The Return of God of War Chapter 1288

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1288

It doesn’t matter even if I’m wheelchair-bound. At least I can finally stay by their side as a living person.

That night, Zoey and Emma prepared a table full of sumptuous meals for him.

Levi kept Forlevia in his arm.

“Daddy, I didn’t tell anyone the secret. But Mommy said that I’m not a good girl if I lie,” the girl pouted. Her expression clearly showed she was frustrated.

Looking at his cute daughter, Levi answered, “Do you remember what we talk about last night?”

“Yes, I do,” Forlevia nodded.

“We need to keep it a secret because what we are doing is a good thing. So, by not telling anyone, Evie is doing a good deed, too. In other words, you are still a good girl.” A smile widened on Levi’s lips.

Upon hearing that, the girl’s mood finally became better and she grinned from ear to ear. “I got it.”

The house was filled with warmth and happiness.

After dinner, Zoey said with a smile, “After so long, we can finally gather as a family. Our lives will go back to normal. That’s great.”

Nevertheless, it would be challenging for them to live normal lives, even when Levi was in his current state.

The news of Levi’s return spread across the globe; it created a big hype.

Winsor was all smiles when he heard the news. “Haha! That is great! I heard that Levi is recovering now! I’ll have a second match with him after he has completed recovered his strength!”

“Yes! After your second victory against Levi, everyone will have no choice but to submit to you! No one will ever raise a doubt again!” Bolgun chortled.

“That’s true. Although I do not need to defeat Levi to prove myself anymore, it is my obsession to win against him one more time.” Winsor was arrogant and determined.

His ego was inflated after his victory over the North Sky Lord. He had acted snobby toward everyone since then.

To him, Levi had turned from someone whom he used to be wary of to a mere loser.

“We can’t let Levi recover at any cost! It will spell doom to us if he regains his strength!”

“Argh! I can’t believe he survived! He must have a devil’s luck!”

“He was the one who stood before our plan! We must eliminate him at once!”

“We must put an end to him before he recovers!”

Similar sentiments echoed across the world after knowing Levi was alive.

Among them, the individuals from Triple Group were the most furious.

At their luxurious manor in Keerea, the prominent members of the Lee family were furious after hearing the news of their heir’s death.

“Find out who did this! I will avenge my son!”

“No matter who in Erudia did this, I will get even with him for what he did to my grandson!”

As one would expect, it was the same with Noir Group from Senia.

“Go and investigate! We will make him pay for what he did!”

“We will bring death to the culprit no matter the cost!”

The great family of Frostford had it worst after being told of the disappearances of Sampson and his four disciples.

“Inspect the matter thoroughly! Our reputation will be tarnished if word of our members having died out there gets leaked!” ordered the leader of the family.

Immediately, those people who had been living secluded lives sent a group of subordinates to their so-called “world out there”.

The last time it happened was around two hundred years ago.

They could no longer hold themselves back after two centuries of staying hidden.

The world was seemingly peaceful on the surface, yet there were numerous undercurrents.

It all happened because of Levi’s return.

His comeback blew up a storm in the whole world.

But this was the exact reaction he and the Dragonites wanted.

To lure all the real enemies out, Levi had to fulfill two conditions.

First, he had to wait for the mission to be given by the Dragonites.

Second, he had to wait for someone to look for him.

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