The Return of God of War Chapter 131-140

The Return of God of War Chapter 131
Abigail chuckled, deliberately holding him in suspense.

“Abigail’s favorite celebrities are coming to North Hampton,” Zoey piped up. “This girl has been yapping about it all night.”

Abigail glared at her. “Why did you say it?”

Levi frowned. “That’s all?”

Abigail nodded with pride. “Yeah, my idols are coming. How is that not great news?”


Levi walked away.

Abigail went after him. “Are you upset?”


“What do you mean, lame? One of them is pretty, and the other is handsome! Here, let me show you their pictures! This is Yelda Zamora. She’s not only pretty, but her singing is superb! She’s the hottest female star out there!”

Abigail showed Levi some pictures through her phone.

Levi flicked a glance. “So-so. She’s worse than your sister though.”

“And this is Zak Copland! Look, isn’t he handsome?”

Levi pushed her out and closed the door behind him.

That’s more like it.

Levi had never been interested in celebrities!

It was always the soldiers who sacrificed and struggled for the glory of the country, but it was these celebrities who received the honor and enjoyed special privileges instead!

No one knew his brothers had died for the country and that their bodies had been left in the wilderness, but these celebrities made it to the news with just a headache and elicited pity from the public with just a paper cut on their finger from filming.

While the martyr’s grave was left collecting dust, an entertainer’s anecdotes were known to all.

It was based on this standpoint that Levi couldn’t get himself to like any celebrities.

Outside the room, Abigail went to harass Zoey again.

“Zoey, do you know they were invited to Rogers Group’s fortieth-anniversary celebration? Uncle said that I can finally meet them on that day!” she squealed.

“Oh.” Zoey gave a noncommittal reply.

“I’ll get some more of those invitation cards. Why don’t you come with Levi?”

Abigail was excited.

“Okay,” Zoey said. “We’ll be there.”

The next day, with time to spare, Zoey went shopping with Abigail and Levi.

After walking around a few malls in a row, Abigail and Zoey bought nothing.

But on the contrary, the ordeal of having to go shopping had tormented Levi, the God of War.

Shopping with women is so much more tiring than killing enemies on the battlefield.

At noon, Levi eventually decided firmly not to continue shopping anymore, so he said, “Let’s eat first! Or else I’m not moving!”

Unable to argue with Levi, Abigail and Zoey could only agree to eat first.

“That’s North Hampton Center up ahead. Let’s go over there.”

Levi was really exhausted.

Arriving at the North Hampton Center, they were surprised to see the crowd that was two times more than usual.

Many people were dressed uniformly, rushing in a direction, and holding what seemed like a light stick in their hands.

Seeing the crowd, Abigail was ravishing with joy.

“God, my idols are here!”

“I can’t believe they’re having an event at North Hampton Center today!”

Abigail dragged Levi and Zoey to the front.

As there was an elevator just ahead, Levi held his peace.

It was only after coming to the center of the mall did Levi realize how scary it was.

There was a stage at the front, which he supposed the celebrities would show up there, and many people behind the stage, where celebrities including Yelda Zamora and Zak Copland were on standby.

They were here to take part in some business activities to earn some quick money before attending the Rogers family’s fortieth-anniversary celebration.

However, the worst part was that there were thousands of people gathering around the stage.

The Return of God of War Chapter 132

Not only that, but there were also people around the guardrail on the second, third, fourth, and up to the tenth floor.

Levi couldn’t imagine just how many fans had gathered today. Are there at least a thousand of them?

The fans were chanting their idol’s name like believers who had been brainwashed, and Abigail joined in as well when she arrived.

More than a hundred security guards were guarding around the stage to keep the fanatical fans outside.

Even the stage was cordoned off with barricade tapes!

Levi couldn’t stand such a scene.

Irritated, he pulled Zoey’s hands and walked straight toward the elevator.

“Where’s Abigail?”

Before he knew it, Abigail had already vanished from his sight.

“She said she’s going to meet her idols and told us to eat first. She’ll look for us later,” Zoey said.


Levi and Zoey were about to enter the elevator when a few security guards stopped them.

“No! You can’t take the elevator!” the security guard said coldly, stretching his arm.

“Why?” Levi’s forehead puckered.

“Unauthorized persons are not allowed to use the elevator today besides staff members and the celebrity teams,” the security guard explained.

Levi snickered. “So you’re saying that celebrities have special privileges?”

“Yes! To ensure the safety of the celebrities, you guys are forbidden to take the elevator!” the security guard said ruthlessly.

“Come on. Let’s try the escalators!”

Levi and Zoey came to the escalators, but the security guards stopped them again for the same reason.

Levi looked up to see that all the escalators had been cordoned off from the first floor to the tenth floor.

Just then, Zoey picked up a call from work and took off, leaving Levi with no choice but to eat alone.

“That area is separated from this one,” said the security guard, pointing at the opposite side. “You can take the escalator over there.”

Levi looked around briefly. I can reach the elevator on the opposite side if I pass through the stage area.

He wandered to the front stage, planning to walk through there.

Heedless of others, Levi crossed over the barricade tape directly.

“What are you doing? Stand there!”

“Stop right there!”

Suddenly, more than a dozen security guards rushed over, touching the electric batons behind their backs and locking their eyes on Levi.

Levi chuckled. “Chill! I’m just trying to get to the elevator on the opposite side. I promise I’ll stay out of your way.”

“Get back!” the head of security barked. “No one is allowed to go through here! Didn’t you see the barricade tape?”

“The celebrities who are here today are all A-list celebrities. Can you afford to bear the responsibility if something goes wrong?” another security guard questioned.

Levi sneered, “A mall is considered a public place, no? Why aren’t tourists allowed to pass?”

“You can on usual days! But not today!” the head of security said.

“You people are hogging public resources, are you not? Do celebrities have any special privileges for you to obstruct a person’s passage in a public place?” Levi asked in a low voice.

“Yes! They have the privilege! Their performance fee costs tens of millions! That’s the privilege!” the security guard said.

“What if I insist to cross over?” Levi sneered.

“This place has been cordoned off. You can try!”

A dozen more security guards came, making it over thirty of them glaring at Levi.

Levi flashed a cruel smile. “Fine, a blockade, eh?”

He fished for his phone and dialed a number. “Kirin, bring your troops to North Hampton Center! I want to lay siege to this place!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 133
How are you calling this a blockade?

I’ll show you what a real blockade looks like!

Anger overpowered Levi.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have troubled Kirin!

Seeing how Levi was putting on airs about laying siege to North Hampton Center, the security guards laughed themselves silly.

Is he crazy?

Calling the troops to lay siege to this place?

Who does he think he is?

A high-ranking officer of the war zone?

Show us what you got then!

The commotion over here had soon attracted the celebrity team’s attention as a few celebrity managers came over, asking what was going on.

The ringleader was Monica, Yelda Zamora’s manager. She was the top celebrity manager in the entertainment industry, who had entirely arranged the event today on her own.

In another word, she had the final say!

Monica shot Levi an icy stare. “What is your problem? Can’t you see that this place has been blockaded?”

Levi gave a half-suppressed laugh. “Who gave you the right to do that?”

Monica froze at that question.

It was a question which she didn’t know and had never thought about the answer.

After all, it had been normal all along for celebrities to go out with bodyguards, occupy a place and cordon off an area. So it became a default rule.

Celebrities had an inherently noble identity with a very high net worth.

And therefore, no one was allowed to come near to them.

So much so that roads would be blocked off to prevent pedestrians from passing by when they were shooting variety shows.

It was as if this privilege was given to them in silent acquiescence, and the passerby would consciously abide by it.

Thus, they were completely caught off guard and didn’t know how to answer when Levi raised that question.

“Standing here today are all A-list celebrities of Erudia. They’re noble and worth billions. They can enjoy this privilege! If anyone is allowed to come and go freely at this time, then what’s the difference between our artists and you ordinary people?” Monica snapped.

Levi laughed. “So you mean to say that celebrities are people of status?”

“Yes, you can put it that way! After all, what they did is beyond what you can think of! It’s only right for them to enjoy this privilege!” said Monica solemnly.

“Don’t you even think about creating trouble here or we’ll hand you over to the police!” She further threatened.

“Bloody f*ck!” Levi cursed. “I just want to ride the elevator and grab a meal, but you guys are here blabbering on and on about blockading this and that. If that’s what you want, I’ll show you what a real blockade looks like!”

Monica and the others laughed at Levi’s bravado.

A real blockade? What the hell is a real blockade?

Are you kidding me?

Monica was about to call security to kick him out when the crowd went wild at the few celebrities walking over.

Monica immediately went up to them.

The two stars in the lead looked very dazzling.

They could be distinguished at first glance, even among a sea of celebrities.

The man, whose skin was fair, was decked out in a white suit. He exuded a feminine aura that was most in line with the contemporary standard of a hunky boy-next-door.

As for the woman, she was wearing a long white dress that accentuated her petite and sexy figure, and as she flaunted her gorgeous face, she looked like an angel descending to the earth.

They were none other than the popular stars, Yelda Zamora and Zak Copland.

“Monica, what’s the matter?” Yelda asked.

“This fella insisted on trespassing, and after we stopped him, he said he wants to blockade this place,” Monica sneered.

The Return of God of War Chapter 134
“Just let him go over there, Monica,” Yelda said softly. “It’s no big deal.”

“No, Yelda! What if he has evil intentions? Look at him. I have no reason not to suspect that he’s coming for us!” Zak suddenly spoke, his voice cold. “Where’s security? What are you waiting for? Seize him!”

Zak was especially sick of such a fan who tended to act up to attract their idol’s attention.

To him, Levi was that perfect example.

Yelda looked at Levi and said, “Just let him go! Who knows if he has something urgent to attend to!”

“Hmph, no way! This is dangerous for us! Don’t you know how valuable our identities are? What if he means malice? This is why the place is sealed off! To guard against people like him!”

Zak was uncompromising.

Just as the security guards were about to make their move on Levi, he took out his phone and bellowed, “Kirin, where the f*ck are you?”

“We’re already in position, Sir! Initiating North Hampton Center’s lockdown!” Kirin’s voice was heard.

Everyone could hear their conversation clearly.

Zak and Monica laughed out loud.

“Who are you trying to scare here? Who do you think you are to lock down North Hampton Center?”

“If you can lock down North Hampton Center, I, Zak Copland, will eat a turd!”

At this moment in time, something big was happening outside of North Hampton Center.

Every pedestrian on the square in front of North Hampton Center stopped to look up at the sky.

There were at least a dozen helicopters hovering above North Hampton Center building!


The helicopter hatch opened. One by one, heavily armed guards came down, landed on their feet and lined up in formation, heading for the interior of North Hampton Center.

“Attention, everyone! The lockdown of North Hampton Center is now in effect! Clear out as soon as possible! Attention, this is not a drill…” A deafening sound was heard from the loudspeakers of every helicopter.

The crowd was in a complete state of panic as they were curious about what was happening.

Inside one of the helicopters, a soldier was operating the computer.

He quickly hacked in and took control of North Hampton Center’s PA system…

Despite the warning outside, it was inaudible inside North Hampton Center.

Zak and Monica were still making fun of Levi. “Well, what are you waiting for? Where are your men? God, this is hilarious!”

Buzz… Buzz… Buzz…

A loud noise reverberated from the PA system inside the mall, making everyone stop all their movements to look up.

“Attention, everyone! This is Yash Warner speaking, the Captain of Kirin Special Operations Force of North Hampton. We’re imposing a lockdown on North Hampton Center right now! Please cooperate with us!”

The announcement made through the loudspeakers was played over and over again.

Before anyone could react, the sound of uniform marching was heard from behind them.

Thump… Thump… Thump…

Everyone looked back to see heavily armed guards, marching in in groups of tens, surrounding them from all sides.

“Freeze! Freeze!”

The security guards were all put to the ground in no time.

Above the high level was a guard who came descending from the sky with a rope tied to his body.

It turned out that they had attacked from above…

All the security guards on the other floors had been subdued at the same time!

The Return of God of War Chapter 135

Everyone got a nasty shock, including Zak, Yelda, Monica and the rest of the celebrity team and security guards.

Levi was just talking about cordoning off this place, and it really happened!

And they’re all from the Special Operations Regiment!

The next moment, Levi ripped off all the annoying barricade tapes before their eyes and replaced them with military ones.

The barricade tape the security guards had put up from before was to barricade the public from getting near to the artists, but the point of the military tape now was to encircle the celebrity team.

Everyone huddled together, shivering in fear.

So what if they had fame and status?

They were as scared as ever to encounter the Special Operations Regiment!

Right then, Yash Warner, whose voice was heard from over the PA system, showed up holding a loudhailer in his hand, still warning the people, but at the same time mollifying their anxiety by telling them it was just a simple lockdown.

Yash was armed to the teeth and had several grenades hanging on his chest.

Following behind him were dozens of well-trained soldiers who were jogging up to the front of the stage, standing before Levi amidst the horrified looks of the cadre of celebrities.

“Reporting, Sir!” Yash shouted, giving a military salute. “Yash Warner, the Captain of Kirin Special Operations Force of North Hampton, is here to protect the Chief! Awaiting your orders, Sir!”

A deathly silence filled the atmosphere…

Monica, Zak, Yelda, and the security guards regarded Levi with an astonished look.



He’s their Chief?

And a very young one at that?

Levi glanced at Yash.

This is great!

Kirin’s hellish training is really something!

These ordinary soldiers were as good as the Imperial Guards, despite the short training period.

“Mm, that was fast!”

Levi nodded, then looked at Monica, Zak and the others.

“This is what you called a blockade! Do you understand now?”

Everyone was drenched with sweat at Levi’s words. They were so frightened that they almost passed out.

However, one thing they could make out for sure was that Levi was the Chief of the Warzones!

No wonder he was so full of himself when he said he was going to cordon off North Hampton Center.

It turned out that he really had the power to do so!

Zak’s face darkened as he remembered what he said about eating a turd if Levi could cordon off this place.

Levi’s identity was unexpected.

Who would have thought that a passerby who was just going to grab a meal turned out to be the Chief who could summon the Special Operations Regiment with just a word?

Everyone shuddered when they noticed Levi’s stern gaze on them.

“According to your logical thinking, I should be as noble as you, right?” Levi sneered.

Monica and Zak nodded fervently. “Yes, yes, yes! You’re definitely someone of noble status, Chief!”

“Then should I also enjoy special privileges and occupy public resources wantonly?” Levi asked.

“Definitely! What are you talking about, Chief? You can do whatever you want!”

Naturally, Monica and Zak became docile and obedient, wanting to make friends with the Chief.

But Levi raised his voice the next second. “Does that mean I should bring along a troop with me to cordon off this place just to have a meal at the mall?”


Levi’s sudden rage had Monica and the rest trembling.

“Privilege? There are so many people with privileges! If everyone behaves like you, wouldn’t it be a mess?!”

The Return of God of War Chapter 136

“It’s not wrong for you to organize an event, but is it necessary to block all the places? There are so many people and not everyone is here for you.

They’re like me, who came to eat and buy clothes. Why do we have to wait for hours because of your event? If we’re talking about privileges, what do you think about only continuing your event after I cordon off this place and finish my meal?”

Faced with Levi’s questioning, Monica and the rest looked down and dared not speak a word.

All this while they had only considered the safety of the artists and their own privileges when holding events that they had disregarded the problems of other people’s livelihood.

Perhaps ordinary people were simply not qualified for their consideration in their eyes.

“We were wrong, Chief. We’re aware of our own mistakes and we shouldn’t have occupied public resources! We will definitely think before organizing any events in the future!”

Monica took the initiative to apologize.

Levi gave the crowd a perfunctory glance. “Cancel the event. Yash Warner, take them back and have everyone write a ten thousand-word letter of remorse before releasing them!”


Everyone was stunned when they heard that.

Are you kidding me? You’re asking these high and mighty celebrities to write a ten thousand-word letter of remorse?

However, at Levi’s ferocious gaze, everyone lowered their heads.

Lastly, Levi looked at Zak. “I think I’ll not watch you eat turd. It’s too disgusting.”

Zak was badly shaken.

It definitely wasn’t a good thing to be remembered by such a big shot.

After Levi had left, Yash fell back with his men and the celebrities had left as well.

The mall was soon restored to order, and Levi had his meal as he wished.

Very soon after, Abigail found Levi.

“Levi, you totally missed it. A big chief wanted to have a meal, but the place was sealed off, so he put this place on lockdown in a fit of rage. He even took away my idols and they supposedly have to write a letter of remorse. How tragic.”

As Abigail was among the crowd, she only had a general idea of what transpired just now, with most of it having heard from other people.

“They deserve it,” Levi said coldly.

“But I heard the Chief is only in his twenties. Do you think there’s such a young Chief, Levi?” Abigail queried. “I mean, generally speaking, shouldn’t they be in their forties and fifties by the time they earn their qualifications and get to the top?”

“Everything is fair and just in the military. Anyone with the capability can become a Chief! It’s normal to have a high-ranking position in your twenties,” Levi said.

“Oh, I see.”

Abigail continued with regret, “I’m just sad that I couldn’t meet my idols this time. But my uncle has invited me to the fortieth-anniversary celebration. You should come too, Levi.”

Hearing that it was the anniversary celebration of the Rogers family, Levi agreed.

“Sure, no problem.”

At the training base, Yash had just released the celebrities who had finished writing their letters of remorse and was about to report to Kirin when he bumped into Steven Shaw along the way.

“Hey Steven, what are you doing here?”

Yash and Steven were once soldiers of the same class, and they studied together later.

So they had a close relationship.

“Mr. Rogers’ family business is holding a fortieth-anniversary celebration,” said Steven, taking out a gilded invitation. “He invited us over and I’m here to give you your invitation.”

Yash accepted the invitation. “He still remembers us?”

It turned out that Steven and Yash were Glenn’s students.

‘Yeah! Many comrades will be there for the celebration, just to see Mr. Rogers,” Steven said.

“Okay, let’s go together,” Yash said.

The Return of God of War Chapter 137
Steven smiled, looking a little embarrassed.

Yash could tell at a glance that Steven had a favor to ask of him. “What is it, Steven? There’s no need to be polite between us.”

“I’ll be straightforward then! I spoke on the phone with Mr. Rogers just now. He told me to ask you if you could invite Kirin to attend the Rogers family’s grand celebration,” Steven said.

Surely, it was Glenn’s idea.

As for inviting the God of War, the Rogers family wasn’t qualified, and thus Glenn dared not even think about it. But he wanted to give Kirin a try.

Kirin was one of the five great Kings of War under the command of the God of War. It would be the Rogers family’s greatest honor if he accepted the invitation.

“It was for an assignment that I came into contact with the God of War, Azure Dragon, and the others. There’s no substantial relationship or whatsoever,” Steven added. “But you and Kirin are different! He’s equivalent to your master!”

Yash’s expression changed slightly. “Since Mr. Rogers said so, I’ll give it a try.”

Shortly after, Yash came to report at Kirin’s command post.

“Are they gone?” Kirin asked without looking up, his legs on the table.

“Yes, Sir!”

But Yash stood rooted to the spot after finishing his report.

“What is it?” Kirin looked at him in puzzlement. “Don’t just stand there! Say it!”

“Reporting, Sir!” Yash straightened his back. “My instructor, Mr. Glenn Rogers, wishes to invite you to the Rogers family fortieth-anniversary celebration.”

“Oswald Rogers, that Rogers family?” Kirin asked.

He had heard it from Azure Dragon before that the Rogers family was the enemy of the God of War.

“Yes, Sir!” Yash nodded.

Although it seemed like a slim chance, at least he tried.

“Okay, I’ll go!” Kirin accepted the invitation.

“This is great! Thank you, Sir!” Yash saluted.

Immediately, the Rogers family learned that Kirin would be attending their grand celebration.

Glenn was all smiles.

“Haha, God bless the Rogers family! That would be the greatest honor for us if Kirin shows up! Hahaha… He’s the God of War’s right-hand man; it’s equivalent to us having a little something going on with the God of War! Our status will definitely rise after this celebration!”

“Yeah, Dad,” Anthony agreed. “Although we’re one of the top ten wealthiest families in North Hampton, we’re still at the bottom of the list after all. We can definitely move up a few places after this celebration!”

The Rogers family were so excited that they clenched their fists.

The celebration was good news to them as well.

In layman’s terms, it was very likely that their dividends would increase from fifty million to a hundred million.

“Pass on my orders,” said Glenn, looking at everyone. “Ramp up the publicity! And spread the news that the King of War, Kirin, will be our guest of honor for this celebration!”

The attendance list of the Rogers family’s grand celebration spread like wildfire in North Hampton and seeing that the most honored guest was none other than Kirin, the God of War’s right-hand man, many powerful families in North Hampton were envious.

So what if they were rich?

And so what if they had connections all over Erudia?

None of those was equal to Kirin’s attendance at the celebration.

“Dad, Pamela’s daughter, Abigail, wants her brother-in-law and sister to attend as well. As you know, those are Levi and Zoey, and so I said yes,” said Anthony to Glenn.

Glenn patted Anthony’s shoulders. “You did the right thing!”

“We’ll show Levi just how great the Rogers family is!” Glenn chortled.

The Return of God of War Chapter 138
“In fact, we should thank Levi for this,” Anthony added. “We only possess part of the core technology developed by his team, but we’ve made a net profit of at least twenty billion in the past six years, haven’t we?”

“Yeah, that kid sure was capable. Even the richest man in North Hampton remembers him!” Glenn withdrew his smile and continued coldly, “But I can’t stand him beating my grandson to a pulp like this! I must hit him after the celebration!”

“Right, the overseas experts and doctors are arriving soon, aren’t they?” Glenn asked as a thought occurred to him. “Make sure Oswald attends the celebration!”

The Rogers family had hired ten foreign experts to treat Oswald to make sure that he could attend the celebration.

“Dad,” answered Anthony, “They’ll arrive today at twelve midnight! Five days will be enough!”

“Okay, bring them here and make sure nothing goes wrong,” Glenn said.

“Don’t worry, Dad. I’ll pick them up myself!”

At this moment, Levi was at the manor where Azure Dragon and the others lived.

Kirin had just informed Levi about the invitation he received from the Rogers family.

“Mm, you did great. I’m going too as an ordinary guest. But you, you’re the guest of honor, kiddo!” Levi teased.

“Our little Kirin will be the most important guest at the grand celebration,” Azure Dragon joined in.

“Stop teasing me, please!” Kirin said immediately.

Right then, the valiant and heroic Phoenix came forward, saying respectfully, “Reporting, Sir! I just received news that the Rogers family has hired ten foreign experts to treat Oswald Rogers. They’ll be landing at the private zone of North Hampton Airport at twelve tonight!”

“They’re here to treat Oswald?”

Levi’s expression darkened.

“Yes, Sir! The Rogers family wants to make sure that Oswald attends the grand celebration, so they invited top medical experts from all over the world,” Phoenix said.

Levi raised his arm to look at the time. It was a quarter past ten.

“Let’s go and take them down,” said Levi, rising to his feet. “The nerve to treat Oswald!”

North Hampton Airport had always been busy.

But tonight, there were black cars stopping before the private passageway, headed by a Rolls-Royce with dozens of hefty men in suits standing next to it, all of them looking aggressive.

Coming down from the Rolls-Royce was Anthony.

They were here to pick up the foreign medical experts.

Such a grand scene was only in line with the Rogers family’s reputation as it brought about an uproar among the crowd.

Anthony glanced at his watch. It was exactly twelve.

“Okay, the experts are coming out soon. We’ll leave immediately once we pick them up!” Anthony instructed, his men standing by sternly.

Shortly after, a team of twenty came out from the private passageway.

This included the foreign experts and their assistants, as well as a good deal of equipment.

“Welcome, Mr. Jeffrey and team!” Anthony greeted.

“This way please!”

With a wave of his arm, Anthony’s men took over the medical team’s equipment and loaded them into the car, and the medical team was ushered into their respective rides.

Chuff… Chuff… Chuff…

However, at this moment, there was a rumbling sound in the sky.

It was the sound of a propeller spinning at high speed.




Rays of bright light shone on the car and the people’s faces from mid-air, lighting the place up like daylight.

In the face of such strong light, everyone was so shaken that they couldn’t open their eyes.

The Return of God of War Chapter 139

The sound in their ears was getting louder like thunder.

The fierce wind the propeller produced was raging and everyone was almost blown away.

Only then did everyone see clearly that those were helicopters in the air.

After taking a closer look at the symbol, everyone’s heart sank.

Those were helicopters from the war zone!

“Everyone, listen and stay wherever you are!”

A loud voice was heard from the loudspeaker.

Thereafter, they saw men after men in suits of different skin colors, and height about a head taller than the Rogers family’s guards, sliding down the helicopter’s ladders.

The hefty men in suits who landed and seized the foreign medical team directly from the Rogers family were none other than the mercenaries under James’ leadership.

Along with the medical equipment that had been loaded in the car, everyone and everything was loaded into the helicopters instead.

Anthony and the rest could only look on as the mercenaries took away the medical team and equipment from them.

Firstly, the Rogers family had no ability to fight against these mercenaries.

Secondly, Anthony was afraid of these symbols on the helicopters.

Chuff… Chuff… Chuff…

It was not only until the helicopters had left that Anthony came back to his senses.

What just happened?

These mercenaries are well-trained, and it took them only one minute to raid the place.

It was so fast that we couldn’t even react in time.

“What do we do now, Mr. Rogers?” the head of the bodyguards asked.

“Go home. What else can we do?”

Anthony made a sour face.

Returning to the Rogers residence, Glenn was shocked when he learned about the episode at the airport.

“You didn’t stop them?” Glenn asked. “They’re just a bunch of foreign bodyguards!”

But Anthony shook his head. “Dad, listen to me. That group of people was well-trained. You can tell from the way they glide down the helicopters that they must have served in the military. I suspect they’re mercenaries!”

Glenn looked dazed. “Mercenaries? But I don’t know anyone who dares to deploy mercenaries in North Hampton.”

“There is one. Didn’t Rick Garrison hire some mercenaries a while ago? They were detained after the incident and have yet to be released. I think it’s them,” Anthony said.

“So you mean to say that it’s Rick who is using this group of mercenaries?”

Glenn already had an answer in his mind.

Anthony nodded. “Most probably so. Those symbols on the helicopters are military symbols! Who would dare to use these helicopters?”

Glenn was puzzled. “Is there anything wrong with these doctors? Why were they detained?”

“We don’t know and didn’t dare to ask!”

On the other side, Levi had directly sent these doctors out of Erudia.

You want to treat Oswald?

No way!

For the next few days, the Rogers family had been asking around to find out the reasons, but to no avail.

They found nothing solid about these mercenaries.

“Could they be coming for Oswald?” suggested Leo, Oswald’s uncle.

Glenn and Anthony glared at him. “What nonsense are you spouting? How could such a great person hold grudges against Oswald?”

“The only use of these experts is to treat Oswald. Isn’t it obvious that they were detained because the other party didn’t want them to treat him?” Leo analyzed.

“It’s only Levi who doesn’t want Oswald to be treated in the whole of North Hampton,” Glenn retorted. “Are you suggesting that Levi is the God of War?”

“Of course not! How could Levi be the God of War? That’s too ridiculous!”

Leo shook his head.

The Return of God of War Chapter 140
“Oswald is not getting any better. I don’t think he can make it to the celebration,” Glenn sighed.

Anthony knew the importance of the celebration this time. It was basically a guarantee that Oswald would become the heir if he attended the celebration.

“Dad, can we postpone the celebration?” asked Anthony, hoping fervently for his son to attend it.

His words had Glenn’s anger spiked.

“How can we postpone such a big event? What do you think my students will think about us? What if we anger Kirin?”

“No, we can’t postpone the celebration!”

Rogers Group’s fortieth-anniversary celebration was just around the corner, and almost the whole of North Hampton was aware of it.

Everyone was proud to have the invitation to the grand celebration. Many people had even sent pictures of the invitation to their friends to show off their status of being acquainted with the Rogers.

One could see how well the Rogers family’s publicity had been done.

The night before the celebration, Abigail specially came to deliver Levi and Zoey their invitations.

Because of what happened to Oswald, Zoey had been worried to this day. She dared not attend the Rogers family’s celebration, lest they flew into a rage at the sight of them.

“If you won’t go, I’ll go.”

Naturally, Levi wanted to go and Abigail was very happy about that because he would be hers alone if Zoey refused to go.

“You must watch over Levi!” Zoey urged. “He has beef with the Rogers family!”

“Don’t worry, Zoey. Grandpa loves me very much. No one can touch him,” Abigail said.

Aaron and Caitlyn didn’t receive the invitation.

In Pamela’s opinion, they had no rights to attend the celebration.

The next day, the City Convention and Exhibition Center became the venue for this grand celebration.

The street in front of the City Convention and Exhibition Center was taken over by the Rogers family for the day, and a variety of banners and flying balloons were hung on both sides of the dozen-kilometer-long road.

The Rogers family had spent a tremendous amount of money to decorate the venue.

They sure were willing to spend that money. After all, even the invitation cards were gilded with gold.

Not to mention the dozens of A-list celebrities and countless influencers who were invited.

The parking lot in front of the venue was filled with rows of luxury cars.

The Rogers family’s network of connections was not to be frowned upon. Everyone who attended the celebration was wealthy and respectable.

The Lopez family was simply out of their league.

Abigail and Levi arrived at the venue and made their way in easily after showing their invitations.

As the celebration hadn’t officially started yet, everyone was waiting at the lounge where a buffet was being served.

Levi and Abigail looked for a seat and had just sat down when a voice was heard from behind.

“Levi, is that you?”

Levi looked back to see a graceful woman in a long burgundy dress. She had a voluptuous figure, slender legs, and a charming and seductive temperament.

The woman was looking at Levi with her doe-like eyes.

Levi recognized the woman as May Holland, his and Morris’ business partner in the early days, who had both the capability and the creativity to succeed.

Their start-up team was riding high at first, but many had opted out when they started to lose money, leaving only Levi, Morris, and another girl.

Among those who opted out was May.

“It really is Levi!”

Another voice was heard from the side.

Standing before Levi right now were four other people. They were Yoyo Peterson, Leon Watson, Hansen Wood, and Bryce Chadd, his start-up partners from the past.

Yoyo was that only girl who stayed on while the others had opted out.

When Levi’s start-up business became successful later on, they had wanted to rejoin, but he rejected them.

Levi could still remember how Leon and the other two guys had come to laugh at him on the day of his imprisonment.

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