The Return of God of War Chapter 1296

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1296

Everyone was under the impression that Levi had donated one kidney to Logan.

Even Zoey thought so.

“Levi is Logan’s savior. All of you should be begging on your knees for gratitude! I can’t believe that there are people like you!” Zoey berated them.

Zoey was utterly disappointed at that moment.

They had treated Levi like a tool in order to achieve their own selfish desires.

“Why do we need to thank him?”

“That’s what he should have done anyway! He should be thanking us instead because we accepted him even though he was disabled!”

“He only did what he should have done. He couldn’t possibly think he could be a freeloader here. Who does he think he is?”

As expected, the Black family all echoed the same sentiments.

They all believed that Levi was obligated to sacrifice himself for their family.

“He should be honored that he has the opportunity to save Logan! Others don’t even have the chance to do so,” stated Jennie.

“What did you just say?” Zoey asked.

She and Levi were stunned.

What did she mean by that?

How could this be Levi’s honor?

As if saving Logan is a blessing bestowed upon Levi!

Isn’t that just ridiculous?

However, this was the way the Lopez and Black families operated.

They had grown increasingly shameless day by day.

“That’s beside the point. He is Evie’s father. How could all of you bear to see him suffer?” Zoey questioned as she stared at Meredith and Robert, who had always treated Evie very well.

“How is this matter related to Evie? In any case, she is his offspring. Both Evie and this man are your burdens!” Meredith berated her.

Zoey was astonished.

Don’t they treat Evie very well?

She instantly came to the realization that they had been putting up a show. They had only been nice to Evie because Dale treated Evie with love.

Now that Dale had broken off their relationship, they instantly stopped with the facade.

It’s no wonder they are now ignoring Evie…

“How would Levi burden me? My career is dependent on his! He doesn’t rely on me at all. In fact, his business is extremely successful!” Zoey rebutted.

“His business? The Morris Group doesn’t belong to him anymore!”

“Exactly! It’s yours!”

Everyone ignored Levi and argued fervently that he had nothing to do with the company.

“That’s it! I’m sick of talking to all of you!” Zoey bellowed and glared at all of them.

With that, she pushed Levi in his wheelchair and left.

My heart is in pain!

In utter pain and disbelief!

The Lopez family and the Black family are all horrible people.

Every single one of them is self-absorbed.

They only care about their own interests and would use any manipulative methods to achieve them!

After they left, Jennie said, “Grandpa and Grandma, I feel that Zoey has lost herself! How can she cope with taking care of a young kid and a disabled husband? She is the boss of the Morris Group!”

“Exactly! She will soon find herself in ruins!” Logan’s parents exclaimed.

“What should we do then?” enquired Meredith. She was also worried about the same matter.

Robert, who was deep in thought, nodded in agreement.

“I think it would be better to transfer the control of Morris Group to both of you! We can’t destroy the company’s reputation by leaving it with Zoey!” Jennie suggested.

“Exactly! It is tough for Zoey to control such a big organization, especially when she has so much on her plate.”

“You are right. It would be better if the company is controlled by a family, rather than a single person.”

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