The Return of God of War Chapter 221-230

The Return of God of War Chapter 221
Zoey and Iris were petrified. They were slightly convinced by Levi’s statement at that moment. This is the only logical explanation. Firstly, they chased all the other patrons away upon our arrival, then they served all their finest dishes to us for free, not to forget, the manager of this restaurant actually cleaned Levi’s shoes for him!

Iris’s phone rang all of a sudden. Her lips curved upward after she looked at the screen. I asked a friend to investigate this restaurant’s information after sensing the odd atmosphere. And I’ve received the reply now. Leo Rogers is the single owner of Royale Club Restaurant.

“Hahaha… How dare you tell us this restaurant belongs to you, Levi Garrison?” Iris questioned him.

“That’s right. Is there a problem?” Levi admitted magnanimously.

Iris glowered at him and handed her phone to Zoey.

All the colors drained from Zoey’s face after reading the message. We were both astounded by Levi’s statement earlier. We really thought he’s the owner of this restaurant.

Zoey smiled. “Please don’t mind him, Iris. Levi likes to joke around.”

Iris sneered. “I realized that earlier. He’s full of big-talks. Can you show us your business license, Mr. Palmer?”

Iris was a meticulous person. She wanted to expose Levi’s lie with evidence.

Alger had no other choice but to show her the business license.

Iris slammed the business license in front of Levi. “Look intently at this. Do you see who’s the owner of this restaurant? This place belongs to Leo Rogers! Do you see your name anywhere on this license?”

Alger retorted internally. He could have the entire Rogers family with a single word.

Iris chided at Levi’s silence. “Please think before you speak in the future, especially when you’re in public spaces. Please do not bring shame to Zoey’s good name!”

Zoey was still puzzled by everything that had happened. She whispered at her best friend. “What’s going on, Iris? Why are we receiving this kind of ultra-luxurious treatment?”

Iris frowned. “The only explanation I can think of is because of my status as Morris Group’s vice-president. Most people already know that Mr. Atkinson purchased Levi Group and Garrison Group from the Rogers family. I suppose the Rogers family is treating Mr. Atkinson like a VVIP now. So it is logical for me, his vice-president, to receive similar treatments too.”

Zoey was amazed. “Mr. Atkinson is so impressive! But I guess this is not a surprise. Someone who have the capabilities to deal with the Rogers family must be a distinguished man.”

Iris smirked. “Let me tell you a secret, Zoey. Neil Atkinson is actually just an employee.”

Zoey was taken aback. She asked in disbelief. “Are you telling me there’s someone else who’s in control of Morris Group?”

Iris nodded. “That’s right. I only knew about this after Neil Atkinson informed me that it was actually the real owner of Morris Group who interviewed me virtually. He’s indeed a formidable man. He outshines all the other exceptional men I’ve met in my field in terms of his thought process and his vision of the company’s prospects. It is not an exaggeration to say that I’m his fan now!”

Admiration glinted in Iris’s eyes as she described Levi’s abilities. She was truly captivated by Levi’s competency that day.

Levi, who was enjoying his lobsters at the side, smiled. I did not expect Iris Anabelle to become my fan now.

“Really? Then I suppose he’s someone that’s old with a lot of experiences?” Zoey asked curiously.

“That’s not it. Mr. Atkinson told me he’s a young man, about the same age as your Levi Garrison.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 222
Iris looked at Levi and lamented. “They are about the same age, but why are there such a big difference between them?”

Zoey defended Levi “Levi is still a capable person. You should give him a few chances to prove himself.”

Iris turned her head to the other side, not wanting to look at him anymore. “Morris Group is hiring at the moment, but he’s clearly not a good fit. He’s only suitable for positions such as cleaners and security guards.”

Iris was implying Levi’s status to be equivalent to trash.

Zoey smiled. “I suppose you’re eager to meet with this mysterious boss, Iris?”

Iris responded with heightened anticipation. “Mr. Atkinson told me I would meet with him soon. I can guarantee he is an influential figure in North Hampton. I am so lucky to be able to work with him!” After that, Iris shifted the topic of conversation. “Zoey, I really recommend you to file a divorce with Levi as soon as possible. You are progressing so well now in your career. In contrast, Levi is worsening by the day. With the way things are moving, Levi will propose a divorce sooner or later. So you might as well do it now. I can introduce better candidates to you. All of these men are elites in their respective fields, and are more accomplished than Levi ever was or will be.”

Zoey rejected with a smile. “I know you have my best interest in your heart, Iris. But I will only be with Levi for the rest of my life.”

Iris sighed. She knew how stubborn Zoey could be. Perhaps I should target Levi instead. I will force him to leave Zoey.

Iris ditched Levi and sent Zoey back to the house after dinner.

Soon after the ladies left, a group of people surrounded Levi.

Leo Rogers and his men had arrived. “Should I send you back in person, Mr. Garrison?” Leo asked.

“That’s not needed. I will go back on my own.”

Levi lit a cigarette and disappeared into the night.

He decided to return to the house on foot because he wanted to contemplate his strategy to deal with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce. This Chamber of Commerce is a long-standing organization in North Hampton, after all. This organization’s downfall will affect the economic growth of North Hampton, as well as other sectors. A lot of people will become jobless by that time… That is not an outcome I desire. I cannot manipulate North Hampton’s development to fulfil my selfish wishes. The best way to handle this situation is to first expand Morris Group to the extent of being able to replace the Chamber of Commerce’s position. Then I can corner them with fewer concerns.

At that moment, a Maybach that cost over ten million was parked beside the road, with its turn signal flashing.

Something bad had happened evidently.

A girl’s cry for help was heard, but her words were not distinguishable as she mumbled in a panic-stricken manner.

Upon arriving at the scene, Levi saw an aged man suffering from cardiac arrest in the backseat. He deduced that man to be a chronic heart disease patient judging from the medications next to him. His condition is severe.

“I can save your grandfather. Move aside!” Levi said.

The girl did as Levi said. She moved aside to let Levi help with her grandfather’s condition.

Levi has the necessary skills befitting that of a professional doctor. He was involved in medical-related business six years ago and had polished his skills on the battlefield. It was a common thing for him to operate on the injured soldiers in the warzone. So he had the confidence to save that aged man.

“What are you doing? Stop immediately!” Someone shouted angrily.

Levi turned around and saw over a hundred men standing behind him.

They were the aged man’s bodyguards.

The bodyguards were about to seize Levi because they thought he was harming the aged man.

“I am rescuing him. Move aside!” Levi ordered harshly.

The bodyguards’ leader warned Levi. “We have a professional medical team. You are not needed here. So you better stop what you’re doing!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 223
“Haha, you call yourselves bodyguard with those slow movements? These medications will not work on him anymore now that he’s ten minutes into cardiac arrest. In a few more minutes time, he’ll be gone forever.” Levi explained with a smile.

The bodyguards’ faces fell after listening to Levi. There are eight more minutes before the medical team is here by taking the helicopter.

The girl grasped the severity of the situation. “That’s right! The medication is no longer effective. Grandfather requires immediate medical attention!”

Levi added. “He’s experiencing a cardiac arrest. Do as you wish and wait all you want then!”

The girl begged Levi. “Please save my grandfather, mister!”

“Alright. Step aside. Let me try and help him!” Levi agreed because it was a life and death situation.

The bodyguards could only stand and watch.

Levi had no other choice but to use his hands to perform the resuscitation procedures since there wasn’t any medical equipment around. He pressed the aged man’s chest repeatedly…

A helicopter landed three minutes later.

A dozen doctors hurried over with a team of helpers behind.

The staggering number reflected the old man’s status.

The doctor leading the group of people mumbled to himself remorsefully. “We’re late! It’s over ten minutes now. His heart must’ve stopped beating.”

The other doctors following him were nervous as well. If he’s gone, we will follow him to his grave too! He’s too important. That man is the wealthiest person in North Hampton, Mr. Winston Gonzales!

The doctors shoved aside the bodyguards who were rooted to their spots dumbfoundedly and arrived at the side of the Maybach.

“You’re finally here, Doctor Woodward! Grandfather entered into a cardiac arrest state for a long while now!” The girl scolded.

Doctor Woodward grumbled internally. Shit!

But when he saw Levi performing the resuscitation procedure, he was stunned. “What’s this? What is he doing?”

The group of doctors were horrified.

“He said he could save Mr. Gonzales.” The leader of the bodyguards said.

“What? That’s nonsense! This is ridiculous!” Doctor Woodward shouted. This stranger’s interference took away every last bit of hope we have to rescue Mr. Gonzales! He must be dead now. That means we’re all goners too.

Doctor Woodward chided. “Were you all born yesterday? Why didn’t you stop him?”

The bodyguards lowered their heads in silence.

Cough, cough…

At that moment, they heard a series of coughing amidst the commotion.

Everyone bore witness at the miraculous scene as Winston Gonzales, who was experiencing cardiac arrest mere moments ago, straightened himself in a seated position.

Levi got out of the car and fed Winston the medications.

The medications were now effective as his heart was now pumping.

Winston Gonzales was no longer coughing or experiencing shortness of breath after taking the medications.

Everyone was astounded by that amazing sight.

Levi glanced at the doctors and said. “You can now bring him to the hospital to monitor his condition. There shouldn’t be any problem now.”

Winston grasped Levi’s hands and expressed his gratitude. “Thank you so much, young man. I would’ve died today if it wasn’t for you.”

Levi beamed at him. “You don’t have to thank me. You should go to the hospital now to review your condition thoroughly.”

A few doctors came to bring Winston Gonzales away on a stretcher.

He reminded his granddaughter before entering the helicopter. “Bring that young man to our house, Una. He is our family’s savior.”

Linden Woodward wanted to talk to Levi as well. He was curious about the method Levi used to resurrect Winston.

But when Una and Linden turned around, Levi was already gone.

The Return of God of War Chapter 224
Winston was pleased when he was informed of the turn of events. “That young man has a commendable attitude. He must know I am rich after noticing all the luxurious cars and helicopters, yet he still left silently.

I must reward him handsomely. I can turn him into a billionaire if he comes from a poor family. If he is already a successful person, then I will bring him to greater heights in life. He will become a significant figure in North Hampton!”

Everyone was impressed by Winston’s announcement. He was the wealthiest person, after all. He was a god-like being, in everyone’s opinion. He was someone who can alter another person’s fate effortlessly. His connections with all the influential forces in North Hampton surpassed even the Chamber of Commerce.

“Utilize all possible means to look for that young man. I want to know his identity by tomorrow.” Winston ordered.

That night, over ten thousand men were tracking down Levi’s whereabouts.

Una was filled with regrets. “I forgot how he looks like because I was overwhelmed by fear at that time.”

Zoey and Iris were discussing their future plans when Levi arrived home.

Iris said to him coldly as soon as he walked through the door. “I will move into my new house tomorrow. I hope you can come help me. Do not worry because I will pay you.”

Zoey laughed awkwardly. “What are you talking about, Iris. Levi will help you if he’s free. There’s no need to pay him.”

Iris snorted. She thought to herself. Well, your husband already took my money earlier in the day!

The next day, Iris went to work early in the morning.

She left Levi to handle everything about her moving in.

Levi had no other choice but to play along with Iris’s request because of Zoey.

Iris’s house was spacious. She purchased brand new furniture for her home. So the movers sent a few lorries of items to her house.

They gave Levi a set of uniform as well.

Levi participated in the movers’ rank after he changed into the uniform.

He carried the electrical appliances into the house under the blazing sun.

At that moment, an expensive Ferrari drove into Bayview Garden and came to a halt in front of Iris’s house.

A girl dressed in luxurious clothing got out of the car. She revealed her beautiful facial features after removing her sunglasses.

Another woman dressed in a black professional suit got out of the passenger seat with a briefcase in her hand.

Levi had met with the girl last night. She was the granddaughter of the wealthiest man in North Hampton, Una Gonzales, also known as the Princess of North Hampton. Una was fond of playing the piano, so her family purchased three billion worth of insurance to protect her hands.

She rushed forward to meet with Levi excitedly. “It is you, Mr. Garrison!” Una greeted him with a smile

All men from the Gonzales family had failed to locate Levi last night. Just as the time limit given by Winston was about to run out, someone discovered him working together with the movers.

Una hurried over immediately to express her gratitude.

She was certain Levi worked for Ants Movers Company as he was wearing the uniform.

Levi stopped his work at hand and asked, “What’s the matter?”

He did not remember Una because he was focused on rescuing Winston last night.

“Do you remember what happened last night? You saved my grandfather!” Una said.

“Oh. It’s you. Why are you here?” Levi asked.

“I am here to thank you, Mr. Garrison! You have my gratitude for saving my grandfather!”

“You’re welcome. There’s no need for you to come all the way just to thank me.”

Una shook her head. “There is a need to thank you in person, Mr. Garrison. I shall fulfil all your wishes to express my gratitude.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 225
Levi had to continue with his task of moving the furniture. So he said impatiently. “I don’t need anything. A verbal gratitude from you is more than sufficient.”

But Una was determined. “No way! I have to do something!”

“I don’t need anything.” Levi was frustrated.

“Let me tell you my grandfather’s identity. The man you rescued last night is the wealthiest man in North Hampton, Winston Gonzales. I am his granddaughter, Una Gonzales. I am currently working in Miracle Med Corporation, a company under Gonzales Group. My company’s assets are worth over ten billion!”

Levi was stunned after listening to Una’s introduction. I see. So I saved the wealthiest man in North Hampton last night. No wonder that scene last night was so impressive. That helicopter arrived in just eight minutes while carrying an entire medical team.

Una was satisfied with the outcome as she looked at Levi’s dumbfounded expression. Everyone has always reacted in this manner whenever they found out about my identity.

She looked at Levi proudly. “Do you believe that I can fulfil all your wishes now? Just tell me what you want, and I will make it a reality.”

Levi shook his head. “Thanks but no thanks.”

“Why don’t I offer you a hundred million?” Una suggested.

Her assistant pulled out a cheque from her briefcase immediately.

Una signed on the cheque and handed the paper to Levi magnanimously. “Here you go!”

Levi grimaced. He stared at Una displeasingly. Is she trying to insult me? Does she think her behavior is acceptable just because her family is the wealthiest in North Hampton? I’ve accumulated so much money in the last few years even ten trillion is insignificant to me! The wealthiest man in North Hampton is just a nobody in my opinion. Expressing your gratitude by shoving a hundred million cheque to me is a form of insult. I am countless times richer than you, for God’s sake!

Una and her assistant exchanged glances when they saw the changes in Levi’s expression. A similar thought flashed across their minds at that moment. He is a commoner, after all. He must be trying to ask for more now that he’s aware of our status. A mere employee of a movers company is seizing this golden opportunity to earn some big profit. Well, I can’t blame him. This is human nature.

“How about two hundred million then?” Una sounded Levi out.

Levi’s expression was stone-cold as before.

Hahaha! Una almost laughed out loud. He’s obviously not satisfied with that amount.

She took a deep breath. “What about a billion? That and my grandfather is inviting you to our house as a guest. You will be our family’s guest of honor from now on. No one in North Hampton will dare to disrespect you.”

Levi said coldly. “I’m sorry, but I am not interested in money. I do not lack money either.”

Then he turned and walked inside the house.

Una and her assistant looked at one another. As expected of an Average Joe, he’s not satisfied with one billion. Judging from his attitude, he’s probably going to ask for ten billion. The Gonzales family can certainly afford ten billion, but I cannot make this decision on my own. I need to consult grandfather about this matter.

They followed Levi into the house.

An envelope was placed on the table near the door with Levi’s name written on it.

Una handed Levi the envelope after she entered the house.

He did not notice the envelope previously.

After he unsealed the envelope, Levi saw a stack of cash that’s around a few thousand.

Attached with it was a note: The fee for your hard work today.

Levi slipped the money into his pocket and tossed the note away.

Una and her assistant witnessed everything.

The Return of God of War Chapter 226
He worked so hard the whole day for that little amount of money? But he’s not satisfied with one billion? He’s too greedy! Una’s impression toward Levi worsened instantaneously. I thought he was a kind-hearted and knowledgeable man for saving grandfather’s life last night.

But it seems to me he’s just a greedy person with a terrible personality. He thinks he deserves ten billion because he saved someone when he can only earn a few thousand from a day’s labor. But I cannot unleash my anger on him now because he did rescue grandfather last night.

Una said with a smile. “I’ll get back to you after I discuss with my family, Mr. Garrison.”

Levi urged them. “Please leave now. I don’t need a single cent from you, I’m not short of money anyway.”

Una left with her assistant afterward. We know Levi is playing hard to get. He’s implying to us that he wants ten billion while rejecting our offers on the surface. There’s no way he’s sincere about not needing this large amount of cash!

“Let’s discuss this matter with grandfather and the others. I did not expect him to be such a jerk. These poor people are the greediest as I expected!” Una’s face was contorted with rage.

But little did they know that Levi could not care less about the money. A trillion meant nothing to him, much less a mere billion. Levi was infuriated by Una’s sudden and unwelcome visit. He continued to focus on his work after they left.

The Gonzales family house was the largest and most luxurious villa in North Hampton.

The Gonzales family members built a private hospital next to the villa because they were worried about Winston’s health. The hospital was equipped with three helicopters and forty medical staff. Their services were exclusive only to the Gonzales family.

Winston Gonzales was resting at that moment. He felt fine after he was brought back to the villa last night and his condition improved significantly compared to before.

Winston was discussing Levi’s miraculous techniques with Linden when Una returned to the villa.

Winston asked in a hurry. “Did you find him, Una?”

“I found him. He’s working for Ants Movers Company. There’s no need to investigate further. I have the pictures here.” Una handed a few pictures to her grandfather and other family members.

Levi was working diligently while wearing the company’s uniform under the blazing sun in the photos.

“He’s earning a few thousand from his current occupation. So he’s considered well off among the commoners.” Una said.

Winston questioned her immediately. “What did you do? Did you thank him? I told you to give him a hundred million, didn’t I?”

“I did. But he rejected me.” Una put on a long face.

“What? He rejected a hundred million? That young man has got a great personality!” Winston was impressed by Levi.

“That’s not the case, grandfather. He’s simply too greedy. He rejected me even after I tried to offer him one billion! I suppose he’s planning to get ten billion from us after knowing your identity.”

Everyone gasped after listening to Una’s explanation. Ten billion is a huge amount for an ordinary person working as a mover!

Winston frowned. “Did he say that out loud?”

Una described the incident in detail.

Winston nodded after she was done. “You’re right. He is planning to get ten billion from us.”

“What should we do, grandfather? I think it’s a waste to offer ten billion to someone like him.” Una said.

The other family members were wearing a disdainful expression as well.

“That’s right! I don’t think he will stop at ten billion. He will keep asking for more because of your status as the wealthiest man in North Hampton!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 227
Winston was surprised. “But he did not give off this kind of vibe last night.”

Una shared her thoughts. “I think this is his tactic of playing hard to get. He’s trying to maximize the benefit he can get from us.”

“That’s right. He must have left the scene deliberately last night after discerning our extraordinary status. He wanted us to locate him so he can get more money from us!”

Winston sighed. “Ten billion is not a problem. But I do not think he deserves this money.”

“I’ll look into his background in detail.” Una was annoyed.

Zoey’s company was doing well recently. She even had plans to sever all ties with the Lopez family and establish a new company.

But the Lopez family saw through her actions despite how careful she was.

“Traitor! Aaron and his family are all traitors!” Henry shouted angrily.

Harry’s expression darkened as well.

Samuel and Melanie said at the same time. “Grandpa, we already told you that Zoey does not care about you. Look at what she’s planning to do now. She’s cutting ties with the Lopez family!”

“Does she have the guts to do so? I am still one of her company’s shareholders!” Harry roared.

“If she’s planning to establish a new company, then she must have thought of a way to handle this issue, grandpa.” Samuel said.

Fabian asked. “Then what can we do? Zoey’s company received a few hundred million of investments lately. I even heard Morris Group would be collaborating closely with her in the future.”

“That’s the problem. We cannot stop her. She can give up Imperial Meadows at any time with the capital she has currently. Grandpa’s shares will not make any difference!” Henry answered.

Harry sighed as well. He could not think of any way to salvage the situation.

Samuel voiced out all of a sudden. “I have an idea, grandpa!”

Harry and the others looked at him at once. “What’s the idea? Hurry up and tell us!”

“Do you still remember my younger brother? The one that I wanted to introduce to Zoey in the past.”


Samuel smiled smugly. “My brother is coming to North Hampton tomorrow. He’s a brilliant hacker. He can hack into almost any company’s system. My idea is to let my brother, Chris, to hack into Imperial Meadows’s account and transfer all the money into grandpa’s account. You are one of the company’s shareholders, so Zoey cannot take any legal action against you.”

Everyone contemplated the idea. Zoey will not be able to do anything after the money is transferred to grandpa’s account. She will not have the guts to sue us, much less Aaron and his wife.

Harry pondered about it for a moment before he said. “Yes. That’s feasible. She cannot do anything by the time the money is transferred to my account.” This is the same as before when I took the one hundred million given to them by the Rogers family. They could not do a thing back then either.

“We must screw Aaron and his family over. They are too smug lately! I heard Aaron is announcing to everyone that he’s buying a new house and a new car!” Henry and the other members of the Lopez family were not pleased by Aaron’s good fortune.

They were looking forward to ruining the happy moment for Aaron and his family.

Meanwhile, Zoey and her family were oblivious to the Lopez family’s preparation.

Aaron and Caitlyn were celebrating the family’s success every day while it lasted.

The next day, Chris arrived at North Hampton. Harry welcomed him in person and even treated him to extravagant meals. Then they began to execute their plan.

“I’ll need some information about the company…” Chris said.

Harry Lopez was one of Imperial Meadows’s shareholders, so it was an easy task for him to obtain classified information about the company.

The Return of God of War Chapter 228

He could even lay his hands on some of the most confidential information about the company’s account.

“Alright. Leave it to me.”

Samuel and Chris left the house to carry out their plan in a secluded place.

But the brothers were not the only ones at that place. There were three other people on their team.

They began working inside an abandoned factory.

Overnight, They were able to hacked into Imperial Meadows Limited’s system and accessed the company’s account.

“Haha! There is more than six hundred and thirty five million in Imperial Meadows Limited’s account!”

Samuel and Chris were astonished.

“I think Zoey Lopez did not have the time to utilize this money because she received the amount recently.” Samuel said mischievously.

“Great! The money belongs to us now!” Chris laughed suddenly.

All the money within Imperial Meadows Limited’s account was transferred away in less than five seconds.

Chris and Samuel smiled smugly. I bet Harry Lopez and his family didn’t see this coming. We did not transfer the money to Harry’s account. Instead, we moved all the money into a joint account overseas that’s under our names.

“We’ll target the Lopez family now!” Chris’s eyes gleamed with excitement.

“Yes. Let’s hurry! I returned to North Hampton two months ago for the sole purpose of collecting confidential financial information about the Lopez family.” Samuel put on a pensive smile.

The reason behind Samuel’s return to the country was to steal the Lopez family’s fortune. He had spent the last two months gaining Harry’s trust and collecting crucial information on the family’s financial status. A hacker’s ability is limited without any information. So the best thing to do is to search for loopholes in advance. I’ve waited so long for this to happen. Originally, I did not want to carry out my plan so soon, but all my effort will be for naught once Zoey cuts ties with the Lopez family and establish her own company. So this is the best time to take their possessions and flee. We will place the blame on the Lopez family. They can’t possibly explain themselves after this. We’ve been lying to Melanie all this while with our fake rich overseas family background.

“There is one hundred and fifty million in Lopez Group’s account! The rest of the branch companies’ assets add up to sixty million. They have a total of twenty million in their personal accounts. So we are looking at a sum of two hundred and thirty million from the Lopez family!” Chris and his team hacked into their accounts effortlessly.


All the money under the Lopez family’s possession was transferred away the moment Chris pressed on the keyboard.

“Hahaha! We have eight hundred million now! This money is enough for us to live carefreely for the rest of our lives!” Samuel and Chris hugged each other tightly.

After that, Chris faked some bank account statements to convince Harry that the money was transferred to his account.

They erased all traces of the other transactions as well by replacing them with fake figures.

For a short while, the members of the Lopez family would still be able to see the balance in their bank accounts, but the money was, in fact, gone. Samuel and Chris would’ve already fled by the time they realize the truth.

Moreover, they transferred the money to an overseas bank account registered under Harry Lopez’s name. So Harry would become the scapegoat as the records of transactions would show that he transferred all the money to his account.

But the money would’ve disappeared without a trace by that time.

Samuel and his brother were able to fake their wealthy family background because they scammed over ten million using that method in the last few years.

“You’re doomed now, Lopez family! It’s a pity that I didn’t get to sleep with Zoey.” Samuel lamented.

The Return of God of War Chapter 229
At that moment, Harry and the others were waiting anxiously for an update.

A message was sent to Harry’s personal number: We’ve successfully transferred all six hundred and thirty five million from Imperial Meadows Limited.

Harry deliberately checked his bank account and verified that it was true.

Little did they know, Harry merely accessed a fake statement because the money was already in Chris and Samuel’s possession.

The brothers returned at midnight. “Grandpa, I think you should inform Zoey and her family that you transferred the money away to save the trouble. They can’t do anything to us if we do that.” Samuel tricked Harry.

Henry nodded in agreement. “That’s right. It will be troublesome for us if they contact the police after realizing the money is missing.”

“Okay. I will go tomorrow.” Harry agreed.

Samuel and his brother exchanged a wicked smile. There’s nothing to worry about now since we convinced Harry Lopez to admit his doing. This matter has got nothing to do with us from tomorrow onwards!

The next day.

Zoey was informed by the finance department of a bad news when she arrived at the company. All their money in the company’s account was gone.

“What?” Zoey was dumbstruck. All the money is gone? There’s nothing left in the company’s account..

Zoey nearly passed out from the shock.

“Stay calm, Ms. Lopez. Our technicians are looking into this matter. They said the money was transferred into a personal account.” The person in charge of the finance department said.

Zoey was puzzled. “How is that possible? How can someone move the money inside the company’s account?”

“This can happen under two circumstances. The first possibility is that we are facing a very skilled hacker. The next possibility is that an insider committed this embezzlement. They know the classified information about the company’s account and are even knowledgeable of the firewall password.”

Zoey said without any hesitation. “Let’s contact the police!”

Harry arrived with his family at that moment. “Is there really a need to call the cops, Zoey? This is a family matter, after all.” He said.

“Huh? What’s going on, grandpa?” Zoey was confused.

Harry put on a gentle smile. “Zoey, I transferred all the money to my personal account because I am worried that you will not make sound judgments with the large amount of money received from the investments.”

Zoey stared at Harry incredulously. “How can you do that, grandpa? This money has got nothing to do with you! That’s the investment capital I received from Morris Group!”

“That’s not right, Zoey! How can you say that? I gave Imperial Meadows Limited to your family in the past, and I am one of the shareholders. So at the end of the say, this company belongs to the Lopez family!”

“That’s right! What do you mean by that? Are you abandoning your family and betraying your ancestors?” Melanie and Samuel placed the blame on Zoey.

“That’s not what I meant, grandpa. I am still a member of the Lopez family.” Zoey’s voice was shaky.

Harry was infuriated. “Let me be frank! I took the money away. We should stick together as a family and share this fortune if you are a member of the Lopez family. If you consider yourself otherwise, then feel free to call the cops on me!” Harry left angrily with the others afterward.

Zoey slumped onto the floor helplessly. Are they even my family? How dare he call himself my grandpa? How can they behave so unreasonably?

Zoey had no other choice but to return home since she couldn’t proceed with any project without any money in the company’s account.

Harry had informed Aaron and Caitlyn in person as well. He acted overbearingly even when he took the money without consent as if Aaron and Zoey were at fault for not handing the money to him in the first place. Zoey and her mother held onto each other and cried their eyes out.

The Return of God of War Chapter 230
“Why are we living such difficult life? We’re both married to useless men. Levi already proved his incompetence, are you trying to match his pace too?” Caitlyn broke down in tears.

Aaron retorted. “I’m not incompetent! Don’t compare me to Levi Garrison!”

“Then why are you not taking any action when your father bullies us? He took over six hundred million from us. Get the money back for our family! Why are you still here?” Caitlyn chided and pushed Aaron.


Aaron smashed a glass on the floor.

“I want to do that too, but you know well of my father’s personality. There’s no way for us to get the money back at this point!” Aaron yelled.

“Then call the cops on him! We have the evidence needed to take legal actions!” Caitlyn added.

“But that’s my father! How can I call the cops on him? That’s an unfilial act! How do you expect me to face my ancestors in the afterlife?” Aaron was mad.

“Then what should we do? Are we letting go of this matter now?”

“Let’s think of a way!”

Aaron and Caitlyn were clueless as to how they should proceed.

“I’ll go look for Levi.” He was Zoey’s last and only hope.

Meanwhile, the entire Lopez family was celebrating the joyous occasion.

They were extremely pleased to have finally taught Aaron and his family a lesson as his family had been getting under their skin.

Melanie said to Harry. “Grandpa, this success is made possible because of my husband and his brother!”

Harry smiled. “Don’t worry. I will reward you handsomely.”

However, Samuel hurriedly added because he was worried Harry would discover the empty bank account by attempting a transaction. “There’s no need to rush for the reward, grandpa. Let’s use the money only after this matter settles down. Let’s leave the money alone for now.”

“Alright, Samuel. I’ll listen to you. Let’s distribute the money only after this matter settles down!” Harry agreed.

“Grandpa, I’m accompanying Chris to visit his friend at South City. We’ll be back in two days. You should stay by grandpa’s side, Melanie. Help the family to counter Zoey and her family if they try to do anything foolish.” Samuel suggested.

“Sure. Don’t worry, dear. I’ll be here while you’re gone!” Melanie smiled.

After that, Samuel and Chris fled swiftly to a destination unknown to the others.

The Lopez family, oblivious to the truth, was indulged in their fantasy of having six hundred million in their possession.

Harry grinned. “The Lopez family is now sitting on near a billion worth of assets. We will focus on expanding our family’s businesses from now on!”

Levi was not furious when he learned of the news. Instead, he sensed the peculiarity at the turn of events. “But that’s impossible. Your grandfather shouldn’t have the authority to transfer all the money away, even with his status as one of the shareholders. A transaction like that requires your approval as well as the finance department’s consent.”

Clarity washed over Zoey after listening to Levi’s reminder. “That’s right. It’s not possible, not to mention I am the only person who knows the password.”

Levi smiled. “There’s only one possibility in this case. They hacked into the company’s account and took the money illegally.”

“Are you saying that grandpa hired a hacker?” Zoey asked.

“That’s right. A hacker can easily hack into Imperial Meadows Limited’s account if your grandfather feeds the hacker with the information he knows.” Levi nodded.

“But this doesn’t make any sense. If grandpa did hire a hacker to do the job, he didn’t have to inform me of his doing. He admitted his crime for no apparent reason.” Zoey was confounded.

Levi stroked his chin. He was caught in perplexity as well. “That’s right. This is suspicious. Why did he tell you?”

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