The Return of God of War Chapter 241-250

The Return of God of War Chapter 241

Iris narrowed her eyes at Levi.

“Stop looking at me. I will never be interested in you no matter how pretty you are.” Levi said.

Iris sneered. “Fine, I’m not going to make any comment. You were the company’s boss in the past.”

They did not take that seriously because they thought Levi was merely making a joke.

In the days that followed, Zoey’s career was progressing well. She was close to establishing a new company.

At the same time, Iris had gotten used to working in Morris Group. The first idea she proposed was for them to build a new factory.

Although Levi Group had a factory, the size and production were too small. They needed to expand their production scale if they wish to replace the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

Iris suggested for them to look for a new place to build the factory.

Inside Morris Group, Kirin gave Iris a thumbs-up. “Your idea impressed the boss. He’ll handle the venue and equipment needed to build the new factory, while you will handle the paperwork so that we can begin our production as soon as the factory is established.”

“Okay. I understand.” Iris was excited. I received a compliment from my mysterious boss! Hmph! How dare you say that the boss will never be interested in me, Levi Garrison? Look at how impressed he is with my performance!

At that thought, Iris asked Kirin. “When can I meet with the boss, Mr. Atkinson?”

Kirin smiled. “Be patient. The boss will meet with you when he wants to.”

Anticipation filled Iris’s chest. I am going to pursue him when that time comes!

Levi had been working tirelessly in the last few days to deal with the venue and equipment needed for the new factory.

He only had the time to meet with Zoey at night.

Zoey was puzzled by Levi’s packed schedule and when she questioned him about it, Levi only told her he found a job.

Zoey felt glad upon hearing that. She was contented as long as Levi was working hard.

The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce kept track of Morris Group’s plans.

“Hmph! Do they think they can build a new factory as they like? I will make sure they won’t be able to secure any place to build their factory!” One of the council members of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce, Ron Bale, spoke displeasingly.

After searching for days, Morris Group finally found a new place.

The place was originally a large-scaled clothes factory, but was already abandoned for a long time.

However, the size and the strategic location fitted Morris Group’s standards to build a new pharmaceutical factory.

The company paid a fifty million deposit in advance. They would purchase the factory for two hundred million by signing a contract today.

Levi went to sign the contract in person.

The executives and upper management of Morris Group reached the venue before Levi and Azure Dragon.

At the office, a lot of people were cramped inside.

A middle-aged, nearly bald man was seated on a chair.

The man exudes arrogance. He leaned on the back of the chair while crossing his legs on the tabletop. He regarded everyone conceitedly while puffing on a cigarette.

Behind him stood a dozen of muscular and menacing men.

Elena introduced both parties. “Mr. Garrison, this is the owner of this factory, Mr. Mason Pena.”

Levi nodded at Mason. “Nice to meet you. I am Morris Group’s representative, here to sign the contract.”

But Mason merely shook his legs and puffed on his cigarette, all the while ignoring Levi.

Levi stopped Azure Dragon as the latter was about to teach Mason a lesson.

“We have to prioritize the contract.” Levi said.

Mason glanced at Levi disdainfully and tossed him an agreement.

“Sign it!”

One of the men standing behind Mason shouted just as Levi was about to flip through the agreement. “You only need to sign on the contract! Why do you have to read through the content and waste our time waiting for you to finish?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 242

“That’s right. We’ve already discussed everything. All you have to do now is to sign the papers. Why did you pay us the deposit if you’re so cautious in the first place?” Mason jeered at Levi.

“Are you trying to force a deal?” Levi asked.

“When did I do that?” Mason sneered.

Levi disregarded him and started to scan through the agreement.

He grimaced after a short while and turned to ask Elena, “What was the price we agreed upon yesterday?”

Elena answered, “two hundred million. We paid a deposit of fifty million yesterday.”

Levi sneered. “That’s not right, Mr. Pena. two hundred million was the price we agreed upon after the discussion yesterday. Why did the figure become two billion on the agreement?”

Everyone gasped after listening to Levi’s comment. They’ve marked up the price by ten folds!

The other executives were shocked after flipping through the agreement. They questioned Mason. “What do you mean by this, Mr. Pena? Why is it two billion listed on the contract now? You better explain yourself!”

Mason glanced at the crowd nonchalantly. “Explanation? Hmph! I’ll be frank with you guys! two hundred million was the price for yesterday. This factory is worth two billion today!”

“That’s improper, Mr. Pena. How can you amend the agreement without mutual consent at the last minute?”

“That’s right. You are violating the contract.”

Elena and the others chided.

Mason said with a smile. “Is there a rule stating that I cannot amend the price? Over ten companies contacted me last night, telling me they are interested in purchasing my factory. Someone even offered me three billion. So two billion is already considered a cheap price!”

That kind of situation was commonly seen on the business field.

A lot of businessmen would change their stance at the last minute because they regretted the offer they accepted. Last-minute changes were either due to the businessmen’s greediness or due to underhand tactics by competitors.

Everyone looked at Levi to sought out his opinion.

Levi beamed at Mason. “In that case, return us the deposit. We will not be buying your factory now.” It is not a difficult task to look for a similar factory like this. I do not have to concede under this kind of circumstance.

Elena, who was in charge of the finance department, said, “Please return the fifty million deposit to us, Mr. Pena.”

Unexpectedly, Mason looked up and asked with a confused look. “Deposit? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Elena explained patiently. “We paid you fifty million as a deposit yesterday after the discussion with your company. I even have the receipt here with me!”

Mason feigned ignorance. “Did something like that happen?”

“What’s going on? Are you trying to play the fool?” Elena was trembling with rage.

“I am not playing the fool. I really don’t know anything about this. Look around and speak for yourself. Are the people who engaged in discussion with you yesterday here in this room?” Mason asked.

Elena glanced at her surroundings. They’re not here.

“You got cheated by someone else! Our company went bankrupt a long time ago. They were merely the temporary workers for our factory. I think they stole our company’s stamp and signed the receipt for you. They’re the ones that scammed your money! So look for them if you want your deposit back because I have got nothing to do with this!”

Everyone was dumbfounded after listening to Mason. First, he changed the price from two hundred million to two billion. Now he’s trying to scam our deposit. This is the first time we’ve seen someone as shameless and despicable as him after working in this field for so many years!

However, Levi merely smiled. “So, you do not plan to return us the fifty million right, Mason Pena?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 243

Mason lowered his legs and straightened himself on the chair. He looked at Levi. “What do you mean by that? I don’t have the money with me, so why are you asking me to return the deposit to you?”

Everyone was infuriated by Mason’s attitude.

“Leave right now if you do not want to sign the contract! You are all not welcome here in my office! Send them away!” Mason ordered.

The ten burly men stepped forward and they started to shoved Elena and the others toward the door.

At the same time, over twenty men entered the room with baseball bats in their hands.

Mason Pena has always been a thug. He had hired a group of gang members after earning some money through the clothing factory in the past. Not to mention, he was infamous around the area.

Mason crippled a lot of his business competitors as well as partners. He did not spare their families from a similar fate too. So, many were fearful toward him.

Morris Group was the only party that dared to approach him for a business opportunity.

In actual fact, the factory was worth at most fifty million. Mason was already committing a daylight robbery by asking for two hundred million, much less two billion.

“Get lost before we cripple every last one of you!” The thugs began to threaten Elena and the other employees. They were frightened by the unprecedented situation because they have been mere office workers their entire lives.

Only Levi and Azure Dragon remained rooted in their spots.

Levi asked, “I’ll give you another opportunity to discuss this matter in a civilized manner, Mason Pena!”

Mason stood up and threatened, “So, you’re not going to leave, are you? Do you want me to break your limbs before you’re willing to leave this place?” He waved his hand. “Men, beat him up!”

Azure Dragon withdrew a gun from his waist just as the thugs were about to take action. He pointed the gun at Mason’s head.

“Wait!” Mason yelled.

He slowly raised his hands. His body, which was now covered in a cold sweat, trembled fearfully as his legs wobbled.

The other thugs looked at Mason astoundingly. They could not fathom Mason’s hesitation.

But clarity washed over them when they saw the gun in Azure Dragon’s hand. All of them were petrified.

Tap tap tap…

A series of hurried footsteps were heard in the hallway the next moment.

Then a few muscular men with various skin complexion rushed into the office.

They were the group of mercenaries led by James.

Plop! Plop! Plop!

The thugs could not even defend themselves now that they’re facing a group of professional fighters.

Within a few seconds, they were left sprawling on the floor, covered in bruises.

Mason and his men were dazed.

Azure Dragon grinned. “Weren’t you acting all high and mighty? Why don’t you put up that arrogant act once more?”

Mason was scared out of his wits as he reminded Azure Dragon. “Please be more careful with that gun in your hand, sir!” He was afraid that Azure Dragon would misfire and end his life right there and then.


Azure Dragon lifted the slightly obese Mason single handedly and tossed him on the floor.

Mason yelped painfully. Then he wailed in agony when Levi stepped on his legs.

“I saw you crossing your legs on the table earlier. Are you telling me to break them for you?” Levi asked with a smile.

“No… No…” Mason panted in pain.

Levi sat on the desk and lit a cigarette. Then he questioned Mason after taking a puff. “Do you admit that you’ve received the fifty million deposit from us?”

“I…” Mason hesitated.

Levi stuffed the lit cigarette into Mason’s mouth ruthlessly without saying a word.

“Arrghh…” The latter screamed bloody murder.

“I admit! I admit!” Mason shouted.

The Return of God of War Chapter 244

“OK then, let me ask you, why has the price suddenly increased? And why did you deny us our deposit of 50 million? Who instructed you to do all these?” Levi questioned.

Mason shook his head and replied, “None, it’s all my own doing. There’s no one else that’s in on this.”

The corners of Levi’s mouth curled into an unfathomable smile as he waved at James, and said, “I heard that you’re an expert at interrogating people, show me how you do it!”

“Understood, Mr. Garrison!”

James stepped forward and flashed a devilish grin at Mason. “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt at all!”

James opened a plastic bag which contained all sorts of knives. Just by looking at it was enough to make one’s hair stand.

James picked up a small boning knife and said with a smile, “Mr. Garrison, I intend to use this knife to slice off his fingernails and toenails first… “

Upon hearing those words, Mason could already imagine the excruciating pain which would be inflicted on him.

“After that… “

“I’ll talk!”

Before James could complete his sentence, he was interrupted by Mason Pena.

“I’ll tell you everything! It’s Ron Bale from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce who instructed me to do that! He told me not to sell this place to you at all costs. Not only that, but he also asked me to find ways to take advantage of your company!”

Mason did not hold back any information and told Levi everything he knew.

“Very well, so it’s the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce!”

Levi fixed his gaze on Mason as he said, “So, are you going to sell this building to me now?”

James, who was beside Levi, sniggered as he stared at Mason.

Mason wiped off the beads of perspiration on his forehead and replied decisively, “Yes! I’ll sell it to your company for two hundred million!”

“Did I say that that’s the price that I’m going to pay?” Levi asked.

“Huh? Isn’t two hundred million the price we agreed upon?” Mason was confused.

Imitating Mason’s tone, Levi said, “Oh, the price can be changed anytime! There are currently a few dozens of factory buildings for me to choose from. There’s even one that is as cheap as ten million!”

“I’ve made a careful assessment just now. I think this place is worth at most fifty million! I shall purchase this building at fifty million then!”

In fact, Levi had offered a fair price.

Previously, Mason had considered selling the building to another interested party who had proposed thirty million for it.

“I… “

Mason was at a loss for words.

All he could feel was regret!

A deep sense of immeasurable regret!

If I did not listen to Ron and proceeded with the sale earlier on, I would have already received two hundred million.

Now look at what that plan has caused me, I can only settle for fifty million!

After both parties signed the sale and purchase agreement, the construction team which Iris had already engaged, started renovation works in the building. It was estimated that the works would take three days to complete.

The next step would be to wait for the shipment of the equipment.

Even though Mason was upset with how things had turned out, he had still managed to get fifty million.

That very day, Ron from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce rang Mason up.

“Mason Pena, what’s wrong with you? You sold the building? And for just fifty million? Are you an idiot or what?” Ron lashed out the second Mason answered the phone.

“Ron Bale, who do you think you are? Who gave you the right to tell me off? Let me tell you, you’ve caused me a huge loss! Don’t let me see your face, or I’ll definitely kill you!”

Mason hung up after saying that, without waiting for Ron’s reply.

Ron was so mad that he almost slammed his phone on the ground.

Also present were three other members of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce, namely Xawery Yount, Braylen Stewart and Wildan Saenz.

They had grim expressions on their faces as well.

“We have to think of something to deal with Morris Group!” Ron said frustratedly.

Wildan smiled and said, “I just received news that Morris Group had ordered a huge batch of equipment and apparatus from the Dynatic Medical Apparatus Company in the South City!”

“Is there a way for us to interfere with that?” Everyone asked.

“Of course! The owner of Dynatic Medical Apparatus Company happens to be my dormitory mate in college!” Wildan had an insidious smile on his face as he said that.

The Return of God of War Chapter 245

Wildan gave a call to Wylder Prosser, the owner of Dynatic Medical Apparatus Company, on the spot.

Wylder agreed to his old friend’s request.

As Dynatic had already signed the purchase order with Morris Group and had also received full payment for the goods, the only thing Wylder could do was to delay the shipment of the goods for as long as possible.

It would create huge problems for Morris Group if the goods were late by a few months.

According to the plan Levi and Iris had, the medical apparatus had to arrive within a week.

“That’s great! Apart from that, we should also impose strict restrictions on all medical equipment and apparatus businesses to ban them from transacting with Morris Group!”

Ron and the other three men looked at each other with knowing smiles on their faces.

“Morris Group, you’re just a greenhorn. Pitting yourself against the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce is going to make your life really difficult!”

The men’s cunning laughter resonated through the room.

The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce acted quickly and had issued prohibition notices to the relevant companies.

There were not many companies which were engaged in the sale of medical apparatus in the first place.

And limits had been imposed on all of those companies as well.

Any company which attempted to sell equipment to Morris Group would be openly declaring itself as the enemy of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

So it was only natural that no one would dare to take such a risk.

Levi and his team had not realized that they were already in deep trouble.

After all, the company had already finalized the purchase agreement with Dynatic.

Meanwhile, Levi had been busy getting in touch with his former employees.

Those who had previously worked under him were all in dire straits, as they had been blacklisted by the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce, the Rogers family, as well as the Garrison family.

As such, no matter how capable they were, it would still be impossible for them to gain employment.

After more than ten days of recruitment, twenty seven talents had returned to the company.

Some of them were members from the private technical group which Levi had set up previously.

One of the members was Talia Stone, a top student whom Levi had previously scouted from the Pharmaceutical University. She was one of the pillars of the technical team, and Levi was very glad to have her back.

Talia was very excited to be back as well.

“Do you know where the others are now?” Levi asked.

Talia thought for a while before replying, “Mr. Garrison, I only know the whereabouts of our team leader and the two assistant leaders, but I haven’t heard from the rest of the team members.

The two assistant leaders, namely Tom and Charlie have both been headhunted by the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce. I heard that they are doing really well now!”

Levi let out a sigh.

When the technical team was first set up, for security reasons, the core technology was split into three; the team leader and the two assistant leaders each wielded one third of it.

Logically speaking, the technology which the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce currently had possession of, must have been obtained from the two assistant leaders.

However, word had it that the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce was already coming close to having the entire core technology.

That would imply that the team leader, Isaiah, had also divulged his portion of the technology to them.

“How about Isaiah? Has he joined the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce too?” Levi asked.

Talia shook her head and replied, “No, our leader had remained loyal all the way! He would rather die than to betray the team. He remained firm no matter what tactics the other party used on him, whether to tempt or force him into giving up the technology.

He did not budge even when they broke his leg. From what I know, Mr. Wade had opened a small pharmacy and is just getting by! Thankfully, his pretty wife had stayed by his side throughout the entire ordeal. She even used up most of her savings to help him start the business!”

Levi got the address of Isaiah’s pharmacy from Talia.

Around half an hour later, he arrived at the pharmacy, which was in a small alley.

Levi pushed opened the door and was greeted by a middle-aged man, who approached him with a limp.

“Sir, are you looking for any medicine?” The man asked.

Levi recognized Isaiah at first glance, even though it seemed like he had aged twenty years…

The man was only in his thirties, but had the appearance of someone in his fifties.

“Isaiah! It’s me!” Levi exclaimed.

“What? You… You’re Mr. Garrison… “

Isaiah took a while to recognize Levi. He was overwhelmed with emotions as tears welled up in his eyes.

The Return of God of War Chapter 246
“You’ve suffered greatly all these years, Isaiah!” Levi glanced at Isaiah Wade’s legs.

Isaiah wiped the tears off his face. “I’m fine, Mr. Garrison. I’m so glad to see you again!”

Levi patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry, Isaiah. I am here to bring you back this time!”

At that moment, an annoying voice was heard. “Why are you crying, you useless junk? Are you reminiscing your dead parents or something?”

A woman walked out from within the house swiftly after.

She wore heavy makeup on her face and was dressed provocatively. Her eyelashes batted in a seductive manner. In addition to her fashionable appearance and mature temperament, her body was voluptuous. Any ordinary man would have a hard time peeling their eyes off her.

Levi glanced at her and saw that the woman was dressed in luxurious clothing. She wore Chanel clothes, carried an LV bag, paired with Ferragamo high heels. Strapped on her wrist was an Omega wristwatch worth over a hundred thousand.

Levi could not imagine such a wealthy woman living inside that little pharmacy. But he had seen that woman before. She was Isaiah’s wife, Sasha Lynch.

Many of Isaiah’s colleagues were jealous of him in the past because of Sasha’s beauty.

Isaiah treated his wife extremely well. He would always hand over all of his salaries to her, and would eat instant noodles by himself for a month in order to save up so that he could afford to treat his wife to an extravagant meal.

Sasha eyed Levi dumbfoundedly for a few seconds. “Levi Garrison? Hahaha! Your ex-con boss is here to visit you, you useless junk! You pieces of trash finally have the chance to reunite.” Sasha laughed uncontrollably.

Isaiah grimaced. He hurriedly said to his wife, “Honey, mind your words please. He’s my boss!”

“What do you mean by that, you useless junk! How dare you oppose me?” Sasha screamed angrily.

Isaiah was well-known for being afraid of his wife. He immediately lowered his head.

“Know your place, Isaiah Wade! I am providing you your daily meals, accommodation, and clothes! Do not forget that I am the person who sponsored this pharmacy! So how dare you oppose you? Did you got tired of living?” Sasha yelled.

“I’m sorry, honey… I will not repeat this mistake anymore…” Isaiah apologized submissively.

Levi felt chills spreading across his chest at that sight. This woman was obedient and polite when Isaiah was successful. She even cooked his lunch and sent the meals to his office every day back then. But look at her now. She’s mistreating him now that he’s down and out.

The Return of God of War Chapter 247
Sasha glanced at Levi and jeered at Isaiah. “Why am I stuck with a useless junk like you? You gave up a job that would pay you ten million annually for this ex-con in the past.

Look at how well Tom Frazier and Charlie Reeds are doing now. They are receiving an annual salary of twenty million, driving luxurious cars, and staying in expensive villas. What about you? You are living in the dumps!”

Isaiah apologized again. “Honey, this is all my fault. I am a piece of trash. But this has got nothing to do with Mr. Garrison!”

“Hmph! Both of you are pieces of shit!”

At that moment, a series of honks were heard from outside the pharmacy.

A Mercedes-Benz worth over a million was parked outside the store.

A man dressed in a suit got out of the car. He appeared to be an elite in the business world.

“What’s taking you so long, Sasha? I’ve been waiting for half a day now.” A man entered the pharmacy.

The man was stunned when he saw Levi.

He was none other than one of the traitors who turned against Levi, Tom Frazier. He was the vice team leader, as well as the person who disclosed one-third of the information related to Levi Group’s core technology.

“Oh? I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. But it is you, the crippled Mr. Garrison! You’re finally released from prison. I could’ve picked you up if you’d informed me earlier!” Tom said cheerfully.

He glanced at Isaiah’s leg and jeered at Levi. “You’re a cripple, Mr. Garrison, and so is Isaiah. Are you guys preparing to form a team to participate in the Paralympics?”

“Hahaha… That’s right! They can be a team of cripples!” Sasha could not contain her laughter.

Levi said, “Do you speak to your parents with that foul mouth of yours?”

Tom was displeased instantaneously. He pointed at Levi. “I cannot say anything to you if you were the Levi Garrison from six years ago. But who are you to insult me now? Do you have a death wish?”

Isaiah chided subconsciously, “How dare you speak to Mr. Garrison with that tone! Do you think you’re qualified to carry that attitude in front of him?”

Isaiah thought of Levi as his savior. So he would not allow anyone to criticize Levi.

“Oh? Are you an accomplished man now, Isaiah? Since when do you have the guts to defy me?” Tom patted Isaiah’s face.

Isaiah shouted angrily as he unleashed the pent-up rage in his heart. “You are not welcome here! This is my place, so get out now!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 248
Tom laughed after listening to Isaiah. “Are you hearing this, Sasha? Did he just say that this place is his?”

Sasha slapped Isaiah furiously. “What’s wrong with you? This is my place! You’ve got nothing to do with this store. Moreover, how dare you talk to Tom in that unfriendly tone?”

Isaiah covered his cheek incredulously. “Did you just slap me because of him?”

“That’s right! I slapped you because of Tom. Tom is the only man I love!” Sasha hugged Tom’s arm and plastered her body to him intimately after she spoke.

Tom held Sasha in his arm and deliberately grabbed her buttocks.


Isaiah was dumbstruck by that sight.

Witnessing his wife offering herself up to another man was an utter humiliation to a man.

Tom chuckled smugly. “Do you know why I’m here to pick Sasha up? That’s because I’m bringing her to the hotel! Have you taken a look at what your wife is carrying in her bag? She’s going to put on a fashion show for me while wearing clothes that you’ve never even seen!”

Tom took out a few sets of outfit from within Sasha’s bag.

Sasha acted coquettishly toward Tom. “You’re so mean…”

Isaiah felt blood rushing to his brain as his face contorted with rage.

“I must compliment your wife, Isaiah. She’s so great in bed that I can’t get enough of her even after six years!” Tom kissed Sasha to prove his statement.

Sasha laughed skittishly. “You’re amazing too, Tom. This useless junk here is nothing compared to you. I doubt his lower body is still functioning at this point!” She glowered at Isaiah as she made the comment.

Tom added, “Perhaps you’re wondering why Sasha stayed by your side for so long? That’s because she has yet to lay her hands on the information of the core technology in your possession.

Otherwise, Sasha would’ve left you a long time ago! You’re only needed because of those data. Other than that, you’re completely useless!”

Sasha said disdainfully, “That’s right. Why would I sacrifice so much time staying by your side if not for the information? I have to admit, you are indeed a good secret-keeper. I wasted six years with you, but never once had you divulge the complete information to me!”

Isaiah nearly experienced a cardiac arrest as he listened to those brazen words from the shameless couple. Everything’s clear to me now.

The reason why Sasha was reluctant to let me touch her body in the last six years, the reason behind Tom’s frequent visits to the pharmacy, the luxurious clothes, and the endless amount of money she has even though she’s unemployed. I’m being cuckolded.

More importantly, the man who wronged me is my own apprentice. I trained Tom and Charlie when they were young. They even addressed me as their master back then.

I was moved by Sasha’s dedication to staying with me even though she mistreated me all these years. Now I finally understand the reason behind all of these!

The Return of God of War Chapter 249
Isaiah had doubted Sasha since a long time ago, but his affection toward her caused him to place blind faith in his cheating wife.

On the other hand, Levi finally gained revelation as to how the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce managed to get near-complete information on Levi Group’s core technology.

So it was Sasha that’d tricked Isaiah into telling her all these years. Otherwise, he’s not the type of person to divulge any of the information.

Tom sized up Levi and sneered. “What’s the matter? Did you find a helper, Isaiah? Well, I’ll be frank with you. Levi Garrison is just a man who’s relying on his wife now! He’s the same as you, a crippled, useless piece of junk!”

Sasha glared at her husband menacingly. “Since we’ve told you everything, it’s time for you to get lost, Isaiah Wade! This is my place, after all!”

Tom held Sasha closer in his arms. “That’s right. You’re as good as a piece of trash now that your usefulness has come to an end!”

“Did you know, Isaiah? I’ve bought two houses and two cars with the salary you’ve given me in the past. You’re just a poor loser now. Do you think you’re qualified to stay as my man?” Sasha jeered at Isaiah.

Tom laughed. “I’ll let you in on another secret, Isaiah. I am not the only man who cuckolded you. Plenty of others in the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce slept with your wife too. They even praised her for her outstanding techniques!”

“I’ll kill you!” Isaiah rushed forward with reddened eyes and veins throbbing visibly on his forehead.


Tom punched Isaiah easily and the latter fell backward.

He was about to swing another punch, but Levi caught his wrist.

Tom staggered backward after Levi exerted a little force to push him off.

Levi’s idea was to have Isaiah teach the shameless couple a lesson they would remember for the rest of their lives, which was the reason why he hadn’t interfere until that moment.

In the meantime, Sasha tossed a suitcase filled with Isaiah’s belongings on the floor. “Take your rubbish with you and get the hell out of here!”

Isaiah felt his heart wrenched with pain as he was chased out of the house mercilessly by his wife. I worked so hard in the past with the sole intention of providing Sasha with a comfortable life. Not only did she scammed all my money and cheated on me, but she’s also even chasing me away now.

Isaiah stared at the shameless couple with malicious intent. His body was trembling with rage.

Levi asked Isaiah, “Do you want to surpass them, Isaiah? Do you want to render them speechless and make them look up to you?”

“I do!”

“Do you want that slut to grovel on the floor and repent?”

“I do!”

“Do you want that despicable man to kneel before you and beg for your forgiveness?”

“I do!”

“Will you accept my offer if I provide you with such an opportunity now?” Levi asked.

“I will!” Isaiah roared. “I swear to accomplish great success even if I have to work my ass off! I will make these two shameless people pay for their sins!”

Isaiah steeled his resolution as the last shred of love he had for Sasha vanished.

“Great. You are my employee from this moment onward.” Levi announced.

“Hahaha, did you hear him, Tom? He wants us to pay the price for our sins!” Sasha laughed out loud.

Tom leaned against the Mercedes-Benz and sneered. “You’re a fool, Isaiah. Are you expecting Levi Garrison to give you the chance to rise up? He can’t even take care of himself now! Much less give you any kind of opportunity. What a joke!”

Sasha added. “That’s right. Don’t you have a brain you can think with? Levi was recently released from prison. Do you still expect him to be Morris Group’s boss? In your dreams!”

Isaiah narrowed his eyes and shrieked at them. “I believe in Mr. Garrison! He will provide me with a platform to prosper. By that time, I swear to make you pay!”

“Sure. We’ll be waiting for you. You’re such a hilarious brainless git…” The two of them entered the car and left before Isaiah’s eyes.

The Return of God of War Chapter 250
Tears came to Isaiah, a middle-aged man, as he sobbed uncontrollably and cried his heart out.

The shameless couple’s outrageous behavior drove Isaiah to the brink of depression.

He apologized. “I’ve wronged you, Mr. Garrison! I’ve revealed almost everything I know of the core technology to that bitch! I’m really useless!”

Levi smiled. “Don’t worry about that, Isaiah. I foresaw that the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce would lay their hands on the core technology.”

Isaiah was a smart man. After pondering for a while, he connected the pieces of information in his mind. Then he asked surprisingly, “Are you planning to fight against the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Garrison?”

“That’s right!”

“But Mr. Garrison… You’re recently released from prison…” How do you plan to fight against them?

Levi said with a smile, “I suppose you know about Levi Group’s recent name-changing ceremony, Isaiah? The company is called Morris Group now.”

Isaiah’s body shuddered greatly, listening to him. He widened his eyes incredulously. “Are you by any chance the boss of Morris Group, Mr. Garrison?”

“Shh! Let’s keep a low profile.” Levi gestured for him to keep quiet.

Soon, A Rolls-Royce Phantom swiftly came to a halt next to them.

Let’s go. Follow me to the company now. We’ll use the shortest time possible to establish a technical team. We are going to regain our previous glory and make them regret!” Levi said.

Isaiah felt his blood boiling with anticipation. He agreed without a second thought. “I’ve waited this day for so long!”

Tears of joy brimmed in his eyes.

He had spent the last six years learning and following updates in the industry, maintaining and polishing his professional knowledge.

Isaiah took out his phone and dialed Sasha’s number.

Sasha said to him mockingly after the call connected, “What’s the matter, you useless piece of crippled trash? Did you regret your decision, so you’re calling me to beg me? Well, it’s too late now. In my mind, you’re no better than a stray dog. You should just get lost!”

Isaiah grimaced. “This is the last time I’m calling you, Sasha Lynch! I will make sure you regret what you’ve done. You will kneel before me and repent for your sins by that time. Don’t worry because that day will come sooner than you think!”

“Hahaha, you should consider a career as a comedian! How do you plan to realize your big talks?”

Sasha and Tom’s laughter was heard from the other end of the phone.

Then, Tom pressed his body against Sasha. “Should we film our intimate moment today and send that cripple the video?”

“Hmm, you’re so bad…”

Isaiah exploded with rage after listening to their interaction.



He smashed his cellphone on the ground forcefully. Shame! This is the worst shame a man can experience!

Isaiah and Levi were walking on the streets, discussing the company’s future direction after visiting Morris Group.

Tom and Sasha found Isaiah at that moment. Their disheveled clothes reflected the activity they were engaged in moments ago.

“Let’s go and get a divorce! It’s the right time for me to finally ditch you!” Sasha jeered at Isaiah.

“I…” Isaiah hesitated.

Making that important decision at a moment’s notice was challenging for him. His relationship with Sasha had lasted for a decade, after all.

Tom immediately mocked him. “What’s the matter? You don’t want to get a divorce? Do you plan to linger around Sasha in the future?”

Sasha pushed Isaiah. “Get lost! You’re no longer worthy of me!”

“That’s it? That’s how easily you’re disregarding our relationship that has lasted for so many years?” Isaiah questioned her with a stern expression.

“Haha! You have the audacity to ask me that question? Let me be honest with you. I only stuck with you for ten years because I coveted your money!” Sasha answered mercilessly.

Isaiah was about to agree to her request to file for a divorce when Levi stepped in. “Divorce? In your dreams!”

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