The Return of God of War Chapter 191-200

The Return of God of War Chapter 191

Everyone caught a glimpse of the packaging and seemed to be thinking along the same lines.

How good could those cigarettes and liquors be from that crude packaging?

Aaron and Caitlyn wanted to hide under the table when they heard that.

No wonder Levi asked the old lady for her preference just now.

If the cheap goods are exposed this time, it’d be over!

Mom would definitely cut ties with us on the spot!

Caitlyn had to hold herself back from strangling Levi!

“Those must be poor cigarettes and liquor!” someone said.

Russell, Perry and the others, however, hesitated for a moment.

It seems to be special cigarettes from the Warzone.

Especially that dragon symbol on the packaging…

Quintus and Logan exchanged glances and laughed, “Grandpa, Grandma, why don’t we just throw these poor quality gifts into the bin? They’re an eyesore!”

“Shut up!!!” Robert and Meredith suddenly roared in unison.

They took the cigarettes and liquors in their hands, appraising them as if appreciating a work of art.

The careful way they handled the gifts was all the more palpable than holding the ten million Legendary Luminous Pearls just now.

Their knitted brows gradually relaxed as a heartfelt smile flashed onto their faces.

They were much happier than receiving those gifts from before!

Everyone looked at the two puzzledly, wondering what was so famous about these cigarettes and liquor.

After a full minute, Robert and Meredith looked at each other and said excitedly, “It’s real!”

Levi took a drag of smoke, smiling, “I wonder if you like what I’ve prepared for you?”

“Yes! We love it!”

Robert and Meredith nodded incessantly.

Meredith even took over the microphone, beaming, “The gifts from my grandson-in-law, Levi Garrison, are my favorite!”

A deathly silence filled the room.

Aaron and Caitlyn who were waiting for the verdict were especially taken aback and Zoey was filled with disbelief.

Logan, Quintus and the others couldn’t believe their ears as they asked curiously, “Grandpa, Grandma, are you guys mistaken? It’s obvious from the packaging that it’s of poor quality! How could it be your favorite?”

“You guys are too shallow! You will most likely never see these cigarettes and liquor in your lifetime,” said Meredith, waving the boxes of cigarettes and liquor in her hands with unrestrained excitement on her face.

Robert chimed in, “These are special cigarettes and liquor from the Warzone!”

“It’s true that they’re scarce, but it’s not like they’re very rare,” Logan said.

If he wanted it, he could have gotten them through connections.

Meredith glared at him. “Hmph! Do you think that these are merely cigarettes and liquor from the war zone? These are special cigarettes of the Iron Brigade under the command of the God of War, the protector of Erudia! There are special signs on the packaging, such as the dragon and the words at the bottom!”

“Anyone with a little background knows that the Iron Brigade’s special cigarettes and liquor are not available to the public! You can’t buy a glass of the Iron Brigade’s special liquor even if you have tens of billions!”

“Exactly! You can’t get the Iron Brigade’s special liquor, no matter your background or your connections!”

“We had it once at the home of a retired soldier of the Iron Brigade, and we couldn’t forget its taste until today. This is the real Iron Brigade’s cigarette and liquor!”

A hush descended over the crowd at those words.

The Return of God of War Chapter 192

Everyone regarded Levi with an incredulous gaze.

How did he get those special cigarettes and liquors that couldn’t be bought with ten billion?

What did he do?

Robert and Meredith were hugging the special cigarettes and liquor as if they were their most precious treasure.

“Dear, we’ll just take a little sip of liquor and smoke half a cigarette every day. These things are too rare and they’ll be gone before we know it,” Meredith said with distress.

Levi smiled. “If you want it, I can still get it for you. I guarantee you can have them every day! I got a little today because I was afraid you wouldn’t like it.”

“Really???” the old couple asked in disbelief, their eyes rounded.

“There’s plenty of this stuff,” Levi chuckled. “I promise I can get them. Once the banquet is over, I’ll send another car over!”

There are plenty of these with the Dragon Legion.

“That’s great!”

“We’re proud to have a grandson-in-law like you!”

The old couple had forgotten about everything else and only had eyes for Levi when they saw these cigarettes and liquor.

“Alright, that’s about it,” Levi smiled. “Many people are watching.”

Upon realizing the enormity of their faux pas, they laughed bashfully.

“Caitlyn, Aaron, Zoey,” said Meredith, pointing at the said family. “Come sit with me!”

Caitlyn and Aaron could not believe their ears..

They went forward in a daze and sat at the table where Meredith and Robert were seated.

“Let me take the opportunity of the birthday banquet to announce something,” Meredith said. “The Black family has agreed to my daughter, Caitlyn Black’s return!”

Caitlyn wept with joy at the announcement.

She had been waiting for this day for almost thirty years!

Aaron was also incredibly emotional.

The Black family had finally accepted them!

Zoey was happy as well.

“Caitlyn, Aaron, you two got yourselves a good son-in-law there.”

Robert and Meredith couldn’t help but compliment.

Aaron and Caitlyn were delighted. “Levi, you’ve made us proud! We shouldn’t have blamed you.”

“Mom, Dad, glad that you’re happy,” Levi smiled.

Aaron and Caitlyn squared their shoulders, looking at the crowd arrogantly.

Now that Mr. and Mrs. Black have voiced their approval, who dares to make fun of us now?

Our son-in-law is just as capable, thank you very much.

Everyone kept their lips sealed. Instead of mocking them, they were now looking at them with envy.

Because Graham, Felix, Perry and the others were seated at the same table.

That meant that in Meredith’s eyes, Aaron’s family was just as important as them.

Just then, someone suddenly came in, reporting, “Reporting, Mr. Black. A few military officers outside who claimed to be stationed at the South Warzone want to congratulate Mrs. Black on her birthday!”

Puzzled, Robert asked, “Did they mention their identities?”

“They did! One of them is the head of the Dragon Legion of the Iron Brigade, Captain Steele, and there were a few colonels as well,” the subordinate replied.

“What? The captain of the Dragon Legion of the Iron Brigade?”

Robert, Meredith and the others jumped to their feet.

Even Graham, who was once a deputy leader and Felix, the deputy director of the city’s Ministry of Economy, shot up.

The fact that the Dragon Legion was stationed at the South Warzone was well known among the higher-ups.

Quintus and Keane looked at each other. A thought occurred to them as they said, “Damn, Russell! You even invited Captain Steele of the Iron Brigade?! That’s a big surprise!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 193

The rest of the Black family looked at Russell admiringly. “Did you specially prepare this Russell? I thought you said you couldn’t invite anyone from the warzone!”

“Yeah, Russell must have lied to us to give us a big surprise!”

Russell’s parents gave him an approving look.

Robert and Meredith were all the more surprised to hear that they were military officers from the Iron Brigade.

Their eyes crinkled into a smile.

“Not bad, Russell! I didn’t expect so many surprises today! You’re Grandma’s greatest pride and joy!”

Under such circumstances, Russell had to claim credit, even if he didn’t want to.

If not, he was afraid that Meredith would be disappointed.

“Yes, that’s right,” said Russell, bracing himself. “I’ve specially prepared this segment for you, Grandma. Just to give you and Grandpa a surprise!”

Perry, who was sitting beside Russell, was flabbergasted.

Didn’t Captain Steele come because of the God of War?

What has it got to do with you, Russell?

“Russell, what’s going on? Did you really invite him?” Perry asked.

“Yeah, Captain Chapman. I gave it a try at the war zone and it worked!”

Russell kept a straight face.

Robert and Meredith got up and greeted them at the doors, with the latter smiling, “I knew it! Russell is a late bloomer!”

Robert and Meredith were brimming with joy.

Seeing that, Caitlyn and Aaron were surprisingly jealous.

We were supposed to have gained the old woman’s favor, but her attention has now shifted to Russell instead.

They looked at Levi grudgingly…

Getting the Iron Brigade’s special cigarettes and liquors is nothing special!

Inviting the military officers from the Iron Brigade is what counts!

Following behind Robert and Meredith, Russell clenched his fists.

He swore to work hard and turn all these into a reality!

Just then, Captain Steele and the others had arrived at the doors.

Upon seeing Meredith, Alfie came forward, wishing, “Captain Alfie Steele of the Dragon Legion of the Iron Brigade and his three adjutants wish you a happy birthday, Mrs. Black.”

Mortimer, who was standing beside Alfie, stepped forward. “The captain of the South Warzone, Mortimer Lambert, wishes you a…”

Seeing them offering their best wishes one after another, Meredith was very excited.

Coming from the military themselves, they regarded Alfie and the others with more importance than those who were in politics like Graham.

Especially since Alfie came from the invincible Iron Brigade…

This was such a great honor!

Robert and Meredith were most pleased to see Alfie and the others attend the birthday banquet.

However, Russell, who stood at the back was a little nervous.

He was afraid of exposing himself.

He didn’t dare to greet them at all because he had never seen them before.

Russell deliberately hid at the back, afraid of getting noticed.

But Meredith pulled him to the front, asking with anticipation, “I wonder what’s Captain Steele’s comment on my grandson Russell Black?”

Alfie froze. This old lady is so weird. I don’t even know who’s your grandson; how am I supposed to evaluate him?

But at the thought that she was the grandmother of the God of War’s wife, he said politely, “Russell looks sharp and the country will be counting on him in the future!”

“Hahaha, wonderful!”

Robert and Meredith couldn’t help but laugh heartily at Alfie’s high evaluation of their grandson.

The Return of God of War Chapter 194

“God bless the Black family!”

A blend of emotion fermented inside of everyone in the Black family; Russell’s parents were so thrilled that they could almost cry while Quintus, Keane, and some other of Russell’s cousins were truly stoked.

The place seethed with enthusiasm, and the atmosphere was at its climax.

Because that was an appraisal from the captain of the Iron Brigade, whose words were very authoritative.

Robert and Meredith were so proud that they had forgotten about the special cigarettes and liquor that Levi had gifted them.

Aaron and Caitlyn felt wretched.

The spotlight was supposed to be on them.

The old lady had liked them most!

But before they could bask in the limelight, the attention was shifted onto Russell.

“I’ve heard about Russell Black for a long time,” Mortimer added. “He will have a promising future if he becomes vice-captain of the Special Security Unit before thirty years old.”

Russell was feeling very emotional as well to receive Captain Steele and Captain Lambert’s approval despite the blunder he had made.

“Captain Steele, Captain Lambert, Colonels, please,” Robert and Meredith ushered them inside.

But Alfie rejected the offer, “We just came to greet you, Mrs. Black. We should make our move now.”

“Does Captain Steele have any other urgent matters to attend to?” asked Meredith, with an air of great surprise.

“Yes, that’s right. The God of War of my division is going to inspect the Dragon Legion that I’m leading. I need to go back and get the troops ready,” Alfie said.

Mortimer nodded. “Yes, Mrs. Black. My legion is going to be inspected as well. We need to prepare ourselves.”

“What?” The God of War of the Iron Brigade? He must be a famous general who shines on the battlefield!”

Robert and Meredith were filled with deep veneration.

But as if she thought of something, Meredith pleaded, “I guess we have no time and are not qualified to attend such inspections. Could you allow my grandson, Russell to visit and gain some insight, Captain Steele?”

Seemingly hesitating, Alfie agreed to her plea, “Okay, sure. The inspection takes place in a few hours. Russell, wait for our notice.”

Meredith and the rest of the Black family were all thrilled.

If Russell visits the Dragon Legion, it would be great for his career prospects.

After the Black family had sent them off, the birthday banquet continued.

Meredith was obviously indifferent to Aaron and his family. At most, she would only say a word or two to Levi.

The conversation made during the birthday banquet now revolved around Russell.

Levi was unfazed as he stared at the table of dishes and feasted on them.

In the eyes of the others, his table manners was repulsive.

It was as if he had been starving for over a week.

Especially since Felix, Graham and other big shots were sitting at the same table, Levi’s table manners was a big disgrace to Meredith.

Meredith was displeased, but she couldn’t say much seeing as Levi gifted her the special cigarettes and liquor.

Indeed, Levi was uncouth. He should have watched his manners, especially since he now had Meredith’s favor.

Russell eventually got sick of it. “Levi, come out for a moment. I need to have a word with you.”

Meredith looked at Russell approvingly.

How astute! The problem has been resolved.

Levi followed Russell outside.

“What do you wanna talk about?” Levi started while picking his teeth with a toothpick.

How Russell wished he could punch him in the face at his sluggish appearance.

But he said with a smile outwardly, “I have a question, Levi. How did you get the special cigarettes and liquor of the Iron Brigade?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 195

“I had it delivered, of course,” Levi chuckled.

“Delivered? Could it be someone from the Iron Brigade?” Russell asked quizzically.

Levi nodded. “Precisely. Didn’t you see him just now?”

“What? You mean Captain Steele?”

Russell looked at Levi incredulously.

“Yeah, him! Why else would he be here if not to deliver the cigarettes and liquor?” Levi said.

“Hahaha…” Russell laughed out loud.

This man can really talk big!

“I’ll have another carload sent over,” Levi said.

“Hahaha, nice,” Russell responded sarcastically, looking at Levi as if he was a clown.

I’ll soon find out whether Captain Steele is sending another carload of special cigarettes and liquor or not.

I’m going to the South Warzone after all.

“You were saying that you invited Alfie over, huh?” Levi suddenly asked.

Russell became a little flustered at that question.

But what was there to be afraid of if Alfie didn’t even expose him?

“Yeah, I invited him to congratulate Grandma on her birthday!” Russell admitted tenaciously.

Levi’s grin widened meaningfully, making Russell uneasy as if Levi had seen through his lies.

Not daring to stay with him any longer, he turned around and went back to the main hall.

The birthday banquet finally ended after a few hours.

Meredith had specially called Aaron and his family to stay behind, which made Zoey very happy.

Russell took his leave as well. “Grandpa, Grandma, I just received a notice asking me to hurry over to the South Warzone.”

“Go on now. You’re the pride of the Black family. Everyone must learn from Russell,” Meredith praised.

“You must tell us everything when you come back,” Quintus said.

Thereafter, Meredith checked the headcount. “Is everyone here? Caitlyn, where’s your son-in-law?”

“I have no idea where he went, Mom,” Caitlyn replied.

“Whatever. Just let him be,” Meredith dismissed him, for he was just an unimportant person.

However, Caitlyn and Aaron were furious.

This is clearly a good chance, but that bastard went missing.

How incompetent!

At this time, Levi had called Abigail to send him to the South Warzone.

As Russell was anxious, he made his way to the Dragon Legion’s encampment at the South Warzone as quick as possible.

Upon his arrival, he was like a country bumpkin who had just entered the city; everything was new to him.

He looked around and dared not touch anything, for fear of breaking things.

Alfie had arranged for a soldier to welcome Russell.

Halting before a warehouse, there was a car parked at its entrance with a few men moving boxes and boxes of goods to a car.

Noticing the packaging, Russell thought it looked similar to the special cigarettes and liquors that Levi had brought.

“May I ask what are these, comrade?” Russell couldn’t help but ask.

“Oh, these are the Iron Brigade’s special cigarettes and liquors! The captain has ordered us to load a car of them to send them over to the Black family,” the soldier replied.

Russell was thunderstruck.

Are they seriously sending a carload of these to the Black family?

Levi was right!

What is his identity?

If getting two bottles of liquor and two packets of cigarettes means nothing, then getting a carload of these is a whole different problem.

Russell arrived at the training ground in trepidation.

The Dragon Legion and several thousands of soldiers had all assembled and lined up in columns, looking ever powerful and ever triumphant.

The Return of God of War Chapter 196

Seeing the spirits of the Dragon Legion had Russell’s adrenalin pumping.

The pride and fervor in their eyes was so compelling that it could drive one crazy.

They were whom Russell aspired to be!

Their existence was fearsome!

Although his regiment was at the forefront of the South Warzone, they were a far cry from the Dragon Legion.

Russell and the others were seated at the observation deck.

Everyone was waiting for the God of War of the Iron Brigade.

If not for the regulations, Russell would have filmed everything.

He was too excited!

Everyone was waiting in silence. No one dared to speak a word the whole time.

Finally, a car drove into the encampment and made its way quickly to the training base.

Russell frowned when he saw the pink car from a distance.

Where have I seen this car before?

Isn’t that Abigail’s pink Maserati?

The pink Maserati stopped at the training base.

A girl alighted from the driver’s seat.

Isn’t that Abigail?

Russell was dumbstruck and when he saw the person coming down from the passenger’s seat, he nearly suffocated.


It’s actually him!

What are they doing here?

That person can’t be him, right?

For a moment, it was as if Russell’s heart had stopped beating.

Levi told Abigail to stay where she was as he walked step by step toward the Dragon Legion.

Seeing Levi approaching, all the soldiers lifted their chins up and stood upright like a pike.

Alfie and Mortimer jogged toward Levi and saluted him. “Reporting, God of War! The Dragon Legion and the South Warzone Legion have assembled! Awaiting your instructions, Sir!”


God of War?

The group observing was mind blown.

No one had expected that the God of War of the Dragon Legion was THE God of War himself!

What was even more unbelievable to Russell was that Levi was THE God of War!

No wonder Levi acted so arrogant at the birthday banquet.

No wonder Levi could present the special cigarettes and liquor of the Iron Brigade.

No wonder Levi said he had Captain Steele deliver them.

It’s because Levi is the God of War!

Levi came before the soldiers and commanded in a clear tone, “At ease!”

The uniformed movements of thousands of soldiers were jaw-dropping.

“I’ll keep this short. Since you’ve all come down from the front line, rest and reorganize, but training must still go on. You must always be ready for war!” Levi lectured the Dragon Legion.

He then looked at the legion, smiling, “The soldiers of Erudia are tough! And so is our legion. Catch up on your training and be prepared at all times to sacrifice for the country!”

Despite Levi’s brief speech, it ignited the fire in their hearts.

“God of War!”

“God of War!”

Thousands of soldiers shouted vigorously.

The scene was earth-shattering.

It was definitely a scene Russell would never forget in this lifetime.

After the inspection, Levi came toward Russell.

“Take a load of cigarettes and liquors with you later. But you should also advise Grandpa and Grandma not to drink too much,” Levi said.

“Yes, yes, yes…” Facing Levi again, Russell was so scared that he was drenched in sweat, even his speech was stuttering.

With that, the carload of special cigarettes and liquors were moved into Russell’s car.

Russell arrived at the Black family’s residence.

“A carload of the Iron Brigade’s special cigarettes and liquors? Did Russell send them back?”

“My grandson is too capable! Oh, my God!”

“God bless the Black family!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 197

The Black family was numb with shock when they saw Russell’s car loaded with special cigarettes and liquors.

Robert and Meredith’s eyes twinkled.

“God has indeed blessed the Black family! My son is too amazing!” Xaiden praised.

Robert and Meredith grasped Russell’s hands, only to make him feel awkward because this had nothing to do with him at all.

“Grandpa, Grandma actually—”

“This is enough, Russell,” Meredith interrupted, thinking that Russell was trying to be modest. “This carload of cigarettes and liquors are enough for the rest of our lives.”

“Yeah, you don’t have to say much, Russell. We understand.”

Robert patted on Russell’s shoulders.

On second thought, Russell stopped trying to explain, remembering that he had signed a non-disclosure agreement to keep everything he saw a secret before leaving the South Warzone.

“Work hard, Russell. Your Grandpa and I have decided to exhaust all our resources to nurture you,” Meredith said.

Quintus and the others were envious, and so were Aaron and Caitlyn.

Didn’t Levi say he would send a carload of special cigarettes and liquors?

Where is he?

Robert asked Russell, “So who did you meet today, Russell? Who’s the God of War of the Iron Brigade?”

“Yeah, tell us, Russell. We wanna know.” The Black family was curious.

Russell gave a nervous titter. “Grandpa, Grandma, as much as I want to tell you, I can never reveal his identity. I’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement.”

“It even involves a non-disclosure agreement?! Oh, God…”

Meredith and Robert looked at each other in the eye with a look of horror.

“But what I am sure of is,” Russell continued, “that the Black family will prosper from now on! So Grandpa, Grandma, you guys have to be nicer to all the aunts and uncles, such as Aunt Caitlyn and Uncle Aaron. There’s only hope if the Black family unites!”

Because the God of War was the son-in-law of the Black family, and Russell could guarantee that!

Hence, he specifically reminded them by mentioning their names.

“That’s a given!” Robert and Meredith promised. “We’ve accepted Caitlyn and Aaron again. They are one of us now.”

Hearing that, Aaron and Caitlyn couldn’t hold back their excitement.

“Thank you, Mom and Dad!”

Meredith flashed a look at them. “You should thank Russell.”

“Thank you, Russell!” the both of them said in unison.

Russell gave an awkward smile.

“But your son-in-law is not too bad,” Meredith said, be thought of something.

Mom clearly liked Levi’s presents the most just now. How did it become ‘not too bad’ in the blink of an eye?

However, Caitlyn was contented.

At this time, Levi and Abigail had returned.

“Didn’t you say you were gonna send another carload of special cigarettes and liquors, Levi?” Logan sneered.

Levi pointed at Russell’s car. “Didn’t I have them deliver already?”

Just as Russell was about to speak, Logan roared, “Bullshit! Clearly, it was Russell who sent these back. What the hell has it got to do with you?”

“Yeah! You’re too much! All of us saw that it was Russell who sent these back!”

“You do have credit today, but you can’t just take Russell’s credit!”

Everyone mouthed off at Levi.

Russell was vexed, but he couldn’t get a word in edgeways.

He’s a God! How could mere mortals judge him?

The Return of God of War Chapter 198

“The fact that you can get those special cigarettes and liquor means you are somewhat capable. As long as you act wisely, you could turn out quite well. But don’t try to seek loopholes and indulge in petty tricks,” Meredith said coldly, displeased with Levi’s behavior.

“You two need to discipline him more. After all, Zoey has a bright future ahead of her,” Robert said to Caitlyn and Aaron.

“Yes, Mom and Dad. We understand!”

At their departure, Meredith asked, “Russell, what do you think about Levi?”

Russell was scared stiff.

How can I comment on this person?

I still want to live.

“No comment,” Russell replied.

“Logan, what do you think?” Meredith asked again.

Logan looked deep in thought. “Levi is indeed capable, seeing how he could get his hands on the special cigarettes and liquor. But since he’d spent six years in jail, his powerful side has probably smoothed out, and he’s picked up on many bad habits. I think it will be hard for Levi to develop.”

Meredith nodded in agreement. “Mm, I think so too.”

The next day, everyone left one after another.

When the Black family offered to give them a ride, Zoey rejected it and requested to take the high-speed rail instead.

Mainly because she wanted to see what would happen to Levi at the security checkpoint.

When they arrived at the security checkpoint, Zoey deliberately let Levi pass first.

Seeing Levi pass through easily, they were stunned.

“Come out and go in again,” Zoey demanded.

Levi had no choice but to enter again. However, the alarm still didn’t go off.

Zoey was taken aback.

Have I really mistaken?

In fact, the system had been rebooted since Levi left that day.

He could easily pass through all security checkpoints now without sounding off the alarm.

Just after getting on the high-speed rail, Alfie sent a message. The big shots of the South Warzone and South City just knew about your arrival at South City.

Levi had already left when they came to look for him.

Levi replied immediately. Tell them I’ll definitely inform them the next time I visit South City.

On the high-speed rail, Caitlyn said, “Zoey, you should really consider the advice that your uncles have given.”

“What is it?” Levi asked.

Aaron sighed, “Zoey’s uncles had suggested that she sever all ties with the Lopez family and establish a new company.”

“That’s a great idea! She should have done that a long time ago!” Levi raised both hands in favor of that suggestion.

They’re a bunch of assholes who can never be satisfied.

Aaron shook his head. “It won’t be that easy! Dad has shares in Zoey’s company. We’ll have a tough row to hoe.”

Zoey was also worried about this.

She knew Harry far too well.

“Zoey, just go all out. I’ll handle it if there’s any trouble,” Levi said.

He wasn’t worried about the Lopez family now, but the retaliation of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

Now that Levi Group was in his hands again, the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce was bound to keep their guards up.

After returning to North Hampton, Kirin told him it was decided that Levi Group would merge with Garrison Group after negotiation and be named Morris Group in remembrance of Morris Atkinson.

Levi would also use Morris Group to destroy the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

It was equivalent to Morris himself trampling the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce!

Levi understood that this would surely lead to objection from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce. But he would be there for the ceremony by then.

The Return of God of War Chapter 199

The renaming of Levi Group had created a storm in the entire city.

Especially since it would be renamed to Morris Group, anyone who knew the ins and outs of the situation knew they were coming after the Rogers family and the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

It was an act of revenge.

According to gossip, the person who now controlled Levi Group was Neil Atkinson, someone who had yet to appear in North Hampton.

Everyone was suspecting him to be a relative of Morris.

Because someone had discovered that Morris’s parents had moved into the most expensive villa at Bayview Garden from the village and that Zoey’s Imperial Meadows Limited had been receiving a huge chunk of investments from Levi Group.

The gossips had stated that the relationship between Neil and Morris was not so simple and that Neil was aiming for the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

On a small island at North Hampton’s Arrior Lake, there were boats surrounding the island. On it stood hundreds of men in black with their waists bulging, obviously carrying a weapon.

They were even military helicopters hovering in the sky from time to time, patrolling the perimeter.

The worse part was that the entire scenic spot of Arrior Lake had been booked today.

And the person who did the booking was on this small island…

On the island were six elders who were sitting by the lake, quietly fishing,

Behind them stood eleven people, which included seven directors from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce, and four heirs of four noble families in North Hampton, the Hendersons, Andersons, Williamsons and Robinsons.

The four elders fishing at the front were the current heads of the four biggest noble families, Wallace Henderson, Clifford Anderson, Baldwin Williamson, and Eric Robinson.

They were the top four families on the list of the wealthiest families in North Hampton.

The four elders were even more powerful than Glenn from the Rogers family.

While the Rogers family’s wealth amounted to fifty billion, the Hendersons, Andersons, Williamsons, and Robinsons’s wealth amounted to a hundred billion.

Together, they had established the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

In short, they had occupied almost half of North Hampton’s economic lifeline. They were the real juggernauts of North Hampton.

The two other elders who were fishing with them were no less than they were.

Grover Cooke, who had now retired, was once the governor of North Hampton.

He had many disciples, and his descendants all held important positions in North Hampton.

Even the current governor, Jesse Nielsen, was his student.

Jesse would often go to Grover to seek advice because there was a saying that Grover’s words could make people grovel at his feet.

The other elder was Xander Hoyles, the vice commander-in-chief of the North Hampton Warzone.

Due to a transfer order, the position of commander-in-chief of the North Hampton Warzone had been vacant, which meant that Xander was the leader of the North Hampton Warzone now.

The two of them were friends and classmates with Eric and the others.

It wasn’t uncommon for them to meet up for fishing.

On the small island not far away was a platoon of guards.

Any little decision made by these six elders was influential enough to shake up the entire North Hampton.

It was indeed the case because many things in North Hampton were conferred by the six of them.

If the four wealthiest families and North Hampton Chamber of Commerce could achieve such success, it was needless to say that their connections ramified all over North Hampton.

From war zones to towns, everywhere had traces of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

Hence there was this saying that ‘messing with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce was akin to messing with North Hampton’s foundation’’.

They were different from the Rogers family.

It wouldn’t be so easy to destroy them.

Besides, if the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce were to be destroyed, they still had Grover and Xander at the top.

The Return of God of War Chapter 200

According to this situation, it was simply impossible for them to be destroyed.

But they didn’t expect that their opponent was Levi—the only five-star God of War in history!

The God of War would crush everything!

At this moment, Eric suddenly caught a fish.

After putting it in the basket, he looked at Grover and Xander, smiling, “Grover, Xander, have you two heard about the recent events in North Hampton?”

The grizzled-haired Grover moved his fishing rod and said with a little doubt, “Are you talking about the matter with Director Alaric Taylor of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce or the matter with the renaming of Levi Group to Morris Group?”

Grover might be retired, but he still had everything under control.

Wallace gave him a meaningful look. “I supposed you can look at these matters as one?”

“You’re suggesting that Neil Atkinson of Levi Group is behind all this?” asked Xander.

Clifford nodded. “Most likely. According to our investigations, Neil should be Morris’s uncle. He’s changing the name of Levi Group to Morris Group to help Morris Atkinson’s best friend, Levi Garrison. That’s why they invested in Zoey and even took care of Alaric and Charles.”

“We’ve questioned the Rogers family in the past for a few days, but they remained silent about relinquishing the Garrison family’s properties and Levi Group,” Baldwin said. “They only warned us to be careful, saying that we’ve met our match this time.”

“In a word,” Eric summed up. “This mysterious Neil Atkinson is a powerful man. He’s definitely something to be able to send Alaric to jail and retake Levi Group and Garrison Group from the Rogers family’s hands.”

Those were the information that the four noble families had obtained.

It was considered intimidating because other enterprises and families had yet to know about the change of ownership of Levi Group.

“To be honest, I’ve known you guys for over ten years now and I’ve never seen such somber expression on all four of your faces,” Xander suddenly chuckled.

Grover nodded. “Exactly! It’s my first time seeing you guys like this. It means that Neil Atkinson is really stressing you out.”

“Sure, there’s stress, but it’s just enough to get our attention,” Wallace smiled. “He can’t threaten us!”

Eric stroked his long white beard, chortling, “That is without a doubt! No one can mess with the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.”

Xander nodded. “That’s right! There’s no way they can break apart the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce!”

Metaphorically speaking, the Garrison family and the Rogers family were just growing saplings that could be uprooted by manpower while the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce was a ten-thousand-year-old tree that would probably require ten people to encircle it. It would be impossible to uproot it based on manpower alone.

Clifford flashed a cruel smile. “Although there isn’t a threat, Neil Atkinson is really a thorn in the flesh. We must get rid of him as soon as possible!”

Understanding the meaning behind his words, Grover and Xander smiled, “We can still find out his identity for you guys.”

With that, Xander suddenly caught a fish and threw it into Clifford’s basket.

“Just like this. I caught a fish for you and it’s up to you whether you want to release it or cook it.”

He was comparing the fish to Neil.

The four of them nodded.

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