The Return of God of War Chapter 1279

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1279

Jeong-seok had prepared a horrible outcome for every woman closely affiliated with Levi.

The thought of his plan playing out brought a smile to Jeong-seok’s face.


“Where was this courage of yours when my brother-in-law was still around?” Abigail shrieked furiously.

“Exactly! You’re nothing but a conniving rat! You’ll never amount to anything!”

“No wonder Triple Group is such a scummy company! You’re only capable of such deeds! How pathetic!” the women taunted, their voices banding together.

Little did they know that their attempt to aggravate Jeong-seok was futile.

In fact, it made Jeong-seok grin even wider.

“What’s the point of you saying all these? Sure, I’m a conniving rat. So what? Too bad Levi’s dead. I have his wife, daughter, and mother in my clutches. How is he going to retaliate?” Jeong-seok mocked.


The women were stunned speechless.

What could they do in the face of such blatant brazenness?

“My brother-in-law might not be around, but karma will still get you!”

Abigail shot daggers at Jeong-seok.

“You’ll definitely encounter retribution one day!” the other women chimed in.

“Whatever. The lot of you are destined to be my slaves from now on. This way, you’ll have front-row seats to the so-called retribution that you speak of.” Jeong-seok retorted.

It was at this moment that one of his lackeys came running in. “Sir, the people from overseas have agreed. Emma Jones can be sold to the slums there at any time! They’ll be sure to torture her even without our instructions. Her remaining days will be a living hell!” the lackey sniggered.

“The head of Noir Group, Mr. Williams, will be arriving at North Hampton tonight! He is extremely anxious to marry Zoey Lopez!”

Jeong-seok let out a peal of delight. “That old pervert! How many young girls’ lives has he ruined over the years? The number must be in the thousands by now.”

“Exactly. How many wives has he had? I heard that several of them were tortured to death!”

Even Jeong-seok himself was utterly disgusted by the man.

“Alright, I shall prepare to receive him tonight!”

Jeong-seok locked up the women again and waited for nightfall to descend.

At night, Jeong-seok personally went to the airport to welcome Mr. Williams of Noir Group.

He held the same social standing as the Daelee Group did in Keera.

As such, he was not a man to be trifled with.

Soon, Jeong-seok saw a line of people from Noir Group at the airport.

Mr. Williams was helped out of the plane by a few of his men.

His features screamed lechery. He was almost bald and had a pair of squinty eyes which he used to scan his surroundings.

The sight of his mouthful of yellowed teeth would be enough to turn anyone’s stomach.

He was definitely the most repulsive man Jeong-seok had ever seen.

However, his subordinates could only greet him with smiles plastered on their faces.

He was practically king, after all.

“Mr. Williams!” Jeong-seok greeted cheerily.

“Hello, Mr. Lee! I just want to say that not only do I want Levi Garrison’s wife, but also his mother and daughter! Oh, and his sister as well! I want them all. We’ll have so much fun together! State your price; I can’t wait to have all of them!” Mr. Williams giggled. His excitement was obvious.

When he heard that Jeong-seok was planning to get rid of those women, he knew he had to make them his.

Jeong-seok was not surprised by Mr. Williams’ request.

He’s always been like this!

Always so greedy about such things!

“No problem! However, I plan to hold an auction for Levi’s daughter. I’ve already sent word out so I’ll have to go through with it,” Jeong-seok replied.

“Sure. I’ll make sure I’m the highest bidder!” Mr. Williams squealed in delight.

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