The Return of God of War Chapter 201-210

The Return of God of War Chapter 201

They moved on to the next topic of conversation afterward.

“The legendary protector of Erudia, the God of War has arrived in North Hampton for so long, yet we’ve never met with him. I am deeply ashamed of myself!” Eric said helplessly.

“That’s right. We all wanted to meet with him just to have the honor of seeing his face with our own eyes!” Wallace added.

Grover Cooke laughed. “The God of War even rejected the wealthiest man in North Hampton, Winston Gonzales’s invitation, much less the rest of you.”

Xander Hoyles let out his laughter as well. “Let me tell all of you something unbelievable. I am supposed to be the highest-ranking officer in the North Hampton Warzone, but regretfully, even I have never seen the God of War in person. He’s active around the North Hampton’s warzone and even hosted a military practice. But he disregarded me and directly transferred the First Army to do his bidding!”

Grover was astounded. “You too? Oh my God!”

“To be honest, to him, I am just an insignificant person. I have to pay my respect to Azure Dragon and the other Kings of War despite their lower rank. They are the strongest military force in Erudia, after all!” Xander explained.

Eric and the others shook their heads in disappointment. “I guess there is no hope for us since even someone like Mr. Hoyles does not get to meet with him.”

Xander Hoyles flashed a pensive smile. “No, that’s not true. There is a chance for you to meet with him. There’s a ceremony to welcome the new commander-in-chief for the North Hampton warzone soon. The God of War will certainly attend the ceremony. There are a few seats open to the public to participate in the ceremony, so all of you can try to seize the opportunity then!”

“Really? That’s great! We can finally meet with the God of War!” Everyone else could barely contain their excitement.

Baldwin grinned. “I heard that not only is the God of War a young man in his twenties, but he is also single! Coincidentally, my granddaughter, Yara, is single as well. She can be the perfect match for him. They will be a great couple!”

Clifford retorted immediately. “Is that so? Are you saying that your granddaughter is better than mine?”

“Hey, all of us have granddaughters as well!” The others voiced out in displeasure too.

Even Xander took part in the heated conversation. “I have a granddaughter too. She’s in the army. Does that count as an advantage?”

“Ah, in that case, your granddaughter certainly has the edge over ours. We should’ve sent our granddaughters to join the army too in the past!”

Eric suddenly changed the topic of conversation. “Let’s talk about business now. Levi Group and the acquired Garrison Group will be changing their name to Morris Group three days later!”

“There’s no other way to handle this matter. We’ll have to sound out Morris Group’s capabilities!”

Zoey was made aware of the matter regarding Levi’s group name change into Morris Group’s.

“I heard Neil Atkinson is Morris’s uncle. No wonder he helped us through our crisis. Do you know anything about this?” Zoey asked curiously.

Levi shook his head. “I don’t know Morris has an uncle!” Levi could barely contain his laughter. These people are ridiculous. How can Kirin be Morris’s uncle when he’s clearly 7 years younger than Morris?

“I heard Levi Group will be hosting a name-changing ceremony three days later. Are you going to attend the ceremony to check out the situation?”

Zoey was busy with her matters of establishing a new company, but she was curious about that event. So she asked Levi to attend the ceremony instead.

“Sure. I’ll check out the event.”

What Zoey did not know was that Levi would attend the ceremony even without her reminder.

He decided to bring Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson too.

Levi informed Morris’s parents about that matter when he visited them at Bayview Garden Real Estate’s villa.

The Return of God of War Chapter 202

Levi told the aged couple he would pick them up in person three days later.

He saw Chloe the moment he exited the villa’s neighborhood.

She was there because she was introducing one of the properties there to a customer.

“I’m getting off work now. Why don’t I treat you to a meal if you’re free?” Chloe offered with a smile.

Levi suddenly remembered the promise he made after they were met with the impromptu situation the other day.

“Sure. Let’s have a meal, but it’s going to be my treat!” Levi answered.

Levi was chauffeured to the villa earlier, so he did not have a car. He had no other choice but to let Chloe drive him to the restaurant.

They decided to have their meal in a high-end Chinese restaurant, where their patrons can only be those with the restaurant’s membership.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Macy! All the private rooms are fully booked. We only have open seats left in the hall.” The restaurant staff informed Chloe.

Chloe looked at Levi immediately to seek his opinion.

“Fine by me.” Levi nodded.

They sat at a table close to the window.

Chloe was a regular customer, and she was vaguely familiar with Levi’s preference too. So she ordered a few dishes that suited Levi’s taste.

Levi enjoyed the meal to his heart’s content.

“Is that really you, Chloe?” Someone exclaimed.

Two men dressed in suits stood a few feet away from their table. One of the men was clearly excited to see Chloe.

Levi felt that the man looked a little familiar. Oh, I remember him now! He’s one of my juniors from high school, William Hanks.

William studied Finance and graduated from a university in South City. Levi allowed him to enter Levi Group despite his lack of qualification due to William’s status as his junior.

William appeared to be in a neutral stance after Levi was met with trouble in the past, but he actually sided with Matthew Green.

Chloe did not like William because he was annoying and had been relentless in pursuing her.

He firmly believed he deserved Chloe especially now that Levi Group had regained its momentum.

“Chloe, let me introduce to you. This is the manager of Gatsby Group, Mr. Paterson. We are currently discussing a project that’s worth a hundred million!” William introduced the chubby man next to him to Chloe.

Mr. Paterson looked at Chloe lecherously.

At that moment, William noticed Levi.

He fell into a daze for some time before he addressed him subconsciously, “Mr. Garrison… wait, no. Levi Garrison, you’re here too?”

In William’s mind, Levi does not deserve any honorifics now that he had been reduced to someone with a lowly status.

“That’s right. You’re able to recognize me?” Levi smiled. William Hanks is considered half a traitor. There are still plenty of traitors like him among the current staffs in Levi Group. I have to utilize this name-changing ceremony to reassemble the company’s employees. I’ve regained control of Levi Group for some time now, but I’ve yet to remove these rotten people.

“Hahaha, of course! You were so glorious in the past! I even worked as your driver and valet when I first entered the company…”

William remembered everything that happened in the past vividly.

“I did not get any promotion while you were in charge of the company, Levi Garrison. You’ve never treated me like your junior, always asking me to do those hard and dirty chores! I was promoted and given important tasks to handle after you left, and can finally put my talents to good use! I am now the vice-director of the marketing department!” He pointed at Levi and continued, “Regretfully, you are no longer my boss. You are just someone who, at most, qualifies to clean my shoes…”

Levi and Chloe exchanged glances. Both of them snickered.

Levi scoffed. “Sorry to disappoint you, but I am still your boss!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 203
William was stunned upon hearing what Levi said.

He regained his senses and sneered. “Are you trying to crack some joke, Levi Garrison? My supervisor is the director of the marketing department, Mr. Barclay Burns, while my boss is Mr. Neil Atkinson, who recently acquired Levi Group! Where do you think you fit into this equation?”

Levi did not say a word. He merely regarded William with a smile.

William curled his lips mockingly. “Perhaps you’re going to tell me that you are actually the mysterious Mr. Neil Atkinson? You can stop your day-dreaming! Levi Group is no longer related to you now. Moreover, the company is changing its name too. When that time comes, the company’s final connection with you will be severed too!”

Levi took a sip from his drink. “You will know sooner or later if I am still related to the company.”

William ignored Levi and turned to look at Chloe. “Why are you hanging out with him? Don’t you know? He was placed behind bars for the last six years because he tried to take advantage of his sister-in-law. He’s been blacklisted by all the companies in North Hampton, so he’s destined to fail now. Moreover, he’s got a wife. This man is clearly latching on to you with ulterior motives. You have to be careful not to fall into his traps! You’ll regret for the rest of your life if this piece of trash takes advantage of you.” William advised Chloe with concern.

Mr. Paterson added, “That’s right. You are a successful, young, and beautiful woman. You need to settle down with an outstanding man as soon as possible to prevent a scum like him from attaching himself to you. Look at William. He’s young and accomplished. I think he’s quite a perfect match for you, Ms. Macy.”

Chloe responded coldly, “I’m sorry, but I do not need the both of you to worry over my matters. Besides, I think Levi is a great man. He’s even treating me to dinner tonight.”

William laughed out loud. “Are you kidding me, Chloe? Levi is treating you to a meal? The signature dishes you’ve ordered will cost you at least twenty thousand. How is he going to pay for that?”

“That’s none of your business!” Chloe was enraged.

William and Mr. Paterson had no other choice but to leave resentfully.

Levi and Chloe left afterward.

William hurriedly followed them.

“What? That poor loser doesn’t even have a car! He needs Chloe to fetch him!” William chided.

Mr. Paterson was mad as well. “How can you let an ex-convict like him to surpass you, William?”

William punched the wall forcefully. “Levi Garrison is too cunning! I have to find a way to teach him a lesson! Ah, that’s right. I just got an idea…”

William’s eyes shone with excitement.

In the subsequent two days, the news of Levi Group’s preparation for the name-changing ceremony became heated.

After all, they were a force that could threaten the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce’s long-standing influence.

A day before the ceremony, Levi received a call from an unknown number. William’s voice was heard after the call connected. “Good day, my ex-boss!”

Levi was puzzled by William’s politeness.

“I am here to inform you of wonderful news. After the name-changing ceremony tomorrow, all employees in Levi Group will receive an increment in salary and benefits ranging from twenty to forty percent. All the people who worked for you previously will receive an average of thirty percent increment, so we decided to throw a party to express our gratitude toward you, our ex-boss! You mustn’t reject our invitation because we deliberately hosted this party for you. Everyone is eager to reunite with you.”

A thought popped into Levi’s mind as his lips curved upward. “Sure. I’ll be there!” He agreed to attend the party.

“Alright then. I can’t wait to see you there!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 204

Over a dozen executives of Levi Group hosted a party in the largest private room in Galaxy Hotel that night.

They prepared a lot of champagne inside the room.

All the executives present were once Levi’s subordinates.

Melissa Floyd replaced Matthew Green as the vice-president of Levi Group after his disappearance.

Melissa used to be Levi’s personal secretary. She was an elite who was selected by Levi among one thousand candidates.

She was a capable person. Her accomplishment of receiving a promotion from a personal secretary to the vice-president position reflected her abilities.

In the past, Melissa tried to seduce Levi countless times and even borrowed the strength of the media to spread baseless scandals about herself and Levi. Her underhand tactics nearly caused Levi and Zoey to break up back in the day.

After that, Levi exposed her tricks and demoted her to an average employee. So she had always harbored hateful feelings toward Levi.

Melissa also participated in the scheme to cause Imperial Meadows’s bankruptcy.

She could not care less about Levi with her current status, but William Hanks offered her an opportunity to humiliate Levi. So she decided to attend to the party too.

She wanted to witness Levi’s current condition with her own eyes.

The others who attended the party were Barclay Burns, the director of the marketing department, Eileen Barn, the director of the PR department, Leroy Bird, the director of the legal department, as well as the director of the HR department, Kennelm Pitt.

All of them underwent vigorous training while Levi was their boss because he wanted to cultivate them. They did not receive speedy promotions. Instead, they were forced to learn and experience more as an average employee in the company. However, none of them understood Levi’s intention. They hated Levi because they felt he was bullying them and restricted their growth in the company.

So they were the first group of employees to turn against Levi and joined the Rogers family’s rank after Levi’s imprisonment.

The other subordinates who were loyal to Levi were either drove to their deaths or forced to resign.

Barclay and his peers had the potential, so they managed to climb up the corporate hierarchy and landed jobs as executives.

Even now, they were still not grateful for Levi’s cultivation. They were still under the impression that Levi mistreated them. So they loathed Levi deeply.

They blamed Levi all the more because they were promoted immediately and received a high salary the moment Levi was gone.

In their mind, Levi nearly ruined their lives. They were all insignificant employees of the group under Levi’s management. But all of them became successful people with an annual salary of over a million after Levi’s departure.

So they always shared a private joke among themselves: Thank God Levi went to jail!

“Is he here yet?” Everyone was getting impatient.

Levi and Morris were extremely strict in the past, so their employees did not have the courage to even look them in the eyes. But the high and mighty Levi Garrison six years ago was now an average Joe in the city.

They could not wait for Levi to witness their achievements. All of them wanted to humiliate Levi to their heart’s content.

“Oh! Our ex-boss is finally here!” William announced cheerfully.

Levi followed behind him.

He entered the room with an indifferent appearance while giving off an overwhelming presence.

Most of the people inside the room were almost suffocated by his domineering aura.

Everyone was dazed as they did not expect Levi to still carry his imposing manner from before.

They wanted to direct volleys of insults at Levi the moment he entered the room, but they simply could not utter a word.

The first person to break the silence was Melissa Floyd. She came to a halt in front of Levi in her high heels and said with a smile, “My beloved Mr. Garrison, you’re finally released from prison? This is not really favorable since that place suited you the most. Why didn’t you stay there for a few more years? Personally, I would suggest that you stay behind bars forever!”

The atmosphere inside the room turned heavy after Melissa addressed Levi with the harsh words.

The Return of God of War Chapter 205

Kennelm Pitt, the director of the HR department scoffed. “That’s right. Didn’t you always admire the military management style, Mr. Garrison? Life in prison suits you the best!”

The director of the PR department, Eileen Barn added, “That’s true. You must’ve stayed behind bars for six years because you enjoyed the environment!”

Everyone greeted Levi with insults.

“Please, come in, my beloved Mr. Garrison!” Melissa ushered Levi into the room.

Upon entering, Levi saw the decorations inside the room immediately.

They even hung a couple of banners on the wall.

The first banner read: Thank God for your imprisonment, Levi Garrison. We would not achieve our success today if you did not go to jail.

Printed on the second banner were the words: We hope you stay in prison forever, Levi Garrison.

Levi noticed a lot of champagne inside the room as well, but he did not understand the reason behind the large amount of drinks.

Everyone was disappointed to see Levi’s reaction because he was not infuriated after looking at the banner.

They asked Levi to sit down, then proceeded to surround him.

Melissa said, “I have to thank you, Mr. Garrison. You forced me to start from the bottom of the company with a monthly salary of a little over four thousand and an annual salary of fifty thousand. Do you know how much I am making per year now? My current annual salary is fifty million!”

Eileen added, “You turned us into a bunch of cheap labors by using the excuse of trying to cultivate us. I did not receive a salary of close to ten thousand previously, but look at me now! My yearly bonus alone is already at least ten million!”

The marketing director, Barclay chided, “Thank you so much, Levi Garrison! I used to go to work on a scooter, but I am now driving a Lamborghini to work!”

The director of the legal department, Leroy was furious. “This is all your fault, Levi Garrison! You nearly ruined our lives. Do you see how terrible our lives were? You were the cause of our miseries!”

Kennelm shouted, “Serves you right for facing jail time! It was because of that only did we get the opportunity to flourish in our lives!”

“Levi Group has been doing so well since the Rogers family took control. The company is worth at least seven billion in the market now!” Someone mentioned.

Levi suddenly laughed. “The company’s value increased only a mere three billion in six years, and yet you’re so proud of that achievement?”

“That…” Everyone was stunned.

Levi continued, “Levi Group was already worth four billion during its first year of establishment. We were growing at an exponential rate. We even did a simulation to project our company’s growth. Levi Group would be considered a failure if the company failed to achieve a market value of less than fifty billion after 6 years!”

Everyone was rendered speechless. They knew Levi was indeed telling the truth because they were informed of the company’s potential in the past.

But Levi Group’s growth turned negative during its second year after Levi’s imprisonment. The company only showed gradual improvements in its performances for the subsequent years.

None of Levi Group’s employees knew that their core technology and advantages in the market were taken away by another party.

William retorted immediately when he saw that everybody had fell silent. “Nonsense! What you said was all hypothetical. How can you rely on that to survive in the business world? Can you guarantee a positive return every year?”

Melissa recollected her thoughts as well. “That’s right! There are so many changes in the market every year. You cannot possibly predict every turn of events!”

Eileen frowned. “Let’s be honest, Levi Garrison. We would only stay as mere lowly subordinates even if the company developed into a fifty billion corporation. There’s no way we would be as successful as we are now.”

Leroy, Kennelm, and the others agreed. “He’s right. Your achievements have got nothing to do with us. We wouldn’t be making as much money as we are now if we stayed under your management!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 206
Melissa said, “You may not know this, Levi Garrison, but Mr. Atkinson has decided to increase all the employees’ salary since he acquired the company. I will be receiving a thirty percent increment as the vice-president of the company. You can calculate the additional amount yourself!”

“That’s right! Look at how generous Mr. Atkinson is. Don’t you feel ashamed by how petty you were?” Others mocked Levi.

Levi put on a wry smile. How can I be oblivious to this? I was the one that made the arrangements, after all.

Melissa lifted Levi’s chin daringly. “My beloved Mr. Garrison, I am not embarrassed to say this. You rejected me when I confessed to you when I was still working as your personal secretary. Do you regret your decision now? Do you still think that Zoey Lopez is better than me?”

Levi beamed at her. “That’s a given. Zoey is and always will be better than you.”

Melissa laughed out loud. “You’re a fool, Levi Garrison! That woman is close to announcing bankruptcy!”

“But she had received the necessary investment.” Levi firmly believed in Zoey’s capabilities. He knew she merely lacked the opportunities to prove herself. So he gave her the opportunity she needed the most.


Everyone inside the room burst into laughter after listening to Levi.

“You’re hilarious, Levi Garrison! Don’t you know which company was the one that invested in Zoey’s company?”

“It’s our company, Levi Group, that provided her with the capital!”

“Although Mr. Atkinson proposed to invest in her company, most of the procedures are handled by us! Ms. Floyd has to sign the papers, and the investment has to go through the Director of Finance Department, Mr. Snyder! They are the people who will decide the fate of that money now!” Everyone sneered.

Melissa pointed at Levi. “To tell you the truth, Levi Garrison. We have the authority to decide whether Levi Group will invest in Zoey’s company. We can always pull out of the deal or postpone the date to transfer the money to them. Perhaps I can pull some tricks so that Zoey has to compensate us in return for violating the contract!”

William patted Levi’s shoulder. “Did you hear that, you arrogant scum? We are the ones that are in control of you and Zoey Lopez’s fates!”

“That’s right. You have to follow our orders obediently, Levi Garrison! Otherwise, we will force you and Zoey to the brink of desperation!” Kennelm laughed wickedly.

“Are you threatening me?” Levi could hardly contain his urge to laugh. I planned to expose these traitors tomorrow at the company. Well, they certainly saved the trouble by surrendering themselves now.

“Of course! Levi Group will pull out of the deal immediately with a single order from me! I will also include Zoey’s company on the blacklist. No one will dare to invest in Imperial Meadows after that. All she can do by that time is to wait for bankruptcy to knock on her door!” Melissa boasted.

“Then what should I do for all of you to let Zoey off the hook?” Levi asked.

Melissa straightened herself and walked toward the cart filled with numerous bottles of champagne. “That’s easy. We will let her off the hook if you obey our orders!”

Melissa Floyd grabbed a bottle of champagne after she spoke.


The cork popped open all of a sudden as Melissa aimed the bottle at Levi.


Levi was doused by the jet of champagne.

Everyone followed Melissa’s action.

Each of them took a bottle of champagne.




The corks of the bottles popped open after they shook the bottles vigorously. Then they sprayed the champagnes in Levi’s direction.

Levi was thoroughly drenched in the champagne shower.

He finally knew the reason behind the large amount of drinks. They wanted to humiliate me with the bottles of champagne.



Sounds of their evil laughter were mixed with the splashing sound of champagne…

The Return of God of War Chapter 207
All of them vented six years’ worth of pent-up resentment in their chests at Levi. He was put to shame by everyone.

Soon, they wasted every bottle of champagne on Levi.

Levi did not care about the treatment. He merely acted as if he took a shower with the champagne. I will let them pay the price for what they did and what they are doing to me now tomorrow. They will taste cruelty at its finest tomorrow!

Kennelm was not satisfied. He shouted at Levi, “Get over here and lick my shoes clean!”

Leroy, Barclay, and the others mimicked Kennelm as well.

Levi ignored them.

William jeered at Levi. “You should take a look at yourself in the mirror now! How can you become so useless to the extent of not putting up any resistance? Weren’t you a domineering boss six years ago? Where did that attitude of yours go? I can’t even bring myself to insult you further after looking at how pitiful you are!”

Talia smirked. “If you kneel and let me ride on you while you crawl around the room, I will promise not to trouble Zoey in the future, Levi Garrison!”

Levi stood still.

Everyone thought he was hesitating.

“Kneel down right now! Don’t you care about Zoey Lopez at all?”

“Know your place, Levi Garrison! You only deserve to live a lowly life like this from now on!”

Everyone hurled insults at him.

Melissa crossed her arms in front of her chest and sized up Levi proudly. “Do as I say immediately!”

Melissa could only be satisfied when she gets to step on Levi literally.

After all, she was a mere secretary in the past and was fired by Levi Garrison.

“That’s enough!” A girl stepped forward and stopped everyone at that moment.

Levi recognized the girl. She’s the intern I selected back in the day, Elena Holmes. I remember her for her professionalism.

Elena was one of the team leaders in the Finance Department now.

Inwardly, she was always grateful toward Levi.

“How can all of you forget about Mr. Garrison’s kindness? Do you think you will be where you are now if he didn’t hire you in the past? Moreover, he did not do anything wrong, so why do you hate him so much?” Elena raised her voice.

“Hmph! What are you doing, Elena? Don’t you hate him? Do you think you will accomplish your current success with him managing the company? Are you betraying us? Fine! You don’t have to come to work starting tomorrow. Hand in your resignation letter to the HR department tomorrow!” The director of the finance department, Bob Snyder scolded.

“That’s right. You’re fired!” Melissa spoke as well.

Elena broke down in tears. I was merely expressing my thoughts. Why am I fired?

Melissa said coldly after Elena began to cry. “Damn it! You’ve ruined the atmosphere. Let’s go back now. I need to prepare for tomorrow’s name-changing ceremony anyway!”

She sneered at Levi before leaving, “Don’t worry, Levi Garrison. This is not the end. I will mess Zoey Lopez’s life up if you do not obey me!”

Eileen took out two stacks of cash and tossed the money in Levi’s face. “Pay the bill later. You can keep the change, you filthy beggar!”

“Hahaha…” Everyone laughed. They felt contented after venting their anger and resentment.

Levi and Elena were left alone inside the private room.

“Do you regret what you did?” Levi asked.

Elena wiped the tears off her face and shook her head. “No! They’ve done some pretty despicable things to achieve their current success. I have wanted to part ways with them since a long time ago!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 208

Levi nodded, satisfied with Elena’s determination. “Don’t worry. No one will fire you. Come to work as usual tomorrow.”

At that moment, Elena thought he saw glimpses of the thriving Levi Garrison from six years ago.

“Alright, Mr. Garrison. I will do as you say!” Elena answered.

Melissa and the other executives were filled with exhilaration after leaving the hotel.

“This is awesome! I still can’t believe we really toyed with Levi Garrison earlier!”

“That’s right. I can’t even find words to describe this amazing feeling!”

Melissa reminded them, “Alright, settle down. It’s time to go back and prepare for tomorrow’s name-changing ceremony. Levi… Morris Group will become a corporation worth over ten billion starting tomorrow. We are all going to have a better future going forward!”


Everyone began to imagine how their lives would prosper.

Zoey’s heart ached when she saw how Levi looked when he returned home that night.

“I know everything. They sent me the video!”

William and his friends recorded the scene where Levi was showered with champagne and deliberately sent the video to Zoey earlier.

Tears welled up in Zoey’s eyes as she witnessed Levi’s helplessness.

“I heard you suffered the humiliation on your own accord because of me. This is all because of my incompetence. I can do nothing because Levi Group happens to be the investor! They are in control of my life now.” Zoey was filled with guilt.

Levi smiled. “It’s fine, dear. They will face retribution. I’m going to take a shower now. Help me prepare a set of fresh clothes. I will attend the name-changing ceremony for Levi Group tomorrow.”

“Okay!” Zoey stared at Levi’s figure from behind while thinking to herself. I will not let him suffer anymore in the future. I swear!

The next day, at Levi Group’s building.

Elena went to work as always.

But someone from the HR department handed Elena a discharge letter the moment she walked through the door. “You can leave this place after you receive your salary from the finance department. Elena Holmes, You’re hereby fired!”

Elena was stunned. She thought Levi had made the necessary arrangements for her. I guess he was only comforting me. Moreover, he can’t even protect Zoey Lopez since he was released from prison recently, it’s a given he won’t be able to protect me too. But I do not blame him and I will never regret the words I said last night!

Elena went to the finance department to receive the rest of her salary. Then she went to the HR department to deal with the discharge procedures.

People pointed at her and whispered among themselves wherever Elena went. Not only was she fired by Melissa and her gang, but they had also spread baseless scandals of Elena fooling around with aged men that has cost the company’s reputation.

“Girls like her may appear to be pure and innocent on the surface, but who knows? she might have slept with countless of old men!”

“That’s right! She’s always pretending to be innocent when in truth she’s just a slut…”

“I also heard that she gave birth to children for three aged men at the same time! She’s shameless!”

Unbearable insults and abusive remarks rang beside Elena’s ears on her way out of the company.

She could no longer contain herself as tears streamed down her cheeks uncontrollably.

At that moment, Melissa and the other executives saw the scene near the elevator. They sneered, “This is the repercussion for disobeying me!”

The other executives laughed smugly.

Elena ran out of the company with her head lowered.


She bumped into someone.

Elena looked up only to see Levi Garrison in front of her.

“What’s the matter? Did they fire you?” Levi asked.

Elena nodded.

“Alright. Follow me. I will seek justice for you.”

Elena hesitated.

“Do you have faith in me?” Levi looked at Elena in an assertive manner.

“I do!” Elena decided to risk everything. I have nothing to lose anyway. What if this turns out to be a success?

The Return of God of War Chapter 209

The name-changing ceremony was scheduled to begin at 10 o’clock in the morning.

However, the new owner of Levi Group, Neil Atkinson, hosted a meeting for all members of Levi Group’s senior management at 8 o’clock in the morning.

Melissa and the others were waiting impatiently inside the meeting room.

She took out a compact mirror to check her makeup. “Do you think there’s anything wrong with my outfit?” She asked Eileen Barn to help rearrange her clothes.

The others were tidying up their appearances as well.

After all, it was their first meeting with their new and mysterious boss. So they wanted to leave a good first impression.

Melissa was even prepared to offer her body. I will conquer the new owner of Levi Group! I did not climb so high up the corporate ladder with my capabilities alone. I’d achieved my current position because I’ve slept with Howard Corbyn, Oswald Rogers, and many other influential men. This is my go-to method to receive promotions, after all.

Over a hundred members of Levi Group’s senior management had arrived inside the meeting room as they waited in silence.

They tensed up the moment they heard footsteps rang in the hallway.

A young man wearing sunglasses entered the meeting room while being surrounded by multiple assistants and secretaries.

Everyone hurriedly stood up.

Kirin’s appearance surprised everyone after he removed his sunglasses. He’s so young! I heard there are rumors saying that he is Morris Atkinson’s uncle, but he’s clearly more suited to be his younger brother!

Indeed, Kirin was only twenty years old at that time.

Melissa’s eyes gleamed. I did not expect our new president to be a handsome young man. I can easily handle someone like him. I am sure he will succumb to my allure if I put in just a little effort.

Despite Kirin’s young age, his domineering presence was distinguished. Everyone felt chills traveling down their spines when his gaze swept across the room.

“Everyone, please take a seat. Let me introduce myself. My name is Neil Atkinson, and I recently acquired both Levi Group and Garrison Group from the Rogers family. I am currently the acting president of these two corporations.”

Melissa said immediately after Kirin introduced himself, “May I know what’s the agenda for today’s meeting, Mr. Atkinson? Please provide us with further instructions!”

Everyone was not enlightened of the reason behind the sudden meeting hosted by Kirin.

Kirin smiled. “Let’s be patient and wait a little longer.”

Melissa asked curiously, “Are we waiting for someone else? Do you mean there’s another person who is going to attend this meeting, Mr. Atkinson?”

Kirin nodded. “Of course! Did I not make myself clear earlier? I am only the acting president. That means that I am only in charge of showing my face in public when dealing with all company-related matters.”

Kennelm Pitt from the legal department raised a question. “Are you saying the real owner of Morris Group is another person and is making all the decisions from behind the scene?”

Kirin smiled. “Yes. You’re right. To put this into simpler words, I am only working for my master.”

Everyone gasped in astonishment. Neil Atkinson is already capable of taking control of the Rogers family’s possession. How much more powerful can his master be?

Melissa responded instantaneously, “So what you’re saying is that we are waiting for the real owner of the company?”

“Yes. That’s right! He’s the one that convened this meeting, and he will be here soon.” Kirin answered.

Everyone felt more anxious than before. Who is the new owner of Morris Group?

Time seemed to crawl slower as every minute felt like a century.

Everyone inside the meeting room straightened themselves in their seats when they heard footsteps reverberated in the hallway.

The door to the meeting room was pushed open.

But the person who entered the room was Elena Holmes.

Even Kirin was momentarily dazed. Who is she?

All the executives were enraged to see Elena, especially the director of the finance department, Bob Snyder. He chided at once, “What are you doing here, Elena Holmes? This is an exclusive meeting room for the senior management of the company. You’re already fired, so why are you here?”

Melissa was angered too. “Yeah, what are you doing here? Do you think you are qualified to be here? Tell me, who permitted you to come in here?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 210
“I’m the one that permitted her to enter!” A man’s voice was heard at that moment.

Levi made his appearance as everyone inside the room stared in his direction. He entered the meeting room together with Elena.

“What is the meaning of this, Levi Garrison? You do not belong here! Melissa rebuked him in rage. Then she pointed at the director of the security department. “What’s the matter with you? Why did you allow a scum like him to enter the building? He even managed to come all the way up here!”

“That’s right! What are you doing here, Levi Garrison?”

“Do you think Levi Garrison can support you, Elena? He’s just a piece of trash!”

Leroy, Kennelm and the others were hopping mad at the moment. What will happen if they offend Mr. Atkinson?

But something unbelievable and unimaginable happened the next moment.

Levi walked toward the front of the meeting room where Kirin was seated.

Kirin regarded Levi with admiration and offered him the seat politely. “You’re here?”

Levi took the seat and crossed his legs on the tabletop. He answered cheerfully. “All of you were asking me for a reason behind my appearance. Well, I am here to attend the meeting!”

Kirin reported next to him. “Sir, all 107 members of Levi Group’s senior management is here. Please provide us with further instructions!”


Kirin’s words hit everyone inside the room like a ton of bricks.

Boom, boom, boom…

Everyone was shocked to their cores. They were in utter disbelief. Levi Garrison is the owner of Levi Group?

Elena frowned as her mind went completely blank.

Melissa, who was closest to where Levi was seated, felt her heart stop beating altogether at that moment. Her breathing ceased, and her face turned paper-white like that of a lifeless body.

Barclay Burns, William Hanks, Eileen Barn, and Leroy Bird were petrified.

Everyone inside the room was dumbfounded.

No one expected the new owner of Levi Group to be Levi Garrison. Wasn’t he released from prison a short while ago? He should be penniless, so how is he capable of acquiring Levi Group?

At that moment, clarity washed over Melissa and the others. Neil Atkinson is not related to Morris Atkinson. Levi Garrison wants to commemorate Morris Atkinson, so he’s changing the company’s name to Morris Group! He’s also the reason why Morris’s parents can stay in that luxurious villa. Levi Group is determined to invest in Zoey’s company despite the ban ordered by the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce because Levi Garrison is still in charge of the company!

All the questions troubling their minds were resolved in that instance.

The thought of Levi Garrison being the new owner of the company never crossed anyone’s mind because Levi was totally out of their considerations.

Levi glanced at Melissa and her friends. Then he beamed at them. “Hello everyone, we meet again!”

Kennelm Pitt, who was relatively aged, passed out on the floor with a thud when he was reminded of the insults he directed toward Levi last night.

Barclay Burns and William Hanks trembled frightfully. They felt a hot and humid sensation trickling down their legs as a pool of steaming liquid formed where they stood.

They literally peed in their pants out of fear.

Leroy Bird, Bob Snyder, and the others slumped into their seats as their legs turned to jelly. All their strengths appeared to have seeped away from their bodies.

Eileen Barn cried in terror.

Melissa crumbled under the overwhelming pressure as she saw that Levi was staring at her the entire time.

She felt like puking a mouthful of blood.

Bizarre reactions were observed on those who participated in the gathering last night.

Everyone was confused by that peculiar scene, including Kirin.

Levi slowly took out a cigarette and Kirin hurriedly lit the cigarette for him.

Everyone felt restless and uneasy.

After taking a puff of his cigarette, Levi said. “Tell me, what should I do about what transpired last night?”

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