The Return of God of War Chapter 261-270

The Return of God of War Chapter 261

It dawned on him that he was a technical consultant for the Defense Research And Development Centre.

He was still married to Sasha.

What she was doing was sabotaging a military marriage.

Suddenly he understood why Levi would not let him get a divorce.

So this was the reason!

Yet, everything was legal as well as reasonable.

It was Sasha who was unfaithful to their marriage, was it not?

They had also been dishonest and leaked the core technology, had they not?

They deserved to face the consequences of their wrongdoing.

After regaining his composure, Isaiah came to the restaurant they had agreed upon.

What surprised him was that Sasha was not alone. Tom and Charlie were also there.

Seeing Isaiah limping in, Tom sneered, “Didn’t I say that this cripple would hobble over as soon as he hears Sasha’s voice?”

“Is this a dud or a man? He knows full well that his wife is sleeping around, yet he still comes the moment she calls! What a loser!” Charlie sneered.

Sasha kissed Charlie on the cheek, she laughed and said, “Why don’t you guys say it’s because I am irresistible?”

“Haha… that goes without saying!”

On purpose, Charlie grabbed Sasha right before Isaiah’s eyes.

Isaiah was shocked again.

He came to a sudden realization that this slut was not only cheating on him with Tom but was also having an affair with Charlie.

I have become a cuckold by the hands of my apprentices.

How adulterous is this woman in her private life?

She’s no different than a whore!

Isaiah suppressed his raging emotions and sat down in front of the three of them.

“You said you need to see me, right? What is it about?” Isaiah asked coldly.

“Since you’re here, I’ll be frank with you! Tell me what is going on in Morris Group? Tell me everything!”

Sasha did not even attempt to make some small talk. She went straight to the point.

Isaiah sneered, “Why would I tell you?”

“Haha, after being with Morris Group for a few days, you think you’ve grown strong? If you still love Sasha, tell us everything now!” Tom smirked.

Sasha put on a piteous look, beguiling him, “Isaiah, will you keep things from me? If you don’t tell me, I’ll get into trouble…”

“No way! These are company secrets which I cannot reveal to you. You have tricked me before but I won’t fall for your tricks again.”

Isaiah was firm, unlike before.

However, Sasha and the two adulterers merely smiled.

Evidently, they had already thought of a way to handle Isaiah’s determination.

“You won’t tell us? Don’t force us to make you do it!” Charlie said threateningly.

“Are you going to beat me up?”

Isaiah knew he had Levi backing him, so he was not the least afraid.

“You think we won’t beat you? Let me tell you this. Six years ago, I sent some men to break your leg. At that time, I was already sleeping with your wife!” Tom laughed as he said this.


The news hit Isaiah like a bolt of thunder.

“Remember the forty million in your account? We’re the ones that took it, it was not used to fill the public funds!” Charlie said with a sneer.

Isaiah clenched his fists so tight that his veins popped out.

Sasha laughed and said, “Isaiah, if you don’t tell me what’s Morris Group planning, I’ll shame you in public!”

“Huh? What do you mean?” Isaiah asked in puzzlement.

“Isn’t your dignity the most important thing to you all this while? If you don’t tell me, I’ll tell the crowd here that you are my husband. Then, I will kiss these two men!”

Sasha cackled.

Her plan was to do something so immoral in public before her husband’s very eyes.

This was every man’s worst insult.

There have been men who had jumped off tall buildings when they were insulted by their wives in this way.

Those were men like Isaiah who valued their pride above all else.

They could never accept the disgrace their wives brought to them.

The Return of God of War Chapter 262

Sasha knew Isaiah’s character and his temperament.

She knew that he valued his pride and would never allow that to happen.

So she attacked his weak point!

“You… you, slut!”

As expected, Isaiah was provoked.

He nearly jumped to his feet, clenched his fists and shouted in anger.

If everyone knew his wife was unfaithful and acted shamelessly right in front of him, he would not be able to control himself.

He just could not accept this.

“Well? Aren’t you telling us?”

Seeing Isaiah struggling with himself, Sasha felt untold pleasure.

She could abuse Isaiah any time she wished.

Just when Isaiah was struggling within, Levi’s voice came through the hidden earpiece in his ear, “Let her do it! Isn’t that exactly the evidence we need?”

Levi had been watching the whole scene unfold before him through remote cameras.

Levi’s words brought Isaiah to his senses. That’s right!

Aren’t I here to gather evidence?

What Sasha is threatening to do is exactly the evidence I need!

Isaiah shot daggers at her and spat angrily, “You dare to do it?”

“Why won’t I dare?”

Sasha laughed.

She stood up and spoke to the people around her, “Everyone, look this way!”

The crowd did not know what was going on, but they looked anyway.

Sasha was observing Isaiah all the while.

Though Isaiah was angry, he did not try to stop her.

When she saw him unmoving, she knew she had to up her game.

“Everyone look here. This is my husband, a cripple!”

“And now he’s pushing me to other men!” Sasha shouted loudly.

Everyone looked towards Isaiah.

Isaiah spoke angrily, “You are the one who has been unfaithful. Why do you say I’m pushing you to them?”

Seeing how stubborn Isaiah was, Charlie stood up, sneering, “That’s right! Your wife has been cheating on you!”

Tom laughed in a perverted way, “Both of us have been sleeping with your wife for six years! You’re just a cripple! You can’t do anything!”

“We have been taking care of your wife. What can you do about it?”

They felt no shame at all, going public.

He knew with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce backing them, this would not be reported in the news.

That was the reason why he was so reckless in order to force Isaiah to speak out.

Sasha then kissed Tom and Charlie on their faces, she laughed and said, “You cripple, I have been cheating on you. But what can you do about it?”

As Sasha and the two men flaunt their immoral acts in public, Isaiah felt his last shred of dignity left him.

Isaiah was furious to breaking point!

Yet, he suppressed his fury .

He felt emotionally unstable.

Sasha and the two men were surprised.

How can this cripple tolerate such act?

This is unbelievable!

“You cripple, you really won’t tell us? Alright, then! Divorce! We will get a divorce!”

Seeing Isaiah standing firm, Sasha changed her tactics and threatened to divorce him.

Isaiah stood up, “Hmph! Let’s do it. We’ll get a divorce as you wish!”

With that, Isaiah turned and started to leave.

Sasha and the two men were dumbfounded.

Something’s not right!

Why did Isaiah not respond to the carrot or the stick?

No! We can’t let him leave without the information we need about Morris Group.

They hurriedly caught up to him.

“Isaiah! You cripple, you can’t leave!”

The three of them were about to stop Isaiah when a man suddenly stepped out in front of them. The man was none other than Levi.

“Move aside, this is between us and Isaiah. It’s none of your business!”

Charlie and Tom tried to push Levi aside but it felt as if they were pushing at a mountain with their bare hands. Levi did not budge at all.

“Get lost!”

They were about to attack Levi.



Somehow, Levi landed two hard slaps on Charlie and Tom’s faces.

The slap threw the men a few meters away and a few of their teeth flew out.

The Return of God of War Chapter 263
Everyone looked at Levi in disbelief.

How is he so strong?

“Aren’t you going to scram?” Levi asked coldly, glaring at the bewildered Sasha.

Sasha ran off immediately.

Levi then left with Isaiah.

“Levi, Isaiah, we won’t forget this. Just watch out, we’re going to get you for this.”

As they watched Levi and Isaiah depart, Charlie and Tom were full of anger and hatred.

Before Sasha left, she asked the crowd if anyone had taken photos or video clips.

After confirming that no one did, only then did they leave.

After leaving the restaurant, Isaiah bawled his eyes out.

He was just an ordinary guy who wanted to live a peaceful life.

However, these scoundrels had victimized him and changed his outlook.

How cruel of them to treat him this way.

“I know you still have a glimmer of hope in your heart for Sasha before. But you can finally see the situation clearly now, don’t you?” Levi asked.

“It’s clear now!”

“Mr. Garrison, after this, I shall gather and list down all the evidence properly! I’ll make sure these three bastards stay in prison for the rest of their lives!”

Before this, Isaiah did not have the heart to punish Sasha, but now his mind was made up.

His last vestige of love for her had been completely used up!

“Hmm, good.”

Meanwhile, Charlie and Tom were not satisfied to let things be.

“No! Levi must be crippled, too. I will break Isaiah’s other leg as well!” Tom covered his face with his hand, speaking coldly.

Charlie nodded his head in agreement, “Exactly, these two must be crippled!”

Sasha said quietly, “Shall I contact the hitmen?”

“Yes, who can you get?” The two men asked in unison.

Sasha smiled, “I know some people from a gym. A few of them are Kickboxing coaches who have worked as hitmen before in the underground society of gangsters. One of them had just been released from prison. They are ruthless. If they do the job, Levi and Isaiah will never be able to use their limbs again.”

“Great! You go and get these people. Tomorrow, we shall turn those wretches into cripples!” The two men said angrily.

After a night of collecting and sorting, the required evidence was complete.

Just as Isaiah was thinking about the next step, he received a call from Sasha unexpectedly.

“Isaiah, can you come over for a while? I realize I was wrong! I’m not fit to be your wife. Let’s divorce, alright? I don’t want to be a burden to you anymore.”

Sasha sounded humble in order to trick Isaiah into walking into her trap.

“Alright, let’s divorce, then!”

Isaiah agreed to her request.

“Can you also ask Levi to come along and be a witness?” Sasha asked.

Isaiah lifted his eyes to look at Levi and the latter nodded his head in agreement.

“Fine, Mr. Garrison agreed.” Isaiah replied.

“Okay, we’ll be waiting for you at Youth Troupe Commercial Building 2009, opposite the Civil Affairs Bureau!”

Sasha heaved a sigh of relief.

They were ready.

Several muscular fitness coaches were already on standby.

Steel pipes had been prepared.

“Isaiah, you’re really a fool to come whenever I beckon you.”

Sasha smiled, her expression full of malice and cruelty.

Levi and Isaiah were ready to leave for the meeting.

Isaiah called the relevant department, “Hello, how are you? I am reporting someone disrupting a military marriage. I’m serving in Defense Research And Development Centre. My Id is ISA-4031. Yes, that is correct. I have the evidence. The location is Youth Troupe Commercial Building 2009.”

In addition, he called the commercial crime investigation department and told them about Sasha’s commercial and other crimes.

“Come on, let’s go and watch the show!”

Levi and Isaiah arrived at the Youth Troupe Commercial Building and entered room 2009.


The door slammed shut.

Several huge strong men appeared before them holding steel pipes…

The Return of God of War Chapter 264
The muscles of these seven to eight people were well-developed, especially the biceps, which were as big as human heads.

The muscles lining the arms and legs bulged so much that they look like there were snakes hidden under their skin.

In addition, they were huge and looked more terrifying than normal gangsters.

These were physiques trained in the gym with the help of protein supplements. They may not be real fighters but their size were frightening enough.

The moment they appeared, Isaiah got the shock of his life.

In their presence, he felt small.

Their arms were bigger than his thighs. Just one punch would be enough to kill him, he thought.

Inside the room, Sasha, accompanied by Charlie and Tom, approached step by step.

One side of Tom’s face was swollen, and the same can be said for Charlie as well. They gazed at Levi with malicious intents.

“Haha, Isaiah, are you stupid? You just come whenever I asked you to?” Sasha laughed aloud.

She looked at Isaiah as if he was a retard.

Tom sneered, “Levi, something is definitely wrong with your brain. I didn’t expect you to tag along with him without any hesitation.”

Levi laughed, “This concerns my staff, I’m going to see it through!”

Isaiah was very touched.

If not for Levi, he wondered how these three would continue to use and abuse him.

Isaiah said anxiously, “You… what are you trying to do?”

Charlie looked at Isaiah’s left leg and said with a sneer, “Isn’t it obvious? We want to cripple this leg as well!”

Sasha’s face was pure evil as she said, “That’s right, Isaiah, you dare to defy me. I guarantee for the rest of your life, you can only crawl around.”

Charlie and Tom turned their gaze towards Levi, “Rest assured, we have not forgotten about you, Mr. Garrison. You dared to attack us both, didn’t you? Apparently, you must have forgotten how your leg was broken 6 years ago!”

“Yeah, you recovered after a stint in prison, didn’t you? Today, we will cripple you so Isaiah will have company!”


The three of them looked at each other and laughed hysterically.

In their eyes, with these ruthless fitness coaches as their henchmen, there was no escape for Levi and Isaiah.

“You people are so cruel. Aren’t you afraid of karma?” Isaiah asked.

“Karma? Is there even such a thing? We have enjoyed ourselves throughout these six years, haven’t we? So what Karma are you talking about?”

The three of them laughed gleefully again.

“You… are shameless! Beasts!”

Isaiah who was just a simple, honest and law-abiding citizen was bullied to the extent where he cursed aloud.

Sasha glanced at the two of them and guffawed, “Now, if you both kneel down and apologize, perhaps we will consider letting you off the hook!”

As she spoke, those fitness coaches took a step forward.

They waved the steel pipes held in their hands.

Isaiah was scared out of his wits.

His body was shaking continuously.

Sasha and her two adulterous partners laughed mockingly at the sight of him trembling, “What a worthless trash! Even though Levi is a good-for-nothing himself, at least he is slightly better than you.”

Levi smiled and sat down on a chair nearby.

He crossed his legs and even lit a cigarette.

He did not look even a bit anxious.

The trio were dumbfounded by his actions.

Sasha asked him, “Levi, aren’t you scared? I’m telling you. If you would kneel before me and crawl on the floor between my legs, I’ll let you off the hook this time!”

“And us, too! Mr. Garrison, if you would crawl on the floor between our legs, we will let you live!”

Tom and Charlie were eager to see Levi crawl on the floor under them.

After all, he was their former boss!

This demeaning act would really satisfy their ego!

Levi took a puff of his cigarette, he smiled and said, “If you would kneel down before me, perhaps, I’ll consider putting in a good word for you!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 265
At that moment, Isaiah came to a full realization of the situation and he pointed his finger at Sasha, saying, “That’s right! Sasha and you two other, worthless beasts. Kneel before me and I’ll give you a lighter sentence. Otherwise, you three wretches will definitely regret it!”

At the words of Levi and Isaiah, the trio were stunned.

Have Levi and Isaiah gone crazy?

Don’t they understand the situation?

They’re the ones facing a disaster, don’t they know that?

We are not the ones stuck in a sticky situation!

At Isaiah’s words, Sasha and her gang were furious.

“Are you not aware of it yet? You three are dumb asses!” Isaiah sneered.

He had never seen anyone so foolish before.

Sasha screamed, “Bash them up! Kill them! I want them to crawl out of here by the time we’re done!”

The fitness coaches who were already impatient to attack rushed towards Levi and Isaiah, waving the steel pipes held in their hands.


At that precise moment, the locked door was burst open suddenly by force.

In the next moment, a group of uniformed men rushed in.

They were patrolling police and army guards.

“Don’t move! Put down your weapons!”

“Don’t move!”

The group of fitness instructors did not even have the time to respond before they were all struck down onto the floor.

The sudden pain that hit them as they struck the floor finally brought them to their senses.

It turned out that their attackers were the troops and patrols.

It’s over!

We’re doomed.

Using her sex appeal, Sasha had lured the fitness instructors here to beat up Levi and Isaiah.

Never did the muscle men had imagine that they would get into this type of trouble!

However, it was not only them, Sasha and her two male partners were in a world of troubles as well.

Tom looked at Levi and Isaiah in disbelief and shock, he said, “You reported to the police?”

“Not exactly. They’re here to see you for other reasons, but since they happened to see that you’re armed, I guess they’ll have to add another charge!” Levi smiled as he explained.

Sasha and her partners in crime looked on in astonishment.

If it’s only a police report, only the patrolling police should be there.

Why is it that the troops are also here?

They felt puzzled!

They were confused and bewildered!

The Captain of the West Point Detachment, Timothy Lourdes led the team. He issued the arrest warrant, “According to conclusive evidence, Sasha and the three of you have committed crimes of intentional injury, commercial fraud, embezzlement of public funds, disclosure of company secrets and so on. You are now under arrest!”

“Oh, that’s right! There’s two more charges, namely immoral activities outside of marriage and armed assault!” Timothy added.

After all, everyone had seen what they were doing moments ago.

These charges were by no means, trivial.

To make matters worse, there were more to be added!

Hearing these, the three were shocked.

It was the end for them.

All their crimes had been discovered and brought to light.

They had to confess as it was obvious.

However, what did the troops appearance mean?

Why are the troops here?

The three criminals were stupefied!

At this time, the first officer with the rank of lieutenant came to Sasha and her partners in crime. He showed them his credentials and said: “I am Kenneth Wayne from the Political Department of the North Hampton Warzone! According to conclusive evidence, the three of you are suspected of sabotaging a military marriage! The Joint Law Enforcement Agency is hereby putting you under arrest! Any objections?”

“What? Sabotaging of a military marriage?”

The three of them widened their eyes in disbelief.

No doubt, Sasha had been immoral in having extra-marital affairs.

But how does that involve any military marriage?

Isaiah is not the member of any troop!

Which military marriage did they get involved in?

“Sir, I have objections. Where did the military marriage come from? We don’t understand!”

Tom asked the question.

“Right! When did we commit any military marriage crime? Sir, have you made a mistake?”

Sasha and Charlie’s eyes were full of bewilderment and they were puzzled.

The Return of God of War Chapter 266
Kenneth Wayne cast a glance at Isaiah and said, “He works for the National Military, so Sasha having an affair is considered as violating the military marriage law.”

“What?! He is a military personnel? No he can’t be. I’ve been with him for ten years, how can I not know if he is?”

Sasha was totally bewildered.

Tom and Charlie were both puzzled, “Yeah! What type of soldier is Isaiah?”

Kenneth sneered, “Comrade Isaiah is in the Defense Research And Development Centre Technical Team! He is of course, considered a soldier, isn’t he?”

“What? Why didn’t I know that?”

Sasha and the other two adulterers were so frightened that their hearts leapt to their throats.

Isaiah came before the three of them, took out his Identity card and waved it in front of them.

Their eyes widened in surprise as they read the information and seal on the card. Terrified, they broke out in cold sweat.

It’s real…

Isaiah is really working for the Defense Research And Development Centre!

When did this happen?

How could I not know?

Sasha’s eyes opened so wide in surprise that it seemed like they would pop out anytime…

Tom suddenly came to a realization and he stared at Levi in horror, “Now I know why you didn’t allow the divorce to go through last time. Was this the reason?”

Levi smiled and said, “Well, it was a coincidence! No matter what, I would not let this woman dissolve the marriage so easily. Unforeseen by us, Isaiah’s performance for the Centre was outstanding and he got the offer to work for them as a technical consultant. So naturally, what you are doing now is against the military’s marriage law.”


Tom was so agitated that he almost fainted while Sasha and Charlie looked at each other in desperation.

They had fallen into Levi’s trap!

Even though Isaiah only commenced his job at the Centre just recently, sabotaging a military marriage was a serious crime. They would face the consequences of their heinous actions.

Seeing the three of them in this state, Isaiah felt vindicated.

He laughed, “Hahaha, never did the three of you expect this day, did you? Didn’t you say that there is no karma? Now you know, karma does exist. You just have to wait for it!”

A new thought occurred to Tom and he asked, “Do you have evidence to prove that I am violating the law?”

Thought that there was hope, Sasha joined, “Yeah, show us the proof of what you accused us of.”

Hearing this, Levi laughed.

He took out a USB memory disk and projected a video on the wall.

It was a video taken yesterday of the three humiliating Isaiah.

Not only did they admit to adultery, but they also confessed to embezzlement of public funds and malicious wounding.

“You bast*rd! You have a camera and microphone on you?!”

After knowing the truth, Sasha and the other two went crazy.

Yesterday, they made sure to check if the crowd had taken any videos or photos but they didn’t check on Isaiah.

“So what else have you got to say?” Kenneth Wayne asked.

He exchanged glances with Timothy Lourdes.

Everything that had happened earlier was mind-blowing to the three.

They would spend years in prison!

Levi waved his hand, saying, “Please leave us for now. I want to talk to them in private.”

Kenneth and Timothy left them and waited outside the door.

Looking at the three, Levi laughed, “Isaiah, I told you. They are going to regret their actions one day. How do you feel now?”

“Never better! Serves you right!” Isaiah shouted.

Sasha was so anxious that she was about to cry.


She fell on her knees, hugging his legs. The woman wept and cried, “Isaiah, forgive me this once. I swear I’ll be a good wife and mother in future. I will not mess around anymore!”

“It’s true. We’re wrong! Master, please forgive us!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 267

They believed that if Isaiah spoke up for them, they would have a chance. At the very least, they could spend less time in jail.

“Slut, you are not worthy of me. Get lost!” Smack!

Isaiah fiercely slapped her on the face.

Slam! Wham! Smack!

“And you beasts! You are unworthy to be my students! Scram!”

Isaiah ferociously kicked the two men a few times.

“No… please…”

Sasha and the two men regretted.

In their whole lives, they regretted this moment the most!

In the end, Sasha, the two men, and the fitness trainers were all taken away.

What awaited them were years of imprisonment!

By afternoon, due to their social status, everyone soon heard the news about Tom and Charlie.

Ron and the others were shocked.

Could this be the end of Levi Group’s two traitors?

This showed that Morris Group was very powerful!

The four giants in the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce were still busy with the commander-in-chief at the ceremony, so they had no time to take care of them.

“Fortunately, the technologies of the Levi Group were leaked by themselves. Otherwise, we would be in trouble this time.” Ron said with relief.

“Yeah, it’s a good thing we were not involved!” Braylen Stewart added.

Wildan Saenz wondered, “We have underestimated the Morris Group. I think they are up to something really big.”

“Agree. However, the Morris Group is so secretive!” Ron said.

Not knowing what your competitors were doing could be a worrisome factor.

At this moment, Xawery Yount rushed in breathlessly.

“I know what the Morris Group is doing.”

Gulping some water, Xawery Yount continued, “They have produced a batch of medical devices, but I don’t know more details of it. Now all of it has been sent to the Quality Inspection Bureau for testing! If they pass the inspection, it will be mass-produced and listed!”

“Who gave you this information?” Wildan Saenz asked.

“A distant cousin of mine who happens to work in the Bureau told me.” Xawery Yount replied.

“It doesn’t matter what Morris Group has produced. We’ll sabotage everything they do.” Ron and the others arrived at this decision.

Xawery Yount smiled, “That’s easy! That is in my relative’s jurisdiction! Without doubt, we can undermine Morris Group’s progress!”

Ron smiled, “Good. No matter what products the Morris Group sends in for inspection, reject them will do!”

Wildan Saenz asked, “Fred, why don’t you ask that cousin of yours to join us sometime? We can’t keep asking him to run errands for us for nothing.”

“Yeah. We will be asking him for help quite often in the future.” Braylen Stewart went along.

“Well, how about dinner at Lufthansa Club tonight? My treat. Let’s invite him!” Ron stood up and announced with a laugh.

The next day, at the Morris Group head office.

Everyone was waiting for the good news from the Quality Inspection Bureau, hoping to start expanding their production line.

Right on time, a vehicle drove up to the entrance and three officers came out of the car.

Iris personally went to receive the visitors.

The leader, a young man, looked at Iris and the others with disdain.

He threw the quality inspection report to Iris and sneered, “What is the Morris Group trying to do? Do you really plan to launch this kind of bad product into the market? What you have produced is a medical device! What if something happens to the users? Can you bear the consequences?”

“Oh? What is the matter? Did it fail the test?” Isaiah asked in a low voice.

“Yes, terribly!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 268

His two companions said in confirmation, “That’s right. We tested it three times and it failed all of it! Your product is of inferior quality!”

The young man Tony looked at Iris with disgust in his eyes, saying, “Morris Group, I’m warning you. If you continue to send in product like this, I will still reject them!”

“Hmph, you guys better think over it! The inspection result was way below acceptable!”

“The next test is in a week’s time!”

Tony left quickly after that.

Morris Group was not given even a chance to appeal!

Iris and the others hurriedly read the quality inspection report.

Finished reading, everyone was furious.

The reason was exasperating.

Iris and the team suspected that the quality inspection department had failed the product without even examining it.

The issues they had highlighted on were totally irrelevant to their products.

It was ridiculous!

Immediately, they realized that someone had sabotaged them.

The inspectors must have failed their product on purpose.

They didn’t want Morris Group’s products to be launched.

At this point, Levi walked leisurely toward them.

“What happened?” He asked.

Someone walked him through the situation and Levi was shocked.

It was impossible for that procedure to go wrong.

Seems like they have someone in the Bureau.

“Alright. I’ll bring the product to the Bureau personally this afternoon and insist for an inspection on the spot! Let’s see who dares to fail it. After all, this has been approved by the Defense Research And Development Centre!” Levi said.

“Will this work?” Iris asked.

“Do you have other alternative?”

Iris was silenced by Levi’s question.

Everyone in the Morris Group was anxious.

On the contrary, Levi was calm, sipping his tea and smoking.

In the office, he sat leaning against the back of his chair.

Then he dialed Jesse Nielsen’s number, “Jesse, I’ll go straight to the point. Who is in charge of Quality Inspection Bureau?”


“Good. Please tell him that I’m inviting him over to Morris Group for some tea!” Levi smiled and said.

After that, he called the Logistics Minister and asked him to invite Samson, the person-in-charge for DRDC’s Quality Inspection Department over to Morris Group as well.

Shortly, Samson arrived.

To him, this was definitely the highlight of his life.

Him having tea with the God of War? Man he could brag this forever!

Even the deputy commander-in-chief would envy him.

However, there’s a reason why Samson was invited.

He was asked to bring the quality inspection report of the medical instrument.

Not long afterwards, Cameron arrived in a state of panic.

He left his meeting in a hurry as soon as he heard about Levi’s invitation.

“Captain Cameron, don’t be nervous. Take a seat!”

Levi smiled as he spoke.

The trembling man obediently sat down on Levi’s sofa.

The host waved his hand and Azure Dragon poured Cameron a cup of tea.

Holding the cup in his hands, Cameron dared not take a sip.

This important man wouldn’t summon me here for nothing.

“Captain Cameron, do you know why I’m looking for you? Levi asked.

Cameron stood up immediately, shook his head and replied, “Chief, please enlighten me!”

“Recently, Morris Group has produced a batch of medical devices and sent them to your department for quality inspection. Are you aware of this?” Levi asked.

Cameron shook his head, “I am not. My subordinates didn’t inform me anything about it.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 269

“Oh, okay! Then let me do it. Not long ago, someone from your department delivered this, and told me that those medical devices are way below the passing grades. Not only that, but he also threatened to reject whatever products we send in for inspection!” Levi said.

“Huh? Did this really happen?”

Anxious, Cameron broke out in cold sweat.

“Shh… Let me finish. Before these devices reached the Bureau, I sent it to the Defense Research And Development Centre for quality inspection. After all, they will be used in the medical industry, and I don’t want any issues. Guess what? Not only were they qualified, but the results were also perfect in every aspect!”

Levi glanced at Samson and smiled, saying, “Let me introduce you to Samson, the head of the Quality Inspection Department from DRDC.”

Samson handed the report to Cameron, “Captain Cameron, we tested this product five times, and not once did it fail the test. In fact, it is way better than all of the models available in the market.”

With trembling knees, Cameron started flipping through the report.

At the same time, Levi handed another stack of document to him and said, “Captain Cameron, now this is from your department.”

Finished reading everything, Cameron nearly fainted from fright.

The second report’s content was obviously nonsense.

They clearly did not know what product they were analyzing, and simply rejected it.

Cameron was furious.

This was done on purpose by somebody.

How can this somebody be in my department?

Worst of all, it involves the God of War!

Isn’t he courting for death?

Levi smiled, “Luckily I was careful about the inspection and sent this to Samson first. Otherwise, I’ll be doomed!”

“Chief, it’s my fault! I did not discipline my staff enough!” Cameron bowed and said.

“Alright then. Now that we know where the problem lies, let’s solve it. Conduct the second inspection now and I’ll come along. I am sure it will pass, won’t it? Said Levi while he started moving toward the door.

That tone sent chill down Cameron’s spine.

He knew that this was serious.

Immediately, he went along.

So did Samson.

Azure Dragon drove them to the Bureau.

There were several cars parked at the entrance as well.

Those senior managers from Ron’s side were spotted coming down from the vehicles.

Tony came out personally to greet them with a big smile on his face.

Levi got down from the car, but he instructed Cameron to remain inside.

When Tony saw the group, he snorted, “Hey Morris Group, what brings you here again?”

Hearing the name ‘Morris Group’, smirks were evident on Ron and his subordinates’ faces.

Morris Group wants a recheck?

Dream it!

Levi smiled, “Obviously, we are here for a second inspection.”

Tony immediately replied, “Are you all deaf? Didn’t I say come back in a week?”

“A week? Since when there is such regulation?”

Not losing his gentlemanly smile, Levi said again, “Besides, there is no issue with our product. Can’t we appeal?”

Ron and his men laughed, “I guess you’re here to cause trouble. Didn’t you hear Tony? Come back after one week. As business organizations, we have to abide by regulations!”

“That’s right. Guys, learn from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce!” Tony said in agreement.

“Please enlighten me. Who made the rule for that one week timeframe?” Levi asked coldly.

Tony replied angrily, “I did. So what?”

“So your word is law in the Bureau?”

“That’s right!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 270

Tony was really arrogant, acting almighty.

“That’s true. Captain Tony is in charge of the report section. If he says you pass, you pass!”

“Exactly. If he wishes to fail any product, there you go. In the Bureau, Captain Tony’s word is law!”

In reply, Xawery Yount and Ron laughed.

Tony looked at Levi with disdain, “Today, the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce has also sent their products in for quality inspection. I don’t even need to run through any analysis, and I’ll give them a pass!”

As he spoke, his assistant who was on standby, handed Ron the quality inspection report.

Everyone present watched in disbelief…


Taking over the report, Ron looked at Levi and laughed, “Now you know who is the man in charge of the Bureau.”

Tony glared at Levi and barked angrily, “Now get lost! I’m telling you. Within these six months, I will not pass any products you send in!”

“So powerful, aren’t you? Do the Bureau Chief has to obey your word as well?” Levi sneered in reply.

Tony was taken aback at first but he quickly recovered and laughed, “Of course! Captain Cameron is my mentor who personally brought me into this department! He listens to all my words!”

“So loser, if you have any wild wishes that I’ll pass your product, drop it!”

Levi listened to Tony’s rhetoric.

With a meaningful smile, he shouted toward his car, “Captain Cameron, did you hear that? In the Bureau, Tony’s word is law. Have you been vacated from your position?”

“Hmm? Captain Cameron?”

Tony and his group were stunned. They looked around but saw no one.

“Who are you trying to bluff? Too bad it won’t work! Even if he were here, he would obey me!”

Tony was masquerading ridiculously!

“Tony, you scoundrel! When did the Bureau come under your control?”

Suddenly, an angry voice was heard coming from the car and someone got down in a rage.

“Chief… Chief Cam… I… Yo-you…”

Looking at the person storming toward him, Tony was stupefied and his mouth trembled, unable to speak coherently.

“No, no, no, you are the Chief! I’m your subordinate! Your word is the law here!” Cameron was so furious that he felt like giving Tony a few slaps across his face.

“Chief Cameron, I-I’m sorry… I did not mean what I said!”

Tony almost knelt in front of Cameron.

“What about your arrogant attitude barely a moment ago? Aren’t you the boss here?” Cameron snorted.

“No, Chief Cameron. Master, I was wrong… I didn’t mean to overstep you! I just wanted to share your worries!” Tony spoke hurriedly.

Cameron pointed his finger at Tony’s nose, “You are fired! Never ever step into the Bureau again!”


This was a real blow to Tony, Ron and his men.

How could Tony be fired!

Tony asked incredulously, “Master… why? What did I do wrong?”

“You deliberately abused your position to sabotage the Morris Group! Was that not enough?” Cameron shouted furiously.

“No no no. Master, their products are indeed not up to par!”

Even at this point, Tony tried to argue.

Upon hearing that, Cameron’s face became black as thunder and he spoke angrily, “Then tell me. What products did Morris Group send in?”

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