The Return of God of War Chapter 1300

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1300

They had had their eyes on Zoey for a very long period of time.

With the opportunity in their hands, they wouldn’t let it slip away easily.

On that day, the Lopez and Black families called a meeting in order to force Zoey and Evie to turn up.

Although Levi had placed many bodyguards to protect Zoey, he didn’t think much of it when the Lopez and Black families organized the meeting.

Zoey and Evie arrived at the Lopez family home.

Suddenly, a bunch of people surrounded them.

Every single one of them looked fierce and intimidating as if Zoey was under trial.

Zoey instantly felt that something was wrong.

Soon, Harry and Meredith arrived with a few others.

Amongst them was Logan’s Grandpa and parents.

Then came the actual purpose of this gathering…

“We must thank Zoey for this meeting! If not for her, our three families rarely get the chance to meet up so cordially!” Meredith commented with a smile on her face.

However, she immediately switched the topic and said, “Since we are all one big family, we must unite. We have agreed that the Lopez family, the Zachs family, and the Black family will develop our resources and connections together. Also, we seniors of our respective families will be in charge of this collaboration.”

“Yes! We support your plan!” echoed the younger generations of the three families.

“This will make the three families stronger! This is also the wish of the senior generation!”

“I hope that in the future when anyone mentions the South of Erudia, they will think of us!”

“What do you think, Zoey?” they asked.

Instantly, everyone’s gaze fell on her.

The purpose of the whole meeting was thus revealed.

Zoey nodded and said, “That’s great! I support it as well!”

“You can’t just verbalize your support; you must take action to show it! For our families to develop, I’m willing to sacrifice control over all my assets and connections!” Jennie commented.

“Yes, I’m also willing to contribute my share!” Henry stated.

“Me, too!” Fabian uttered.

Bailey and the rest also expressed their support.

Only Zoey had yet to follow suit.

She finally understood that this was their scheme all along.

It wasn’t about the union of the three families; it was about taking over her control of the Morris Group!

They had indeed thought of great excuses to conceal their plot.

Everyone was so supportive of it.

They are shameless to the core.

The only person who was dismayed was Robert, who felt that they were too harsh on Zoey.

“Zoey, what do you think?” asked Meredith.

Everyone instantly turned to look at Zoey.

“I agree with your plan! I’ll use my own resources to support the union of the three families!” Zoey replied.

Instantly, Robert boomed, “That’s great! We shall use the assets under your name then!”

“What’s so good about that?” commented Harry and Meredith.

“What do you mean by only using assets under Zoey’s name? All of us are contributing our businesses; it would be unfair to give special treatment to Zoey!” they argued.

“If Zoey wants to show her support, she must give up everything! That is what everyone else is doing!” rebutted Meredith.

“Exactly! We can’t change the rules just for her, unless she doesn’t see herself as a part of our family!” the others discussed.

Zoey surveyed the room and let out a smile.

“If you want to take control over the Morris Group, just tell me directly. Why are you going in circles?” she asked.

“Exactly, that’s what we want! The Morris Group is under your name and you should relinquish control to help the union of the three families!” the rest echoed.

“What if I don’t want to do that?” Zoey questioned.

Zoey knew clearly what they were trying to accomplish.

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