We owe a special thanks to someone today!”

“And that is Zoey, who paid for the new office building for Lopez Group!”

Everyone cheered.

But Zoey’s and her parents’ hearts were writhing in pain.

“Tell me, Zoey. What’s your plan after this?” Melanie asked. “Hear me out. Hand over the investment money and give Grandpa a free hand to handle the project. As for you, just be a capable assistant and I promise, your career growth will be guaranteed. If Grandpa favors you in the future, who knows you’ll be the next head of the Lopez family.”

Shaun nodded. “Yeah, Zoey. It’s hard for you to fly solo now. No one will agree to it. No matter how hard you try, your efforts will be in vain.”

In another word, Zoey would end up the same as today if she sought independence again.

They would rob her off a new office building again and again…

In the end, she left in a huff and Levi immediately went after her.

“Grandpa always prefers males over females, and he never likes me!” Zoey sobbed by the roadside.

“Honey, don’t worry. I’m here.” Levi smiled, handing Zoey the tenancy agreement of Union Square that floored her.

“What?! Ten million for five years?” But how?

She thought about renting an office building in Union Square before this, where the real city center was.

While it would be a demonstration of the company’s strength, it could gain the trust of investors and business partners as well.

However, she could only give up as she had expected the rental to be one hundred million for five years.

“Okay, don’t get too worked up. Get ready and move in tomorrow morning before the Lopez family finds out.” Said Levi.

The next day at Lopez Group’s office building at Elysium Plaza, everyone was still basking in joy when Shaun came running in.

“Grandpa, Uncle Fabian, Dad, we have a problem! Imperial Meadows Limited is actually moving!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 276
The Lopez family was blindsided by the news.

Does that mean they have found a new location?

“W-Where are they moving to?” Harry’s voice quavered.

“I’m not sure where specifically, but I think they’re moving to the city center!” Shaun said.

“Come on, let’s go take a look! We must stop them!”

Shortly after, they arrived at Union Square, which was one street away from North Hampton Center.

This place was the legit city center!

They were surprised to see that the people of Imperial Meadows Limited were actually unloading their things to Union Square with Zoey and her family in command at the entrance.

Harry and the others hurried over to them.

“Zoey, what are you guys doing here?” Harry asked.

“We’re moving.” Zoey smiled. “What’s wrong, Grandpa?”

“To Union Square? Are you sure about that? How expensive it must be!” Harry said.

Zoey’s smile widened. “Grandpa, it’s not. It’s just ten million for five years and it’s much cheaper than Elysium Plaza!”

“Ten million?! Oh my God!” Harry almost fainted over.

The Lopez family could only watch as Imperial Meadows Limited moved to a new place. It was too late to stop them.

This place was ten times more upscale than Elysium Plaza!

The Lopez family could feel nothing but regret!

“I mean, how do you guys think Zoey found Union Square?” Harry asked after leaving Union Square. “And for ten million? How is that even possible?”

“I supposed this bitch sold herself?” Henry suggested coldly.

“Huh? How do you mean?”

Harry and the others looked at him curiously.

“From what I’ve heard, the owner of Union Square, Emmett Browne, is a pervert who have scourged God knows how many women. He promises anything as long as you sleep with him. That bitch must have slept with him. Otherwise, why would he rent it to her for only ten million?”

“Yeah! That bitch must have slept with him!”

“What an unscrupulous bitch!”

The Lopez family cursed.

“What a disgrace to the Lopez family! How are we going to preserve our reputation if word goes out?”

Harry wished he could get it even with Zoey at this instant.

“Dad, hold your fire. Let’s go home first and we’ll come up with something to get back at them.” Fabian said.

Harry spluttered, “Hah, so that’s how it was! And here I am wondering how did she get all those investments recently.”

“Just look at how beautiful Zoey is.” Melanie said grudgingly. “Won’t all the men bow at her feet if she sleeps with them?”

“Haha, sadly that idiot Levi doesn’t know that she has cheated on him!” Shaun said.

In front of Union Square, Zoey and the others watched as the Lopez family left woefully.

“This feels so good.” Zoey exclaimed.

“Yeah, what a great day! Did you guys see Henry and Fabian’s faces just now? They looked like they were about to cry.”

“And Dad was totally freaking out!”

Aaron was stoked at his first time triumph against Harry.

“Dad, it’s all thanks to Levi who negotiated the deal! Otherwise, the rental would have been eighty million.” Zoey said.

“My good son-in-law! You have made us proud!”

Aaron patted Levi’s shoulders.

After Zoey took care of things there, Levi returned to Morris Group.

The Return of God of War Chapter 277

Morris Group had been very busy these two days, so much that Iris had slept for only seven hours a day at most.

When Levi arrived at the office, Iris was still in a meeting and he was called to sit in.

The main topic of the meeting was the publicity and endorsement of the product launch.

There was definitely no problem with the reputation of the product. All they needed to work on was the advertisements.

“As for the ambassador and spokesperson, I’ve chosen a few celebrities and influencers. Lil Lacey especially, has a record of bringing in millions of sales from her broadcast. It would be great to have her to promote our products. Does anyone have any comments?” Iris said.

“Nope. With our marketing efforts, nothing will go wrong.” Someone replied.

Levi was about to doze off from listening.

“What’s the matter, Levi? Do you have something to say?” Iris purposely called him out.

Most of the people in the room scoffed at this technical advisor as they didn’t expect him, a once brilliant man, to be muddling along.

But for the sake of Iris and Isaiah, they kept a cool head.

“I disagree.” Levi yawned.


Everyone gaped at him.

“In what?”

It was because Iris wanted to listen to Levi’s opinion that she invited him to attend the meeting.

“We’re selling medical instruments! What’s the use of hiring celebrities and influencers as ambassadors?”

Iris’s face clouded with disappointment.

Six years of imprisonment has worn away his brilliance.

It’s only right to look for a popular celebrity when it comes to promoting a product. Only then will the products be made known. With the reputation of these celebrities as guarantees, partners and retailers can buy with confidence and we can ensure maximum profits.

“Okay, dismiss!”

Levi wanted to say further but Iris announced the end of the meeting straightaway.

Levi was startled. What is this woman doing?

Iris glanced at him and chastised, “Don’t you ever attend any future company meetings!”

Everyone regarded Levi with disdain, thinking that he was goofing off.

Levi smiled wryly. I’ll let Iris have her way first then.

After getting off from work, it flashed upon Levi that he had to get Zoey a new car.

Thus, he went to Coastal Street the next day, where all the 4S dealership stores gathered.

He had been a regular customer here six years ago, so he was familiar with this area.

For some reason, it was really crowded today.

It seemed like there was some sort of event going on, seeing how there were many filming equipment and good-looking personalities along the street.

Levi disregarded them and headed toward the Mercedes Benz 4S dealership store.

“Hold it right there, sir!”

Several salespersons at the door stopped him.

“Hmm? What’s wrong?” Levi asked.

“What are you doing here, sir?” The salesperson asked.

“I’m here to buy a car, obviously.” Levi said.

“Oh, not today, sir. There’s an event going on at the moment.”

The salesperson looked askance at Levi.

As this was North Hampton’s largest Mercedes Benz 4S dealership store, customers who were serious about buying cars would have made an appointment and the store would send someone to pick them up.

Having been doing sales for seven to eight years, they could see that Levi was incapable of buying a car.

People like Levi were like those window shoppers whom they had to deal with almost every day.

Hence, fed up with it, they outright rejected him in the name of the event.

The Return of God of War Chapter 278
Right then, a few men in suits arrived.

The salesperson immediately went up to greet him, “Mr. Olsen, you’re here?”

“Yeah, I’m here to buy a car. What’s wrong? Do I need to make an appointment for that?” One of the men asked.

The salesperson smiled obsequiously, “No, sir! Please, come in. You’re always welcomed here.”

Marshall Olsen smiled.

That’s another hundreds of thousands order there, perhaps even a million.

“Hmm? Hold up! Why are they allowed to enter?” Levi asked quizzically.

“Hmph, because they can afford to buy a car and you can’t!” Marshall said straightforwardly.

Several other salespersons looked at Levi with a mocking face as well.

Why should we waste our time on people who have no intentions to buy a car?

“I want to meet your manager!” Levi barked, his face gloomy.

“Haha, who are you to meet him?” Marshall snorted. “He’s busy.”

“What’s with the commotion outside? What’s going on?”

A woman in her thirties came out from the inside. She was dressed in business attire, looking dignified.

“Ms. Guillemin, this guy is forcing his way in when he’s not even here to buy a car!” Marshall said, pointing at Levi.

Mandy was astonished when her eyes fell on Levi. “Well, well, isn’t this the great Mr. Garrison?”

Levi could vaguely remember her as Mandy Guillemin, who was a mere salesperson six years ago.

At that time, she would be subservient and servile whenever she saw him.

He couldn’t believe that she was a manager now.

“Yeah, it’s me. I’m here to buy a car, but your people wouldn’t let me in.” Levi said.

Mandy chuckled, “I think what she did was right! Our time is precious, so why should we entertain you when you don’t even have the money?”

“Who told you I don’t have the money?” Levi retorted.

I can buy every single 4S dealership store on Coastal Street right now if I want to.

What do you mean I don’t have the money?

“Enough with the bullshit, Levi. You think I don’t know what you’re capable of? You just came out of prison and you’re depending on your wife for livelihood. Do you think you’re worthy to buy a Mercedes Benz?”

Levi sneered, “Is that how you treat your guest?”

“I, for one, am realistic!” Mandy retaliated. “You were worth billions six years ago, and I’d served you like a slave. But now you’re nothing, so why should I entertain you?”

“Get lost now! You’re not welcomed here, you poor bastard!” Mandy gave him a mouthful.

It was a cathartic experience for her, and she had never felt so refreshed before.

In the past, she worked her fingers to the bone for Levi. She could almost lick his boots just to secure his deal.

Now that Levi was in dire straits, she took her chance to wipe away her own shame.

“Yeah, this is not a place for poor bastards! Just get a motorbike and scram!” Others chimed in.

Levi ignored them and turned toward the Audi 4S dealership store next door.

“Hahaha, you’re going the wrong way. The next doors are Audi and BMW, which are probably more expensive than a Mercedes Benz.” Mandy chortled.

“Ms. Guillemin, should I go take a look?” Marshall sniggered.

“It’s okay! He can’t afford to buy a car.”

Mandy reentered the store.

Levi’s entry to the Audi 4S dealership store was smooth.

“How may I assist you, sir?” Wendy, the salesperson, asked with a smile.

The Return of God of War Chapter 279
Levi drew out a black card directly and handed it to her. “I want all the cars in your store!”

Wendy froze, asking uncertainly, “Can you repeat that, sir?”

“I want all the cars in your store! Immediately! Now!”

Wendy accepted Levi’s black card with unsteady hands.

“I-Is this the world’s limited edition American Express Black Card?”

Wendy was thunderstruck when she saw the card.

Not only did the black card have an unlimited quota, but it also came with many privileges.

Wendy was completely convinced that she had met the legendary zillionaire.

She quickly informed the manager of the store who ran out shortly after with a few other employees.

“Greetings, sir! Our store has two hundred and forty-eight vehicles in stock and the total price is one hundred and eighty million.” The manager faltered.

“Make it two hundred million. Swipe it.” Levi said.

The manager was on the verge of tears and so were the others.

Did we just achieve half a year’s performance in one day?

“Choose a car that cost over a million for me and proceed with the formalities. I want to drive it back. Send the rest to Morris Group.” Levi said.

The manager personally chose a one point seven million Audi RS7.

The body of the car was red, which suited Zoey a lot.

After all the formalities were completed, he called Jace, the general manager of the Audi dealership in North Hampton.

At this moment, Jace was having tea with Corey, the general manager of the Mercedes Benz dealership.

“What’s up?” Jace asked, answering the phone.

“I have great news for you, Mr. Renner! A customer just bought all the cars in my store! He even swiped his card on the spot for two hundred million!”

Jace jolted to his feet upon hearing it.

As Audi wasn’t one of those top luxury cars that cost about tens of millions, he had never seen such a rich person before.

Receiving an order of two hundred million was indeed too good to be true.

“One more thing, Mr. Renner. This customer was kicked out from the 4S dealership store next door! Those idiots from Mercedes Benz think this zillionaire can’t afford to buy a car and won’t even let him in! Hahaha…”

Jace broke into laughter when he heard this.

Thanks to those idiots, we get to snatch this two hundred million deal.

“What’s so exciting, Jace?” Corey asked and Jace told him about the incident.

“Congrats, man! I would love to meet such zillionaire too!”

Corey was envious.

It was a two hundred million deal!

Jace chuckled, “All thanks to your staff, Corey.”


Corey looked dazed.

“This zillionaire went to your store at first, but your staff stopped him outside and called him a poor bastard, thinking that he can’t afford to buy a car. So he had no choice but to come to my store. Otherwise, how else do I get this deal? Haha…”

Corey froze, his face contorted with blue veins bulging on his temples, and his eyes spelled death.

“Mandy Guillemin, you bitch! Do you know what’ve you done?!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 280
“Okay, I’m done with you. I’m going to meet this sugar daddy.” Said Jace, rising to his feet.

Corey followed. “I’m coming with you. I need to apologize to him. If not, I wouldn’t know how I’ll die for messing with such a big shot.”

The two general managers then left for Coastal Street at full speed.

Meanwhile, Levi was enjoying tea at the VIP lounge with about seven to eight people serving him.

Someone even offered to massage his leg.

In the Mercedes Benz 4S dealership store, Mandy asked, “Is the poor bastard out yet?”

“Nope! It’s been more than half an hour.” Marshall said. “He must be here just to check out the cars.”

Mandy chuckled, “Isn’t that so? I’ve been in this industry for so long. A genuine buyer will never stay more than ten minutes. Only those poor losers will dawdle for half a day and wind up not buying anything.”

“Yeah, I knew it at first glance that he’s too poor to buy a car.” Marshall laughed.

Just then, several staffs of the Mercedes Benz 4S dealership store came in noisily.

“What’s with the noise? How improper!” Mandy rebuked, her face ugly.

“Aren’t you aware, Ms. Guillemin? Something big is happening on Coastal Street!”

“What is it?” Mandy and Marshall asked curiously.

“The entire Coastal Street is in an uproar! The Audi 4S dealership store next door actually sold two hundred and forty-eight cars in stock at once for two hundred million!”

“That’s a first in history! Everyone has gone to spectate!”

Hearing that, Mandy, Marshall and the others immediately went out.

And sure enough, there was a crowd of over a hundred people outside the Audi 4S dealership store.

Everyone came to watch, wanting to get to know this zillionaire who was still sitting in the VIP lounge.

Mandy and Marshall too, joined the crowd.

“Who is this zillionaire? Why didn’t he buy a Mercedes Benz from us or a BMW from you?” Mandy asked the manager of the BMW 4S dealership store.

“I don’t know.” The manager replied. “But I heard this zillionaire had been to your store before coming to Audi.”

Mandy and Marshall looked at each other. They couldn’t remember meeting such a zillionaire.

After all, they were many customers today and the only person who had given them the deepest impression was Levi.

But they were certain that he wasn’t that zillionaire that they spoke of.

For some reason, the two of them had a bad premonition.

“I heard that Mr. Renner, the general manager of Audi dealership in North Hampton, is coming to meet this zillionaire!”

“Damn, with that profit, they’re going to get at least a twenty million bonus!”

The peers looked on enviously, and so were Mandy and Marshall.

If they had been the one to secure this deal, Mandy would have gotten a bonus of tens of millions.

Just then, an Audi A8 drove by.

Coming down from the car was a middle-aged man in long sleeves who went straight into the 4S dealership store.

Many people recognized him as Jace Renner.

Following closely behind was a Mercedes Benz and coming down from the car was the general manager of Mercedes Benz, Corey Stone.

At Corey’s arrival, Mandy and Marshall hurried over to greet him.

“Mr. Stone, what brings you here?” Mandy asked with a smile.

But Corey slapped her hard on the face as soon as he saw her. “Stupid bitch!”

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