The Return of God of War Chapter 1287

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1287

“It’s fine, Mommy. Nothing happened…” Forlevia stammered.

I’ve promised Daddy to keep it a secret.

But the adults could tell she was hiding something with just a glance.

“Evie, be honest. Tell me what happened,” Zoey questioned expressionlessly.

“That’s right. It’s not good to lie,” Emma reiterated.

“I—” Forlevia was in a dilemma. On one end, she wanted to be a good girl. On the other end, she wished to keep the promise with her father.

“Good evening, Ms. Jones, Ms. Lopez. We are the ones who handled the issue tonight.”

A few people came over at that moment.


Zoey and Emma were equally bewildered.

“Also, we’ve just found out that Mr. Garrison was framed. Thus, we hereby revoke the ban on his return to Erudia,” that man continued.

At his words, Zoey had a rough idea of the speaker’s identity.

“Thank you. May I know where my husband is currently?” Zoey questioned anxiously.

“He is not around at the moment. He’ll be back tomorrow. Also, good news for you. Mr. Garrison is getting better now. He doesn’t have to lie on the bed anymore; he can sit in a wheelchair already.”

“That’s great! As long as he is back!”

That person reminded, “It’s thanks to Mr. Quinton. It was he that helped Mr. Garrison recover.”

“Is there any hope for him to be fully recovered?” Zoey’s eyes flickered with expectations.

“There is still hope at the moment.”

At his statement, Zoey and Emma were elated.

Spreading the news that Levi could recover was part of the Dragonites’ plan.

What would his adversaries do if they heard that Levi could recover?

It would be unthinkable for them to leave him be.

Without a doubt, it would only be a matter of time before the real enemies revealed themselves.

After all, Levi himself had slaughtered the previous group of foes.

After knowing the poison didn’t kill him, the forces behind Blood King Palace would make their appearance by hook or by crook.

With that expectation, the news of Levi’s health improvement was announced to the public deliberately.

Meanwhile, he and the others would monitor the movements of their nemesis from the shadows.

“Master, does it upset you to act as a crippled man?” North Sky Lord asked.

It went without saying that it was unpleasant for him to pretend to be a disabled person.

But Levi shook his head. “No. I’m willing to do this for the country. This much is nothing.”

“With you faking your death, many enemies were smoked out this time. Due to its effectiveness, the higher-ups have decided to let you continue your act as a crippled man,” West Sky Lord said.

Levi nodded. “Indeed. We will have a new mission soon. You should ready yourselves at all times.”

The next day, Levi sat in a wheelchair and was sent back to North Hampton.

His news spread like wildfire.

The part that shocked most people was his physical improvement after receiving treatment from the great doctor, Benny Quinton. He was thought to be permanently paralyzed before that, but now he could sit in a wheelchair. It was an astounding feat to the public.

Within a short period, the world was in an uproar.

It would be unimaginable if Levi were to recover to his peak.

The presence of Winsor, who “defeated” The Calamity, as well as Levi, who was at his peak, was too insurmountable a threat to everyone.

It was not a development that anyone wished to see.

In an instant, the hidden forces lurking across the world became restless, including the ones in Erudia.

Zoey and the rest were overjoyed with tears upon seeing Levi’s arrival.

Seeing his family, his heart was overwhelmed with happiness.

“I may be using a wheelchair, but I’m still capable of protecting all of you.”

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