The Return of God of War Chapter 1289

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1289

The Garrison clan of Oakland City received firsthand intelligence of Levi’s return.

“What? That b*stard can still recover?” Tyrone was visibly disturbed.

If he regains his strength, he’ll definitely come looking for us. After all, we did many evil deeds, some of which are unpardonable.

“We have to get rid of him before his complete recovery!” A murderous glint flashed across Tyrone’s eyes.

The entire Garrison family came to a complete agreement.

If he restores his health, our family will be wiped out!

“This b*stard is still a disabled man. If we want to kill him, we have to do it now!”

To preserve their honor, they did not make any move against him previously. But the situation had changed. If they didn’t end him right away, it would cause them their demise.

The Garrisons were determined to take Levi out because he was nothing but a crippled man at the moment.

There won’t be a better time than now!

“What? He? I—” Olivia’s face was sullen upon hearing that. Her eyes were about to pop out from their sockets.

Even Tyrone drew a sharp breath when he saw her chilling expression.

She was muttering gibberish; no one could make out the words she was saying.

Her abnormal reaction raised Tyrone’s suspicion.

Why is she getting all worked up every time she hears that b*stard’s name?

“Oh dear. The doctor said that she still hasn’t recovered from the pain of losing Damien.”

“Yeah. That’s why she couldn’t stand hearing the word Levi. She will act up every time that b*stard’s name is mentioned.”

Indeed, the mention of Levi would cause her to lose her sanity.

Olivia actually had a sound mind.

But whenever she was triggered, she would lose her composure. Consequently, she would lose her ability to articulate words properly.

As a result, she would express herself in that strange manner.

However, the rest would pass it off as her inability to recover from the pain of losing her son.

“Sir, before I forget, something terrible has happened. Someone from the reclusive great family of Frostford met his end out in the world. And the incident happened to be here in Oakland City.”

A man chimed in, “That man’s identity was enough to scare the living daylight of everyone. He was Winsor’s master!”


Everyone was taken aback by Olivia’s wailing, but they did not make it a big deal.

“Take her away!” Tyrone ordered after feeling annoyed at her behavior.

After her futile struggling, she was taken away in the end.

“Don’t worry, Olivia. I swear I’ll avenge our son. Levi will follow him soon,” Tyrone promised.

Despite struggling relentlessly, she could not break free from the restraint.

“If the rumor was true, we are in big trouble. That is the great family of Frostford we are talking about.” Tyrone took a deep breath.

“On top of that, Jerry was dead as well. It just doesn’t add up. I’m thinking that they might be related,” the other man commented.

“No kidding. Bizarre things are happening one after another. Who on earth killed the heir of Daelee Group and the head of Noir Group?”

Tyrone was perplexed. “We shall wait and see how things unfold. Let’s hope our family doesn’t get involved.”

On the other hand, Levi was with his family in North Hampton.

Right after Zoey reclaimed her company, she changed its name back to what it was.

Sylas was wheeling Levi around in the company building.

It was Levi’s first time there in two years.

The first difference he noticed was the scale of the company. It was now ten times bigger than before.

That fact alone was proof of Zoey’s competence.

Morris’s parents traveled all the way there just to see Levi because he was like a son to them.

It was quite peaceful that day. No one came over to look for trouble.

But Levi knew that it was the calm before the storm.

The following day, the person who showed up first was…

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