The Return of God of War Chapter 1286

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1286

The Dragonites! I haven’t seen them for a while!

“Greetings, God of War!” the Dragonites shouted in unison.

Levi beamed at them. “I’m no longer the God of War.”

“No. You are the only God of war. It’s tacit,” they responded with a smile.

Forlevia clapped her hands. “Yes! Daddy is the God of War!”

Levi patted her head with a smile on his face.

“Why are you here?” Levi queried without beating around the bush.

“We are here to relay an order,” they replied with a stern expression.

“Alright. Talk.”

“Sir, the message is simple. You may show yourself to the public, but no one should know that you’ve recovered. Therefore, you must be in a wheelchair from now on. Also, because of the unusual turns of events recently, some people are wondering if you’re alive,” he explained.

Levi nodded. “Mm-hmm, I thought so, too.”

“The primary purpose is to smoke out the remaining evildoers. For that reason, we suggest that you use The Calamity to make a clean sweep once and for all. It was nearly impossible for you to investigate and deal with the matter in secret before this. Sir, this chance is hard to come by,” the Dragonites exhorted.

The relayed message was the wish of Erudia’s government. Although the country had many powerful men to settle the issue, none was of Levi’s caliber. Needless to say, it was definitely more reassuring to have him deal with the problem than any others. On top of that, he was not the God of War at the moment, so it would be the perfect timing.

Levi immediately understood Erudia’s intention to use his current situation to get rid of the country’s harmful parasites all at once.

The group that he had eradicated previously was only the tip of the iceberg.

There were more transgressors hidden in the dark.

For instance, the comeback of the Blood King Palace and the concealment of Tenichi’s death.

These were all dormant threats that needed his immediate attention.

Naturally, there were still more matters to be concerned about.

So, Levi agreed to their terms without hesitation.

He would sacrifice anything for the sake of his country.

Besides, he could do that while staying with his family and protecting them.

In the open, he could crush his enemies and annihilate the entire army on his own.

In the dark, he could weed out the traitors of the country and bring death to these individuals.

These were the things he was capable of.

If it were something favorable to his country, he would agree to any request no matter how harsh it might be.

“Sir, someone will contact you in secret and provide you with the details for the next mission. This is a top-secret operation. You must maintain secrecy at all times.” A Dragonite glanced at Forlevia.

“Alright. Got it,” Levi replied.

“Sir, we will arrange for your official return to Erudia. Everyone will know that you are alive.”

After the message was conveyed, the Dragonites left the scene at once.

Levi turned to smile at Forlevia. “Evie, can you promise Daddy to keep everything that happened tonight a secret? You can’t let Grandma and Mommy know, either.”

He could not violate the top-secret order given by Erudia. After all, he was a soldier and it was in his nature to obey commands.

“Okay, Daddy. I got it,” Forlevia promised.

Then, he kissed his daughter goodbye and put her down.

“Don’t worry, Evie. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Levi waved his hand.

Zoey and the others thought that they were goners. They certainly didn’t expect anyone to come to their rescue.

However, they did not know what just happened.

Did Daelee Group let us go? It seems impossible. But someone definitely saved us.

Soon enough, Forlevia was sent back to where they were.

“Evie, can you tell Mommy what just happened?” Zoey asked hurriedly.

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