The Return of God of War Chapter 251-260

The Return of God of War Chapter 251

“I will heed Mr. Garrison’s advice. I will not divorce you!”

Sasha and Tom nearly passed out from anger.

“Fine! Just you wait! I’ll force you to sign the papers if it’s the last thing I do.” The two of them left furiously afterward.

Although Isaiah did not understand Levi’s intention, he believed Levi to have his reasons.

He swore to take revenge on Sasha and Tom from the moment he was chased out of the house.

Soon after that fiasco, Isaiah successfully entered Morris Group and headed the Medical Technology department.

At the same time, Morris Group released a hiring announcement to recruit professionals in medical and technology-related fields with lucrative salaries.

A lot of people put forth their best effort in an attempt to join Morris Group following the announcement.

The news quickly reached Sasha’s ears. Coincidentally, she was having a meal with Tom and Charlie.

“Hmph! I can’t believe Morris Group decided to hire that cripple!” Sasha was not pleased. I expected him to live a pitiful life on the streets after I chased him out of the house. I certainly did not expect him to get a job so quickly.

Tom was enraged too. “Isaiah Wade’s name is blacklisted by all the companies in North Hampton. Morris Group’s boldness to recruit him is unbelievable!”

Charlie said with a smile. “Don’t worry about it. He’s not going to last in Morris Group.”

Sasha was confused. “What do you mean?”

“Well, Morris Group will cease to exist in North Hampton soon! Isaiah will once again become a piece of trash by that time.” Charlie sneered.

Tom was more focused on the technical side of the business, so he was not informed of some insider information.

He asked, “Is there something wrong with the company, Charlie?”

“Morris Group has been provoking the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce all this while. The councils of the Chamber have begun to take action. Isaiah was brought over to Morris Group to aid in the production of pharmaceutics. But the equipment needed is no longer available in the market due to the Chamber of Commerce’s influence. Just you wait. Isaiah will be living on the streets soon.” Charlie laughed.

“Hahaha… This is awesome! Isaiah is destined to be a crippled loser. He’s really a joke, thinking he’s able to make us regret the things we’ve done.” Tom said.

Sasha was overjoyed as she listened to Charlie’s predictions.

At that moment, Charlie hugged Sasha and teased her. “Tom said you’re mine for tonight!”

“You’re a meanie, Charlie…” Sasha leaned against Charlie’s chest and acted coquettishly.

Meanwhile, Isaiah immersed himself in his work. He had assembled the technical team too.

Isaiah was a brilliant man. He fine-tuned the previous core technology, allowing Morris Group to produce products with better quality and cheaper prices compared to the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

His efforts had pushed Morris Group one step forward in their goal of replacing the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

In just four days, Isaiah with the rest of the team had finalize the adjustments.

After all, Isaiah had been ruminating on that matter in the last six years.

They had made the necessary arrangements at the factory as well. So all that was left was to wait for the production to begin.

Iris was holding a meeting when she looked at Doug Rice, the head of the procurement department, and said. “Mr. Rice, what’s going on with the equipment we ordered from Dynatic? The items were supposed to arrive in three days, It’s been five days now!”

Doug wiped the nervous sweat off his face. “Ms. Anabelle, Dynatic recently informed us they are repairing the equipment we ordered from them due to an unforeseen issue. They told us to wait…”

Iris retorted immediately. “That’s not possible! I checked the equipment in person previously. There’s nothing wrong with the machines!”

“Are you saying that Dynatic is deliberately delaying the shipment?” Doug asked.

“Contact Dynatic’s owner, Mr. Wylder Prosser, for me!”

Iris questioned Wylder as soon as the call connected, “Mr. Prosser, where is the equipment I ordered from you?”

“About that, there’s something wrong with the machines purchased by Morris Group. So you will have to wait.” Wylder answered.

“For how long?”

“At least a month.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 252

Everyone gasped after listening to Wylder’s response. They are obviously doing this on purpose!

Wylder added. “I sent the machines back to the original manufacturer to undergo repair and services. Please be considerate since we already speed up the progress to a one month waiting time.”

Iris said, “I’m going to your company to assess the situation in person. You can ship us the other stocks you’re keeping. We are in a hurry, so we don’t have the time to wait any longer!”

“Oh no, I’m so sorry, Ms. Anabelle. I’ve sent out all my stocks because other parties purchased the equipment.”

“Is that so?” Iris kept her cool. She knew he was provoking her on purpose.

“That’s right! I can’t believe this coincidence either. Out of all the equipment I shipped out, only the ones ordered by Morris Group are faulty.” Wylder smiled cunningly.

Everyone was infuriated by Wylder’s tone.

The delay is clearly intentional! We’ve prepared everything, and those equipment are the only element lacking now!

“Ms. Anabelle, I’m going to have to trouble you to wait for a little longer,” Wylder said with a smile.

“I can’t! You promised to send the machines here in three days. So what’s the deal now?” Iris was hopping mad.

Wylder sighed. “If that’s the case, I do have another idea…”

“What idea?” Iris asked.

“You will have to top up more money. I can send you the backup stock from my personal storage.” Wylder answered.

“How much are you asking for?”

“You ordered the equipment for five hundred million previously. If you give me five billion now, I will send you the backup stock immediately. You should know that this equipment is my trump card. So the price that I’m suggesting is a very reasonable one.”

He’s outrageously greedy! All the executives in Morris Group were astounded. No one expected Wylder to pull off a scheme like that.

Iris jeered at him. “Do you take me for a fool, Wylder Prosser?”

“Haha. We can call off this deal if you’re reluctant.” Wylder was determined.

“Fine. Then refund us the money. We’re rescinding our order from you!” Iris chided.

“Sure. I will return the money to you. But I’ll be honest with you, you will regret your decision because I am the only person who has the equipment you’re looking for. I’ll be waiting for Morris Group to beg me later on.”

Iris began looking for another supplier after Wylder refunded the money. She contacted all the medical equipment suppliers in North Hampton and cities nearby, but none of them was willing to sell them the machines when they heard Morris Group’s name.

Doug Rice and the other employees were on the verge of tears. They are clearly targeting our company.

“What should we do now. Boss required us to begin the production in these few days. The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce will know of our intention once we drag this any longer.” Iris was anxious. It will be too slow for us to acquire the equipment from other places. The transport will be a huge problem we have to address, due to the possibility of others sabotaging the machines en route to the factory.

Doug asked, “Should we discuss this matter with Wylder Prosser again? The additional cost doesn’t matter. Acquiring the equipment is our top priority now.”

Iris rubbed her temples. “Let me think of another way.”

At the same time, in Bale Group, one of the companies under the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

Ron Bale, Wildan Saenz, and others gathered together.

“Hahaha. Let me see how you’re going to resolve this now, Morris Group!” Ron smiled wickedly.

Wildan was delighted as well. “I told my friend, Doug, to request five billion from them.”

Xawery Yount asked the question in his mind, “What if Morris Group is willing to pay the sum?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 253

Braylen Stewart responded cheerfully. “Then we’ll let Doug provide them with the equipment. But we will create some trouble during the transportation to destroy the machines!”

“Hahaha… How much loss will Morris Group suffer by that time?”

The few cunning men were overjoyed.

Another day passed, and Iris failed to come up with any new idea.

She wanted to resolve the issue on her own because she was desperate to prove her capabilities to her mysterious boss.

In the end, Iris contacted Wylder Prosser.

“Hahaha, I was wondering who called. Didn’t I tell you that you’ll regret your decision? So, what’s up?” Wylder said smugly. Morris Group is filled with useless and incompetent workers. They have to beg me, after all.

Iris cut to the chase. “Mr. Prosser, I can pay you an additional one and a half billion at most.”

“You’re decreasing my asking price from five billion to one and a half billion? Haha! I have to say, you’re good at negotiating! I’ll have to host a meeting to discuss this matter.” Wylder did not reject her immediately.

After he hung up on Iris’s call, Wylder contacted Wildan Saenz and the others through a video call. “What should I do now? Morris Group offered to pay one and a half billion instead.” He asked.

After a brief discussion among the four people, Wildan answered with a smile, “Sell the equipment to them, Wylder. We will cause some trouble during the transportation. Those machines will never reach Morris Group!”

Wylder was excited. “Doesn’t that mean I made a billion and a half for nothing?”

“Haha! Exactly!”

“Wait for another day before you get back to her, Wylder,” Wildan suggested.

“Alright. Got it!”

Inside Morris group.

Iris and the other executives were anxiously waiting for Wylder Prosser’s reply.

Isaiah reported to Levi at once after he was informed of the situation.

Levi was surprised after listening to him. I expected us to stumble into such a predicament if we purchase the equipment in North Hampton. That’s why I asked Iris to order the machines at South City. I did not anticipate this problem to arise.

North Hampton Chamber of Commerce’s extensive influence piqued Levi’s interest. It’s not fun to target them if they do not provide me with any challenge. ”Alright. I’ll handle this, Isaiah.”

Levi dialed another number. “I need some equipment to arrive at my place by tomorrow.”

“Consider it done, Sir!” The person on the other end of the phone answered.

Inside Morris Group.

Isaiah informed everyone that their boss had dealt with the issue regarding the procurement of the equipment.

“What? We can receive the equipment by tomorrow?” Iris was beyond excited.

“That’s right!” Isaiah nodded.

Iris looked at Isaiah in envy. He’s able to interact with the mysterious boss directly.

Iris asked curiously. “Mr. Wade, what kind of a person is our boss?”

“He’s a great person and the man I admire the most in my life!” Isaiah responded.

Elena agreed as well. “That’s right. Our boss is also my idol!”

Iris’s curiosity intensified after receiving their answers. I must pursue him!

Wylder Prosser contacted Iris the next day at 9 o’clock in the morning.

“What’s the matter, Mr. Prosser?”

Wylder said, “Our company has decided to sell the equipment to you for one and a half billion, Ms. Anabelle. We will send the equipment to you by today once you pay the amount. You are free to arrange your own transportation if you’re worried.”

In Wylder’s opinion, Morris Group would definitely agree to his proposal because they were desperate.

“Oh, you’re calling because of the equipment. That’s not needed anymore. We’ve acquired what we needed.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 254

“What?” Wylder was taken aback. They’ve acquired the equipment? How is that possible? The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce had prohibited every medical equipment company from dealing with Morris Group. So how could they’ve possibly lay their hands on the machines?

“Are you sure, Ms. Anabelle?” Wylder questioned her with uncertainty.

“That’s right. They are much more efficient. We will receive the equipment by 12 o’clock in the afternoon today.” Iris replied to him.

“Ah? Where did you purchase the equipment?”

“That’s none of your concern. This is our company’s matter. Goodbye!”

Wylder Prosser slumped in his seat, disheartened. There goes my wonderful dream of earning one and a half billion effortlessly.

He hurriedly reported the unexpected turn of events to Wildan Saenz and the others.

The few councils of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce were astounded as well.

“They’ve procured the equipment?”

All four men utilized their connections at once to investigate the matter. What they found was that none of the medical equipment companies in North Hampton and surrounding cities had sold any machine to Morris Group.

Where did they source out the equipment then?

“The most important thing to do now is to figure out the transportation route of the equipment. We need to stop them immediately!”

They were in a state of agitation.

Meanwhile, Levi was hanging out with Azure Dragon and the others.

Levi received a phone call from Kyrie Duncan, the head of the logistics department in the North Hampton Warzone, at that moment.

“The medical equipment you purchased from North Hampton Warzone’s Defense Research And Development Centre is being transported now, Sir! As you ordered, we’ve arranged a fully-armed squadron to escort the logistic team!” Kyrie reported.

No one expected Levi to procure the equipment from the Warzone’s Defense Research And Development Centre.

Levi nodded. “Okay. Thank you. This set of equipment is bought under Morris Group’s name, Mr. Duncan. I’ve transferred the payment. Please check.”

“Understood, Sir!”

Levi reminded after hanging up the phone call. “Kirin, tell Iris and the others to wait for the equipment at the factory. The machines will arrive in two hours.”

Then he looked at Azure Dragon. “Spread the information on the transportation route, Azure Dragon!”

Inside Bale Group.

“We’ve identified the transportation route! There’s still one and a half hour for us to stop them.” Ron Bale glanced at his watch worriedly.

Braylen Stewart said through gritted teeth, “Should I contact Phantasma? We’ll let him handle this!”

“Okay. Make sure Phantasma destroys those machines!” Their eyes gleamed with malicious intent.

Phantasma was one of the mafia bosses in North Hampton. He ran a credit company, with most of his employees being thugs.

He was a ruthless man who would not hesitate to kill another person. Phantasma often did the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce’s biddings. It was a common thing for him to cripple others while dealing with those matters.

“We can rest assured if Phantasma handles this task.”

“He’s cruel and meticulous. What he does will never be traced back to us even if he murders someone.”

On a secluded highway in North Hampton.

A bunch of vicious-looking men placed plenty of nails on the road and parked multiple cars to block the path.

A long-haired man dress in a black outfit was seated inside an SUV parked aside. His fingers were covered with rings as he puffed on a cigar.

If one were to look closely, a pupil was missing from one of his eyes, so his appearance was indeed frightening like a ghost. The man was none other than the infamous Phantasma.

“Stay vigilant and work smart later on. They reminded us to cripple a few people as a warning to Morris Group…” Phantasma’s hoarse voice was capable of sending chills down others’ spines.

The Return of God of War Chapter 255
“Don’t worry, boss!”

Phantasma’s subordinates rubbed their palms together in excitement. Strapped around their waists were various sharp blades.

The logistic team finally arrived after a short while.

The logistic team was made up of thirty cars because the machines were worth up to five hundred million, after all.

The car leading the team came to an abrupt halt upon noticing the row of cars messily parked in the middle of the road.

The rest of the cars stopped as well.

Doug Rice was seated inside the car leading the team.

He was about to get out of the car and check out the situation when he saw over a dozen menacing-looking men advancing in his direction.

Doug was scared out of his wits.

Phantasma and his underlings walked up to the car and he knocked on the car window.

Doug was fearful as he looked at the batons in their hands. He immediately lowered the car window.

Phantasma croaked. “Are you from Morris Group?”

“Yes… That… That’s right…” Doug nodded.

“Okay. You may leave now, but those machines will have to stay.” Phantasma ordered.

“I can’t do that. We can’t leave without the equipment…” Doug said.

The rest of his sentence was stuck in his throat as Phantasma’s subordinates glared at him.

Doug immediately contacted Iris and informed him of the predicament.

Iris and the others were worried sick.

But Elena was unusually calm. “There’s no need to worry. Boss has arranged everything. All we have to do is wait here patiently.”

Phantasma led his men toward the back of the convoy afterward.

Although the Warzone Defense Research And Development Centre produced the equipment, the logistic team was not provided by the army. Instead, it was Doug Rice who had hired the logistic team.

Phantasma and his men would have fled in fright if they saw that it was a fleet of military vehicles.

All the carriages attached to the cars were covered by black drapes.

Phantasma and his men removed the black drapes and sized up the equipment underneath.

They smiled wickedly when they have ascertained all thirty cars to be loaded with the medical equipment.

Phantasma contacted Ron. “Mr. Bale, I’ve checked all thirty cars, and all of them are carrying the equipment.”

“Excellent! Destroy all the machines, Phantasma! Morris Group can dream about laying their hands on the equipment!” Ron said coldly.

“Okay. I will check the rest of the cars and destroy everything. I’ll also cripple a few men afterward.” Phantasma continued to examine the remaining vehicles.

The rest of the cars were loaded with accessories and spare parts of the machines.

In the end, there were only three cars left to check.

Phantasma felt panic rising within him at the sight of the last three cars. For some unknown reason, His left eyelid was twitching continuously.

With an apprehensive heart, Phantasma walked up to the cars.

He used his baton to part the drapes.

The interior of the car was dark, but he could make out a group of people inside.

One of Phantasma’s subordinates exclaimed, “There are so many people inside!”

Another man added. “These must be the workers to unload the equipment.”

Phantasma ordered harshly, “All of you, get out of the car! Someone come and part the drapes!”

Two of his underlings parted the drapes. Sunlight illuminated the dark interior at once.

Everyone was frightened when they saw the people sitting inside the car.

Phantasma and his men dropped their batons unwittingly. The cigarettes held between their lips fell as their jaws dropped.

Inside the car were over a dozen men dressed in military outfits. They were pointing their loaded guns at Phantasma and his subordinates.

No one expected to see a group of fully-armed soldiers inside the car.

“Did you just order us to get out of the car?” The company commander leading the group pressed his pistol against Phantasma’s head.

The Return of God of War Chapter 256

Everyone got out of the car.

The rest of the soldiers in the other two cars got out as well.

Over a hundred armed soldiers surrounded Phantasma and his men while pointing their guns at them.

Phantasma and his subordinates were scared out of their wits. They were so close to losing bladder control.

The unexpected turn of events was completely unimaginable to Phantasma and the others.

Phantasma and his gang dropped their batons.

Some even succumbed to the heavy atmosphere as they slumped onto the ground.

Phantasma, with a gun pressed up against his head, was trembling fearfully. He raised his hands and shouted. “This is a misunderstanding! This is all just a misunderstanding!”

The company commander said with a stern voice, “I am the North Hampton Warzone Defense Research And Development Centre 8th platoon company commander, Boris Diaw, tasked to escort the medical equipment from the warzone to Morris Group! Who are you?”

Phantasma nearly passed out after listening to his introduction.

His subordinates were worse. Some had already fainted on the ground.

Most of them had already collapsed on the ground in fear.

They finally knew where Morris Group sourced out the equipment. They purchased from the Warzone Defense Research and Development Centre! No wonder there is a platoon of soldiers escorting them. Damn it! I regret taking up this job. I wouldn’t have the guts to even come here if I knew where this equipment came from! Ron Bale and his crappy friends scammed me!

Phantasma was on the verge of tears. Why didn’t you load these items into military vehicles? We would’ve fled immediately if that was the case!

“Arrest them!” Boris commanded.

Phantasma and his men were detained. They were aware of the implications following their arrests. Our lives are ruined. Completely ruined! But we must not expose our employer. Otherwise, even our family members will face trouble.

In the end, all the equipment arrived safely at Morris Group’s pharmaceutical factory.

The machines were finally installed after half a day’s work.

The materials procured by Iris had reached too.

They could begin their production starting that night.

Isaiah monitored the whole process as the technical advisor.

Levi tagged along with Isaiah to survey the factory.

Iris was surprised to see Levi. “Why are you here?”

“Why can’t I be here?” Levi answered with a question of his own.

Isaiah smiled awkwardly. “Ms. Anabelle, Mr. Ga… He followed me here…”

Clarity washed over Iris. “Oh, I understand now. No wonder Zoey said you found a job. Did Mr. Wade offer you a position because you are acquainted with him for so long?”

Levi beamed at her. “So what if that’s the case?”

“Fine. I’ll allow you to stay in Morris Group as one of the technical advisors for Zoey’s sake. But I am your superior from now on. You have to address me as Ms. Anabelle whenever you see me.” Iris said proudly.

Iris had always been a competitive person. She felt excited as she thought to herself. I swore to myself six years ago that I will surpass Levi Garrison when he established Levi Group. So I went abroad to further my career. I can’t help but feel a sense of achievement now that he’s my subordinate.

However, she failed to notice the odd expression on Isaiah and Elena’s faces.

The person in charge of the pharmaceutical factory, Luka Parker, reported, “We’ve calibrated all the equipment, Ms. Anabelle. We can start our production tonight.”

“Great! Ask everyone to be on standby. We will begin production at 8 o’clock tonight!”

Iris lamented after she was done with the arrangements, “Our boss is too mysterious, isn’t he?”

“That’s right. So is Mr. Atkinson. Both of them are often missing.” Doug and the others added.

The Return of God of War Chapter 257

Elena and Isaiah exchanged glances. They are indeed mysterious. All of you don’t even recognize him when he’s standing right before your eyes.

Iris said in front of everyone, “Our boss is amazing. He’s capable of purchasing the equipment from the Warzone Defense Research And Development Centre. My admiration for him grows more by the day.”

“Ms. Anabelle, since you’re still single, you should consider pursuing the boss if he’s single too.” Doug and the others teased her.

Iris nodded brazenly. “I will definitely pursue him if he’s single! I will become your lady boss in the future!”

Iris had grown accustomed to the culture abroad. She did not shy away from expressing her thoughts.

Levi frowned upon hearing her words. She’s hopeless for harboring an interest in her best friend’s husband.

Morris Group’s procurement spread like wild fire among North Hampton’s business world.

Countless were shocked to their cores, including the wealthiest man in North Hampton, Winston Gonzales. “Morris Group sure has the guts and capabilities to purchase the equipment under the Chamber’s supervision.”

The harsh reality hit the members of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce harder than anyone else.

Ron Bale and the other councils of the Chamber were losing their minds.

They were overwhelmed by a sense of defeat after failing twice consecutively, in addition to Phantasma’s arrest. Our reputation will be dragged through the mud if the four noble families hear about this.

“Shall we cease all actions and assess their intention for now?” Ron and the others decided to stop targeting Morris Group temporarily.

Morris Group increased the rate of their production in secret in the last few days.

Levi could finally enter Morris Group freely after Iris appointed him as one of the technical advisors. There are not many people who know my identity anyway.

Nevertheless, Levi appeared to laze around most of the time in the outsiders’ eyes.. They would always see him drinking coffee and puffing on his cigarette while waiting to get off work.

Even Iris was barely suppressing her urge to rebuke Levi’s attitude.

However, none of them knew Levi was the one actually making all the most important decisions in the company.

One day, Azure Dragon and Kirin arrived at Levi’s office while he was sipping on his tea.

“I have something to tell you, Sir. They recently appointed someone to fill in the position of commander-in-chief in the North Hampton Warzone. They will be hosting an appointment ceremony. The vice commander-in-chief, Xander Hoyles, would like to invite you to attend the ceremony.” Azure Dragon said.

Levi smiled. “Do I have to go?”

Kirin answered, “Under normal circumstances, you do not have to attend. But the newly appointed commander-in-chief is someone you’re acquainted with. He’s even one of your subordinates!”

Levi pondered briefly. Then he said, “Could the person you’re talking about be the Iron Brigade’s first platoon commander-in-chief, Percy Covington?” Percy Covington is a brilliant soldier. But he retired from the frontline after suffering an injury. He’s been recuperating in the last two years. He’s my only subordinate who I think qualifies for the commander-in-chief position.

Kirin nodded. “Yes. That’s right. That person is Percy Covington!”

“Alright. Inform the North Hampton Warzone that I will be attending the commander-in-chief’s appointment ceremony. I must witness my subordinate’s moment of glory!” Levi ordered.

“Understood, Sir!”

All the soldiers in the North Hampton Warzone were exhilarated when they received the news of Levi’s participation, especially Xander Hoyles. He was beyond excited. I was worried he would not come previously. Now I can finally rest assured.

Xander Hoyles deliberately informed members of the four noble families, who were in control of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce, Eric Robinson, Wallace Henderson, and the others.

Eric Robinson and his friends were so enlivened they nearly forgot about the matters related to Morris Group. These matters are insignificant when compared to this ground-shattering news.

“Has the most glorious moment of our lives arrived? We can finally meet with the protector of Erudia, the God of War, in person!”

“I can finally die in peace after having this opportunity to meet with the God of War!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 258
“We can even disregard Winston Gonzales if we become acquainted with the God of War!”

“That’s right! How many years have we live under Winston Gonzales’s oppression?”

Eric and his gang could not forget about their dispute with Winston Gonzales after all those years.

They wanted to utilize the opportunity to target him. Winston Gonzales has been restricting the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce from expanding our authority.

We will have to eliminate him if we wish to bring the Chamber to the next level. So this commander-in-chief’s appointment ceremony is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because only the God of War can overrule Winston Gonzales!

The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce decided to postpone all of its plans to prioritize the appointment ceremony. They could not care less about Morris Group’s progress at that moment.

Meanwhile, at the largest and most luxurious villa in North Hampton.

Every member of the Gonzales family had gathered.

Winston Gonzales was seated on an elevated platform in an imposing manner.

His sons and daughters were seated before him, while his grandchildren stood at the back of the room.

Winston Gonzales had built his empire from scratch, attaining the title of the richest man in North Hampton with his own effort.

His descendants did not bring shame to the family as they were all outstanding and extraordinary people.

Their talents bloomed in multiple fields, including the business, military, and political circles. That was the reason behind the Gonzales family’s steadfast power.

They were powerful not only because of their wealth but also because of their connections in every field that are comparable to the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

The Gonzales family outshone the Chamber because they were tied together by a familial bond.

For example, Winston Gonzales’s eldest son, Andy Gonzales. He was the youngest chief of staff in the warzone.

Andy said with a smile, “I have good news to tell you, father.”

“Oh? Do enlighten me.”

Winston Gonzales’s well-being had improved significantly lately.

“My warzone’s commander-in-chief position has been vacated for quite some time. They recently appointed someone to fill in the position. That man was a member of the Iron Brigade!”

The news piqued Winstone’s interest at once. “Oh? That’s great news!”

“Most importantly, the God of War will be attending the commander-in-chief’s appointment ceremony. He did not want to attend initially, but he changed his mind after knowing his subordinate was the man selected to hold the position.” Andy elaborated.

“Ah? The God of War? He will be attending?” Winston was invigorated instantaneously.

“That’s right. Moreover, the ceremony will have slots open to members of the society, and you are one of them!” Andy said.

“That means I can finally meet with the God of War?” Winston’s voice trembled agitatedly.

He had always admired the God of War. The aged man even went to the airport to welcome the God of War when he received news of his arrival at North Hampton. But alas, he was forced to return when a gun was pointed at his head.

He sent out multiple invitations to the God of War afterward but was rejected too.

“Yes. That’s right. You can even interact with him face-to-face.” Andy answered.

He was in charge of the appointment ceremony, including the attendees’ quota.

He was also responsible in arranging the flow of the event. So he knew there would be an interaction session after the ceremony.

“Oh my God! I can even talk to him? This is so exciting!” Winston stood up excitedly.

Even Una and the other younger members of the family were eyeing Andy with anticipation. “Are we allowed to attend too, Uncle?”

They were eager to meet with the legendary God of War as well.

“It’s difficult, but I’ll see what I can do… This is definitely a worthy experience for all of you to meet with the God of War.” Andy said.

“That’s right. I heard that the God of War is about the same age as Una and the others. He’s a very impressive man!” Winston said cheerfully.

The news of the commander-in-chief’s appointment ceremony spread within North Hampton’s community.

It was a golden opportunity for the public to meet with the God of War.

Some were even willing to pay millions to participate in the event.

The Return of God of War Chapter 259
Morris Group achieved great progress in that period of time. They had successfully produced the first batch of products and sent the finished products for quality control tests by the Quality Supervision Bureau.

They could market their products once they received the Bureau’s approval.

Everyone could not wait to witness the impactful effect their products would create in the market. They expected the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce to be taken by surprise by that time.

However, the few council members of the Chamber kept themselves updated with news related to that matter.

Ron even invited Tom, Charlie and Sasha to join in on their discussion.

“I want to ask your opinion on this matter. Why do you think Morris Group hired Isaiah Wade?” Ron and the other council members were confused by Morris Group’s intention, so they sought out the newcomers’ thoughts.

“Mr. Bale, frankly speaking, Isaiah is indeed a competent person. Perhaps Morris Group is trying to explore the medical technology market. Isaiah is a suitable candidate if that’s the case.” Tom explained.

“Is there any possibility that Isaiah possesses all the information on the core technology?” That was Ron and the other council member’s primary concern.

“That’s not possible! Back then, Levi Garrison handed one-third of the information to each of us to keep the balance. No one, not even Levi, is in possession of all the information unless the three of us get together.” Charlie said firmly.

The other two nodded in agreement.

“Haha, that means the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce is the only party who knows all about the core technology!” Ron laughed.

“Yes. That’s right.” The trio nodded again.

“But Morris Group has been acting mysteriously lately. I don’t know what they are doing. I’ve arranged my men to investigate, but nothing came up…” Ron sighed.

“You should’ve asked for my assistance, Mr. Bale.” Sasha grinned wickedly at him.


“That’s right. I can meet up with Isaiah! That cripple will listen to me. Even though I had a fall out with him, I am certain that he will inform me of everything if I flatter him a little. After all, I was the one who tricked him into telling me the last part of the information related to the core technology!”

“Okay. Then I will let you handle this matter. If you can obtain classified information about Morris Group this time, I will let you fill in the vice director’s position in my company’s PR department!”

“Don’t worry. I’ll show you my capabilities, Mr. Bale!”

Sasha was excited. That’s an executive-level position in Bale Group. I can finally become an official elite member of society.

Malicious intent glinted in Sasha’s eyes after she exited Bale Group’s building. “Do you think you are going to prosper in Morris Group, Isaiah Wade? Well, don’t you worry. I will report your wrongdoing to Morris Group for disclosing classified information after I trick you into telling me everything. I can guarantee your reputation will be ruined by that time. No company in the entire North Hampton will want to hire you in the future!”

They wanted to drive Isaiah to his death.

Meanwhile, Isaiah had been working hard in the factory’s frontline all this while.

He could finally breathed a sigh of relief after the finished products were sent for QC tests.

They subjected their products to two kinds of QC tests.

One batch of the products were sent to the Quality Supervision Bureau, while another batch was sent to the Warzone Defense Research And Development Centre.

Isaiah was confident in the quality of the products.

Levi found him just as he was about to work on refining the next product.

“Did you know why I forbade you from getting a divorce back then?” Levi asked all of a sudden.

Isaiah scratched and shook his head.

“We will be letting them off too easy if you divorce her just like that.” Levi smiled.

“Mr. Garrison, you’re saying…” Isaiah did not understand Levi’s intention.

“Let’s go. Come with me to a place.” Levi said.

“Okay. I’ll listen to you, Mr. Garrison.” Isaiah tagged along.

The two of them got into a car and went all the way to the suburbs.

They finally arrived at their destination after two hours.

Isaiah was terrified and dumbfounded as he looked at the buildings before his eyes.

The Return of God of War Chapter 260
The building in question was none other than the North Hampton Warzone Defense Research And Development Centre.

The head of the logistic department, Kyrie Duncan, welcomed Levi and Isaiah in person.

“There’s no need to raise a commotion. We are only here for a visit.” Levi said in a diminished tone.

Kyrie nodded.

Then he led Levi into the Defense Research And Development Centre facilities.

Isaiah was amazed.

They went straight toward the Quality Control Department.

Kyrie introduced Isaiah to his colleagues, “This is the main designer in producing this batch of products by Morris Group.”

Kyrie’s colleagues stared at Isaiah in surprise.

“You’re so impressive! We’ve tested the quality of your products, and they’re even better than the marketed products by the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce. This medical equipment will create a significant impact if it’s introduced into the market. This will definitely benefit the public!”

Turns out the Defense Research And Development Centre had completed the quality control tests and they were in awe by the designer’s prowess.

Levi brought Isaiah to interact with the technicians because he had an idea.

Levi said to Kyrie, “I think Isaiah is a suitable candidate to become the Defense Research And Development Centre’s technical advisor in medical equipment. What’s your opinion on this suggestion?”

Kyrie beamed at once. “That’s great! We do need more talents in this field. Our country’s advancement in medical technology is lagging compared to other nations. We will certainly flourish better with the addition of talents like Mr. Wade!”

“Alright. Then you will make the necessary arrangement. Also, provide him with a military rank.” Levi ordered.

“Okay. No problem. I will handle this immediately.”

Kyrie was done with all the arrangements in less than half an hour.

Isaiah looked at the identifications and the set of military outfit in a daze.

Feeling perplexed, he asked Levi. “Mr. Garrison, does this mean I am considered as a soldier now?”

“That’s right! You are now the technical advisor here! But you will have to work harder in the future because you will need to visit this place and guide them too.”

“I will not disappoint you!” Isaiah saluted Levi in a less professional manner.

He grasped the identification and regarded Levi with touching emotions in his heart. He is the man who provided me a second chance in life.

“Remember this. Put your knowledge to proper use. Serve the public and bring honor to our nation!” Levi patted his shoulder.

After Isaiah got off work in the night, Sasha called him unexpectedly.

“Can you spare some time to meet with me, Isaiah? I have something important to talk to you about. Let’s meet at 8 o’clock tonight at Silver Cross…”

Isaiah’s heart softened, listening to Sasha. She’s the woman I loved for over ten years, after all. Even her voice can easily sway my heart.

But Isaiah was sensible enough to seek Levi’s opinion on whether he should accept Sasha’s invitation.

“Of course! You must go. I’ll accompany you.” Levi responded.

In the end, Levi tagged along with Isaiah to Silver Cross.

Levi attached a spy camera on Isaiah and placed a recorder in his hand before entering the building.

“She’s committing extra-marital affairs. So we have to start gathering evidence. Do you know what I mean?” Levi asked.

“Understood!” Isaiah grasped the recorder in his hand. I swear to make that shameless couple pay for what they did!

Levi beamed at him. “Moreover, you’re the technical advisor at the Warzone Defense Research And Development Centre. That means you’re a soldier and her unfaithful act has disrupted a soldier’s marriage.

This offence can place them behind bars for the rest of their lives. Not to mention the other crimes they’ve committed, such as disclosing classified information, business fraud, and many more. They will suffer terribly once we collect sufficient evidence against them.”


Isaiah was stunned.

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