The Return of God of War Chapter 1297

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1297

Instantly, the Blacks started to hatch a plan to take over Zoey’s company.

They didn’t dare to do it before as Zoey was protected by Dale.

However, times have changed.

“Alright. Let’s think of a way to take over the Morris Group.”

“Zoey will put up a strong fight. We must think of a foolproof plan to ensure that she willingly gives up the company!”

Meredith and Robert exchanged glances.

They were getting old and their only wish left were to help the Black family become more powerful.

This was their sole motive and calling.

They were willing to give up everything for their family.

Hence, they resolved to take over the Morris Group.

“Grandpa and Grandma, what do you think of this plan? We could…”

Jennie brought the two to a corner and started whispering to them.

“Don’t you think that we are crossing the line here?” asked Robert.

Meredith instantly replied, “I don’t see any issue with that. Let’s do this then!”

“Yes, we should do whatever it takes to achieve our goal!” Jennie nodded and murmured in agreement.

“But I think we should discuss some more first!” Robert disagreed.

“No. This is final. We must execute it whilst Levi is ill! This is the best opportunity we will ever get.”

“Exactly! Levi used to be so brilliant but he is nothing now. If we don’t strike now, we won’t have any more chances left,” Jennie chimed in.

“This is the final plan!” Meredith sounded adamant.

“We should at least inform the Lopez family…” suggested Robert.

Meredith agreed. “You are right. We may face difficulties doing it alone. It’s better to team up with the Lopez family.”

Zoey would never have thought that this was only the beginning.

Stealing Levi’s kidney was just a small matter.

When they returned to North Hampton, Zoey found some caretakers to look after Levi. After all, he just had a kidney removed.

At that moment, the Garrison family were already on their way to North Hampton.

In fact, Tyrone Garrison had come personally.

He wanted to ensure that Levi was killed.

“What? Levi had one kidney removed?” Tyrone asked. He instantly laughed when he heard the news.

“He really is a piece of trash! I can’t wait to visit him,” Tyrone stated as he let out a cold laugh.

Soon, the Garrison Clan from Oakland City reached North Hampton.

They instantly rushed to Levi’s house.

At that moment, Zoey was occupied with something else and Emma Jones had gone grocery shopping.

Only Levi and the children were left in the manor as Levi had asked the caretakers to leave.

Suddenly, Tyrone and his gang of people broke into Levi’s manor and appeared in front of him.

“Levi Garrison! The day has finally come!” mocked Tyrone as he smiled at him coldly.

Levi sighed, “Why is it you again? You guys are so annoying. Get lost! You’re not the one I’m waiting for anyway!”

In fact, Levi was waiting for the enemies who were hiding in the dark, not a nobody like Tyrone.

“Huh?” Tyrone asked in shock.

Why is Levi saying this?

More importantly, Levi looks calm and collected. This is nothing like how an injured person would behave.

How come he can give out such a strong vibe?

“You guys are also responsible for hurting my wife and mother, aren’t you? I didn’t look for you but you guys decided to come and visit me instead?” Levi let out a low growl.

“I can’t believe you thought of taking revenge upon us! Look at you now; you are a cripple. You don’t scare us!” yelled Tyrone.

“Is that all you have?” hollered Levi.

Suddenly, a loud explosion was heard and multiple figures appeared in the manor…

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