The Return of God of War Chapter 1292

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1292

Everyone’s eyes were gleaming upon Jennie’s reminder. The silhouette of that man came into their minds.

That’s right! How could we forget about him!

In fact, all of them knew about his arrival, but they couldn’t be bothered by him previously.

Jennie remarked, “Levi may be alive, but he is disabled. He’s wheelchair-bound. As a man who could not stand on his own, what’s the difference if he has one fewer kidney?”

Meredith nodded. “That’s right. The kidney is an important organ for normal people like us. But not for a crippled man like Levi. He has got no use for it.”

“Yes. He’s already physically challenged. An organ is not essential to him. Besides, we are asking for one kidney only, not both. It won’t make much of a difference to him anyway.” Robert tried his best to sound reasonable.

“I agree. Having one fewer kidney will decrease the quality of our lives. We’ll become weaker and easily exhausted. But it won’t affect a paralyzed man much.”

“That’s right. Levi is the best candidate. We shall let him donate his kidney to save Logan.”

Everyone agreed that Levi should be the donor.

Upon hearing that, Logan’s family members jumped for joy.

“Hooray! There’s hope for Logan now!”

Jennie was overjoyed and gushed, “I’ll head to North Hampton at once and bring Levi here! We’ll start the operation immediately after that!”

“But did you ever wonder if he will agree to that?” Keane asked.

“His opinion? Does he have a say in this matter?” Meredith snorted.

“That’s right. He has no right to decide for himself. Whatever we say goes. Does a disabled man like him have the authority to speak for himself? The biggest problem we have is Zoey. She will disagree if she comes to know about it,” someone pointed out.

To them, Zoey was the person who should be kept in the dark. In contrast, Levi was nothing but a tool for them to use and dispose of as they like.

“Okay, it has been decided! We will keep Zoey out of this one. We will bring Levi here secretly and procure the kidney from him. By the time she catches wind of the news, it’d be too late,” Jennie stated.

“Hmm, this is a good idea. Alright, some of you head to North Hampton and bring Levi here immediately,” Meredith commanded.

Jennie, along with a few subordinates, sped off toward North Hampton.

Levi was alone when they arrived at his residential area.

He was confused by the sight of them.

What are they doing here?

“Take him away!”

At Jennie’s command, a few muscular men carried Levi’s wheelchair with him sitting in it and moved him into the vehicle.

The North Sky Lord and the rest who were hiding in the shadows were about to take those men out but refrained from doing so after they noticed Levi’s gesture stopping them.

However, they were tailing Jennie’s vehicle stealthily.

Levi did not resist but let them take him away; he wanted to see what were they playing at.

After Levi was in the vehicle, Jennie rushed back to the hospital, as they were racing against time.

Soon, they were back at the hospital.

Jennie had made prior arrangements with the hospital so that the specialists could begin the operation as soon as Levi arrived.

Hence, Dr. Chase and the other doctors were already waiting for Levi’s arrival.

“Dr. Chase, the donor is here! Please start the operation now!” Jennie pushed Levi toward the specialists.

Dr. Chase nodded. “Mm, you are quick!”

With that, he turned to Levi and asked, “Sir, are you here to donate your kidney to Mr. Logan Zachs voluntarily?”

“What? Donate a kidney?” Levi was flabbergasted. He stared at the doctor in disbelief.

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