The Return of God of War Chapter 1278

Levi Garrison: The Return of the God of War [The Protector] Chapter 1278

For the sake of the hundreds of thousands of employees working at Morris Group, Zoey knew she had to rest her case.

She could take on Triple Group.

She knew she still had it in her.

However, it would cost tens of thousands of people to lose their jobs. Some of them might lose their families as a result, while a few might even sacrifice their lives.

“What a bully. If only Levi was still alive!” Iris lamented.

Zoey shot her a look fraught with emotion.

Levi’s still alive.

But just barely.

He’ll be bedridden for the rest of his life.

If he finds out about this, he’ll just fuss and worry.

He might even shed tears of frustration.

Angry that he’ll only be able to watch, and powerless to help in any way.

That feeling of helplessness could very well send him over the edge!

I can’t let him know.

What’s the point if he finds out? More cooks will only spoil the broth.

Although Jeong-seok promised to let Morris Group off and to abstain from subsuming the company, he continuously forced Morris Group to conduct business in accordance with his own development plans.

He manipulated the company like another one of his toys.

Jeong-seok even sent out an announcement declaring that Morris Group was to be renamed Castle Group.

Zoey and the rest were outraged at the news.

We’ve been cheated!

How shameless can he get?


He promised to set Morris Group free. He even signed a letter of promise.

How could he do such a thing…

He basically stamped his mark of ownership by renaming the company.

What a vile person!

This is the true colors of Triple Group, after all!

Abiding by ethics is against their nature.

That very same day, Morris Group held a press conference to officially announce the name change. Lee Hong-yi was appointed as the chairman.

Lee Hong-yi was a Keerean who used to work as a technician for Morris Group.

Now, he had rocketed through the ranks to sit on the company’s throne.

This could only be Jeong-seok’s doing.

Instead of personally interfering with Morris Group, he installed a conduit.

Now, he had the chairman under his thumb.

The company was as good as his.

Despite her rage, there was nothing the likes of Zoey could do.

The only silver lining was that the company still existed and none of the employees had to lose their jobs.

However, this was only the beginning.

This was only the tip of the iceberg of Jeong-seok’s scheme.

Abigail and Tiffany had been kidnapped under mysterious circumstances at Oakland City. The Meyers family was boiling with anger and incredulity, but all they could do was watch.

Not only that, Levi’s classmate, Chloe, had also been snatched.

So was Mia from the South Hampton Jones family.

The Jones family did not even dare to look for her.

Apparently, they had been issued a warning.

When Abigail, Tiffany, and the rest awoke, they found themselves locked up in a makeshift cell.

In front of them stood a tall man with breathtaking features. His lip curled into a devilish smirk.

Jeong-seok was the one who had gathered them.

“After extensive investigation, I have concluded that, besides Zoey Lopez, you are the women closest to Levi Garrison.”

“If someone were to come after you, Levi is sure to come to your aid.” Jeong-seok laughed menacingly.

“What do you plan to do?” Tiffany sneered.

“From today onwards, you will become my slaves. As long as you bear the mark of the slave, none of you will be able to escape!”

Just as Iris was about to release her wrath, Jeong-seok continued, “Zoey and the rest will not be spared, either!”

“Emma Jones will be sold to the slums of a foreign country and she’ll be shared by a bunch of hooligans! As for Zoey Lopez, I’ll marry her off to some sleazy old man. Finally, Levi’s daughter will be auctioned off to some pervert!”

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