The Return of God of War Chapter 231-240

The Return of God of War Chapter 231
“Let’s do it this way. Why don’t you go home first, and I’ll get a friend to check it out. That way, we’ll know what it’s all about.”

Levi arrived at Azure Dragon’s residence and found Phoenix.

He delegated the job to Phoenix.

Phoenix did not use his privileges, instead, he used his skill and started searching.

“Sir, Money from Imperial Meadows Limited’s account had indeed been transferred elsewhere.”

Phoenix swiftly produced the results.

“Has it been transferred to the account that belongs to Harry or others from the Lopez family?” Levi asked.

“No, it’s an overseas account! Although it was done using Harry’s name, it is now unlisted. There is no record and it’s hard to check. I’ll need some time.”

“Hmm? I’ve found something new! Money from the Lopez Group account and the personal accounts of all 17 of the Lopez family members, totaling two hundred and thirty million has been transferred to this overseas account. This happened within a minute of the time the money from Imperial Meadows Limited’s account was transferred!”

Phoenix made another important discovery.

“What? Money from all the Lopez family members’ accounts has been transferred?” Levi asked.

“That’s right. Exactly!”

Phoenix explained, “The other party has created a fake account and a fake transaction history. It shows that the money from Imperial Meadows Limited has been transferred to Harry! If they check their accounts now, it shows the money is still there but it’s actually fake. There is no money in the account!”

Levi was shocked when he heard this. “This person has scammed the whole Lopez family!”

“Exactly! The Lopez family are under the impression that the money from Imperial Meadows Limited has been transferred to them. But in actual fact, this amount as well as all the money from the Lopez family has been transferred out by this scammer. The Lopez family does not even realize it yet!” Phoenix announced.

“Phoenix, trace this account. We must find out where all the money has gone to.” Levi instructed.

“Sir, be rest assured. It’s true that the other party is skillful but now that their opponent is me, they’d certainly met their match.” Phoenix said reassuringly.

Meanwhile, someone from Imperial Meadows had made a police report.

This was because there was evidence of Harry personally transferring the company’s funds.

Soon, the police arrived at Imperial Meadows.

Zoey and Aaron were summoned with the others.

All of them got a fright.

“Who made a report? Who reported to the police?” Aaron asked.

Neither Aaron or Zoey would have made the report because they already knew it was Harry’s doing, that is, unless they decided to disown their father and grandfather.

They had even issued a warning those who knew about the incident not to report to the police.

However, evidently, someone had made the report.

“No, it’s not us. None of us made the report!”

The staff were shaking their heads, for it was as they said, they did not make any report.

Naturally, it was Samuel and his gang that had made the report.

By doing so, they would put all the blame on Harry.

After he had been charged, he would obediently surrender his position.

The brothers had planned everything.

At this time, they had also took down the fake account.

The policeman said without any emotion, “We have received an anonymous call reporting that Harry had transferred more than six hundred and thirty five million of public funds! We have all the evidence we need.”

“We heard that Harry had admitted to you all that he was the one that transferred the funds, is that true?” The policeman asked.

The staff nodded their heads.

“Alright. We have witnesses and evidence. We shall go for Harry now!” The policeman said.

They brought Zoey, Aaron and the others along.

At the Lopez family home, everyone was talking and laughing.

All of a sudden, the sound of police sirens were heard.

A few policemen rushed in and held Harry down.

They had with them a warrant for arrest.

“Harry Lopez, you are under arrest on suspicion of moving public funds, illegally hacking into the network, network theft and other charges.!”

Harry and the Lopez family were shocked to their cores.

The Return of God of War Chapter 232
They stared at Aaron and Zoey in disbelief, their first thought was that these two were the ones that had reported to the police.

It was only mere moments ago when they had been discussing that Zoey and Aaron would not dare to make a police report.

“You… both of you have betrayed your ancestors! Arrgh!”

Suddenly, Aaron spat out a mouthful of blood.

“You two brainless morons!!!”

“How could you do this to your father and grandfather! You are not fit to be members of the Lopez family!”

“Your ancestors must feel so ashamed of you!!!”

The Lopez family rushed forward as if crazed. It seemed as if they would lynch the father and his daughter.

“No… it wasn’t us. We did not report to the police!”

“It’s not us!”

Both Aaron and Zoey started to wail aloud. They felt wronged.

Harry glared at them, “Do you two want to see me die? Alright, you must be happy now that I’m going to rot in prison! Are you satisfied now?”

“Grandpa, no, we didn’t mean to…”

Zoey wept silently.

“Somebody, I want to check Harry’s personal account to see if the money is there,” the detachment leader, Captain Timothy Lourdes from West Point ordered.

Soon, the technical department sent a message: Captain, there is no money in Harry’s account, not a single cent!

Harry asked in shock, “How can there be no money?”

The other members of the Lopez family were stunned as well.

Harry’s personal account originally had ten million.

“What? There’s no money in it? Isn’t there supposed to be a transaction history?” Timothy asked in shock.

“Captain, we just checked. The money was transferred out again. This time, it was transferred to an overseas account!” The technical department reported back.

“What? Harry, did you actually transferred the money to an overseas account? Seems like you work fast!”

Harry was stunned, “No, I did not! I don’t even have an account overseas!”

Suddenly, he realized something and he let out a yell of dismay, “Oh no! It must’ve been Chris and Samuel who transferred the money!”

“Everyone, quickly! Check your personal accounts and the company’s account!” Harry alerted everyone.

Each of the members of the Lopez family checked their own personal bank accounts and the company’s account, as well.

Each one of them found out that their accounts had been emptied.

In each one’s account, there was not a single cent left!

The company’s account, too, had the same fate and was left with zero balance.

“It must be Chris and Samuel!”

Henry and Fabian reacted one after the other.

Shaun Lopez said, “Now I know why they’d left, they were running away. They even set up grandpa to admit to transferring the funds so that grandpa will be charged!”


Once Melanie realized the truth, she fainted on the spot.

Harry slapped at his forehead in frustration, “Now, I know what happened. Samuel came back for two months in order to gain my trust! I was gullible enough to believe that the Lopez family’s future could be entrusted to him and I made everything transparent for him. With his brother’s hacking skills, it’s as easy as pie to withdraw the money!”

“I didn’t expect this punk to set me up…”

Harry started seeing stars and nearly fainted.

“Accursed Samuel!”

Fabian was furious.

The technical department checked all the accounts of the Lopez family.

It was confirmed that the Lopez family’s total of two hundred and thirty million was also transferred to the overseas account.

Timothy asked, “Can the money be retrieved?”

“Quite impossible! Currently, the overseas account has been closed and the funds have disappeared…”

Everyone heard the conclusion given by the technical department.



One after the other, the Lopez family members collapsed on the ground.

All of their faces were as pale as death.

Aaron and Zoey, too, had similar expressions on their faces.

The funds cannot be retrieved!

The Lopez family is doomed!

The Return of God of War Chapter 233
Shaun Lopez quickly explained everything to the arresting officer.

The prime suspects were Chris and Samuel.

Timothy said solemnly, “You can’t just bring up two names, Chris and Samuel, and expect us to believe what you say. What we need is proof!”

“Right now, we know that the funds of Imperial Meadows Limited were transferred by Harry. This is shown in the transaction history! All the other monies were also transferred by Harry. Our technical team has searched and discovered that the overseas bank account was opened by Harry!”

“We have all the proof. Harry, what else can you say?” Timothy asked coldly.

“Friends, just think! If it were really my grandpa, why would he tell Zoey and the others?” Shaun Lopez protested.

Timothy sneered, “That’s because Harry wanted to blackmail Zoey with family ties! He is certain that due to their relationship, she and the others would not report to the police. That is the reason why he did so.”


Everyone was tongue-tied.

What Timothy had said was exactly what the Lopez family had initially thought, too.

“Besides, our technical team has checked and we know that no one by the name of Chris ever came to North Hampton. There is no trace of him ever boarding a plane or a train! You guys are making it up, aren’t you?”

Upon hearing this, everyone realized that all of this was planned way ahead.

There was alibi to show that Chris was never here.

Samuel and his brother are really too crafty!

“Take him away!” Timothy Lourdes ordered.

Harry could do nothing but to accept his fate.

However, at this moment, Timothy Lourdes received a call from Xavier Fields.

“Alright, I’ll come back this very instant,” he replied and left immediately with his men.

“Your case will be put on hold. I’ll get to the bottom of this!”

This left the Lopez family totally bewildered.

Harry was momentarily safe from being arrested and he immediately gave the instruction, “Quick, call the scoundrel and ask him what the hell is going on?’“

Melanie dialed Samuel’s number and unexpectedly, the call got through.

“Samuel, you beast, what have you done?” The moment he picked up the call, Melanie started scolding him.

“What’s the matter? Did that old fart, Harry, finally been arrested? Serve him right!”

The moment Samuel said this, everyone knew that he was the culprit.

“Samuel, where are you now? Return our money to us this instant!”

Melanie felt like blowing her top off.

On the other end of the line, Samuel sound surprised, “What money? I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

Melanie was so furious that she could cry, “Samuel, stop pretending. You have transferred all the money out of the bank accounts of Zoey’s company and all of the Lopez family members.”

“How can you blame me for this? Wasn’t the money from Zoey’s company transferred out by your grandpa? This is documented in the transfer history. Furthermore, he admitted it himself. So, how could it have anything to do with me? Now that the money’s gone, you should question Harry about it instead of me!”

Samuel sneered.


Melanie was so exasperated that she almost smashed her phone on the floor.

“Alright then. Where are you now? When are you coming back?”

Melanie took control of her emotions and tried her best to speak calmly with Samuel.

If Samuel returned, the problem could be solved easily.

“Me? Well, I’m overseas now! I’ll return sometime later!”

It was noisy at Samuel’s end.


The piece of news was disastrous to the whole Lopez family.

If he had escaped abroad, it would be very difficult to get him back!

The Lopez family would have to face the current crisis on their own.

Not only did they lost every cent, on top of that, Harry could go to jail.

The consequences were unimaginable.

Harry gestured to Melanie, hinting at her to try and trick Samuel into coming back.

Melanie racked her brain, “Samuel, I’ve not been feeling well for the last couple of days, I am constantly feeling nauseous. You know that don’t you? So hurry back and accompany me to go see the doctor. I think I’m pregnant.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 234
Fabian, Henry and the others gave Samuel a thumbs up.

Melanie was probably with child.

Everybody knew this.

No matter what, Samuel would certainly care about his own child.

Fabian interjected, “Samuel, Melanie is definitely pregnant! Why don’t you take her for a full medical exam? After all, you’re the father of the child and we wouldn’t want to do anything rash!”

“Haha, Fabian, like hell I’ll go! Don’t you know what type of woman your daughter is? She’s a slut! She has slept with numerous sons of bitches. So how can you pin the responsibility on me for her pregnancy?”

Nobody expected Samuel to rant in this manner.

Melanie was angered upon hearing these words, “Samuel, are you a man? How can you say such treacherous words!”

Samuel snorted, “Hah, Melanie, you are an immoral woman! You probably don’t even know who the father of the child is! How dare you try to put this responsibility on me? Get lost! You and your whole family are scoundrels! Beat it!”

With those words, Samuel hung up the phone.

Everyone was surprised. No one had expected this.

Melanie was so upset that she fainted on the spot.

Fabian was seething with anger.

The others quickly called Samuel’s line but he had switched off his mobile.

No one could get through.

After a while, when they tried calling it again, the number was unregistered.

“What should we do now?”

Everyone was speechless.

If they could not find Samuel and his brother, they would never be able to recover even a single cent.

Henry said in despair, “Just now, I asked my friends to check Samuel’s identity. Everything about him is fake. He is an unregistered citizen and certainly not a wealthy man from overseas.”

When the rest heard this, they began to understand.

Right from the very start, Samuel was here to cheat them of their wealth and Melanie was deceived in the process.

He had deceived Melanie for more than a year, using her like a tool. On top of that, he had taken all of the Lopez family’s wealth.

However, the crux of the matter was that they had no evidence at all of his deception.

Even the marriage certificate was fake. Their marriage was never registered.

If they were to go by evidence, Samuel and Chris had never been with the Lopez family at all.

The Lopez family had nothing to show that they existed.

They had no proof at all.

It can only be said that Samuel and his brother had committed the perfect crime.

Originally, the two brothers had planned to deceive Zoey the same way they did with Melanie, but unexpectedly, Levi came back.

Both Caitlyn and Aaron were shocked.

They recall that at the beginning they had considered a marriage between Zoey and Chris.

With the new revelations, they now know that if Zoey had married Chris, not only would they have lost all their money, but Zoey would have been sexually taken advantage of as well.

A trickle of blood appeared at the edge of Harry’s lips as he anxiously asked, “Is there any way of locating them? Even if we forego the money, these two bastards must be found!”

“Exactly! If I see these two animals, I’ll definitely slaughter them.”

“Yes, I swear on my life, I’ll slaughter these two animals!”

The Lopez family members had the same thoughts. They could lose the money, but they want revenge on Samuel and his brother by taking their lives.

However, with the resources and manpower available to the Lopez family at this moment, it was too difficult to find these two people.

Furthermore, Harry was in a situation where he would get sent to jail at any time.

Zoey had just sought the help of her best friend, Iris.

Iris had replied that It would be very difficult, almost impossible, but she was still willing to give it a try.

Zoey knew that this was a polite reply. This is an impossible task.

“Oh, who can solve this problem? God please, save the Lopez family!”

Harry wailed to the sky above.

“I can locate these two people! I can solve this problem!”

At that exact moment, a voice was heard.

Without anybody noticing, Levi had already arrived at the Lopez family home.

The Return of God of War Chapter 235


Henry sneered with disdain.

Fabian was annoyed and he raised his voice angrily, “A piece of trash like you can do nothing constructive but only destroy things!”

Harry followed suit and hurled insults at Levi, “Exactly! What are you doing here? How could the likes of you solve this problem? For goodness’ sake, don’t come and make things worse.”

Melanie was even angrier, “Levi, you trash! Are you gloating at the Lopez family’s downfall and rubbing salt in our wound?”

Facing the onslaught of verbal attack from the Lopez family members, Levi replied with disdain, “To be honest, I have nothing to do with the crisis your family is facing. I am only solving the problem for my wife’s sake!”

“When the time comes and I am able to retrieve the money then, I dare you not to take even a single cent!” Levi replied coldly.

Harry sneered and gave him a look of disbelief, “Alright. If you can retrieve the money, we will not take a penny!”

“Okay, when the time comes, don’t you all regret it!”

“Zoey, dad, let’s go!”

Levi left with the both of them.

“Levi is only here to gloat. His intention is only to rub salt in our wounds. How cruel!”

“This piece of trash is no better than Samuel!”

“If he can retrieve the money, I’ll give him my head on a platter.”

“Our family is really unfortunate. Not only did we meet a scammer and now we have to deal with this piece of trash.”

The Lopez family members lamented together.

After leaving the Lopez family home, Zoey asked with uncertainty, “Can you really do it?”

“I can certainly try!”

Levi laughed.

“What can you do? Samuel and his brother are highly skilled. They left no trace. Even the police’s technical team couldn’t track them down, what makes you think you can? Who do you think you are?” Aaron sneered.

Caitlyn spoke, “Levi, don’t you go and complicate matters! Don’t mess it up any further. I hope you’re happy now that Zoey has lost everything. You must feel that you’re worthy of her now, right?”

The two said in unison, “Well, let me tell you right now, even though Zoey might have lost all her wealth, you are still an ex-convict and unworthy of her!”

Zoey, fearing that the situation would take a turn for the worse, hurriedly asked Levi to leave.

“Levi, please don’t get involved in this! The police must have found something. Earlier, grandpa was about to be taken away but then he was released. So, presumably, they must’ve found some new information. “

Zoey elaborated.

At that moment Levi had the urge to say, “I was the one that asked Xavier Fields to let him go.”

“By the way, another batch of Iris’ furniture has arrived. Why don’t you go and help her with the move? I’ll go to her to see if she can help me!”

And so, Levi donned the work clothes of the moving company again and continued to help Iris with her move.

Meanwhile, at Villa Private Hospital in North Hampton, the richest man, Winston Gonzales was in the pink of health and he was feeling really great.

After Levi saved his life, his health has been improving steadily.

“Grandpa, I’ve found out who this person really is – he is Levi of Levi Group corporation!”

Una said excitedly.

“It turns out to be him!”

It was apparent that Winston Gonzales knew about Levi.

He was after all, the famous dark horse from six years ago.

They have all heard about him.

“That’s right. His prison term of six years had just ended. He’s currently working in Ants Movers Company and I saw him moving furniture today!” Una said.

Winston Gonzales sighed and lamented, “Six years of prison life can destroy a gifted man. He is now willing to even work as a mover!”

Linden said, “Well, it seems the truth is that he is not willing! After meeting you, Mr. Gonzales, he is not satisfied with one billion. He wants ten billion or even more.”

“Now we finally understand why he wants ten billion. It’s because he wants to make a fortune out of this incident.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 236
One of the managers of Miracle Med Corporation said, “Mr. Gonzales, Ms. Gonzales, I’ve crossed paths with Levi Garrison six years ago. That man is cunning and ruthless. He will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. I’m afraid you’re his target this time.”

“That’s right. Levi Garrison is a smart man. He will use some underhand tricks if we do not fulfil his wishes. Perhaps he will publicize his heroic act of saving your life and manipulate us into complying his every request.”

Everyone despised Levi at that point. “He’s simply abhorrent!”

Una hated Levi as well. She sneered. “I’ve investigated his background, grandfather. Levi has been jobless since his release from prison. He’s only relying on his wife to survive now. In my opinion, he’s trying to scam a boatload of money from us this time! With that being said, the Lopez family is actually facing some tricky problems now.” Una added.

Her words piqued Winston’s interest. “Oh? What kind of trouble?”

“The Lopez family will announce bankruptcy soon since nearly a billion was taken away from them as well as from Zoey Lopez’s company. Their head of the family, Harry Lopez, may be facing time in prison soon.” Una explained.

Winston’s eyes gleamed. “This is a brilliant opportunity!”

Una and the others gained revelation. “Are you saying that we should return Levi’s favor by helping the Lopez family through this crisis?”

Winston smiled. “That’s right.”

“This is a wonderful idea! This way, we can stop Levi Garrison from harassing the Gonzales family from now on!” The others exclaimed.

Winston reminded, “You’ll handle this, Una. I’ll contact the related departments to exempt Harry Lopez from his imprisonment. I am going to meet with Levi in person after we settle this matter to clear things up once and for all. He saved my life, and now I am rescuing his family. This should be a sufficient repayment.”

“Yes, grandfather. I wonder what kind of trick can Levi pull this time.” Una said proudly.

Just as the Lopez family was at a loss, Captain Timothy Lourdes from West Point detachment contacted Harry and told him he did not have to face jail time because someone else was found to be involved in that issue.

Tears of joy streamed down Harry’s cheeks.

A Rolls-Royce stopped in front of the Lopez family house after a short while.

Una visited with a few of her assistants. “Let me introduce myself. I am Una Gonzales from the Gonzales family.”

Shaun, Melanie, and the other members of the Lopez family were shocked to their cores. “The granddaughter of the wealthiest man in North Hampton?” They almost knelt in front of Una as their legs wobbled.

“I am here to help the Lopez family to weather through your current crisis. Please check because there should be money inside your bank accounts now.”

Everyone did as Una said in a hurry.

And lo and behold, their money was indeed returned to them in full. They also found out that the Gonzales family was behind Harry’s exemption from imprisonment.

“You don’t have to worry. This matter is water under the bridge now.”

Harry was tear-stricken. “I only have one question for you, Ms. Gonzales. Why are you helping us?”

Una smiled. “The Gonzales family was indebted to someone in the Lopez family. We’ve returned the favor, so there’s no need to inquire further about the person’s identity. You will have nothing to do with the Gonzales family from now on.”

Una went to Imperial Meadows directly after leaving the Lopez family house to resolve their money crisis.

Zoey and Aaron questioned Una’s intention, but she merely gave them same answer she gave to the Lopez family.

The Gonzales family did not want Levi to boast of his achievements for saving Winston’s life to prevent him from taking further advantage of the situation. So they did not reveal his identity as the person who helped them.

Zoey contacted Levi just as he was done helping Iris with the move into her new house. “What? The Lopez family’s financial crisis is resolved?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 237
Levi was surprised. Did Samuel and his brother gain some conscience, so they returned the money?

“I’ll talk to you in detail later in the night. I need to get my work done for now!” Zoey hung up the phone immediately afterward.

Levi was about to remove his uniform when a few luxurious cars appeared before him.

Una got out of the car, followed by Winston and over a hundred bodyguards surrounding them.

Their arrival was so impressive to the extent of attracting attention from the other wealthy people staying inside Bayview Garden.

“Nice to meet you, Levi Garrison. My name is Winston Gonzales.” Winston took the initiative to greet Levi while glancing at his uniform. Seems like he is the worker of this movers company.

“What’s the matter? Are you looking for me?” Levi frowned.

Una said with a smile. “We are here to inform you that we’ve repaid our debt toward you for saving my grandfather’s life.”

A thought popped into Levi’s mind. “Did you resolve the Lopez family’s crisis?”

“That’s right. Mr. Garrison is indeed a smart man. We have paid eight hundred and sixty five million in total to the Lopez family as well as Zoey Lopez’s company. I’ve also exempted Harry Lopez from facing jail time.” Winston elaborated.

Una added, “We’ve cleared out debt. So from now on, you can stop harassing the Gonzales family since we’ll have nothing to do with each other anymore!”

Winston said, “Mr. Garrison, I am someone who does not like to be indebted to anyone. So I seized this opportunity to return your favor.”

“Stop right there!” Levi spoke just as Winston and the others were about to leave.

Una and Winston stopped abruptly and exchanged glances with each other. He’s indeed trying to scam us. He’s a troublesome man to get rid of.

“Are you not satisfied with the amount of money we paid to your family, Mr. Garrison?” Una could not help but feel disdain for Levi inwardly. You’re an overly greedy man. Do you really desire ten billion that much?

Levi shook his head. “That’s not it. I can settle this matter by myself, so why did you meddle into our family’s business?”

Winston and the others were not pleased to listen to that remark from Levi. Levi Garrison is indeed behaving as we expected. His greediness knows no bounds, and he will do whatever it takes to attain his goal. He wanted to get ten billion from us, but we are trying to dismiss him with a mere one billion. So he’s not satisfied with this outcome.

Winston Gonzales was a little mad. “Are you trying to go overboard with your endless requests just because you saved my life previously?

“That’s right, Levi Garrison! What are you trying to pull here? It is a fact that you rescued my grandfather, but we just saved the entire Lopez family. Will you be satisfied only when we provide you with ten billion or perhaps a hundred billion?” Una expressed her stance firmly. “Let me inform you now. There is no way that will ever happen!”

“Indeed. Are you trying to coerce the Gonzales family into fulfilling your greed because you saved Mr. Gonzales? Well, as Una said, that’s never going to happen! It is too late now for you to pull any more tricks because the Lopez family had already accepted our kindness!”

Winston said coldly, “If I have seen through your personality back then, I wouldn’t have allowed you to save me!”

Una lifted her chin proudly. “Let me tell you now! My grandfather is a fortunate man! He would’ve survived even if you did not volunteer to save him that night!”

“That’s right! Mr. Gonzales was fine in the first place. You merely got lucky! We just did not expect you to scam us because of what happened!”

Levi was a loathsome being in everyone’s opinion at that moment.

Levi responded with a smile. “You guys are taking this matter too seriously. Don’t worry, I’ve already forgotten about that incident the other night. I don’t need any reward, and I don’t need nor lack any money!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 238

Levi’s words did not impress the others. What a hypocrite! He’s telling us he doesn’t want anything when he actually wants hundreds of billion from us! How dare he say he doesn’t need money when he’s just a lowly mover. He’s a despicable hypocrite!

Winston, Una, and the rest of the crowd stared at Levi with contempt. He’s not much better than a dung beetle in terms of his personality!

“You don’t have to meddle in the Lopez family’s matter. I will return the money to you.” Levi said coldly.

Winston and the others were stunned. Someone as greedy as him is offering to pay us back the money? Does he have eight hundred million with him? What a hilarious joke!

Una said immediately, “Okay. So, you want to return the money? Then pay us the full amount right now!”

Winston added, “Let me witness your capabilities too, Mr. Garrison!”

They urged Levi to return the money on the spot.

But Levi said, “I will return you the money, but not now. So please leave for the moment.”

Everyone sneered after listening to Levi’s statement. That’s hypocrisy at its finest! There’s no way he can return eight hundred million to us. He’s filled with empty talks.

“That’s enough, Mr. Garrison. We’ll be leaving now. You don’t have to return the money. I am contented so long as you stop bothering my family and never scam another person by boasting about this incident.”

Una said to her grandfather. “He can’t do that now. There are so many people here to bear witness of our conversation.”

Then they left angrily.

Levi Garrison was a man rotten to his core in their eyes.

Levi knew they misunderstood him. The Gonzales family thinks I’m trying to scam them after I saved that old man’s life. Hmph! Winston Gonzales? He’s not someone that I care about. That money is insignificant to me as well. I did not want to pay them just now because I want Samuel and his brother to cough up the money they’ve stolen first.

Levi went to meet up with Phoenix after he changed his clothes.

“Sir, I’ve tracked down and froze the eight hundred million sum. They did not have the time to spend any of the money yet. We will recover the money soon.” Phoenix reported.

“Okay. What about Samuel and Chris? Have you located them?” Levi asked.

That was Azure Dragon’s responsibility.

“Yes. They are still in North Hampton. They are considered smart because they knew how easily they’ll expose themselves in the airport and train station if they leave now.” Azure Dragon answered.

“Let’s go. I want to meet them in person.” Levi said.

Levi was astounded when he found out that Samuel and his brother were hiding in the same village where Rowen Atkinson and his wife stayed previously.

That action reflected the brothers’ wariness of their current situation.

Samuel, Chris, and three other people were playing poker inside a rent house.

A message was sent to Samuel’s phone at that moment.

Samuel and Chris were horror-stricken after reading the message. All the money we’ve stolen has been frozen!

“This is bad. If they have the power to freeze our account, then they must have the abilities to track us down!”

“We need to leave immediately!”

The five of them hurriedly packed their bags and left the house.

But they stumbled into two people at the alleyway.

It was Levi and Azure Dragon.

“It’s you, Levi Garrison?” Samuel was shocked.

Levi smiled. “Aren’t you a brilliant man, Samuel Robertson?”

“How did you find us?” Samuel was curious.

Chris’s eyes reddened with rage as he took out a knife from this pocket swiftly. “Let’s stop wasting time now, brother. We’ll murder them and flee right away. What do you say?”

Click click click…

Samuel and the other three people withdrew their knives as well.

They closed in on Levi and Azure Dragon slowly with the weapons in their hands.

They were determined to kill Levi.

The Return of God of War Chapter 239
“Go to hell, Levi Garrison! You’ve been a thorn in my side for a long time now!”

A series of fast-paced footsteps was heard just as Samuel and the others rushed forward with knives in their hands.

Over fifty men appeared behind Samuel and his gang.

The person leading the group was a pot-bellied and menacing man.

He beat up Samuel and his friends effortlessly. Soon, all five of them were lying on the ground wailing in pain.

The thugs walked up to Levi and addressed him simultaneously. “Good day, Mr. Garrison!”

The group of men was none other than Tiger and his gang.

They were aware of Levi’s arrival as soon as he stepped foot into the neighborhood.

Tiger saw Samuel and the others tried to harm Levi when he reached the scene, so he quickly taught them a lesson.

In the end, Tiger sent Samuel and his accomplices to the police station.

That village was under the West Point Prefecture, so Captain Timothy Lourdes handled Samuel and Chris.

They come clean about their plan throughout the interrogation process.

Samuel and Chris mentioned that the money they stole was frozen when questioned about that matter.

Timothy’s first thought was that the Gonzales family was behind this because they helped to settle Harry Lopez’s situation previously. The way I see it, the Gonzales family really proved their capabilities this time. Not only did they locate the Robertson brothers, but they’ve also froze the bank account.

The money was transferred to Timothy afterward, with a note telling him to return the money to the Gonzales family.

Timothy sent the money to the Gonzales family house in person after he dealt with the necessary procedure.

Members of the Gonzales family were surprised to receive the money.

They wondered if Levi Garrison was the person who returned them the money.

But Timothy merely responded with a smile. “This has got nothing to do with Levi Garrison.”

Everyone laughed. He’s right. Levi does not have the ability to return the money. He’s just a poor and pretentious man.

Timothy went to the Lopez family house to explain the whole incident afterward.

“That’s great news! Let them stay behind bars! Thank you so much, Captain Lourdes!” Tears of joy streamed down Harry’s cheeks.

Timothy smiled. “You don’t have to thank me. Thank the Gonzales family if you want. They’re the ones that tracked down the money and the criminals!”

With that, the Gonzales family thought Timothy Lourdes was the one that returned the money to them, while Timothy and the Lopez family thought the former resolved the matter.

Everyone was happy with the outcome. Samuel and his accomplices were caught, and no money was lost.

Iris hosted a banquet and invited Zoey’s parents after she was done moving into her new house.

“First of all, congratulations, Uncle and Aunt, for resolving this crisis.” Iris congratulated Aaron and Caitlyn.

They glared at Levi and said, “Didn’t you mentioned that you would handle this matter, Levi?”

“Yes. And I did!” Levi replied.

“Enough with that nonsense! The Gonzales family are the ones that settled this matter. They’re the ones that found the culprits and recovered the money. You contributed nothing! How can you tell such blatant lies?” Aaron and Caitlyn could not stand Levi’s habit of always wanting to show off.

Levi was stunned. How did that happen? Oh, I think I know what happened. Tiger and his men must have dropped Samuel and his friends at the police station without saying anything. They fear the police the most, after all. That’s why everyone thinks that the Gonzales family saved the day. Well, whatever. I could not care less about them.

Zoey hurriedly smoothed things over. “That’s enough. Levi was just trying to console us.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 240
“Hmph! Stop making all these big talks in the future!” Aaron said angrily.

Iris smiled. “Levi has been helping me with the moving in process in the past two days. So he doesn’t have the time to deal with any other things.”

“Fine. Let’s stop talking about him.” Caitlyn rolled her eyes at Levi.

Harry sighed, “Say, who do you think the Gonzales family was indebted to in our family? Why did they help us to such extent?”

A thought popped into Zoey’s mind. “Could they be referring to the Lopez family from South City? I’m afraid they are the only ones capable of getting acquainted with the Gonzales family.”

Aaron and Caitlyn were surprised by Zoey’s reminder.

The Lopez family in North Hampton was merely a branch family.

The original Lopez family came from South City, and they were a powerful clan.

With that being said, plenty of people carried the Lopez surname all across Erudia, similar to Harry and his family. So they were not even slightly related to the Lopez family in South City.

In their mind, only the powerful Lopez family from South City could be acquainted with the wealthiest man in North Hampton.

“Alright, let’s stop discussing this. Let’s talk about you, Iris. I heard that you will be collaborating closely with Zoey from now on?” Aaron looked at Iris.

Iris beamed at him. “We are planning something big at Morris Group currently. There will be plenty of chances to collaborate with Zoey by that time.”

“What’s the plan? Can you tell us?” Zoey asked curiously.

Admiration glinted in Iris’s eyes. “This is related to that mysterious boss of mine. His vision is really extraordinary! We will tackle the medical and technology field soon, producing similar products as the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce, in an effort to replace them in the market!”

Zoey shot Levi a complicated look as Iris elaborated.

“Iris, we all know the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce has Levi Group’s core technology in the medical and technology field. How do you plan to produce the same products without that information?” Zoey had to ask. Levi could have rebuild his empire anytime he wants if he has Levi Group’s core technology.

Iris grinned. “That’s the reason why I am impressed by my boss’s abilities. He knows all the data and information!”

“Wow! That’s crazy!” Zoey was astonished. She glanced at Levi unwittingly.

Levi had an eidetic memory, so he memorized all the information in his mind. But no one expected him to remember, not even Zoey. The information would amount up to a few hundred thousand pages if printed out, so the feat to recall every piece of information seemed impossible to everyone.

Iris was filled with excitement and anticipation. “My boss is simply too mysterious and amazing. I assume he is still single. I will definitely pursue him if I meet with him!”

Zoey smiled. I know how domineering Iris can be, not to mention the stringent requirements needed by a man to meet her expectations. Iris has never fallen for anyone despite their relatively good accomplishments and rich family backgrounds. Perhaps she even raised her standards after meeting with so many outstanding people abroad in the last few years. I know how rare it is for her to be finally attracted to a man. Even I’m starting to wonder what kind of a person he is!

“Good luck! You will definitely achieve that with your qualifications.” Zoey said.

However, Levi butted in their conversation. “That’s not possible. You can stop dreaming now. He’ll never be interested in you.”

“What do you mean, Levi Garrison? Do you think you’re my boss?” Iris demanded.

Levi nodded. “Yes. I am your boss.”

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