The Return of God of War Chapter 141-150

The Return of God of War Chapter 141

The ridicule of his classmates and his partners’ betrayal that day had left a deep scar in Levi’s memory.

Etched deep in his heart were the faces of Leon and the others.

These people were unforgettable!

Furthermore, Yoyo had refused to back out after their business venture had failed that year.

Nonetheless, she had later gone on to take care of her family’s business.

After that, Levi had cut all ties with them, so he was unaware of their current statuses.

However, after leaving the team that year, some of them had gone on to start their own businesses and had become quite successful.

Yoyo and May had done the best. Both of them ran companies with market values of one billion.

Leon’s group did quite well too. The three of them were each worth several hundred million.

After all, at that time, only high-achievers could be partners with Levi.

Even so, compared to Levi, they were subpar.

No matter how hard they tried, there was an insurmountable gap between them and the Levi from six years ago.

Later, when they heard that Levi was in prison, Leon and his friends were so happy that they went to gloat over his predicament.

Levi greeted them, “Yoyo, May, you came too?”

Before the girls could reply, Hansen and Bryce said, “Why can’t we come? Yoyo and May are the young elites of North Hampton enterprises, and they’re worth more than one billion each. Our net worth may not be as impressive, but we’re still worth several hundred million. We were officially invited by the Rogers family.”

Leon sneered, “That’s right. We are definitely qualified to come. Conversely, your eligibility is questionable.”

“You have just been released from prison, and you don’t run any company. You are penniless. How did you get in?”

The three ganged up to deride Levi.

Glimpsing the invitation card in Levi’s hands, Bryce snatched it from him.

“Ms. Zoey? Hahaha… Now, I know. You got in using your wife’s invitation card?” Bryce laughed at his expense.

They were simply stating facts. The name written on the card was Zoey’s.

Leon chuckled humorlessly. “It turns out that you depend on your wife! I heard that Zoey recently received a promising contract, which allows her to barely qualify for this event.”

Hansen mocked, “North Hampton’s best, Mr. Levi Garrison, is now depending on a woman?”

Despite their relentless insults, Levi did not show any reaction.

In his eyes, these clowns were totally worthless.

They were nobodies compared to the Garrison family, let alone today’s giant – the Rogers family.

Nevertheless, to Yoyo and May, Levi was but a shadow of what he had been.

In their opinion, the leader who used to be invincible and was always in control had turned out to be a pathetic bum after six years in prison…

Not only was he depending on a woman for support, he had not challenged nor retorted his tormentors’ verbal abuse.

How full of life and motivation was Levi in his glory days when he founded his business!

At that time, Yoyo had been deeply in love with Levi. Nothing could make her leave him, not even his failure in his undertakings. She had wanted to stay with him for always.

Those days, Levi’s every word and every move had won May’s heart.

May was daring and proactive. Many times, she had pursued and even tried to seduce him.

Nevertheless, she had been rejected by Levi each time. That was the real reason she left when the business failed.

No matter how times had changed, this was the man they had loved so deeply.

The two were deeply moved after seeing Levi’s current state.

However, what they felt was immense luck and joy!

After being rejected, May had left in order to improve herself. Her goal was to succeed so that Levi would regret his decision.

Yoyo’s feelings were not so different. If Levi had been successful and lived happily ever after with Zoey, she would be heartbroken. However, what she felt now was unbridled joy!

The Return of God of War Chapter 142

The bottom line was that the less successful Levi was, the more joy and satisfaction they would feel.

As long as Levi failed and deteriorated, that would prove that their decision to leave him was right.

It proved that Levi was unworthy of them.

They looked at each other, and their thoughts were more or less the same.

They were different from Leon and his two friends in that they felt emotional but they would not ridicule or taunt Levi.

“Enough, you guys, shut up! Do not forget that we were partners before. Even though Levi rejected our joint venture back then, he helped us a lot,” May spoke up for Levi.

She was full of authority, speaking like a queen.

With one sentence, she stopped the trio’s taunts.

Yoyo was different from May in that she gave support quietly.

“Are you doing alright?”

She had a lot that she wanted to say to him but could only force out four simple words.

“Yeah, I am alright,” Levi replied.

Yoyo looked at Levi, and a myriad of emotions surged through her heart.

Where is the man who was in control of everything?

So it turns out that time can really change everything. It can prove that my opinion at that time was wrong.

Time proved that my parents were right when they said that Levi’s surge of energy will die off and that he is not worthy of me.

It’s true, then.

Everything is now proven to be true.

Hansen looked at Levi and laughed, “Levi, I would like to ask you, how do you feel now, looking at Yoyo and May who are each worth a billion?”

“I’m certain you regret rejecting them, don’t you?” Hansen chortled.

Bryce said, “Aside from the fact that Yoyo and May are doing much better than Zoey, Zoey’s company nearly went bankrupt not long ago!”

Leon laughed and said, “You regret it, don’t you? If Yoyo or May helps you now, you will definitely make a comeback. However, you don’t even have this opportunity. You are not worthy of them!”

Hearing all this, neither Yoyo nor May said a word.

May stood with her arms folded, like a goddess on a pedestal.

If Levi were to confess to her now, she would ruthlessly reject him.

She would even reply, “There was a time when you couldn’t be bothered with me. I’m not the same now. Levi, you are not worthy of me.”

Yoyo, too, felt the same, more or less.

If she had another chance, she would not love Levi again.

Seeing this scene, Abigail came over and held Levi’s arm. She sneered, “You are, after all, just ordinary, short-sighted folk! My brother-in-law is still amazing. In his eyes, you are nothing but tiny little ants. That’s why he does not bother to reply to your insults.”

Abigail might not know everything about Levi, but she did have an inkling of his true ability.

Someone who offhandedly named her as the owner of a fifty-million-home and just as casually bought the revolving restaurant in North Hampton Center was not someone to be derided by the likes of May and her buddies.

“Hahaha… Levi, is this your sis-in-law? What a lovely girl!”

May smiled and looked at Levi contemptuously.

It was so difficult to start a business now – more than a hundred times harder than six years ago.

If Levi were to try to reach her level now, it would take him a whole lifetime to catch up.

May laughed, saying, “Old friend, I heard that you are not working yet. If you would like to, come and work for me as a head technician. I’ll give you a handsome salary.”

She imagined the man who once rejected her at his pinnacle of success working under her.

Just the thought filled her with pleasure.

Levi rejected her offer, saying, “It’s not necessary. After today, the Levi Group and the Garrison family’s companies will be under me again along with the Rogers family’s businesses. I’ll have a job then.”

After hearing Levi’s claims, the whole group was stunned into silence.

The Return of God of War Chapter 143
When Levi said this, not only did May and the others doubt him, even Abigail found it unbelievable.

She knew her brother-in-law was amazing.

However, taking back Levi Group and the Rogers family business was too far-fetched.

How is that possible?

Even the Levi from six years ago, who was at the pinnacle of success, could not achieve this!

In the face of the Rogers family, he was no more than an ant.


A few seconds later, Leon and the others burst out laughing.

May and Yoyo looked at each other and laughed aloud as well.

This was the most ridiculous joke they had ever heard all their lives.

A scumbag who just got out of prison is going to wipe out the Rogers family, who is worth tens of billions in industries?

Yoyo and May knew Levi only too well because they had worked together before.

Levi had always loved to ‘brag.’

He always casually mentioned doing something impossible.

Later on, he would really achieve it.

Nevertheless, that was the Levi from six years ago who could move mountains.

He had the ability, the motivation, and the connections.

Everything had been as easy as ABC for him.

However, the Levi they knew today had nothing.

There was no way he could do anything amazing or incredible, least of all, wrestling tens of billions worth of businesses from the hands of the Rogers family.

This was just impossible!

It was as possible as the sun rising from the west.

In other words, only in his dreams.

May did not point out the obvious, instead, she congratulated him with a smile, “I congratulate you in advance! Take back the Levi Group and take down the Rogers family!”

The others laughed and agreed, “That’s right, Mr. Garrison, soon you’ll be worth fifty billion. Just help us out a bit when you succeed, anything from five hundred million to one billion would do.”

None of them thought Levi would take it seriously.

Levi told May, “Thank you. When the time comes, I’ll consider you for joint ventures.”

Yoyo looked at Levi with compassion in her eyes.

The Levi in front of her now was simply too pitiable.

From the pinnacle of pride and success, he had fallen so low as to console himself with tall tales.

It was so tragic and sad.

In the twenty or so years of her life, Yoyo had never misjudged any person or situation.

Her only exception was Levi.

She thought he was a winner, but he turned out to be a loser!

Leon patted Levi on the shoulder and sneered, “Garrison, don’t give up. We have faith in your ability. Truth be told, the Rogers family mastered a small part of the core medical technology you developed in the past, and it was so incredible. Did you know that with your technology, they made more than twenty billion?”

May smiled, “It was really incredible! It had the ability to transform a whole clan from rags to riches!”

May looked at Levi, “Levi, my offer to hire you as the head of my technical department is genuine and sincere. You have the ability, but you’ve lost your motivation. I believe in you, and I can give you a future.”

“That’s right. You can come to me too. The Rogers family really made a fortune from your technical skills in the medical field.”

Even Yoyo was interested in hiring Levi.

Pushing this man off his pedestal and then stepping on him was really enjoyable.

“Yoyo, what are you talking about?”

Suddenly, a stern voice was heard.

A tall man wearing a suit and leather shoes appeared. He wore an unhappy expression on his face.

It was Luke, a senior staff member of the Rogers family Group, the super henchman of Leo Rogers, and the second in command of the Rogers family. His position in North Hampton circles was very high, equivalent to representing Leo Rogers.

Luke and Yoyo got along well. It was rumored that they were a couple.

In truth, their relationship was not confirmed, but he seemed to be Yoyo’s best choice for a husband.

The Return of God of War Chapter 144
Yoyo would not be moved even if a blast from the past returned in the form of the man she idolized eons ago.

The crux of the matter was that the present Levi was far inferior compared to Luke.

Seeing Levi today, Yoyo became more determined than ever to choose Luke.

May, Leon, and the others quickly greeted Luke when he arrived.

Luke’s status was too high, way above theirs.

They should try to associate with him more.

Yoyo smiled as she asked Luke, “What’s wrong, Luke?”

“While you were chatting, you mentioned something taboo to the Rogers family…” Luke looked right and left as he replied.

“Oh? Taboo?”

Yoyo’s face turned pale.

Luke nodded and said, “Who gave the information that the profits of the Rogers family are related to Levi’s core technology?” “Do not listen to rumors!” “The core technology was invented by the Rogers family’s own technical team. It has nothing to do with Levi.”

“Don’t say such things again. It’s alright if I hear it, but if any other of the Rogers family members were to hear that, you will get into trouble.”

“I understand. I do understand…”

May and the others were afraid when they heard this.

Yoyo nodded her head too.

The truth was that everyone knew what really happened with the medical technology invention.

It must not be said in public, though.

Levi heard and understand exactly what was happening.

He could only feel upset that the Rogers family members were shameless.

Undeniably, they had profited by using his techniques. Yet, no one was allowed to even mention that.

It was absolutely shameless.

Yoyo saw that Luke was accompanied by a dozen bodyguards. In the midst of them, an assistant held a password-protected attaché case.

Out of curiosity, she asked, “Luke, what are you delivering?”

Luke laughed as he replied, “This is a gift for Kirin. It’s priceless, so I need to keep an eye on it personally.”

In an instant, May and the rest became curious.

Even Levi’s curiosity was piqued.

What would the Rogers family give to Kirin, the scoundrel?

Yoyo laughed, “Luke, what’s inside there? Can you tell me?”

Luke whispered, “The gift to Kirin is a watch! It is a custom-made Patek Philippe Starry Night model, the only one in the world, worth tens of millions!”

The crowd gasped in astonishment.

Indeed, the Rogers family was truly wealthy to present such a treasure to Kirin as a gift.

At the mention of a watch, Levi thought of his good friend, Morris.

Rich men generally had the same interests – cars, beautiful women, antiques, and the like.

Morris loved watches.

There were all types of well-known watches in his home, and many of them were limited editions.

Of course, they were all gone now.

Luke smiled and said, “I’ll reveal another secret, but you must keep it to yourselves. This watch was owned by the assistant director of Levi Group, Morris. He had it custom-made in the Patek Philippe headquarters. It is the most expensive piece in his collection of thousands of watches.”

Upon hearing Luke’s speech, everyone was surprised and turned to look at Levi.


Levi was furious!

It was bad enough that his best buddy’s possessions were divided up, but to be used as gifts? It was atrocious!

“Alright, you guys must keep this a secret. It’s not to be told to anyone else!”

Luke left with the watch with his bodyguards in tow.

Abigail whispered to Levi, “Brother-in-law, please don’t be angry! If it’s given to the Kirin as a gift, grandpa and I can’t do anything about it.”

Levi said nonchalantly, “It doesn’t matter as I shall take back the watch soon enough!”


May and the others laughed again.

“How are you going to get it back?” Yoyo sneered as she asked him.

“Do you think you are Kirin, the King of War?” The crowd asked him.

Levi said softly, “When the time comes, Kirin will bring it to me personally!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 145
“You are so disappointing!”

Yoyo shook her head and looked at Levi in disgust.

Are you now depending on tall tales to console yourself?

May and the others were now taking Levi as a joke.

Hansen laughed as he said, “Levi, did you see Luke just now? That’s Yoyo’s boyfriend. How can you compare yourself to him? He is more awesome than you were six years ago when you were at your peak!”

“Haha, Yoyo, do you now see what a poor choice you made at that time? Your judgment was really horrible!”

“Now that you have chosen Luke, you just escaped from a great tragedy!”

Yoyo was still feeling glad.

She often imagined Luke’s expression of regret, hoping to see it in person one day.

And now, her wish had come true!

“Brother-in-law, let’s leave. Just ignore them!”

Abigail was so furious that she felt she would kill the two women if she listened to their insults any longer.

“Listen, you guys, truth be told, he was once at the pinnacle of success. Now, he is still at the peak!”

With that, Abigail took Levi away from the place.

The moment they left the guest hall, they ran into the Rogers family.

Leading the group was naturally the domineering Glenn, followed by Anthony, Pamela, and the others.

“Grandpa, uncles, dad, mom…”

Abigail greeted them cheerfully.

However, Glenn and the clan were looking at Levi.

“Levi? Hahaha…”

Suddenly, Glenn broke out in laughter.

Anthony went to Levi and whispered in his ear, laughing, “I promise you that you won’t leave this place alive!”

It was an undisguised threat!

Levi laughed as he replied, “Why isn’t my old classmate, Oswald here? Is he hospitalized and unable to come? “

Pamela and Bailey Black did not know about it. Immediately, they replied, “What nonsense are you talking about, Levi? Oswald is perfectly fine!”

However, Glenn and the others were disturbed.

In fact, they were bursting with fury, ready to kill Levi!

He was challenging the power of the Rogers family!

Levi continued laughing as he said, “Go on with the treatment. Our country, Erudia, has lots of fine doctors. There’s no need to seek any doctors from abroad.”

With these words, silence fell on the group.

Glenn’s countenance looked crazed.

Levi knows about the doctor from abroad!

Other than the Atkinson family and the people who abducted the doctor, no one knew about this.

Everyone looked at Levi with suspicion in their eyes.

Can it be possible that Levi orchestrated the abduction of the doctor?

How can that be possible?

Military helicopters were used, and mercenaries were employed.

How can Levi do all that?

It is impossible!

We have thoroughly checked Levi’s present situation. He has few helpers – only Nueve, Trey, and some others are giving him aid.

We can only suspect that he knows about the foreign doctor, that is all.

“Ho ho ho…”

Levi laughed mysteriously and left with Abigail.

Glenn and the clan were left wondering.

Nevertheless, they were certain deep down that Levi only knew about the doctor and was not responsible for the abduction.

Just then, a staff of the Rogers family ran over to them and reported, “Master, there is a problem with the dinner. We need some help to resolve it.”

The dinner and the celebration were equally important. Nothing must go wrong.

Glenn instructed Pamela and Bailey Black, “You both go and resolve the dinner problem. It must go on without a snag!”

“Yes, father!”

The men of the Rogers family must attend the celebration ceremony.

Hence, the only person they could send was Pamela.

By now, almost all the guests had arrived.

Everyone was seated according to their seating arrangement. Due to her relation to Levi, Abigail was seated at the back of the hall, close to the center aisle instead of near the front.

The Rogers family would never let Levi sit near the front.

May, Yoyo, and the others were seated near the front, close to the center.

Before they took their seats, they waved to Levi to show him that they had better seats.

In a short moment, the guests had filled the few hundred seats.

The Return of God of War Chapter 146

The guests were from all walks of life, covering the military, political, and business circles. They were all bigwigs in their respective areas.

It was a testament to the Rogers family’s wide network and sphere of influence.

The empty front row seats were reserved for the ceremony’s VIPs, who were usually the last to arrive.

Members of the Rogers family had all taken their seats. The scene was a perfect representation of the wealthy and powerful being in a class of its own.

Roaring cheers could be heard when the celebrities, including Yelda Zamora and Zak Copland, made their appearances. The enthusiasm of the crowd was pushed to a climax.

After the celebrities settled down, Glenn Rogers walked up on stage and said a few words of welcome.

Following his opening speech, Glenn said impassionedly, “Now, let us welcome our heavyweight guests of the night…”

“I’m proud to say that the following 20 guests whom I’m about to introduce, are all my mentees throughout my military career.”

“First, let us welcome Steven Shaw, Colonel of the First Regiment of North Hampton!”

“Now, let us welcome Yash Warner, Captain of the Kirin Special Operations Force of North Hampton!”

“Third, we have Warren Klein, Commander of the Special Warfare Command of West Lakebran!”

“Fourth, we have Gilbert Hawkins, District Governor of El Swepel in North Hampton!”

“Fifth, let’s welcome Danny Heath, North Hampton’s Minister of Commerce!”

The crowd was exuberant, and everyone clapped loudly as Glenn introduced his former mentees.

The man’s protégés were scattered all over the country, and all of them were at the pinnacle of their lives and careers.

Around 20 of them were commanders or held equivalent positions, while at least 50 of them were higher-ups in the military or political circles.

Everyone, including the rich and powerful, stood in awe of those former protégés of Glenn.

Each of them was a formidable force not to be trifled with!

With so many outstanding individuals who were previously under the Rogers family’s wing, it was almost impossible to gauge the immeasurable influence of the family.

Every member of the Rogers family was proud to be one of the Rogers.

Glenn was definitely the proudest person among everyone in attendance as he presented his mentees, who were all successes in their own rights.

That was what the Rogers family was made of!

There was no one in North Hampton who would dare to pit themselves against the Rogers family.

The dozens of celebrities who attended the event were proof of the Rogers family’s wealth, while the high-ranking military and government officials demonstrated the family’s vast network.

Witnessing the star-studded occasion, Leo Watson sneered and said, “Look at this grandeur, Levi is definitely no match for the Rogers family.”

May and Yoyo, who were also stunned by the impressive scene, readily agreed. “Honestly, the Rogers family could be considered the most powerful family in the country. What we are currently seeing may not even be a fraction of what they are really made of! They are already beyond the level of conventional riches. It seems like they are truly the creme de la creme of the country! I highly doubt that there would be anyone who would get the better of that family!”

After Steven Shaw and the remaining guests were seated, the front row seats were almost fully filled.

But the center seat was still vacant.

Everyone knew very well who that special chair was reserved for.

It was none other than the Kirin King of War!

In extremely high spirits, Glenn Rogers announced in a bright voice, “Now, ladies and gentlemen, let’s give the loudest round of applause to welcome the legendary God of War of Erudia, one of the Five Great Wars Regiment, the Kirin King of War!”

Clap! Clap! Clap!

The audience responded with thunderous applause.

The Rogers family would definitely have their status elevated even further after today, with the Kirin King of War gracing the ceremony.

Under the crowd’s expectant gazes, Kirin entered the venue, flanked by Anthony, Leo, and a few others.

Everyone was thrilled to be able to see the Kirin King of War in person!

As Abigail had already been in the man’s presence previously, she did not feel the same excitement as the rest of the people.

Levi smiled and said, “Look what a grand welcome Kirin has received!”

What baffled many was that, Kirin was donning his military uniform. With a dignified and domineering air surrounding him, the man looked truly majestic and powerful.

The other military officers, such as Steven Shaw, who made their appearances before Kirin, were all dressed in suits. None of them came in their military uniforms.

After all, they were attending a private event, and it did not seem appropriate to be decked out in military uniforms.

As such, it was mystifying to majority of the attendees that the Kirin King of War had donned his uniform.

It was as if he was out on a mission instead of attending a joyous ceremony.

However, Glenn and the rest did not dwell on it.

They even thought that the man’s choice of dressing was a great idea, as it made him look more dignified, intimidating, and revered.

At the same time, it also showed the rest of the guests that being a part of the event meant serious business for Kirin.

This could only benefit the Rogers family, as it created an illusion that, instead of being specifically invited as a guest, Kirin was already on friendly terms with the family, and had specially come to show support for the event!

The Return of God of War Chapter 147

Kirin went up the stage with a stoic face.

The Rogers family had prepared a gift for the man and had arranged for it to be presented to him on stage. This moment had come!

Members of the Rogers family were all in a state of ecstasy as they looked at Kirin standing on stage in his military uniform.

This instant was the highlight of the Rogers family’s 40th-anniversary celebration!

The rest of the guests in the audience had looks of envy on their faces as they witnessed this glorious moment.

After today, the Rogers family’s status among the wealthy and powerful families was bound to be raised by a few notches.

Overwhelmed with excitement, Glenn announced, “Next, on behalf of the Rogers family, l would like to present the Kirin King of War a token of appreciation!”

Escorted by eight bodyguards, Luke Quarrell walked on stage, holding an exquisite gift box in his hands.

“Look, Yoyo! It’s your boyfriend, Luke! He must have gained recognition and is extremely trusted by the Rogers family to be entrusted with such an important task!”

“Exactly! He’s one of few who get to be in such close contact with the Kirin King of War! That’s so impressive!”

“Yeah! How can Levi compare to Luke?”

Hansen Wood and Leo Watson were engaged in an animated conversation, showering Luke Quarrell with compliments.

Yoyo was all smiles and wore a slightly smug expression on her face.

Her reaction was equivalent to admitting that Luke was indeed her boyfriend!

The woman was also thankful that Levi had previously rejected her. Otherwise, she would not have been able to be a part of such a momentous occasion now!

The other people around, who had overheard Hansen and Leo’s conversation, had also turned their gazes towards Yoyo. They seemed to be also admiring her good fortune.

Yoyo was enjoying the feeling of being envied by all and derived great satisfaction from it.

She even felt like standing up and shouting out loud: Do you guys see that? That man over there who is presenting the gift to the Kirin King of War is my boyfriend!

Yoyo deliberately turned around to look at Levi.

It was as though she was silently conveying a message to the man, telling him that he was not good enough for her.

Luke went up on stage and stopped next to Kirin. Holding the gift box with both hands, he extended his arms.

Glenn did a brief introduction of the gift, saying, “This present, which we have specially chosen for the Kirin King of War, was custom-made by Patek Philippe. It’s one of its kind and worth ten million! We felt that only a unique timepiece like this would suit the King of War’s honorable status!”

Glenn paused and looked at Kirin before continuing, “Please don’t misunderstand, Sir. This is purely a token of appreciation from the Rogers family, to thank you for being here with us on this significant occasion. I can promise, in front of the media and everyone else present, that we have no other intentions. It’s just meant to be a souvenir, and we hope that you will accept it!”

Glenn wanted to avoid unnecessary rumors about the Rogers family attempting to bribe the Kirin King of War and also hoped to ease any concerns which Kirin might have.

“Open it!”

When Luke opened the gift box, the exclusive watch sprang into sight.

It was indeed a stunning beauty and definitely worth the high value of ten million!

With slightly shaky hands, Luke presented the watch to Kirin.

This could be considered the greatest achievement of Luke’s life so far.

The audience held their breaths when Kirin accepted the gift.

Successive gasps of astonishment could be heard among the other guests.

Guests in the front row, who were closest to the stage, even had goosebumps when they took in the sight. They consisted of representatives from other wealthy and powerful families.

Even though the acceptance of the watch by Kirin seemed like a simple gesture, it held profound significance.

This could mean that the Rogers family would have Kirin’s backing from now onward!

With this, the Rogers family would dominate the rest of the wealthy and powerful families in North Hampton and might even become one of the most formidable families in the country.

“Sir, would you like to say a few words?” Glenn Rogers asked Kirin tentatively.

Kirin suddenly flashed an unfathomable smile and said, “Where’s Oswald Rogers? I’ve heard since long ago that Mr. Oswald is a rare, unparalleled talent in North Hampton! I don’t seem to see him here today?”

The hearts of everyone from the Rogers family skipped a beat when they heard Kirin’s question.

Two people had asked about Oswald today.

The first one was Levi Garrison.

And now, it was Kirin!

What were the odds that two seemingly unrelated people had asked the same question on the same day? That raised question marks for the Rogers.

It was almost as though they had discussed it prior and colluded to ask the same question on the same day.

The idea was also reinforced by the knowing smile on Kirin’s face.

However, it was merely a passing thought.

Instead of feeling uneasy, the Rogers were actually delighted that the Kirin had asked the question!

The Return of God of War Chapter 148

To the Rogers family, being noticed by the Kirin King of War was a blessing to Oswald!

Anthony Rogers was more exhilarated than any of his other family members. It was a great honor that his son had received such a flattering compliment from Kirin.

Audible whispers could be heard from the crowd.

They were all envious of the attention given to the Rogers family by Kirin.

Kirin had even made a special mention of the successor of the Rogers family! It was almost unbelievable!

Glenn and Anthony shot each other a meaningful look.

They were both burning with hatred for Levi Garrison and wished that they could skin him alive at this instant.

If Oswald had not been injured by Levi, he would have been able to join the other members of the family at today’s ceremony and receive compliments from Kirin in person.

It was entirely Levi Garrison’s fault!

“Sir, my grandson is still in the hospital recovering from his injuries.” Glenn did not dare to deceive Kirin and gave a truthful reply.

“Oh, it’s fortunate that he’s in the hospital though. At least it’s not the crematorium,” Kirin said with a wry laugh.

“Huh?” The Rogers family members were puzzled, as they were unable to comprehend the meaning behind the man’s words.

However, they still laughed along.

“This way please, Sir!”

Glenn personally ushered Kirin down the stage and to his seat—the center seat of the front row!

It was the seat reserved for the most important guest of the night.

Everyone knew that only the Kirin King of War was deserving of that seat.

No one else would dare to claim that seat.

Once Kirin stepped off the stage, the other military officers, including Steven Shaw and Yash Warner, all stood up respectfully and waited for Kirin to take his seat.

Besides the military officers’ veneration for him, Kirin was also reverenced by a majority of the other guests.

With 20 high-ranking officers and the King of War gathered together to celebrate the Rogers family’s anniversary, the family was immensely gratified and felt triumphant!

Glenn Rogers led Kirin to the seat right at the center, which was specially reserved for the man, and said, “Sir, please take your seat! We have specially left the best seat in the house for you. No one else would dare to sit here!”

“Please have a seat, Sir!” Yash Warner said to his commander as well.

However, Kirin remained standing at the spot and did not move.

He neither sat down nor walked away. He was simply in a daze as he stared at the empty seat.

Everyone was at a loss as to what to do or say next, especially the Rogers family.

What could Kirin be thinking about?

It was almost impossible to read the thoughts of a big wheel like the King of War.

Glenn was so nervous that his legs turned wobbly. After taking a deep inhale, he plucked up the courage to ask, “Sir, is there anything concerning you?”

“Did you just say that this is the best seat in the house?” Kirin asked.

Even though Glenn was a little puzzled at the man’s question, he gave a firm nod and answered, “Yes, indeed! This is the best seat which we have specially arranged for the most important person here tonight!”

Kirin’s lips curled into a faint smile as he said, “If that’s the case, I’m afraid I shouldn’t be sitting here. I’m not qualified to take this seat, I can at most only take the one beside it!”

Everyone was shocked by the King of War’s declaration. People were boggled that Kirin had implied that there was someone more important than him!

“What? Who else would be more worthy than the Kirin King of War?”

A burst of helpless laughter escaped Glenn’s lips as he said, “Sir, stop pulling our legs. You are our most prestigious guest of the night, and the only person who’s entitled to this seat!”

However, Kirin shook his head and insisted, “No, I’m really not!”

“Huh? Can you please enlighten us then, Sir? Who could be a better fit than you for this chair? We really have no idea!”

Glenn and the rest racked their minds for a potential individual but still could not figure out who else could be on par with the Kirin King of War!

Kirin smiled and said, “The only person who can sit here is not me. It’s someone else instead.”

“There’s someone else?” Glenn was even more confused.

“Yes, he is the only person who’s entitled to this seat. That person I’m referring to is also here with us tonight. I’ve already spotted him!”

Everyone was intrigued by the ‘someone’ whom Kirin was being secretive about.

“There’s someone among us who is of a higher status than the King of War?”

This sudden new revelation caused a great commotion among the crowd.

The Return of God of War Chapter 149
Everyone looked around, but they could not find a person who was of a higher status than Kirin.

The Rogers family was very puzzled, curious as to who it was.

“Who is the person you speak of, may I ask?” Glenn Rogers questioned.

Kirin laughed, “He is my master!”


“Kirin’s master?”


Everyone drew in their breaths.

Kirin’s master?

To everyone, it meant that the person shared the same status as the God of War!

Back then, Levi had taught Kirin a lot of valuable skills. Kirin always saw him as his leader and master.

No one could understand the relationship they shared.

“Kirin’s master is also here? Why do we not know about this?”

Glenn, Rogers, and the others also broke into a cold sweat.

The Rogers family did not even notice such an important figure present at their celebration.

This was frightening.

If Kirin were to blame the Rogers family, they would not be able to take the social backlash.

Glenn asked in a frightened voice, “May I ask where your master is? The Rogers family will extend our warmest invitation!”

Kirin waved his hand. “There is no need. I will invite him personally!”

As soon as Kirin took a step, all the senior officials of the Rogers family followed suit, along with Steven Shaw, Yash Warner, and the rest of the distinguished guests.

Thousands of people looked at Kirin and the group of people behind him.

Everyone was curious about the identity of Kirin’s master.

Kirin arrived at the center aisle. He passed the front row and walked straight towards the back.

The first row was eliminated!

Everyone in the middle and back rows began to feel agitated as they looked at each other.

May, Yoyo, and the others were especially agitated.

May asked in doubt, “Who can this person be?”

Yoyo shook her head. “Such an important figure is probably hiding in the corner!”

Very soon, Kirin and the others walked past them.

This made May and Yoyo extremely disappointed.

Everyone wished that they could join Kirin and his group of people.

Their small clique got up immediately and looked towards the back row.

They really wanted to know who the mysterious person was!

Everyone present was excited to find out.

Levi was the only one who remained in his seat, looking stoic.

Abigail witnessed his impassiveness and joked, “Brother-in-law, could it be you?”

Levi responded, “Yes, you guessed right!”

However, Abigail thought that Levi was just joking.

In the next moment, Kirin’s group cleared the middle row and walked towards the back row.

A commotion broke out in the back row as people stood up immediately.

The Rogers family felt really nervous at the sight of this.

They had actually arranged for Kirin’s master to sit in the back row. The thought of it scared them.

The Rogers family’s reputation was about to be ruined!

They reached the back row.

Glenn cast a sweeping glance over the guests. There was no one he recognized apart from his granddaughter, Abigail, and Levi, the person he was going to kill in a while!

There was no one else he could recognize.

Anthony and Leo also felt the same way.

The people in the back row were barely allowed to join the celebration. To the Rogers family, these people were not required to be there.

There was really no one else they could recognize!

However, Kirin’s master was in the crowd!

Everyone grew anxious because the answer to their burning question was going to be revealed soon.

Abigail’s heart leaped to her throat as Kirin approached them.

Kirin stopped in his tracks all of a sudden.

Everyone held their breaths.

What was even more freakish was that Kirin happened to stop at the row where Levi and Abigail were in!

Abigail felt as though she had won the lottery.

Is he actually in this row?

She looked intensely at Levi.

The Return of God of War Chapter 150
Is his master really my brother-in-law?

She thought Levi was just pulling her leg!

Yoyo and May too noticed that Kirin had stopped at Levi’s row this row and whispered among themselves, “Isn’t it such a coincidence?”

At the sight of Kirin, the person at the end of the row felt so pressured that he immediately stood up and left his seat.

The others in the row also followed suit.

This was because they clearly knew that they were not Kirin’s master, so they had to leave in order to make way.

Tens of people left the row quickly and lined the aisle.

The only people left in the row were Levi and Abigail.

Levi sat there, as calm and steady as he could be.

Abigail stood up and looked at her surroundings. She did not know if she should sit or stand and was at a loss.

She wanted to leave, but Levi was still in his seat, so she did not know what to do.

Oh my god!

Is Kirin’s master really my brother-in-law?

In an instant, a thousand pairs of eyes riveted on them.

Levi and Abigail were the center of attention!

Overwhelmed with anxiety, Abigail became breathless.

Time seemed to come to a standstill at this moment.

Everyone was lost in their thoughts, and their minds became a complete blank.

Abigail’s teeth chattered, and her limbs trembled in fear. She really wanted to ask Levi, but she did not have the strength to open her mouth.

This man is too mysterious!

Kirin’s started to move, his shoes creating a rhythmic beat on the carpet.

As if a sledgehammer had slammed into their hearts, the sound brought everyone back to their senses.

They saw that Abigail and Levi were the only ones left in the row.

Everyone figured out what that meant.

Abigail is a woman, so she definitely cannot be Kirin’s master!

There is only Levi left!

He is Kirin’s master!

Glenn and the others, who were following behind Kirin, could not respond to this piece of information. They were reeling from the shock.

Every one of them felt like walking corpses as they stood rooted to their spot, mouths gaping.

They could not react.

They could not react at all!

This was because they did not expect such a thing to happen at all.

Levi being Kirin’s master would be their worst nightmare come true!

Yoyo, May, and Leon Watson looked on as Kirin moved.

They saw that only Levi was seated there.

Their scalps grew numb as blood rushed to their heads. It felt as though their heads were about to explode.

He is Kirin’s master?


Absolutely not!

Levi’s ability and reputation had deteriorated, and he was no more than a waste of space! So how could he be Kirin’s master?

Even the Levi from six years ago did not have the right to be acquainted with Kirin.

How was he able to become a military big shot after being in prison for six years?

Everyone who knew Levi thought of him this way.

If this was real, then it meant that the Rogers family was going to face a major disaster!

It only took a short while to reach Levi, but to the audience, it felt like a century.

Kirin finally made his way towards Levi and stood in front of him.

Abigail, who was at such close proximity to Kirin, almost fainted on the spot.

Everyone saw Kirin looking respectfully at Levi. After doing a military salute, he boomed, “God of War, Kirin of Northwest War Zone is here to report to you!”

After listening to what Kirin had said, everyone felt as though tons of explosives had gone off in the room, pulverizing their bodies and shattering their souls.

The God of War that Kirin mentioned could only be one person – the one right at the top!

Is the God of War here to grace the Rogers family’s 40th anniversary celebration?

Everyone was deathly silent.

No one said a word.

However, their hearts were beating loudly in their ears!

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