The Return of God of War Chapter 1657

The Return of God of War Chapter 1657

Unbeknownst to Levi, Abigail had asked Benny to not tell him the truth behind it all.

Abigail was a genius in medicine and had become a huge sensation in the world of ancient medicine.

As a result, the Medical Elite ancient family set their sights on her.

Carter came up with all sorts of ways to win her over, but Abigail rejected all of his advances.

One day, she heard rumors about Sonny from the Medical Elite ancient family planning to kill Levi.

Abigail begged Carter to not let that happen, and he agreed to her request under the condition that she married him.

That was also the true reason why the Medical Elite ancient family had left Levi alone.

“My friend, if only you knew that you’re also the reason she took up medicine in the first place… You’re fighting on the battlefield, and she’s learning to become a military doctor! She’s basically following in your footsteps!”

Levi had always treated Abigail as a little sister, so he didn’t give this incident much thought as his focus was entirely on Jared at the time.

A few days later.

“Triple Group has secretly helped Jared out throughout these years! On top of that, his company’s capital flow doesn’t match his company’s scale at all! The wealth he owns is practically equal to the richest man in the country!”

The look on Levi’s face changed slightly upon hearing that. “Triple Group, you say? I have a bad feeling about this. Floyd, inform the Dragonites about this and have them look into it at once! Something big might be on its way!”

Man, if only I could have The Calamity help me out right now. With their talent for gathering intel, I’m sure they could find me all the answers I need! It’s a shame I’ve handed them over.

Floyd let out a helpless sigh. “I don’t really have many resources at my disposal right now. The Dragonites won’t be of much help because they’re currently putting all their energy into strengthening themselves by recruiting new Supreme class warriors. Regardless, I’ll still inform them about this.”

Floyd then told the Dragonites everything as instructed.

“But we’re really short on manpower right now.”

The Dragonites were so short on manpower that they had even deployed The Calamity.

“That Carter guy from the Medical Elite ancient family has a large network, right? Maybe we could have him investigate this.”

“Yeah, that works.”

As it turned out, Carter was one of the four National Guardians—a title bestowed upon Supreme class warriors by Erudia with the purpose of strengthening their position and status.

They were given so much power that they could even command the Erudian military to a certain extent.

However, they were so idle and free at the time that they were even complaining about the Dragonites not giving them any work.

Upon receiving the order from the Dragonites, Carter simply sneered and muttered to himself, “Oh, f*ck off! Who do you guys think you are, ordering me around like this? Do you really think I’m one of your men or something? Also, I can’t believe you’re actually asking me to personally investigate a nobody like this! Have you all lost your minds? I don’t mind doing a little work, but it has to be something on a grand scale! I mean, I’m the freaking heir to the Medical Elite ancient family and a Rank Five Supreme class warrior!”

Little did Carter know, him underestimating the severity of his orders would end up causing Erudia a lot of trouble.

“Sir, are we really going to just ignore this?” asked the servant.

“That’s right,” Carter replied in annoyance.

“What will we do when the Dragonites come asking about it, then?”

“We’ll just tell them we weren’t able to find anything. Now, hurry up with the preparations for the wedding. I can’t wait to finally make Abigail mine! With her medical prowess, I could get to Rank Six Supreme class soon,” Carter said impatiently.

Seven days soon came to pass, and the whole of North Hampton was lively and merry.

It was the wedding day of Abigail and Carter.

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