The Return of God of War Chapter 1290

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1290

Zar was the first to make his appearance.

“What are you doing here?” Zoey became alert as she noticed that man.

“Don’t fret. I’m here to help Mr. Garrison,” Zar said with a smirk.

Levi noted, “Zoey, let me talk to him alone.”

She pondered for a while and went away.

“Mr. Garrison, my intention is simple. I’m here to give you magical medicine to help you recover faster,” Zar declared openly.

“Hmm?” Levi looked confused.

“It is a gift from my master. This is his special healing medicine, and I’m confident it’ll improve your health greatly.” After Zar spoke, he took out an exquisite box. In an instant, a pleasant herbal fragrance permeated the air.

Winsor hailed from the great family of Frostford.

Those people had all the ancient medical knowledge in their repertoire, some of which were thought to be lost in history.

Putting the secret to resurrection aside, their knowledge of healing a body was irrefutably out of this world. Modern medical science was nothing compared to them.

Their arsenal of magical medicines was hefty.

It was said that all their members were immune to every disease known to man.

All because of their stupendous collection of ancient medical knowledge. It was not something people from a modern society could wrap their minds around.

After all, they did not have the privilege to learn them.

Back when Winsor came to the outside world, he brought with him a vast amount of healing medicines in case of emergencies.

During his last battle with Levi, he was actually gravely injured but his recovery sped up exponentially after taking the magical medicine.

“Why is he doing this?” Levi questioned while holding the box in his hand.

“Master’s intention is straightforward. He wants you to get back to the pinnacle of your strength as soon as possible so that he can have a rematch with you. He wants to get rid of every doubt people have in him by defeating you one more time,” Zar clarified.

“Hurry and consume it. This way you’ll stand up from your wheelchair sooner and can have a rematch with my Master,” Zar urged.

Levi chuckled. “Alright. My rematch with him is inevitable. Tell him to be prepared. I don’t want to have an easy win.”

Upon hearing his statement, Zar almost lost his temper.

“Hey, you are still sitting in a wheelchair; you dare to utter such brazen words? My master just defeated The Calamity! He is the strongest warrior in the world, and you are nothing compared to him! The reason for the rematch is not for him to prove himself but to gratify his obsession!” Zar chided.

Levi merely smiled at his angry remark.

Putting his identity aside, Winsor really is a sheltered bumpkin.

“Alright. Go back and relay two words to him—tunnel vision.”

Levi saw Zar out with a grin as the latter stormed out furiously.

“Hmph! It seems like Levi is refusing to admit defeat! Nevermind. He will know how inconsequential he is once Master beats him again!”

Levi smirked as the man’s silhouette gradually disappeared.

Mm. Winsor is on the crest of a wave now, isn’t he? His reputation soared after his victory against The Calamity, and now all the foreigners are afraid of him. He is clearly engrossed in his glory and gradually losing his way. The man thinks he is undefeatable now!

Nevertheless, Levi could not care less about Winsor. If the latter’s glory were favorable to Erudia, the former would just let it slide.

Staring at the magical medicine in his hand, an idea suddenly crossed his mind.

If all our soldiers carry this medicine with them, the number of casualties on the battlefield will be reduced significantly. After all, this medicine is potent and its effect is rapid. Modern pharmaceutical science can’t hold a candle to it as the time and equipment needed to make something like this must be substantial. These medicines will boost our combat prowess remarkably.

After that, Levi began to devise a plan.

It’s hard to popularize this kind of medicine, but half a loaf is better than none. So we’ll make do with whatever we have. It’s worth a try.

That was the difference between Levi and Winsor. The former’s focus was always for the greater good, whereas the latter was absorbed in his personal interest only.

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