The Return of God of War Chapter 211-220

The Return of God of War Chapter 211

Levi’s words sounded like the Grim Reaper’s calling to Melissa and her friends.




Melissa and 38 other members of the senior management knelt on the floor.

Thump, thump, thump…

They slammed their foreheads against the ground frantically.

All of them did not seem to care, even as their foreheads were bleeding. That was the least of their concerns because they sensed death closing in on them.

William Hanks and Melissa Floyd were feeling the most fear out of everyone who knelt on the ground because William was the one that suggested the gathering, while Melissa orchestrated the rest.

Levi’s voice rang beside William’s ears all of a sudden. ’I am still your boss’. He was telling the truth!

Levi waved his hand. “The rest of you stand behind me.”

Everyone did not understand Levi’s intention, but they gathered behind him anyway.

Melissa Floyd and 38 other people were the only ones left kneeling inside the spacious meeting room.

They did not stop slamming their heads against the floor.

Many were already bleeding profusely from their foreheads.

“Please forgive us, Mr. Garrison! We’ve made a mistake. We’ve committed a grave error!”

Oh! How we regretted our actions! Why did we provoke Levi Garrison? This is all William’s fault! We would not have sought revenge against Levi in the first place if it were not for him. Levi Garrison was long gone from our minds previously!

Everyone shot a resentful look toward William Hanks. They wanted so badly to rip him apart.

Levi remained indifferent while they begged him for mercy. He ordered loudly, “Bring the things here!”

Over a dozen muscular men clad in black outfit entered the meeting room at once. Each of them carried a tightly sealed wooden barrel with unknown content.

The people kneeling on the floor felt their hearts sank with a thud as they sensed something bad was about to happen, looking at those tightly sealed barrels.

Levi grinned. “Don’t you guys enjoy showing off your allures by soaking yourselves in champagne? Let me fulfil your desires today!”

The burly men removed the caps of the barrels right after Levi waved his hands.

“So smelly!”

A horrible stench filled the room instantly. Everyone felt as if they fell into a cesspit because the reek was unbearable.

“Could it be…”

Everyone had guessed the content of the barrels. Manure!


The muscular men dumped over ten barrels of manure over the heads of Melissa and her gang.

Levi deliberately prepared a manure shower for them.

“Aargghhhh…” They shrieked.

All of them dressed glamorously for the meeting, but they were now covered in manure from heads to toes. The filth even entered their mouths…

The others, who witnessed the scene, could never imagined that the highly-paid elites of the society were met with such an outcome. This is the worst punishment ever!

“These people are now fired and permanently blacklisted from reentering Levi Group!” Levi announced.


Hysterical wails filled the meeting room once again. That penalty meant that our lives are officially ruined!

Levi glanced at the miserable crowd and added, “Elena Holmes will be Morris Group’s Finance Department Director from now on!”

Unprecedented excitement washed over Elena. This is unbelievable! Not only am I not fired from the company, but I am also promoted to the department director’s position. This unexpected turn of events is happening only because I stood up against them last night!

Melissa and her friends were astounded to hear Elena’s promotion. Karma really is a b****!

Levi straightened himself and ordered coldly, “Clean up the mess, especially those trashes. I don’t want to see them in here anymore!”

“Yes, Sir!” Kirin nodded.

Levi led the rest of the crowd to another meeting room.

Members of Garrison Group’s senior management were waiting for them in that room.

The first thing that Levi did was to incorporate Garrison Group into Levi Group.

The Garrison family had prepared everything, so all Levi had to do was to sign the papers.

The Return of God of War Chapter 212
The ceremony to change the company’s name was held after all preparations were in place.

All the reporters from every major media and newspaper gathered to witness the ceremony.

A stage and various equipment were installed on the spacious plaza in front of Levi Group’s building.

Levi remained hidden as usual. He sat inside his office, casting his gaze outside the window with the entire North Hampton’s view spanned before him.

He could observe the happenings at the plaza clearly from where he sat.

Kirin would be the person to attend the ceremony this time. But he wore sunglasses to cover up his face as usual.

“Should I attend the ceremony now, Sir?”

“Go ahead.”

At that moment, Levi could see a few mysterious and unwelcome guests lurking around the venue as his eyes swept through the crowd. They are probably men from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce or other business competitors. I suppose they are here to investigate Niel Atkinson’s identity.

The name-changing ceremony began at 10 o’clock.

Kirin walked up the stage with all eyes on him.

The reporters spammed the shutters on their camera continuously.

Countless powerful men in the industry began searching for Kirin’s background information as his pictures and videos spread like wildfire.

But Kirin’s sunglasses fulfilled its function as everyone had a hard time recognizing his facial features. Their intensive search resulted in nothing. No one could figure out anything about Niel Atkinson.

Standing next to Neil were the people in charge of Levi Group and Garrison Group previously.

Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson attended the ceremony as well. They wanted to witness that significant moment.

Kirin made the official announcement. “Levi Group and Garrison Group has signed a merger agreement earlier. These two corporations will join forces from now on and operates under the name, Morris Group.”

Bam, bam, bam…

A stir rippled across the crowd as ceremonial flowers shot up into the sky.

Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson were tear-stricken. They looked up the sky and sobbed. “Are you seeing this, son? The company is now named after you!”

The reporters were getting impatient at that point. “May I know what’s your relationship with Mr. Morris Atkinson, Mr. Atkinson?”

“Please describe your relationship with Mr. Neil Atkinson, Mr. Rowen Atkinson.”

The reporters were very interested in the relationship between the two parties.

Kirin smiled pensively. “Relationship? Well, all I can say is that we’re a family!”

Kirin’s statement provided food for thought for the reporters. There was obviously a hidden meaning behind his words, but none of the reporters could figure out what he was implying.

They tried to sound Kirin out with further questions, but Kirin answered without revealing anything.

The question and answer session with the reporters ended swiftly.

The subsequent segment was the highlight of the ceremony. They were going to change the inscribed board of the company from Levi Group to Morris Group.

The name-changing ceremony could only be considered a success after they changed the inscribed board.

The workers quickly brought the new board over and removed the old, inscribed board for Levi Group.

Kirin was about to hang the new inscribed board to officiate the event when chaos erupted at the scene.

“Something is happening! Look over there!” Someone shouted all of a sudden.

Over a hundred men clad in black clothes appeared out of nowhere and headed in the direction of the stage.

They wore face masks to cover up their faces and wielded baseball bats in each of their hands.

Everyone was frightened by the imposing manner of those scary men.

“Break everything! Crash this whole place!” The man leading the way shouted.

The men in black hastened their steps and surged forward.

The media and the guests of honor gathered around the stage were startled.

All hell broke loose at the scene.

The Return of God of War Chapter 213

The men had only one goal. They wanted to disrupt the name-changing ceremony and thoroughly discredit Neil Atkinson as well as Levi Group.

All of them raised the baseball bats in their hands and rushed forward.

They were merely fifty meter away from the venue…

Levi witnessed everything from the president’s office.

A voice was heard through the earpiece Levi was wearing. “Sir, all thirty snipers have locked on to the targets. Please provide us with further instruction.”

No one knew that a few teams of snipers had surrounded Levi Group’s building by positioning themselves in the skyscrapers nearby. The snipers aimed their rifles at the incoming mob.

They had been waiting for those men in black to show up.

Levi gave the order as the mob moved closer to the crowd. “Shoot.”

Azure Dragon relayed Levi’s order as he commanded. “Attention to all sniper teams. Shoot. I repeat. Shoot.”

thirty snipers began to execute the order simultaneously.

The man charging ahead of the mob lost his balance and fell face first to the floor.




The rest of the men armed with baseball bats were shot after a split second and they fell onto the ground as well.

Kirin and the others stared at the astonishing sight as over a hundred men fell onto the ground and stayed motionless afterward.

No one expected that to happen. What’s wrong with them? Why are they lying on the ground now? They were charging toward us just a few moments ago.

Everyone was puzzled, including those lying on the floor. The angry mob lay on the ground with their bodies numbed. They could not muster any strength regardless of how hard they tried. No one could figure out what had actually happened.

Inside the president’s office.

Azure Dragon’s voice was heard from the earpiece. “Sir, the sniper teams had accomplished their mission.”

“Well done. Retreat.” Levi commanded.

The snipers disappeared without a trace upon receiving the order.

The snipers had loaded their rifles with shots containing anesthetics instead of real bullets.

The dose of the anesthetic shots was potent enough to paralyze even an elephant.

Most importantly, the shots would not leave any visible wound on the skin.

Kirin addressed the crowd after everyone calmed down. “Well, it seems like there’s a lot of people that are eager to congratulate us for the success of this name-changing ceremony. I am beyond honored. Thank you!”

The people lying on the ground felt extremely uncomfortable. Their bodies would not move, so they could not escape even if they wanted to.

In the end, all of them bore witness as Kirin changed the new inscribed board and officially renamed the company to Morris Group.

Xavier Fields sent his men to capture the entire mob after the ceremony ended.

The anesthetics wore off by the time they arrived at the police station.

They had no way to figure out what happened to them at that point. But none of them could escape punishment for harassing the public.

Those men were actually recruited by the North Hampton Whirlwind Security Company.

A few elderlies gathered beside a famous lake in North Hampton.

They were Eric Robinson, Baldwin Williamson, and the gang.

Clifford Anderson said grimly. “But that’s impossible! I did not turn to the underworld bosses for help because I wanted a secured outcome. So I deliberately assigned this task to the prestigious Whirlwind Security Company. I requested them to complete the task as quickly as possible and flee the scene afterward. I did not expect them to commit such a blunder!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 214

Wallace Henderson was caught in perplexity. “That’s right. Most of the men recruited by Whirlwind Security Company are ex-policemen and ex-soldiers. They are well-known for their efficiency and skills. I heard the team leaders were even mercenaries in the past. So why did they fell flat on their face all of a sudden?”

Eric took a deep breath. “This must be Neil Atkinson’s doing. He made the preparations in advance. But I do not understand how all of them fell at the same time. Even those men who experienced that bizarre fall did not know what happened to them.”

Baldwin stroked his chin. “Perhaps we underestimated Neil Atkinson! By the way, have you figured out his identity yet?”

The rest of them shook their heads. “We’ve utilized all our connections to investigate his identity, but nothing came up. His information seems to be classified.”

At that moment, the heir to the Anderson family, Virgil Anderson, walked hastily toward the elderlies. “Father, Uncles, the vice commander-in-chief, Mr. Hoyles, from the warzone has updated me with the latest news. He told me he is somewhat familiar with Neil Atkinson, and he is still investigating this matter. He wanted me to reassure all of you to be patient because he will find out Neil’s identity sooner or later.”

Eric Robinson’s son, Sheldon Robinson, brought news as well. “Mr. Cooke told me Neil came from the Northwest region. He is still trying to look into other aspects of his background.”

Grover’s information was accurate. Kirin was indeed serving the army in the Northwest warzone.

“Haha! That’s great! We will observe Morris Group’s plan for now.” Eric said.

Clifford nodded. “I’ve dealt with Whirlwind Security Company. The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce will have nothing to do with them.”

Inside Morris Group.

Levi proposed future development plans for the company. “We lack staff at the moment because we fired a lot of executives previously. Moreover, we’ve recently acquired Garrison Group as well. First, we have to recruit the company’s veterans who left due to pressure in the past. Then we will absorb talents from all over Erudia into our company.”

Kirin scratched his head embarrassingly. “I am adept at war and training soldiers, Sir. But doing business is not my forte.”

“The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce had taken control of Levi Group’s core technology, but these pieces of information has been carved into my mind. We will produce similar products as them and sell our items at a lower price…” Levi smiled cunningly.

Kirin gave him a thumbs-up. This is a brilliant move. Our products will certainly affect the existing market if we offer a more competitive price. More importantly, they’ve stolen our technology. So they cannot stir up trouble either to prevent exposing their crime. They can only stand by and watch as Morris Group take over the entire market little by little.

“We cannot leave the vice-president position empty. I need to find someone capable of taking up this responsibility. Have you found a suitable candidate?” Levi asked.

Kirin nodded. “Yes, Sir. I’ve shortlisted two very competent candidates. They will be here to attend the interview tomorrow.”

Levi was satisfied with Kirin’s efficiency. “Great. I will participate in the interview tomorrow to select the best candidate.”

Levi returned home late in the night. He spent some time chatting with Zoey.

Zoey was amazed. “Mr. Atkinson is so impressive!” Evidently, she had seen the news report that day.

Levi had the urge to inform her that Neil Atkinson did not know a thing in the field of business.

“Oh! Did you know? My best friend, Iris Anabelle, is returning from overseas. I’m a little busy tomorrow, so can you help me pick her up at the airport?” Zoey asked.

“Okay. I’ll pick her up tomorrow.”

Levi was acquainted with Iris too. She was a top beauty, on par with Zoey, in the past during their high school years.

The Return of God of War Chapter 215

Iris is a very competent person. She obtained two Master’s Degrees from two of the top universities in the country, then she studied abroad and stayed there to develop her career in the finance industry. Zoey was curious. She’s doing so well abroad at the moment. So why is she returning to the country all of a sudden?

Levi was puzzled too. It’s best to not try to figure out a woman’s thought process. They are complicated beings after all.

“What did she say to you?” Levi asked.

Zoey answered joyfully. “She told me she’s returning to North Hampton to develop her career. She has even bought a house here!”

However, Zoey frowned slightly as confusion glinted in her mesmerizing eyes. I wonder which company in North Hampton is capable of attracting Iris’s attention?

The next day, Levi drove Zoey’s car to the airport early in the morning.

Levi waited for a short while at the airport’s exit before Iris Anabelle showed up.

Iris was a slender woman at the height of 170cm. Her long legs were even comparable to professional models. She wore a pair of Ferragamo high heels and a black coat. Iris appeared to be overbearing and indifferent while wearing a pair of shades on her delicate face.

Her temperament was outstanding to the extent of convincing others to think of her as a famous star. Passers-by began taking photos of her with their phones.

Iris recognized Levi immediately. She strode up to him and tossed him her luggage.

“Send me to Morris Group before 9 o’clock. I’m in a hurry.” She demanded.

Levi felt helpless as he thought to himself. I came all the way here to pick you up. Not only did you fail to show your gratitude, but you are treating me like your servant?

But he stuffed the luggage into the trunk anyway.

“There’s only an hour left. Hurry up!”

Iris ordered harshly after she eyed her expensive Patek Philippe wristwatch upon entering the car.

“Alright. I’ll make sure you reach in time.” Levi started the engine.

Iris removed her shades, revealing her delicate facial features and flawless complexion. Iris Anabelle was definitely a woman with beauty comparable to that of Zoey Lopez.

She sized up Levi. “You’re still planning to stay by Zoey’s side?” She asked out of the blue.

“Why should I leave her?” Levi was bewildered.

“Because you do not deserve her! Putting aside your poverty, the fact that you were imprisoned previously was sufficient to make you an unworthy partner for Zoey. I am not discriminating against you, but your tainted record will affect Zoey’s future. Her company is getting on the right track now. She will expand her business after receiving the investment from Morris Group. When that time comes, Zoey can finally cut ties with the Lopez family. She will be one of the most respectable figures in North Hampton’s business world. What about you? What can you contribute to her success except being a burden for staying by her side? Others will jeer at her because of your bad record, not to mention the reason behind your imprisonment will be discussed behind Zoey’s back when she’s successful. You probably cannot fathom the impact of this issue, but you can see what I’m trying to tell you, right? You and Zoey will not benefit from staying together!”

Iris spoke eloquently as she bombarded Levi with her own opinions.

She continued upon noticing Levi’s silence. “Also, I no longer see any fighting spirit in you. You are no longer the same Levi Garrison from before. You bowed down in the face of harsh reality. The Levi Garrison from six years ago will not stoop so low as to chauffeur me from the airport.”

Levi glanced at Iris through the rearview mirror. He asked. “So?”

“So you have to get a divorce with Zoey! I will interfere and handle this matter once I settle down here.” Iris said domineeringly.

The Return of God of War Chapter 216
Levi put on a wry smile. “You have got to be kidding me! I’m not married to you anyway.”

“Zoey is my best friend. I cannot allow her to ruin her life!” Iris said coldly. “Unless…”

“Unless what?” Her words piqued Levi’s interest.

“Unless you become successful again. You have to be as accomplished as Zoey to deserve her. Otherwise, I will never agree for you to stay by her side!”

Levi laughed. “I am the one who aided Zoey to achieve her current success, you know?”

Iris grimaced. She questioned Levi in an icy tone. “Are you telling me that you regained control of Levi Group and proposed to change the company’s name to Morris Group?”

Levi grinned. “You’re a smart lass all right! You’re absolutely correct!”

“Can you be a little more grounded, Levi Garrison? You’re ridiculous! I’ve researched everything about Morris Group. The Chairman of the company, Neil Atkinson, has got nothing to do with you!”

Iris kept quiet after she spoke her piece.

Pin drop silence filled the atmosphere inside the car.

Since young, Iris had been an assertive and domineering person, not to mention she had the abilities to back up her attitude.

She became more arrogant after she accumulated experiences and established her reputation in the financial world abroad.

Iris would only treat a few formidable figures in the financial world with respect at that point. I did not care to take Levi Garrison in the past seriously, much less this Levi Garrison who was recently released from prison! I realize he’s a really terrible man after that brief conversation we had. Women like me and Zoey are far too good for someone as lowly as him. I’ve made up my mind. One of my goals for returning to the country is to separate Levi from Zoey!

They arrived at Morris Group after a short while.

“Bring my luggage back to Zoey’s place for now. I will contact Zoey again at night.” Iris took a few bills and tossed the money at Levi before getting out of the car. “Don’t worry. I’m paying you for your hard work.”

In Iris’s opinion, Levi was a mere servant who can be tasked around with money.

Levi thought to himself as he looked at the money now lying on the passenger seat. She’s humiliating me with money! Whatever. I’ll bring her luggage back for now.

Kirin called just as Levi was about to leave. “Where are you, Sir? Both candidates have just arrived. We’ll be starting the interview at 10 o’clock sharp, as I mentioned previously.”

Levi patted his head after listening to Kirin’s reminder. I totally forgot about this because of Iris. ”I’m already here. I’ll head upstairs right away.” Levi answered.

“Alright. I will make the arrangements now.” Kirin said.

Kirin had settled everything by the time Levi reached his office.

Inside his office was a screen showing the live surveillance footage inside the meeting room. Both candidates would undergo their interviews in the meeting room in a short while.

Kirin was present inside the meeting room. But he was merely there to show his face. The other executives would be the ones to question the candidates. Elena Holmes was one of the executives to participate in the interview.

Kirin was wearing an earpiece to relay Levi’s questions to the candidates.

“The first candidate, please enter now.”

Thus, the interview officially began. The first candidate was a woman. She had a slender body figure and captivating looks.

Levi was dumbfounded when he saw the woman’s appearance through the screen. That’s Iris Anabelle! So that’s why she returned from abroad. She’s here to apply for the vice-president position in Morris Group!

The Return of God of War Chapter 217

No wonder she asked me to send her here. This is all Iris’s fault. I would’ve grasped the situation earlier if she did not bash me with all those insults just now.

Iris’s interview started before Levi could recollect his thoughts.

She was indeed a highly competent candidate as she wasted no time to impress the interviewers with her performance.

Levi recomposed himself and began questioning her through Kirin.

Levi’s inquiries were all in point and reflected his professionalism.

Iris was amazed whenever Kirin asked her the questions. This Neil Atkinson is a remarkable man! The way he tackles a situation from a unique point of view is simply astounding! He’s a business prodigy. My career can only flourish under the leadership of a brilliant man like him. This will be a great opportunity to polish and further enhance my talents.

However, what Iris didn’t know was that it was Levi who was coming up with the questions.

She resolved all the queries one after the other in a calm and collected manner.

She’d prepared herself thoroughly before attending this interview. She has considered Morris Group’s future and laid out detailed plans to further advance the company in this industry. Levi thought Iris was indeed a capable person for the job. This is the type of talent I need in my company!

“Kirin, tell her she’s hired.” Levi said.

Kirin hesitated. Then he whispered. “Sir, there’s another candidate who hasn’t undergo the interview. Don’t you wish to compare the candidates?”

“That’s not needed. She’s the person I need to fill in the position. Ask the other candidate to apply for another executive position.” Levi answered.

Inside the meeting room.

Kirin put on a dazzling smile. “Congratulations, Ms. Anabelle. You are officially hired as the vice-president of Morris Group. Please familiarize yourself with the work environment today. You can start working tomorrow once you’re done handling the onboarding process with the HR department.”

“This…” The other executives inside the room were stunned.

Even Iris was taken aback. I have the confidence to land this job. But to make this announcement right here right now is unexpected. under normal circumstances, the executives will have to discuss and come up with a decision for a matter as important as this. Moreover, there’s another candidate that is waiting outside the room.

Elena asked, “What about the other candidate, Mr. Atkinson?”

Kirin smiled. “Ms. Anabelle is the right person for this job. Ask the other candidate to apply for another position.”


Iris was astonished. She could not help but admire Kirin’s decisiveness. He’s a resolute yet eccentric man. Only great men can possess a personality like this. I’ve come to the right place!

Iris walked up to Kirin, intending to discuss work-related matters. But Kirin responded in a friendly manner. “I’ll be frank, Ms. Anabelle. I’m just another employee of this corporation. The true owner of this company is another man. He was the one who interviewed you earlier.”

Shocked, Iris inquired about the company’s owner and even requested to meet with him.

“You’ll get the chance to meet him in the future.”

Back in Levi’s office.

Kirin wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. “Isn’t that decision too hasty, Sir?”

Levi smiled. “Not at all! That woman is bold and she can think outside the box. That kind of character is needed for a company’s constant development. I scanned through the other candidate’s resume, and his style is not what I’m looking for.”

Levi had already made the comparison in advance. Then he curled his lips and thought to himself. I’m guessing you never expected me to become your superior, am I right, Iris Anabelle?

Iris handled her onboarding procedures at the HR department and toured around the company before exiting with a pile of documents in her hands.

Unexpectedly, she was surprised to find Levi waiting for her at the entrance.

Levi had just reached the entrance too.

Iris eyed Levi confusedly. Then she took out more money from her purse and tossed the cash to Levi after entering the car. “Consider this the fee as well as your tips since you waited for me.” Iris said.

She had gotten used to the norm abroad where people would tip the waiters, valets, and cab drivers for their services. In Iris’s opinion, Levi was the same standard as those people, perhaps even more inferior than them.

The Return of God of War Chapter 218
Levi took the cash and stashed the money into his wallet.

Iris shook her head and sighed at that sight. He’s willing to accept the money without any complaint. He really doesn’t deserve Zoey anymore.

Levi added. “You’re even tipping me? Did you strike gold earlier?”

Iris pointed at Morris Group. “Do you know this place?”

Levi nodded. “Of course. This place used to be Levi Group.”

“Yes. Morris Group had acquired Garrison Group. This company’s assets are worth more than ten billion now, so the prospect is something to behold. I am the newly-hired vice-president of Morris Group. I do not prioritize the salary, but they are paying me seventy million annually.” Iris explained to Levi as if that was an insignificant matter. I can earn this much money while I was abroad anyway. I applied for this job in Morris Group mainly to fulfill my dreams.

“Congratulations then!” Levi grinned. He added to himself internally. I’m afraid you will never know this. But I am your boss, I will be the one that get to decide the amount of your annual salary.

Levi brought Iris back to Bayview Garden.

She was stunned after taking a look at the house. “You bought this?” Iris asked with uncertainty.

“Oh, no. We rent this place.” Levi answered.

“Hahaha…” Iris laughed out loud. “Don’t you feel ashamed, Levi Garrison? You are asking Zoey to stay in a rental house with you? Let me guess, Zoey pays for the rent too?” There’s no way Levi can afford to pay the monthly rent for this place. A luxurious house like this costs at least ten thousand a month to rent.

Levi nodded. “Yes. Zoey is paying the rent.”

“If I married a man like you, I would’ve divorced you without any hesitation. You are just a burden to Zoey!” Iris glared at Levi. “Don’t you dare spew nonsense about love in front of me. If you do love Zoey, you should leave her with her best interest in your heart!”

Levi sneered. “You’re underestimating me too much, woman. Believe me when I say this. I’m the one that gave you and Zoey everything you have.”

Pffft! Iris rolled her eyes at Levi. Ridiculous! He’s outrageous. The only improvement I can see in him is his ability to talk big shamelessly.

“I don’t mind marrying you if what you said is the truth!” Iris trembled with rage.

“Remember what you just said. Do not regret your decision in the future.” Levi beamed at her.

Iris was about to lose her mind when she saw Levi sizing her up. He’s a scumbag!

She went into the guest room and slammed the door behind her, reluctant to see Levi’s face for a second longer.

In the afternoon, Zoey returned home earlier than expected.

“Let’s go out and celebrate your return to the country, Iris!” Zoey was very excited.

“Sure. It’s my treat today since I got the job!” Iris said with a smile.

“That’s great!” Zoey was genuinely happy for her best friend.

“There will be plenty of opportunities for us to collaborate in the future, Zoey. I’ll definitely help you out with the investments.”

“Let’s go and have our meal!”

Iris said to Zoey straightforwardly when she saw Levi coming out from his room. “I need to talk to you about an unpleasant matter.”

Zoey was confounded. “What do you mean?”

“You should divorce Levi.” Iris added. “I believe your parents and relatives will agree with me for you to split up with him.”

“What? Divorce?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 219
A Porsche 911, worth over a million, was parked outside the house when they arrived at the entrance.

“My car is here!” Iris opened the car door and entered the driver seat.

She had purchased everything she needed before her return to the country. One of the cars she bought was this Porsche 911, while the house she acquired was next to Levi and Zoey in Bayview Garden.

“Get in, Zoey!” Iris shouted.

Zoey hesitated. There are only two seats available in this sports car. What about Levi?

“Hmph! Let him take a cab. Do not drive there, Levi Garrison! The place we are going to does not allow any car below one million to enter.” Iris reminded Levi sternly. I am going to show him the difference between our standards right here and now. He should just take a cab there instead of sticking out like a sore thumb at that high-end restaurant for driving a cheap car.

In the end, Zoey joined Iris in her car while Levi took a cab to their destination.

Royale Club Restaurant was located in a secluded place. The restaurant accepted only customers with advanced booking. Any customer who wished to dine in must register as a member by paying a two million registration fee. Besides, they had to book a table a week, or even a month earlier. The reason behind the hassle was the expensive ingredients that required advanced preparation.

The Royale Club Restaurant was part of Leo Rogers’s business. The place was nominally run by the Rogers family, but Levi was the actual owner.

Numerous luxurious cars were parked outside the restaurant. Even Iris’s Porsche 911 did not seem significant among the expensive cars.

She jeered at Levi. “Do you see this, Levi Garrison? Zoey and I are people who deserve such lavish lifestyle. You don’t have a thing you can provide for Zoey. You are just an embarrassment and a burden to her!”

Levi ignored her.

Iris showed her member card to enter the restaurant, but her card was merely an entry-level silver card.

She waved the member card in her hand. “Do you see this card? I have to pay two million a year just to qualify as the lowest ranking member in this restaurant!” Iris glanced at Zoey. “I’m sorry to say this in front of you, Zoey, but Levi Garrison will never get the chance to step into this place without us.”

Zoey was caught in a difficult position. But she could do nothing about Iris’s blatant personality.


For some unknown reasons, every staff inside the restaurant was looking at the trio apprehensively with respect and even fear.

Iris did not know what was going on either. What’s with these people? Am I that scary-looking?

Little did she know, they were actually wary of Levi’s presence. Every member of the Rogers family was afraid of Levi more than anyone else.

The manager of Royale Club Restaurant, Alger Palmer, immediately rushed over to greet them. “Esteemed Mr. Garrison, Ms. Anabelle, and Ms. Lopez, welcome!”

All the other waiters and waitresses raised their voices at once. “Welcome to Royale Club Restaurant!”

Then Alger shouted. “Clear the tables. Ask all the other patrons to leave right away! Our restaurant will only serve Mr. Garrison and his guests tonight!”

Soon, Levi, Zoey, and Iris were the only patrons left.

Zoey and Iris were in disbelief as they witnessed that scene. What? What’s happening? Are they chasing all the other patrons away because of me? But I am only a silver member here. I believe there were other gold, platinum, and diamond-ranked patrons dining here earlier.

In the end, Levi and the ladies were arranged to sit in the best spot inside the restaurant.

Iris was confused. This seat is only open for diamond card members, and that’s equivalent to spending fifty million in this place every year. My card obviously does not fulfil that requirement!

The Return of God of War Chapter 220
Why am I allowed to sit here when I am only a silver card member? Something’s wrong. There must be something going on here. I’ve sensed the bizarre atmosphere since we walked through the door earlier.

“Are you satisfied with our services, Mr. Garrison and esteemed guests?” Alger sought out their opinions while looking at Levi, naturally.

Levi replied with a smile. “It’s acceptable.”

Zoey was anxious while Iris said coldly. “What are you talking about, Levi Garrison? You’re not qualified to voice out your opinion in a place like this.”

Clarity washed over Alger Palmer instantaneously. These two ladies must not be aware of Levi Garrison’s identity. He quickly smoothed things over. “Please calm down, Ms. Anabelle. We accept every feedback given by our patrons. You can even give us suggestions as to how we can improve our services. We will try our best to please Mr. Garrison!” Leo Rogers’s words rang beside Alger’s ears as he shuddered fearfully. You will suffer greatly if anyone inside the restaurant displeases Levi Garrison.

Maintaining Levi’s good mood was the utmost priority for every staff in Royale Club Restaurant at that moment.

Alger bowed deeply while asking for Levi’s opinion. “Do you have any suggestion for us, Mr. Garrison?”

“I do have one suggestion. Hurry up and serve the dishes. I am famished!” Levi said impatiently.

Alger waved his hand at once. “Hurry up and serve the dishes. Bring out all the best dishes we have in the restaurant immediately!”

“That’s the spirit!”

Alger was visibly excited to receive a compliment from Levi.

He took out a handkerchief to clean Levi’s leather shoes after noticing some stain. “There is some dirt on your shoes, Mr. Garrison. Let me wipe off the stain for you.”

Zoey and Iris widened their eyes incredulously.

They stare in horror as Alger crouched down to clean Levi’s shoes. Oh my God! What’s going on?

They were aware of Alger’s elevated status as the manager of Royale Club Restaurant. Most wealthy people had to pay their respect to him because the restaurant was part of the Rogers family’s business, after all.

So what is he doing, cleaning Levi’s shoes in front of us? Who is Levi, actually? This is unbelievable!

The entire table was swiftly filled with freshly-prepared dishes after Zoey and Iris recovered from their momentary daze.

Iris was shocked when she saw the dishes served on the table. These are not what I ordered. All these dishes are the most expensive items on the menu because of the rarity of the ingredients. This meal alone will cost me over two hundred thousand!

Iris smiled awkwardly. “Is there an error with the kitchen? These are not the dishes I ordered.”

Alger answered with a courteous smile. “Please be rest assured, Ms. Anabelle and Ms. Lopez. This meal is completely free of charge. All of you have the right to dine in here anytime, without any booking and payment!”

Iris was bewildered. “This… this… But manager, I am only a silver card member!”

“That’s alright. All of you can enjoy more benefits than those entitled to diamond card members.” Alger added.

Iris and Zoey were caught in perplexity. They gazed at Levi, who was stuffing his face with the luscious foods at the moment. it seems like he’s the crux of all that’s happening…

Iris could not contain her curiosity. “Who are you, Levi Garrison? We seem to be receiving all these extraordinary treatments because of you.”

Levi responded without even looking at her. “You’re right. It is because of me.”

“Then who are you?” Iris gulped as anxiety crept into her heart.

Zoey tensed up as well.

Levi wiped his mouth and answered. “I am the owner of this restaurant. So it’s only natural that I can enjoy everything here as I like.”

Silence filled the air after Levi spoke.

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