The Return of God of War Chapter 161-170

The Return of God of War Chapter 161

Two people got out of the car and jogged toward the scene in a hurry.

Neville was surprised to see the people moving in his direction. He quickly welcomed them, “I thought you went to attend a meeting, Sir? Why have you returned all of a sudden?”

Mark stared at Neville hatefully. Then he shouted. “You’re fired, Neville Heath!”


Neville was shocked to his core as he looked at Mark in disbelief.

Then he turned to gaze at Levi. I saw him making a phone call earlier. I can’t believe this. Why am I fired?

Neville wanted to retort after recollecting his thoughts, but Mark shoved him aside. “Get lost! I don’t want to listen to your explanation. I am already aware of the entire incident!”

Mark came to a halt in front of Levi in the lobby and addressed the latter with a smile, “Mr. Garrison, I am here to apologize to you after being informed of the things that happened earlier.”

Then, he spoke to his employees, “We will treat our customers on a first come first serve basis according to the rules from now on! Anyone who does not make an appointment will have to wait for their turn. Any employee who makes an exception for any customer will face a similar fate as Neville Heath!”

“Yes!” Everyone agreed with Mark’s announcement.

“Stop processing their documents. They will have to wait in line obediently for their turn!” Mark ordered harshly.

Both foreigners were almost done with the procedures, but Mark erased all their data on the computer. They had no choice but to redo everything.

“That’s the outcome we wanted to see!” Everyone was excited.

Mark then arranged for his employee to reprocess Aaron’s procedure that had been destroyed previously.

The foreigners were dumbfounded. They did not expect Mark to be so adamant.

Mark walked up to them in a displeased manner. “We will not process your documents if you do not apologize. You’ll have to leave the country when the time comes. Consider your options and make a decision now!”

The foreigners exchanged glances and yielded in the end.

They looked at Levi and Aaron. “We are sorry. Is that sufficient?”

“Well, I do not accept your apologies,” Levi responded unexpectedly. “People like you should be deported!”

The crowd supported Levi’s statement. “That’s right! They should be deported. How dare they act like barbarians in this place?”

“Yea! Chase them away!”

Levi contacted Xavier to check the foreigners’ backgrounds.

Xavier discovered a lot of problems with the foreigners’ profiles. For instance, they faked their travel visa. That reason alone was more than enough for them to be deported.

Xavier’s subordinate arrived at the venue swiftly and warned the foreigners to leave the country within a week. Otherwise, they would be deported.

They stared at Levi and Aaron resentfully before taking their leave.

In the end, Aaron achieved his aim and completed the procedure.

He was extremely satisfied with Levi’s performance that day. “You made a wise decision to contact the boss of this place and dealt with this matter effortlessly.” Aaron smiled.

Levi was stunned. Well, technically, the boss came because I ordered him to.

The two foreigners were furious as they went home. We’ll kill you, Levi Garrison!

At that moment, a man dressed in a white suit arrived. He asked the foreigners. “Terry, Drake, have you been given the warning to leave the country?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 162

That man was the owner of Fick Group, Charles Dickens.

Terry and Drake were his younger brothers. They had moved to North Hampton, intending to settle down in the city. But trouble found them almost immediately.

At that moment, Charles’s men had already updated him with the news he wanted to know.

“The person who bullied you is my business partner, Zoey Lopez’s husband, Levi Garrison!” Charles said coldly.

“We must get our revenge against him!” Drake and Terry said fiercely while covering their swollen faces.

Charles’s eyes gleamed dangerously. “Very well. I will toy with his wife since he dared lay a finger on my brothers. Zoey Lopez’s body is too alluring to resist. I will make the arrangements to get her into my bed tomorrow. Both of you will join me by that time. You can have your revenge on her any way you like!”

“Hehehe…” Drake and Terry laughed lecherously.

“That’s the plan for now. I will invite Zoey Lopez to a banquet tomorrow night. Then we will get her drunk…”

The next day, Chloe was waiting at the entrance when Levi exited Bayview Garden.

“Are you waiting for me?” Levi was surprised.

“Are you free tonight? Let me treat you to a meal. I received my salary today, and thanks to you, the amount was very generous indeed. So I feel the need to treat you to dinner,” Chloe said joyfully. I earned a total of 8 million last month because of the commission from the 2 properties Levi bought from me. This is surreal!

“Alright. Tell me the venue. I’ll be there later.”

Chloe was delighted when Levi agreed to her offer. “We’ll have dinner at Grand Imperial Hotel tonight!”

“Got it.”

Meanwhile, Zoey was invited to a dinner banquet hosted by the Fick Group to celebrate their collaboration.

Zoey agreed to attend the banquet without any hesitation because of Fick Group’s sincerity during their previous discussion.

She did not question their intention because they even invited Zoey’s secretary.

The event was held inside the VIP private room in Grand Imperial Hotel that night.

Zoey noticed a lot of people inside the room when she arrived.

Charles introduced the other guests to Zoey as his business partners. They were are eager for an opportunity to collaborate with Zoey’s company.

Zoey completely lowered her guard.

Hard liquor was served during the banquet, but Charles deliberately prepared low-alcohol wine for Zoey and her secretary.

Despite the low alcohol content, they were forced to drink continuously due to the rounds of toasts.

Zoey was getting a little tipsy even though she merely sipped her drink every time.

Charles said courteously. “Ms. Lopez, our norm is quite different from the locals in Erudia. We drink with alacrity when we’re among ourselves, unlike the businessmen we’ve seen in this country!”

Charles did not urge Zoey to drink throughout the banquet. But he would utter comments from time to time, indirectly forcing Zoey to drink the wine to get along with the other business partners.

Zoey had no choice but to obey because she did not want to ruin the atmosphere. Soon, she was drunk.


After a few more rounds, Zoey finally fell face front on the tabletop as her consciousness faded.

A menacing smile spread across Charles’ face at that sight.

Zoey’s secretary sensed the peculiar turn of events, but her condition was no better than Zoey’s.

The secretary passed out as well swiftly after.

Charles and his business partners laughed salaciously at the sight of the two unconscious women inside the room.

They had, in fact, taken some medication to prevent them from getting drunk in advance, so the hard liquor did not affect Charles and his friends.

Charles dialed a number with his phone. “You can come in now, Drake and Terry.”

Then he turned to admire Zoey’s unparalleled beauty after hanging up the phone. “You belong to us tonight, baby!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 163

Drake and Terry rushed to the 6th floor impatiently after they received the news. They had been waiting inside the hotel lobby the entire time.

The pictures of Zoey sent by Charles earlier aroused them.

At that moment, Levi and Chloe reached the Grand Imperial Hotel. He saw the familiar figures of Terry and Drake immediately.

“What are they doing here?” Levi and Chloe chased after them curiously.

The two foreigners entered a private room hastily when they arrived on the 6th floor.

“Something’s wrong.” Levi came to a halt in front of the door.

“So, this woman is Zoey Lopez? She’s exquisite!”

“I heard the women in Erudia are extraordinarily charming, but I certainly did not expect to sleep with a girl as gorgeous as her so quickly!”

Terry and Drake sounded excited.

“We’ll sleep with her right here, right now!” Charles said firmly.

Levi turned to address Chloe. “Do not enter the room no matter what you hear later on!”

Chloe nodded subconsciously as she took in the sinister expression on Levi’s face.


The door to the private room was pushed open just as the people inside were about to get wild.

Someone entered the room and locked the door behind him.

Drake and Terry yelped when they saw Levi. “That’s him, brother! He’s the one who beat us up!”

Charles narrowed his eyes at Levi. “So, you’re Levi Garrison?”

“Yes. That’s me.”

Levi understood they were targeting him because they recognized him instantaneously.

Charles sneered. “Very well. I’m glad you’re here. You will pay the price for harming my brothers. I’ll tie you up and have you bear witness as we ravage your wife tonight!”


All the foreigners inside the room revealed a similar lecherous smile.

In their opinion, Levi had no other choice but to concede because they had the numbers.

Charles and his friends closed in on Levi.


Levi grabbed Charles all of a sudden and kicked him forcefully in his knees.

The latter screamed bloody murder and fell onto the floor.


Levi swung a forceful punch at Charles’s face.

Charles sprawled on the ground in agony.

“Do you like to drink liquor? I’ll make sure all of you drink to your heart’s content!”

There was still plenty of liquor inside the private room.

Levi picked up a bottle of hard liquor and forced the contents down Drake’s throat.


Drake struggled mightily, but he was pinned on the ground as Levi poured bottle after bottle of hard liquor into his mouth.

Levi forced Drake’s jaws together to force the vomit back into his gastrointestinal tract when he wanted to puke.

Drake’s stomach was visibly bloated after he was forced to drink multiple bottles of wine. He rolled on the ground in pain as he retched up blood.

Terry and Charles were met with a similar fate.

Levi unleashed his unprecedented wrath on the brothers that night.

The Return of God of War Chapter 164
They must be tired of living to dare lay a finger on Zoey! But Levi did not want to show them mercy by killing them. So he used that method to torture them instead.

Levi finally exited the room with Zoey on his back after a long while. Chloe saw Levi dragging Zoey’s secretary along as well.

“I’m afraid we can’t have our dinner tonight. I’ll treat you to a meal another time. Please help me send her home.” Levi asked Chloe to take care of the secretary.

“Okay. Leave this to me.”

Chloe caught a glimpse of the room before she left. The gory scene was carved into her mind…

The sound of the ambulance pierced the night shortly after Levi left the venue.

Charles and the others were sent to the hospital to receive treatment. They were diagnosed with gastrointestinal bleeding, severe burning of the throat mucosa, and impairment of internal organs due to excessive drinking.

Everyone was puzzled by the amount of liquor they drank to lead to such a disastrous outcome.

Zoey did not sober up until midnight. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Levi beside her.

Zoey was infuriated to learn the truth.

Levi grimaced. Charles and his brothers had invoked my fury. I have shown them mercy by allowing them to live.

Zoey added warily, “You did not kill them, did you?”

“Don’t worry. I merely taught them a brief lesson.”

The next day, someone knocked on the door early in the morning.

Harry, Aaron, and the other members of the Lopez family were at the door.

“How can you be sleeping at a time like this? Something bad happened!” Harry chided.

“What happened?” Zoey was startled.

“This is all thanks to what you and Levi did last night!” Harry glared at her. “Levi tortured Charles and his business partners last night, causing them to suffer grave internal injuries!”

“Oh? Really?” Zoey’s face turned paper-white. This is the brief lesson Levi mentioned?

“You had to offend powerful men like them out of all the people in this world!” Harry pointed at Zoey. “Now you’ve made a mess! The Imperial Meadows and the Lopez family’s business are all ruined!”

“What happened exactly, grandpa?” Zoey asked anxiously.

“Don’t you know? Fick Group is a member of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce! The chairman of Fick Group’s board of directors, Alaric Taylor, announced his desire to take revenge on us! They cut off all monetary supplies, connections, and business partners related to the Lopez family. Your West City Ecological Park project will be the next to suffer!” Harry explained.

Zoey received a phone call swiftly after as they predicted.

One of the investors of the West City Ecological Park, Feliciano Hayes, had withdrawn his capital.

Another phone call followed. This time, it was Roberto Norris calling to inform her of the same thing.

Soon, all of the investors had pulled out from the project.

Zoey’s face turned ashen. Damn it! It’s over. I’m doomed. The West City Ecological Park project is ruined now that they’ve withdrawn their investments. I will have to pay a large amount of compensation too. Not to mention this huge trouble related to Fick Group…

Tears flowed down her cheeks uncontrollably. Why do I have to suffer the consequences when Charles and the others intended to defile me in the first place?

“They are people from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce! This is all because of Levi Garrison! Where is he?”

Everyone was looking for Levi because he was the culprit.

“Do you know what you’ve done, Levi Garrison?” Harry wanted so badly to slap him.

The Return of God of War Chapter 165

Levi heard the commotion while he was brushing his teeth, but he responded carefreely, “Don’t worry. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“What? The Lopez family’s businesses are collapsing. Even your wife’s company is affected!” Harry yelled angrily.

“You started this mess. So, what do you think we should do now?” Henry asked coldly.

“It’ll be alright. This matter will resolve by itself,” Levi replied nonchalantly.

“Fine! That’s alright. We have a way of resolving our problem!” Harry left furiously with his family.

Aaron looked at his son-in-law helplessly. He thought Levi was impressive when he dealt with the foreigners two days ago, but Levi disappointed him again. Rescuing Zoey was the right thing to do, but he did not need to go to such lengths to teach them a lesson. Now, he caused trouble for everyone because of his reckless actions.

Zoey defended Levi when Caitlyn began to criticize Levi. “Don’t blame him for what happened. This is all because of my careless mistake. There’s no use arguing at this point!”

Aaron’s plan to do a property survey for a new house was ruined. There’s no money to buy a house now, not to mention the possibility of having to compensate others.

Zoey was is a state of agitation. “I’ll figure out a way.”

Levi, on the other hand, was unfazed.

The financial department manager contacted Zoey shortly after. He told her Harry Lopez had withdrawn 100 million from the company’s account.

That sum was the compensation fee paid by the Rogers family because of the psychological trauma they had inflicted on Zoey and her family.

“Father is behaving outrageously! The Rogers family gave Zoey the money. Who gave him the right to take the money from her?” Aaron was mad.

Zoey and Caitlyn were filled with grievances.

Aaron took the initiative to question his father.

“Levi dragged us into this mess, so he should bear the responsibility. It’s not wrong for me to take this money from your family since he is your son-in-law,” Harry retorted.

Aaron clenched his fists. “That’s unreasonable, father. Moreover, you’re committing embezzlement by taking the money away in private. You’re going against the law!”

Harry snorted coldly. “Fine by me. Why don’t you call the cops on me?”

“I…” Aaron fell silent. I can’t do that. Moreover, father is one of the directors in Imperial Meadows’s board of management. The chances of winning an embezzlement lawsuit against him are slim.

Harry added with a sneer, “Have you forgotten about your crime of stealing the documents previously? Your life will be ruined if I turn you in by showing the evidence to the police.”

“I… Anyway, what you’re doing is wrong, father!” Aaron hung up the call furiously.

The Lopez family resolved their family crisis effortlessly after receiving the 100 million sum. They even profited from their selfish action. But Zoey’s company paid the price in return.

Caitlyn lamented, “What can we do? They’ve always been this way. We are used to being mistreated by them. They’ll seize the money sooner or later anyway.”

Aaron and Caitlyn had been victims of familial betrayals on multiple occasions. The Lopez family would butter them up to gain benefits whenever they were doing good. They persuaded Aaron and his family to share their fortune by using the moral obligations of being part of the Lopez family. But whenever Aaron and his family faced troubles, none of their so-called ‘family’ would show up to lend them a helping hand. The other members of the Lopez family would only think of ways to worsen their predicaments and maximize their own profits. Aaron and Caitlyn’s sentiment of treating the Lopez family with sincerity was clearly not reciprocated.

Levi was done freshening up at that time. He poured a cup of warm milk while he questioned Zoey, “Did all of the investors pull out from the project?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 166

Zoey nodded. “Yes. I suppose they’ll be asking for compensation too.”

Levi sipped from his glass and said with a smile, “That’s alright. They’ll regret their decisions soon.”

“What do you mean?” Zoey was puzzled.

“Be patient. Someone will invest in that project very soon,” Levi comforted her.

“Do you have a plan in your mind?” Zoey looked at Levi curiously.

“Don’t worry. This matter will be resolved after today,” Levi assured Zoey and her parents calmly.

But they were not convinced by Levi’s words because they were up against the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.

Everyone involved in the business world in North Hampton was well aware of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce’s influence.

The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce was controlled by the 4 ultra-wealthy families in the cities, under the management of 8 council members.

The chairman of Fick Group’s board of directors, Alaric Taylor, was one of the council members.

Alaric wanted to seek revenge on Zoey and her family because of what happened to Charles.

All the investors for Zoey’s project withdrew their capital because of a single command from him.

The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce was a formidable organization as they could easily sever all connections related to the Lopez family’s businesses.

The news of Levi’s violent act spread like wildfire in North Hampton that day. They demanded a large amount of compensation and prevented anyone from investing in Zoey’s project.

A lot of companies were interested in the West City Ecological Park project initially because of its promising prospect. The potential investors immediately erased the thought in their minds because of that warning from the Chamber of Commerce.

Zoey was left helpless and clueless as to how she should salvage the situation while being ostracized by the entire industry.

But the bad news did not end there. Zoey’s employees handed their resignation letters one after another. Even the secretary involved in the incident last night quitted her job.

The secretary also made an official statement. She told the public that Charles and his business partners did not step a toe out of the line. They were having an ordinary dinner banquet when she witnessed Levi entering the room and tormenting everyone mercilessly.


Zoey’s mind went blank upon receiving the news. Someone must have bribed her. She suddenly became their witness against Levi. Suzie passed out last night. Charles and his friends would have defiled her if Levi did not show up. Levi rescued her, but she betrayed us! I nourished a viper in my bosom!

Zoey could not fathom Suzie’s abrupt change in loyalty. I picked her out personally among all the fresh graduates, so I certainly did not expect her to do this. I can understand the other employees’ decisions to leave, but Suzie…

Zoey sat in her office gloomily as unprecedented desperation washed over her.

The door to her office was pushed open after some time. A few men clad in suits entered the room.

“Allow me to introduce myself, Ms. Lopez. I am Baker McKenzie from Botts & Ellis LLP. We are hired by Mrs. Dickens to represent her son, Mr. Charles Dickens, in this lawsuit. We came here to inform you about the compensation amount you have to pay our client due to the injuries your husband, Mr. Levi Garrison, inflicted on our client. The sum is 800 million. Please take a look.” Baker handed Zoey a piece of paper.

Zoey’s face turned pale after she skimmed through the document.

“We will press charges against you and your husband if you do not wish to settle this matter in private. We have a large amount of evidence, including surveillance footage, witnesses from the hotel’s waiters, the official statement from Ms. Suzie Bones, and 8 other victims in this incident. Let me remind you – this lawsuit is highly advantageous to us. Please take a look at this injury report too. Do you think you have the liberty to choose, Ms. Lopez?”

The Return of God of War Chapter 167

Botts & Ellis LLP was a law firm established by Zoey’s ex-classmate, Arnold Botts. That firm was one of the most prestigious firms in North Hampton. They won almost all the cases they accepted.

Zoey was devastated. She was frightened when she saw the injury report. I can’t imagine the things Levi must have done to cause so much damage. But I can certainly picture the troubles we have to face soon.

We will have a tough time ahead because of this injury report alone. Although Charles and his business partners wronged me in the first place, I do not have any evidence that prove their vile acts.

“Also, allow me to inform you this, Ms. Lopez, I am the best lawyer in my firm. Ever since they hired me at Botts & Ellis LLP, the firm had never lost a single case. So trust me, this lawsuit will not be an exception. You should think wisely now!” Baker sneered.

Baker’s assistant added, “I heard your husband, Levi Garrison, was released from prison recently. With his record, it is not so difficult to place him behind the bars again.”

The group of lawyers manipulated the situation to their advantage with the sole purpose of driving Zoey into a corner.

“Alright then, we will be waiting for your reply, Ms. Lopez. Consider your options well.” Baker and the others left afterward.

Zoey was left alone inside her office. Tears welled up in her eyes as she thought to herself, Perhaps I can seek help from Arnold. He pursued me in the past, but I rejected him.

Zoey spent a lot of effort to obtain Arnold Botts’s number. Then she called him.

“Oh? Why are you contacting me, Zoey?” Arnold said in a surprised tone.

Zoey forced a smile. “Hello, Arnold. I’ll cut to the chase. I’m facing some difficulties…”

“Yes, I know. You’re talking about the incident involving Levi Garrison and Charles Dickens from Fick Group, am I right?”

“Yes, that’s right. Can you help me with this lawsuit? We can discuss the price to fit your liking,” Zoey pleaded with sincerity.

Arnold grinned. “I am aware of this lawsuit because the best lawyer in my firm accepted the case. I’ll be frank – you’ll have a difficult time trying to win against him for this case. Let me offer you a piece of my mind, Zoey. You should ditch Levi while you can. He’s just a useless man now. Let him return to the jail. Then, you can remarry someone better. Everyone from our high school is doing far better than Levi Garrison. Take me for an example. My law firm, Botts & Ellis LLP, has been flourishing for the past ten years! There are a lot of outstanding lawyers working for me currently,” Arnold persuaded Zoey.

Zoey countered immediately, “Levi did not hurt them on purpose. Charles and his friends tried to take advantage of me after getting me drunk. Levi was merely rescuing me.”

“That’s impossible! I have been friends with Mr. Dickens for a long time now. He’s a gentleman, as far as I’m concerned. He will never do such things. His friends are as noble as him. Do you have any evidence to back your words?” Arnold said.

“You…” Zoey did not expect Arnold to be in cahoots with Charles and his gang.

“Don’t worry, Zoey. I will make sure Baker does a splendid job this time and push for Levi to be sentenced to life imprisonment. You will have the opportunity to ditch him soon.” Arnold laughed wickedly.

“You don’t have to worry about my matters. Moreover, you are not qualified to judge my husband’s character!” Zoey hung up the phone angrily.

Inside the office of Botts & Ellis LLP’s building, Arnold crossed his feet on the table while wearing a suit. He was sipping casually on a cup of coffee.

The Return of God of War Chapter 168

He had accepted this case immediately and devised a plan for Alaric Taylor when he heard Zoey was involved in this matter. Arnold ordered his subordinate, “Inform Mr. Taylor to prohibit all the law firms in North Hampton from accepting Zoey’s case using his connections.”

His assistant nodded. “Yes, sir.”

All the law firms in North Hampton soon received the news: No one is allowed to accept Zoey Lopez’s case.

Zoey, on the other hand, was oblivious as she wasted all her time contacting every law firm she could to fight for her lawsuit. But every firm turned her down.

Zoey quickly realized something was wrong after receiving the continuous rejections. Someone is pushing me into the depth of despair. They want to send Levi into prison and ruin everything I have.

Zoey dialed Levi’s number without wasting another second.

Levi was astounded by the turn of events when he arrived at Zoey’s office. I did not expect this to happen. Perhaps I’ve underestimated the Chamber of Commerce’s authority. Well, Arnold Botts’s involvement is out of my initial consideration too.

“We are left with two choices. We can either pay the sum of 800 million or proceed with the lawsuit. But I contacted all the law firms I could, and all of them refused to represent us,” Zoey sobbed.

“You don’t have to think about the lawsuit anymore. They have planned everything, down to cutting off all your resources and connections. But believe me, this is not the extent of their plans.” Levi’s smile widened.

The legal team from Fick Group arrived shortly after as Levi had predicted.

They requested Zoey to compensate them with a sum of 300 million for Charles Dickens’s injuries and the delay of the West City Ecological Park’s progress.

I did breach the agreement. And it is clearly written on the agreement that I have to compensate them with 10 times the amount they invested. Before Zoey had time to catch her breath, Alaric sent his men from the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce to visit Zoey.

They offered to purchase Zoey’s company for 300 million, including the West City Ecological Park project.


Zoey was flabbergasted. They planned everything. They are pushing me into the traps they laid out for me, one after the other. I’ll be left with nothing by the time this incident comes to an end. Alaric offered to buy out my company for 300 million. Then I’ll have no other choice but to pay Fick Group with the lump sum for breaching the contract. They will take control of all my assets, worth up to a billion, in a breeze. My assets will depreciate further if I do not agree now since I do not have sufficient cash flow to operate my business at this point. 300 million is already considered a great deal.

Alaric and Arnold were proud of this scheme they devised because they would be able to rob Zoey’s possessions while pushing Levi into jail simultaneously.

Alaric’s subordinate said with a smile, “Our offer coincides with the amount you have to pay Fick Group for breaching the contract. If you agree to our proposal, let’s handle the procedures right away.”

Zoey hesitated. I will have to pay this 300 million sum. I really do not have any other choice. Should I just accept this offer?

“Hesitate no more, Ms. Lopez. Your asset may depreciate to 200 million tomorrow,” That person urged Zoey to agree to his offer.

Levi suddenly voiced out at that moment. “300 million? That’s not a problem!”

Everyone was astounded by Levi’s statement. Zoey was not an exception. 300 million is not a problem? He’s talking big again.

“Don’t worry. I can afford 3 billion, not to mention 300 million. Let’s just wait until tomorrow before we decide anything.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 169

Zoey looked at Levi incredulously. “Are you really capable of acquiring the money?”

“Did I say that I’d pay them? Why should we do that? We’re not at fault in this incident.” Levi smiled.

“But they have all the evidence. We have no other choice but to concede!” Zoey rubbed her temples.

“All you have to do now is to proceed with your work as usual. You can approve the resignations of your employees, but you need to make a statement in advance. Tell them that anyone who quits their job now will not be accepted in Imperial Meadows from now on. The employees who stay with the company through this crisis will receive an increased salary and more benefits,” Levi told Zoey what to do.

“But we have no money to fund our operations now. Moreover, no one will dare to invest in my company after that official warning given by the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce,” Zoey said with uncertainty.

“Just do as I say. Someone will invest in your company today,” Levi assured her.

Zoey placed her faith in Levi and heeded his advice.

She made the announcement as Levi suggested. Many of her employees were enraged to receive the notice.

“There’s no need for me to return to this rubbish company anyway!”

“That’s right! Imperial Meadows is going bankrupt soon. What’s the point of acting tough now?”

Zoey merely endured the insults in silent.

At that moment, a Maybach stopped in front of Imperial Meadows’s building.

A few men got out of the car. The man leading the group was dressed in a suit and wearing a pair of sunglasses.

That man was none other than Kirin. Today, he was playing the role of a company’s president instead of a military instructor.

“Hello, please inform Ms. Lopez that Levi Group’s president, Mr. Rhodes, is here to meet her.” The receptionist immediately contacted Zoey after Kirin’s assistant spoke to her.

Zoey came to the lobby to welcome Kirin in person afterward.

Kirin was a skilled fighter and an experienced instructor, but he wasn’t familiar with business talks. Hence, he addressed Zoey in a straightforward manner, “I am would like to invest in an ongoing project under your company, Ms. Lopez. I’ll provide you a 300 million capital for now. Let’s sign the contract now if you agree to my offer.”

His assistant handed the contract to Zoey after Kirin waved his hand.

Zoey was shocked after she glanced through the agreement. This is not a collaboration. He might as well just give me the money!

Kirin added, “We have an ongoing medical-related project as well. I know your company has expertise in this field, so we will let you handle this project too, Ms. Lopez.”

The assistant handed Zoey another document.

That project would only provide Zoey’s company with a 100 million investment, but that was mainly due to Imperial Meadows’s limited capacity.

“Will you agree to my offer, Ms. Lopez?” Kirin inquired.

“Of course! Thank you so much, Mr. Rhodes!” Zoey expressed her gratitude agitatedly.

Then, she gazed at Kirin curiously. “If you do not mind me asking, Mr. Rhodes, why are you choosing to invest in my company when we’re in a tight spot? I have to ask because I cannot think of a valid reason myself.”

Kirin answered, “Firstly, I have faith in your company’s prospect because your business is in demand. The second reason is that I am not afraid of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.”

“What kind of relationship do you share with Levi Garrison, Mr. Rhodes?” Zoey questioned.

The words slipped out of Kirin’s mouth subconsciously. “He’s my… He’s someone with great potential, in my opinion. Levi Group’s advancement in the medical field was unparalleled in the past. I acquired Levi Group and the Garrison family’s businesses because I do not want this technology to go to waste. I came here to invest in your company partly because of this reason too.”

The Return of God of War Chapter 170
“Okay. I understand now.”

The investment made by the mysterious Mr. Rhodes spread quickly throughout the entire North Hampton.

The North Hampton Chamber of Commerce was one of the few to take particular interest in that news.

Alaric Taylor, an obese man, was puffing on his cigar inside his office. “Who is this Neil Rhodes? Why have I never heard of him?”

Alaric’s assistant replied. “We’ve investigated his background. There is limited information on him.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with the Rogers family. Why did they give him Levi Group and Garrison Group all of a sudden? Check out the relationship between Neil Rhodes and the Rogers family,” Alaric ordered. Then, he put on a mischievous smile. “It doesn’t matter to me even if you obtained that investment from Levi Group, Zoey Lopez. You cannot save Levi Garrison anyway. This is the repercussion you must face for harming my godson!”

No one expected Charles Dickens to be Alaric’s godson.

Zoey’s company was finally getting back on track after she received the investment. But I must pay the penalty for breaching the contract. Otherwise, Levi will face time in jail. I’m still worried about this because there’s no way I can collect so much money in this short period of time.

Meanwhile, Levi was hanging out with Azure Dragon and the others.

Azure Dragon laughed out loud when he was informed of the ongoing situation. “Hahaha! What a joke! Is there actually someone who has the guts to send you into prison at this time and age?”

Levi shared his thoughts while smoking a cigarette, “I did not expect these foreigners to have the support of the North Hampton Chamber of Commerce.”

“What are you going to do next, Sir?” Azure Dragon asked.

“Firstly, I’ll visit those people who committed perjury. Then, I’ll deal with the lawyers. The last thing to do is to show the necessary evidence to deport those foreigners,” Levi elaborated.

“Evidence? But there is no evidence as far as I’m concerned.” Azure Dragon was astounded.

However, he quickly gained revelation at the sight of Levi’s sly smile.

Levi Garrison was a man with a plan. He was not only a formidable enemy on the battlefield with unrivaled combat skills, that man was also a brilliant tactician. Dealing with that incident was a piece of cake to him. He had deliberately left traces behind when dealing with Charles and the others last night.

Phoenix took up the responsibility to look for the few waiters in the hotel who had falsified statements as witnesses that night.

Levi and Azure Dragon went to meet with Zoey’s secretary, Suzie. Levi had to deal with matters related to his wife in person.

At that moment, youngsters were dancing to the music inside the Space Bar located in North Hampton.

Suzie treated her friends to party in the bar after receiving a million in cash from Alaric that day. She booked the VIP table in the bar and even ordered the most luxurious meal they had.

Suzie was washing her hand with a bottle of expensive champagne when Levi arrived at the bar.

He sat quietly next to Suzie and chatted with her casually, “Are you having fun spending the money Alaric Taylor gave you?”

Suzie was stunned when she heard Levi’s voice. When did he appear next to me?

“Why are you here, Levi Garrison? And what nonsense did you spout?” Suzie recollected her thoughts after a while.

Levi beamed at her. “I remember you were drunk as well last night. I saved you and arranged for someone to send you home.”

The color drained from Suzie’s face as she listened to him. She refuted his statement firmly. “Nonsense! I wasn’t drunk yesterday, nor did you save me!”

“Go on. Please go on with your lies.” Levi smiled.

Suzie’s male friends stood up and surrounded Levi in an instant. “Who the hell are you, kiddo? What’s going on here?”

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